[Military records]

1865 Census Mortality Schedules

Officers and Enlisted Men
Name Index

N.B.: The state censuses are organized by election districts within each town. The index following contains the names of each man listed in the Civil War portion of the mortality schedules, with a reference to the town and election district (if any) where he lived. Use the table at the bottom of this page to go to the transcript for each town. All the information given in the schedule has been transcribed, and includes the soldier's name, age, residence and birthplace, enlistment, date and manner of death, dependents, place of burial and in some cases, remarks.

Adams John C., Mid
Anable Alexander, Mid
Annable Alexander, Ita
Ansley George A., Pot 1
Baker Horace, Ben 2
Barber Carolton, Pot 1
Barnes Hirum H., Mid
Barrett George, Pot 2
Bartlett Morris H., Ita
Bassett Erasmus, Bar
Bassett George, Bar
Bassett Oscar I., Mid
Beach Rollin G., Mil 1
Bell Lee Dewitt, Mil 3
Bell Robert, Ita
Benson Isaac, Mil 3
Bigelow Stanford, Mil 1
Blakesley Robert, Pot 2
Bogret Robert, Pot 2
Boothe John W, Bar
Bowen William H., Mil 1
Briggs George R., Pot 3
Brockway Andrew, Jer 1
Brown Arnold A., Ita
Brown Charles, Jer 1
Brown George, Ita
Brown James Henry, Jer 1
Brown Morris W., Mil 1
Brown Nathaniel, Ita
Bucklin Charles A., Mid
Bush James, Bar
Campbell John M., Sta 1
Canfield Joseph, Tor
Carley John H., Mil 1
Catterson Robert, Ita
Chapman Charles E., Ben 1
Chubb Henry, Sta 1
Clark William F., Jer 1
Cleaveland John , Ben 1
Coleman Geo., Ben 2
Crouch James, Ita
Crouch Joseph, Ita
Crouch Joseph, Pot 2
Dailey Danl., Mil 3
Dains Daniel W., Tor
Davis George W., Sta 1
Day Daniel, Mil 1
Debolt John G., Tor
Dense Tuttle, Sta 2
Dinsmore James, Pot 2
Donagon John, Mil 2
Dunbar H. M., Mil 3
Dunham David , Ben 1
Dunn Jno. R., Mil 3
Dunnigan Francis, Mil 1
Dunning William A., Tor
Dwelle Delafield E., Pot 1
Dykeman Robert B., Ben 2
Ellick Russell F., Mid
Ellis David H., Tor
Ellis Horace F., Mil 1
Elwell William, Ita
Embree Roland L., Tor
Falen John, Jer 1
Farwell Alen T., Mil 1
Fayette James, Sta 2
Feagles Byron , Ben 1
Finch Eben, Pot 2
Finger Joseph, Mil 3
Fisk Samuel, Mid
Fletcher Joseph H., Pot 3
Fountain Jacob W., Mid
French Henry M., Ita
Frey William D., Tor
Gage Daniel , Ben 2
Gannon Abram, Jer 2
Gardener Franklin , Ben 1
Garrison Mortimer, Mil 1
Gaylord Charles W., Ben 2
Goff Nathan A., Mid
Goodrich William, Bar
Gordon Augustus, Bar
Granahan Jno., Mil 3
Greening Jas., Mil 3
Gregory Aaron Y., Ben 2
Grey Lyman, Mil 1
Griswold Francis M., Ita
Haight Ellsworth, Jer 1
Harford William, Ben 2
Harris Royal, Mid
Haviland Edgar D., Sta 1
Hemingway Samuel C., Sta 1
Hilligass Freeman L., Sta 2
Hobart William L., Pot 3
Hodge Jacob , Ben 1
Hodge Jacob, Pot 3
Hollowell Joseph, Mil 2
Holmes Lewis B., Ben 2
Hood Benj. F., Ben 2
Houghtaling Amos, Sta 1
Houghtaling Christopher, Sta 1
Hoyt William, Ita
Huber William, Ben 2
Hughes William, Mil 1
Hunter John, Mil 3
Hunter Thos., Mil 3
Huson James K. P., Sta 1
Ingles John B., Mil 1
Jackson Caleb J., Mil 1
Johnson Jerome, Ita
Jones Richard, Mil 3
Kelly Edward , Sta 1
Ketterer George, Pot 3
Koon William W., Sta 1
Lackey Elisha, Mil 3
Lake Damon, Mil 1
Lewis Andrew O., Mil 1
Lewis Eli R., Pot 1
Lewis Wilson A., Ben 1
Loomis Wilbur, Mid
Lunn Joseph O., Mil 2
Mack Marvin M., Ita
Manning Benjamin F., Ita
Matthews Anson, Sta 1
Matthews Nelson, Sta 1
McBlain Geo., Ben 2
McCarrick Martin, Sta 2
McDonald Geo., Mil 3
Merritt Hackett, Bar
Miller Alonzo, Sta 1
Miller Nelson G., Pot 2
Millspaugh Fredrick, Jer 1
Mitchell Frederick, Mil 1
Morrison Henry, Sta 1
Morrison Ira S., Sta 1
Murdock Augustus F., Mil 3
Newell Alfred M., Ita
Nichols Samuel A., Mil 2
Norris Elias A., Bar
Norris William N., Bar
Northrop Needham, Pot 2
O'Daniels William, Sta 2
Oliver James M., Mil 1
Olmstead J. H., Mil 3
Pierce Willis E., Jer 1
Platman Samuel, Ben 2
Putman Andrew, Sta 1
Quick Albert A., Sta 1
Quick Graig, Mil 1
Raplee Anson A., Sta 1
Robinson James, Mid
Robinson James, Pot 2
Rosenkrans Fraser , Ben 2
Ryker Wm, Mil 3
Ryle Otis B., Ben 2
Sayre Henry A., Pot 1
Shaw Charles B., Jer 1
Shed James B., Sta 1
Shepherd Byron H., Mid
Sherman Aron R., Ben 1
Shoemaker William, Bar
Shutts Seymour, Mil 1
Sloan J. Barnett, Mil 3
Smith David, Sta 2
Snyder George, Ita
Southerby Thomas R., Ita
Sprague Albert L., Tor
StJohn John C., Mil 2
Strobridge William M., Pot 2
Strong Richard, Ita
Strong Samuel P., Jer 1
Studwell George, Bar
Sturdefant Albert I., Jer 2
Tennant Edward A., Sta 1
Tennant Samuel R., Sta 1
Terril Miles T., Bar
Terrill Harry, Sta 2
Teter Samuel, Bar
Tobin Thomas , Ben 1
Tobin Thomas, Mil 1
Tubbs George R., Sta 2
Tuell John, Jer 1
Turner Spencer, Pot 2
Tuttle John, Bar
Tuttle Joseph, Sta 2
Tyler George B., Tor
VanDeventer Herman, Tor
Walbridge James, Pot 1
Warfield Andrew W., Pot 2
Watkins John G., Sta 1
Weaver Daniel, Tor
Wheaton Jerome, Ita
Wilcher William, Jer 2
Williams Barney, Mil 1
Willis Charles, Ben 1
Winans James W., Pot 3
Wolcott George B., Mil 1
Worden Ephriam, Mil 2
Worden Seth M., Tor
Wright George, Mid

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