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Yates County Cemetery Project

Part IX: Cemeteries in the town of Barrington


Merritt cemetery

Both the 1854 and 1865 maps of Yates County show a cemetery on this site near Chubb Hollow Road. There is no trace of such a burying ground today, which must once have been the family plot for the Merritt family, owners of several farms in this area since early in the 19th century and still landowners here today.

Ephraim Merritt purchased four farms in this corner of Barrington in 1839. His will, executed in 1848 just before his death, makes provision for a monument over his grave, and he bequeathed land to his three sons Enos, Morgan L. and Peter A. Merritt. His two daughters, both already married, were the beneficiaries of trust funds. The vouchers of his estate indicate that Ephraim was buried in a mahogany coffin, with a monument costing $100 erected over the grave. This was nearly 20 years prior to the establishment of Hillside Cemetery in Dundee, where Ephraim?s gravestone stands today.

Presumably, when Hillside was established, family burials in this ground were moved to the lot in section B purchased by Peter A. Merritt, Ephraim's son and executor. Ephraim's wife Hannah died in 1867 and her death may possibly have been the occasion for the removal.