[Vital records] [Extracts]

Vital Records Extracted from the Yates County Chronicle

Editor: Stafford C. Cleveland

May - August 1871

4 May 1871

James M. Mason of Virginia, one of the Confederate Commissioners captured and released by the U.S. Government, died a few days ago. He was 73 years old, and a thorough rebel.

On Tuesday afternoon, about four o’clock, Undersheriff Joseph Thayer, while on the sidewalk near the store of Jones & Lown, was stricken down by paralysis…. He was in the sixty-third year of his age, and was the second son of Simeon Thayer, Sr., who settled in this town in 1810. —Of a family of ten brothers and three sisters, his was the first death. … He married Samantha, daughter of Joshua Bayard of Milo, who survives him. They had one son, Joseph J. Thayer, who has recently been employed as clerk at the Benham House….



Mr. Benjamin Leonard, an aged and respected citizen of the village of Ovid died quite suddenly on Monday morning last, aged 77 years.

11 May 1871

Mrs. Fanny Davis, wife of Orlando Davis, died April 28th, 1871, at the residence of her son-in-law, Charles D. Davis, of the town of Milo, aged 86 years. Mrs. Davis was born in Columbia county. Her maiden name was Davenport, and she was a sister of Col. Davenport of Bath…. When about eighteen years of age Mrs. Davis moved with her father to Chemung county, and soon afterwards was married to Leonard Adsitt. Subsequently her husband died leaving five children, four sons and one daughter. She afterwards married Orlando Davis, by whom she had three sons, Chas. D., John, of Hammondsport, and George, who died while young….

We record this week the decease of Mrs. Harriet Hazard, mother of Mrs. Dudley W. Dox…. Her mother was Sarah, youngest daughter of Judge William Potter…. Her husband, Dr. Brinton W. Hazard, was a son of Alice Potter, an older daughter of Judge William, whose husband was Geo. Hazard. He died in Rhode Island and Alice, who was an ardent Friend, came along on horseback through the wilderness….

Died, on Sunday evening, the 7th inst., at Hopeton, the residence of her son-in-law Dudley W. Dox of Torrey, Mrs. Harriet Hazard, relict of the late Dr. Brenton W. Hazard, and daughter of the late George Brown of Jerusalem in this county, aged 63 years…. Her only brother, the late John H. Brown, after having settled in life to business, died in early manhood more than twenty years ago. Her only sister, Mrs. Perry, relict of the late Major Jonathan Perry, survives her, and lives with her family at Long Point on Seneca lake….

Hannah, wife of James McAuley, and only daughter of Elisha Wolcott, died in Barrington, Jan. 9, 1871, aged 70 years, 4 months and 14 days. She was married to Dr. Mason Laman, who…fell a victim to pulmonary consumption, leaving her with an only daughter. She subsequently married James McAuley, with whom she lived over forty years…. A. G. LAMAN.

Barrington, Feb. 27, 1871

18 May 1871

Died at Galesburgh, Ill., on the 10th inst., Mrs. Kate Ludlow Tunnicliff, wife of J.J. Tunnicliff, Attorney and Counselor at Law, formerly of this village, aged 25 years. … Catharine Ludlow Tunnicliff was born at Cincinnati, Ohio, and was the daughter of John A. and Louisa D. Burrows. Mr. B. was a leading merchant of that city for many years. She was descended from the oldest families of Cincinnati and the West. The Ludlows, the Chambers of Chambersburg, Pa., the Dudleys of Lexington, Ky., and she counted among her kindred, by consanguinity or marriage, Judge John McLean of Ohio, and the family of Chief Justice Chase, of the same state. …

Mr. Nelson Barker died at his residence in this village on Friday night last, and was buried on Sunday. He was known far and wide as “Nub” Barker—a rough-hewn, warm-hearted man…his age was 56 years—Bath Courier. Mr. Barker was a product of Italy, in this county. His real age, we understand, was upwards of sixty….

Died in this village on Thursday the 11th inst., George P. Monell, at the age of 51 years. Mr. Monell has long been a resident of this town, and well known to the people. He was born in Greene, Chenango Co., and was a son of Judge Robert Monell, an eminent jurist under the Constitution of 1821. He married Henrietta, the youngest of the children of the late Abraham Wagener, Esq., and has since been a citizen of this town…. His residence for a few years past has been on a farm in South Milo, and recently in this village….


25 May 1871

Died in Barrington on Friday morning, May 19, 1871, Mrs. Sally McConnell, mother of Mr. Eli McConnell, Editor of the Penn Yan Democrat, aged seventy-one years. She had been thirty-five years an earnest and faithful member of the Baptist Church, and was buried at Wayne, where Rev. Alonzo W. Sunderlin preached the funeral discourse. Her husband died in 1864.

Died in Jerusalem on Tuesday, May 23, 1871, Nathan G. Benedict, at the age of eighty-two years. …His wife was Polly Florence, of the town of Seneca. She died in 1867, at the age of seventy. They lived first in Reading, and eleven years in Troupsburgh, Steuben Co. In 1826 they bought out Jonathan Welden, on lot 24 of the Green Tract, where the family still reside. They had nine children. Ezra Benedict, their oldest son, was a school teacher at sixteen, and was twenty-one years a teacher in the Buffalo public schools, where he was very highly esteemed. Nathan G. Benedict, Jr., is also a teacher of celebrity in the public schools of Buffalo, where he has served many years.

Married at Evans, Colorado, May 8, 1871, by Rev. G.H. Adams, Mr. Edward P. Hoose, Station Agent D.P.R.R., and Miss Charity A. Bishop, of Penn Yan….

1 June 1871

Two aged men died within the past week in the town of Jerusalem. One was Simeon Dains, who was born in 1792. He was the youngest son of Castle Dains, one of the pioneers of the Friends’ Society and must have been one of the first born in the New Jerusalem. He was a resident of Branchport where he had lived many years. Another was Thomas Benedict, who was born in Orange County in 1785, and was therefore eighty-six years old. He came to this country in 1816 with two brothers, Wallace and Daniel. His wife, Mary Mead, died in 1852 at the age of sixty-two. Their daughter Hannah is the wife of Mr. James Miller….

Died at the Willard Asylum on Monday, May 29th, 1871, Nelson Ball, only brother of Sherwood S. Ball of this village, at the age of fifty-six years. He was a native of the town of Pulteney…. He married first a daughter of Widow Pinkerton in Pulteney, and had a second, a wife of Experience H. Benton (widow Hotchkin). There are several children by both marriages. One son was killed in the Union service during the rebellion. The body of Mr. Ball is taken to Pulteney for burial. We published a notice of his father’s decease a short time ago at the advanced age of eighty-two years, and his mother survives at eighty-one….

Mr. Thomas Hyatt of Pulteney died at his residence on Sunday morning last of inflammation of the bowels, aged 38 years. He had been sick but four days… [He] leaves a wife but no children….


8 June 1871

Died in Benton on Tuesday, May 30, 1871, Betsy Barden, oldest daughter of Otis Barden and Elizabeth Parker his wife, aged seventy-seven years, five months and fourteen days. The subject of this notice was born Dec. 16, 1793. Her cousin Thomas Barden, son of Thomas Barden and Olive Benton his wife, was the first born child at Bellona. Her birth was a few months later…. The grandfather of Betsy Barden was James Parker, a man of note and influence in his day…. The oldest of a large family of brothers and sisters, she remained unmarried and became in a large degree a second mother to them and their children…. She was born, lived and died on the farm where Otis Barden made his home in the wilderness…. She was buried in the family cemetery, where her burial was ceded by that of Otis Ryal, her soldier nephew, to whom she was tenderly attached; and where Otis Barden and his wife and several of their children and grandchildren repose; where also James Parker was laid to rest in 1829.

About four o’clock on Sunday afternoon last, Alonzo L. Deyo of Naples, while engaged with the choir of the Christian church of that place…suddenly arose from his seat, fell back and expired….

John Swarts of Barrington was kicked by a horse on Saturday, the 29th of May, and died the following Thursday. He has long been a resident of Barrington, and leaves a large family to mourn his loss. Although sixty-two years old, he was much younger in appearance, and but for this accident might have lived many years.

Died in Barrington, June 8th, of heart disease, George J. Lazear, aged 45 years, 11 months and 19 days. He was born in Warwick, Orange county, in 1825, and there married Mary Van Duzer in 1850, and settled in Barrington, where they have since resided…. [He] leaves behind a grief-stricken wife and two sad-hearted children, Mary Emma and Hattie B….

The Waterloo Observer announces the death of Gen. Z. A. Disbrow, one of the prominent veterans of 1812. He died on Monday, May 29th at the age of seventy-seven.

Died, at the home of her parents in Benton, on Sunday, May 28, Sarah Elizabeth Harford, daughter of Enos T. Harford, at the age of forty-two years. Miss Harford was well known in Penn Yan as an industrious and skillful seamstress. She was in all respects a worthy and estimable woman.

We made mention last week of the decease of Mr. Thomas Benedict, who is not dead, we are glad to say, but likely to live some time yet, though eighty-five years old. We hope he may reach a century. Our informant, who was entirely truthful, had Mr. Benedict’s name confounded with that of Nathan G. Benedict of West Jerusalem, whose decease we noticed the week before.


15 June 1871

Last night about 11 o’clock, Mr. Charles F. Dickinson, editor and proprietor of the Olean Times, breathed his last…. [His great grandfather] John Dickinson was born in Connecticut…. He was a Revolutionary soldier under Major Drinkwater, and personally saw general Washington many times in the course of that long struggle. He died in Connecticut, and his son Nathan, Sen., married Prudence Drinkwater, a daughter of Major Drinkwater of Revolutionary fame. He moved with his family in 1808 to New York City where he resided until 1810, when he moved to Nyack Village, Rockland Co., where he resided until 1812, when at the outbreak of the war he returned to New York City as a volunteer in the United States service, in which he was engaged for five years. His children were Nathan, Archibald, Russell, Robert, Sally, Julia and Matilda. His eldest son, Nathan, father of Charles F., accompanied his father in the war as a cartridge manufacturer in the Albany Arsenal which in 1814 blew up, killing three and wounding seven, in which Nathan Jr., and his brother Archibald, both were lads, were severely wounded. In 1818 Nathan Sr. with three of his sons started on foot for the Genesee country. They first settled in the village of Orleans…then moved to Port Bay near Lake Ontario, then to Lockport, where he died in 1832 at the age of 78. His son Nathan Jr., born in 1802 at the City of New York, …bound out…as an apprentice to the tanner, currier and shoemaker trade in the town of Benton, county of Ontario, in what is now the village of Bellona, Yates county. –Miles A. Davis

One day the latter part of last week a man was run over on the railway between Starkey Station and Rock Stream, and his body was badly mutilated. It was thought by some that the man was dead before the train passed over him.

The death of Charles F. Dickinson is sad news to many friends and acquaintances in Yates county, and especially in Branchport, where Mr. Dickinson was long a resident…. His bereaved wife and children have the warm sympathy of their old friends….

Died in Woodhull, Steuben Co., on Tuesday June 6th, 1871, Mrs. Mary C. Boyd, wife of David M. Boyd, aged thirty-one years and twenty-two days. Mrs. Boyd was a daughter of Russel R. Fargo, Esq., of Pulteney…. She was a native of Penn Yan and has many relatives in Yates county.

John W. Hyatt, aged seventy-seven, and his wife, aged seventy one, died at Horseheads recently. A week intervened between their deaths. They resided for many years in Starkey, Yates county.


22 June 1871

Died at the residence of Charles G. Judd, Esq., in this village, on Friday, June 16th, 1871, Rev. Charles Goodrich, in the ninety-fourth year of his age. Mr. Goodrich was born at Pittsfield, Mass., April 22, 1778…. Since 1852 he has lived in the family of his daughter, Mrs. Charles G. Judd, of this village. He was the father of eight children….

Died in Jerusalem at the residence of her son-in-law, Amos Genung, on Tuesday, June 20, 1871, Mrs. Aurelia Botsford, relict of Elnathan Botsford, Jr., at the age of ninety years and nearly six months. Mrs. Botsford was the oldest of the three children of Asahel Stone, Sr., and was born at New Milford, Conn., in Jan., 1781. …. Mrs. Botsford’s sister Mary married Dr. Nathan L. Kidder of Benton, and still lives a widow at the age of eighty-nine. Her brother Asahel Stone Jr., was a prominent citizen of Jerusalem and Italy many years and moved finally to Athena, Mich., where he died leaving three children.

The man who was run over on the railroad near Rock Stream a few days ago was John Cliff, a former resident of Jerusalem.

Perry Archer, a son of Hon. Orson Archer, was killed by lightning at Palmyra, Wayne Co., on Saturday, June 10. He was standing in the door of a house. His uncle, standing near, was knocked down and somewhat injured.

Edwin Croswell, former editor of the Albany Argus, and a man of great political power and influence in the nation, died at Princeton, N.J., on Tuesday the 9th inst. He was born in Catskill village in 1795, and was therefore 76 years old. Thurlow Weed, who was his great antagonist in political life, was born in the same village, and is about the same age.


29 June 1871

6 July 1871

Married at the residence of the bride’s father in Fitchburg, Mass., June 28, 1871, by Rev. George Trask, assisted by Rev. Leverett Spring, Lewis B. Powell of Scranton, Pa., and Ruth Q. Trask, daughter of the officiating clergyman….

Married in Greeley, [Colorado,] June 21st, 1871, at the residence of the bride’s parents, by the Rev. S. M. Brown, Mr. Frank M. Babcock and Miss Gussie Nichols, both of Greeley….—Rocky Mountain News

13 July 1871

Died at the residence of John Comstock in Jerusalem, on Tuesday July 4, 1871, Preston P. Wilkinson, at the age of seventy-seven years and eight months. He was a native of Rhode Island, and a son of Stephen Wilkinson, a brother of the Friend. Stephen Wilkinson came to this country at an early period with the emigration of Friends, and established a nursery near the residence of the Friend now standing in Torrey. That was no doubt the first fruit nursery in this county. He soon after returned to Rhode Island and came back in 1805 and sold his nursery. He then married for his second wife Lucy, daughter of Elnathan Botsford, Sr., and removed to Covington, Genesee Co., (now Wyoming) where he became a large landholder and a wealthy citizen. All his children were born of his first marriage, and Preston P. Wilkinson was the oldest of the family. … Since 1857 he has resided in Jerusalem, during the last four or five years with the Comstock family, and for two or more with John Comstock…. The deceased has two brothers living, Rufus Wilkinson in Missouri, and Lewis Wilkinson in Indiana.

Died of cancer at Rochester, on Thursday, July 6th, 1871, Mrs. Elizabeth Stevens, wife of Horatio W. Stevens, aged forty-six years. Mrs. Stevens was a native and former resident of this town and a sister of Theodore Bogart.

John Sloan, Esq., received a telegram yesterday announcing the death of his son William V.R. Sloan on Tuesday the 11th inst., at Carbondale, Pa. The deceased was forty-three years old, and leaves a widow and one daughter. He was a native of Geneva and a former resident of this town…. Mr. Sloan’s only remaining son is Dr. A.B. Sloan of Bellona.

Died at Green Valley, Sonoma Co., California, on the 28th day of May, 1871, George Barden Wheeler, eldest son of Samuel and Harriet Barden Wheeler, aged 42. The subject of this notice was born in Seneca, Ontario Co., on March 13, 1829, and emigrated first to Michigan, and from thence to California, and settled in Green Valley, where he died, leaving a widow and two surviving children. His father is a brother of Henry C. and Ephraim Wheeler, and was born in Benton, Ontario Co., March 12, 1801. His mother, also a native of that county, born December 30, 1803, is the only surviving child of James Barden and Olive Wolcott his wife. His parents now live in Green Valley. They were married in Ontario county by Dr. Erastus B. Woodworth, October 24, 1824. Their children are Sarah Ann, George Barden, Mary and Erastus Wolcott….

Died at the residence of her son, Judge O. Riley, Jr., in the town of Pulteney, Saturday, July 1st, 1871, Mrs. Rhoda Riley, relict of the late Owen Riley, Sr., who died two years since, at the advanced age of 91. Mrs. Riley’s age was 86.—Prattsburgh Adv.

20 July 1871

Thomas Lincoln, commonly known as Tad Lincoln, the youngest son of President Lincoln, died of dropsy of the heart at Chicago last Friday, at the age of eighteen years.

Mr. William Minor died of consumption in Jerusalem, July 5th. He was a worthy citizen, residing near Yatesville.

Thomas B. Sears, an aged resident of Hector, Schuyler Co., died June 28th at the age of eighty-two years. He was one of the pioneers of the town, and a member of the Constitutional Convention of 1846.

Died at the residence of his father on Liberty Street, July 17, 1871, Mr. John M. Munger, of consumption. …

Prof. Horace Webster, L.L.D., died at his residence in Geneva on the 11th inst. He was an early professor in Geneva College, occupying the chair of mathematics, which he resigned about twenty years ago. He was subsequently for many years President of the New York Free Academy.

Rev. William Snow, widely known as one of the fathers of Methodism in Western New York, died a few days ago at Geneva, at the age of eighty-eight years. He assisted in the organization of the Genesee Conference in 1803, in a barn in the village of Lyons. He was the first Methodist preacher that ever preached in Geneva, and the last of the band that organized the Geneva Conference.

27 July 1871

John Reese, a soldier, was buried in the Catholic Cemetery last Sunday. Post Sloan and the Friendly Sons of St. Patrick turned out in full force to honor the funeral rites of their brother. —Father McGowan delivered an eloquent and appropriate discourse. The departed soldier was a German by birth, and died of consumption.

Died, at Republic, Seneca Co., Ohio, July 8th, 1871, John C. Fremont, son of Dr. P.O. Eastman, formerly of Milo, Yates county. He was the youngest of ten children, and the last surviving one except a daughter sixteen years old. He was born in Republic, Ohio, Nov. 21st, 1856, and his mother died before he was thirteen months old….

We cut the following from the Randolph Weekly Register of April 13th, 1871: Mr. Shattuck will be readily recognized by many of our oldest citizens as an early resident of Penn Yan, and we think the first to open a Law Office in our village. His residence was on the premises now occupied by B.W. Franklin, Esq., at the head of Main St., where then was Penn Yan.
Another Christian patriot gone to his rest. Wm. Shattuck, Esq., of Coldspring, Cattaraugus county and State of New York, departed this life March the 14th, 1871, in the 87th year of his age. —The place of birth, Guilford, Vermont. At the age of nine years he emigrated with his father to Seneca county, N.Y., then a new country… He volunteered as a private soldier in the war of 1812…. In 1842 he removed from Warren Co., Pa. to Randolph in Catt. Co…. He was thrice married and leaves a numerous family

David Finger, an aged resident of this town, died on Monday at the age of eighty-one years.

Died on the 11th inst., at Iona, Michigan, Mr. Edmund Van Doren, aged 88 years. He was, for the most part of his life, a resident of Pulteney and Prattsburg….

10 August 1871

Died at Plainfield, N.J. on Friday, August 4th, Agnes O. Oliver, wife of Rev. Edmund Embury and daughter of the late Hon. William M. Oliver of this place, aged 53 years.

Died at Eddytown on the 4th of August, Mr. Philip Ward, at the age of 75 years. He was a native of Westchester county, but has resided in this vicinity nearly half a century, the last eleven years in the family of his son-in-law Prof. E. Chadwick, at Eddytown….

17 August 1871

Died in Penn Yan on Monday, August 14, 1871, Nathan Walton, in the eighty-sixth year of his age. Mr. Walton was born near Philadelphia. He married here over forty years ago Lucy Fisher, who survives him. They had one daughter, Sarah, who is the wife of Edmund Wright of this village….

At the residence of his nephews, Oliver G. and William Shearman, in Penn Yan, on Sunday morning, August 13, 1871, died James Shearman, aged about 72 years. The deceased was a native of Dublin, Ireland. He was the youngest surviving child of Francis Shearman, and a brother of the late George, Robert and John Shearman of Penn Yan. He was never married. He came to Penn Yan about fifty years ago, where he has resided most of the time since….

Elizabeth C. Arnold, an English girl nearly twenty-four years of age, was drowned at Maple Point on Lake Keuka last Sunday. For nearly a year she had been an inmate of the family of Mr. George H. Lapham of this village…. She was buried on Tuesday in the Penn Yan Cemetery…. She came to this country last year with another young woman subsequently married to her brother, who had preceded her to this country. The brother resides north of Benton Center, in the town of Seneca….

Died at the residence of Hon. George R. Barden in Benton, on Wednesday, Aug. 16, 1871, Edward Wilkinson, at the age of seventy-eight years. Mr. Wilkinson was a native of England. He was the father of John Wilkinson and Edward C. Wilkinson of this village, and Mrs. George R. Barden of Benton. He will be buried today, in the Penn Yan Cemetery….

24 August 1871

Died in Benton Aug. 15, Mrs. Lucinda Secor, widow of David Secor, at the age of eighty-five years.

Died at the Utica Asylum on Saturday, August 19, 1871, Mary Jane, wife of Frank L. Wentworth. She was buried in the Penn Yan Cemetery on Tuesday…. The deceased was a daughter of Deacon Daniel Hedges….


31 August 1871

Elder Philetus Olney, formerly pastor of the Baptist Church in Barrington, died in Michigan July 25th….

Joseph Bellis, nearly fifty years a resident of this county, and a native of New Jersey, died at Eddytown a few days ago at the age of seventy-seven. He formerly lived in Barrington and more recently at Eddytown.

The Rev. J. G. Moore, formerly of this place, died at Red Creek, a few days since.