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Yates County Cemetery Project
Part I: Cemeteries in the town of Benton

Angus Cemetery: Notes

Angus cemetery The Angus family were the original owners of hundreds of acres in this immediate vicinity. The cobblestone house near where the Angus Road intersects with Route 14 was theirs and so was the land on which the cemetery now lies. It is a family plot once surrounded by a fence of which only the stone gateposts remain.

The cemetery is barely visible from the highway and can only be reached from a private driveway; it is in a clump of trees and carpeted with myrtle. Some of the stones have fallen but all are still legible.

Nearly all the earlier lists call this cemetery by the name of the Angus family, though occasionally it is referred to as being on the Newlander farm.


Angus Cemetery: Burials

Angus Andrew 1828 Apr 10 D ae 21/9/17; son of Walter & Phebe Angus [broken stone]
Angus Anne 1840 Mar 12 D ae 6 [daughter of David Angus] [broken stone]
Angus Charles 1854 May 28 B1802 Jul 17 [son of Walter Angus] [also recorded in Bellona Cemetery]
Angus Janet 1842 Aug 2 D ae 21 [daughter of David Angus] (broken stone]
[Angus Maria] 1831 Aug 14 [B1813]; d ae 18; daughter of Walter & Phebe Angus [broken stone]
Angus Phebe [Davis] 1855 Mar 2- [D ae 78] wife of Walter Angus [broken stone]
Angus Walter 1857 Dec 10 D ae 90/8 [broken stone]
Davis Penelope 1839 Mar 30 D ae [7]8; wife of Joseph Davis [& mother of Phebe Angus]
Powers Euretta A.
Child of A. H. & S. A. Powers [small stone, no dates]
Simons Jane Isabella [Angus] 1846 Mar 15 D ae 44; wife of James Simons [& daughter of David Angus]

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