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Issues printed in 1854

Tuesday, May 16, 1854

Died - At Italy Hill, April 14, Harriet A. Lare, daughter of Absalom and Phebe Lare, aged 4 years and 5 months.

Died - Sunday eve, May 14, Kate, only daughter of A. V. and Calista Masten, age 1 year and 8 months.
    The relatives and acquaintances of the family are invited to attend her funeral, at the house, on Tuesday, at 11 o’clock.

Tuesday, May 23, 1854

Sudden Death. - An old resident of Geneva, we learn from the Courier, Mr. Silas Chapin, was suddenly killed in that village on Thursday last. In turning his wagon in the street, he was thrown upon the ground, and the brain injured or his neck broken, killing him instantly. He was 70 years of age, and had lived in Geneva over fifty years.

The Geneva papers announce the death of Hon. Robert C. Nicholas, an old resident of Geneva, who died at Staten Island, where he had been staying some time for his health. He was a prominent and influential resident of Ontario for many years.

The May Term of the County

....The People ag’t Albert Stetler, indicted for highway robbery - convicted and sentenced to Auburn for 10 years, at hard labor.
    A. V. Harpending, Dist. Att’y; J. W. Wolcott for def’t.
    The judge addressed the prisoner in his usual eloquent and effecting manner. He remarked that this was a case in which they should be governed by the statute as to length of sentence. That as he was young, he wished that he might be sent to some place where he might receive proper culture; that had been only about two years since he returned from the House of Refuge, in so short time had been convicted of almost the highest on the catalogue of crime; that it was almost hoping against hope that he would ever return to the paths of virtue; yet he hoped that when liberated from the gloomy walls of the prison he might go forth and form new associations and lead a life of usefulness.

    The People ag't Enos Perry - indicted in 1851 for uttering counterfeit money; bail forfeited and judgment obtained for $1,000 and costs; motion was made by James Taylor to remit a part of said judgment. D. J. Sunderlin, late Dist. Att’y, opposing the motion, the court held it for further advisement.

    The People ag't Samuel Tuton - indicted for keeping a gambling house; put over.

    The People ag't Thomas Harrison, indicted for a violation of the excise law; also keeping a gambling house; sent to next sessions.

    The People ag't William Wood - assault and battery. Verdict not guilty.

    Dist. Att’y E. Van Buren for def’t.

    People ag’t James Henrys - indicted for highway robbery. Dist. Att’y, E. Van Buren for def’t; found guilty as to first count. Motion granted to stay sentence for 30 days to make bill of exceptions, also subsequent ordered to suspend judgment until the next session of the Supreme Court, or further order of that court.

    The People ag't Patrick Quinn, James Calahan and others; assault and battery. - nolle prosequi entered on payment of costs.

    The People ag't William Kimble - breech of excise law; next sessions.

    The People ag't Abraham Hamilton; petit larceny - next sessions.

    The People ag't Henry and Samuel Mosher; assault and battery on officer; next sessions.

    The People ag't Peggy Brinnin; violation of excise law. She was convicted at the last Circuit; having been in jail since that time was brought into court and discharged upon her promise to abandon the traffic.

    The People ag't William Taylor; assault and battery. Plead guilty - fined $7, and stand committed till paid.

    The People ag't Jonathan Lunger; grand larceny. A. V. Harpending, Dist. Att'y, C. G. Judd for def't. Found guilty. Receiving a verdict objected to on the ground that the jury had dispersed before rendering it. Objection overruled. Mr. Judd moved that the verdict be set aside on the ground of irregularity; after argument by the People, motion granted a new trial at the next Circuit, and prisoner remanded to his old quarters.

    It was no excuse that the jury did not know the law or their duty as jurors in a criminal case like this. By their act the County will be subjected to $100 additional expense, at least.

    Mr. Judd tried this case with ability, and watched the prisoner’s rights with a vigilant eye. Mr. Harpending looks well to the interests of the People.

Died - In this village, April 28th, after an illness of three weeks, [                 ], Frank Lewis, [                      ], child of Romulus and Emeline Gildersleeve, aged 9 years and 22 days…..

Died - In Canandaigua, May 11, Caroline Amelia, aged 11 years, 1 month and 25 days, only daughter of Jennette W. and L. L. Mattison, editor of the Ontario Messenger.

Tuesday, October 17, 1854

   In Penn Yan, Oct. the 11th, by Rev. Toney, Mr. Allen T. Farwell and Miss Caroline A. Grady, both of this village.
    In Barrington, on the 1[ ]th inst., by Rev. D. B. Olney, Mr. David Swarthout, of Wayne, and Miss Emily Huson, of Barrington.

List of letters remaining in the Post Office in Benton P. O., October 1st, 1854.

Ash Charles
Mattice William A.
Andrews James
McLellan John
Bates Harriet Mrs.
Neal John
Barnes George G. 1st
Peck F. B. Rev.
Barden Mark
Rank Eli
Durham James
Reynolds E. M.
Dunn William
Ryder Thomas
Drayton William
Scheffield Mrs. Maria
Hallard F.
Stanton Esther Anna
Harrington Rev. R.
Shaw, Stephen P.
Hollowell & Wesley
Slater John
Harris Luther
Town Clerk of Benton
Kidder Cyrus
Treusdell John
Lazell Capt. R.
Wells David 2nd
Morse Ruth A.

J. L. Lewis, Sen., P. M.