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Vital Records Extracted from the Yates County Chronicle

Editor: Stafford C. Cleveland

November - December 1868

5 November 1868


Our next Vice-President, Hon. Schuyler Colfax, was married on Tuesday, in Ashtabula county, (Ohio,) to Miss Nellie M. Wade. —Cleveland Leader

12 November 1868



Died in Mason, Ingham Co., Michigan, Nov. 1st, 1868, of congestive chills, Truman Spencer, aged 48 years. The deceased was a son of the late David P. Spencer, of Spencer’s Corners, in the town of Benton, Yates county, and at the time of his death was Sheriff of Ingham county — a position that he had filled for four years, and was a candidate for re-election….

19 November 1868



Dr. Landon Wells, a physician of excellence and distinction, died at Waterloo, his place of residence, on the 8th inst.

Peter Whiting, of this village, was found dead in an alley near the Fall Brook office last Wednesday evening. He was fifty-nine years old, a teamster, and subject to fainting fits… .—Watkins Express

26 November 1868

Thomas L. Carson, founder of the Carson League, died in Syracuse on Saturday last.


Andrew Bullock died at his residence in this village on Friday last after an illness of typhoid fever of several weeks duration.

3 December 1868


Mrs. Nancy L. Towler of Geneva has petitioned for a divorce from her husband, Reginald H. Towler, son of Prof. Towler of that place.

Mr. John B. Hankinson, formerly of Potter, whose wife left him last year on account of ill treatment, went to Michigan with another woman. He was recently arrested on the complaint of his wife, and lodged in jail at Mount Clemons, Mich., on the charge of adultery. John seems to be getting on badly.

The Watkins Express of last week says, “last Monday afternoon George Smith, living near Beaver Dams in this county, fell down and instantly died, as is supposed, from heart disease….”

Henry Landry of Hornellsville, one of the engineers who came home to vote at the late election, was killed a few days since on the U.P.R.R. His death was caused by the displacement of a rail by Indians which threw the train down an embankment shortly after leaving Laramie Station…. —Buffalo Express

On Saturday last, a boy about twelve years of age, son of Mr. Chauncey Barnes, Engineer of Joseph Rodburn’s Mill [at Breesport], was torn to pieces and instantly killed by being caught in the belt of the driving shaft….

Mr. Robert Kershaw, Superintendent of the Phoenix Mills in this village some two or three years since, died suddenly in Norristown, Pa., on the 7th inst.  He was engaged in the manufacture of woolen goods with Mr. P.M. Hunter, of that place at the time of his death, who it seems did not long survive him. On Thursday morning Mr. Hunter shot himself through the head with a pistol in the basement of his factory….

On Monday of last week, an atrocious murder was committed at Corning, and the supposed murderer is a young woman named [Hetty] Barber. The victim was a young child of Mr. Francis McCulloch….

10 December 1868

Something less than a year ago, a man and woman, representing themselves as cousins, hailing from Penn Yan, N.Y., took up their residence in this place…. It appears that the couple came to Mt. Clemens with the intention of being married, the only obstruction…being that Mrs. Briggs (the lady) must first procure a divorce from her husband living in New York…. A divorce would probably have been granted … had not the wife of Mrs. Briggs’ “cousin” Hankerson appeared in town quite unexpectedly…. Hankerson was at once taken to jail. He had his examination yesterday before Justice Sackett, and was held for trial in default of $2,000 bail. —Detroit Post

17 December 1868

Died, in the of Lawrence, Kansas, on the evening of the 2d instant, Mr. John Spicer, aged 78 years. Mr. Spicer was formerly a resident of Barrington…. He was born in the town of Milford, Massachusetts, and removed at an early age to Western New York, where he remained until 1855…. Of late Mr. Spicer has resided with a son in law, Dr. S.K. Huson, at whose residence his death occurred.

Died in this village of paralysis, Tuesday evening Dec. 15th, Mrs. Lucinda Harvey, aged 70. She has been a resident of this village about forty years.

Died at Kinney’s Corners on Tuesday evening the 8th instant, Mrs. Susan Wells, wife of Walter Wells, aged 68 years, one month and two days.

Mrs. Gardiner [mother of Peleg Gardiner of Yatesville], the old lady whom we mentioned recently as having broken her thigh by a fall, died Tuesday night. Her funeral takes place today.

A little daughter of Patrick Conner of Corning was burned to death last Friday. The parents had left the children alone, and the girl’s dress took fire from the stove. The other children tried to extinguish it but failed.

As we go to press we learn that Joseph Perkenpine of this village eloped last week with Miss Nancy Smith, a young lady about nineteen years of age, residing in Knoxville, opposite the village of Corning. He took his eldest and youngest child, leaving a wife and one child to rejoice (probably) over his absence. Further particulars next week. —Corning Democrat

24 December 1868

George Mattice of Canandaigua, formerly a resident of Penn Yan, was instantly killed on Monday by being caught in the balance wheel belt of his planing mill at Canandaigua….

Married at the residence of Mr. J.L. Hobart, in Potter, Dec. 9th, 1868, by Rev E.J. Hermans, Mr. Geo. Haigh of Waterloo and Mrs. Lucy Taylor of Potter.

Died at Kinney’s Corners on Tuesday evening, the 8th inst., Mrs. Susan Wells, wife of Walter Wells, aged 68 years. Mrs. Wells was a sister of Major Jas. D. Morgan….

31 December 1868

…Mr. Ralph T. Wood, Deputy Collector for the district, had been contemplating marriage for some time…. He was united in marriage to Mrs. F.H. Randall…. The ceremony was performed by Rev. David Magie at the house of John H. Lapham, father of the bride….

Married at the Webster House in Canandaigua, Dec. 21, 1868, by Rev. S. McGerald, Mr. J.N. Jenning of Benton to Miss Annie E. Washburn, of Naples.

Married, at the home of the bride in this village, on Tuesday evening, Dec. 29, by Rev. David Magie, Mr. George N. Hicks and Miss L. Sophia Huntington….