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Vital Records Extracted from the Yates County Chronicle

Editor: Stafford C. Cleveland

January - April 1872

4 January 1872

Robert J. Breckenridge, D.D., LL.D., uncle of John C. and a famous and eloquent Presbyterian divine, died at his home at Danville, Ky., on the 27th ult., aged seventy-one years.

Sidney E. Morse, the pioneer proprietor and editor of the New York Observer, died on the 23d ult., aged 78 years. He was a brother of Prof. F.B. Morse, the inventor of the electric telegraph.

Gen. Craig W. Wadsworth of Geneseo died last Monday at the age of 29 years, after a long and painful illness….

The name of our deceased townsman Samuel F. Curtis was inadvertently omitted from our Mortality List last week. His age was 71 years.

Died in Benton Dec. 30th, 1871, Mrs. A. Pritchard, aged 70 years….

Our quiet village was thrown into a state of excitement yesterday morning by the rumor that Douglas Morrison, the well-known clothing merchant, had committed suicide, which, alas, proved too true…. [He] leaves a wife and four children, an aged father and mother and a brother… --Le Roy Gazette, Dec. 27

Mr. Morrison resided in Penn Yan about twenty years ago, and at that time was the proprietor of a marble shop. He was a cousin of Harvey Morrison of this village, and his wife was Mary Seymour, a niece of the late Hon. Benjamin Joy.



11 January 1872

David R. Conley, one of the best and most esteemed citizens of Milo, was instantly killed at Himrods last Monday morning, while attempting to get on board the northward bound train…. Mr. Conley was a robust man, and his age was fifty-eight years. He was the fifth child of Luke Conley, who in 1805 settled in the town of Potter, where the son was born Nov. 21, 1815. David R. married first Direxa Wilson of Potter, and their children were John, Jerome, William H., James K. and Calista. His second wife was Sally Hobart, by whom he had one son, now living. His third wife was Angeline Hill of Prattsburgh, by whom he has had several children, who are yet quite young….

Mr. Henry Armstrong, a well known farmer of Milo, died yesterday morning. His father John Armstrong, an early resident of the town, survives him.

Ebenezer Shaw died at Sheshequin Pa., Dec. 17, 1871, at the age of 100 years, 2 months and 12 days. He was a worthy man, innocent of tobacco and whisky, and a Universalist in religion. We believe he was a relative of Orrin and Guy Shaw of Benton.

A melancholy disaster occurred at Branchport on Tuesday afternoon, the 2d instant, plunging two families into distress and grief, and shocking the whole community. At about two o’clock three lads were skating on the “Branch” opposite the steam mill, two of them being respectively Alfred, a son of Martin Poyneer, aged sixteen years, and Fremont, the only son of Jacob S. Paris, aged fifteen. These two boys skated too near an opening...and broke through, going under the ice, and being drowned immediately….



Gen. H. Wager Halleck died in Louisiana on Tuesday evening of last week…

Mrs. Mary Roberts of Hornby died the 16th ult., at the age of 90 years.

Mrs. Hannah W. Ireland of Elmira died the 28th ult., at the age of 89 years.

Mr. John Mallory of this village died very suddenly at one o’clock p.m. on Monday last, from an attack of apoplexy, aged sixty-three years….

A sad accident occurred last Tuesday afternoon on the premises of C.V. Bush near the village cemetery, which resulted in the killing of Charles Brennan, with a narrow escape of his son James. [A water well they were digging collapsed.] Charles Brennan was of Irish descent, aged about fifty years, and was an industrious and quiet citizen. He leaves a large family consisting of a wife and seven children….

By an act of the Legislature passed April 15, 1825, John Maynard, Ethan Watrous and William Howard were authorized to set up, keep and maintain a Ferry from the landing place at Lancaster village in the county of Seneca to the landing place at Dresden. Where was the village of Lancaster?

Rev. Manly Tooker, well known in this region thirty or forty years ago, died in Chicago on the 30th of December, at the residence of his son-in-law, Dr. Gross. Mr. Tooker was for several years attached to the East Genesee Conference….He had lived his three score and ten, or thereabouts. —Geneva Courier

Died in Rochester on the 16th inst., Mrs. Anna Westcott, aged 72 years. She was a native of Otsego town and county, we think, and her maiden name was Anna Chapman… She was afterwards married to David Westcott, youngest brother of our father, and removed to Orangeville, Genesee county, into the wilderness of the Holland Purchase…. She leaves six children, two sons and four daughters…. We have been intimately acquainted with her since 1813…. —Dundee Record, Dec. 28

Died in Tyrone on the 11th ult., …Mrs Letitia Sproul, aged 77 years. She was the mother of Mrs. John Faucett of Tyrone. Her maiden name was Alison. She was born in the county of Derry, Ireland, and came from there to Orange county at 15 years old, where she was married to Mr. Andrew Sproul, and in 1828 they came to Tyrone….She was the mother of four children, three sons and one daughter. —Dundee Record


25 January 1872

Last Monday morning, as the 10:10 express train was passing Himrods, going south, a man named Mack Miller, belonging in Milo, attempted to drive a span of horses across the track. Both he and the horses were struck by the engine, and instantly killed. Rev. Mr. Holt, a clergyman living at Himrods, was also in the wagon, but escaped injury by jumping out. Mr. Miller was a young man, aged about thirty-five years, and leaves a wife and several children. He was in the employ of Eben Potter.

Mrs. Maria Wheeler, wife of Seth Wheeler of Prattsburg, died in that town on the 6th inst., aged 72 years. Mrs W. was a sister of the late Thomas Pawling of Bath, and daughter of Capt. Cornelius Pawling, a Revolutionary soldier and an early settler of Steuben. —On her marriage she became a resident of Prattsburg, where she has resided for over fifty years…. —Bath Advocate

1 February 1872

Died at his home in the town of Reading, Schuyler county, on Wednesday, January 17, 1872, Deacon Luther Cleveland, at the age of seventy years, eleven months and fourteen days. [He] was born on Sugar Creek, Pa., Feb. 3, 1801, of parents who were of Connecticut birth and training. Ephraim Cleveland the father, and Keziah Noble, his wife, had settled there in the wilderness, on land claimed by the State of Connecticut, and near the site of the present village of Troy, in the County of Bradford. In 1810 the family left Pennsylvania and settled in the Chemung Valley within the boundaries of the present town of Montour, in the County of Schuyler. Dissatisfied with this location they moved down the Ohio river in the spring of 1814, locating at Cincinnati where the mother died very suddenly in May of that year. The father returned immediately to Catharine (now Montour) and falling sick of malarious fever, died a few months later, leaving seven children, the youngest a mere infant, and the oldest under sixteen years of age…. Luther Cleveland was the second in age of these surviving children…. In 1823 he married Eliza, daughter of William P. Lee…. They have been the parents of five children, four of whom lived to adult age and were married, but none of whom survive… Their only living descendants are two grand children, the offspring of their daughter Elizabeth, and two great grandchildren, the offspring of their grand daughter Lucia, daughter of John Plummer Gabriel and wife of John Wallace Corbett of Reading. Their grandson Er Cleveland Gabriel remains the presiding genius of the homestead with his grandmother. Of the original family two brothers of Luther Cleveland survive. One still older is Er Cleveland of Sheldrake in the town of Ovid, Seneca county, and another Noble Cleveland of the town of Dix, Schuyler county, three years younger. Three sisters, all of whom are deceased, left considerable families….

John Mallory, whose sudden death was briefly noticed in our issue of the 18th ult., was a native of this county and spent his whole life here. He was born on the paternal homestead in the then town of Benton (now Torrey), on Sept. 1st, 1808, and at the time of his death was 63 years, 4 mo. And 15 days old. For many years he resided on and owned the homestead farm, which he finally sold to John W. Ross, and has since been an inhabitant of our village….[He died] Monday the 15th of January, 1872. He leaves a wife and a daughter.

The statements heretofore made concerning the accident at Himrods, on the 22d ult., we learn have not been correct. The man driving the team belonging to Mr. Evan S. Potter, was Maxwell Cornwell. He was returning from the sawmill. A gentleman on the wagon with him, Rev. W.W. Holt, Baptist clergyman at Himrods, jumped off barely in time to save his life, while the train killed the horses and driver instantly. The train was at the crossing north of the village and was going south entirely unobserved by the driver or by Mr. Holt. Cornwell was 44 years old and left a wife and four children residing near Himrods. He was a man of industrious steady habits and had been two or three years in the employ of Mr. Potter.

A dinner in honor of the 96th birthday of Mrs. Polly Fargo was given at the house of Mr. William H. Gage in this village on Wednesday the 24th ult. She is the widow of Dr. Calvin Fargo, one of the earliest physicians in this county.  She is the daughter of Elisha Woodworth, an early school-teacher, magistrate and leading citizen of Benton. One of her aunts was the wife of Levi Benton, Sr., the noted pioneer of Benton. …Our friend Russel R. Fargo Esq., of Pulteney, is her son. Mrs. William H. Gage of this village is her daughter. —Mrs. Weed of Benton is another daughter, and E.W. Fargo of New York another son.

Byron S. Gillett, the billiardist, was married at Horseheads on the 24th inst., to Miss Ida Stage of that village.

8 February 1872

Hon. Wm. M. Ely, member of Assembly from Broome county, died on Tuesday. He was serving his fourth term in the Assembly.

Died in Benton Feb 2d, 1872, at the residence of her son, Dr. W.H. Crane, Catharine Crane, relict of the late Horatio Crane, aged 78 years, 4 months and 4 days. …. [She] was emphatically a child of the county. She was born in 1793 on the site now occupied by the residence of Stephen B. Ayres, known as the “Dr. Judd place” and was the first child born within what is now the corporation of the present village of Penn Yan, and except for a brief period she has always resided in the county of her nativity. She was the daughter of Robert Chissom the oldest of five children, of whom three still survive, two brothers residing in the vicinity of Bath, and Mrs. Huson living in Penn Yan on a portion of the original homestead inherited from her father….Her father then and there kept a public house, and dying early, left a young and helpless family to brave alone the dangers and privations of a new and unsettled country. …She married in early life Horatio Crane, with whom she lived nearly 57 years, until his death in 1867…. Six children were the result of this union, five of whom are still living, consisting of one daughter and four sons, all of whom, except Dr. Crane, reside in Michigan….

Died at her home in South Milo, on Tuesday the 6th inst., Mrs. Lois Buxton, widow of the late John Buxton, at the age of seventy-nine years. She was born at Sharon, Connecticut, in 1793, and was married in 1830. Her husband died in 1865, at the age of sixty-one. …

Died on Saturday, February 3d, 1872, near Cuba, Allegany county…Mrs. Celinda Reeves, formerly of Penn Yan, and wife of James Reeves, at the age of sixty-six years. She was the mother of S.S. Ball of this village.

Mrs. Irene Randall was buried last Sunday from the residence of her son A.P. Randall, near this village. Her age was about seventy years. She was the mother of the late Edwin R., Homer and Francis H. Randall, and Albert P., and Chas. H. Randall are her only surviving sons. Her husband Samuel Randall died in 1836 at the age of forty-nine years. She was a daughter of Dr. Partridge Parsons of Litchfield, Conn., an early resident of Penn Yan, and a sister of the late Wm. C. Parsons.

Died in the town of Jerusalem, Dec. 20, after a brief but distressing illness, Dea. Abram Watkins, aged 56 years.…

Married at the St. James’ Episcopal Church, Watkins, January 24th, by Rev. D.C. Mann, Rector, Mr. Richard Baker, and Miss Caroline Elizabeth, daughter of E.D. Tompkins, all of Watkins. Edwin D. Tompkins is the eldest son of Dan. Tompkins, and was born and reared in Starkey. His wife and the mother of the bride is Catharine, daughter of Gamaliel D. Conklin, she is also a native of Starkey….

Died at his home at Himrods, on Friday, February 2d, 1872, David Semans, at the age of eighty-five years. [He] was born in Kent Co., Maryland, in 1787. His father was David Semans and his mother Sarah Chance. His grandfather was William Semans, and grandmother Letitia Clayton. They were wealthy planters of Maryland. —David Semans, the subject of this notice, married first, Sally Jones, of Delaware, who died early, and before he left Maryland he married a second wife, who was the mother of his large family of children. She was Mary, sister of John Starkey, from whom the town of Starkey took its name. David Semans and his brother Clayton moved from Maryland in 1813, and settled in that part of Ovid, now the town of Lodi, where they owned a farm together. They brought with them three slaves and two free colored persons. Clayton moved to Reading in 1817, built the Red Mill at Dundee, and was engaged in trade there one year with John Starkey. He then moved back to Lodi, where he remained a farmer till 1845, when he moved west. He is now a wealthy resident at Maryville, Mo. David Semans moved to Reading in 1818, where he bought a farm of Peter Walling, on lot eight of the Potter location, in what is now Starkey. …Recently he has resided at Himrods. His wife…died Oct. 19, 1870, at the age of seventy-seven years. They were the parents of ten children, all of whom are now living, and all residents of the county except one daughter. —The sons are Clayton, William S., Nelson, John E., Tilden and Ben. J. The daughters are Mary B., wife of James M. Lewis of Milo, Matilda, wife of John C. Wilson of Kane Co., Ill., Sarah, residing single at Himrods, and Emily A., wife of Robert F. Conklin of Milo.



15 February 1872

The death of Simeon Holton, Esq., late editor of the Seneca County Courier, occurred at his residence in Seneca Falls on Tuesday the 6th inst., in the 45th year of his age….Ex-Senator James W. Grimes of Iowa died at his residence in Burlington, on Thursday last.

Col. Samuel Birdsall of Waterloo died at his residence in that village at 5 o’clock yesterday afternoon….His age was 81 years. —Seneca Falls Reveille, Feb. 6

Colonel Norman Eddy, the Secretary of State of Indiana, who died on the 4th inst., was born in the town of Scipio, Cayuga Co., N.Y., where he has two brothers yet living….

Thomas Cavanaugh, a young man, died very suddenly at the residence of his sister in Geneva, a week ago Sunday, the cause being the rupture of a blood vessel.

22 February 1872

Died at his residence in Benton on Saturday, Feb. 17th, Stephen N. Davis, in the 56th year of his age, after a brief illness…. [He] was born in 1814 on the farm where he died, on lot 87 in Benton. His parents, Thomas Davis and Jane Watkins (widow Perry) his wife, were the original settlers on that place, and moved there early in 1814 from Herkimer County. The subject of this notice was the third of their six children. His brothers James T. Davis and Watkin Davis are well known citizens of this county. His oldest sister is the wife of George W. Hopkins; another, now deceased, was the first wife of Seth B. Briggs, and another is the wife of William J. Rector. …. He married first, Hannah R., daughter of Peleg Briggs of Benton, and after her death a second wife Sarah S. Coons of Jerusalem, who survives him with two sons, residing on the homestead….

Died at her home in Benton on Saturday, February 10, 1872, Mrs. Amy Crozier, at the age of sixty-six years. [She] was born in the town of Seneca, Ontario county, in 1805. She was a daughter of Joseph Southerland, and granddaughter of Deacon David Southerland, one of the most noted pioneers of Potter. She married Adam Crozier, Jr., in 1821… She leaves a husband [and] two surviving sons residing on the homestead….

John Warner died at Orleans, Ontario county, on the 9th inst., at the age of ninety-one. He settled in the town of Phelps in 1801.

Mrs. Almira Van Brunt died at Fort Hope, Wis., Jan. 28th in the sixty-fifth year of her age. She was the oldest sister of Editor Westcott, of the Dundee Record.

Mr. Edwin Sutton, residing near Reading Center, on Sunday last met with death by attempting to rescue some books and papers from his burning dwelling….

Miss Ida Bush, daughter of Charles V. Bush, Esq., of this village, died on Monday morning the 19th inst., …at the age of twenty years….

Died in Syracuse on the 9th inst., William W. St. John, formerly foreman in the Commercial Iron Works in this village….


29 February 1872

Lord Mayo, the English Governor General of India, has been assassinated by a native convict at a British penal settlement.

Rev. Mr. Wilson of Akron, Erie county, died suddenly in his chair last Sunday afternoon. He was a prominent Baptist clergyman.

Judge Sprague, of the California Supreme Court, died at San Francisco last Saturday, after a long illness. …

Luther F. Peck, foreman of a gang of men at work at the second canal lock in Brighton, on Thursday morning stumbled and fell to the bottom of the canal, thereby breaking his skull. He was taken to Rochester, where he died that evening.

Mr. Gilman P. Briggs, who for some months past has occupied a position in the Department of Public Instruction at Albany, died on Wednesday morning of diphtheria, in the 36th year of his age….

Hon. Samuel Birdsall aged 81, Deacon Job White aged 82, and Dr. Gardiner Wells aged 88, have severally died at Waterloo within the past few days.

Deacon Stephen Robinson of Barrington died at his home in that town on the 17th inst., at the age of eighty-two years. He was a native of Putnam county and settled in Barrington in 1811. He was a consistent member and Deacon in the Baptist church in Barrington many years, having joined the church in Wayne in 1819. He was a consistent member of the Warsaw church and ordained a deacon in 1834.

Mr. Sylvester Bailey of Barrington died on the 15th inst., at the age of sixty years.

Richard Beard of Starkey came to Penn Yan on Monday to make an affidavit necessary to secure his pension as a soldier of the war of 1812. He is ninety-two years old and was never on a railway train till last Monday. He served in the company of Capt. Timothy Hurd, along with Isaac Lanning. His old companion in arms came with him to attend to the preparation of his paper for securing his pension. Mr. Beard and his father William Beard were both early settlers of the town of Starkey.

Abraham Beal, for eighteen years agent of the New York Prison Association, died in New York Monday evening.

Died in Jerusalem on Thursday the 22d inst., Mr. Bernard Gelder, son of John Gelder of that town, at the age of nearly thirty-six years. [He] was born in Hopewell, Ontario county in 1836, and had resided in this county since 1841. He was a Corporal of Company A., 126 N.Y.V., served about one year and a half, and was finally discharged for disability. —He enlisted for a second time near the close of the war in the Heavy Artillery and served three or four months. His early death was in a large degree to disease contracted in the service. He married in 1869 Clara Wood of the town of Seneca who survives him….

Mr. J. D. Masson, one of the Superintendents of the Pleasant Valley Wine Company, died in Hammondsport on Tuesday of last week, of heart disease.—He came from France in 1852….

Dr. Warren Patchen of Patchenville in the town of Wayland died on Tuesday of last week at the advanced age of 89 years…. —Steuben Courier

The wife of Moses H. Grinnell died at Geneva, Italy, on the 22d. She was the niece of Washington Irving. Her remains will be brought for interment to Tarrytown.


7 March 1872

Died in the town of Hinsdale, Cattaraugus Co., Aug. 17, 1871, Patrick Quin, at the of eighty-two years, six months and seventeen days. [He] was born Feb. 28, 1789, in Dulick, county of Westmaythe, Ireland, and came with his father, Edward Quin, to America in 1794. Edward Quin and his wife Tomason Caffery, had two children, Patrick and Jane, before they left Ireland. The family removed from New York to Bath, where the father entered into the service of Charles Williamson. They moved thence to Hopeton in 1800. There the father died in 1803. In 1807 his widow married Wm. Reed, a Scotchman residing near Hopeton. She and her three younger sons born in this country, Dominic, Daniel and Edward, lived in the family of Reed till her death in 1810. Jane Quin, two years younger than Patrick, was an early school teacher and a woman of intelligence. She married David Culver of Reading, who died many years ago. She is still living in Cattaraugus county. Dominic Quin married Maria Smith, was a citizen of respectability, and died at Bath in 1828, leaving two sons, Edward and Andrew. Daniel died single in Missouri in 1821. Edward Quin studied law with James Taylor and Wm. M. Oliver. He practiced law many years at Watkins, where he was Postmaster when the place was known as Salubria. He also lived at Elmira, and served as District Attorney of Chemung county. He was a lawyer of note and ability, and died in 1855. His wife was Margaret, daughter of Gen. William Kernan. Patrick Quin, at the age of eighteen in 1807, was apprenticed to Morris F. Sheppard of this village, to learn the trade of tanner and currier. After learning his trade he worked one year in Canandaigua. Returning to Penn Yan he married Betsy, sister of Dr. Walter Wolcott, July 4, 1811. He was then twenty-two and she sixteen. They were married by Daniel Brown, Esq., of Jerusalem, the father of Alfred Brown, now of Milo. In 1813 he bought a farm and tannery at Eddytown, and remained there till 1834. He then moved to Millport and conducted a tannery there till 1856. He then moved to Hinsdale and died there last year….His wife survives him at the age of nearly seventy eight, with remarkably well preserved powers of body and mind. Their children were Alexander H., Hannah W., Erastus W., George H., Olive W., Daniel, Betsy and Harriet….

Died in Jerusalem February 9th, 1872, Mrs. Catharine Dains, wife of John Dains, in the fifty-ninth year of her age,… She leaves…a husband and three kind children —Frank and Perry W. Dains and Bell Scofield, the wife of George W. Scofield of Jerusalem.

Dennis Halloran, an Irishman, well known in this village and long employed in corporation work, died on Sunday last at the age of fifty eight years. …He had lived twenty-seven years in this country and was the father of John Halloran, who died in December last…. Of his family a wife and one son remain.

Died in Starkey on the 24th inst., of consumption, Mrs. Ann Wilson, wife of Mr. William J. Wilson, aged 37 years. She leaves a husband and two children.

14 March 1872

Wm. Philo Hibbard died at his residence in Jerusalem on Monday, March 4th. He was a prominent citizen of that town.

Benjamin Decker died at Hammondsport a few days ago at the age of seventy-six. He was one of the American soldiers who participated in the battle of Queenstown in the war of 1812.

Abraham B. Hall, who has been an estimable citizen of Geneva since 1810, died on Monday, March 4th, in the 86th year of his age. He was about sixty years a prominent member of the Presbyterian Church at Geneva.

James Snook, a well-known citizen of Barrington, died on the 3d inst. At the age of sixty-one.

Horace Kenyon, another estimable citizen of Barrington, died on Sunday the 10th inst., at the age of forty six years.

David B. Fitzwater, residing near Italy Hill in Jerusalem, died last week.  He was a highly esteemed citizen, and a brother of John C. Fitzwater, living on Bluff Point.

Died at the residence of her son-in-law, Chas. Wagener, in this village, on Thursday morning, (yesterday) Mrs. Elizabeth McKeown, aged nearly 98 years. She was born in Belfast, Ireland, came to this country in 1800, and settled in Philadelphia. She came to Penn Yan to reside with Mr. Wagener about 22 years since. She had been a member of the Presbyterian church for upwards of 70 years. —Penn Yan Democrat, March 1.

Mrs. McKeown was originally Elizabeth Wilson, and her father was a wealthy citizen of Ireland. She married in Ireland George McKeown, with whom she emigrated to America. They resided in Philadelphia. He was a sea captain and died in 1815…. His wife was left a widow with five children and maintained her family by keeping a store….

Died in Rochester, March 13th…Maurice, only son of George McAlaster….

Died at Chicago, Ill, H.A.C.C. Griffin, Esq. —Sept. 25th, 1871, aged 71 years and for many years a substantial resident of that city. His wife survives him and their family numbers eight children. Mr. Griffin was a son of Judge John Griffin of Benton, and subsequently the first merchant and among the early settlers of the town, now Potter, then known as Augusta or Middlesex, and was therefore a native of our county.

Mrs. Bridget Sheridan was found dead in her house in this village on Wednesday morning. —She was lying when found by the side of a door to a room upstairs, with a key in her lap, and it was supposed she became chilled before she succeeded in unlocking the door, and perished with cold. —Democrat

The deceased was long and well known in this village, having resided in many families here. She was sixty-six years old. Her husband Philip Sheridan perished a few years ago in the burning of his house a short distance below this village.

Died near Branchport, March 4th, William P. Hibbard, in the 61st year of his age. Mr. Hibbard was born in Canada East in 1811, and came to this place in the summer of 1833. In 1836 he married Betsy Ann, daughter of the Rev. Joel Townsend, who survives him and by whom he had three sons and five daughters.
W. Herries.
Branchport, March 11, 1872

Mr. Samuel Knight, one of the oldest citizens of Seneca county, died at his residence in the town of Fayette a few days since, aged 84 years.

Aaron Whitney of Canandaigua, aged 65, and Comfort Ann Lambert of Mansfield, aged 78 years, were married by a Squire Bucklin a few days ago. —Angelica Reporter

Allen Lindsay of Caton, Steuben County, died recently at the advanced age of 96 years. He was born just eighteen days after the Declaration of Independence was declared. He was the father of twenty-two children.


21 March 1872

Died at the Geneva Hygienic Institute, March 11, 1872, Judge Caleb Smith, at the age of eighty-eight years, seven months, and eight days. [He] was born in Litchfield county, Connecticut, August 2, 1784. His father Reuben Smith and his uncle Grover Smith settled in 1795 on the Military Tract at Peach Orchard in the town of Hector, now Schuyler county. Benton Smith and his wife Hannah Swift had four sons, Jabez, Harry, Caleb and Chauncey W., and one daughter Amanda. All these were the heads of noted families in Hector….  [Harry lived at Eddytown from 1803 to 1825. He died in Illinois in 1865.)

Jacob Young died at Honeoye Falls a short time ago at the age of 103 years. He had resided at that place seventy-three years.

Died in this village on Saturday, March 16, 1872, at his residence on Sheppard Street, Robert Woodruff, at the age of 63 years….

David Crocket, a colored man twenty years old, and during the past three years in the service of Capt. Henry Tuthill, of this village, died on Thursday last very suddenly of bleeding at the lungs. He was…a native of Texas and came north during the war with Capt. Mack of Rochester.

Died at the residence of Jas. A. Belknap in Jerusalem, February 17, 1872, Mrs. Abigail Pettibone in the 79th year of her age. Mrs. Pettibone was born in one of the Eastern states in the year 1793, and came with her father Joseph Williams to Rushville in this county when quite a small girl, and lived there until several years after her marriage with Clark Green, whose father bought the original Green Tract, where they resided till the death of Clark Green, when she subsequently married Dr. Harvey Pettibone and moved to Naples…. She was the mother of seven children, Esther, Submit, Huldah, James, Margaret, Jerusha and Charles. Four of these are still living. She was among the early settlers of this county, and was a descendant of Gen. Green, of Revolutionary times….


Notice has been received here that William S. Huntington, the Washington banker, died on Tuesday morning, the 26th inst., at two o’clock….[He] was the youngest of the children of Elisha H. Huntington, a former well-known and enterprising business man of this village….He was born in Penn Yan, Oct. 2, 1839 and married in Oct. 1859 Fannie Dearborn, at Springfield, Mass. They have one surviving son….

S.M. Hewlett, the well known temperance lecturer, died at Hartford, Conn., last week….

Col. David H. Abell of Livingston county, whose death was prematurely announced last week, died on Thursday at his residence in Groveland.


Henry Stark of Bath died on the 6th instant at the age of 88 years. He was a drummer in the war of 1812.

4 April 1872

Major General John M. Oliver died at Washington, D.C. on Saturday, march 30th, 1872, at the age of forty-three years. He was a native of Penn Yan, born in 1828, a son of Hon. William M. Oliver…. He married Joanna, daughter of David Wagener and grand-daughter of Abraham Wagener. They moved to Monroe, Michigan, where he was for some time engaged as a druggist….. April 17, 1861 he enlisted as a private soldier, and was made a First Lieutenant in the First Michigan Infantry…. After the war he was for some time Assessor of Internal Revenue at Little Rock and practiced law at that place. —Subsequently he was appointed by President Grant Superintendent of the Postal Service in the Southwest and held that position till some time last year, when he resigned on account of his health which began to fail, owing to previous exposures and the effect of the Southern climate…. His wife and son and daughter survive him. The funeral took place yesterday from the residence of Peter S. Oliver, Esq., the Masonic Fraternity taking charge of the exercise.

Prof. Morse, the inventor of the telegraph, died on Tuesday.

Mrs. Alidah Bridgman, widow of the late Abner Bridgman, died at the residence of her son, Jacob F. Bridgman, in this village on Thursday morning, March 28, 1872, at the age of sixty-eight years and eight months. Mrs. Bridgman was a daughter of Jacob Groesbeck, and was born at Cambridge, N.Y. in 1803. She married Abner Bridgman at Bethel in 1825, and they moved to Penn Yan in 1830, where they afterward resided. Her husband, who was a highly esteemed citizen, died in 1868. They were the parents of four sons — Jacob F., George D.A., Chester M., and Henry S. Mrs. Bridgman was a woman of estimable character.

Died in this village on Thursday March 28th, 1872, Augustus Knapp, at the age of nearly seventy-eight years. …He was born in 1794 and married in 1816 Margaret Heltibidal, daughter of George Heltibidal, Sr. They are the parents of nine children, among whom are Oliver C. Knapp and William C. Knapp of this village. Augustus Knapp was a son of James Knapp, formerly of Dutchess county, who moved into this town from Cortland in 1815 and was for some years a prominent citizen, and one of the largest tax-payers in Milo. James Knapp was a soldier of the Revolution, a drummer, and accompanied Sullivan in his raid against the Indians in 1779.

Mr. Evelyn Crego, a highly esteemed citizen of Italy, died suddenly on Friday last, March 29th…at the age of forty-four years. He had been fourteen years a citizen of Italy…. He leaves a widow and three children….



11 April 1872

Prof. Samuel F. B. Morse, the inventor of the telegraph, died in New York on Wednesday, the 3d inst., aged 81 years. It is but a feeble tribute to his memory to say that he had been on of the greatest benefactors of the age….

In Charlotte, Mich., on Monday, March 11th, 1872, Mrs. Mary A., wife of Rev. B.F. Bradford, formerly of Seneca Falls. Deceased was born in the town of Marlboro, Mass., May 22d in 1818 [and] in 1845 became the partner of Rev. Mr. Bradford…. --O.H.S. in Charlotte Republican


18 April 1872

On Monday, April 15, 1872, Jesse Davis died at the residence of Joshua L. Jones at Himrods, at the age of eighty years. Jesse Davis was a son of Malachi Davis one of the early settlers in Milo, who came from Whitepain township, Montgomery county, Pa., in 1799. They came from the same neighborhood with the Fitzwaters, and about the same time. Jesse Davis was born at Whitepain in 1782 and was only seven years old when his father’s family settled in the woods near the present village of Himrods…. He married Eunice, daughter of Josiah Jones. She died in 1851. His brother Nathaniel married her sister Lydia, and his sister Rachel Davis married Timothy Jones, brother of Eunice and Lydia. Samuel Davis, a brother of Jesse, is still living in Jerusalem at the age of eighty-eight. When the Davis family moved to this town they came with a colony of about forty persons by way of Col. Charles Williamson’s famous road which led from Northumberland, Pa., by way of Blossburg and Painted Post. From the latter place they followed up Mud Creek, and along Mud Lake and Little Lake to the Teeples tavern in Wayne, now Barrington, from whence there was a winding road through the woods to the Friend’s Settlement. It does not appear that the immigration of the colony of which this family formed a part had anything to do with the Friend’s Society.

Mrs. Sarah Tomer died in Pulteney on the 5th inst., in the eighty fourth year of her age.

Died at her residence in Torrey on Wednesday, March 27th, Cynthia, wife of Francis Olmstead, in the 72d year of her age…. Born July 6th, 1800…. It was while caring for an invalid husband that she contracted a severe cold, which brought on the sickness that terminated in her death.

The Dundee Record of last week noticed the death of Mrs. Olive Millis, wife of Mr. Teal Millis in Barrington, April at the age of eighty years [sic]. She was a native of Columbia county, and had lived in Barrington fifty years. She was the mother of eight children and hers the first death in the family.

The same paper also notes the death of Mr. Stephen Chubb at Elmira on the 29th of March, at the age of eighty-five years. Mr. Chubb was a former resident of Barrington and a blacksmith. He was the father of Mr. Albert M. Chubb of this village, and a brother of Philo Chubb, formerly of Barrington, from whom Chubb Hollow took its name.

It is true that a woman was found dead in the field [last week in Benton]. She was the wife of John Watkins. She and her husband were in Penn Yan a week ago last Saturday, and soon after she arrived at her home in Benton she disappeared, and could not be found until the following Wednesday, when she was discovered in a field by her husband, who was searching for her. She was dead, and her clothes were frozen on her person. It is supposed she died of heart disease. —Democrat

25 April 1872

Arad Joy died at his residence in Ovid on the 16th inst., at the age of eighty-two years. He had been forty years a resident of Ovid, and was a brother of the late Hon. Benjamin Joy. His son, Charles A. Joy, is a distinguished scientific Professor in Columbia College, New York.

Mrs. Peggy Hogeboom died in Gorham on the 22d of March, at the age of ninety-six years.

Peter DeForrest, father-in-law of Congressman Seeley, died recently at Ovid, aged eighty-four years.

Died on Sunday evening, April 21, 1872, Anna Lulu, daughter of Hon. Darius A. Ogden, at the age of seventeen years, five months and fifteen days….

Benjamin E. Jones died at Rock Stream, town of Starkey, March 26th, ultimo, in the 86th year of his age. He was born in Rockland county, N.Y., whence he moved into Yates county in 1815. There were born to him nine children, eight sons and one daughter. Three are alive and live in the county. He was a carpenter and joiner by occupation….

Mr. And Mrs. Halsey Sandford, of Ovid, will celebrate their Golden Wedding on Wednesday eve., May 1st. —Seneca Falls Reveille

Gen. Halsey Sandford was the first Town Clerk of the town of Starkey. He became a resident of Starkey Corners, previously known as Reeder’s Corners in 1821 and remained there ten years….[He] was born in 1801, and was a son of Dr. Jared Sandford of Ovid and Sarah R., his wife, who was a daughter of Judge Silas Halsey. He married in 1822 Fanny Maria Howell of Warwick, Orange county. She was also born in 1801. Their children have been Howell, Sarah, Helen, Emma, Jared, Lewis and Montgomery….

On Tuesday, the 2d instant, the friends and relations of James and Elizabeth Herendeen assembled by invitation at their residence in the town of Farmington to celebrate the sixtieth anniversary of their wedding day. James Herendeen is the only living son of the late Joshua Herendeen, one of the pioneers of that town. James Herendeen is in the 84th year of his age, and his wife is in her 81st year. —Geneva Courier