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Vital Records Extracted from the Yates County Chronicle

Editor: Stafford C. Cleveland

September - December 1871

7 September 1871

Winthrop Atwill, a former editor and publisher at the Geneva Courier, died at Poughkeepsie on the 22d ult., in the 66th year of his age. Mr. Atwill bought the Courier establishment of Cleveland & Look nineteen years ago last June. A year or two later he sold it to William Johnson.

Died at the residence of Homer Mariner, Esq., in Benton, on Friday, Sept. 1, 1871, Miss Herma Jewett, at the age of sixty one years and nearly nine months. Miss Jewett has spent most of her life in Benton, but was born in Connecticut, where her father died. Her mother was Polly Mariner, sister of Buell Mariner. —During a period of more than forty years she has been one of the best school teachers of Yates County… She was buried in the old Presbyterian Cemetery east of Spencer’s corners….

The village was startled on Monday evening…by one of those melancholy catastrophes which sadden every reflective mind. A stranger deliberately caused his own death with a pistol…. The act of destruction was committed on the sidewalk alongside the premises of J.C. Munson on Elm Street…. It was afterwards found that he came here from Geneva a day or two before with Dr. John F. Belt…and that he had been a veterinary surgeon in Seneca Falls… The deceased was a Scotchman named George Conacher, about two years from his native country, where he had two children living…. He was buried in the Potters Field, to be soon forgotten….

Died at her home, Geneva, N.Y., on the evening of June 23, 1871…Mrs. Elizabeth A. Armstrong (eldest daughter of the late Col. Avery Smith of Yates Co.) in the 63 year of her age.

The youngest child of Ira Washburn of Gorham was scalded to death on Wednesday of last week…. —Geneva Gazette

Zeruiah, wife of Silas Tucker, died at the farm residence in Seneca on the 14th August inst., at the ripe old age of 74 years 10 months and 24 days. Mrs. Tucker was second daughter of Jephtha Earl, and was born on the farm subsequently owned by the late John Nicholas in the year 1796…. She was married to her now surviving aged husband at the age of 23, and they soon thereafter settled in Benton, where they resided until about the year 1830, when Mr. Tucker returned to Seneca and purchased the farm on the old preemption where he still lives…. Of the family of 14 brothers and sisters, of which Mrs. Tucker was one, but four now survive, viz Jeptha and Arthur Earl of Benton, Mrs. Calvin Jackson of Canandaigua, and Mrs. John Chamberlin of this village…. Mrs. Tucker reared a family of eight children, of whom six survive…. They are Arthur and Morris, settled in Indiana; Erastus who remains on the old homestead; Mrs. Daniel Lord of Dunkirk, Mrs. Allen Powers of Seneca, and Mrs. Charles A. Jones of Paola, Kansas…. —Geneva Gazette


14 September 1871

Died of apoplexy at his residence in Barrington, on Friday evening, Sept. 8, 1871, Delazon J. Sunderlin, Esq., at the age of sixty-two years and six months….His father Dennis Sunderlin, and his grandfather David Sunderlin, settled in Sunderlin Hollow, now distinguished by the Crystal Spring, the latter in 1814 and the former in 1812. Dennis Sunderlin who was a citizen of rare worth, married Nancy Fitch and had two sons, Alonzo and Delazon J. —Alonzo has long been a faithful and honored minister of the Baptist Church. —Delazon J. has been a farmer as well as a lawyer of extended reputation…. He built a pleasant residence on the place where his father was the original settler, and there lived and died on a large farm the fruit of his own labors. He married Louisa, daughter of James A. Swarthout of Barrington, who survives him…. Their son Martin J. Sunderlin is also now a lawyer, admitted in 1856, and a farmer residing near the homestead of his father….

Frank Silsby, son of H.C. Silsby, the manufacturer of steam fire engines at Seneca Falls, was instantly killed at Canandaigua last Monday evening, by being run over by a freight train. He was twenty-five years old….

Died in Middlesex very suddenly of apoplexy on Saturday evening, Sept. 9th, Rev. J.W. Putnam, pastor of the Methodist Episcopal Church at Middlesex Center. Mr. Putnam was fifty-six years old, and leaves a wife and three children. This was his second year in Middlesex. Before his removal to that place he served two years at Dresden….

Mrs. Martha Sutton, wife of Daniel Sutton of Benton, entered into her rest on the 22d day of August, 1871, from her residence in that town… Mrs. Sutton was a daughter of Elisha Ingraham, well known as one of the first settlers of our county, and was born at the Friend’s Settlement (City Hill) in Torrey, in the year 1793…. —Penn Yan Democrat

21 September 1871

James McMillen of Eddytown died … on the 12th inst., at the age of seventy-one. He was a native of Saratoga county and came to this region in early life. He had lived at Eddytown seventeen years….

Gilbert L. Spencer died in Barrington on the 16th inst., at the age of fifty years.

28 September 1871

Died in Benton on Saturday Sept 23, Samuel Chissom. The deceased was a native of this county, and during most of his life a resident here….He died quite suddenly at the residence of his brother Lester Chissom in Benton. His age was 63 years.

Samuel Casner died on consumption at his residence in Brooklyn last Thursday, Sept. 21st, aged 46 years. He was the eldest son of Hon. Ezekiel Casner of this village; …. He leaves a wife and children….

Hon. Peter M. Dox of Alabama has experienced a severe affliction in the loss of his wife, who died at Huntsville on the 12th inst.


5 October 1871

Abraham A. Post died at his home in the town of Seneca, Ontario Co., Sept. 17, 1871, at the age of nearly eighty-nine years. He settled in Seneca in 1809, buying at first fifty acres of land, and he became the wealthiest man in the town….Two sons survive him, one of whom resides in the town of Seneca, and the other in Starkey.

The people of Penn Yan were startled on Monday morning to learn that one of our best-known citizens, Mr. Jared C. Munson, died very suddenly the previous evening at his home and in his bed…. Mr. Munson was born at Middlebury, Conn., Jan. 12, 1806. He became a citizen of Penn Yan in 1851…. He leaves an estimable family….


12 October 1871

Died very suddenly at his residence in Branchport on Wednesday, Oct. 4th, Mr. Lynham J. Beddoe, at the age of sixty four years. [He was] born in 1809, a son of Captain John Beddoe, who settled in 1798 on the east bank of the west branch of the Keuka, where the mansion of R. Selden Rose now stands. Capt. Beddoe was then the owner of a tract of land about two miles wide and six miles in length, embracing seven thousand acres and upwards. After taking off two thousand acres from the east end of this tract, the residue was re-surveyed into lots of one hundred and sixty acres, and is still known as the Beddoe Tract. Lynham J. Beddoe was the last of John Beddoe’s three children. He married Eleanor, daughter of Col. Elias Cost of Phelps. They have long resided in Branchport….

Died in Cascade, Michigan, Sept. 30, 1871, of bilious fever, Mr. Stephen K. Benjamin, at the age of seventy two years.

Died at Galva, Illinis, on Sunday, Sept. 24. Mrs. Corinthia M. Williams, wife of Edson Williams, Esq., in the 56th year of her age.

Married, at the First Congregational Church, Galva, Ill., Sept. 26th, 1871, by Rev. Mr. Gould, Mr. William F. Wiley and Miss Florence E. Munger, daughter of Lyman Munger, Esq., formerly of this place….

Mrs. Margaret Cady, widow of the late Judge Daniel Cady, and a daughter of Gen. James Livingston of the Revolutionary army, died at Johnstown, N. Y., on the 15th ult., aged 87 years.

Rev. Alfred J. Hutton, the popular pastor of the North Reformed Church, West Troy, was married yesterday to Miss Hattie W. Hyatt of Brooklyn…. —Troy Daily Times, Oct. 4

19 October 1871

Mrs. Susan Carpenter of Benton was found dead in her bed on Saturday morning last. She retired the night before apparently as well as usual. Mrs. Carpenter was a daughter of Otis Barden, and was born March 14, 1801. She was the widow of George Carpenter, who died in Green, Monroe Co., in 1864.

The name of the man who was killed by a railroad collision at Watkins, was Henry Miles, and he resided at Pine Valley. A child of Patrick Conway, aged two years, was also killed on the track the same day, near the village.

Hiram Bell of Dundee, one of the pioneers of that place, died last Sunday evening at his residence in that village, at the age of eighty-five years. He settled in that place in 1811….

The Golden Wedding of Mr. And Mrs. Eli Townsend of Starkey was pleasantly celebrated by their relatives and friends on the 27th ult. Mrs. Townsend is a daughter of the late Nathaniel Huson, Sen., one of the early settlers of the town of Starkey. The children are six in number, three sons and three daughters….


26 October 1871

From the Dundee Record: Died at Olean, Oct. 1st, 1871, of fever, Elder Ezra Marvin, of this village, in the 66th year of his age. Elder Marvin was born in Laurens, Otsego Co., N.Y. in January 1806…. [In 1827] he was ordained and in November was married to Mrs. Huldah Ink, a widow, and daughter of Elder Chase, who had one daughter and was left by her former husband at his death upon a farm of fifty acres. …

Our community were shocked last Friday upon hearing the substance of a telegram received here, that Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Smith had been drowned in Lake Huron on the 15th inst., by the sinking of the steam propeller “Coburn,” which foundered in a gale near Saginaw Bay…. Mr. Smith was a prominent and highly respected citizen of this village, and a grandson of Richard Smith…; and his father was Col. Avery Smith…. Mr. Smith’s wife, who has perished with him, was before marriage Miss Elizabeth A. Beach, of New Windsor, Orange County. …They leave two children—one the wife of Mr. Charles Strobridge, the other Mary C., the youngest daughter; both of whom reside in this village.

Died in Himrods, Oct. 3d, Mrs. Achsah Dains, wife of Aaron Dains, aged 48 years. ….


2 November 1871


9 November 1871

Hon. Hiram Denio, for many years Judge of the Supreme Court and presiding Judge of the late Court of Appeals, died in Utica last Saturday, aged 72 years.

On Friday last, a young nephew of Mr. Samuel Dunlap of Dresden, while wheeling a hand-cart which contained a shot-gun, was fatally wounded by the accidental discharge of the gun, and died in a few minutes afterward.

On the 28th ult., Mrs. S.B. Peck of Hector, who with her husband was visiting at Waterloo, threw herself under a passing train of cars and was instantly killed….

Died on Monday evening, Oct. 23d, at his late residence in the town of Torrey, Charles Roy, aged 68 years, 6 months. ….

George W. Clarke, a veteran editor of Ulster county, died at Rhinebeck last week.

Samuel McKinney, one of the participants in Perry’s victory on Lake Erie, died at his home in Venango county, Pa., last week, at the advanced age of eighty-seven years.


16 November 1871

Amos Smith of Canton, Ill., formerly a resident in this village, died by his own hand at Canton last Saturday. … He was formerly a clerk for Stewart and Tunnicliff, and other merchants of this village, and had accumulated a fine estate at Canton. He leaves a wife and one child by a previous marriage. His first wife was a sister of S.S. Cobb of Geneva.

From the Dundee Record: Died in this village on the evening of Oct. 28, of apoplexy, Mr. Isaac P. Seymour, in the 77th year of his age. Mr. S. was born in Albany, February 25, 1795….He was married [at Eddytown] Sept. 27th, 1821, to Miss Ann Mapes, who survives him, they having lived in wedlock fifty years….He and his wife were the parents of eight children, four sons and four daughters, five of whom are living, two sons and three daughters. He came to this town in 1819, and has lived here and in the vicinity since….

23 November 1871

It is with sincere sorrow that we notice the death of Prof. Joseph Bloomingdale, formerly an eminent teacher in this county, and for several years past the Principal of the Union High School at Sparta, Wis. He died of typhoid fever on the 19th inst., after an illness of six weeks….

The wife of Gen. James Wood, Senator from the Livingston district, died in New York on Tuesday of last week….

Thomas Forbes, residing near Waterloo, committed suicide a week ago Sunday.

It is supposed that Andrew J. Matteson, youngest brother of the editor of the Canandaigua Repository and Messenger, perished in the flames at Chicago.

Mrs. Mercy Fairbanks died suddenly Tuesday morning, at the residence of her brother, Geo. D. Stewart, in this village. Her age was 72 years….

Frank Simons, a young man of Cheshire, Ontario county, was killed on the 9th inst., by the running away of a horse which he was riding. He was thrown, and his foot caught in the stirrup of the saddle.

On Tuesday night, near Montville on the Boonton branch of the Delaware, Lackawanna and Western Railroad, as the locomotive Succasunna was going toward Hoboken…the tender got off the track. The engineer Christopher Hendrick whistled down brakes, but before the train could be stopped the locomotive leaped the track and fell over on its side….The engineer could not be found for some time…life was extinct.—N.Y. Sun, Nov. 16.

The engineer who has met such a terrible fate was the second son of Thomas Hendrick of this village, and his age was about forty years. He leaves a wife and five children at Phillipsburg, N.J., where his remains were taken for burial….


30 November 1871

It is with pain and regret that we announce the death of Daniel A. Robinson, M.D., an old citizen and esteemed physician. Dr. Robinson was born in the town of Milo, Ontario county, now Yates, on November 10, 1795….[He] was the oldest son of Benedict Robinson, one of the most noted pioneers of this county. …



7 December 1871

The mother of Col. Moore, of the Grove Spring House, died recently at the age of seventy-six years.

George G. Latta, an honorable, high-minded citizen, died recently at Charlotte, Monroe county, at the age of seventy-six years. He was a native of the town of Seneca, and moved to Charlotte at the age of ten years to reside with an older brother.

Died at the residence of his son, Mr. Henry Harford, Nov. 30, 1871, Mr. James Harford, aged 80. Mr. H. came from England some seventeen years since, and from the first made his home in this community….

was a pleasant gathering at the residence of our fellow-citizen, Charles R. Peckins, on Monday evening Dec. 4, to celebrate the tin wedding or tenth wedding anniversary of Mr. Peckins and his excellent wife….

14 December 1871

From Branchport: Mr. Cook of Clifton Springs, a brother-in-law of Mr. A. Beddoe of this place, died very suddenly last week…. Mr. Cook had been residing here some two months….His son and sister came on from New York and took his remains to Clifton Springs for interment.

Died in Barrington at the residence of her son Hiram Cornell, on the 9th inst., Mrs. Polly Cornell, aged 94, 4 months and 20 days. The subject of this notice it is thought was the oldest person in Yates county. She was a daughter of Isaac Darrow and Hannah Mead, his wife, of Delaware county, and was one of a family of eleven children. Born July 19, 1777, she became the wife of Samuel Cornell, son of William Cornell and Hannah Finch his wife. They were both born in this State, and were married about 1800. He died in 1847. They had a family of ten children, eight of whom are still living, the eldest being seventy years old, and the youngest past fifty-five. She has had forty-five grandchildren, thirty of whom are still living. For nearly twenty years she has lived with her son Hiram…

Married on the evening of Nov. 30th, at the residence of Mr. Frank Radner, 67 Herkimer St., Albany, by Rev. Daniel Cobb of Ashgrove M. E. Church, D. Stewart Capell and Nellie Spencer….

Daniel Arwine of Barrington, an aged citizen, formerly resident at Milo Center, committed suicide last week by taking strychnine. He was a hard-working, honest man, but afflicted occasionally with depression of spirits, in one of which moods he committed the fatal act. He was the parent of three children all of whom are married. His wife also survives him.

From the Dundee Record: …. The Golden Wedding of Alexander and Mary Hemiup was celebrated at his own humble home in Eddytown, Dec. 2d, 1871….E.A.L.

Died in Barrington on the 4th inst., …Mr. James A. Swarthout, aged 84 years, 3 months and 4 days…. We are not very well acquainted with his history, but think he was a native of New Jersey, and in the early part of the present century came to Ovid, Seneca co., where he remained some years, when he came to Wayne, now Barrington, and pitched his tent in the wilderness…. Mr. S. was the father of quite a family. Mrs. D.J. Sunderlin was one of his children…. —Dundee Record


21 December 1871

James Armstrong died at his home in this village on Thursday evening last, Dec. 14th, in the 56th year of his age. …[He] was born in Barrington in 1816. His father, Robert Armstrong, was an early resident of that town. His only brother, Walling Armstrong, is a prominent citizen of Canadice, Ontario county, and his only sister is the wife of Dr. Gray, of the town of Springwater, Livingston county. He commenced his career in mercantile life as a clerk for Holmes & Lamport (James Holmes and William H. Lamport), then merchants at Warsaw in the town of Barrington. … In the spring of 1861 he entered into partnership with Lyman W. Gage in the hardware trade, and they have conducted a large and successful business…. A few years ago he erected a fine mansion on Main St., near the Academy…. He married Mary Jane, daughter of Henry Townsend and widow of Merritt Boyd, and they have two surviving sons, Fred S. and H. Kendig….

Joseph Elmendorf died in this village at two o’clock on Monday morning, Dec. 18th, 1871, at the age of sixty-eight years, eight months and twenty-seven days…. Born in 1806 in Catskill, Greene county, he was one of five children of Abraham Elmendorf and Lucy Dubois his wife. With an older brother he came to Western New York in 1822, locating first at Avon, next at Geneva, and moving thence to Canandaigua, plying his vocation as a Shoemaker…..[came to Penn Yan in 1830, went into jewelry and then dentistry] Mr. Elmendorf and his sons have since continued the business with credit and success….While residing at Canandaigua he married Catherine Chittenden of Durham, Greene county. She was born in 1804. Their children are Charles, William and Lizzie D. Charles is a popular dentist in Penn Yan. William was a soldier and Lieutenant of the Sharp-shooters during the Rebellion, and has resided several years on the Pacific Coast. He married in 1869 Emma Goldthwaite of Tulare county, California, and resides, a merchant, at Gilroy, Cal. Lizzie D. married Henry W. Merril. They reside at Paterson, N.J., and have two children, William and Katy.

Azor Barrett died at his residence in this village on Thursday evening, Dec. 14th, 1871, at the age of nearly sixty-four years. … His father, John Barrett, and Sidna Perry his wife, were natives of Virginia, from which state they emigrated at an early date, locating in the town of Seneca, Ontario county. —There Azor Barrett, their only child, was born in February, 1808.His father was a carpenter, and working at his trade away from home, was lost while his son was quite young. … The mother with her infant became shortly after a resident of the Friend’s Settlement, and in due time the second wife of Elisha Luther. By her second marriage she was the mother of several children, one of whom was the late John Luther, another Mary, the late wife of Robert McDowell, Esq., and another Deborah, the late wife of Jeremiah S. Burtch of Jerusalem. Besides there are two sons, David and Elisha, who live West. Thus Azor Barrett grew up to manhood in the family of Elisha Luther, a most worthy member of the Friends’ Society. He married first Catharine Pangborn of Reading. She died many years ago, and he subsequently married Abigail, daughter of Samuel Hartshorn, who survives him. They resided many years in Jerusalem, on the road north of that leading by the Poor House, where he was a prosperous farmer…. In 1869 they moved to Penn Yan, where they have since resided….

Died at the residence of his father in this village on the 14th inst., of pleurisy, John Halloran, aged 28 years….

Dennis Derrick of Wheeler, Steuben county, married Miss Mary Aulls last week….

Married at the Presbyterian Church, Penn Yan, on Wednesday evening, Dec. 13th, by Rev. D. Magie, D.D., Mr. Chas. H. Ketchum and Miss Mary S. Ellsworth….


28 December 1871

Olive Logan and Wirt Sykes were married a few days ago.

It becomes our painful duty this week to record the death of Dr. Henry Barden, long and well known in Penn Yan…. His death occurred about 2 o’clock on Thursday morning last, Dec. 21, 1871. He was born in Benton, then Vernon, Sept. 11, 1806, and was consequently in the 66th year of his age. His father was Otis Barden, one of the pioneers of that town, and his mother Elizabeth Parker, daughter of James Parker…. The Doctor was the seventh of a family of eleven children…. Dr. Barden married in March, 1836, Caroline, daughter of Stephen Purdy of Benton, and they had two children, Helen J. and W. Wallace. The son is a graduate of the Eclectic Medical College of Philadelphia, and also of the Homeopathic Medical College of Philadelphia.

Mortality of 1871
The following is a partial list of the dead of 1871, gathered from the CHRONICLE file of the past twelve months:

Benj. P. Lyon, Penn Yan, aged 74, Jan. 7.
Hannah McAuley, Barrington, 70, Jan. 9.
Mrs. Mowers, Milo, 93.
Mrs. Maria Raplee, Milo, Feb. 9, 54.
Margaret Botsford, Jerusalem, March 7, 96 years, 5 mo.
Elisha G. Hopkins, Penn Yan, March 22, 78.
Harriet Nelson, Penn Yan, March 25, 49.
Dr. Israel Chissom, Italy Hill, Apr. 2, 67.
Isaac Wood, Middlesex, Apr. 2, 44.
Abraham V. Harpending, Penn Yan, Apr. 23, 55.
Joseph Thayer, Penn Yan, May 2, 63.
Mrs. Fanny Davis, Milo, Apr. 28, 86.
Mrs. Harriet Hazard, Torrey, May 7, 68.
Geo. P. Monell, Milo, May 11, 51.
Nathan G. Benedict, Jerusalem, May 25, 82.
Mrs. Sally McConnell, Barrington, May 19, 71.
Geo. J. Lazear, Barrington, June 8, 45.
John Swarts, Barrington, May 28, 62.
Sarah E. Harford, Benton, May 28, 42.
Mrs. Aurelia Botsford, Jerusalem, June 29, 90.
Preston P. Wilkinson, Jerusalem, July 4, 75.
Philip Ward, Eddytown, Aug. 4, 75.
Nathan Walton, Penn Yan, Aug. 14, 86.
James Sherman, Penn Yan, Aug. 15, 72.
Lucinda Secor, Benton, Aug. 15, 85.
Delazon J. Sunderlin, Barrington, Sept. 8, 62.
Samuel Chissom, Benton, Sept. 23, 63.
Jared C. Munson, Penn Yan, Sept. 30, 65.
Lynham J. Beddoe, Branchport, Oct. 4, 64.
Mrs. Achsa Dains, Himrods, Oct. 5, 48.
Josephine McAlpine, Benton, Oct. 26, 28.
Mrs. Zerviah St. John, Benton, Oct. 27, 82.
Charity M. Crank, Benton, Nov. 8, 24.
Charles Roy, Torrey, Oct. 23, 68.
Isaac P. Seymour, Dundee, Oct. 28, 77.
John Graham, Italy Hollow, Nov. 30, 80.
Henry Hurford, Penn Yan, Nov. 30, 80.
Jeremiah Simons, Eddytown, Dec. 1, 66.
Daniel Arwine, Barrington, Dec. 8, 66.
James A. Swarthout, Barrington, Dec. 4, 84.
Mrs. Polly Cornell, Barrington, Dec. 9, 94, 4 months.
James Armstrong, Penn Yan, Dec. 14, 56.
Joseph Elmendorf, Penn Yan, Dec. 18, 69.
Azor Barrett, Penn Yan, Dec. 14, 64.
John Halloran, Penn Yan, Dec. 14, 28.
Dr. Henry Barden, Penn Yan, Dec. 21, 65.

Winsor Scofield, Esq., former principal of the Penn Yan Academy, was married at Canandaigua on the 14th, inst. The fortunate lady of his choice was Miss Augusta M. Herbert of Canandaigua….

A colored man aged over one hundred years named Benjamin Stewart died in Auburn a few days since. He had been a slave, and escaped during the John Brown raid in 1859.