[Vital records] [Extracts]

Vital Records Extracted from the Yates County Chronicle

Editor: Stafford C. Cleveland

September - October 1869

2 September 1869

Jason S. Hoyt, one of the Jerry rescuers, died at his residence in Syracuse on Monday last, aged fifty-four years. The Journal says “It was under his personal supervision that ‘Jerry’ was secreted for several days and nights in the wooden dwelling, corner of East Genesee and Orange streets, owned by him; and it was Mr. Hoyt who drove the team that conveyed the fugitive to Oswego, and who saw him on board a vessel and away to the then freer soil of Canada. Mr. Hoyt subsequently lived several years in the dwelling where ‘Jerry’ was secreted, and the room of his confinement, where the shackles were stricken from the freedman’s limbs, was always to him a spot scarcely less than sacred.


    August 24th, 1869, at the residence of her son-in-law, Dr. W. Bush, Branchport, Mrs. Anna Loomis, in the 87th year of her age.

Russell F. Hicks, formerly Clerk of the Court of Appeals, and once a resident of Dansville, died suddenly at or near Syracuse last week. He was a prominent politician and active in political affairs.

Charles Wilson, a nephew of W.W. Palmer, and a brakeman on the Northern Central Railway, was killed yesterday by accidentally falling under his train near Watkins….  He was a young man, eighteen years old…. His mother was killed in this village several years ago, by the running away of a span of horses with a village hack.

9 September 1869

Gen. John A. Rawlins, Secretary of War, died in Washington, at 4 o’clock Monday afternoon. … [He] was a native of Galena, Ill., and about thirty-eight or forty years of age…. Gen. Rawlins had three children, an infant born last week, and two daughters ten and twelve years old, by a former marriage. Mrs. Rawlins is a native of Danbury, Conn., where she now is. She was unable by reason of sickness to attend his last hours.

Benjamin Andrews, an Englishman and a tenant on the premises of Peleg Gardner, of Potter, was found dead in a barn a week ago last Sunday…. A wife and seven children are left to mourn the loss of a husband and father….

Died near Kirksville, Adair Co., Mo., at the residence of Samuel Street, Sen., Sept 3d, 1869, Freddie C., aged 3 years and 3 months; and on Sept. 8, 1869, Courtney G., aged 1 year and 3 months; only children of William and Emma Wolverton.

Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Stewart of this village have sustained a most grievous affliction in the death of their oldest daughter, Miss Georgiana, aged eighteen years. She died last Monday night, of typhoid fever, after a short but severe illness….

23 September 1869

Joseph B. Gano, a citizen of Starkey, died at his residence in that town on the 10th inst., at the age of 72 years.

We find in the Auburn Journal an announcement of the death of Darius Adams at his home in the town of Genoa, Cayuga Co., on the 10th instant, at the age of 82 years…. His son, Darius W. Adams, was for many years a citizen of Penn Yan, and is well known to the people of Yates County.

30 September 1869


    On Tuesday, Sept 14, by the Rev. G.W. Mayer, James Carroll, Esq., of Benton, to Miss Rhodie A. Weed of the same, at the residence of the bride’s mother.


    In Middlesex, on Friday, Sept. 17, 1869, Mrs. Polly Torrey, widow of Samuel Torrey, aged 74 years.

14 October 1869

Peter Sullivan, Senior, died in Pulteney, on the 2d inst., at the age of 93. He was of Irish birth and had been a farmer since 1823.

Ezra Hill died in Tyrone on the 29th ult., at the age of 91. He was of Connecticut birth and had lived fifty years in Tyrone.

Died in this village on Monday, October 11th, 1869, of paralysis, Mrs. Maria Elliott mother of Lambert V. Elliott, aged 73 years. Mrs. Elliott was a lineal descendant of Thomas Lee, Sr., (the father of Dr. Joshua Lee) she being a daughter of Elizabeth Lee, a sister of the Doctor. Her father was Lambert Van Alstine. Her husband, Geo. Elliott, died many years ago. He never resided in this county. After his decease Mrs. Elliott removed to Penn Yan and here she brought up her two children, Lambert V. and Jane, who, with Edward, a son of Lambert V., are the only survivors of this branch of the Thomas Lee family….

21 October , 1869

Amasa Horton, an aged citizen of Jerusalem, who had driven to Penn Yan on Thursday with a load of grain, on his return home had reached the foot of the hill at Simeon Cole’s a little after dark. Here it appears he got out and unlocked his wagon wheel. He was heard to call out, in alarm, when some of the neighbors came to the place and he was found drowned, as were both of his horses, in a deep hole where the water pours over Mr. Cole’s mill dam. … He was sixty-seven years old, and has lived on the Green Tract about forty years. He leaves a wife and a large family of children – all adults.

Died at her residence in Milo, Oct. 4, 1869, Hannah Fitzwater, aged seventy-five years, four months and four days.—Hannah Fitzwater was born May 31, 1794, in Whitepain township, Montgomery county, Pennsylvania, and came to this county with her parents, three brothers and two sisters, in 1799….

The people of this village were startled on Tuesday morning by the announcement of the sudden death of Deacon Wm. L. Porter. His death is ascribed to apoplexy…. Mr. Porter was sixty four years old…. He was descended from a distinguished family, being a nephew of the Rev. Noah Porter, a celebrated clergyman of the Presbyterian faith.—About sixteen years ago he moved to this village from Prattsburgh, where his previous life had been spent….

28 October 1869


    In Milo, Oct 20th, at the residence of the bride’s father, by Rev. Mr. Livermore, Mr. Ralph Goundry to Miss Annie E. Richardson

Mr. Isaac Lovejoy of Benton and Miss Janette Early, daughter of the late Jackson Early, of this town, were married at Avoca, on Sunday, 17th inst.—Prattsburg Advertiser

Died in Jackson county, Michigan, Sept. 1, 1869, Mary A. Raymond, aged 52 years. She was a sister of Mrs. Elipha Peckins of Benton, and formerly of this county.

Gehazi Granger, an old citizen of Manchester, Ontario co., died on the 14th inst., at the advanced age of 94 years. —His second wife was the mother of Stephen A. Douglas, and his son Julius N. Granger has been for sixteen years Recorder of the General Land Office at Washington.

Married on Thursday the 14th inst., by Rev. W. P. Gibson, at the residence of the bride’s father, Samuel C. Wagener of Pana, Ill., to Emma, eldest daughter of Capt. Lawrence Ohlman, of Montgomery Co., Ill….

Henry L. Dunning, the oldest son of Levi O. and Loretta Dunning, of this village, died on Sunday night last, of consumption, after a lingering illness of several months, at the age of 27 years…. He married September 20, 1865, Maria, daughter of John B. and Gertrude A. Van Slyck, then of Buffalo, now of Cleveland, Ohio, who is thus early left a widow….

Died, in this village on Thursday the 21st inst., Charles Dake, in the 84th year of his age. Mr. Dake was a resident of Saratoga in early life, and there married Sarah Hanford. They had three children, Orsamus, Charles and Emeline. About twenty-five years ago he settled on a farm near Nunda, Livingston Co. Here his two sons and his wife died, and he reared to manhood his grandson Orsamus C. Dake, son of Orsamus. His daughter Emeline married for her first husband Jeremiah Richardson and moved to Nebraska, where he died, after which she married a man by the name of Kline. Mr. Dake married about twenty years ago, Mary Jillett, the daughter of Samuel Jillett and aunt of Jeremiah S. Jillett, and five years later took up his residence in Penn Yan, where he has since resided. His wife, now upwards of 70 years old, survives him….

Died, of consumption at Wappingers Falls, Dutchess Co., on Thursday, October 21, 1869, Mrs. Calista Brigham, wife of Rev. E.P. Brigham and daughter of Caleb Hazen, Esq., of Benton, aged 24 years…. She was married early in January, 1868,… Her funeral was attended on Sunday last by a very large concourse of people, at the house of her father, and Rev. George H. Brigham, brother of her husband, was the officiating clergyman. She was consigned to the long sleep of the departed in the Penn Yan Cemetery.

4 November 1869

A man by the name of Darius Allen, it is reported, was found dead in Auburn, from exposure. Does any one know whether it was Darius Allen, late of this village.

Married on Wednesday, Oct. 27th, at the residence of the bride’s father, by Rev. Philip Cowles of Branchport, Mr. Thomas Ellis of Unionville, N.Y., and Miss Florence H., daughter of Mr. Homer W. Dunn of Himrods.

11 November 1869

Zimri Griswold, an aged citizen of Jerusalem, was buried at Dresden on Monday last.

Died at Helena, Sept. 25th, 1869, Mrs. Abigail Northrop, sister of Benj. W. Dake, of Nunda, aged 75. At Nunda Oct 9th, Benj. W. Dake, aged 72. At Penn Yan, Oct. 21, Charles Dake, formerly of Nunda, and brother of B.W. Dake and Abigail Northrop, aged 85.

Aaron Hanley, a prominent citizen of Peach Orchard, in the town of Hector, Schuyler County, died at his residence in that place on Thursday the 4th inst., at the age of 66 years…. His parents were early settlers in Hector, commencing at Perry, near Trumansburg, in 1790, and on the Lake road, about two miles south of Peach Orchard, in 1810. Samuel Hanley, the father of the deceased, was a man of great energy of character and a leading man in his day. He was the father of a large family. Two sons of Otis Barden of Benton married daughters of Samuel Hanley, both of whom are now deceased. Samuel Hanley died in 1847 at the age of 72 years. Aaron Hanley, his son, whose death we record, leaves seven children who occupy a highly creditable position in the world. One son perished in the Union service during the late war, another is a physician at Tabor, Fremont Co., Iowa….

Married at the residence of the bride’s father, Nov 3, 1869, by Rev. Samuel Smith of Niagara County, Mr. Frank M. Gifford of Toledo, Ohio, to Miss Libbie Dains, only daughter of Francis Dains of Penn Yan. …

18 November 1869


    At Benton Center, in the Baptist Church, Nov. 19th by Rev. A.C. Mallory, assisted by Rev. D.R. Swick and Rev J.U. Mallory, Mr. James M. Smith of Barrington and Miss Sarah E. Bushnell of Benton.

    And also, Mr. William H. Merrifield and Miss E. Josie Merchant, both of Benton….

    At the residence of the bride’s brother, Mr. James A. Crankston, in Palmyra, N.Y., on Tuesday evening, Nov. 2, 1869, by Rev. Mr. Webster, Rector of the Episcopal Church, Mr. Alexander B. Millspaugh of Penn Yan and Mrs. Carrie A. Colburn of La Crosse, Wisconsin….

The wife of Col. Gilbert Sherer was stricken down with paralysis on Saturday evening last, and died yesterday….

Capt. Samuel Wilson, formerly well known as a shoemaker in this village, was buried in the Penn Yan Cemetery on Tuesday. He was a faithful soldier in the war and captain of a colored company. He had resided for the past few years at Seneca Falls.

Sanford Coats, the father of Wm. L. and Minor Coats, died in Jerusalem on Monday, November 1st, in the ninety-first year of his age. He was a native of Connecticut, and has been a resident of Jerusalem over fifty years. He was the father of six sons and three daughters. His trade was that of a tailor, and he was a consistent Christian and a good man.

Mrs. Sarah Spink, relict of the late William Spink, departed this life at the residence of her son-in-law, David Hatmaker, in Milo, on Tuesday the 9th instant, aged 79 years and upwards. Mrs. Spink was born in the town of Wickford, Rhode Island, January 15th, 1790, and came to the “Lake Country,” with her late husband about fifty years ago, and soon after their arrival settled on the farm now occupied by David Hatmaker, which Uncle Billy (as he was commonly called) bought of the late Richard Henderson. This farm was part of a tract of land purchased by Benedict Robinson of Charles Williamson at quite an early period in the county’s history. Here Mr. Spink resided until his death, which occurred about nine years ago. Mrs. Spink, whose decease we now record, made an early profession of Christianity, and was for some time a member of the Free Will Baptist Society…. The close of her life was solaced and cheered by her only child and daughter Mrs. Elizabeth Hatmaker, who with an only son, William Spink Hatmaker and an infant son of the latter, comprise all the lineal descendants of William and Sarah Spink.

25 November 1869

2 December 1869

Darius Allen, who, it was rumored was dead, is said to be still in the land of the living, and was lately at Buffalo.

9 December 1869

We very much regret to learn that Dr Hazard A Potter, a Surgeon, probably inferior to none of his age, died at his residence in Geneva, on Thursday evening, the 2d inst., at the age of fifty-nine years. Dr. Potter was one of the most distinguished sons of Yates County. He was born in the town of Potter, Dec. 21, 1810, and was a great-grandson of Judge William Potter, who, with James Parker and Thomas Hathaway, made the first purchase of land for the Friend’s Society on the west bank of  Seneca Lake, in what is now Yates County. His grandfather , Thomas Hazard Potter married Patience Wilkinson, a sister of the Universal Friend, and they had a family, of whom John Potter, their son, married Nancy Wilkinson, a daughter of Jepthah Wilkinson, the youngest brother of the Friend. They had a family of nine children, of whom Jepthah A. Potter and Dr. Hazard A. Potter are two of the sons. It will be seen that the family of John and Nancy Potter had Wilkinson blood in their veins from both heads of the family, with its bold and vigorous characteristics. Dr. Potter when a boy had the advantages of a district school in his neighborhood, and afterwards attended school at the Penn Yan Academy, under Gookins, and Richard Taylor. He studied medicine under Dr. Francis M. Potter, a cousin of his father’s, and Dr. Barnet N. Wisner, one year each….


    In Penn Yan on Thursday, Dec 2nd, 1869, by Rev J.B. Smith, Mr. Date Dutton of Geneva and Miss Jennie P. Howe of Penn Yan.

    In Penn Yan on Tuesday evening, Dec. 7th, by Rev. James E. Latimer, Mr. John H. Veeder and Miss Emma Danes, both of this village.


    On the 15th day of November, 1869, at the residence of her daughter, Mrs. Robbins, at Glendale, Ohio, Mrs. Almira M. Oliver, widow of Dr. Andrew F. Oliver, late of Penn Yan deceased, in the 70th year of her age.

The Havana Journal states that Mahlon Dickinson, a son of Hon. Andrew B. Dickinson, was killed by the Indians near Fort Laramie, on the 13th of last month.

Frederick Starr, a prominent citizen of Rochester, died in that a few days ago. He was the father of Rev. Frederick Starr, Jr., the distinguished Clergyman who preached in this village a few years ago.

We learn that the wife of Geo. Wells, of Italy, Yates county, presented her husband with three boys at one birth, on Wednesday afternoon last, and at last accounts all were doing well. —Prattsburgh Advertiser

Died in Syracuse on the 24th ult., Jerry H. Barnes, only surviving son of Jerry F. and Samantha Barnes, aged 22 years, 11 months and 26 days. The deceased was a young man of rare promise, a grandson of Anne Cornwell Barnes, who is a sister of Dr. Wm. Cornwell, late of Penn Yan, deceased, and widow of John Barnes, late of Oswego county. The funeral services of Jerry H. Barnes were held at the family residence of his parents, 337 Carbon St., on the 26th ult….

16 December 1869


    At Benton center, December 4th, 1869, by Rev. S. McDonald, Mr. Henry B. Guthrie, to Miss Harriet Young, all of Benton.

John Pulver a thrifty and enterprising citizen of Italy died on the 8th instant, at the age of 55.

Nathaniel Kenyon, a native of Rhode Island, and for forty years a resident of Barrington, died in that town on the 5th inst., at the age of 70.

Mrs. Agnes Ayers, widow of the late Wilson G. Ayres, and mother of Garrett Ayers, died at Himrods on the 5th inst., in the 89th year of her age.

The Des Moines, Iowa State Register of Dec. 2, gives an account of the Obsequies of Jehiel S. Cook…. [He] will be remembered by many in this community, where he resided for many years and was largely engaged in business. —His death occurred in Colorado, while on the Denver Coach near Idaho. He was riding with the driver and by some strange fatality fell from his seat on a pile of rocks and fractured his skull….

23 December 1869


    At the residence of the bride’s father, November 15, 1869, by the Rev. Dr. Latimer, Mr. Ed. S. Gillett and Miss Rettie J. Capell.

30 December 1869

Nicholas H. Kipp, an early resident of Geneva, died in Elmira on the 17th inst., at the age of 78 years.

Mrs. Margaret Roberts, the widow of John Roberts, one of the oldest settlers of the town of Reading, died in that town on the 4th inst., at the age of 83 years.

Mrs. Chloe Foster of Prattsburgh died in that town, Nov. 27th, at the age of 101 years and two months. She was Chloe Davis of Milford Conn., and married Erastus Foster. They settled in Prattsburgh in 1820. So says the Advertiser.

Franklin J. Green, a citizen of Middlesex, committed suicide on Saturday last by hanging himself in his barn. …


    In Italy Hollow, Dec. 18th, 1869, by Rev. G.W. Abrams, Mr. Robert M. Kennedy to Miss Emma O. Robson, both of Italy.

    At the residence of the bride’s father, by Rev. John H. Day, Mr. George W. Carson to Miss Della Winans, all of Potter.