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Town of Barrington
Record of Roads
1826 - 1851

The town of Barrington retains virtually no nineteenth-century records, the result of a disastrous fire in the Town Clerk's house in the 1950s. This original Record of Roads is an exception, since it was held not by the Clerk, but by the Historian, the late Wilfred Knapp. The old book has been microfilmed for use.

A name and coarse subject index have been prepared for posting on line. Records of Roads are good sources for determining exactly where people lived, what routes they followed to commercial centers, and occasionally for other details such as what buildings existed at the time, what crops were raised, and so on.

The book contains road surveys, which gave headings and measured distances from known landmarks; alterations; and petitions to the Highway Commissioners to have obstructions removed. The latter are especially rich in this town, whose farmers were apparently especially given to erecting fences across the rights of way.


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