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Yates County in 1835

The map shows the County's town boundaries at the time of the 1835 census. The boundaries of the County itself were then as they are now. The towns are much the same as well, with two exceptions: the town of Torrey was not organized until 1851, when its area was taken from that of Benton and Milo, in the hope that Dresden -- incorporated as a village in the 1860s -- would grow as a commercial rival to Penn Yan. The second difference from today's boundaries is much less noticeable: in 1856 one and a half square miles lying on the hillside west of Flint Creek, in the southeast corner of Middlesex, was added to Potter on the grounds that it was much easier for people living in this area, a long deep valley, to transact business in Potter Center than in Middlesex Center. So in 1835 two towns were still more or less square, reflecting their origins in the 1788 grid of towns surveyed from the Pre-emption Line.