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Yates County Cemetery Project
Part IX: Cemeteries in the town of Barrington

Five Small Family Cemeteries: Notes

Five small family cemeteries Enough small family burial grounds have been discovered and preserved in this area of Barrington to indicate that once there were many more, county-wide. The first four noted here were submitted by town historian Wilfred Knapp. Those that still exist are on private property and not accessible without permission. The map only shows general locations for these plots.

The largest is the Wolcott cemetery. Elisha Wolcott and his wife Anna Hull came from Litchifield Co., CT in 1795 and settled first in Benton; in 1834 they removed to Barrington with their youngest son, George W. Wolcott, who inherited the farm.

He purchased another adjoining farm from Peter and Elizabeth Chrisler. Mr. Knapp reported that he knew of several uninscribed gravestones in the yard of the former Chrisler house, presumably the remains of an old family burial ground.

Lewis Clark and his family lived in this part of Barrington from the early 1830s on, moving to Tyrone after 1865. The Hannah buried here must have been his first wife, as he appears on deeds from the late 1830s with a wife named Mariah, who was still alive when the land was sold in 1867.

Ira Crane and his family were in the neighborhood in 1835 when the census was taken, showing six sons and a daughter. Ira himself was born about 1790 and apparently died before 1860, when his sons Joseph N. and Abram H. disposed of the real estate. They were respectively of Urbana and Tyrone. The deed reserved a plot 'now fenced off as a family burying ground and reserved for that purpose.'

A gravestone belonging to Charity Norris was discovered by Mr. Milton DeWitt while working in his garden. The Norris farm was nearby and presumably the plot once contained the family's graves, though nothing more is known at this time.




Chrisler Family Cemetery: Burials

[Chrisler?] ---- m [Six plain stones on farm once owned by the family]




Clark Family Cemetery: Burials

[Clark ?] --- m [Stone with no inscription]
Clark Derastus 1832 Sep 3 D ae 6 months, son of Lewis & Hannah Clark
Clark Hannah 1839? May 4 D ae 28/9/22, wife of Lewis Clark




Crane Family Cemetery: Burials

Crane Emaline

1834 Jan 13 D ae 5 months 13 days, daughter of Ira & Hannah [Hopkins] Crane
Crane Estella m Daughter of John & Elizabeth Crane
Crane George W. 1862 Jul 30 D ae 79/9/14, son of John & Elizabeth Crane




Norris Cemetery: Burials

Norris Charity # 1840 Jul 30 D ae 53/15 days, wife of William Norris




Wolcott Family Cemetery: Burials

Wolcott Anna Hull 1857 May 10 B1780 Aug 12, wife of Elisha Wolcott [& daughter of Eliphalet & Huldah Patchen Hull]
Wolcott Burton 1855 Aug 11 D ae 2 months, son of George & Flora Wolcott
Wolcott Catherine Jane 1839 Jan 29 B1837 Apr 5, daughter of Dr. E[rastusl B. & E. J[ane Dousman] Wolcott
Wolcott Elisha 1856 Jul 15 B1774 Dec 11 [son of Gideon & Hannah Woodworth Wolcott]
Wolcott Hero 1851 Sep 17 D ae 6 months, daughter of George & Flora [Shaw] Wolcott

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