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Vital Records Extracted from the Yates County Chronicle

Editor: Stafford C. Cleveland

May - August 1873

1 May 1873

Ebenezer French, an early settler of Middlesex and a soldier of the war of 1812, died in that town April 19, 1873, at the age of eighty-one years.

There was a brilliant wedding at Utica on the 23d of April. Rosa, the daughter of Francis Kernan, was wedded to Thomas McCarthy, son of Dennis McCarthy of Syracuse.

The youngest son of the late Hon. John Magee, who inherited the name of his father, died very suddenly last Friday afternoon, at the residence of his brother at Watkins. He was a young man much beloved…by the only remaining members of the family, Gen. George J. Magee and Mrs. S.S. Ellsworth of this village. He was but twenty-nine years old….

Died in Pulteney on Sunday, April 21st, Isaac Sincerbox, aged 75 years…. —Prattsburgh News

William Johnson, an operative in Easton & Randall’s Flax Mill at Mitchellville, while in the act of putting on a belt, was caught by a rapidly revolving shaft and instantly killed…. Mr. Johnson leaves a small family…. —Democrat

Died at his home in this village, Sunday, April 27, 1873, Col. Gilbert Sherer at the age of seventy-four years. [He] was a native of Wilmington, South Carolina, and was born in 1799. Left an orphan, he became a member of the family of Capt. Reuben Carr, who settled in the present town of Potter (then Middlesex) in 1815…. The parents of Col. Sherer were John Sherer and Elizabeth Fisher his wife. John Sherer had a home in New York and followed a sea-faring life as a coaster, and died at Newark, New Jersey in 1804. His wife had died of yellow fever at Philadelphia in 1801, leaving two children, Margaret and Gilbert. Margaret married Thomas Sharp of Philadelphia and had five daughters. She died in 1846. Gilbert was left with his father’s sister Mary, who married William Duncan and moved to Mt. Pleasant, Pa…. [Gilbert] married first Zamy, daughter of Enoch Bordwell and cousin of Jareb D. and James R. Bordwell of Potter. They had no children and she died in 1865. He married subsequently her sister Minerva Bordwell, who died in 1869. He married in 1870 a third wife, Louisa DeVoe of this village, who survives him. Capt. Reuben Carr, the father of Col. Sherer by adoption, was a native of Rhode Island and the son of Caleb Carr, who also moved to Middlesex somewhat later than his son. Caleb Carr was the father of twenty-two children. Reuben married Lydia Turner at Mount Pleasant, Pa., who died there, leaving three children, one of whom, Lydia, married Stoddard, a son of Enoch Bordwell and the father of Dr. Richard R.C. Bordwell of this town. In 1831 Capt. Carr moved to Freehold, Warren county, Pa., where he died in 1860 at the age of eighty-one….

Joseph Fellows, who was so long the agent of the Pulteney Estate, died at Corning on Tuesday, ninety-one years old….

8 May 1873


J.F. Webber, a well known German of Pleasant Valley, died a few days since. He was the first Superintendent of the celebrated Pleasant Valley Wine Co.

Died in this village on Tuesday, May 6, 1873, Libbie, wife of Frank B. Gifford, and only daughter of Francis Dains, at the age of twenty-five years….

William Diven, an old, well-known and highly respected citizen of the town of Reading in this county, died at his residence in that town on the 27th of April, 1873, at the age of eighty-four years. He was born in Perry county, Pa., in 1789, and came into this part of the country in 1800….He was a half-brother of Gen. A.S. Diven (now residing at Elmira) and a soldier in the war of 1812…. —Watkins Express

15 May 1873

Another of the foremost men of the nation has departed. Salmon P. Chase, Chief Justice of the United States, died of apoplexy in New York last Wednesday morning at the age of sixty-five years….

Oakes Ames, the great organizer of the Credit Mobilier, died at his home, at North Easton, Massachusetts, on Thursday night last, at the age of sixty-nine years….

Mrs. Letitia Ball of this village died on Tuesday at the age of seventy-six.

Among eminent men whose decease has occurred in the past few days is John Stuart Mill, who was one of the noblest of England’s great men of the present age….

22 May 1873

By letter just received by Samuel Hall, Esq., son-in-law of Hon. A.B. Dickinson, the sad news is imparted that he died in the city of Leon, Nicaragua, April 21st, 1873, at the advanced age of seventy-nine. [He] was born in Trumansburg, Tompkins county, in 1801….



Mrs. Phebe Huson, widow of Nathaniel Huson of Starkey, died in Dundee April 27th, 1873, aged eighty-seven years. She was a native of Putnam county, a daughter of Ebenezer Boyd and a sister of Robert Boyd, a former citizen of Benton. She married in 1803 Archibald Crawford, who died in 1835 leaving ten children. In 1836 she became the third wife of Nathaniel Huson who died in 1847.

Maggie S., daughter of John L. Dinturff, Sheriff of Yates county, died on the 14th inst., at the age of fourteen. …

On Saturday evening the 19th inst., there died in Benton at the residence of James Purdy, Barnet Lewis, at the age of nearly ninety-four years. Mr. Lewis was the father of Captain Joseph S. Lewis of Geneva, Mrs. James Purdy of Benton, and Mrs. Dr. John L. Cleveland of Geneva. He was a native of Westchester county, whence he moved to Madison county, where he resided during the war of 1812, of which he was a soldier, and until 1837. Since that period he has resided in Benton. …

Mrs. Mary A. Arnold, widow of Deacon Alfred Arnold, formerly of Milo, died at Canandaigua on Friday the 15th inst., aged seventy-five years. Mrs. Arnold was born in 1798, and was a daughter of Samuel Castner. Her mother, Mary M. Wagener, was a daughter of David Wagener, the pioneer of the Friends’ Society…. He died in 1865. They had five children, none of whom remain in Yates county…. She was buried by the side of her husband in the Penn Yan Cemetery. Mrs. Ann M. Hunt, widow of Russel A. Hunt is now, since the death of Mrs. Arnold, the only living member of the family of Samuel Castner. She resides with her only child, Mrs. J. Welles Taylor, at Himrods.

Died at Fitchville, Ohio, April 30th, 1873, Mrs. Tacey Sutherland, widow of Elder Simon Sutherland, at the age of nearly ninety-one years. [She] was born in Dutchess county July 24th, 1782, and was the daughter of Pazzi Lapham, who was the grandfather of Ludlow E. and John H. Lapham of this village. At the age of seventeen, in 1799, she married Simon Sutherland, who was then twenty years old. They moved into what is now Milo in 1803… She was buried by the side of her husband in the cemetery of the second Milo Baptist Church.

Mrs. Charlotte Randel, wife of John Randel of Hammondsport, passed quietly away in the evening of her life, to the land of Immortal Morning, on Sunday, April 11, 1873, her age being 73 years….. Mrs. Randel was the mother of Mrs. Eli McConnell of this village.

We are pained to learn that Augustus A. Chidsey, formerly of this town, died at his home in Detroit on Saturday the 17th inst., after a brief illness. …. During the war he served three years in the 33d Regiment of New York State Volunteers and was a good and faithful soldier. Subsequently he married Helen Buell of Jerusalem, and moved to Detroit…. [He] was a son of Ambrose Chidsey and Myra Lewis his wife, who lived and died in Milo. His grandfather Augustus Chidsey was an early, worthy and prominent citizen who resided on the place now owned and occupied by Abraham W. Shearman. Augustus Chidsey the elder was the father of Mrs. Dr. William Cornwell. The grandfather…on his mother’s side was George Lewis, the father of Henry Lewis, Esq., of Barrington, and Mrs. Francis Dains of this village. George Lewis was a printer who resided in this village from 1825 to 1839, and published for a short time a paper called the Liberalist….

29 May 1873

The Dundee Record chronicles the decease at Crystal Spring on the 13th inst of Mrs. Polly O’Niel at the age of seventy-three. Her husband Dennis O’Niel was long an industrious blacksmith at Dundee, at which place they lived from 1818 to 1863, when he died.

Died in Penn Yan on Thursday, May 22, 1873, John M. Glann, at the age of seventy-four years. Mr. Glann had been a resident of Penn Yan one year. He had long resided in the town of Seneca, where he owned a farm at the time of his death.

Died at his home in Milo, on Friday May 23, 1873, Henry Hunt, aged seventy-five years. In the death of Mr. Hunt, there departs one of the prominent links which connect our day with the early history of Yates county….

5 June 1873



Deacon Daniel Osmun of Rock Stream in the town of Starkey, died May 20th of typhoid pneumonia, at the age of fifty-two years. He was a prominent member of the Baptist Church and a useful and estimable citizen.

The card below comes from Geneva:
“Evans Stainton Parker, May 26, 1873, weight 7 ½ pounds. Greetings of Mr. and Mrs. S.H. Parker.”
We congratulate Mr. and Mrs. S.H. Parker. May their latest born live to bestow great glory on the family name.

Middlesex. — Miss Katie Miles, a daughter of Mr. Mather and Mrs. Jane Miles, died on the 23d inst. —aged 28 years. The funeral service was held in the M.E. Church, Overackers Corners, by Rev. Mr. Smith; there was an unusual large number of mourners, as well as friends present.

Died in Brooklyn on Sunday, June 1, 1873, of cerebral apoplexy at the residence of his father, Erastus Bulkley, Reginald W. Bulkley, in the fortieth year of his age. Mr. Bulkley was a brother-in-law of Messrs. John and Edward C. Wilkinson of this village, their youngest sister being his wife. His body was brought here for burial and was deposited in the Penn Yan Cemetery yesterday morning.

Died at the residence of her son, Francis M. Stevens near this village, on Saturday May 31, 1873, Mrs. Abigail M. Stevens, widow of the late Oliver Stevens, at the age of seventy-three years. [She] was a daughter of Jonathan Hall, and was born in Taunton, Massachusetts, March 7, 1800. She was closely related to the family of Halls that settled very early in Potter, on the border of West Benton. Her father’s family moved to Oneida county when she was a child, and she was married in 1820. Mr. Stevens belonged to a leading family on Onondaga county, and was a cousin of Hon. Daniel S. Dickinson…. Ten of their eleven children survive their parents, all are married…. The oldest of the children is the wife of James A. Royce. …

Died in Rushville, May 22d, 1873, Mrs. Harriet Green, widow of Ira Green…aged 77 years, 8 months and 4 days. She was the daughter of Nathan and Polly Webb, and was born in Westmoreland, N.Y., Sept. 18th, 1795, and came with her parents to this vicinity 75 years ago; they settled on the farm now owned by Miner Loomis about one mile south of this village. She was married to Ira Green of Jerusalem, March 4th, 1873 [sic]. Mr. Green died in July 1850; a brother and sister and adopted son survive her. The brother and sister — Dr. Nathan Webb and Mrs. Mary Cady — reside in Ypsilanti, Mich…. —Naples Record

12 June 1873

Died in Dundee on the 25 ult., of Bright’s Disease of the Kidneys and derangement of the heart, Jordan D. Lord, aged 49 years. He was the father of Chas. S. Lord of the firm of McLean & Co., and had resided here but a few months. —Dundee Record

19 June 1873



George Dunn, aged seven years, son of Andrew J. Dunn, was drowned in the canal near the plaster mill last Friday. His body was not recovered until Saturday morning.

26 June 1873

Lewis Tappan, one of the Anti-Slavery leaders of thirty years ago, died in Brooklyn last Saturday at the age of nearly ninety-six years.

The Naples Record announces the death at Chicago, June 8th, of Morgan Loomis, formerly of Rushville, at the age of fifty-six years.

3 July 1873

Jesse R. Grant, father of the President, died at Covington, Kentucky on Sunday last, at the age of seventy-nine years.

Died at the residence of George W. Davis in Jerusalem, January 18, 1873, Rachel Ingraham, aged 91 years, 8 months and 2 days. [She] was born in the State of Connecticut in the year 1781, and while but eight years of age her father Eleazer Ingraham who married Lydia Gutheridge, came to the country of the “New Jerusalem” about the time of the advent of Jemima Wilkinson. The family of Eleazer and Lydia Ingraham consisted of four sons and five daughters, whose names were Daniel, Philo, Eleazer, John, Abigail, Lydia, Rachel, Patience and Menty….
                                    WANDERER  Jerusalem, June 27, 1873

Mr. Seigler, a citizen of Gorham, blew his brains out with a gun last Sunday forenoon. He was sixty years old and regarded as of unsound mind.

Hiram Powers, the great American sculptor died in Florence last week, sixty-eight years old. He was a true artist, and some of his works are reckoned equal to those of the great masters.

Died at his home in Starkey, on Sunday, June 29, 1873, James M. Reeder, at the age of sixty-two years…. He was born in 1811, and was a native of the place where he died. His father, Stephen Reeder, settled there in 1810. He was originally from Orange county. The place was for many years known as Reeder’s Corners. Stephen Reeder erected a tavern there in 1818, and kept it ten years. He died in 1830, aged fifty-seven, and his wife in 1834, aged fifty-six. Of their children, Adaline was the wife of Joseph B. Gano. Sylvester married Alletta Pruden, and died in 1834. Amy married Jabez Beers, and they are the parents of several children residing in Wisconsin. Susan married George W. VanAllen. They resided many years in Starkey and moved thence to Iona, Michigan. James M. Reeder retained the homestead of his father on which he has always resided. He married Angeline Adams, adopted daughter and niece of Benjamin Cheever…. His son George A. Reeder married Cornelia Koon, and is an enterprising farmer at Rock Stream. A daughter Maria, borne in 1838, died at twenty-one. James H., Lyman and Lucy remain at the paternal home. Sarah, a sister of Stephen Reeder, was the wife of Joshua Tuthill, the father of Benjamin and Charles G. Tuthill, and grandfather of Henry and E. Darwin Tuthill.

10 July 1873

Hezekiah Chapin, a printer of former days, died in Geneva June 27, 1873, nearly seventy-eight years old. He was born in Sangerfield, Oneida county in 1795, learned his trade in Utica, served as a soldier of the war of 1812; and afterwards worked as a journeyman printer in Albany…. He lived for some years with a daughter at Dresden.

Died at Pontiac, Michigan, Nov. 7th, 1872, Amos Gaylord, at the age of eighty-five years…. [He] was born August 11, 1787, in Bristol, Hartford county, Connecticut. In 1801, at fourteen years of age, he started from his Connecticut home with four shillings in his pocket and traveled alone and on foot to Hector, now Schuyler county, where a sister of his then resided. After living there three or four years he went to Aurora, Cayuga county, and lived with a brother for some time. In 1813, he married Sally Chapman, daughter of Josiah Chapman of Ovid. They made their residence on the [    ] side of the Lake in 1817, living first one year where Herman S. Barnes now resides in Torrey, and the next season 1818 bought the farm now owned by Mrs. Clarissa Swarthout, widow of Chapman Swarthout. In 1830 they moved on the ridge adjoining Heman Chapman, and in 1841 bought the place adjoining Caleb J. Legg on the north, and lived there till 1854, when he sold out and moved to Michigan. Mrs. Gaylord died in 1859 at the age of sixty-four. They had four children, a daughter that died an infant, and Josiah, William P. and Sarah Adaline. The latter died at twenty in 1849. Josiah, born in 1817, married in 1844 Matilda, daughter of William Seeley of Ovid. They moved to Michigan and have resided many years at Pontiac. Of their five daughters, Sarah K. died at about fifteen, Minnie at four or five, Ella C. is married, and Ada and Carrie are single. William P. Gaylord, born in 1820, married in 1846, Hannah V., daughter of Deacon Silas Lacey. They reside in this village and he is an insurance agent…. [Amos Gaylord’s] body was entombed in the Mount Pleasant cemetery in Benton, near the location of the old church which his own hands helped erect.

17 July 1873

Dr. K. Niles of Prattsburg died July 4th; his age was seventy-seven years.

The Democrat last week announced the death of Prof. Robert Daniel at South Devon, England, on the 17th of June. He was a noted frequenter of Lake Keuka, a body of water which he greatly admired. He was a native of Dumfries, Scotland. His age is not stated.

Mrs. Caroline Johnson, widow of Stephen Johnson, died at her home on West Italy Hill on Wednesday, July 9, 1873, at the age of eighty-two years. She and her husband made their home on that elevated land at a very early period in the settlement of the town of Italy, it is believed in the year 1819. On the assessment roll of Italy for 1820 he is assessed for eighty acres of land, which was on lot 11 of Chapman’s survey…. He died some ten years ago, an aged man….

On the 14th instant, a boat containing eight persons was capsized in a squall off Sodus Point. R. Sweeting of Williamson, and Fred. Brown and wife of Marion, were drowned. The survivors M.B. Sweeting, Emily Sweeting, Carrie Sweeting, Ezekiel Cooper and Ella Ford of Williamson were in the water two hours until they drifted ashore. Sweeting’s body was recovered.

24 July 1873


Sarah Caton, a daughter of John Caton, formerly of Dundee, died in Rochester July 9th, twenty-six years of age.

Elisha H. Thomas, an aged citizen of Catlin, Chemung county, committed suicide on the 12th inst. He had formerly been a merchant of extended business at Havana, and was upwards of sixty years old.

Died at his residence in Potter on Friday morning, July 25, 1873, Henry Husted, Esq., aged seventy-six years. [He] was a native of Pine Plains, Dutchess county, and came from thence to this county some forty years ago, and was for a time associated with his brother-in-law, Samuel Stevens, in mercantile business at Penn Yan. About 1834 or 35 he married Susan P., daughter of the late Richard M. Williams of Potter, and soon after settled on a farm at Potter Center, his premises covering most of the plot of the village, and which he purchased of that early settler and long resident of the town, Enoch Bordwell, Esq., and where he has since continued to reside and is the home of his family. The farm is one of the earliest settled in the town, and I think has never had but three owners, Samuel Wyman, first purchasing it from the Potters, but very soon exchanged with Esq. Bordwell…. [Henry Husted] leaves his widow and four daughters and one son.

A large and happy party of excursionists left Penn Yan on the steamer Yates last Friday evening for a trip to Grove Spring…. James Ralph Norris, son of James B. Norris of this village was one of the party, a member of the Cornet Band…. The young man was cautioned not to draw the water by Rufus Scofield…but he said he could do it without difficulty…. As he held to the rope to which the pail was attached, the rapid motion of the boat drew him overboard…. The intense grief of the parents and sisters of the young man drowned can be better imagined than related…. Ralph was nearly twenty-four years old….

Died in Gorham, July 14th, 1873, Mr. Benjamin Washburn, aged 84 years and 8 months. Mr. Washburn was married to Miss Lovina Wooden in Herkimer Co. in 1812, came to Gorham in 1816, and settled on the farm where he resided at the time of his death. There were six brothers of the Washburn family that came to Gorham about that time, and only one survives — Mr. Joshua Washburn. In 1815, Mr. Washburn had a limb amputated just below the knee and wore a wooden one afterwards. He leaves a wife — 81 years old with whom he had lived 61 years; also seven children. —Naples Record

We regret to learn that Rev. T.F. Wardwell died yesterday after a brief illness at his home in Torrey. Mr. Wardwell was a most amiable and worthy citizen, and his loss will be keenly felt by his friends and those who best knew him….

Died very suddenly of apoplexy, at his residence in this village on Friday afternoon, July 25, 1873, Dr. Fletcher M. Hammond, at the age of fifty-nine years. …[He] became a resident of this village in 1843, and consequently had lived and practiced his profession here thirty years…. He was a native of Steuben county, and one of the five sons of Judge Lazarus Hammond, who settled at the head of Lake Keuka about the commencement of the present century….

7 August 1873

Col. Llewellyn Jones, brother of E.B. Jones, Esq., of this village, died in Paris July 17, 1873.

Mr. Rensselaer Houck was killed at Keuka landing on Tuesday. While engaged in rafting logs a heavy one rolled over and crushed him. He was a farmer and a respected citizen.

We have to announce this week with deep regret and heartfelt sympathy, the sad bereavement of the much lamented and affectionate daughter of Mr. Michael Regan of Jerusalem…. Miss Mary Ann Regan, whose late demise took place at her father’s residence, was consigned to the darkness of the tomb on the 19th of July, at the early age of eighteen years and five months….

Died at the house of his son in Tyrone, on the 24th inst., of dropsy, Mr. Russell Boardman, in the 77th year of his age. We think he was born in Ovid, now Covert, Seneca county, and when a young man came to Barrington in this county, where we found him and made his acquaintance 33 years ago, where he remained till his children were married, and the wife of his youth was called from life, when he disposed of his property here and went West, to or near LaCrosse, Wis., to live with or among his children, occasionally visiting this section and for several of the last months of his existence he has been here, and here he yielded up his life, and his remains were laid beside those of his wife…. —Dundee Record

Died in this village on the 24th inst., of a complication of disease, Mr. Moses B. Headley, aged 67 years. He was a native of Sussex, Co., N.J., where he spent his boyhood days, and in 1821 or 2 came to what was then Milo (now Torrey)…with his parents, where he remained until some nine years ago, when he sold his property in Torrey and purchased a farm in Barrington near this village…. He leaves a wife and six children, three sons and three daughters…. His remains were taken to City Hill for interment…. —Dundee Record

Wm. Case died in this village on Thursday, July 24th, 1873, aged 74 years and 11 months. He was born in Mass. Aug. 17th, 1798, and was a son of the late Jonathan Case at Bristol, Ontario Co. His parents came to Bristol when he was about 2 years old. He was the fourth child of a family of fourteen children—ten sons and four daughters, nine of whom are still living. In 1821 he was married to Miss Eliza Castle of Canandaigua, and lived in Bristol until 1855, when he came to reside in Rushville. He leaves a wife and five children to mourn his loss—Chas. R. Case and Mrs. Oscar N. Fisher of West Bloomfield, and M.L. and E.F. Case and Mrs. Pomeroy of this village…. —Naples Record

21 August 1873

On Wednesday last, among the guests at the International in Geneva arriving that day, was Mr. Alfred Goodwin of North Hector, proprietor of the hotel, dock property, camp ground and ferry on Seneca lake…. At 11 o’clock last night [he] breathed his last. Mr. Goodwin was in the 71st year of his age. —Geneva Gazette, Aug. 15th.

Alfred Goodwin was a son of John Goodwin a native of Pennsylvania who came at an early period with his father Richard Goodwin to Goodwin’s Point on Seneca Lake. There John Goodwin married Jane, daughter of Isaac Smith…. In 1807 they moved to what has since been known as Goodwin’s Point on the west side of Seneca lake….



Our congratulations are tendered to the happy parties who auspicious matrimonial venture is briefly recorded as inaugurated July 28th; their names Charles C. Hazen and Julia H. Mills. May their happiness be perennial.

Died at the Water Cure, Geneva, Ontario county, on Sunday morning August 17, 1873, Mrs. Sarah E. Thayer, relict of the late Hiram P. Thayer, Esq., of Buffalo. [She] was the youngest daughter of Zebulon and Elizabeth Williams, long residents of Palmyra, Wayne county, where they both died…. [She] was born at Romulus, July 31, 1812, and was an infant when her parents came to Benton…. Her remains were taken to Palmyra for burial…. W.

Died at her home in Milo on Monday, August 18, 1873, Mrs. Sarah Armstrong, wife of John Armstrong, at the age of seventy-four years. [She] was a daughter of Rowland Embree, one of the pioneers of what is now Torrey, having settled there in 1806. She was born at Stillwater, N.Y. in 1799 and married in 1822. Her married life has, therefore, extended over more than half a century, and during that time their home has been on the same premises, the east part of lot twelve, of township seven in the first range. The land was purchased in 1793 by James Armstrong the father of John Armstrong, but remained unimproved until the son married and settled thereon. They were people of well-ordered lives, and have been blessed with two children, both of whom have died leaving descendants. Their daughter Mary A., born in 1823, was the wife of the late James Lawrence, and died in 1858, leaving three daughters. Their son Henry Armstrong, born in 1824, was twice married and died January 10, 1872, leaving three sons and a daughter….

Mrs. Susan Robinson, widow of James C. Robinson, once postmaster at Penn Yan, died at the residence of her son-in-law, E.H. Goodrich, in Milwaukee on the 10th inst. —Democrat

A little child of Geo. Wiggins, aged about three years, was drowned near Lodi Landing on Sunday evening August 10, by falling into an open spring. We are without further particulars. —Geneva Gazette

The venerable Elijah Craft of Riker Hollow died on Wednesday of this week, aged 88 years…. —Naples Record

Died in Tyrone on the 6th inst., of fever, Mr. James W. Bigelow, in the 74th year of his age. He was born in Washington county, Feb. 25, 1800 and came from there with his father in 1805 to near Ithaca, where he remained until 1812, when his family came to this town and settled on the farm now owned by Mr. David Hays. They subsequently removed to Tyrone and here, in or about 1824, he was married to Miss Leah Van Gorden, daughter of the late Isaac Van Gorden…. He was a son of Elder Bigelow a Baptist minister…. He saw Dundee a pitch pine plain surrounded by swamps. He saw it as it is. What a change in half a century. —Dundee Record

28 August 1873