[Military records]

A Census of Pensioners for Revolutionary or Military Services; with their Names, Ages and Places of Residence, as returned by the marshals of the several judicial districts under The Act for Taking the Sixth Census
Published by Authority of an Act of Congress, under the direction of the Secretary of State
Washington: Printed by Blair and Rives: 1841
New York - Northern District p 101


Names of pensioners for revolutionary or military services Ages Names of heads of families with whom pensioners resided June 1, 1840
Titus Harman 73 Titus Harman
Asa Olcott 80 Benjamin Havens
Isaac Whitney 91 Jacob Whitney
John McLewin 93 W F McLewin
William Bates 79 William Bates
Daniel Brown 82 Daniel Brown
Joseph Finton 79 Joseph Finton
William Smith 75 Daniel Smith
Thomas Treat 78 Waster Berk
Elisha Benedict 80 N G Benedict
Castle Daines 91 Castle Daines
Jacob Fradenburgh 81 James Fradenburgh
John Beal 84 John Beal
Samuel Abby 80 Samuel Abby
Michael Pearce 84 Michael Pearce
Robert McNair 85 Jacob Van
John Cole 81 John Walford
Isaac Hoard 83 Isaac Hoard
Isaac Page 82 David Page
Philip Dinturff 88 Philip Dinturff