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Vital Records Extracted from the Yates County Chronicle

Editor: Stafford C. Cleveland

January - April 1871

5 January 1871

Our highly esteemed and lamented citizen, Guy L. Doubleday, M.D., died of typhus fever, at his late residence in Italy, Dec. 22d, 1870, aged 43 years. … Among his kindred he leaves two brothers and two sisters… besides…his widow and three interesting boys—N.B. Beers

Mrs. Martha Niles, relict of Dr. Noah Niles, died at Prattsburg, Dec. 29th, aged eighty-six.

Miss Sarah Carner died at the house of Miner T. Porter in Barrington, Dec. 22d, at the age of eighty-six.

Died, Minnie Barrett, only daughter of Josephus and Margaret Barrett, of Potter, Dec. 19, 1870, of Scarlet Fever. She was a very bright and intelligent child, five years of age….

Died at his residence in Dresden on Monday, January 2, 1871, Luther Sisson, at the age of seventy-seven years and five days. [He] was the son of George Sisson and his wife Bethany Luther, natives of Rhode Island. His parents were firm and devoted members of the Friend’s Society, and his birth Dec. 27, 1793, is said to have been the third in the Friend’s Settlement. He was the youngest of the children. His brothers were Benoni and Jonathan, and his sisters Lydia and Lament. Benoni married Mary Meek, and was the father of James and John Sisson of Jerusalem. Jonathan married Catharine Vosbinder, and was the father of six children, among whom is Harrison H. Sisson of Jerusalem. Lydia married Isaac Prosser, and has a son living in Torrey. Lament was the wife of Richard Hayes. George Hayes, her son, resides in Dresden…. [Luther Sisson] married Sarah Maria, sister of Wright Brown of Torrey, who is still living. They had one son, Charles H. Sisson, who resides at Dresden….

Mrs. Stanley, wife of Seth Stanley, Esq., residing near Gorham Station, died on Christmas Day. She had been stricken with paralysis three weeks before.

Mrs. Betsy Parsons of the town of Manchester, Ontario county, died on the 20th ult., in her 98th year. She was a native of New Jersey and settled in Manchester about 1800. She was for sixty three years a member of the Baptist Church.

Deacon Silas Lacey, a former resident of Benton, and the father of Mrs. John Mallory, died at his residence in Warren, Pa., on Wednesday, Dec. 21, at the age of eighty-one years. He was formerly a citizen of much prominence in this locality.

Died in Penn Yan Dec. 29th, 1870, Mrs. Mary E. Allington, at the age of forty-one years, three months and eleven days. Her death inflicts a sad blow on her husband and family of eight children…. The youngest child is but three weeks old, and all are young….



12 January 1871

Hon. David R. Floyd Jones died on Sunday last at his residence at South Oyster Bay on Long Island. He was fifty-nine years old and was a son of Gen. Thomas Floyd Jones, one of the early manor proprietors. Several times he was a Member of Assembly, was Secretary of State one term, and Lieutenant Governor in 1863 and 1864.

Two children of Charles M. Ackley of this village have recently died of scarlet fever. One, Hebe, was buried on Sunday last, a little girl of seven years. The other, a daughter of fourteen months, died yesterday morning. Mrs. Ackley and another child are also quite sick.

Died in Penn Yan on Saturday, January 7, 1871, Benjamin P. Lyon, at the age of seventy-four years and seven days. Mr. Lyon was born at Salisbury, Connecticut, on the first day of January, 1797. He was apprenticed as a gunsmith in Connecticut, and afterwards worked as a machinist till within about six weeks of his death. In 1822 he married Phebe Duell, born in Providence, Saratoga county, in April 1796. … They came to Penn Yan to reside in 1831, and have remained here since, a period of about forty years….. They have been the parents of six children, of whom three died young. Angeline, born in 1824 was the first wife of Benjamin L. Hoyt, and died quite early, leaving one son, Henry, who also died at the age of nineteen. Melissa, born in 1828, married first Julius C. Shepherd, who died leaving one child, Henry W. She married a second husband, Richard Pray of Warren Co., Pennsylvania. They reside in California, and have one son, David. Alonzo T. born in 1833 married Caroline M., daughter of Hon. Justus P. Pennoyer of Groton, Tompkins county, and resides in Penn Yan. They have two children, Ernest G. and Frank Alonzo T., like his father, is a machinist, and is at present an employee of the CHRONICLE office.

Died at her home in Barrington on the 9th inst., Mrs. Hannah McAuley, wife of James McAuley, at the age of seventy years. …. She was the only daughter of Elisha Wolcott, and a grand daughter of Eliphalet Hull, pioneers of the town of Benton. Her brothers were Gideon and George W. Wolcott, and Drs. Erastus B. and Oliver P. Wolcott. She was born Aug. 21, 1800, and married first Dr. Mason Laman, who died after a brief professional career at Benton Center, leaving one daughter Mary, who is the wife of Henry N. Wagoner of this village. She married a second husband, James McAuley, of the town of Seneca, who is her survivor. — They had one daughter Margaret, not now living….

19 January 1871

Edward C. Delavan the great apostle of Temperance died in Schenectady last Sunday at the age of seventy-eight years….

John Beggs died at Mt. Morris on the 3d aged about 100 years. He was a native of Ireland, and came to America after he was 80 years of age. He was a member of the Presbyterian church for 82 years.



26 January 1871

The child of Mr. Goodwin, the artist, sick with Scarlet Fever, died last week. The grief-stricken parents returned to their home in Tompkins County for the burial of their dead.

On Monday afternoon of last week Mrs. Hannah H. Kelly, wife of Mr. C.P. Kelly of Phelps, committed suicide by cutting her throat. She had twice before attempted to take her life….

Mr. John Blaney living between Millport and Horseheads was killed by a bull last week. He was leading the animal to water and ring in his nose was somehow broken, which allowed him to feel his liberty, which he exercised in killing his owner. To shoot the bull was the natural sequence of the tragedy.

Married in Washington, D.C., at the church of the Ascension, on the 12th inst., by Rev. Dr. Hutton, Rector and Rt. Rev. Wm. Pinkney, bishop of Maryland, Mr. Henry C. Bingham of Talledega, Ala., and Miss Adele M., daughter of Clement W. Bennett of Washington D.C. ….

Three little daughters of Mr. And Mrs. Charles M. Ackley, have died of scarlet fever this month. The parents are also quite ill….

Mrs. Hannah Mowers, living at Himrods with her son Silas Mowers, is now ninety-three years old…. Mrs. Mowers has resided at Himrods more than half a century and is the mother of several children.

Died on December 15th, 1870, at his residence in Edford, Thomas R. Davis, in the 69 year of his age. Deceased was born in Newport, Herkimer county, September 15th 1802, where he resided until about 34 years of age, when he removed to Lewis county. He resided there about nine years and then removed to Yates county, near Penn Yan, where he resided about sixteen years. — He then removed to Henry county, Illinois, where he resided until his death…. He leaves a widow and six children surviving him. The children are all married, and with families of their own….

2 February 1871

Miss Amanda Westcott, youngest sister of the editor of the Dundee Record, died at Fultonville, N. Y., Dec. 16, 1870, aged forty-two years.



9 February 1871

On Monday Jan. 30th, Denzil Wallace, son of George C. Wise of Hammondsport was drowned in the Keuka lake at Hammondsport. He was a young man nineteen years old….

Hon. Edward Howell of Bath died in that village Jan. 30th, at the age of seventy nine years. He settled in Bath in 1811, studied law with Daniel Cruger, was appointed Clerk of Steuben county in 1818 and soon after Postmaster at Bath. He was also District Attorney, and afterwards member of Congress.

Mrs. Mowers, the old lady we mentioned a week ago…, died at her home near Himrods a few days ago. She subsisted the last twenty-six days of her life without a particle of nourishment except an occasional teaspoon of water, and died at the age of ninety-three years.

16 February 1871

Died last Thursday at her home in Milo, Mrs. Maria Raplee, wife of Miles G. Raplee, aged 54 years. Mrs. Raplee, originally Maria Westbrook, was a native of New Jersey, and became a resident of Yates County in early life. She is the mother of four surviving children.

The Cincinnati Daily Times, of a recent date, announces the death on the 7th inst., of Giles Kinney, at Spring Valley, Ohio, at the age of seventy-seven years. It was from Giles Kinney that the place known as Kinney’s Corners in Jerusalem took its name. He was a son of Stephen Kinney of Connecticut and settled at the place since known as Kinney’s Corners in 1815. He married first Polly Burton of Connecticut. She died and he again married in 1824 Mira, daughter of Samuel Cornwell of Jerusalem. In 1838 they moved to Ohio. — Coates Kinney, one of the sons by the first marriage, has been considerably noted as a journalist and writer of verse…. He and three of his brothers, John, George and Andrew, served in the army during the rebellion….. Giles Kinney conducted a tavern, store, ashery and distillery many years at the Corners.

On Tuesday evening the 7th inst., appropriate festivities were held at the residence of Sherlock and Millie Andrews, near North Reading P.O. in this county, in observance of their Golden Wedding. Sherlock Andrews is a son of Obed Andrews, who moved to Reading from Greene Co., N. Y., in 1812, bringing Sherlock, John T., Edwin C., and Lola, his children…. At the age of twenty four years Sherlock was married to Millie Thomas…. After their marriage Sherlock and wife moved upon the farm owned by Barney Webb, and lived there thirty-five years, removing fifteen years ago to his present beautiful residence overlooking the lake—one mile north of the Schuyler county line. Four children are now living, two are dead…. — Watkins Express, Feb. 9

On Wednesday between nine and ten o’clock, Mr. Chauncey Vandemark [was] conversing with Mr. E. Young in the store of Mr. David White, son in law of the deceased…. [He] instantly fell down on his knees, falling backwards, dead…. — Phelps Citizen

23 February 1871

Silas Lacey, born March 30th, 1789 at Bound Brook, New Jersey, died Dec. 18, 1870 at Warren, Pa., in his 82d year…. [He] was an elder of the Benton Presbyterian church in 1825…and resided near the present residence of Squier B. Whitaker, and most of the time carried on a business in Penn Yan as a hatter…. Three of his daughters are now residents of Yates county, Mary S., Hannah V. and Elizabeth P. Mary S., born in 1809, is the oldest of the family and the wife of John Mallory of this village. She has one daughter Ruth A. Hannah V. is the wife of William P. Gaylord of this village. Elizabeth P. is a native of Warren county, Pa., and the youngest of the family. She is the wife of Horace B. Wheeler of Potter, and the mother of two sons, Glennis and Bradley.

Died in Jerusalem Jan. 30th, 1871, Daniel Johnson, at the age of sixty-five years and five months. He has been twenty-two years a resident of Jerusalem having moved there in 1849, and was a quiet and much respected citizen. He had a large farm on lot 3 of the Beddoe Tract. He first married Catharine Johnson (not a relative) at Frankfort, Herkimer Co., and their children were George, William, Daniel and Frances. His wife died a few years ago, and he married a second wife, Ada Wing of Naples, who survives him. Before Mr. Johnson’s removal to this county he was engaged in the foundry business at Rome, Oneida Co…. George, his eldest son, is a merchant at Italy Hill. He married Samaria Smith and has two surviving sons, Westel and Fred. William is the Superintendent of the Lambertville Iron Works at Lambertville, New Jersey. He married Sarah Moore a native of England, and their children are Sarah F., William M., Frank L., Martha C., Gertrude, Herbert and Walter C. Daniel died at the age of seventeen. Frances is the wife of Thomas Stoddard of Jerusalem, and they have a daughter Kate.

2 March 1871

Died at his residence in Penn Yan on Friday evening, February 24, 1871, Samuel F. Curtis, at the age of seventy-one years, five months and 16 days. Mr. Curtis was born in Wethersfield, Connecticut, in 1799. At the age of seventeen he left his paternal home and commenced his apprenticeship at chair making with his older brother, Roswell Curtis, at Auburn. … In 1824 he came to Penn Yan and opened a shop on the southwest corner at the head of Main Street. …Independent in thought and action he adhered to the right when the multitude passed the other way. Hence in the darkest days of the Ant-Slavery sentiment he was a staunch and true friend of that cause, and never wavered in his devotion to its progress. Of the Temperance cause he was an equally faithful and firm adherent…. Mr. Curtis married first Amelia, daughter of Robert Boyd of Benton. She died leaving one son Charles B., the present owner of the Boyd farm, on Lot 48 in Benton. He married in 1829 a second wife, Amelia H., daughter of John L. Lewis, senior, who died within a short period at the age of twenty-three. His third wife who survives him was Mary, widow of Virgil Peck and daughter of Col. Perley Phillips, formerly of Geneva, and a sister of the wife of Dr. Joshua Lee. They were married in 1831, and their children are Perley P. and Mary E. Charles B. Curtis born in 1828, was a captain in the 57th N.Y.V. in the army of the Potomac, and was in several of its most important engagements. He married Augusta, daughter of Darius Adams of Northville, Cayuga county. She died in 1867. He is a resident of the city of New York. Perley P. born in 1836 married Eva, daughter of Charles Hewins and is a resident of Penn Yan, succeeding to the business of his father. Mary E. resides with her mother at their house on Clinton Street….

Died in Milo on the 8th inst., of dropsy, Mrs. Maria Raplee, wife of Miles G. Raplee, aged 53 years. Mrs. R. was a native of New Jersey, and her maiden name was Westbrook. She became the partner of Mr. R. some 34 or 35 years ago. Since then they have resided on their beautiful farm on the shore of Seneca Lake. She has left a husband and four children, two sons and two daughters….

Died in Seneca county, February 14, 1871, Isaac Reynolds, at the age of nearly ninety-six years. He was born at East Nottingham, Cecil county, Maryland, in 1775, and was the son of Isaac and Ann Reynolds, and the grandson of Henry and Mary Reynolds, who emigrated to this country in 1600 [sic] from England, and settled under the protection of William Penn, of whom he purchased land. He married in 1800 Mary Haines, and settled in Seneca county in 1803. His family consisted of seven children, seven grandchildren and fifteen great-grandchildren…. He was a soldier in the war of 1812.

James Ayers, a conductor on the Northern Central Railway, was killed at or near Pine Valley on Saturday evening, by falling from a car while the train was in motion. His residence was at Himrods. We have not received the particulars. — Elmira Ad.

9 March 1871

Died, at the residence of her son Samuel Botsford, in Jerusalem, on Tuesday morning, March 7, 1871, Margaret Botsford, widow of Elijah Botsford, at the age of ninety-six years and five months. …She came with the pioneers of 1790, and was then in her fifteenth year…. Her father was Dr. Barnabas Scott, a physician at New Milford, Connecticut, whose father was also a physician, and whose wife was the daughter of a physician, one Dr. Warner. Dr. Barnabas Scott had three daughters, Sabra, Orpha and Margaret. His wife became attached to the doctrine of the Universal Friend, and bringing her two younger daughters came to the New Jerusalem. Hers was one of the few instances in which husband and wife were separated by the Friend’s preaching. Dr. Scott sometimes visited his wife and daughters after their removal to the Genesee country. The mother and her two daughters were of a party which left Newport, Rhode Island, for the Promised Land in the spring of 1790. They came by way of the Hudson and Mohawk rivers to Schenectady, where they purchased two bateaux, with which they reached Norris’ Landing. Mrs. Botsford named to the writer of this notice, in 1869, the following members of that party: Adam Hunt, Isaac Nichols, Silas Spink, Nicholas Briggs, Seth Jones, John Briggs and Esther Briggs. Silas Spink and Isaac Nichols were very skilful rowers. It took twenty days of hard work to reach Geneva, then a place of a few log houses. … Margaret, the younger daughter and the subject of this notice, married in 1798 Elijah Botsford, a son of Jonathan Botsford. She was then twenty-two and he thirty years old. … They had two sons Elijah B. and Samuel. Elijah B. … died of cholera in 1832 at Plaquemine in Louisiana. Samuel Botsford is a well known and popular citizen of Jerusalem, residing on the homestead of his father… He married Hester, daughter of Levi Spangler, and they have three children….

Died in Milo Feb. 19th, Lydia May Townsend, adopted daughter of Lydia A. Townsend, aged 9 years.

Died at Eddytown, the morning of the 28th ult., probably of Paralysis, Elder Jefferson M. Fox, aged 39 years…. [He left] a widow and two little daughters…. His wife was a daughter of Elder Ezra Marvin….

Doctor Samuel L. Endruss of Dansville died in that village on Friday, Feb. 24th, of bilious pneumonia, at the advanced age of sixty six years and eight months. He was a native of Pennsylvania….

A young man named James Ayers, a conductor of a freight train on the Northern Central railroad, met with an accident on Saturday evening last which resulted in his instant death. Mr. Ayres had just taken a portion of his train up the steep grade near Pine Valley, about nine miles this side of Elmira… [He] was standing on the platform of the car, when … he fell … with such force as to break his neck. He was about thirty years of age, a resident of Himrods…. —Ont. Times, March 1, 1871

16 March 1871

James Ayres, formerly of Milo near Himrods, was killed by falling from the platform of a car on the Northern Central railroad between Pine Valley and Millport on the 15th of February. He was a son of Peter Ayres, and was born in Bristol, Ontario county…. His remains were taken up and borne to Himrods where his parents live, and were interred there on the 27th…. He was a sober, candid and trusty young man, aged 32 years. —Dundee Record

Rev. E. P. Chapin, an old and respected citizen of Waterloo, died a few days ago at the age of eighty-three years He was one of the first clergymen who preached to the Presbyterian Society of Waterloo.

Edmund Baldwin died at Hornellsville on Sunday the 5th inst at the age of 66. He was a native of Connecticut, learned the trade of hatter at Ithaca, Seneca Co., and was at that time a leading Whig politician. Two of his boys are bankers, and another is a druggist at Hornellsville.

Lieut. Joseph G. Swift of the U.S. Army, a native of Geneva, was found dead in his room at the Hoffman House, New York, on Friday the 3d inst. It is supposed that his death was caused by an overdose of morphine.


23 March 1871

Elisha G. Hopkins, long a resident of Penn Yan, and one of the most respectable citizens of the village, died very suddenly yesterday forenoon. … His age was seventy-eight years.

John Noyes, long a resident of Eddytown, died last Saturday morning very suddenly at his residence in Watkins. —He resided at Eddytown about forty years, and moved away from that place to Watkins last year. … His son, Henry T. Noyes, went to the war as Adjutant of the 148th Reg’t N.Y.V., and became a Colonel in the service. One of his daughters is the wife of Dr. William H. Fish of Mecklenburg, Schuyler Co. Another son in engaged in the study of law. There are two other surviving daughters.

30 March 1871

W.F. Diefendorf, a lawyer of Geneva, died last week at that place. He was a brother of J. J. Diefendorf, former editor of the Dundee Record.

Rockwell Rood, a pioneer of Schuyler County, and a brother of Judge Samuel L. Rood of Watkins, died at Beaver Dam in the town of Orange on the 12th inst., at the age of eighty-two years and seven months.

We are informed that a couple of young men belonging to families formerly residing in Middlesex were killed at Farmerville, Cattaraugus county, on Saturday evening, March 18. It appears there was a gathering of young men to give a horning to a wedding party. After giving one or two salutes, the father of the bride rushed out and fired five shots, killing two young men, one instantly, and the other living only about 23 hours. One of the young men, Ozias Adams, son of Nelson Adams, was killed instantly, and the other Giles Adams, son of la Fayette Adams. The young men were cousins. This deplorable event causes deep feeling among the acquaintances of the bereaved families in Middlesex.

The Watkins Express gives the following items in its notice of the demise of John Noyes: Mr. Noyes was born in Sharon, Litchfield Co., Conn., in January 1802, and had therefore passed his 69th year. Forty-five years ago he came to Starkey….

Died in Penn Yan, March 22d, 1871, Mortimer L., youngest son of Mr. And Mrs. Theodore M. Brown, aged 2 years, 6 months, and 13 days.

6 April 1871

Died in Fredonia, Kansas, March 2, 1871, Myron Barnet Mariner, son of the late Miles Mariner, at the age of twenty four. He was a native of Penn Yan, and had resided in Kansas three years, having lived two years previously in Missouri.

Died in this village on Saturday March 25, 1871, Mrs. Harriet Nelson, wife of James Nelson aged forty-nine years. —Mrs. Nelson was born in 1822 and was a daughter of Libbeus Cleveland and Comfort Booth, his wife, who settled in Milo in 1811…. Of the children of Libbeus Cleveland, Mrs. Nelson was the last. Her sister Hannah, who married Asher Campbell died in 1845. Her only brother Stephen H. Cleveland died in 1865. … She married in 1836 James Nelson who was born in Connecticut in 1807. … [They] have one son Oscar, who married Mary daughter of William Watts….

A large party of friends assembled at the residence of Mrs. Jackson on Walnut street yesterday afternoon to witness the nuptials of Mrs. Maggie J. King and Mr. I.B. Buckley, late of Buckley & Henry, on Delaware street, but now identified with the Moline Plow Company…. — Commerce, Kansas City.  The bridegroom in this happy affair is a son of Abel Buckley a former citizen of Milo….

13 April 1871

Josiah Davis, a merchant of Watkins, was found dead on the steps of the cellar under his store on Tuesday. Death in his case was regarded by the physicians as resulting from organic disease of the heart.

20 April 1871

A young man at Canandaigua named John Osborn, while making an extraordinary effort to outjump one of his school mates, on the 11th inst., ruptured a blood-vessel, from the effects of which he died in a few minutes. He was 17 years of age, and very strong and athletic for one of his years.

William H. Streeter, son of Daniel W. Streeter, Esq., died at Memphis, Tennessee on the 5th inst., in the 31st year of his age. … He was buried at Greenbush, near Albany, the family burial place….

Died at Middlesex, April 2, 1871, Mr. Isaac Wood, aged 44 years. … He leaves a wife and one child….

Dr. Israel Chissom died at his residence at Italy Hill on Friday, April 14, 1871, at the age of sixty-seven years and six months. He was the third son of Moses Chissom, an early settler of the town of Benton. His father died in 1839, and his mother is still living in Benton, with her son Philemon Chissom, in the 88th year of her age…. He married Jane McCallup at Kanona…. They had one daughter, Mary, who married Samuel Hayes and resides in Vermont….

Died in Middlesex, April 4, 1871, Miss Frances M. Smith, adopted daughter of Mrs. J. Mather, aged 20 years. …

Mrs. Matilda B., wife of William Coats, died of consumption at her late residence in Jerusalem, Feb. 16, 1871, aged 45 years. Mrs. Coats was daughter of Samuel and Betsy Wyman, a family favorably known in our county….

27 April 1871

Abraham V. Harpending died at Congress Hall in the city of Albany, at one o’clock on Sunday morning, April 23, 1871…at the age of 54 years, 9 months and fifteen days…. [He] was born at Dundee July 9, 1816. He was the third son of Samuel Harpending and Hannah Cosad his wife, early settlers at Dundee, long known as Harpending’s Corners…..

The Geneva Courier of last week announced the sudden death of William Courtleyou, one of the oldest residents of that village. He was seventy-seven years old and had lived fifty-nine years in Geneva.

Died in Auburn on the 24th inst., Nathaniel Ball, father of S. S. Ball of this village, in the eighty-third year of his age. He was a native of New Jersey, and was nearly sixty years a resident of the town of Pulteney, where he was formerly a Justice of the Peace, as was afterwards his son Nelson Ball….. His brother Elihu Ball, who resided in Watertown, died a few months ago at the age of eighty-six years. …His wife Lucinda Pelton survives at the age of eighty-one, and has a brother near Hammondsport, ninety-one years old. This aged couple were the parents of four children, Emma, Lucy Ann, Sherwood S. and Nelson. Emma married Levi Chase of Jerusalem and died many years ago. Lucy Ann is the wife of Col. J.T. Benton, formerly of Pulteney now of Auburn. Sherwood S. is a well known citizen of Penn Yan. Nelson has been a highly esteemed citizen of Pulteney.

Died near Branchport, of Scarlet fever, March 28, Herbert L., aged 2 yrs, 10 months and 28 days, and on April 16, Freddie H., aged 4 years, 2 months and 18 days—only children of William and Phebe Hurd, and grand-children of Wm. P. Hibbard….