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Yates County Cemetery Project
Part IX: Cemeteries in the town of Barrington

Lane Family Cemetery: Notes

This is another of the numerous family burying grounds in Barrington. When the cemetery was read many years ago it was stated that there were other stones located there, some standing and some flat, all uninscribed.

George Lane appears on a single census in Barrington, in 1830. He was in the right neighborhood to have had a family plot here, but never purchased any land.

The plot reading was submitted by town historian Wilfred Knapp. It is on private property and is not accessible without permission.

Lane Family Cemetery: Burials

[Lane] --- m [Six stones without inscription]
Lane George 1831 Ju1 5 D ae 41
Lane John 1831 Jul 5 D ae 1/8?, son of George & Abigail Lane

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