[Vital records] [Extracts]

Vital Records Extracted from the Yates County Chronicle

Editor: Stafford C. Cleveland

January - April 1875

7 January 1875

Died at her residence in the town of Torrey on the 17th day of Dec. 1874… Mrs. Rosetta T. Brown, aged 65 years. She was the wife of Daniel Brown, was the mother of six children-four daughters and two sons-all of whom, except the oldest son, who died many years ago, survive her. Daniel Brown and Miss Rosetta B. Tuttle were married some forty or forty-five years ago, and began housekeeping on the homestead of Daniel Brown, Sen., where they have always remained up to the time of her death, where Daniel and his youngest son and daughter, both unmarried, still remain… Her remains were deposited in the Evergreen cemetery at Dresden…

Miss Orsavilla Hewitt [of Branchport] died at the Willard Asylum about a week ago. Her body was brought home for interment.

The Chicago Tribune of a late date notices with eulogistic remarks the death of Samuel Pearce, occurring in that city Dec. 14th, aged 83 years. He was born in Middlesex, Yates county, served in the war of 1812, resided for some time at Clifton Springs, and removed to Chicago in 1864. He was the father of Wm. L. Pearce, formerly landlord of the Temperance Hotel, Geneva, whose death occurred last August.-Geneva Gazette


14 January 1875

Died on West Italy Hill, Aug. 17, 1874, Miss Carrie Barber, aged 15 years. The subject of this memoir was the only daughter of Virgil and Althea Barber of Italy….

The death is announced in New York of Mr. Charles D. Champlin of Hammondsport, a gentleman for a long time connected with the Pleasant Valley Wine Company….-Elmira Advertiser, Jan. 9

From the Chronicle I learn of the death of Mr. [Timothy E.] Jones Dec. 27, 1874. My acquaintance with him was nearly forty years ago…. [He] was born near Clarkstown, Rockland county Jan. 11, 1784, and at his death lacked but two weeks of being eighty-one years old. He came to Rockstream, then Reading, in 1820, his brother Benjamin having settled there some six years earlier. His wife died in 1829. He had eight children and numerous grandchildren…. In his father's family were seven brothers, of whom Timothy and Benjamin only are known to all the inhabitants of Rockstream…. Timothy saw some service in the War of 1812, for which he for a few years received a pension. His father Edward Jones was a "Minute Man" during the Revolutionary war. His grandfather Joseph Jones was a Welshman who at an early day settled east of the Hudson and then in Rockland county. This Joseph Jones, though an old man, served his country during all the War of Independence, and was often in action under the immediate command of Washington. C.T.W. Greenfield, Ind., Jan. 7, 1875

On Thursday, January 7th, Mrs. Maria, widow of Almon S. Kidder died suddenly at Yatesville, of general debility, aged 66 years. She was a daughter of Job Briggs an early resident of the town of Potter. Her mother Susanna Potter was a niece of Judge Potter, the founder of the town. Mrs. Sprague and Frank Kidder are her surviving children.


21 January 1875

Died quite suddenly on the morning of the 11th inst., at the residence of her son-in-law George Campbell near the foot of Keuka Lake, Mrs. Elizabeth Hazen, aged 84 years. Mrs. Hazen, whose maiden name was Worden, was born at Peekskill, Putnam county, on the 20th of March 1791, and was married to Hosea Hazen (who was born in the same place on Oct. 8, 1785) in 1808, they resided there until their first child was born, and then came to reside here in the Lake or Genesee country as it was then called, they came here in 1810 and settled on what was afterwards known as the "Rudd farm" where Mr. Hazen followed the occupation of hatter for many years, they then moved on the farm opposite where Edwin H. Nutt now resides in a house that was torn down many years ago. Here they resided until near 1833 when they came to this village (Dresden) to reside…. Their family consisted of eight children, five daughters and three sons, to wit: Adaline, born 1809, died in 1861, single; Lucy, who married George Campbell born 1811, they reside as stated above; Harrison H. who married Sarah Ann Stewart, now reside at Beaver Dam, Wisconsin, is a merchant tailor, he was born in 1814; Miss Fanny Hazen was born in 1818, died in 1841; Horatio N.N. Hazen, born in 1821, he married Carrie Shaw and resides here, is a merchant tailor; Horace Hazen, born 1823, married Waity Youngs for his first wife. She died in 1862 and for his second wife Miss Hellen Hayes, she died on the 17th of July last aged 33. Horace resides at Hopeton now; Sabina Hazen, born in 1829 died in 1831; Elizabeth B. Hazen was born in 1830, she married Henry Agar, they now reside at Batavia. Mrs. Hazen (the subject of this notice) was one of the earlier settlers here, who lived to see great changes in the appearance of this town, she came to Benton when there was no Dresden, she saw the little village start up and grow in importance, from one little store that Isaac Bogert had in the east room of what is now the residence of William J. Smith…. Her remains are to be deposited by the side of her husband and daughters here in the Evergreen cemetery…. M. Dresden, Jan. 25, 1875

Married at the home of the bride on Wednesday, Jan. 20th, 1875, Mr. James W. Fry of Syracuse and Miss Mary Cowing, daughter of Albert R. Cowing, Esq., of Jerusalem….

Died at the residence of John Cornwell in Penn Yan on Sunday, January 3, 1875, Miss Frances Adelia Haight, daughter of Isaac Haight of Jerusalem, at the age of thirty-one years. The deceased was born on Bluff Point and resided there in early life. Her mother died when she was quite young. ….

It is with deep regret that I have to record the death of Rev. W.B.H. Beach. His death was the result of typhoid fever, and occurred at Cheshire, Ontario county, Thursday, the 13th inst. His age was sixty years. In 1867 he became a resident of Starkey… He leaves a wife and four small children…

Died in Tyrone at Hall's Corners on the 8th inst., Dr. A.J. Maring, aged about 63 years. He was formerly a resident of this village, where he studied medicine and married….-Dundee Record

Died at the residence of his son, E.A. Porter in Menominee on Sunday, Jan. 3, 1875, Robert Porter, aged 75 years. Mr. Porter was born in Yates county, May 27, 1800. He lived for quite a number of years in West Hollow, in Naples…. He leaves a widow 65 years old and two sons, E.A. Porter and H.A. Porter…--Menominee Reporter


28 January 1875

Died in Penn Yan on Friday morning Jan. 22, 1875, Mrs. Lovina Chapman, relict of the late Hon. Heman Chapman in the eighty first year of her age. [She] was one of the twelve children of Anthony Swarthout, who settled at North Hector at a very early period. The subject of this notice was born there in April, 1794. When she was a child about fourteen years of age the family moved to the town of Wayne, near Keuka Landing where they afterwards resided. She married in 1814 Heman Chapman, and in 1818 they purchased the farm in Torrey known as the McLean farm in the southwest part of that town, and there they afterwards resided…. She was the mother of eight children, four of whom survive to bless her memory. The oldest, Aaron Eddington, died at twenty-seven. The second, a son, died in infancy. The third, Andrew F. Chapman, born in 1820, married Mary E., daughter of Henry Hicks, Esq., and resides near this village… Bethia, the oldest daughter of Mrs. Chapman, resided single with her mother at her home in this village. George, the fourth son, born in 1826, married Elizabeth Atker of Seneca Co., and died a few years later, leaving two children…. Sarah E. the second daughter married Wm. F. Thompson of Penn Yan, who died…several years ago…. Hannah L., the youngest daughter, married Lucius Elmendorf and died in Iowa, leaving no children. Heman J., the youngest of the family, married Margaret French. They have five children and reside at present in Penn Yan….

Died in Shanghai, China, Sept. 21st, 1874, Mrs. L.M. Carpenter, wife of Rev. S. Carpenter, D.D., aged 63 years…. The excellent lady whose decease is here recorded must be well remembered by many people of Penn Yan, and also the two little Chinese girls taken by Mrs. Chase to rear and educate.

Jesse Swarthout of the town of Phelps, Ontario county, the oldest of the Swarthout clan, died on Monday the 18th inst., aged one hundred years, ten months and fifteen days.

The young man burned to death at Horseheads was Park G. Harrington. He was twenty-one years old and was for some years a resident of this village. His mother was a milliner.

From the Dundee Record we learn that Dr. Samuel K. Huson, formerly of Dundee and for many years a citizen of Lawrence, Kansas, died in the latter place on the 2nd inst., at the age of 46 years…. His wife was a sister of James Spicer, Esq., of Dundee, and she survives him with two children.

Died at the residence of Seymour Tracy, Esq., in this village on Monday evening, Jan. 25th, 1875, Mrs. Charlotte Kneeland, at the age of nearly eighty-eight years. This aged lady was the mother of Mrs. Seymour Tracy of this village, of Mrs. Martin Spencer, formerly of this village and now of Galva, Ill.; also of A.J. Kneeland, Esq., a former resident of this village and resident at Homer, N.Y. Mrs. Kneeland was born in 1787 and was one of the seventeen children of Ephraim Kidder, who was from Spencertown, Columbia county, and settled in Benton in 1800. His wife was Sarah Spencer, an aunt of Truman and Elijah Spencer. He died in 1836 at the age of eighty-two. -His daughter Charlotte, the subject of this notice, married in 1807 Amasa Kneeland of East Haddam, Connecticut. -They settled in Marcellus, Onondaga county, where he died, leaving ten surviving children….

George McMillan died of consumption at Pulaski, Florida, Jan. 13, 1875, at the age of about thirty years… In 1855 George came with his parents to Starkey, being then a mere lad…..

Married at Bradford, Jan. 11, by Rev. Wm. Atwell, Mr. Frank Nichols of Starkey and Miss Retta W. Rarrick of Bradford.

Married at the home of the bride, Jan. 20th by Rev. G.S. Watson, Mr. John Lewis of Blossburg, Pa., and Miss Belle, daughter of Nathaniel Townsend of Starkey.

Alexander Ross, Esq., of Dix, died at his residence on the old county line road west of this village on Sunday the 17th inst., aged seventy-three years. Deceased was born in Starkey, Yates county; but has resided in the town of Dix for a great many years… --Watkins Express

Died at Rathboneville, Steuben county, on the 14th inst., James M. Edgerton, formerly of this town, in the 72nd year of his age. He was born in Herkimer county, July 23rd, 1803, and came to this county with his parents in 1814. He was the second of a family of seven children, two sons and five daughters, of whom but one survives him, his sister Harriet of Rock Stream. He was married in 1830 to Miss Sarah Wakefield of Buffalo and raised a family of seven children, of whom six are living. After living in the vicinity of Buffalo some years he returned to this county and lived near his early home for several years, and in 1867 removed to the place where he ended his life. His remains were brought to Rock Stream, where he sleeps near his parents and sisters near the farm he helped to subdue in his youth….-Dundee Record


We have now to record two very sudden deaths. One is that of Mrs. Miranda Moorehead, wife of James Moorehead, Jan. 24th, at the age of twenty-three years. She was the youngest daughter of the late Henry Davenport, one of the first settlers of Starkey. She leaves a husband and three small children… The other is an infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Clark Bellis, which died very suddenly on Sunday morning last.

4 February 1875

Died at his home in this village on Saturday Jan. 30th, 1875, Bruen Cooley, at the age of nearly thirty-five years. [He] was a native of this village and a son of the late James Cooley. He was a soldier first in the 33rd, under Col. Taylor, was wounded in battle at Antietam, September 17, 1862, and discharged for disability. He enlisted in the 147th N.Y.V., August 18th, 1863, was taken prisoner in front of Richmond and was confined nine months at Andersonville, from which he was released very much emaciated and his constitution very much weakened. He was discharged June 19, 1865, and returned to his home in Penn Yan, where he has since resided. He married first Mary, daughter of Henry Carley, who died three or four years later. He subsequently married Anna, daughter of C.C. Crane, who survives with two young children. …

Miles Brown of Benton aged about seventy years died on Tuesday. He was a well-known citizen and an industrious farmer. He has been a resident of Benton for half a century or longer.

Married in church by Rev. N. Bosworth, Jan. 31, 1875, Mr. Harrison Shannon and Mrs. Mary S. Hamlin, widow of the late William B. Hamlin, all of Starkey.

Died, on the morning of the 30th ult.,…Wm. Robinson, aged 45 years. [He] was an Englishman, moved to this country three years ago-first year was spent on the Kipp farm, the two last on the old Meek farm, four miles south of here. …He leaves a wife and five children, four boys and one girl. The oldest son is twenty-two and the youngest, the girl, ten years. M. Dresden, February 3rd, 1875

A maiden lady, Miss Ayres, died very suddenly on Monday last, near Rock Stream, at the residence of Adna Ayres.

By a private letter from Pewamo, Ionia county, Mich., we learn that Mrs. Mary O'Neil, wife of Albert O'Neil, of that town, is no more… [She] was formerly a resident of this village, and will be remembered by many of our readers… The age was 56 years. She has left a husband and two children to lament her loss, and she was the last of her father's family. Her maiden name was Wafer.-Dundee Record


11 February 1875

William Butler Ogden, a wealthy and distinguished citizen of New York, married on Tuesday Miss Marianna T. Arnot of Elmira, daughter of the late John Arnot. Mr. Ogden was one of the first mayors of the city of Chicago, and laid the foundation of his wealth in that city.

Loring Andrews, a cousin of Hon. John T. Andrews and Jesse G. Andrews of Dundee, died in New York Jan. 22, 1875, seventy-six years old…. He was born in Greene county in 1799… We learn that soon after he reached his majority he came to Reading to visit his uncles, and after a short tarry one of his uncles took him to Geneva in a wagon, when he started for the west to join his father, who was preparing for entering the lumber trade on the Mississippi river, which river he reached and went up to Prairie du Chien. When he reached here he found his father had died a short time before, so he had only to retrace his steps, which he did, and reached his old home in Greene county… [He] contracted to run the tannery where he learned his trade on shares, and finally went to New York a year later, where he amassed the fortune which enabled him to do deeds of benevolence and leave the estate behind him which he has….

Died in this village on Friday, Feb. 5th, Mrs. Lucy Hewins, wife of Charles Hewins and mother of Mrs. P.P. Curtis, aged fifty years. She was the only daughter of the late Philip Drake.

David L. Moorhead died of heart disease at his home in Syracuse on the 18th ult., aged forty years. Many of the people of Penn Yan will remember him as a former resident here. He was an uncle of Mrs. Mary A. Sloan and went from here to Syracuse, where he has for many years been a prominent and influential citizen….

Died in West Benton on Sunday evening, Feb. 7, 1875, Mrs. Eleanor Tears, aged ninety-three years and twenty-seven days. [She] had resided in the place where she died since 1841. She was a native of Orange county, and her husband David Tears died forty-seven years ago. She was the mother of ten children, eight of whom survive, and all of whom reached adult age. She died at her home the residence of Jacob Tears where two sons and two daughters, unmarried and advanced in years occupied the same house….

David Fraser died December 1, 1874, at State Line, Indiana, at the age of sixty-two years. [He] was a former resident of Yates county, and lived a number of years at Dundee, where he first married Mary D. Lewis, a sister of Hon. John L. Lewis, who died there in 1838 at the age of twenty-two. He subsequently married Hannah Maria, daughter of John O. Cook of Starkey. She died at Geneva where he then resided in 1845. His third wife, Mary Ann Crosby of Geneva, survives him…. He was the youngest and posthumous son of Orris Fraser, and among the members of his family were his twin brothers, Orris and Horace, both of whom are Presbyterian ministers. The first formerly preached at Rock Stream and Eddytown, and the latter five years in all at Branchport….

Died at Rock Stream Monday morning, February 1st, 1875…Miss Lucy Ayers, in the 61st year of her age. Deceased was a sister of Adna Ayres of Rock Stream, and since the death of his wife in 1873 has lived with her brother as his housekeeper… [She] was born in Mansfield, Vermont, August 11th, 1814…. While a young woman her father and family moved into New York State and settled near Geneva…. In the latter part of 1873 she withdrew by letter and joined the church at Reading Center in Schuyler county. Aunt Lucy was the oldest daughter in a family of nine children, the only one unmarried, and the first of the number to pass from this life. Her mother died at Havana more then twenty years ago, and grandfather Ayres died at Rockstream in 1869. Their remains are resting in Montour cemetery. The other members of the Ayers family are Willie S., Manistee, Michigan; Adna at Rockstream; Lydia Hulbert at Waterloo; Philo F. and Albert at Rushville; Ann Emens at Castle Creek, Broome county; Jane A. Page at Worcester, Mass.; and Achsah Nichols at Geneva….-Havana Enterprise

Died at his residence in Dundee on Wednesday, Feb. 3, 1875, James C. Lanning, aged fifty years…. He was a son of Isaac Lanning, and when his brother Daniel Lanning was Sheriff of the county he held the office of Under Sheriff…. Of the three sons of Isaac Lanning by his first marriage, Daniel alone remains to comfort his father, now in his eighty-fourth year. James married Frances, daughter of John Tims Raplee, who survives him with one child…. According to his last request his body was laid near the remains of his mother, who died in 1853, in the Eddytown cemetery….

Died Feb. 6 at Rochester, an infant child of Mr. and Mrs. William Blake….

18 February 1875

Naples Valley-Among other incidents we write with regret of the sudden death of Mr. Whitney of Shortsville, who has been spending a portion of the winter with his daughter, Mrs. Chauncey, and Lorenzo Dunton. He was a man of about seventy years…. His death occurred on Tuesday afternoon, we believe, and on Wednesday his remains were taken to Shortsville for interment, where he leaves a wife and several children….

It is with regret that we record the death of Samuel Whitman near Dansville; Uncle Sam had tended the toll gate for years… his age was 71…. His relatives, H.F. Wisewell's family, have our sympathy.-Naples Record

Mr. and Mrs. Albert R. Cowing of Jerusalem will celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of their marriage on the third day of March next….

Died in this village on Friday, Feb. 5th, Mrs. Lucy Hewins, wife of Charles Hewins and mother of Mrs. Perley P. Curtis. Mrs. Hewins was the only daughter of the late Calvin Drake, and was fifty years of age.

On Wednesday forenoon of last week, Messrs. Remer, Bates and a young man named Marlow discovered a man lying in the woods in their neighborhood (near the town line of Torrey and Benton) who upon examination was found to have his throat cut nearly from ear to ear, his hands and lower extremities frozen stiff, but still alive! …Further examination revealed his name as that of John S. McPherson, oldest son of Alexander McPherson, the well known and respected blacksmith of Seneca.--…Deceased left his father's on Monday forenoon, ostensibly to visit his wife near Oak's Corners….



25 February 1875

Mr. David Greeley, a relative of the late sage of Chappaqua, died recently at the age of four score years. Early in life he took the advice of his distinguished relative and went West, and up to the time of his death he was a prominent citizen of Iowa.

Mrs. Hiram Murdock died at Rochester last week, and was taken to Dundee for burial on Monday. She was a daughter of the late Delazon J. Sunderlin and formerly resided at Dundee.

Thomas McMannus died in Jerusalem on Thursday the 16th inst., aged about forty years. He was a native of Ireland, an industrious and peaceable citizen.

Died at the residence of Nehemiah Foster in Middlesex, on Monday, Feb. 15th, 1875, of cancer, Mrs. Huldah Van Osdal, relict of Michael Van Osdal and sister of Durfee Allen; age not stated.

Samuel A. Cooper, whom some will remember as a resident of this village many years ago, died at his home in Dalton, Ga., on the 26th of January. He was a printer employed in the Democrat office, where we knew him as a young man of intelligence…. He had lost a little daughter a few months previous to his own death….-Penn Yan Democrat

We find these notes about Italy Hollow in the Naples Record:

The widow Bassett, aged 82, died on the 9th and was buried on Thursday, Rev. Mr. Wilkins officiating.

Mrs. Mann, relict of Russel A. Mann, died on the 14th and the funeral was held on the 16th. Her age was 81….

Married at Altay, February 13th, 1875, by Rev. R.B. Stanton, Mr. James Hendershot and Mrs. Mary C. Best, all of Starkey. The happy couple are now on a wedding tour.

Died at Rochester Feb. 20, the wife of Hiram Murdock, an old resident of Starkey. Her remains were buried on Monday. She was a daughter of the late Delazon J. Sunderlin of Barrington; and out of a family of six children only two now remain - Martin J. Sunderlin of Watkins and Mrs. Edward Kernan of Utica.

Last Tuesday the funeral services of Mrs. Theresa Mann were held at the Baptist Church in the "Hollow". The deceased was one of our oldest residents. Born at Clinton, Oneida county, in May 1792, she removed to Prattsburg, Steuben county, when quite young. She there married Russel A. Mann, and in 1824 they removed to Italy Hollow, settling upon what is known as the Graves farm. Her husband died about fifteen years ago. Of her seven children only two are living…. On Sunday evening, 14th ult., she…died at the residence of Fenton Covill, her son-in-law….

11 March 1875

Mrs. Gerrit Smith has survived her illustrious husband but a short time. -She too has gone to the better land.

General Lorenzo Thomas, formerly Adjutant General, died in Washington on Tuesday, March 2, at the age of seventy-two. He was the father of Lieutenant Thomas, who was killed in the Modoc war, and was Secretary of War during the administration of President Johnson.

On Wednesday, March 3, 1875, the family of Albert R. Cowing of Jerusalem celebrated the Golden Wedding of himself and wife…. [He] was born in the town of Seneca, Ontario county, June 5, 1804. His father James Cowing was an early settler, moving there from Ballston, Saratoga county where he married his second wife Sarah Randall, the mother of Albert R. Cowing. James Cowing died at the age of nearly ninety years in Seneca, April 8, 1820. Three of the Cowing family have been residents of Yates county. Caleb, Marshall and Albert R. Caleb Cowing still resides in Starkey, much enfeebled by age and about ninety years old. Marshall resided in this vicinity for some time, and died finally in Michigan. Sally Torrance was born in the town of reading, March 4, 1806, and was a daughter of Ezra B. Torrance and Jemima Morehouse his wife. She was married to Albert R. Cowing March 3, 1825 by Gideon Lanning, an eminent Methodist minister of that period-said to be still among the living. …

Died at his house in Torrey on Thursday March 4th, 1875, Adam Clark, at the age of seventy years…. [He] was a grandson of Daniel Castner, who emigrated from New Jersey at the age of nearly eighty in 1805 and settled on the farm where Charles J. Townsend now resides near City Hill in Torrey. He was the father of Andrew, Adam and John D. Castner. His daughter Mary married first Hugh McCollum, who died leaving one daughter, Elizabeth, who became Mrs. Daniel Raplee of Barrington. She next married William Clark, who died leaving one son Adam Clark, the subject of this notice. She married a third husband Alexander Riley in 1810 and died in 1814, and was buried at City Hill, her son being then ten years old. After the death of his mother he lived with his uncles, Adam and John D. Castner, till he attained his majority…. He married Tacy Ann, daughter of James Moore, who survives him. Mrs. Clark's father was a pioneer and a miller at Hopeton. Mr. Clark and his young wife settled on the premises where he died… Their residence in which they have since lived was erected in 1835. They were the parents of five children, two sons and three daughters. One son William R. died in 1856 at the age of twenty-one. The other son James M. Clark is a leading citizen of Torrey and owns the old Buckley homestead adjoining his father's premises… The oldest daughter Mary Elizabeth married Oscar Andrews, who died leaving one son William C., who lives with his mother at the parental homestead. Another daughter Emeline R. married Robert Beardslee and resides in the immediate vicinity. Another daughter Caroline M. resides unmarried with her mother….


Loren L. Thomas died in Jerusalem on Tuesday.

Mrs. Samuel Thayer of Barrington was buried in the Penn Yan cemetery last Sunday.

Michael O'Rourke, who died in Newark on the 14th ult., was the oldest man in Wayne county. His age was 100 years, 4 months and 16 days.

Died Feb. 20, 1875, in New York City of small-pox, Clarence Ludlow, son of Thomas Ludlow, formerly of this village, at the age of twenty-two years….

Mrs. Triphena Evans died at her home in the western part of this town, on Monday last, having reached the extreme age of 101 years. She came to this section when she was only 15 years old, and has resided on the same premises 87 years. She was a daughter of Elijah Ross, one of the first settlers in this vicinity, who surveyed land hereabouts in its wilderness state. She had three sisters who are still living, aged respectively 84, 87 and 89 years.-Canandaigua Journal

Died in Yates county in the communion of the Catholic church, Mrs. Sarah Livingston Rose, eldest daughter of the late John Navarre Macomb of New York and wife of Henry Rose of Branchport. She was born Oct. 11th, 1799 and died Feb. 26, 1875….

Culver S. Barber, oldest son of the late Jeremiah Barber, Sr., was born January 19, 1816, and died February 22, 1875. The place of his birth and that of his death were very near together, in the town of Potter, Yates county. In sight of his father's homestead he has reared his family of four sons and three daughters, all of whom, now married, with their mother survive him….

18 March 1875

On Sabbath, the 7th inst, the angel Death entered the home of Mrs. Maria Baker, removing therefrom her father, Henry S. Pulver, aged 78 years, 3 months and 18 days…. [He] was born November 19th, 1796, at Pine Plains, Dutchess county. In 1825 he removed to the town of Milo, in Yates county, where he lived fifty years. Two years ago he went to Prattsburg to reside with his oldest daughter Maria, relict of Daniel Baker….

Died in Starkey, Thursday, March 11th, 1875, Mrs. A. Baldwin…at the age of sixty-nine years…. She leaves a husband (Deacon A. Baldwin, now in his eighty-fifth year)….


Mary Williams, a colored woman living in the family of Mr. Snow near Branchport, died on Saturday last, aged sixty years.

The death of Rev. Nathan Fellows Feb. 26 at Mansfield, Pa., is published. Mr. Fellows was formerly a Methodist pastor in Penn Yan and at Bellona,…. He was sixty-seven years of age….

Married at the residence of Mr. Reuben Cory, father of the bride, in this village on Wednesday evening, the 10th inst., by Rev. J.P. Farmer, Mr. Charles Morgan and Mrs. Iona Morse….

Died in Barrington on Saturday Feb. 27, Mr. Byron Andrews at the age of forty-eight years…. Mr. Andrews was a son of Dr. Jeremiah B. Andrews, a former sheriff of this county. He had resided several years in Barrington…. Of the family of Dr. J.B. Andrews but three remain-two brothers, Joshua L. and Morris Andrews. And Ann Eliza, wife of Stephen W. Deventer.

Died in Potter on Tuesday March 9, 1875…William Conley, aged 65 years. The deceased was one of the seven sons of Luke Conley, and is the fourth that has passed to the silent land…. He married forty-one years ago Nancy, daughter of James Jayne, who survives him. They have always resided in Potter and were the parents of three sons and three daughters, all of whom are still living.

Died in Starkey March 6th, 1875…Mr. Philip Kinney, aged sixty-five years. [He] was a native of Pennsylvania, where his father died, leaving a widow with twelve children,… He was twice married and his second wife survives him, with children of both wives.-Dundee Record

Died at his residence in Jerusalem, March 9, 1875, Loren T. Thomas in the 56th year of his age. He was born in Cayuga county and came to this town while quite young with his father, the late Judge David Thomas….

We learn from Mrs. Susan Wisner of this village that her sister Mrs. Mary Hathaway, wife of Capt. William Hathaway of New Bedford, Mass. has departed from the concourse of the living. Mrs. Hathaway was a daughter of Thomas Hathaway, Jr., one of the pioneers of Yates county, and a granddaughter of Thomas Hathaway, Sr.,…

Died on Sunday, February 21st, at the residence of her son-in-law Wm. Smith of Pleasant Valley. Hannah Lockwood, aged 70 yrs. The deceased was the widow of the late Joseph Lockwood of Mt. Wasington, who died in 1845. She was the mother of several children, among whom are Jonathan & John Lockwood of Niaga Wells, Joseph Lockwood of Penn Yan, and Mrs. Wm. and Mrs. Ameron Smith of Pleasant Valley.-Hammondsport Herald

25 March 1874

Assemblyman John M. Wetherbee of Orleans county died on Monday. His constitution had been seriously impaired by exposures during his service as a soldier in the war of the Rebellion.

William McDowell an aged citizen of Barrington died at his home in that town on Saturday, March 20, 1875, at the age of eighty-four years. [He] came from New Jersey with the family of his father John McDowell in 1795, when he was but four years old. They settled on the east bank of the West Branch of Lake Keuka, in what is now Jerusalem, but was then in Steuben county…. He settled next near the foot of Lake Keuka and built a log house on lands of Abraham Wagener…. He married Dorothea Decker in 1813, who we believe outlives him. They have been the parents of thirteen children, the most of whom are among the living. William McDowell and John McDowell of Barrington are sons of theirs….



Mrs. Elizabeth Brown formerly of Torrey died in this village last Sunday, aged eighty-seven years. This aged lady as we understand was a daughter of the pioneer William Eddy, from whom the village of Eddytown took its name.

We learn that Mrs. Patience Yost died at her home in Dundee last week. Mrs. Yost was almost eighty years old, and was a daughter of Griffin B. Hazard, a son-in-law of James Parker and one of the most prominent of the early pioneers of this county.

Mrs. N.N. Beers of North Hector died at that place on Friday of last week… It is a very great affliction to Mr. Beers. She was united to him in November, 1873, and this leaves him a second time a widower….

We find in the Naples Record the following mentions of recent deaths:

Branchport--Mr. Fred Furman and Miss Jennie Manning were married on Sunday at Penn Yan…

Dresden - We had a wedding here last Thursday, at the house of the bride's father, Charles W. Brown. Amos A. Norman was married to Miss Olive Brown, Rev. Philo E. Brown officiating….

Mrs. Elizabeth Brown, widow of Elijah Brown, died on the 21st at Penn Yan. She was an old resident of this vicinity [Dresden], and was 87 years old.

Starkey - We have this week to record two deaths. The first is that of the wife of Nathan Sayre, who died March 17th… The other death is that of Mrs. Patience Yost…. George Elliott died at his residence at Starkey last Sunday, March 21st, of heart disease. He was of Irish descent and came to this country in 1842, when quite young. He came to Starkey, where he has since lived…. He leaves a wife and four children-two sons and two daughters….

1 April 1875

Died in Penn Yan on the afternoon of Sunday, March 31st, 1875, at the residence of Miss Mary Berry (a niece), Mrs. Elizabeth Brown, aged 87 years. Died of old age. The deceased was born in Ireland in February, 1798, and was the youngest of a family of six children, five sons and one daughter, that were born to William Eddy; the sons all died in Ireland. William Eddy and wife, with his daughter, came to America in 1800 and wended their way far into the wilderness and finally located where now stands Eddytown in this county, the village taking its name from him. … In 1809 Rhoda Royce taught the first school, at which "Betsy" Eddy then 11 years old, was one of the scholars…. Mr. and Mrs. Eddy had one more daughter born to them after settling in Starkey, who now survives her sister-Margaret, the widow of Walter Berry, who is now a resident of Ludlowville, was present at [her] death… Mrs. Berry is the mother of two sons and five daughters, all living; the two oldest daughters, Mary and Catharine, the wife of Freeman Fritts and Charles Berry, reside in Penn Yan. Mrs. Eddy, the mother, died, leaving William Eddy and her two daughters yet at home with him. Margaret soon after married W. Berry of Benton and came near Dresden to begin housekeeping. Elizabeth, remaining at home with her father until he took a second wife. She then left home, but remained in or near Eddytown for several years… She then with her sister Margaret bought the Old Red House on the southwest corner of Hopeton Square, where they resided many years, and where "Betsy" received proposals when about 58 or 59 years old, from Elijah Brown to become his second wife. They were married, and resided here in the Old Red House a while…[until] Elijah bought a house and lot near the Micajah and Russell Brown farms, and where he died June 1st, 1859, aged 83 years. Here the widow has remained ever since, living alone, but having good care from her relations…. She was buried by the side of her husband in Hopeton cemetery. P.S.-Wm. Eddy when near 60 years old returned to his former home in Ireland and died there. M. Dresden, March 24, 1875

Eliza, wife of William Evans of Jerusalem, died of consumption March 26th, 1875, aged 33 years, 1 month and 11 days. She was born in the county of Hereford, England, arrived in this country May 5th, 1851, and was married to William Evans May 4th, 1859…. She was the daughter of Thomas Sanders, of the same town… The remains of the deceased were interred in the Bitley cemetery at Branchport.

Died at her home in South Milo on Wednesday, March 24, 1875, Mrs. Harriet Simmons, wife of Sylvester Simmons, in the 49th year of her age. [She] was a daughter of Anthony Trimmer, Jr., of Benton, and a sister of Wm. T. Remer…. She had been twenty-four years married.

Died in Barrington, March 4th, aged 49 years, Mrs. Ann M. Thayer, wife of Mr. Samuel Thayer….

Died at Vinton, Iowa, March 16th, 1875, of paralysis of the heart, Hon. Charles H. Conklin, in the 45th year of his age. He was the son of Judas and Sarah (Jones) Conklin and was born on Flat Street in the town of Benton, on January 25th, 1831. At an early age he was left an orphan… He was admitted to the bar in Steuben county in February 1855. He commenced practice in that county, but removed to Benton county, Iowa in 1860 and rapidly rose in his profession…. His widowed mother (Mrs. Sarah J. Mitchell of Branchport) grieves him; also a sister, Mrs. Sarah Orton, and a brother Sylvester….

Mrs. G.A. Gordon died suddenly at Livonia Station, where she was being doctored, on Thursday night. Her husband and his sisters were in attendance…. Her remains were brought home to Naples on Friday….-Naples Record, March 20

The lady whose sudden demise is thus chronicled was the only daughter and only child of Cyrus Dains of Potter. She had many relatives in Yates county, and by all who knew her, she was held in high esteem. Her age was thirty-two years.

The Naples Record has this obituary notice. - Mrs. Wilbur N. Reddout died at her home near Canandaigua on Wednesday, March 17th, 1875, of consumption, aged 26 years. She was the youngest daughter of the late Jacob B. Van Osdol, Esq. After the death of her parents some years ago she was adopted into the family of Mr. A.C. Lindsley, with whom she remained until her marriage in 1873. She was the last member of the family of Mr. Van Osdol. Her only sister, Mrs. McDonald, died a few months since. She was the mother of two children. The eldest died only a few weeks ago-the youngest, an infant ten days old, survives her….

Mrs. Jane Fitzwater, widow of John C. Fitzwater, died at her home on Bluff Point on Saturday, March 27, 1875, at the age of sixty-three years.

Messrs. Andrew Wortman and Joel Swarthout celebrated their Crystal and Variety wedding at Crystal Spring, on the evening of March 10th, 1875…--Dundee Record

Quite a company of friends and relatives gathered in the seminary parlors on Wednesday of last week to witness the marriage of Miss Sophia E. Jones of Penn Yan, sister-in-law of Mrs. S.A. Jones of the seminary, and Mr. S.T. Russell of Ilion….-Dansville Advertiser

Died at Sycamore, Ill., on the 13th inst., Mrs. Mary F. Colton, aged 36 years. [She] was Miss Mary Cook, daughter of the late Ezra D. Cook, and was born and reared in this town. She was the last survivor of the first family of Ezra D. Cook so that in her demise the family has become extinct. She will be remembered by most of our readers who were residents of Starkey twelve to fifteen years ago…as she resided here up to 1863 or 1864, when she went to Illinois…. At this time of the year 1864 the family of Mr. E.D. Cook consisted of himself and wife, with four children of the first wife and two of the second. Henry fell at Gettysburg, with the colors of his regiment in his hand. Foster came out of the war for slavery bearing an honorable record, but brought the germs of disease, which ended his days in a few months. Then Delos fell by disease, Vinnie followed, then Mr. Cook left us, and now Mary has gone, and only the second companion and her only son Herman remain. What a change in the space of eleven years.-Dundee Record


8 April 1875

Died in Cameron, Steuben county, on the morning of the 17th inst., of paralysis, Mrs. Patience Yost of this town, in the 80th year of her age. She was a native of Rhode Island, and the eldest daughter of the late Griffin B. and Mary Hazard, and was brought to this region when quite young by her parents… When she was 14 years old she was bro't by her father to or near where Dundee is now found, and installed as a housekeeper or cook for himself and his men, who were erecting a saw and grist-mill upon Big Stream, at what was afterwards called Hazard's Mills. There she remained about four years, when she was married to Mr. John Walton, by whom she had two sons, one of whom survives her. This marriage proved unpleasant, and was finally annulled by decree in Chancery. Some years after this she was again married to Mr. Nicholas Yost, with whom she lived until his decease, which happened in 1860. By him she had a son and a daughter. The son, Mr. Nicholas J. Yost, resides in Starkey and the daughter is the wife of Dr. C.H. Knight of Tyrone. Her eldest son, Wm. H. Walton, died a few months since in Cameron, leaving a wife and four children. The other son, Griffin B. Walton, resides in Barrington. [She was visiting] the house of Mr. David McClure, who had married her grand-daughter…. Her remains were brought here on the 19th, and…her old neighbors conducted her casket to Hillside cemetery….-Dundee Record, March 25

Mrs. Lucy White Cheney, mother of the noted historian T. Apoleon Cheney, died on the 16th of March at an advanced age. The date of her demise was the forty-fifth birthday of her son named above. Mrs. Cheney was a descendant of King George the Fourth, and the seventh General George Washington. A portrait of the lady was recently painted by Waters of this city, and was received by Mr. Cheney on the day of his mother's death.-Elmira Gazette

Died at Quincy, Mich., March 20th, 1875…Mrs. Lucina Andrus wife of the late Stephen P. Andrus, aged 61 years, 5 months and 13 days. …Mrs. Andrus was the eldest daughter of Samuel Rounds, who was an early comer to the town of Potter (then Middlesex), married his wife there, who was a Northup. They settled on a new farm, now owned by the Rev. Edwin H. Hermans, and was the homestead of Dr. J. Hermans and family for many years. The doctor purchasing of Mr. Rounds, and he (Rounds) with his then numerous unmarried members of his family emigrating to Michigan…. Mrs. Andrus had married and settled near her father's homestead and they remained many years resident of the town of Potter, and here raised a numerous family; but finally followed the paternal lead westward…except one daughter…. Captain Wesley P. Andrus who will be remembered as a meritorious soldier and officer in the late rebellion is her oldest son. R.H.W.

Died in Tyrone, March 23rd, 1875, Mr. Isaac VanGorden, late of Starkey in the 76th year of his age. He was born in Orange County, N.Y., November 26th, 1799, came to this country in 1822, and on January 10th, 1824 was married here to Miss Rebecca Johnson. He left this section some time after this event, and resided at or near the vicinity of Big Flat, till a few years since when he returned to Starkey, where his wife died a few years since. We learn they were the parents of thirteen children, six of whom survive, one of these is the wife of Mr. Lorenzo Stanton, and another is Mrs. Gardner, widow of the late Caleb Gardner, all of this town. He was a brother of Mr. J.D. VanGorden of Barrington and Mr. A.J. VanGorden of Tyrone.-Dundee Record

Died in Barrington on the 19th inst., after a long and painful illness, Mrs. Ruth Vanorsdoll of that town, wife of Mr. William Vanorsdoll of that town, aged 42 years. …She left no children.-Dundee Record

It is with very deep regret that we learn of the decease of Mrs. Ann Eliza Andrews, wife of Hon. John T. Andrews of Dundee. This sad event occurred on the second day of the present month, and on the forty-third anniversary of her marriage…. Mrs. Andrews was a sister of Mr. Jesse G. Andrews of Dundee, and her death occurred at the age of sixty-four years.

Died at Starkey Corners on the 21st…Mr. George Elliott, aged 60 years. He was born in or near Limerick, Ireland, and emigrated to America several years ago. He was by trade a mason, a man of honor in his dealings with his fellows, and generally respected. He leaves a wife and four children.-Dundee Record, March 25

Mrs. Mercy Ketchum, widow of the late Joseph Ketchum of Benton, died on Saturday last at her home on Flat street, at the age of eighty-five years. -She was born in Dutchess county in 1790, and was the daughter of John Randall. She and her husband settled on the place where she died while they were yet young, and he died there in 1860 at the age of seventy. She has survived him fifteen years….

Died at their residence in Dundee after a very long and severe illness on Friday, April 2, 1875, Mrs. Eliza Andrews, wife of John T. Andrews….



15 April 1875

Mrs. John T. Andrews, whose decease was noticed last week, has a mother still living on the old homestead in Reading, ninety-three years old.

Died in Jerusalem April 4, 1875, John, eldest son of Charles E. and Mary A. Moore, aged 13 years and 9 months.

Died at Germantown, Pa., April 4th, 1875, Mrs. Rosetta H. Malin, wife of Dr. George W. Malin. The lady whose decease is here recorded was originally Rosetta Hyers of New Jersey. Her husband is a nephew of Rachel and Margaret Malin, and a son of John Malin. He is a physician, and resided for some time, years ago, in Jerusalem, on the premises now owned and occupied by Wm. Blanchard.

Died at Bluff Point, town of Jerusalem on the 27th ult., of fever, Mrs. Jane Fitzwater, widow of the late John C. Fitzwater, formerly of Jerusalem, aged 62 years and 2 months. She was a daughter of the late John and Eleanor Arnwine, who formerly resided in this section. When we came to Barrington in 1839, Mr. and Mrs. Fitzwater resided on what was then known as the "Blue Farm" near where Mr. Cornelius Sickels then lived and we were neighbors. After this they lived near where Mr. Adam Hunt now resides in Milo, and finally removed to Jerusalem, where they purchased a farm. Her husband died there a few years since and now she has gone to her final rest, leaving five children to lament her departure. She was a sister of Mr. Perry Arnwine of this town. The family were formerly from Danville, Pa.-Dundee Record

Died in Starkey on the 17th inst…Mrs. Emeline Sayre in the 47th year of her age, leaving a husband and three children… She was a native of Barrington, being the oldest daughter of the late Cornelius and Angeline Sickels. We became acquainted with them in 1837 and in March 1859 became a neighbor to them…. Her mother died when she was, we think, about fifteen years old, when she was under the care of a sister of ours some two years, who was employed by Mr. Sickels to care for his household affairs and watch over his children.-Dundee Record

Died at Millport, Chemung county, on Thursday, April 8, 1875, Jared Woodin, aged sixty-five years. [He] was a former citizen of the town of Starkey, having been the proprietor and manager of a fulling mill on Big Stream located near the Eddytown road…. He married in 1833 Susan Potter, then the widow of Holbrook Benson of Ovid, who was ten years his senior and still survives him. Three daughters were born of this marriage, one of whom died young. Penelope and Caroline V. have been effective and popular teachers. The latter married James Dodson and emigrated to Kansas. Mrs. Woodin and Samuel J. Potter, Esq., of this town are the only two remaining children of Edward Potter, one of the pioneers of Milo, and one of the sons of Judge Wm. Potter of the Friend's Society….

22 April 1875

Mrs. Phebe Andrews of the town of Reading is said to be the oldest person living within the limits of Schuyler county. -she is ninety-three years old.

Mr. James H. Gamby, who died at Branchport on Tuesday, has been for many years a drug and grocery merchant in that village. In former years he was associated with John H. Lapham in the drug trade in Penn Yan.

The Naples Record notices the death in Rushville April 11th of Mrs. Lyman B. Ketchum, aged thirty-four years. She was the youngest daughter of the late William Wilson of Gorham. The same paper records the death on west Italy Hill, April 14th, of Sarah Johnson, daughter of the late Stephen and Caroline Johnson. The deceased had been blind twenty-five years.

Died at Clinton, Iowa on Friday, April 16, 1875, Mrs. Abigail Bonney, widow of the late Jethro Bonney, in the seventy-ninth year of her age. Mrs. Bonney's remains were interred on Tuesday, the 20th inst., by the side of those of her husband in the Milo cemetery. Her husband died in 1866 at the age of sixty-five years…. They were the parents of six children, two of whom died young, and two sons and two daughters are yet living. These are Mrs. Stimson Gardner of Clinton, Iowa, Mrs. McGuinn, Charles S. Bonney of Philadelphia…and Cornelius Bonney. The father of Mrs. Jethro Bonney was Cornelius Genung, born in 1746 and a soldier through the War of Independence…. About the beginning of the present century he moved from New Jersey to Otsego county in this State, and from thence in 1815 to Yates county, where he died in 1828 at the age of eighty-two years. His wife Jemima Hedges survived him until 1847, when she died at eighty years of age. -Their children were fourteen in number, and two of his by a previous marriage made their family consist of sixteen children, all of whom lived to mature age…. The Genung families of Jerusalem and Italy, the Hartshorns of Jerusalem, the Hedges of Milo and the Bennetts, formerly of Milo, are branches of the Genung family. Abraham H. Bennett, who published the first newspaper in Penn Yan, was a cousin of Mrs. Bonney. …

Last Thanksgiving day Theodore Maltby was married to Mabel True, a step-daughter of Dr. G. E. Dimock, and since that have kept the transaction a profound secret…. Nobody would have known it but for the reason that he had disposed of his store to Clark Smith, and it became necessary that Mrs. M. should sign the papers in order to complete the transfer. Mr. M. has now gone south to Florida, to look for a business opening….

29 April 1875

Lines on the death of Mrs. Ella M. Prentiss, oldest daughter of Frank and Matilda Carpenter of Harmonyville, and wife of Adam Prentiss, who died at her home in Pulteney, Saturday, April 17, 1875, after a brief but severe illness. She was 26 years old and was blessed with three children, all boys. The oldest, "Little Frankie," was buried Thursday, July 30th, 1874… W.F.V.

James H. Gamby, who died on Tuesday, April 20th, was a native of Dutchess county; resided at Pine Plains and there acquired the trade of scythe maker at the Harris Scythe Works…. He next came to Yates county, where a number of relatives already resided, engaged in trade in Penn Yan and finally moved to Branchport, where he has lived for the last twenty-five years. He died at the age of sixty-six years, leaving a wife (formerly Miss Elizabeth French), a little son aged six years, and a comfortable estate. …Mr. S.D. Weaver married a sister of Mr. Gamby, who died in 1862. Mrs. Weed of Flat street, also a sister, survives him.

Married at the residence of the bride's father [in Starkey] Prof. O.F. Ingalsbee, on Thursday evening April 22, 1875, by Rev. A.F. Abbott, Rev. Emerson T. Abbott, brother of the officiating clergyman, and Miss Emma, only daughter of Prof. Ingalsbee….

Today we note the departure from this life of Mrs. Mary, wife of Roe Reisinger of Meadville, Pa., who died at the residence of her father H.R. Barnes at Rock Stream…. She leaves a husband and a daughter three years old, besides numerous other relatives….