[Ontario Surrogate's Records] [Will Book 9]

Ontario County Books of Wills and Letters of Administration

Book 9 (1815-1817): Record of Guardianships

In the index list below that, names marked with an X have been transcribed for this website; references are to book number and page number, thus: 6:36 means Book 6, page 36. Guardianships are marked with (gdn) after the name of the person receiving the guardian; and (Gdn) after the guardian's name. The town name is added when it is noted in the particular record.

Adams Jesse (Gdn) 9:52

Aldrich Althia, Luther, Thomas Edward & Marjory of Perin Town (gdn) 9:60

Aldrich Sally (Gdn) 9:60

Allis Oliver of Gorham (gdn) 9:12

Andrews Samuel (Gdn) 9:85

Arnold Edward (Gdn) 9:42

Baker Gilbert, William, Mary Ann, Tamzin Jr & Delafiet of Phelps (gdn) 9:81

Baker Tamzin (Gdn) 9:81

Baker Zemeriah (gdn) 9:68

Bateman John W. of Seneca 9:18 XX

Beach Ashbel (Gdn) 9:84

Bemis James D. (Gdn) 9:55

Bemis James D. (Gdn) 9:86

Bradish Jonas Harding & Samuel M. of Gorham (gdn) 9:87

Bradley Harry (Gdn) 9:49

Brown Hannah of Farmington (gdn) 9:14

Brown Nancy Jane & Levi Aldrich of Farmington (gdn) 9:15

Buel Jonathan (Gdn) 9:41

Canfield Joseph (Gdn) 9:36

Carpenter John (Gdn) 9:45

Champion Thomas James (gdn) 9:72

Chapin Silas (Gdn) 9:58

Childs Enos (Gdn) 9:12

Codding George 9:3rd of Bristol (gdn) 9:31

Codding John (Gdn) 9:21

Codding Warner H. & Robert J. of Bristol (gdn) 9:21

Codding William J. (Gdn) 9:31

Cook David (Gdn) 9:71

Cornell Sally of Palmyra (gdn) 9:17

Cornell William (gdn) 9:16

Crownover Mordecai (Gdn) 9:22

Crownover Mordecai (Gdn) 9:23

Davis Prusia of Bristol (gdn) 9:53

Davis Sally (Gdn) 9:53

Davis Sally (Gdn) 9:53

Davis Solomon & Isaac of Bloomfield (gdn) 9:53

Doolittle Asa, Norman & Harriet of Bloomfield (gdn) 9:6

Doolittle Herman, Prudence, Lucy & Lyman of Bloomfield (gdn) 9:7

Doolittle Prudence (Gdn) 9:6

Doolittle Prudence (Gdn) 9:7

Egelston Eliza Ann, Mary Ann, Remus Vernum, William, Samuel S & Seneca of Farmington (gdn) 9:82

Eggleston Nathaniel (Gdn) 9:73

Emmons Hannah of Bloomfield (gdn) 9:49

Fairchild Morris (Gdn) 9:61

Finch Nathaniel of Bloomfield (gdn) 9:73

Follet Foster M. of Canandaigua (gdn) 9:56

Follet Nathan (Gdn) 9:56

Foster David (Gdn) 9:59

Foster Sophia, Julius & Hiram of Palmyra (gdn) 9:59

Fullam Elisha (Gdn) 9:4

Fuller Betsy of Penfield (gdn) 9:52

Galloway John (Gdn) 9:16

Galloway John (Gdn) 9:17

Gilbert Obed of Farmington (gdn) 9:24

Gleason Lucinda & Esther of Seneca (gdn) 9:47

Gleason Lucinda (gdn) 9:46

Gleason Phebe (Gdn) 9:46

Gleason Phebe (Gdn) 9:47

Goss Benjamin (Gdn) 9:25

Goss Benjamin (Gdn) 9:26

Gould James of Livonia (gdn) 9:65

Gould Lodeny R., Augustus L., Lester K., Abigail K., Hiram & Sally of Livonia (gdn) 9:64

Gould Rachel (Gdn) 9:64

Gould Rachel (Gdn) 9:65

Gould Thomas M. of Livonia (gdn) 9:63

Green Mary of Gorham (gdn) 9:11

Grover Elihu, Velinsey, Dwight, Climena, Zalmon & Jane of Brighton (gdn) 9:80

Halstate Nancy, Diadamy, Hiram & John of Farmington (gdn) 9:48

Hamilton Hugh (Gdn) 9:67

Hamlin B.W. (Gdn) 9:19

Harkness Cynthea, Anna & Forrest of Gorham (gdn) 9:88 XX

Harris Daniel (Gdn) 9:80

Harris Paul (Gdn) 9:66

Hatfield Mason (Gdn) 9:29

Hawley Polly Apoline & William Bissel of Canandaigua (gdn) 9:52

Herendeen Welcome (Gdn) 9:15

Herendeen Welcum (Gdn) 9:24

Hickox Thomas Becket of Victor (gdn) 9:52

Hicks Aaron (Gdn) 9:43

Hicks Aaron (Gdn) 9:44

Hicks Amy & Nancy of Bristol (gdn) 9:44

Hicks Betsy & Elie of Bristol (gdn) 9:43

Hollett Peregrine (Gdn) 9:18 XX

Hopkins John of Bloomfield (gdn) 9:26

Hopkins Keziah of Bloomfield (gdn) 9:25

Hudson Henry of Seneca (gdn) 9:58

Isenhour John Jacob & Anna of Seneca (gdn) 9:16

Isenhour Susanna, William & Joseph of Seneca (gdn) 9:16

Isgate Abigail of Bristol (gdn) 9:54

Isgate Patton, Daniel, Sally & Betsy of Penfield (gdn) 9:54

Johnson William, Alma, Daniel, Lovina, Eli & Phebe of Bloomfield (gdn) 9:84

Kempshall John of Canandaigua (gdn) 9:5

Kempshall Willis (Gdn) 9:5

Lackor Roderick W. & Sally A. of Middlesex (gdn) 9:83 XX

Leach Levi (Gdn) 9:72

Lewis Anna & David of Lima (gdn) 9:1

Lindsley Hiram of Gorham (gdn) 9:29

Loomis Chester (Gdn) 9:88 X

Marling John (Gdn) 9:8

Marvin Henry A. (Gdn) 9:39

Marvin Henry A. (Gdn) 9:40

McMaster David (Gdn) 9:76

McMaster Hugh of Bloomfield (gdn) 9:76

McNall Alexander (Gdn) 9:57

McNall Eliza & Almira of Pittsford (gdn) 9:57

Meacham Almon (Gdn) 9:90

Meacham Lucy, David & Randal of Avon (gdn) 9:90

Miller Jesse Jr (Gdn) 9:52

Minor Darius (Gdn) 9:68

Morse Lemuel (Gdn) 9:11

Morse Lemuel (Gdn) 9:33

Mower Timothy (Gdn) 9:87

Night Calista & Hannah Rosina of Palmyra (gdn) 9:13

Night Lucy (Gdn) 9:13

North John of Canandaigua (gdn) 9:45

Norton Betsy, Augustus, Parmale, Emela, Noah, Arela & Adela of Pittsford (gdn) 9:2

Norton Theron & Polly of Pittsford (gdn) 9:1

Nye Nathan (Gdn) 9:2

Nye Nathan (Gdn)1

Parish Levi H. (Gdn) 9:74

Parish Lydia (gdn) 9:74

Peck Elisha & Palmer of Bloomfield (gdn) 9:39

Peck Jeremiah & Nathan M. of Bloomfield (gdn) 9:40

Phillips Alfred & Sally Maria (gdn) 9:75

Phillips Alfred & Sally Maria of Bloomfield (gdn) 9:77

Phillips Amity, Elvia & Charlotte of Seneca (gdn) 9:38

Phillips Eliza & Charles Bayliss of Bloomfield (gdn) 9:34

Phillips Isabel & Caroline of Seneca (gdn) 9:37

Phillips Israel (Gdn) 9:35

Phillips Jenks (Gdn) 9:37

Phillips Jenks (Gdn) 9:38

Phillips Samuel of Bloomfield (gdn) 9:35

Post Abraham A. (Gdn) 9:16

Post Abraham A. Jr. (Gdn) 9:16

Powers Lucy (Gdn) 9:82

Powers Mary Ann of Farmington (gdn) 9:82

Purdy John (Gdn) 9:32

Purdy Margaret of Gorham (gdn) 9:32

Quin Daniel of Canandaigua (gdn) 9:20

Quin Patrick (Gdn) 9:20

Reed Laura of Canandaigua (gdn) 9:10

Rich Cyrus W., Samuel, Sereno N. & Lucinda of Penfield (gdn) 9:19

Robinson Alexander (gdn) 9:78

Robinson James (Gdn) 9:78

Rowley Diana, Anna & David of Lima (gdn) 9:23

Rowley Hezekiah of Lima (gdn) 9:22

Sawyer Albanus of Gorham (gdn) 9:33

Sayre Elizabeth of Geneva (gdn) 9:71

Scovil Miles (Gdn) 9:22

Sheldon Nathaniel (Gdn) 9:14

Simkins William & Jeremiah of Canandaigua (gdn) 9:85

Simmons Alanson & Asenath of Bristol (gdn) 9:27

Simmons Eliza F, Clarissa, Zebina & Artemas of Bristol (gdn) 9:28

Simmons Richard (Gdn) 9:27

Simmons Richard (Gdn) 9:28

Slocum Elisha (Gdn) 9:89

Snyder Fredric (gdn) 9:67

Sprague George of Canandaigua (gdn) 9:36

Sprague Grover & Nathaniel N. of Bloomfield (gdn) 9:41

Sprague Roger (Gdn) 9:79

Sprague Rollin & Theodore of Bloomfield (gdn) 9:79

Stanclift Alonzo & Aurilla of Bristol (gdn) 9:51

Staples Angelina & Wata of Perington (gdn) 9:91

Staples Martha & Mary Ann of Perington (gdn) 9:89

Staples Olney (Gdn) 9:91

Stevens Francis (Gdn) 9:1

Stiles Catharine of Canandaigua (gdn) 9:70

Stiles Elijah (Gdn) 9:69

Stiles Minerva (gdn) 9:69

Stiles Philemon (Gdn) 9:70

Stilwell Daniel (Gdn) 9:54

Stilwell Daniel (Gdn) 9:54

Taylor William of Seneca (gdn) 9:8

Terry Roxy Ann, Jerry & Jarvis (gdn) 9:50

Thompson Otis (Gdn) 9:75

Thompson Otis (Gdn) 9:77

Turner Alexander S. of Canandaigua (gdn) 9:55

Vandercook William (Gdn) 9:48

Vanorman Isaac (Gdn) 9:10

Walker David (Gdn) 9:34

Ward Samuel C. of Canandaigua (gdn) 9:86

White Clarissa of Penfield (gdn) 9:22

White John M., Sally B., Charlott L., Mary, Orrel B. & Freeborn G. of Pittsford (gdn) 9:66

White Lemuel of Penfield (gdn) 9:4

Wilder Anna (Gdn) 9:9

Wilder Gamaliel A & Hannah of Bristol (gdn) 9:9

Wilder Joseph (Gdn) 9:3

Wilder Joseph (Gdn) 9:3

Wilder Thompson, Altha & Gove of Bristol (gdn) 9:3

Wilder William, Polly, Betsy, Nelson & George of Bristol (gdn) 9:3

Williams Isaiah (Gdn) 9:52

Williams Selden (Gdn) 9:83 XX

Willson Althia of Canandaigua (gdn) 9:62

Willson Elisha of Bloomfield (gdn) 9:61

Willson Silvester (Gdn) 9:62

Wood John (Gdn) 9:51

Wood Lovina (Gdn) 9:50

Woodman Thomas (gdn) 9:42

Woodruff Landon J. (Gdn) 9:63