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Vital Records Extracted from the Yates County Chronicle

Editor: Stafford C. Cleveland

January - April 1873

2 January 1873

Mr Charles Naylor, formerly a member of Congress from Philadelphia, and a soldier of the Mexican war, died a few days ago. He was an able lawyer as well as a good soldier.


The Dundee Herald of last week records the death of Fletcher M. Heald of Tyrone. Mr. Heald resided formerly in this county. He was one of the original directors of the Sodus Bay and Corning railroad. He died at the age of 51. The Record also mentions the death of Elias Gasper of Barrington, upwards of 70.

On Monday night there was a very large and pleasant party at the residence of Mr. Darwin Peck in Benton, to celebrate the China wedding, or twentieth anniversary of himself and wife. The occasion was very much enjoyed by host and hostess and guests alike. They reside on the premises where Mr. Peck was born and his father lived before him. A little singularly they have three children aged respectively fifteen, ten and five years.

Sherlock Andrews, brother of Hon. John T. Andrews, died at his home in Starkey, Dec. 18th, at the age of seventy-seven. His father, Ichabod Andrews, settled in Reading in 1813, and died there at the age of seventy-three in 1840. The son, Sherlock, after his marriage with Pamela Thomas in 1821, settled on a portion of the paternal homestead, and remained there some years, serving as Supervisor and in other official positions in Reading. He afterwards sold his place in that town and moved into Starkey, one mile north of his previous home, where he has since resided. His wife survives him, as do two sons and two daughters, one of the latter as the wife of Hiland G. Wolcott, Esq. He was a man of good sense and an exemplary citizen; religiously a Universalist.

Died at his residence in Torrey on Thursday, Dec. 19th, Francis Olmsted, in the 77th year of his age. The subject of the above notice was born in Hartford, Conn., Sept. 16th, 1796. Removing at an early age with his parents to Stockbridge, Mass., he was united in marriage with Cynthia Black in 1819, and shortly after removed to Ogden, Monroe county, in this State, where the country was new and almost a wilderness. He subsequently moved to Attica, Wyoming county, where he resided for twenty years, and in 1852 he came with his family to this county, which has since been his home. …

Orville Smith, formerly a resident of Watkins, died suddenly of apoplexy, at his residence in Millport, on Friday last. Mr. Smith belonged to the Smith family near Logan, in Hector, being the son of the late Chauncey W. Smith…. — Watkins Express

Henry Williams, employed at the Thomston colliery, Pa., while cutting ice, slipped and fell six hundred feet down the shaft. He was instantly killed….

The death of George Catlin at Jersey City takes away a man who stood at the head in his line of art…. He was born in the Wyoming valley, Pa.,…. He was 74 years old when he died.

9 January 1873

A frightful tragedy was enacted at Moravia, Cayuga county, on Sunday last. A jealous husband, John S. Hilsman, shot down his own wife, Mrs. Sophia Hilsman, and soon after also shot and killed Mr. J.N. Sheppard, in whose house he and his wife were guests. The murderer followed up his bloody work by attempting to shoot a Mr. Palmer, and failing in his effort, finished the awful tragedy by lodging a bullet in his own brain. The murderer was a native and resident of the State of Georgia.

Rhositer Averill died last Friday, near Waverly, Tioga county, where he had long resided, at the age of nearly ninety-five years. He was a soldier of the war of 1812, and formerly Sheriff of Tioga county.

16 January 1873

Mr. Solomon Hopkins, an old and highly respected citizen of the town of Italy, died on Saturday aged seventy years. — Express

Rev. Allen Steele, a Methodist clergyman well known in this community, died on Tuesday evening at West Barry, Orleans county, at the age of about sixty-two years…. His first wife was a daughter of Joel Dorman, and he was consequently a brother-in-law of Hon. William S. Briggs of this place.

23 January 1873

S.L. Deyo of the Naples Record and wife celebrated the twentieth anniversary of their marriage Friday evening, Jan 3d, by a china wedding.

Mr. P.B. Davis of Penn Yan and Miss Emma Cowles of this place, were united in the holy bonds of matrimony by the Rev. O.B. Gibson last Thursday…. — Tonawanda (Pa.) Item

We regret to hear of the death of Col. Lockwood L. Doty, who died in Brooklyn last Saturday evening at the age of forty-five years. Col. Doty was a native and long a citizen of Livingston county….

Died at the residence of his daughter, Mrs. Edward S. Dixon, at Hall’s Corners, Seneca, Ontario county, Jan. 10th, 1873, Mr. George Crozier, aged 89 years and 17 days. Deceased was born in the north of England in 1783, came to this country in 1801 with his father and his family of six children, he being the second son. The family settled upon a farm three-quarters of a mile south of Hall’s Corners, where the deceased has resided until about two and one-half years ago. Since that time he has made his home with Mrs. Dixon. He leaves six children living, two having died, and twenty-four living grandchildren, five having deceased. One brother and three sisters survive him, two brothers and one sister having died before him. …

The Dansville Advertiser says that Rev. Wm. H. Shields of Lima has been getting married to Miss Alice J, Sunderlin of Rochester.

Died of Consumption at Waterloo Jan. 6th, 1873, Abiram D. Babcock, brother of Job L. Babcock, Esq., of Milo, at the age of forty-eight years. Mr. Babcock was a native of the town of Milo, and a resident here till the last fourteen years, during which time he has resided at Waterloo, engaged in the wholesale liquor trade. He married in Barrington Mary Boardman, daughter of Russel Boardman, formerly of that town. She survives him with five children….

Died in this village on Thursday the 17th inst., Mrs. Elizabeth C. Ellsworth, widow of the late Hon. Samuel S. Ellsworth, at the age of sixty-nine years, five months and nine days. Mrs. Ellsworth was born in Flanders, New Jersey, August 8th, 1803, and was the youngest of ten children of Dr. Robert R. Henry, a Surgeon of the Revolutionary army, and Mary Hilliard, his wife, a native of Danbury, Connecticut. Her name was Elizabeth Craton Henry. She moved to Bath with her mother and brother, Dr. David Henry, in the winter of 1819. They located there by advice of her uncle, Dr. John Henry, an eminent physician residing at Geneva. Sept. 7, 1822 she married Abraham P. Vosburg, Esq., an able lawyer and District Attorney of Ontario county, appointed in 1821. He held the same office in Yates county from the date of its organization till near his death in 1827, and was also first Surrogate of the county. She returned after his death to Bath, and after a brief residence there came back to Penn Yan, where she married March 17, 1834, Samuel Stewart Ellsworth, who died June 4, 1863 at the age of nearly seventy three years. They were the parents of three children, Mary Elizabeth, who died Aug. 17, 1837, and Henry and Samuel Stewart, twins, who were born in 1839. Henry died in infancy, and his brother is the only survivor of the family….

William C. Cleveland, Professor of Civil Engineering in Cornell University died at Ithaca, last week, of pneumonia.

Stephen Ferguson of Rushville celebrated his seventy-fifth birthday Jan. 11th by giving a party to which were invited the aged residents of that vicinity, numbering upwards of one hundred. The oldest was Christian Fisher, aged eighty-nine.

30 January 1873

Another distinguished man has passed away. William Cassidy, well known throughout the State as the able editor of the Albany Argus, died on the 23d inst., at the age of fifty-seven years….


Erastus Partridge, a wealthy citizen of Seneca Falls, died on the 20th inst., at seventy-five years of age. He had been very successful as a merchant and manufacturer, and was a useful citizen.

Married at St. Michael’s Church in this village on the 15th inst., by Rev. Father McGowan, Michael A. Phalon to Miss Maggie E. Mahar…. — Democrat

Married at the residence of the bride’s father in Torrey, Jan. 22d, 1873, by Rev. M.S. Leet, Fred S. Armstrong of Penn Yan and Miss Kate M. Ross…. — Democrat

John B. Mitchell, long a prominent citizen and efficient business man at Wayne, died at his home in that place on the 14th inst., at the age of seventy years. He was for many years a merchant at Wayne and Bradford, and at one time sent more lumber, shingles and produce over the Crooked Lake Canal than any other person. He was twice elected Supervisor of Wayne, though his party was in the minority, his politics being Whig, and afterwards Republican.

A Rushville correspondent of the Naples Record, says: Of the family of Ludim Blodgett, a Revolutionary soldier who lived near Rushville, there are still living seven children—four sons and three daughters—aged respectively as follows: Patty, (Mrs. Wadsworth), 81 years; Joseph, 80 years; William, 78 years; Ephraim, 77 years; Mitty (Mrs. Millard), 76 years; Avery, 72 years; and Susannah (Mrs. Green), 67 years. …

Luther Tucker, the veteran editor of the Country Gentleman, published at Albany, died on Sunday evening last. Mr. Tucker founded the Rochester Daily Advertiser in 1826. It was the first attempt at a daily paper in that place.

On Wednesday evening, Jan. 8th, a tin wedding of more than usual interest was duly celebrated by a large number of invited guests, at the residence of Mr. And Mrs. Kendrick Vosburgh, in the town of Starkey, a mile and a half north of Reading center, and just over the county line…. — Watkins Express

6 February 1873

Mrs. Martha Blake, widow of John Blake of Dundee, died in Reading recently, aged seventy.

Died at Paw Paw, Mich., Jan. 31st, 1873, Samantha, wife of Thomas F. Crane, in the 63d year of her age. Deceased was the eldest daughter of the late Gilbert Baker of Milo, and up to the year 1865 had always been a resident of Yates.

Mrs. Elizabeth A. Bennett, wife of Charles Bennett and daughter of John H. Lapham, Esq., of this village, died at her residence in Aurora, Erie county, on Monday morning last. Her remains have been brought to this village for interment. — Express

Mrs. Amanda Forshay, wife of Simon Forshay, died on Tuesday last, February 4, after a brief illness. She was an industrious woman, a kind and good mother, and dutiful wife. She leaves a family of five children and husband to mourn her loss.

Died in Penn Yan, on Sunday, February 1, Frederick Myrtle, son of John and Lucy Jane Beyea, aged eight months. …

Mrs. Everal H. Wheeler, wife of Thomas Wheeler, died at the family residence in this village on Tuesday morning, Jan. 21st, 1873, of bilious pneumonia, aged 65 years. The deceased was born Sept. 5th, 1837, at Dresden,; and she has lived in Watkins twenty years. She leaves four children—three daughters and one son—the latter being the junior partner of the firm of Norman & Wheeler, and Mr. Norman, a nephew of the deceased…. — Watkins Express

13 February 1873


A telegram was received yesterday by J.T. Slaughter, announcing the death of Daniel Foster. Mr. Foster was for many years a respected resident of this county, and for several years has resided in Brooklyn, doing business in New York. He has many friends here who will be saddened by the news of his death.

Mr. John D. Kuney, a farmer 72 years of age, residing near Bearytown, was found dead in his sleigh one day last week. He had been to Seneca Falls, and while driving home died of heart disease. No one was with him at the time.

Ex-Governor John W. Geary of Pennsylvania, died at Harrisburg last Friday, very suddenly.

Mrs. Elizabeth A. Bennett, wife of Charles J. Bennett of Aurora, Erie county, and daughter of John H. Lapham of this village, died at her residence on Monday last. Her remains were brought here and the funeral took place from the residence of Mr. Lapham on Wednesday. She was a lady of culture and estimable character. Her age was 38 years. — Democrat

Mrs. Christina Post, widow of the late Cornelius Post, died at her residence in Lodi, Seneca county, on the 29th of January, in the eighty-first year of her age. She was born in Redington, New Jersey, in 1792, and with the family of her father Abram DeMott, moved into the town of Ovid in 1793. She was the mother of Dr. Lewis Post of Lodi, and Col. Cornelius Post, of this town.

20 February 1873



Mrs. Ann Carr, an elderly lady living at Crosby’s landing, while in the store of H.D. Pratt on Saturday last, was stricken down with apoplexy. Dr. Bordwell was called, who did all that medical aid could to restore her to consciousness, but without avail. She was soon removed to Mr. Pratt’s residence, where she expired about 6 o’clock P.M…. She was accompanied by her son, both on their way to his home in Pulteney.

Died at Sheldrake in the town of Ovid, Seneca county, on Tuesday, February 16, 1873, Er Cleveland, father of the editor of this paper, at the age of nearly seventy-four years. The parents of the deceased were pioneers of Connecticut birth and training, who settled during the last years of the eighteenth century in Bradford county, Pa. Removing thence a few years later, both parents died, the mother at Cincinnati, Ohio, and the father a few months afterwards in what is now the town of Montour, Schuyler county, leaving the subject of this notice the oldest of six surviving children, and he but sixteen years old. He resided in Hector, Schuyler county, till 1843, and thereafter in Lodi, Seneca county, till 1867, when he purchased a farm at Sheldrake, and resided there until his death….

Died in Barrington, at the house of her son-in-law Morris Loomis, of Consumption on the 24th ult., Mrs. Martha Vance, wife of Samuel Vance, and a long time resident of this town, in the 81st year of her age. She was the oldest daughter of Andrew Raplee, and was born in Sussex county, N.J. She came to this town in 1805, and lived here till within the last three years, when she went to reside with her daughter, Mrs. Loomis, in Barrington. She was married to Mr. Vance in 1812, and they have lived together sixty years, and were the parents of ten children, all of whom, with her husband, survive her—hers being the only death that has occurred to break the family circle….

Died in this village on the 29th ult., Mrs. Deborah Ketchum, aged 88 years and 5 months. Her maiden name was Booth, and her nativity was Dutchess county, but she afterwards resided for some time in Orange county, from which place she came with her husband and family to Lodi, Seneca county, in 1816, and in 1822 came to Reading (now Starkey), where she has since resided. Her husband died here several years since…. — Dundee Record

On Thursday last, Mr. and Mrs. Sterling Pelton of Kanona, Steuben county…celebrated the fiftieth anniversary of their wedded life….

Died in Rushford, Allegany county, at the house of her son Uriah D. Westcott, of old age and general debility on the third inst., Mrs. Cynthia Westcott, widow of the late Deacon Samuel Westcott and mother of the editor of this paper, aged 83 years and 9 days. She was the youngest child of Oliver and Abigail Bates and was born, we think, in Cranston, R.I., January 25, 1770…. — Dundee Record

27 February 1873


Charles P. Bishop, formerly of Barrington and a soldier of the 33d regiment, died of consumption in Starkey on the 12th inst., at the age of thirty-two years. He was a son-in-law of Samuel V. Miller of this town and was buried in the Penn Yan Cemetery.

Calvin W. Cooke, Superintendent of the Waterloo Woolen Mills, died on the 15th inst., at the age of seventy-three years. …

Mrs. Sarah Shepherd died at Palmyra recently at the age of 103 years. She was a native of Dutchess county.

Died in Italy Hollow on Sunday, February 23, 1873, Emmett Smith, son of Dr. Elisha Smith and late publisher of the Italy Hollow Sentinel….

Married at the residence of the bride’s brother in the village of Penn Yan, on Wednesday evening, February 19th, by Rev. B.M. Goldsmith, James S. Whitaker to Miss Helen, only daughter of the late John Rice, Esq.…

From private sources we learn of the death of Prof. N.W. Ayer, which sad event occurred at Philadelphia a few days since… --Express

John Dickinson, a blacksmith residing at Bellona, was taken suddenly ill on Tuesday of last week while shoeing a horse, and died in a few hours after. He was a brother of Alphonzo Dickinson of this village, and much respected as a citizen.

6 March 1873

Rev. Thomas B. Hudson, formerly Presiding Elder of this district, and this year pastor of the M.E. Church at Lyons, died at that place on Monday. He was stricken with paralysis in his pulpit on Sunday and died the following day. Mr. Hudson held his residence in this village while he was Presiding Elder of the former Penn Yan district, and he was still the owner of a house and lot on Clinton Street. He was a man of most estimable character.

We learn with regret that Abram C. Slaght, steward of the Willard Asylum at Ovid, died suddenly of apoplexy yesterday morning. Deceased was a well known and highly esteemed citizen of the town of Lodi…. — Seneca Falls Reveille

13 March 1873

Rev. Thomas Hudson, whose death we noticed last week, was fifty-four years old.

Mrs. Charlotte A. Runyan, widow of the late Isaac Runyan, died at Seneca Castle, Ontario county, March 1st, aged fifty-eight years.

A China Wedding was held at the residence of Harrison Hyatt in Benton, on March 1st, 1873. Being the twentieth anniversary of their wedding….

Died at her home on Flat Street in Benton on Sunday morning, March 9th, 1873, Mrs. Polly Fargo, at the age of ninety-six years, one month and thirteen days. Mrs. Fargo was born in Sharon, Connecticut, in 1777, and was the daughter of Elisha Woodworth, Sr. She was a sister of the late Gen. Abner Woodworth. Her father settled in what is now Benton when she was about fifteen years old, and she married Dr. Calvin Fargo in 1798. He died in 1818, and she has lived a widow fifty years….He moved with his family to Indiana in 1817, and came to his death by being thrown from a horse. His family soon after returned to Benton…. They had a family of eight children. Huram, Stephen, Russel R., Julia, Elizabeth, Abigail, Dr. John C., Elisha. Huram died single at thirty; Stephen in infancy; Russel R….has been for some years past a citizen of Pulteney; Julia married Hiram Weed and lives a widow in Benton; Elizabeth resides single in Benton; Abigail is the wife of William H. Gage of Benton; John C. died a physician at Council Bluffs, Iowa, in 1871, and Elisha is a citizen of Brooklyn….Mrs. Fargo…came to this county when it was still almost wholly a wilderness. Her father was a brother of Mrs. Levi Benton….

20 March 1873

Died at Himrods on Friday, Elizabeth Perry, wife of James Perry, in the eighty-fifth year of her age. Her husband survives at the age of ninety-four years.

Died at the residence of Dr. C.A. Bogart, at Bay City, Mich., March 5, 1873, Catharine Remer, daughter of Joseph Remer, Esq., of Dresden, at the age of forty-two years. She was buried at Hopeton on Sunday the 9th inst.

Middlesex Items. — Mrs. Julia Mills, who has been living with David Christie, and an aunt of Squire Sturtevant’s, died March 6th; aged eighty-five years. She was the last of that family.

Mrs. Adaline Chadwick, wife of Professor Edmund Chadwick, died suddenly at Buffalo yesterday about noon. Mrs. Chadwick was a resident of Starkey, and has been one of the leading female teachers of Western New York. --Rochester Democrat, March 19th.

One of the saddest events we have heard of in a long time occurred in Schuyler county a few days ago. Melvin G. Barden, son of James Parker Barden, formerly of this county, left his father’s house near Havana on the morning of March 4th….His cutter was found on Friday near the head of Seneca lake on the east shore….The body…was found on the beach some distance farther down than his horse, where he had evidently laid down and frozen to death….He was the only son and the chief stay of his parents, an unmarried man and about forty years of age. His father was the brother of the late Dr. Henry Barden of this village, and his mother belongs to the Gage family of Benton….

27 March 1873

On Friday morning last the body of a murdered man was found in the basement of a block of buildings owned by himself in Brooklyn….Charles Goodrich, brother of Hon. W.W. Goodrich, was found…with a pistol-shot wound through his head…. He was a grandson of the late Rev. Charles Goodrich and a nephew of Mrs. Charles G. Judd of this village.


Daniel W. Bostwick, a veteran of ninety, died in Waterloo on the 18th inst.

Asa Hopkins died in Jerusalem March 20th, at the age of seventy-three.

Died in this village on Thursday evening March 20th, 1873, Louise Ogden, wife of Morris F. Sheppard, at the age of nearly twenty-five years. …Louise was the happy and tender mother of two little children….She was a daughter of Hon. Darius Ogden, and had been married nearly six years.

Died in Greeley, Colorado on Monday, March 17th, 1873, Augustus [sic] H. Babcock, widow of Hon. Frank M. Babcock and daughter of E.T. Nichols, Esq., aged twenty-two years….Her infant lives—a fine boy—and is growing nicely….

Hon. John A. Collier died at his residence in Binghamton on Sunday, aged eighty-six years….

From the Grand Rapids (Mich.) Eagle:

Died in this city at Sweet’s Hotel March 6, Evart M. Doubleday, formerly of this city and late of Chicago, aged 42 years….[He] was a native of Yates County, N.Y., and came to this city about eighteen years ago….The deceased was a son of the late Dr. Elisha Doubleday of Italy Hill. His twin brother, Jerome Ernest Doubleday, was a gallant officer who perished in the war.

3 April 1873



The father, mother, brother and sister of the wife of Valentine Allen, a son of Col. Samuel Allen of Benton, were passengers from England on the ill fated steamer Atlantic, which went down near Halifax on Tuesday.

Samuel W. Kress, only son of Isaac Kress of Starkey, died at Syracuse March 20, at the age of twenty-two years. The young man had been a student of Syracuse University…. The funeral took place at Himrods….

A railroad accident occurred at Geneva last Saturday by the sinking of the track a short distance east of the Geneva Railway station. A culvert gave way and the engine and baggage car of a westward bound train were precipitated into the ditch and totally submerged. The passenger coaches stopped before running into the chasm. The engineer, Enos Buelte of Rochester, was drowned, and the fireman was probably also lost, as his body was not found. The engineer had been twenty years in the employ of the Central road and was a skillful and careful man. He leaves a wife and five children.

Died in Barrington March 24, 1873, Peter H. Crosby, at the age of nearly seventy-one years. …[He] was born in Putnam county, in the latter part of the year 1802. In 1812 his father, Nathan Crosby, settled in Sunderlin Hollow, near the Crystal Spring; lived there two years and returned to Delaware county, a year later returned to Milo (then Benton) and lived there three years, when he moved to Barrington (then Wayne) and settled on the spot where his son Peter H. Crosby has since lived, a period of fifty-five years. The father died in 1825. An elder brother, Selah Crosby, who is still living in Barrington, was one of the early school teachers of that town….His first wife and the mother of his children was Catharine Finton, daughter of Joseph Finton, one of the earliest pioneers of Barrington, and sister of Joseph S. Finton, still resident on the old Finton homestead, near the late residence of Mr. Crosby. He married a second wife, widow Hair, a daughter of Andrew Raplee, who survives him….One of his sons, Joseph F. Crosby, was Sheriff of Yates county three years, beginning with 1865.

Anson Hall, father-in-law of William H. Gibbs of this place and a well known citizen of Havana, died in that village on Sunday, March 23d, 1873, in the 81st year of his age…. —Watkins Express

Mr. Hall was formerly a resident of this town, occupying the place now owned by John Hutton….

10 April 1873

Joseph D. Haywood, a former citizen of Pulteney, died March 30th, at forty-six years of age. He was one of the most respected citizens of the town.

Ex-Senator Alexander B. Williams, formerly of Wayne county, died at Chicago last week….

Died in this village on the evening of the 28th ult., Richard Beard, in the 93d year of his age. He was born in New Jersey near Deckertown, Sussex county, where he grew up to manhood and was married. Many years ago he emigrated to what was then called the lake country where he has lived in various localities. His wife died a few years since, and his children being daughters, he with his youngest daughter has kept house…. He was the oldest person in this community, and…was called by the familiar title of “Uncle Dicky….” He is the last of the men who came here many years ago from New Jersey… He rests in Hillside Cemetery. —Dundee Record

Thomas Chittick, a son of Christopher Chittick of Prattsburg, was drowned while attempting to cross the river near Kanona on the 29th ult. His age was about fifteen years.

We mentioned last week the family of four, the father, mother, brother and sister of Mrs. Valentine Allen, as passengers of the wrecked steamer Atlantic. Amos Wadley, the brother and only survivor, passed through this place on Tuesday, on the way to meet his sister. The shipwreck is charged, first to the proprietors of the line, who sent off the vessel from Liverpool with an insufficient supply of coal and provision; and second, to the negligence of the Captain, who was asleep in the cabin when the ship struck the rock.

Died in Starkey on the 25th of March, 1873, Mrs. Barbara Scutt, widow of the late Solomon Scutt of Starkey. Solomon Scutt and Barbara Coons were natives of Columbia county. He was born in 1796, and she in 1802. They were married in their native county in 1818, and emigrated to this county forty-six years ago, and soon after bought and settled on a farm in the north-west part of Starkey near the old pre-emption line, and resided there during life. He died in 1869. They were the parents of three children, Dorotha, Sarah and Mary. The latter died in 1850 at seventeen. Dorotha is the wife of Homer Eaton of Penn Yan, and Sarah is the wife of William J. Wilson of Starkey….


17 April 1873

Died at the residence of her nephew Richard Jillett in the town of Milo, on the 7th inst., Mrs. Mary Dake, widow of the late Charles Dake, aged 76 years.

Died at her home near this village on Tuesday morning, April 15th, Mrs. Mary Bordwell, wife of Dr. Richard R.C. Bordwell, at the age of thirty-eight years…. She was a native of Lotville, Warren county, Pa., where she married her husband shortly after he commenced his practice as a physician. They soon after moved to this place, where they have lived about sixteen years….

Died at his home in this village on Sunday morning, April 13, 1873, Rho D. Ludlow, at the age of fifty-three years….He was a son of Daniel Ludlow, who died at Milo Center in 1855. He was born in Orange county in 1819, and learned his trade as a cabinet maker with Elisha Delano in this village. He married in 1845 Phebe J., daughter of Elisha G. Hopkins, and they have been the parents of ten children, all of whom are living….

Bennett McDougal of the town of Veteran, Chemung county, committed suicide by hanging himself in his barn on Tuesday of this week. … --Watkins Express

Died in Barrington on the 4th inst., Mrs. Artemisia Webb, wife of Thomas Webb, aged 70 years. …She leaves an aged husband and seven daughters…. —Record

24 April 1873


Andrew Booth, one of the earliest settlers of Starkey and long a resident of that town, died recently in Illinois at the age of ninety-eight years. He was the father of Spencer Booth, long a citizen of Branchport.

Eli Ingraham of Middlesex, who has been so feeble in health for the past year, died on the 11th inst. of consumption, aged 53 years. —Naples Record

Died in Milo on the 6th inst., from the effects of a violent cold, Mrs. Susan Miller, widow of the late Daniel Miller, aged 71 years. Her maiden name was Miller and her early life was spent, we think, in Lansing, N.Y., where she was married, and soon after came to Barrington, and resided there several years when her husband sold his possessions there and removed to Milo where he closed his life a few years since…. —Dundee Record

Her son Alonzo Miller was one of the earlier victims of the war… His funeral was attended at the Second Milo Church on a summer Sabbath day and was very largely attended.