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Vital Records Extracted from the Yates County Chronicle

Editor: Stafford C. Cleveland

January-February 1868

2 Jan 1868

The editor of the Dundee Record is blessed with a good old fashioned mother …. Mrs. Cynthia Wescott is now living in Rushford, Allegany Co., N.Y. She was born in Cranston, R.I., (we think) on Feb. 22d, 1790, consequently she is now nearly 78 years old….

Zacheus Greeley, the father of the editor of the Tribune, died at Wayne, Erie county, on Wednesday, Dec. 11, at the good old age of 86 years. He was a farmer, a native of New Hampshire, and, like his celebrated son, an honest and industrious man.



Hon. Amasa Dana of Ithaca died in that village the 22d ultimo of apoplexy. Judge Dana was formerly a member of Congress when Yates and Tompkins counties were in the same district.

Died, December 8, 35 miles from Fort Saunders, Dakotah Territory, after suffering twenty-five days, Ward, son of Elder George Balcom, who accidentally shot himself with a carbine, striking the lock against a log, aged 21 years.

Mr. Charles H. Wagener, after an absence of several years, returned a few days since to bury his mother. He will remain a few days among his numerous friends before returning west. He has been a resident of Nevada for three or four years past.

A telegraphic dispatch was received by Melzer Tuell, Esq., on Tuesday evening, informing him of the death of his son Samuel R. Tuell, in the city of New York. The body, it is expected, will be brought to Penn Yan for burial. Samuel R. Tuell was for four years Sergeant-at-Arms of the State Senate, and for several years has been an officer in the New York Custom-house.

Mrs. Hannah Merritt, widow of Ephraim Merritt, sister of the Rev. Peter Ritton and half-sister of the Rev. John Depew, died of consumption in Barrington, November 28, 1867, in the 74th year of her age. Our departed sister was born in the town of Kent, Litchfield county, Conn., and in the former part of her married life resided in Dutchess county, N.Y. In 1838 she with her husband and family came to Barrington, where she has since resided until her death. She was the mother of five children, who survive her….

9 January 1867

Gen. Van Valkenburg, the United States Minister in Japan, was married on the 20th of November to Mrs. Schayer, widow of the late Bishop Schayer of New York.

Friday afternoon, Dec. 27th, was a day long to be remembered by Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Van Lew, who celebrated the 50th anniversary of their wedding day…. Rev. S. Porter and wife were present, Mr. P. having married the couple fifty years ago (1817), and being now 86 years of age. Among the aged guests present were Isaac Platt, born in 1795, Aaron Youngs, born in 1790, Mrs. Electa Youngs, his wife, born in 1792, all natives of this State. The children and grandchildren were present, and rejoiced to see their parents celebrating the 50th anniversary of their union. –Geneva Courier


Died, at the residence of Lyman Munger in this village, December 21, Alice O., second daughter of George M. and Susan B. Munger, aged six months and twenty days. –Galva (Ill.) Union

Jesse L. Squier, long and familiarly known in this village, died a few days ago at the residence of his brother, Nathaniel Squier of Italy Hill. Mr. Squier, we believe, was almost 75 years old.

16 January 1868



Died, in Middlesex, December 17, 1867, of consumption, John J. Johnson, Esq., in the 64th year of his age. Mr. Johnson was a native of Otsego county, but has resided for 33 years in Middlesex…. He leaves a wife and three children….

Samuel R. Tuell, formerly of Bath, died after an illness of two or three days, of congestion of the lungs, in New York, last week Tuesday, aged about forty-seven. He was a native of Penn Yan. He married a daughter of ex-sheriff Potter, of Cooper’s Plains, who was home on a visit, but went to New York on being telegraphed, reaching there the morning of his death….—Corning Journal

23 January 1868


A fatal accident occurred on the Erie Railway last Thursday morning between the stations of Hobokus and Bridgewood, east of Elmira. Two extra trains were proceeding eastward, and while on a very sharp curve the hindermost train ran into the other, completely demolishing the caboose, killing the conductor, Mr. Isaac Halper, and severely injuring the flagman, Mr. Wm. Cole.

A sad accident occurred upon the farm of M.D. Monger, in South Bristol on Monday, January 4. Michael Doyle, in replacing a kettle of boiling water upon the stove, turned the contents of the kettle upon his little boy, a child about four years of age. The child was very badly scalded about the body and limbs, one arm being burned very badly. The little sufferer lingered in great agony until Wednesday noon, when he died….

Died at Battle Creek, Michigan, at the residence of his uncle, on the 30th ultimo, Mr. Allen S. Howe of New York, only son of S.B. Howe, of this village.  He had lately been at Niles on business and was on his return home, having stopped to visit his relatives at Battle Creek, was taken sick with typhoid fever, and his death occurred after an illness of little more than three weeks. It is a coincidence … that he was the fourth person who has lately been sent West on business from the house of Griffin & Co., New York, who died before his return…. He leaves an orphan son of ten years of age…. His remains were taken to Buffalo for interment by the side of his wife.

The sad intelligence reaches us of the untimely death of Mrs. Susie Allen, wife of Darius Allen, Esq., late of this village, but now of the city of Janesville, Wisconsin…. Her remains have been sent hither for interment, and her funeral obsequies will be attended next Sabbath, at Milo Center, the place of her nativity and youth….

Dundee items—On Thursday last, Mrs. Michael Cummings, living on the banks of Seneca Lake between William Baskin’s and John Smith’s warehouse in Starkey, was found in a lot frozen to death. She was very thinly clad and was going to a neighbor’s to solicit something to eat….

30 January 1868

Peter Force, the distinguished historian, whose valuable library was purchased by Congress about a year ago, died at his residence in Washington, Thursday evening, in the 78th year of his age. Mr. Force was a printer by trade.


The press of Janesville, Wisconsin, speaks with the most tender sympathy in regard to the loss of their fellow citizen, Darius Allen, Esq., in the death of his wife. The Bar of that city also passed resolutions of condolence. Mrs. Allen was buried last Sunday in the Penn Yan cemetery.

6 February 1868


Mr. Henry Porter of Canandaigua and one of the oldest residents of that village, celebrated his golden wedding a few days since.

Mr. E.T. Benedict, for over thirty-one years Principal of one of the public schools in Buffalo, died at Canandaigua on the first day of January. He was very highly spoken of by the Buffalo press as a gentleman and a man of culture. He was the son of Mr. N.G. Benedict of Jerusalem. His first school he taught at the age of sixteen years, in this county. His age was 54 years.

Married at the residence of Sidney Burrwell, Esq., in Mercer, Pa., January 28th, by the Rev. J.F. Wilson, Mr. Oren L. Munger of Springfield, Ohio, formerly of this place, to Miss Jennie M. Booth of Mercer. Mr. Munger is well known in this vicinity. …

13 February 1868

Hon. James Reed, member of Assembly from the 8th district of the city of New York, died very suddenly in a saloon on Park Row, New York. He had been an Alderman of the city, and had served one previous winter, if we mistake not, as a member of Assembly.


Died in Middlesex, January 27, 1868, of dropsy, Mercy Lewis, wife of the late Jesse Lewis, in the 74th year of her age. Mrs. Lewis was a native of Otsego county, but has resided fifty-five years in Middlesex. She leaves two children….

It was reported one of the late cold mornings that a woman was found frozen to death near Starkey’s Corners, and that a letter found on her person led to the belief that her name was Mrs. Wright.

Patrick Rogers, commonly known as “Big Pat,” by jumping from the express train on the 4th inst., near the residence of B. Potter in Starkey, received injuries that caused his death.

20 February 1868



An estimable young man by the name of L.H. Fowler committed suicide at North Hector on Monday evening of last week. He was a son of the late Ira Fowler, and was in business at Watkins as a merchant. While on a visit to his brother at North Hector he was found dead in his bed, his death evidently having been caused by a pistol wound inflicted by himself. … His age was about twenty-four years.

This community has been greatly startled this morning by the announcement that Mr. Lyman H. Fowler … had taken his own life…. He first took poison and then shot himself. He is the son of the late Ira Fowler, of Starkey Landing…. His father terminated his own life by drowning himself about eighteen months ago. The son came here from Geneva…. –Schuyler County Democrat

27 February 1868

Mrs. Harriet Tuell, who was married two or three years ago to Mr. Colegrove, formerly of Trumansburg, has received a divorce in the courts of Iowa. Both parties are relieved from the marital contract.