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Yates County Cemetery Project
Part I: Cemeteries in the town of Benton

Bellona Cemetery: Notes

Bellona cemetery

Bellona Cemetery is the largest association cemetery in Yates County. When it was founded in the early 1870s most of the burials in the old cemetery up the hill were moved here. It is a beautifully maintained cemetery and still an active burial site. Many of the oldest stones have fallen, but they are kept clear of grass and weeds and are almost all still legible.

Entry is between two stone gateposts and up a long narrow driveway.


Bellona Cemetery: Burials - Part One

---- ---- 1862 Jan 5 D ae 3/3/26 [very worn] [Miller plot]
Ackerson Henry 1887 B1887; son of Oscar & Sadie Ackerson [Hoose monument]
Ackerson John W. 1912 B1835; Civil War: [Co. C, 189th NY]
Ackerson Nancy Earley 1920 B1835; wife of  John W. Ackerson
Ackerson Oscar 1950 B1863 [Hoose monument]
Ackerson Sadie 1931 B1863; wife of Oscar Ackerson [Hoose monument]
Adam Ernest W. 1987 B1907
Adam Olive S. 1967 B1906 [wife of Ernest W. Adam]
Adams Charlotte J. 1974 B1897 [wife of Vern Adams]
Adams Vern 1974 B1889
Alexander Harriet K. 1951 B1898 [wife of Raymond Alexander] [Raymond Alexander plot]
Alexander Harry 1951 B1862 [Joseph Alexander plot]
Alexander John Rowan 1951 B1864 [Jane Sloan monument]
Alexander Joseph 1917 B1826 [Joseph Alexander plot]
Alexander Kenneth 1953 Jun 16 B1897 Apr 6; WWI: Postal Exp Service, NY
Alexander Louise S. 1937 B1866; wife of John Rowan Alexander [Jane Sloan monument]
Alexander Lucy m B1935 [Raymond Alexander plot]
Alexander Lucy 1900 B1893; daughter of Harry & Minnie Alexander [Joseph Alexander plot]
Alexander Minnie L. 1928 B1867; wife of Harry Alexander [Joseph Alexander plot]
Alexander Raymond 1983 B1899 [Raymond Alexander plot]
Alexander Susanna Sentman 1900 B1822; wife of Joseph Alexander [Joseph Alexander plot]
Allen Edith G. Haines 1966 B1885; wife of Glenn T. Allen “At Rest, Troy, Pa." [Frank Allen monument]
Allen Frank S. 1905 B1857 [Frank Allen monument]
Allen Glenn T. 1969 B1888 [Frank Allen monument]
Allen Minnie S. Truesdell 1912 B1862; wife of Frank S. Allen [Frank Allen monument]
Allison Harry Grant 1949 Mar 18 B1925 Aug 19; WWII: NY, 3rd Marines, 3rd Marine Div
Andersen Alice P. m B1911 May 6 [Morris Andersen plot]
Andersen Christian 1908 B1895; son of Morris & Marie Andersen [Morris Andersen plot]
Andersen Clarence O. 1963 Apr 2 B1905 Jun 19; WWII: NY, s/sgt Co. A, 783 MP Bn [Morris Andersen plot]
Andersen Duane 1946 B1898 [Andersen-Jensen plot]
Andersen Frances Wilkinson 1983 B1904 [Andersen-Jensen plot]
Andersen Leslie 1906 B1906; son of Morris & Marie Andersen [Morris Andersen plot]
Andersen Luella 1911 B1910; daughter of Morris & Marie Andersen [Morris Andersen plot]
Andersen Maren 1911 B1839; "Grandmother" [Morris Andersen plot]
Andersen Marie Jensen 1927 B1870; wife of Morris Andersen [Morris Andersen plot]
Andersen Morris 1943 B1869 [Morris Andersen plot]
Anderson Ferdinand A. 1942 B1886
Anderson Flora M. 1968 B1889 [wife of Ferdinand Anderson]
Anderson George C. # 1895 Mar 25 D ae 29/6; son of John & Ketrina Anderson [town record]
Anderson Harold L. 1974 B1901 [Wm Anderson monument]
Anderson Harvey O. 1983 Jun 20 B1901 Aug 28 [Harvey Anderson plot]
Anderson Harvey O. Jr. 1984 Sep 15 B1930 May 18; Korean War, U.S. Army [Harvey Anderson plot]
Anderson Mary Pease m B1903; wife of Harold L. Anderson [Wm Anderson monument]
Anderson William M. 1929 B1899 [Wm Anderson monument]
Anderson Wilma R. 1986 Apr 12 B1906 May 27; wife of Harvey Anderson [Harvey Anderson plot]
Andrews Charles L. 1945 B1871 [HarveyAndrews plot]
Andrews Cynthia Holland 1965 B1872 [wife of Charles Andrews] [Harvey Andrews plot]
Andrews Emma 1930 B1841 [Henry Andrews monument]
Andrews Henry 1939 Dec 6 B1853 Feb 6 [Henry Andrews monument]
Andrews Jonathan 1857 Feb 17 D ae 9; son of R. & S. Andrews [Henry Andrews monument]
Andrews Josephine [Secor] 1880 Oct 7 D ae 22; wife of M. Andrews, daughter of John & Laura Ann Secor [Jane Secor monument]
Andrews Mary 1908 Dec 15 B1855 Feb 17; wife of Henry Andrews [Henry Andrews monument]
Andrews Richard 1879 Apr 6 D ae 69/3/21 [Henry Andrews monument]
Andrews Sophia 1890 Sep 18 D ae 81/10/3; wife of Richard Andrews [Henry Andrews monument]
Andrews Thomas 1858 Sep 29 D ae 8; son of R. & S. Andrews [Henry Andrews monument]
Angus Charles 1854 May 28 B1802 Jul 17 [son of Walter & Phebe Angus] [Chas Angus monument]
Angus Charles Thomas 1896 Nov 18 B1839 Nov 27; Civil War: cpl, Co. B, 50th NY Engineers [Chas Angus monument]
Angus George W 1959 Sep 4 B1882 Mar 7; son of William D. & Mary C. Angus [Chas Angus monument]
Angus Mary Barnes 1888 Aug 19 B1807 Oct 27 wife of Charles Angus [daughter of Thomas & Elizabeth Goundry Barnes] [Chas Angus monument]
Angus Mary C. [Frey] 1945 Apr 27 B1853 Feb 20 wife of William D. Angus [daughter of William Frey] [Chas Angus monument]
Angus Mary Jane 1837 Jun 10 B1837 May 30; daughter of Charles & Mary Angus [Chas Angus monument]
Angus William D. 1926 Jun 18 B1847 Oct 9 [Chas Angus monument]
Ansley Albert 1877 Feb 30 [sic] D ae 77/1/29 [Albert Ansley monument]
Ansley Albert 1875 Nov 21 D ae 27/10/10; son of William & Mary Ansley [Albert Ansley monument]
Ansley Constance Betty Robson m B1907 Apr 9; wife of Rexford H. Ansley [Ansley/Robson monument]
Ansley Cora A. Haines 1970 Dec 9 B1877 Oct 26; wife of G. Albert Ansley [Nathan Ansley monument]
Ansley Eleanor Dorman 1912 Apr 11 B1831 Mar 2 [wife of John W. Ansley] [John W. Ansley monument]
Ansley G. Albert 1971 Nov 28 B1876 Jun 22 [Nathan Ansley monument]
Ansley G. Gertrude 1948 Jun 12 B1871 Feb 22; daughter of Nathan & Sarah Ann Ansley [Nathan Ansley monument]
Ansley H. Sherlin 1988 Apr 28 B1903 Mar 2 [son of Albert & Cora Ansley] [Nathan Ansley monument]
Ansley Hannah C. 1860 Feb 19 D ae 17/3/26; daughter of A[lbert] & P. Ansley [Albert Ansley monument]
Ansley John W. 1907 Apr 19 B1831 Jun 12 [John W. Ansley monument]
Ansley Margaret Isabel 1889 Sep 20 B1871 Aug 18; daughter of Marvin D. Ansley [Marvin Ansley monument]
Ansley Marvin D. 1925 Mar 17 B1840 Jan 29 [Civil War] [Marvin Ansley monument]
Ansley Mary R. Lewis 1918 Apr 9 B1845 Mar 4; wife of Marvin D. Ansley [Marvin Ansley monument]
Ansley Mina Simpson 1960 Dec 20 B1869 Nov 8; wife of Willard Ansley [Mathew Simpson monument]
Ansley Nathan H[aines] 1914 Aug 25 B1835 Oct 10 [Nathan Ansley monument]
Ansley Prudence
1855 Apr 18 D ae 54/10/7; wife of Albert Ansley [Albert Ansley monument]
Ansley R. Sherlin 1922 Dec 20 B1873 Sep 19; son of Nathan & Sarah Ann Ansley [Nathan Ansley monument]
Ansley Rexford Haines 1992 Jul 30 B1904 Aug 1 [Ansley/Robson monument]
Ansley Richard D. 1978 Sep 21 B1949 Nov 24; USN, Vietnam War [plot with Mathew Simpson monument]
Ansley Sarah Ann Potts 1900 Apr 15 B1845 Feb 16; wife of Nathan Haines Ansley [Nathan Ansley monument]
Ansley Willard L. 1909 Jul 24 B1862 May 20; [John W. Ansley monument; also Mathew Simpson monument]
Ansley William 1880 Oct 5 D ae 57/5/11 [Albert Ansley monument]
Archer Olive 1860 Mar 6 D ae 49/7/25; wife of George Archer
Archer Robert 1933 B1846
Ardrey George
1919 B1841 [Sep 23 Torrey] [Geo Ardrey monument]
Ardrey Libby D. [Miss] #
1960 Aug 14 B1873 at Dresden; died ae 87
Ardrey Lilly A[nn] 1880 Aug 15 D ae 5/4/3; daughter of George & Mary Ardrey [plot with Geo Ardrey monument]
Ardrey Mary E. 1898 B1847; wife of George Ardrey [Geo Ardrey monument]
Arwine Bessie M. m B1912; wife of Clyde Arwine; married 1935 Nov 25
Arwine Clyde W. m B1912
Ask Grace L. m B1863 Jun 28 [Ask/Bates plot]
Ask Maria L. 1914 Jan 25 B1830 Mar 29 [Ask/Bates plot]
Ask Samuel J. m B1855 Jan 22 [Ask/Bates plot]
Ask Thomas 1866 Aug 16 B1830 Mar 7 [Ask/Bates plot]
Austin Bertha E. 1967 Sep 5 B1893 Mar 6 [wife of Willis H. Austin]
Austin Mary E. 1848 Oct 29 D ae 3; daughter of Richard & Maria? Austin
Austin Richard J. 1849 # [B1808]
Austin Willis H.
1969 Feb 8 B1888 Feb 24; WWI NY 225 Aero Sqdn
Badger Sarah 1848 Mar 3 D ae 52; wife of Hiram Badger
Baker Almenia 1860 Dec 17 D ae 57/10/15; wife of David B. Baker
Baker David B. 1870 Oct 8 D ae 67/7/14
Baker H[orace] A. 1862 Dec 28 D ae 22/8/16, at the Hospital in NY Harbor; Civil War: cpl Co B. 8th NY Cav; son of David B. & Almenia Baker
Baker Mae Smith 1945 B1892 wife of Archie Baker [plot with Henry Andrews monument]
Baldwin Annie [Ludlow] 1948 B1856 [Miller plot]
Banks Alida E. 1907 B1881 [Summers Banks monument]
Banks EIecta Sturges 1845 Jul 27 D ae 40/11/6; wife of Summers Banks [Summers Banks monument]
Banks Elizabeth Pembroke 1899 Jun 30 B1824 Feb 4 [Wm P. Sands monument]
Banks George H. 1917 May 14 B1836 Jan 27 [Summers Banks monument]
Banks infant 1861 Oct 1 Son of George H. & J. A. Banks [Summers Banks monument]
Banks Jane Ann Purdy 1928 B1841; wife of George H. Banks [Summers Banks monument]
Banks John P. 1856 Jan 11 D ae 23/24 days [Summers Banks monument]
Banks Lydia Stewart 1849 Mar 23 D ae 44/11/15; wife of Summers Banks [Summers Banks monument]
Banks Summers 1898 Apr 10
B1805 Peb 3 [Summers Banks monument]
Banks Wilbur F. 1928 B1860 [son of George H. & Jane Banks] [Summers Banks monument]
Barden ---­ 1837 May 28 Son of William M. & Olive H. Barden; twin brother of Aaron H. Barden
Barden Aaron H. 1840 May 30 D ae 3/2 days; son of William M. & Olive H. Barden
Barden Agnes Rippey
1936 B1854; wife of William A. Barden [plot with Sylvanus Barden monument]
Barden Amanda Hollingshead 1897 Jan 31 B1812 Jun 9; wife of Thomas Barden Jr.
Barden Ashley W. 1903 [Sep 24] B1838
Barden Betsey 1871 May 30 D ae 77/5/14; eldest daughter of Otis & Elizabeth Barden [broken stone]
Barden Caroline Purdy
1906 Jan31 B1818 Oct 7; wife of Henry Barden MD, daughter of Stephen & Susan Purdy
Barden Catherine 1840 Aug 17 D ae 2/7/28; daughter of Otis & Catherine Barden
Barden Catherine Denman 1915 B1839; wife of Ashley W. Barden
Barden Dorothy McFarline 1909 B1819; wife of Sylvanus P. Barden [Sylvanus Barden monument]
[Barden Elizabeth Parker] [1855] [B1774 Apr 25; wife of Otis Barden & daughter of James & Elizabeth Shearman Parker] [stone face down next to husband's]
Barden Ezekiel C. 1817 May 14
D ae 23; son of Thomas & Olive Barden [Ezekiel Barden monument]
Barden George O. 1949 B1879 [Scott/Barden plot]
Barden Hannah 1903 Jan 16 B1830 Jul18 [Thomas Barden monument]
Barden Henry MD 1871 Dec 21 B1806 Sep 11; son of Otis & Elizabeth Barden
Barden Henry Vincent 1922 B1837 [Levi Barden monument]
Barden Ira [P.] 1838 Mar 24 D ae 29/5/7 [son of Otis & Elizabeth Barden]
Barden James O. 1981 Oct 20 B1915 Mar 12; WWII: capt U.S. Army [Sylvanus Barden plot]
Barden Jennie Oughterson 1962 B1880; wife of Newton V. Barden [plot with Sylvanus Barden monument]
Barden Katherine Scott 1970 B1877 [wife of George O. Barden] [Scott/Barden plot]
Barden Levi 1876 B1798 [Levi Barden monument]
Barden Luther C. 1840 B1832; son of Levi & Maria Barden [Levi Barden monument]
Barden Luther F. 1863 B1843; son of Levi & Maria Barden [Civil War: 26th Independent Battery NYLA] [Levi Barden monument]
Barden Maria 1870 May 4 D ae 62/11/6; wife of Otis Barden
Barden Maria Bush 1867 B1800; wife of Levi Barden [Levi Barden monument]
Barden Martha [Atwater] 1855 B1782; wife of Sylvanus Barden [Sylvanus Barden monument]
Barden Mary 1810 Jun 12 D ae 14; daughter of Thomas & Olive Barden [Ezekiel Barden monument]
Barden Mary 1836 Mar 27 B1835 Apr 13; daughter of Thomas & Mary Barden [Thomas Barden monument]
Barden Mary 1869 Mar 20 B1790 Jan 17; wife of Thomas Barden [Thomas Barden monument]
Barden Mary A. Hoffman
1916 B1840; wife of Henry Vincent Barden [Levi Barden monument]
Barden Myron 1846 May 22 D ae 10 months & 20 days; son of Otis & Catherine Barden
Barden Nettie E. 1877 B1877; daughter of William & Agnes Barden [plot with Sylvanus Barden monument]
Barden Newton V. 1953 B1877 [plot with Sylvanus Barden monument]
Barden Olive 1822 Jul 31 D ae 19; daughter of Thomas & Olive Barden [Ezekiel Barden monument]
Barden Olive [Benton] 1827 Nov 4 D ae 54; wife of Thomas Barden [daughter of Levi Benton] [Ezekiel Barden monument]
Barden Olive H[anley]
1847 Mar 23 D ae 34/9/21; wife of William M. Barden [daughter of Samuel Hanley]
Barden Olive L. 1843 Aug 18 D ae 1/2/3; daughter of William M. & Olive H. Barden
Barden Otis 1832 Jan 17 D ae 62/1/11
Barden Otis 1840 Jul 20 D ae 5/2/7; son of Otis & Catherine Barden
Barden Otis 1883 Nov 26 D ae 88/3/15
Barden Sally 1849 Sep 20 D ae 54/5/16 [daughter of Otis & Elizabeth Barden]
Barden Sarah 1836 Apr 12 B1816 Nov 6; daughter of Thomas & Mary Barden [Thomas Barden monument]
Barden Susannah Riggs m Wife of Thomas Barden II, married 1763 Jul 11 [plot with Sylvanus Barden monument]
Barden Sylvanus 1827 B1780 [Sylvanus Barden monument]
Barden Sylvanus P[erry] 1904 B1820 [Sylvanus Barden monument]
Barden Thomas 1877 Nov 26 B1793 Mar 11; War of 1812 [Thomas Barden monument]
Barden Thomas II 1799 B1735; Revolutionary War: Mass., Daggett's Regt [plot with Sylvanus Barden monument]
Barden Thomas III 1813 Jun 21 B1765 Feb 24; d ae 48/3/27; Revolutionary War: Mass., Capt Willmarth's Co. [plot with Sylvanus Barden monument; also on Ezekiel Barden monument]
Barden Thomas Jr. 1885 Oct 17 B1815 Feb 10
Barden Willard F. 1965 Sep 28 B1906 Jun 10; WWII: NY, Btry B., 542d AAA Bn, CAC [plot with Sylvanus Barden monument]
Barden William A. 1930 B1855 [plot with Sylvanus Barden monument]
Barnes Albert W. 1928 B1861 [Albert Barnes plot]
Barnes Alexander 1894 B1891 [son of Albert & Mary Barnes] [Albert Barnes plot]
Barnes Anna Bond 1939 B1859 [3d] wife of D[avid] Eddy Barnes [David Barnes monument]
Barnes Arthur L. 1939 Nov 11 B1863 Sep 20 [Wm T. Barnes plot]
Barnes Arthur M. 1953 Jun 17 B1895 Oct 20 [son of Arthur L. Barnes] WWI: NY 340th Guard Fire Co OMC [Wm T. Barnes plot]
Barnes Augustus T. # 1897 Mar 28 D ae 74; son of James & Laura Spencer Barnes [town record]
Barnes Carlton S. 1980 B1888; WWI [Albert Barnes plot]
Barnes Caroline Haslett 1891 Apr 29 D ae 30 [1st] wife of D[avid] Eddy Barnes [David Barnes monument]
Barnes Caroline Johnson 1919 B1839 [died ae 79, wife of Capt James Warren Barnes] [Barnes­Johnson plot]
Barnes Charles Fremont 1872 Jan 6 D ae 15/2; son of Washington & Jane A. Barnes [Washington Barnes monument]
Barnes Charles P. 1883 Jun 6 # [B1838, died NYC] Civil War: Co L. 54th NYNG]
Barnes Clinton B. 1959 B1874 [Clinton Barnes plot]
Barnes Cora L. 1966 B1877 [Gardner/Barnes plot]
Barnes David 1871 Apr 9 D ae 73 [David Barnes monument]
Barnes D[avid] Eddy 1943 Mar 14 B1856 Aug 10 [son of David Barnes] [David Barnes monument]
Barnes Edgar M. 1895 B1843 [Gardner/Barnes plot]
Barnes Edgar M. Jr. 1973 B1885 [Gardner/Barnes plot]
Barnes Eliza Jones 1849 Aug 31 D ae 42; wife of James G. Barnes [J. G. Barnes monument]
Barnes Elizabeth Jane 1846 Mar 13 D ae 6 months and 6 days; daughter of Washington & Jane A. Barnes [Washington Barnes monument]
Barnes Elsie Faye 1902 B1897 [David Barnes monument]
Barnes Emma J. 1953 B1878 [Albert Barnes plot]
Barnes Eunice Foster 1865 Jun 21 D ae 47; wife of James G. Barnes [J. G. Barnes monument]
Barnes F. Leroy 1970 B1883 [Albert Barnes plot]
Barnes Frank A. 1958 B1877
Barnes Fred C. 1932 B1868 [Fred Barnes monument]
Barnes Fred[erick R.]
1865 Mar 6 D ae 25 [Civil War: Co E. 126th NY] [John Barnes monument]
Barnes Gertrude Turner 1950 Jul 26 B1864 Dec 5 [wife of Arthur L. Barnes] [Wm T. Barnes plot]
Barnes Harriet Phinney 1903 B1869 [2d] wife of D[avid] Eddy Barnes [David Barnes monument]
Barnes Helen M. 1950 B1869 [Fred Barnes monument]
Barnes Helen Todd 1977 B1883 [Albert Barnes plot]
Barnes Ida Louisa 1863 Oct 3 D ae 1 month & 16 days; daughter of C[harles] P. & [Sarah] Barnes [Geo S. Hewlitt monument]
Barnes James 1849 Nov 4 D ae 55/8
Barnes James G. 1880 Oct 24 D ae 76 [J. G. Barnes monument]
Barnes [James] Warren, Capt. 1865 B1825; Civil War [Captain 26th Independent Battery NYLA] [Barnes/Johnson plot]
Barnes Jane Augusta Mead 1860 Feb 9 D ae 40/3; wife of Washington Barnes
Barnes [John] E[dward], Lieut. 1863 Jul 21 D ae 26; Civil War: Gettysburg 126th NY [John Barnes monument]
Barnes John R. 1865 Dec 29 D ae 77 [John Barnes monument]
Barnes Laura [Spencer] 1878 Feb 2 D ae 79/7 [daughter of Capt Truman & Lois Pattison Spencer] wife of James Barnes
Barnes Louie # 1885 Nov 19 D ae 20/1 day; son of James W. & Carrie Barnes [town record]
Barnes Lucy A. Dorman 1864 Oct 18 D ae 42 [2d] wife of David Barnes [David Barnes monument]
Barnes Mabel Beamish m B1888; wife of Clinton B. Barnes [Clinton Barnes plot]
Barnes Margret H. 1963 B1893 [wife of Carlton S. Barnes] [Albert Barnes plot]
Barnes Maria [Goundry] 1864 Dec 21 D ae 61; wife of John R. Barnes [John Barnes monument]
Barnes Marie E. 1876 May 10 D ae 43; daughter of [John] R. & M. Barnes [John Barnes monument]  
Barnes Martha Lucinda 1885 B1865 [daughter of Capt. James Warren Barnes] [Barnes/Johnson plot]
Barnes Mary Black
1929 B1853; wife of Edgar M. Barnes [Gardner/Barnes plot]
Barnes Mary E. Sloan
1920 B1859 [Albert Barnes plot]
Barnes Mary J. Barden
1913 Mar 7 B1829 Jan 16; wife of William T[homas] Barnes [Wm T. Barnes plot]
Barnes Mary L. 1854 Jul 1 D ae 20/10; daughter of [John] R. & M. Barnes [John Barnes monument]
Barnes Nellie E. Wright 1913 B1877; wife of Clinton B. Barnes [Clinton Barnes plot]
Barnes Olive Spencer
1828 Mar 29 D ae 28; daughter of Capt. T[ruman] & L[ois Pattison] Spencer; [first] wife of David Barnes
Barnes Ruth Sage m B1901 [wife of Arthur M. Barnes] [Wm T. Barnes plot]
Barnes Sarah C. Hewlett 1863 Oct 5 D ae 23/6; wife of Charles P. Barnes [Geo S. Hewlett monument]
Barnes Sarah E. 1878 Oct 10 D ae 67; wife of James G. Barnes [J. G. Barnes monument]
Barnes Sarah E. 1852 Oct 14 D ae 6/6; daughter of James & Eliza Barnes [J. G. Barnes monument]
Barnes Washington 1896 Dec 12 D ae 77/8 [Washington Barnes monument]
Barnes William F. 1981 Jun 13 B1895 Aug 25; WWI: U.S. Army [Fred Barnes monument]
Barnes William T[homas] 1894 Sep 22 B1817 Aug 15 [Wm T. Barnes plot]
Barringer Howard 1953 B1870
Barringer Lillie M. 1955 B1874 [wife of Howard Barringer]
Bates Ann E. 1908 Mar 2 B1824 Aug 22 [Ask/Bates plot]
Bates H. L. 1880 Apr 23 B1822 Sep 24 [Ask/Bates plot]
Beamish Charlotte M. 1882 May 3 D ae 26/1/18; daughter of Robert & Mary A. Beamish [Robt. Beamish monument]
Beamish infant # 1887 Sep 27 Child of George H. & Julia Beamish [town record]
Beamish Mary Ann Nursey 1895 Aug 11 D ae 71; wife of Robert Beamish [Robt. Beamish monument]
Beamish Robert 1892 Apr 18 D ae 66 [Robt Beamish monument]
Beattie Ann Adamson 1905 B1829; wife of James Beattie [James Beattie monument]
Beattie Anna M. 1861 B1856 [James Beattie monument]
Beattie Blanche [1875 Jun 3] [B1870 Jul 22; daughter of William & Mary Beattie] [Wm Beattie Jr plot]
Beattie David Hill 1967 Feb 4 B1889 Sep 14
Beattie Edgar C. 1861 B1859 [James Beattie monument]
Beattie Emma Simpson 1971 Apr 11 B1871 Apr 5; wife of Herbert Beattie [Wm Beattie Jr monument]
Beattie Henry C. Jr. 1882 B1882 [Wm Beattie monument]
Beattie Henry Clay 1911 B1838 [Wm Beattie monument]
Beattie Herbert 1912 [Oct 2] B1866 [Wm Beattie Jr. monument]
Beattie infant # 1891 Jan 3 D ae 1 day; child of William D. & Minnie F. Beattie [town record]
Beattie Iretta O. 1937 B1854 [Wm Beattie monument]
Beattie James 1883 B1829 [James Beattie monument]
Beattie Kenneth C. 1961 B1891
Beattie Laura T.
1979 B1894 [wife of Kenneth C. Beattie]
Beattie Louisa Anna # 1887 Aug 16 D ae 2 months 24 days; daughter of William D. & Minnie F. Beattie [town record]
Beattie Maizie Patchett 1987 Feb 13 B1897 Aug 20 [wife of David Hill Beattie]
Beattie Maria G. 1895 B1817 [wife of William Beattie] [Wm Beattie monument]
Beattie Mary E. Barnes 1900 May 11 B1827 Jan 22; wife of William Beattie [Wm Beattie Jr. monument]
Beattie May m [Wm Beattie Jr. plot]
Beattie Minnie B. 1877 Mar 11 D ae 10/4/13; daughter of ---- & Isabell Beattie [Sylvanus Barden plot]
Beattie Myron E. 1898 B1865 [James Beattie monument]
Beattie William 1859 Dec 19 B1808 Apr 23 [Wm Beattie monument]
Beattie William 1893 Jan 14 B1830 Dec 16 [Wm Beattie Jr. monument]
Bews ­---- m "Father" [Small stones with Bews monument]
Bews ­---- m "Mother" [Small stones with Bews monument]
Bews ­---- m [Small stones with Bews monument]
Bews ­---- m [Small stones with Bews monument]
Bews Henry 1888 Jan 28 D ae 79 [Henry Bews monument]
Bews Jessie Brotchie 1873 Oct 2 D ae 75; wife of Henry Bews [Henry Bews monument]
Bews John m [Small stones with Bews monument]
Bews Mary E. m [Small stones with Bews monument]
[Bews] William [1914 Sep 21] [D ae 49] [small stone in plot with Henry Bews monument]
Bicksler Beverly J. 1942 B1941 [wife of Olin Bicksler]
Bicksler Daniel 1964 Jan 17 B1878 Dec 9 [Roy Bicksler plot]
Bicksler Mabel 1972 May 9 B1881 Jul 11[Roy Bicksler plot]
Bicksler Olen 1991 Jul 21 B1915 Apr 26
Bicksler Roy C. 1948 B1925 [Roy Bicksler plot]
Biggers Abram Frederick 1941 Sep 21 B Lynchburg Va. [Wm Mead monument]
Biggers Helen Elizabeth Mead 1961 B1887; wife of Abram F. Biggers [Wm Mead monument]
Bill Emma Griswold 1936 B1867; wife of Samuel D. Bill [Samuel Bill plot]
Bill Ernest C. 1964 B1898?; son of Samuel & Emma Bill [Samuel Bill plot]
Bill Harold J. 1978 [Dec 28] B1900 [Joseph Alexander plot]
Bill Helen A. 1947 B1893 [Gardner/Barnes plot]
Bill Louisa Alexander
m B1898; wife of Harold J. Bill [Joseph Alexander plot]
Bill Samuel D. 1954 B1870 [Samuel Bill plot]
Black ­---- m "Mother" [Harvey Black plot]
Black Alexander R. 1902 Dec 25 B1841 Aug 29 [Alexander Black monument]
Black Caroline E. McGowan 1904 B1818; wife of Moses Black
Black Charles E. 1910 B1837 [Civil War: Co D. 148th NY] [Chas Black monument]
Black Charles M. 1909 Mar 20 B1876 Oct 5; son of Alexander R. & Grace Black [Alexander Black monument]
Black Edward 1933 B1862
Black Flora Ansley 1937 Jul 10 B1859 Mar 20; wife of William F. Black [Hugh Black monument]
Black Frances J. Barnes [1911 Dec 6] B1839; wife of Charles Black [Chas Black monument]
Black Frank M. 1907 B1839
Black George W. 1911 May 8 D ae 80/9 [Geo Black monument]
Black Grace Barnes 1943 B1860 [wife of Edward Black]
Black Harriet C. 1894 Aug 17 B1828 Dec 17
Black Harriet M. Dorman 1877 Jun 22 D ae 41/2/28; wife of George W. Black [Geo Black monument]
Black Harry [E.] [1886 May 13] [D ae 1/1/21; son of Morris Harry & Emma F. Green Black] [Harvey Black plot]
Black Harvey M[oses] 1926 [Jan 25] D ae 80 [Rochester] [Harvey Black plot]
Black Hattie B. 1872 Aug 28 D ae 1/18 days; daughter of G. W. & H. M. Black [Geo. Black monument]
Black Hugh R. 1893 Dec 20 B1822 Aug 10 [Hugh Black monument]
Black J. Schuyler 1903 [Feb 15] B1872 [Chas. Black monument]
Black Jennie 1877 Aug 31 D ae 2 months 13 days; daughter of G. W. & H. M. Black [Geo. Black monument]
Black Judson A. 1920 B1893; buried Bethel Church, Pa. [Chas. Black monument]
Black Louis D. 1913 Feb 25 B1884 Oct 13 [Hugh Black monument]
Black Louise W. 1952 B1870 [Chas Black monument]
Black M. Grace Martin 1913 Jun 18 B1845 Jun 17; wife of Alexander R. Black [Alexander Black monument]
Black Mary E. Daines 1903 [May 6] B1842; wife of Frank M. Black
Black Mary J. 1948 Mar 21 B1885 Oct 30 [Hugh Black monument]
Black Mary T. 1906 Jan30 B1826 Sep 9; wife of Hugh R. Black [Hugh Black monument]
Black Moses 1854 [Mar 15] B1799 [Apr 17, Md.; died Seneca]
Black William F. 1941 Jun 14 B1860 Nov 12 [Hugh Black monument]
Blood Allen 1881 Dec 16 D ae 49 [Allen Blood monument]
Blood Alta F. m

B1903; wife of Clinton A. Blood [plot with Isaac Blood monument]

Blood Arthur G. 1914 [Nov 29] B1877 [Isaac Blood plot]
Blood Carrie M. 1865 B1859; daughter of Isaac & Mary Blood [Isaac Blood monument]
Blood Charles D. 1896 B1882; son of Isaac & Mary Blood [Isaac Blood monument]
Blood Charlotte Darllington 1907 B1875 [Allen Blood plot]
Blood Clinton A. 1984 B1905 [plot with Isaac Blood monument]
[Blood] Dewitt P. [---- Mar 30] [D ae 77] [adjacent Chas. D. Bush monument]
Blood Ellen Campbell 1937 B1877; wife of Arthur G. Blood [plot with Isaac Blood monument]
Blood Emory A. 1933 B1857 [Sumner Roberts monument]
Blood Frank W. 1898 [Jan 14] B1866 [died PY] [Allen Blood monument]
Blood Frederick F. 1952 B1872
Blood Herbert W. 1900 B1871; son of Isaac & Mary Blood [Isaac Blood monument]
Blood Isaac D. 1907 B1834; Civil War: Co I, 148th NY [Blood monument]
[Blood] Isabelle [Bush] [1949 Feb 5] [D ae 84; wife of Dewitt P. Blood] [adjacent Chas. D. Bush monument]
Blood Jennie M. 1940 B1877 [wife of Frederick F. Blood]
Blood Mary E. Dunn m B1837; wife of Isaac D. Blood [Isaac Blood monument]
[Blood?] Nettie m [Plot with Allen Blood monument]
Bloss Ada Hatch # 1936 B1859; wife of George Bloss
Bloss Cora M. Craver 1936 B1871; wife of Roy H. Bloss [Roy Bloss plot]
Bloss George # 1937 B1860
Bloss Irvin W.
m B1915 [Roy Bloss plot]
Bloss Margaret A. Nissen
1984 B1921 [Roy Bloss plot]
Bloss Marjorie Huff
1975 B1928 [Roy Bloss plot]
Bloss Roy H. 1973 B1889 [son of George & Ada B. Bloss] [Roy Bloss plot]
Bogart Alta B. 1974 Mar 30
B1904 Nov 10; wife of William J. Bogart [Wm Bogart plot]
Bogart John L. 1889 Feb 7 B1821 Jun 17 [next to Mary E. Bogart]
Bogart Krista Alta 1977 B1956; daughter of Kenneth & Elaine Bogart [Wm Bogart plot]
Bogart Mary E. 1921 B1834 [adjacent John L. Bogart]
Bogart William J. 1971 Nov 5 B1896 Oct 5; WWI: NY 7th Inf [Wm Bogart plot]
Bond Anna C. 1982 B1898 [wife of Leroy Bond] [Lawson Bond plot]
Bond G. Lawson 1926 B1854 [Lawson Bond plot]
Bond Leroy 1970 B1894 [Lawson Bond plot]
Bond Mary E. Holland 1940 B1866; wife of G. Lawson Bond [Lawson Bond plot]
Bookstaver Augusta 1892 B1841 [Moses Bookstaver monument]
Bookstaver Lee m B1843 [Moses Bookstaver monument]
Bookstaver Lettitia J. 1866 B1836 [Moses Bookstaver monument]
Bookstaver Maria 1898 B1811; wife of Moses Bookstaver [Moses Bookstaver monument]
Bookstaver Moses 1859 B1788; War of 1812 [Moses Bookstaver monument]
Bookstaver Moses Jr. 1875 B1838 [Moses Bookstaver monument]
Brady Mary Elizabeth Harris 1992 B1917 [Ida Harris plot]
Breese Harold R. m
B1924 [Breese/Phillips monument]
Breese Millicent L. 1991 May 7 B1923 Dec 20; WWII: cpl USMC [Breese/Phillips monument]
Briggs Bessie M. 1969 B1891 [wife of Floyd E. Briggs] [Briggs/Culver plot]
Briggs Cassie L. Hatch # 1936 B1866; wife of Elmer Briggs & daughter of James & Ruth A. Hatch
Briggs Clinton J. 1951 B1895 [Briggs/Culver plot]
Briggs Elmer # 1938 B1862; son of James C. & Fanny Briggs
Briggs Elmer C. 1989 Aug 25 B1917 Jul 29 [Stilwell/Briggs plot]
Briggs Florence R. m B1910 Sep 15 [Stilwell/Briggs plot]
Briggs Floyd E. 1971 B1892 [Briggs/Culver plot]
Briggs Mary A. Sands 1900 B1830; wife of Peleg Briggs [Scott/Briggs monument]
Briggs Pauline E. 1982 B1922 [wife of Sherwood Briggs] [Briggs/Culver plot]
Briggs Peleg 1894 B1826 [Scott/Briggs monument]
Briggs Sherwood E. m B1918 [Briggs/Culver plot]
Brown Andrew 1939 B1887 [Herbert Griner plot]
Brown Benjamin 1931 B1848
Brown Eliza 1858 Jan 1 D ae 46/5/26; wife of John W. Brown [Geo. Ardrey plot]
Brown Elizabeth 1912 B1835; wife of William Brown [Geo. Ardrey monument]
Brown Esther 1923 B1910; "Daughter" [Ida Harris plot]
Brown Jeanie Kirkpatrick 1933 B1865; wife of Benjamin Brown
Brown Katherine E. Johnson 1943 B1865 [Johnson/Brown plot]
Brown Mary Kirkpane # 1892 Jun 9 D ae 50; daughter of Alexander & Jane Kirkpane [town record]
Brown Mary E. Garrison 1907 B1834; wife of Albro Brown [buried with Garrisons]
Brown William 1903 B1833 [Geo. Ardrey monument]
Bruzee Benjamin E. 1940 B1863 [Benj. Bruzee monument]
Bruzee Ella M. 1899 B1873 [Benj. Bruzee monument]
Bruzee Hattie N. 1936 B1859 [Benj. Bruzee monument]
Buckle Alice M. 1981 B1891 [wife of Thomas Buckle]
Buckle Thomas 1956 B1887
Bunn Mary 1872 Apr 14 B1798 Jan 5; wife of William Bunn [Potts monument]
Bush Benjamin W. 1874 Jun 8 B1826 Jan 9 [Benj. Bush monument]
Bush Catherine A. 1910 Jan 25 B1830 Jun30; daughter of J. L. & H. H. Bush [John L. Bush monument]
Bush Charles D. 1915 May 10 B1836 Aug 22 [Chas. D. Bush monument]
Bush Edith 1980 B1909 [wife of Kenneth Bush]
Bush Elizabeth 1880 B1803; wife of Jonas Bush [Jonas Bush monument]
Bush Elizabeth 1915 Feb 20 B1843 Jan 7; wife of Charles D. Bush [Chas. D. Bush monument]
Bush Gordon 1992 B1903
Bush Hannah H. 1875 May 1 D ae 79/4/26; wife of John L. Bush [John L. Bush monument]
Bush James H. 1909 B1833 [John R. Bush monument]
Bush John L. 1865 Dec 1 D ae 67/10/6 [John L. Bush monument]
Bush John M. 1914 B1841 [Jonas Bush monument]
Bush John R. 1861 Jan 15 B1801 [John R. Bush monument]
Bush Jonas 1865 B1803 [Jonas Bush monument]
Bush Kenneth 1980 B1906
Bush Margaret 1895 Aug 15 B1821 Jun 13; wife of Benjamin W. Bush [Benj. Bush monument]
Bush Martha C. 1872 Aug 19 D ae 39/10/25; wife of Charles D. Bush [Chas. D. Bush monument]
Bush Mary J. 1944 B1857; wife of John M. Bush [Jonas Bush monument]
Bush Mildred E. 1968 B1905 [wife of Gordon Bush]
Bush Sarah J. 1881 Aug 13 B1833 May 14; daughter of J. L. & H. H. Bush [John L. Bush monument]
Bush Susan A. 1908 B1835; wife of James H. Bush [John R. Bush monument]
Bush Susanna 1891 B1800 [John R. Bush monument]
Bush William 1904 B1833 [son of Jonas Bush] [Jonas Bush monument]
Butcher Caroline Gage 1906 Oct 1 B1833 Sep 20; "Mother" [next to Daniel Gage]
Butcher Charles S. 1952 B1878; "Father" [Jolley/Butcher plot]
Butcher Charles W. 1980 B1906; "Brother" [Jolley/Butcher plot]
Butcher Edwin 1922 B1858; son of James & Frances Butcher [James Butcher monument]
Butcher Esther 1877 B1847; daughter of James & Frances Butcher [James Butcher monument]
Butcher Frances Sands 1910 B1820 wife of James Butcher [James Butcher monument]
Butcher James 1883 B1812 [James Butcher monument]
Butcher Lillian M. 1963 B1884; "Mother" [Jolley/Butcher plot]
Butcher May C. 1903 [Nov 15] B1903 [d ae 5 months]; "Sister" [Jolley/Butcher plot]
Butcher Sarah 1927 B1844; daughter of James & Frances Butcher [James Butcher monument]
Cameron Florence Heermans 1919 Oct 25 B1871 Oct 9 [wife of Scott Cameron & daughter of Rev. Charles Edgar & Amelia E. Arnold Heermans][Heermans plot]
Carpenter Susan [Barden] [1871 Oct 14] [B1801 Mar 14] died ae 70/7 [wife of George Carpenter] daughter of Otis & Elizabeth Barden [broken stone]
Catlin Albert J.

1964 B1894 [Herbert Catlin monument]
Catlin Annie E. Johnson 1946 B1861 wife of William Catlin [Wm Catlin monument]
Catlin Charles 1927 B1850 [Chas Catlin monument]
Catlin Emma E. Large 1925 B1850 wife of Charles S. Catlin [Chas Catlin monument]
Catlin Evelyn W. m B1910 [wife of George R. Catlin]
Catlin F Louise 1887 B1887; daughter of Charles S. Catlin [Chas Catlin monument]
Catlin George R. 1993 B1906
Catlin Herbert A. 1948 B1864 [Herbert Catlin monument]
Catlin Milly Millman m B1868; wife of Robert Catlin [Wm Catlin monument]
Catlin Nellie E. Noble 1910 B1869; wife of Herbert Catlin [Herbert Catlin monument]
Catlin Robert m B1856 [Wm Catlin monument]
Catlin William 1930 B1854 [Wm Catlin monument]
Catheu Alberta 1990 Jan 25 B1905 Jan 13 [wife of Edwin J. Cattieu]
Cattieu Edwin J. 1973 Feb 17 B1894 May 21; WWI: NY wagoner U.S. Army
Chaapel Helen S. 1956 B1896; wife of John A. Chaapel [plot with Henry Andrews monument]
Chamberlain? ---- m Infant daughter of Matilda J. Chamberlain [Jeptha Earl monument]
Chamberlin Matilda J. 1900 B1818 [Jepthah Earl monument]
Chambers Carol Ann 1973 B1953; "Granddaughter" [Bert Enos monument; also on same stone as Jacob Mashewske]
Chambers Direxa Wilson 1923 B1849; wife of Joseph Chambers [Chambers monument]
Chambers Joseph 1919 Bl840 [Chambers monument]
Cheeseman Anna 1977 B1897 [wife of William Cheeseman]
Cheeseman William 1978 B1892
Chilvers Horrace 1949 B1865 [also recorded on Chilvers monument in Benton Rural Cemetery]
Christensen Edna M. m B1911 [wife of Henry H. Christensen]
Christensen Eline M. 1947 B1878 [wife of Theodor Christensen] [Theodor Christensen plot]
Christensen Frances M. 1919 [B1919] daughter of John & Josephine Christensen [John Christensen monument]
Christensen Helmer 1965 Mar 9 B1900 Feb 6; WWII: NY Svc Co 3d Tank Bn [Julius Christensen plot]
Christensen Henry 1908 B1905 [Peter Christensen monument]
Christensen Henry H. m B1910
Christensen Herman 1921 B1893 [Peter Christensen monument]
Christensen Jacob 1987 B1901 [Theodor Christensen plot]
Christensen Johannes 1939 B1871
Christensen John T. 1971 B1880 [John Christensen monument]
Christensen Josephine M. 1977 B1884; wife of John T. Christensen [John Christensen monument]
Christensen Julia 1955 B1875 [wife of Julius Christensen] [Julius Christensen plot]
Christensen Julius 1942 B1872 [Julius Christensen plot]
Christensen Katherine 1929 B1920 [Peter Christensen monument]
Christensen Kathleen m B1916 [wife of Wesley Christensen]
Christensen Lucy 1989 B1912 [wife of Helmer Christensen] [Julius Christensen plot]
Christensen Magdalene 1969 B1877 [Peter Christensen monument]
Christensen Maria 1950 B1866 [wife of Johannes Christensen]
Christensen Martena J. 1962 B1883 [Christensen/Rasmussen plot]
Christensen Marvin D. m B1954 [Marvin Christensen plot]
Christensen Nancy L. m B1956 [Marvin Christensen plot]
Christensen Peter 1937 B1876 [Peter Christensen monument]
Christensen Peter D. 1982 Nov 29 B1982 Nov 28 [Marvin Christensen plot]
Christensen Roy T. 1975 B1911; son of John & Josephine Christensen [John Christensen monument]
Christensen Theodor 1961 B1876 [Theodor Christensen plot]
Christensen Walter C. m B1878 [Christensen/Rasmussen plot]
Christensen Wesley 1940 B1915
Christiansen Anna C. 1946 B1857; wife of Niels Peter Christiansen [Niels Christiansen monument]
Christiansen Niels Peter 1900 B1851 [Niels Christiansen monument]
Clark Albert A[nsley] [1889 Apr 16] [B1840 Feb 27] Civil War: Co M 9th NY Cavalry [son of Samuel B. & Margaret Robison Clark] [very worn] [Albert Clark plot]
Clark Grace 1877 Sep 1 D ae 1/9; daughter of Albert & Rachel Clark [Albert Clark plot]
Clark Rachel A. Potts 1908 B1850 [Albert Clark plot]
Clow Bessie G. 1952 B1879 [Gardner/Barnes plot]
Clow David 1931 B1856 [David Clow monument]
Clow Emily Bloss 1920 B1862; wife of David Clow [David Clow monument]
Clow Harriet Clarke 1903 B1824; wife of Isaac Clow
Clow Irvin J. 1910 B1889; son of David & Emily Clow [David Clow monument]
Clow Isaac 1907 B1823
Coddington Benjamin 1851 Dec 29 B1768 May 10 at New Paltz Ulster Co NY [Coddington plot]
Coddington Benjamin Jr. 1853 Mar 15 B1816 Apr 17 [Coddington plot]
Coddington Jane Eleanora [Taylor] 1852 Feb 29 B1826 Mar 20; wife of Benjamin Coddington Jr. & daughter of H. B. & Jane Taylor[Coddington plot]
Coddington Maria 1874 Jan 24 D ae 61/11/14; daughter of Benjamin & Mary Coddington [Coddington plot]
Coddington Mary Rosenkrantz 1863 Sep 11 B1775 Jun 18 at Rochester, Ulster Co. NY; wife of Benjamin Coddington [Coddington plot]
Coe Charles 1899 Mar 28 D ae 77
Coe Elizabeth 1883 Aug 14 D ae 57; wife of Charles Coe
Coe Elizabeth 1890 Mar 14 B1823 Oct 20; wife of William W. Coe [Wm Coe monument]
Coe Eva 1900 Aug 23 B1852 Mar 12; wife of Frank Coe [Wm Coe monument]
Coe Frank 1913 B1849 [Wm Coe monument]
Coe L[ewis] Homer 1883 Sep 21 B1883 Apr 3; son of Frank & Eva [Mariner] Coe [Wm Coe monument]
Coe William W [1903 Nov 7] B1824 Oct 7 [Wm Coe monument]
Coffin Alva 1875 Nov 22 D ae 69 [Alva Coffin monument]
Coffin Alva C. 1958 B1869 [Duane Coffin plot]
Coffin Beulah B. 1976 B1903 [Duane Coffin plot]
Coffin C. Dewitt 1956 B1904 [Duane Coffin plot]
Coffin Carrie Fox 1940 B1883 [Duane Coffin plot]
Coffin Charles W. 1901 B1835 [G. W. Coffin monument]
Coffin Cyrus 1914 Sep 24 B1835 Oct 9 [Cyrus Coffin monument]
Coffin Duane A. 1932 B1846 [Duane Coffin plot]
Coffin Edwin O. 1956 B1881?
Coffin Elbert 1964 B1874 [Duane Coffin plot]
Coffin Elisha # 1856 B1786
Coffin Eliza A. Pratt 1887 Mar 19 D ae 75; wife of G. W. Coffin [G. W. Coffin monument]
Coffin Elizabeth [Fowle] 1836 Jan 3 D ae 27/27 days; [1st] wife of Alva Coffin & daughter of Daniel & Amy Fowle [Alva Coffin monument]
Coffin Elizabeth P. Uhl 1907 Apr 7 B1838 Dec 25; wife of Cyrus Coffin [Cyrus Coffin monument]
Coffin Ethel E. 1950 B1908 [Duane Coffin plot]
Coffin Frances W. 1926 B1879; wife of Elbert Coffin [Duane Coffin plot]
Coffin G. W. 1878 Apr 11 D ae 65 [G. W. Coffin monument]
Coffin Hannah Hughes 1871 Jul13 D ae 57; wife of William Coffin [G. W. Coffin monument]
Coffin Harriet Allington 1876 Nov 14 D ae 63; wife of Alva Coffin [Alva Coffin monument]
Coffin Jean Wilson 1942 B1880 [wife of Edwin O. Coffin]
Coffin Jennie H. 1968 B1883 [Duane Coffin plot]
Coffin John U. 1971 B1879 [Duane Coffin plot]
Coffin Lena M. 1876 B1870 [G. W. Coffin monument]
Coffin Margaret E. 1930 B1838 [Duane Coffin plot]
Coffin Margaret O. 1951 B1876 [Duane Coffin plot]
Coffin Mary Rose # 1846 [Apr 12] B1789; wife of Elisha Coffin
Coffin Olive E. 1847 Nov 15 D ae 2/10 [daughter of William & Hannah Coffin] [G. W. Coffin monument]
Coffin William C. 1924 B1875 [Duane Coffin plot]
Coleman Caroline [Squier] 1854 Feb 3 D ae 47/3/19; [1st] wife of H[enry] R. Coleman [& daughter of Seba Squier] [H R. Coleman monument]
Coleman Charles 1883 Dec 25 D ae 72/7/23 [Chas. Coleman monument]
Coleman Charles S. 1920 B1850 [H. R. Coleman monument]
Coleman Christina [Rine] 1857 Aug 31 D ae 86/13 days; wife of John Coleman [& daughter of Henry Coleman of Northumberland Co., Pa.]
Coleman Dwight 1868 Jun 13 D ae 26/7/3 [H. R. Coleman monument]
Coleman Francis C. 1843 Nov 16 D ae 2/10/7 [Chas. Coleman monument]
Coleman George G. 1864 Apr 21 D ae 21/34 days; Civil War: 161st N, died Battle of Sabine Cross Roads, buried New Orleans, La. [Chas Coleman monument]
Coleman H. R. 1880 May 3 D ae 79/6/18 [H. R. Coleman monument]
Coleman Hannah Potts 1936 Jan 3 B1855 Oct 16 [Wm H. Coleman plot]
Coleman Harriet Bogart 1923 B1853 [wife of Charles S. Coleman] [H. R. Coleman monument]
Coleman Hildred 1904 Apr 27 D ae 10 months; daughter of Robert F. & Frances Coleman [Wm H. Coleman plot]
Coleman John 1832 Dec 11 D ae 62/2/11
Coleman John S. 1839 Aug 26 D ae 1/1/27 [Chas. Coleman monument]

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