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Penn Yan Democrat

Genealogical Extracts

From issues printed in 1844, 1848, 1849

Tuesday, March 26, 1844

    In Benton, on the 18th inst., of consumption, Miss Eliza Drew, in the 20th year of her age.
    At Angelica, on Monday the 18th inst. Charles R., son of the Hon. Robert Monell, of Greene, Chenango co.

Tuesday, July 11, 1848

List of letters, remaining in the Post Office at Benton, July 1, 1848.

Ansley Hiram  Crosby Mr.
Casner Ezekel  Carroll William
Easton Harray  Edmond Aaron
Eaton Adolphas  Freer Gabriel
Foggerson Benjamin  Fairbank Ira
Gage Arnold  Gelder Henry
Gretlett Hiram  Goff Timothy
Hazen P. Ann  Hudson Wm. S.
Kidder Cyrus  King Daniel
Kritzer Wm.  Lewis Sally Ann
Lazenby Charles  Lyon S. C.
Cornell Hiram M.  McClain William
Miller W. H.  Oxtoby George
Pelton Samuel  Parlet John A.
Raquad Thomas  Raynolds James H.
Randell Edwin R.  Rinner D. L.
Snyder John  Smith J.
Scank France  Stanton John
Saylor Joel  Taylor D. S.
Weed Hiram    
Stephen Garrison, P. M.

Letters remaining in the Post Office at Benton Centre, July 1, 1848.


G. G. Anderson  Allen M. Catto
Julius Carl  Mrs. Lucretia Elder
Mrs. Sarah Miller  Rhemas Roger  2
Orra Sherman  H. S. Benedict
Wm. Combstock  Mrs. Lucinda Daw
Wm. H. Miller  2  Hugh Rippey
N. D. Sexton  2    
I. N. Gage, P. M.

List of letters remaining in the Post Office at Penn Yan, July 1, 1848
Persons calling for any of these letters, will please say advertised.

Andros Kotsen  Leach Richard
Ackley Lawrence  Lanegan James
Akerly John M.  Lewis Capt.
Adsit Melissa  Leveret Mr.  2
Amorins John  Lafler Harris
Andruss Mrs. T.  Linn Daniel
Allen Henry  Lines Philand
Andrus John T.  Miller Stephen W.
Aiken Darwin  Mohair Charles
Adams Master John B.  Morse Rocius
Allen Edward  2  Murdock Ira
Baily Sarah Maria  Martin H. P.
Bonny Lester  Mills Arthur
Barnes Lewis  Menise Prince
Bean Frankling (sic)  Moore & Farrell
Baker Gilbert  Miller Will
Brown Mrs. Marthy  Miles Wm.
Bissel Miss S.  Moxey John  2
Briel Robert  2  Mead Cyrus
Barnett Miss Hannah  Marshal Michael
Briggs Seth  McAy Mrs. Sabra
Burgess Hiram  Owen Joseph E.
Bony Jethro  Ostradder Elizabeth
Bony Thompson  Oneil Denis
Beers Benjamin T.  O’Connel James
Burton Mary  Pease C. C.
Bug[  ]t A. M.  2  Pulver Henry
Benham John  Potter B. W.
Babcock Job  Pelton Samuel  2
Buckley C. M.  Pelton L. B.
Bitely Mary J.  Playsted Mary
Bissel Nicholas  Purdy Ralph N.
Badger Gardner  Phelps Rhoda
Cole David  Pulver Henry S.
Cole Richard  Peck Abil
Cook Andrew B.  Proper Lockwood
Conley Michael  2  Prindle Mrs. Mary
Clark Rowell  2  Potter Chester
Coovert Isac  Rogers Seth
Cook [ ]. A.  Roff T. W.
Cowin Thomas  Rudman Wm A.
Dunn Semantha  Rector Henry
Deyolia Joseph or Mathew  Reynolds Ira & Co
Dean Arthur M.  Rogers John
Donaldson John  Richards Patrick
Dunning L. W.  Rathbun James
Deyoliy Joseph  Rodman S.
Deming L. F.  Sutherland Miss C.
Drake Ellis  Stark J. N.  2
Degraw Angeline  Smith Martha
Duncan Nelson  Stark Mrs. E. R.
Elwell Ebenezer  Stanton James
Easton Salina A.  2  Stoddard Andrew
Enos B. F.  Stapleton John
Enos Lucy  Smith G. W.
Eakley Julia  Sabin D. L.
Freeman John  Spooner Mary Ann
Fowle Simeon  Smith Miss Theadore E.
Feller Chrestian  Sipls Joel
Fingar James  Stewart William Henry
Feagles Joahna  Sody Lyman or Father
Fullagar Mr.  Spooner Allen P.
Fe[  ] Stephen  Smith John
Fish Henry A.  Sutherland John
Geagan John  Scott Mr. A.
Gleason Nelson  Swarthout T. B.
Hewit Walter  Siples & Andrus
Henries Aaron H.  Shaw Mr.
Herrington Eunice  Smith Mary
Houghtaling Albert  2  Tuthill Miss Mariah
Henry W. P.  Tuttle Edmund
Hope Alen  Tripp John P.
Haram Michael  Tomes Marion
Hager J. M.  3  Tierny Michael
Hillard William A.  Townshend Thomas
Hughs Bridget  Tracy Mrs.
Holbrook Thomas  Tompson Mrs. Sara
Henderson James A.  Torence Mrs. Phebe E.
Hath Mr. G.  Thompson William
Hemp Jeremiah G.  Toles P. E.
Haggerty John  Umans Sophia A.
Hazard John  Vanscoy Vanrensselaer
Hill Mr.  Waterman Sarah A.
Henderson James W.  Wertfull Pete
Henry Gilbert  Warner Samuel
Hopkins Wm.  Willson Albert
Hoose Jacob  Woodhull Miss Phebe
Jones Hiram  Wigden David
Jorden Patrick  Willson Jeremiah
Kidder Miss Marion  Whitney Lydia Allen
Kress John  Willet James
Kellog Michael  Willson Jane E.
Kelby John  Witter Miss Daborah (sic)
Ketchum & Fanel  Yoaken Aaron
D. A. Ogden, P. M.

List of letters remaining in the Post Office at Milo, June 30, 1848.

Alyea Barbary  Masses Edward
Asbel David  Morse Harrison W.
Bennett Thos.  McCoy James F.
Bean Abraham  Newman Robert
Dann H. S.  Prosser Abraham
Finch Solomon  Russel A[  ]sa
Green John R.  Boyce S. P.
Haggerty John  Stewart George D.
Hosskins Samuel  Sission Luther
Lott James  Townsend Prudence
Legg Joshua  Youngs George
Misier Solomon  Waller Henry
Mallory Smith M.  Wisner Henry A.
Miller Samuel V. C.  J. G. Baker, P. M.

  Married - In this village, July 3d, by the Rev. Mr. Goodwin, Mr. Hiram Kenyon, of Penn Yan, to Miss Sarah Ann Northrop, of Potter.

Tuesday, May 15, 1849

     Departed this life very suddenly on Saturday last Joseph Jones, in the seventy-sixth year of his age. He had been out in Wayne county, engaged in surveying and had proceeded as far as Geneva in his return home. He was in good spirits and apparently in the enjoyment of his first rate hotel and had so expressed himself but a moment before. He had got into the stage at the Franklin House in the company with three other passengers, and rode up to the Geneva Hotel, where the stage halted for more passengers for Penn Yan. While waiting here, the deceased fell back in his seat, and expired almost instantly, without a struggle or groan. Mr. J. came to Penn Yan to reside about forty years ago, and during the whole of that time his deportment has been such that he won the respect and esteem of all who knew him. He had not a single enemy within the whole circle of his acquaintance. A man never lived that was more universally esteemed than was “Friend Jones”. He was a man of the strictest integrity, and of the most unswerving correct deportment. Although he has lived beyond the years that is commonly allotted to man, yet there is not one that could be taken from our midst that would be missed by this community as much as Joseph Jones will be.

Tuesday, July 3, 1849

To be married - Expects to be married on the 4th of July, Independence Day, Mr. David S. Taylor, of Penn Yan.

Tuesday, December 4, 1849

    In this village on the 27th ult., by Rev. Alpha Wright, Mr. Seth Miner, Esq. of Prattsburgh, to Mrs. S. Elizabeth Philbrick of Penn Yan.
    In Milo by the same, on the same day, Mr. Gardiner Blanchard of Springwater, to Miss Cornelia Moshier, of the former place.
    On the evening of the 28th inst., in the town of Barrington, by Rev. D. B. Olney, Hon. George W. Wolcott to Miss Flora E. Shaw, of the aforesaid place.

Tuesday, December 25, 1849

    In Milo, on the 17th inst., by Rev. W. W. Robinson, Mr. S. C. Goodwin, of Hammondsport, and Miss Mary Ann Kimble, of Milo.
    In Potter, on Thursday the 13th instant by Rev. Mr. Tooker, of Rushville, Mr. Floyd McDaniels to Miss Nancey Page, daughter of Mr. Abraham Page, all of Potter.
    In Milo, on the 20th inst., by Rev. A. Wright, Mr. Frederick Rowe of Wayne co., to Mrs. Nan[   ] Robinson of the former place.
    In Penn Yan, on Sunday morning last, by Rev. Howell Smith, Mr. Calvin H. Stone, to Miss Mary A. Keeler, all of Milo.
    Died, at Republic, Seneca Co., Ohio, on the 9th December, Mrs. Charlotte C., wife of Martin Finch, in the 26th year of her age, and formerly of Penn Yan.