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Yates County Cemetery Project
Part I: Cemeteries in the town of Benton

Baldwin Cemetery: Notes

Baldwin Cemetery This small cemetery was once associated with the first Methodist Church building in Yates County, in 1807. It was on land once owned by George Wheeler Jr., who is buried here along with members of his family and others from the surrounding neighborhood.

The plot is easily accessible from the road, having an iron fence and a gate with the name of M. L. Baldwin, who owned the farm in the latter part of the 19th century. The adjacent highway was named for him, and the cemetery is usually called by that name, since his parents are buried here.

The cemetery is abandoned and despite its importance, unmaintained. It has suffered much from neglect and many of the stones have fallen; a few have apparently disappeared.

Baldwin Cemetery: Burials

[Anderson] Charles A.
[B ca 1853; son of Peter & Sarah Anderson]
[Anderson] Dorah A.
[B ca 1852; daughter of Peter & Sarah Anderson]
[Anderson] Mary T.
[B ca 1849; daughter of Peter & Sarah Anderson]
Anderson Peter C. 1906 Feb 12 B1813 Jul 2
Anderson Sarah E. [Baldwin] 1879 B1811 Mar 15; wife of Peter C Anderson [daughter of Jacob & Hannah Baldwin]
Baldwin Alfred M., Dr. 1865 Dec 14 D ae 69; [son of Jacob & Hannah Baldwin] [Baldwin monument]
Baldwin Alfred R. [1862 Jun 7] D ae 3/8; son of M[ason] L. & Kate A. Baldwin
Baldwin Hannah [Hull] 1865 Apr 10 B1771 Jan 22; wife of Jacob Baldwin; "Mother" [daughter of Eliphalet & Huldah Hull]
Baldwin Huldah 1840 Mar 24 B1813 Oct 15; daughter of J. & H. Baldwin
Baldwin Jacob 1828 Dec 8 B1755 May 16; d ae 72; "Father"
Baldwin Mary [Jacobus] 1829 Jun 1 D ae 28; wife of Dr. Alfred Baldwin [Baldwin monument]
Baldwin Nancy [Whithead] 1883 Jun 22 D ae 83; [2d] wife of Dr. Alfred Baldwin [Baldwin monument]
Ball Ann Eliza [Baldwin] 1861 J un 11 D ae 58; [wife of Sherwood S. Ball & daughter of Jacob & Hannah Baldwin]
Cheeseman George 1894 Feb 3 D ae 50/2/16
Christensen Jens 1905 B1836
Christensen Johana M. 1895 Apr 5 D ae 67/11
Christensen Thora 1916 B1836; wife of Jens Christensen
Croucher Ellen Fullagar # 1886 Jul 23 D ae 46/1/14; daughter of Joseph Fullagar
Hull Eliphalet 1813 Mar 30 B1749 Dec 4; Revolutionary War: NY Militia
Hull Huldah [Patchen] 1839 Sep 30 D ae 90; wife of Eliphalet Hull
Lamon Mason [Dr.] 1826 Aug 7 D ae 25; [1st husband of Hannah Hull McAuley] [McAuley monument]
Lansing David Defreest 1828 Oct 6 D ae 11/21 days; son of J[ames] S. & Huldah [Wheeler] Lansing
Lansing George 1833 Sep 15 D ae 18/4/19; son of J[ames] S. & Huldah [Wheeler] Lansing
McAuley Hannah
[Hull Lamon]
1871 Jan 9 B1800 Aug 21; d ae 70/4/19; wife of James McAuley [& daughter of Elisha & Anna Hull] [McAuley monument]
McAuley James 1879 May 26 D ae 79 [McAuley Monument]
McAuley Margaret W. 1839 Jan 18 B1836 Nov 19; daughter of James & Hannah [Hull] McAuley
Patchen Martha 1816 Oct 2 D ae 86
Smith Edmund P.

S[mith] M[ary] A. [1898] [B1826] [footstone near other Smith stones]
Smith Melinda 1871 Aug 2 D ae 50; wife of Edmund P Smith
Wheeler Catherine Lyon # 1827 D ae 82; wife of George Wheeler Sr.
Wheeler Charles Henry 1833 Jun 9 D ae 11 days; son of Henry [& Mary] Wheeler
W[heeler] E[lijah] S[pencer] [1835] [Infant son of Henry & Mary Spencer Wheeler] [footstone near those of other Wheeler children]
Wheeler George 1823 Apr 17 D ae 79/5/17
Wheeler George Jr. 1821 Jun 21 D ae 48/? /14 [s/o George & Catherine Wheeler]
W[heeler] M[artha] C. [Hull]
[Wife of George Wheeler Jr. & daughter of Eliphalet & Huldah Hull] [footstone near other Wheeler stones]
Wolcott Frank 1840 Aug 19 Son of O[liver] P. & Sophia [Stewart] Wolcott
Wolcott Susan R. 1840 Aug 16 Daughter of O[liver] P. & Sophia [Stewart] Wolcott

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