[Vital records] [Extracts]

Vital Records Extracted from the Yates County Chronicle

Editor: Stafford C. Cleveland

September - December 1872

5 September 1872

Died in Penn Yan on Sunday, Sept. 1, 1872, Mrs. Anna E., wife of Francis B. Shearman, at the age of fifty-five years. Mrs. Shearman was a native of the town of Jerusalem, and a daughter of Capt. Wm. H. Stewart. She was the mother of three children, John H. Shearman, proprietor of the Canandaigua Hotel at Canandaigua, Frank B. Shearman of Penn Yan, and a daughter, Sarah C., wife of Jedediah Treat. Mrs. Shearman was for many years a consistent member of the Methodist Church.


12 September 1872

Henry Van Verst died at Bellona, July 9th, at the age of fifty-eight years. He was a native of Lodi, New Jersey, and had spent most of his life near Bellona.

Calvin Drake died in Benton, August 14th, 1872, at the age of nearly eighty-four years. He was born Oct. 1, 1788, and was long a resident of Stoughton, Mass. He lived a few years in Seneca county, and moved from there to Jerusalem, buying the farm of William Culver on Bluff Point. From there he moved to Milo and for several years was proprietor of the Distillery on the outlet below Penn Yan.

Died in Potter, Sept. 3d, of consumption, Wemple W., the only son of Wm. W. Wyman, in the 24th year of his age. Deceased had just returned from Colorado, where he had spent a few months for his health, but to no purpose. He leaves a kind wife and a heart stricken father and sister, and a kind stepmother…. His remains were taken to Nettle Valley Cemetery and interred in its final resting place.



19 September 1872

Clark Rice, long a prominent and respected sitizen of Italy, and later a resident of Prattsburg, died Sept. 4 at his house near Geneva, at the age of seventy.

26 September 1872

Died very suddenly at his home in this village on Monday night, Sept. 23d, Elisha Delano, at the age of seventy-four years. …. Mr. Delano was born at Wilkesbarre, Pa., in 1798. His mother was one of those who escaped in 1779 from the Indian massacre in the Valley of Wyoming. He located in Penn Yan in 1824. He married in 1825, Sarah, daughter of Joshua Andrews, and sister of Dr. Jeremiah B. Andrews. They have resided nearly half a century in this village…. His wife survives him at the age of sixty-nine. Their children were two daughters, Mary and Anna. Mary is the widow of Henry Cook of Geneva. Anna is a teacher of drawing and painting. Henry Cook died leaving a daughter Anna.

3 October 1872

Webster J. Stanton died at Havana, Sept. 20th, at the age of twenty-five. He was a native of Penn Yan, a printer and a very worthy young man. He commenced his acquaintance with the newspaper business as a carrier of the Yates County Chronicle. For five years he was employed in the office of the Rochester Union.

Died in Bath the 20th ult., of typhoid fever, Martha T., wife of S.S. Reynolds and daughter of Capt. A. Wood, in the 24th year of her age. In this place and in Hammondsport, her circle of friends…are saddened…. She leaves a son a few months over two years of age, with her husband.—Dem.

Died at his home in this village on Sunday, September 29th, 1872, James Cooley, at the age of seventy-one years. Mr. Cooley was a native of West Milford, New Jersey, and was a son of Peter Cooley of that place. He was born in 1801, was the oldest of seven children, and the survivor of all his brothers and sisters, the last of whom, Mrs. Oliver Coleman, died the 25th of August last. He came to this place at the age of about twenty-five years, a carpenter and joiner, and wrought a few years for Melzer Tuel, after which he set up as a wagon maker on Head street…. He was one of the original members of the Congregational church in this village, and continued one of its most ardent supporters while it remained…. He married in 1828 Mary, the sister of Amzi Bruen, and after her death he married in 1834 her sister Elizabeth Bruen. By the first marriage were born three children, two daughters who died young, and George R., now a respected citizen of Angelica. [He] married Emily, a daughter of Col. Samuel Carpenter of Angelica, and they have two children. By the second marriage of James Cooley were born two children, Bruen C. and John. The latter was a brave and meritorious soldier of the 148th Regiment, and left the service with the rank of Major. Bruen C. is a mechanic of this village. He married first a daughter of  Henry Carley, and has a second wife, Anna Crane. They have one child. James Cooley married a third wife, Hannah Cooley (widow), in 1865, and lived a few years at Dundee. He has more recently resided in Penn Yan. Peter Cooley, the father of James, lived with the latter in his old age, and died in this County at the age of eighty-two years. James Cooley when he first came to this place traveled all the way from New Jersey on foot. He afterwards returned on foot and brought back by the same method of travel his younger brother George. The latter was a tailor…. George Cooley died in 1864 at the age of about fifty years.

10 October 1872

Rev. Mr. Parrington, an aged Baptist minister, died at Prattsburg on the 25th ultimo.

Rev. Father Driscoll, a Catholic clergyman of Corning, died in that village last Sunday. He died a very young man and greatly beloved.

Died at his home in Geneva on Saturday, October 5, 1872, Rodney L. Adams, at the age of fifty-six years, eight months and nineteen days…. [He] was born in Wilkesbarre, Pa., Jan. 16, 1816, and was a son of Oliver S. Adams and Catharine Caulkglazier, his wife, residents of the Valley of Wyoming…. In 1864 he came to Penn Yan and bought of Nicholas D. Suydam the Yates County Whig, which he conducted with spirit and ability until 1852, and the same year purchased the Wayne County Whig…. [He] married in 1841 Martha Ann Southworth of Rochester, and they have been the parents of six children….

17 October 1872


Mrs. Phillips, about 66 years of age and widow of James Phillips, residing at Gorham, accidentally fell into the mill race at Bethel on Saturday the 5th inst., and was drowned. Her body was recovered in about two hours.—Express

George Gray, son of Isaac Gray of this village, died on Monday. He was a soldier and his funeral was attended yesterday by his brethren of the Post. His death was caused by infirmities produced by his experience in the Army.

24 October 1872

Moses Black, one of the pioneers of the town of Seneca, died in that town Sept. 27th. He was born in Maryland in 1780 and became a resident of Seneca in 1810.

Married October 16, 1872, at 7 o’clock p.m. at the West Milo Baptist Church, by the Rev. Mr. Parker, Mr. Nelson Dains and Miss Susie Thayer…. FRIEND

The Dundee Record notices the decease on the 4th inst., of Elder Joseph G. Anderson at the age of nearly eighty years. He was a native of Saratoga County, where he married Deborah Spencer, who survives him…. About 1820 he became a resident of Barrington, then Wayne….

Rev. Charles Z. Case, an able and popular minister of the Methodist Church, died at Clifton Springs on Saturday last, at the age of thirty-six years….

Died Oct. 15th at Southport near Elmira, Mrs. Polly Huntley, widow of Francis Huntley who died at the same place in July 1870. They were each seventy years of age at the time of their death. Mr. and Mrs. Huntley were the foster parents of Mrs. William Judd…. Mrs. Huntley’s maiden name was Root, and she was a favorite niece of the late Hon. Erastus Root of Delaware county,… --COM.

31 October 1872


7 November 1872

Mrs. Mary Y.C. Greeley, wife of Horace Greeley, died in this city yesterday morning…. Mrs. Greeley’s maiden name was Mary Young Cheney. She was born and educated at Litchfield, Connecticut…. In addition to her bereaved husband, she leaves two daughters…the only survivors of a family of five children… The remains will be borne to Greenwood, to repose beside the two sons and a daughter now lying there.—The Tribune

The Hon. John A. Griswold died in Troy yesterday evening… [He] was born in 1822 in Nassau, Rensselaer county….—Tribune, Nov. 2

We are deeply pained to learn that Joseph Jones, Editor of the Ilion (N.Y.) Citizen, died yesterday after a brief illness of typhoid fever. Mr. Jones was about thirty-three years old. …[He] was a grandson of Joseph Jones, the old surveyor so well known in the early history of Yates County. The older Joseph Jones was a Quaker, and long a citizen of Benton and Penn Yan. …The younger Joseph Jones was a son of Richard M. Jones and Rachel Kester his wife, long residents of this village. The father died a soldier in Union service. His daughter Josephine is the wife of Royal G. Kinner, and his son William a clerk in this village. The oldest, Joseph, so prematurely deceased, was a young man of rare worth and promise….

We regret to learn of the death of Mrs. Olive J., wife of DeWitt C. Crawford of Pine Valley on the 17th inst. She was 43 years, 9 months and 18 days old…. Mrs. Crawford was born in Hector and was the only daughter of Wm. Jefferson of that town….—Horseheads Journal

14 November 1872

Yesterday, George Gordon Meade, Major-General in the Army of the United States, was carried to his last resting place….—Tribune

Mrs. Mills, relict of Elisha Mills, died here on Nov. 6th, aged 90 years.—Naples Record

Rev. Dr. Metcalf, Senior Professor of Hobart College, died in Geneva on Wednesday of last week, at the age of sixty-six years.

Moses Samuels, a farmer thirty-seven years of age, was killed by a Northern Central Railway train near Millport, on Friday evening, November 1st….

The funeral of Joseph Jones, late editor of the Ilion Citizen, took place at Dansville last Saturday.

Gen. George G. Mead, whose death is just announced, was a West Point graduate and one of the most useful soldiers of the Union, during the war of the Rebellion. His name will always be remembered as Commander-in-Chief at Gettysburg. He died at the age of fifty-six at Philadelphia….

Thomas Walsh, a prominent citizen of Wayne, residing near Wayne Hotel, committed suicide last Sunday by drowning in Lake Keuka…..


21 November 1872

John Finch, an old and respected citizen of Milo, died at his residence at Himrods, on Saturday morning last, Nov. 16, at the age of seventy-two years, after a brief illness. He was a son of Solomon Finch, who died a few years ago at the age of ninety-eight.

We are informed that Cyrus E. Herrick, a well known and respected citizen of Jerusalem, died very suddenly a few days ago at his house on Bluff Point. He dropped dead instantly, it is supposed by a stroke of apoplexy.

Died in Howell, Livingston county, Michigan, Oct. 9, 1872, Alexander Boyd, at the age of sixty-six. He was the oldest son of Robert N. Boyd, one of the earlier pioneers of Yates county, and was for many years a resident of Penn Yan…. He was born in Hopeton, while his father lived there as a blacksmith. His brother Robert McDowell Boyd is a citizen of Jerusalem, and another brother Tompkins W. Boyd is a citizen of Pulteney. The deceased married Rachel Fitzwater of Milo, who survives him, with one daughter. An only son died a Captain in the Union service. The family moved to Michigan about twenty years ago….

28 November 1872


5 December 1872

It is with exceeding sadness that we speak of the lamentable decease of Horace Greeley…. [He] died Nov. 29th, 1872 at the age of sixty-one years and nine months…. [Issue has black borders; many long obituaries and eulogies.]


12 December 1872

Judge Thomas A. Johnson died at his residence in Corning last Friday, Dec. 6, at the age of sixty-eight years…..

George H. Sherman died at his residence on Canal street, on Monday of last week, aged 33 years…. [He] faithfully served as a soldier in the war of the rebellion, in the 33d New York Volunteers….—Express

George Hawley, Esq., of Potter Center, died at his residence in that village on Friday last…. The deceased was a brother of Dr. William Hawley of this village….—Express

Died very suddenly…at Greeley, Colorado Territory, on Saturday, December 7th, 1872, Frank M. Babcock, at the age of twenty-nine years…. To the parents, Mr. John C. Babcock and wife, it is a bereavement more desolating in its power than could have reached them in any other form…. Frank was their only surviving child. An interesting daughter was buried in the Penn Yan cemetery about twenty years ago. Frank M. Babcock was born and grew up to manhood in this village….

Isaac Joshua Belknap departed this life at his residence in the town of Benton, Oct. 21, 1871 at the age of 48 years. He was born in the same town where he died, in the year 1823, and was the fifth of a family of six children. His father and mother, Briggs and Miama Belknap, were reared in the township of Newburgh in Orange county, where they resided until the year 1816, when they moved to the township of Benton, in this county, where they resided until their death. The death of Briggs Belknap occurred in 1839, and that of Miama Belknap in May 1863. They left a family of six children, three of whom now survive. The family consisted of Frances, James, Sarah, Mary, Joshua and George, of whom Frances, James and Sarah are still living. …--Penn Yan Express

19 December 1872

Died at Kinney’s Corners in the town of Jerusalem on Sunday, Dec. 15, 1872, Mrs. Elizabeth Moore, at the age of seventy-eight years. Mrs. Moore was a sister of Dr. William Cornwell, and was born and married in Delaware county. Her husband, the late William Moore of Jerusalem, died in 1867. Since 1820 they have resided at Kinney’s Corners, a period of more than fifty years. They were the parents of a large family of children.

Edwin Forrest, the renowned tragedian, died very suddenly last week in Philadelphia, the city of his birth and residence, in the sixty-seventh year of his age. …

The painful news of Mr. Charles Bates’ death came to us a few days since. He removed from this place to Wellington, Kansas, with his family a little over a year ago….—Penn Yan Democrat


26 December 1872

Mrs. Lucy Hall, wife of Amos Hall, died of paralysis at Havana, Schuyler county, on the 14th inst., at the age of eighty-five years. This aged couple formerly resided near this village.

E.A. Pollard died at Lynchburg, Virginia, on the 17th inst., at the age of forty-five. He was the principal historian of the rebellion….

Thomas Foot, a son of Hon. Samuel Foot of Geneva, died at his father’s residence on the 14th inst., in the twenty-six year of his age….

The Havana Enterprise gives an account of a birthday party in Hector, Schuyler county, in which Mrs. Margaret Everts, widow of the late Col. Aranthus Everts, entertained a party of seventy, including four generations of her descendants. The old lady is now eighty-nine years old, and is one of the very few that remain of the pioneer residents of the town. Her husband and his son Alanson G. Everts surveyed the village plot of Watkins, and built the first store and dwelling in that place.

Married at the Methodist Episcopal Church in Penn Yan, on Thursday, Dec. 19th, 1872, by Rev. M.S. Leet, Mr. D. Stuart McKay of St. Louis, Mo., and Miss Ruth A. Mallory of Penn Yan, only daughter of the late John Mallory….

Horatio Woodward, a…resident of the town of Hector, Schuyler county, died very suddenly on Friday afternoon, Dec. 20th….—Elmira Advertiser

Truman Reed died at his home in Italy on Sunday morning, December 22, 1872, at the age of eighty-two years and seven months. [He] was born in Windsor, Massachusetts May 22, 1790. With his father and mother he settled in Italy Hollow in 1815, on lot 3 of the North Survey and resided on the same spot through the remainder of his well extended life. …His father Joshua Reed died at the age of sixty-five, and was the second person buried in the Italy Hollow Cemetery. His mother Judith also died in 1821 at sixty-five…. In 1821 he married Sally Brown, his first wife, and after her death he married in 1842 a second wife, Rebecca Henneberg…. Henry Henneberg, the father of Mrs. Truman Reed, died recently at her home upwards of ninety years old…. He was born in Ulster county, in 1780, saw Robert Fulton’s first steamboat launched in 1801, had yellow fever in 1804 in New York and came to this county with Dr. Uri Judd in 1820.

Died at Avon on Sunday, Dec. 22, 1872, Mary Pugh, wife of John C. Scheetz, at the age of fifty seven years. [She] was born in Norristown, Montgomery county, Pa., November 10, 1815, and was the daughter of Michael and Jane Pugh. She married Oct. 27, 1841, John C. Scheetz, who was a native of the same place, and came at once to Penn Yan, where they have since resided. Mr. Scheetz came here to live in 1837…. Three children were born to them. Two sons died in infancy, and the only survivor is their daughter Sarah J., who married in January 1866, Mr. Leonard A. Clark, a banker of East Saginaw, Michigan, where they now reside….