[Ontario Surrogate's Records] [Will Book 8]

Ontario County Books of Wills and Letters of Administration

Book 8 (1814-1823): Record of Guardianships

In the index list below that, names marked with an X have been transcribed for this website; references are to book number and page number, thus: 6:36 means Book 6, page 36. Guardianships are marked with (gdn) after the name of the person receiving the guardian; and (Gdn) after the guardian's name. The town name is added when it is noted in the particular record.

Guardianships pp1-22

Admeasurement of dower pp23-41

Acer John (Gdn) 8:18

Bachelor Perrin (Gdn) 8:15

Baker Remember (Gdn) 8:13

Barber Joseph (gdn) 8:8

Barden Olive & Silvanus (Gdn) 8:11 X

Barden Otis, Ezekiel C., Levi B., Isaac, Mary, Richard & Olive of Seneca (gdn) 8:11 X

Barrett Eleazer of Bloomfield 8:36

Barrett Eleazer of Bloomfield 8:41

Bartlett Samuel of Sodus 8:26

Beach Israel (Gdn) 8:3

Benton Roger (Gdn) 8:12

Benton Roger (Gdn) 8:17

Booth Bethiah (gdn) 8:3

Bundy Warner (gdn) 8:2

Butler Judah of Farmington (gdn) 8:14

Chapin Oliver of Bloomfield 8:32

Comstock Darius (Gdn) 8:19

Crafts Abigail (Gdn) 8:12 X

Crafts Eliot (gdn) 8:1 X

Crafts Eliott, John, William, Benjamin & Charlotte of Middlesex (gdn) 8:12 X

Crafts Sally (gdn) 8:1 X

Curtis Gad (Gdn) 8:18

Dayton Benjamin & Sarah of Pittsford (gdn) 8:15

Dean Pamela (gdn) 8:6

DeKay Abigail, Morris, Elizabeth & Hannah (gdn) 8:17

DeWitt John (gdn) 8:5

Eastman Alonzo S. of Bloomfield (gdn) 8:11

Eggleston Nathaniel of Bloomfield 8:38

Ford George (gdn) 8:5 X

Foster William of Honeoye (gdn) 8:20

Fowles Reuben W. (Gdn) 8:2

Gamber William of Gorham 8:28

Gibles Philo (Gdn) 8:10

Gilbert John (gdn) 8:16

Goodrich Chauncey (Gdn) 8:4

Gorham Parley W C Gates of (gdn) 8:11 X

Harris Seymour, Webster, James & Electa (gdn) 8:8

Harvey Stimpson (Gdn) 8:19

Henry Charles W. (Gdn) 8:4 X

Hudson David (Gdn) 8:14

Jenks Alma & Hannah of Palmyra (gdn) 8:19

Jenks Biancy, William, Robert & Hannah of Palmyra (gdn) 8:19

Jenks George of Farmington 8:24

Johnson Larned & Orlando of Bristol (gdn) 8:17

Keating William of Seneca (gdn) 8:14

Luse Hiram of Lyons (gdn) 8:12

McCallum Elizabeth (gdn) 8:6 X

Millet Andrew (Gdn) 8:8

Morey Joel P. (Gdn) 8:5 X

Mower Timothy (Gdn) 8:11 X

Myers Christopher & Anna (Gdn) 8:21

Myers Keziah of Phelps (gdn) 8:21

Osborn Jonathan (Gdn) 8:9

Osborn Phineas, William, Asa & James (gdn) 8:9

Parsons Moses (Gdn) 8:1 X

Peer John of Phelps (gdn) 8:21

Porter Jehiel of Gorham (now Hopewell) 8:30

Potter William & Arnold (gdn) 8:4 X

Pullen Nicholas late of Phelps 8:22

Rathbone Clarinda (gdn) 8:4

Reed John Jay of Gorham (gdn) 8:16

Reed Lucy (Gdn) 8:16

Remer George I. (Gdn) 8:6 X

Roberts Benjamin, Michael & Catharine (gdn) 8:9

Roberts William (Gdn) 8:9

Robinson Daniel, Levi, Abiel, Russell, Ezra & Sally of Pittsford (gdn) 8:18

Saxton Asher (Gdn) 8:11

Scutt Myndert (Gdn) 8:14

Sibley John of Honeoye (gdn) 8:15

Simonds Clarissa & Lydia of Palmyra (gdn) 8:13

Simonds Joseph & James of Palmyra (gdn) 8:13

Spafford Samuel (Gdn) 8:2

Sperry Moses of Bloomfield (gdn) 8:18

Swift Seth (Gdn) 8:13

Tainter Jesse (Gdn) 8:3

Thomas James, Eli & Levi (gdn) 8:2

Thomas John, Oliver & Jane (gdn) 8:3

Townsend Lawrence of Milo 8:34 X

Weld Joseph (Gdn) 8:7

Weld William, Fowler & Clarissa (gdn) 8:7

Wells Cyrus (Gdn) 8:15

Westcot Amaziah (Gdn) 8:20

Westcot Clarissa & Lewis of Palmyra (gdn) 8:20

Wheadon Selah (Gdn) 8:6

Wheeler Aaron (Gdn) 8:17

Williams Selden (Gdn) 8:1 X

Willson Jared (Gdn) 8:16

Woodruff Jeremiah, Morris & Marina of Livonia (gdn) 8:10

Wright James (Gdn) 8:20

Young Moses (Gdn) 8:5