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Yates County Cemetery Project
Part IX: Cemeteries in the town of Barrington

Finton Cemetery: Notes

Finton cemetery

The burying ground of the Finton family was located here on the family farm until most of the burials were removed to Lakeview Cemetery in Penn Yan, where they are today. A few stones apparently were left behind, including the ones listed here.

The plot was surrounded by a stone wall. It is on private property and may not be visited without permission. The compilers did not read this cemetery; the reading herein was corrected and augmented by Wilfred Knapp.

Finton Cemetery: Burials

C[rosby] J--- m [Footstone]
F--- H--- m [Footstone]
Finton Charity # before 1850 D ae 36, unmarried daughter of Joseph & Margaret Finton
Finton Margaret Sweagles # 1822 Mar 31 D ae 59, wife of Joseph Finton [stone removed to Lakeview Cemetery in Perm Yan]
Finton Thankful Gillett # 1850 Mar 26 D ae 76/11/ 21, wife of Joseph Finton [stone removed to Lakeview Cemetery in Penn Yan]
Ward John 1839 Mar 15 D ae 18/5/23, son of John & Sarah Ward
Ward Sarah 1832 Aug 16 D ae 42, wife of John Ward

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