[Ontario Surrogate's Records] [Will Book 4]

Ontario County Books of Wills and Letters of Administration

Book 4 (1809-1812)

Two lists are given here for Book 4: First, immediately below, is a transcription of the table of contents given in the actual book. This is in chronological order, and part of it is missing. The missing part has been extrapolated. In the index list below that, names marked with an X have been transcribed for this website; references are to book number and page number, thus: 4:36 means Book 4, page 36. Guardianships are marked with (gdn) after the name of the person receiving the guardian; and (Gdn) after the guardian's name. The town name is added when it is noted in the particular record.

[Table of contents prior to page 1 in the original book and continued after page 283; first pages missing:]

Names of Representatives Names of deceased Page Remarks
[Aaron Gates William Gates 1 Probate of will
Deborah Culver Jonathan Culver 3 same
Samuel Buel Epaphras Safford 7 account
Joel Dorman Aaron Sutphin 8 account
Naomi Loomis Benjamin Loomis 8 Letter of administration
Jonathan Culver
5 acknowledgment of will
Mary Reznor & Robert Whitacre Hugh Reznor 5 Letter of administration
Francis Stevens Esq. Zebulon Moses 6 same
Oliver L. Phelps Oliver Phelps 9 same
Lydia Black & Eber Black John Black 10 same
Christianna Merck Joseph Merck 11 Probate of will
Robert Vandozen Jacob Horton 14 Letter of administration
Rhoda Slowson William Slowson 15 same
Hezekiah & Charlott Sherwood Samuel Barker 16 same
Philetus Swift Esq. Seth Deane 17 Probate of will
Mary Phelps Oliver Phelps 20 admeasurement of dower
Elisha Noble Enoch Noble 21 account
Lemuel Babcock & Eunis Badger Henry Badger 22 Probate of will
Hannah Cornwell Stephen Cornwell 25 Letter of administration
Michael Stewart John Harvey Stewart 26 same
John Olmstead Jedediah Olmstead 28 same
Mary Purdy James Purdy 29 same
Mary Russel Daniel J. Russel 30 account
George Sullivan James Sullivan 31 Letter of administration
Joseph Jones & Samuel Smith Jeremiah Smith 32 same
Ira Wilder Clemment Wilder 33 same
Samuel Pitts & Philip Short Jr Abiather Walker 34 same
Susanna Crum & Jacob Ringer Abraham Crum 34 Probate of will
Abraham Spear Lemuel Spear 37 same
Cornelius Treet & Rebecah Wadsworth Nathan Wadsworth 40 Letter of administration
Mary & Peter Hiltibidal George Hiltibidal 41 same
Thaddeus Remington Martin Root 42 same
David Newton Jeremiah P. Newton 43 same
Solomon Griswould Elijah Griswould 44 Receipt in settlement
Asa Webster & Cinthea Whitney Samuel Whitney 44 Order to sell land
Dyer Woodworth Abner Woodworth 45 Letter of administration
Calvin Bacon Jacob White 46 same
Mary Peck Mathew Peck 47 same
Jonathan Stafford Joshua Stafford 48 same
Sabra & Israel Farr David Farr 50 same]
Ann Campbell &
Robert Nelson
John L. Campbell 51 Letter of administration
Ruth Munson &
Cyrus Packard
Titus Munson 52 do. do.
Caleb Rice Charles Rice 54 Probate of will
Hiel Brockway &
George Brockway
Gamaliel Brockway 57 Letter of administration
Hannah Hopkins &
Pitts Hopkins
Ehud Hopkins 58 do. do.
Joshua Fasset Peter Finch 60 Probate of will
Francis Stevens Esq Zebulon Moses 61 Order to sell real estate
Ruel Blake &
Oliver Miller
Silas Morey Jr 63 Acct settled
Simon Stone &
Abner Stone
Israel Stone 64 Ordered a bal. in exr. hands
Mercy Taft Asa Taft 65 Proof of will
Mary Park Benjamin Park 66 Letter of administration
Sarah Champion Elias Champion 67 do. do.
Mary Potter &
Daniel Sears
Nathl. J. Potter 68 do. do.
Molly Naramour Nathaniel Naramour 69 do. do.
Glover Perrin Roger Savage 70 Court held & decree made
Mary Purdy James Purdy 72 Admeasurement of dower
Clark Peck &
Micah Brooks
Ezra Hall 73 Account
Robert Hinds &
David Willcox
Robert Hinds 74 Probate of Will
Anson Merry Ebenezer Merry 78 Letter of administration
Alice Whitman &
Henry Green
Beza Whitman 79 do. do.
Lydia Spencer &
Arba Dolittle
Nathan Spencer 80 Account
Sarah Belknapp &
Abijah Wright
Saml Belknapp 82 Letter of administration
Darius Comstock &
Caleb McComber
Isaac Straight
83 Probate of will
William Antis &
John Shuler
William Antis 85 Probate of will
Triphena Stewart John H. Stewart 88 Admeasurement of dower
Elizabeth Witter Elijah Witter 89 do. do.
Susannah Buel &
Artemas Buel
Samuel Buel 89 Letters of administration
Jacob L. Larzelere &
Martin Kendig Jr
Richard Larzelere 90 do. do.
Lydia Black &
Eber Black
John Black 92 Acct settled
Abm Voak Jesse Hall 93 do. do.
Simon & Abner Stone Israel Stone 94 Order to sell real estate
Henry E. Dennis George Dennis 96 Letters of administration
[Josial] Farr &
Sabra Farr
David Farr97 Settlt of acct & distribution ordered
Nathan Terry Parshall Terry 98 Letters of administration
Eunice Sprague, Thos.
Sprague & Timothy Buel
Azel Sprague 99 do.     do.
Nicholas Baker John Baker 100 Letters of administration
Janna Taylor Joseph Taylor 101 Probate of will
John Cooley Jr Levi Bissell 103 Letters of administration
Samuel Drury Stephen Drury 104 do. do.
Sarah Potter & Nat. W. Howell Arnold Potter 106 Renunciation
George Brown Arnold Potter 106 Probate of will
Mary Jenks Thomas Jenks 109 Renunciation
Darius Comstock Thomas Jenks 109 Letters of administration
Hannah Scudder & J. Lobdell Jesse Scudder 110 do. of do.
Jasper P. Sears James Vaughn 111 Settlement of acct
William Clark Jr Doct. Silas Newcomb 111 112 Letters of administration
Henry Sampson Henry Sampson 113 do.      do.
John Sherman Harculas Gifford 114 do.      do.
Rufus Webber William Webber 115 do.      do. & renunciation
Esther Quick Elias Quick 116 do.      do.
Joel Bradner & Nancy Bradner Richard Springer 117 do.      do.
Asa Webster & Cynthia Whitney Samuel Whitney 118 Account
Lydia Day Abner Day 119 Letters of administration
Beulah Newhall & Joel Stearns John Newhall 120 do.      do.
Polly Holcomb & Jas. Gooding Seth Holcomb 121 do.      do.
Wealthy Fox & Jno Dimon Daniel Fox 122 do.      do.
Thomas Campbell, Mat. Gill &
William Powell
Wm. Campbell 124 & 125 Probate of will
Bela Parmele Reuben Parmele 127 Probate of will
Esau & Thos. King Samuel King 129 Probate of will
Darius Comstock &
Noah Porter
Humphrey Smith 132 Probate of will
Mary Phelps Oliver Phelps 135 Admeasurement of dower
George Codding Jr Fauner Codding 136 Letters of administration
Welthia McLouth Laurence McLouth 137 Probate of will
Warham Williams Davis Williams 139 Letters of administration
Samuel Pitts Nathaniel Pierpont 140 do.      do.
Huram Sabin Robert Wiley 142 do.      do.
Nathan Terry Parshall Terry 143 acct settled
Elijah Newman & Patience Pelts Asahel Newman 144 do. do.
Nathan Whitney & Ruthy Inman Israel Inman 146 Letters of admin. debonis non
Robt. Straughan Nicholas Short 147 do.      do.
George Hickox & Elijah Tillotson Levi Hickox 148 do.      do.
Abraham Spear Lemuel Spear 149 account settled
Mary Bradley Francis Bradley 150, 151, 152 Renunciation and letters of administration with the will annexed
Susannah Woodruff &
Austin Woodruff
Solomon Woodruff 154 Letters of administration
Peter Harris & S[tephen] Durfee Arthur Harris 155 do.      do.
Tom Limon & Catharine his wife Saml. Faulkner 156 & 157 acct settled
Elizabeth Patterson Ezra Patterson 158 Letters of administration
Susannah Milspaugh & David Sutherland Frederick Milspaugh159 do.      do.
Nicholas Baker John Baker 160 acct settled
Fonis Rice Mary Culver 161 do.   do.
James Gooding & Nathan Briggs Seth Holcomb 162 do.   do.
Arba Doolittle & Lydia Engle Nathan Spencer163 do.   do.
Polly Briggs Seth Holcomb 165 adm. of dower
Abner & Abigail Adams Jonathan Adams 167 Probate of will
Margaret Short &
Philip Short
Philip Short 169 Letters of administration
Isaac Watkins James Kibbe 170 Letters of administration
Betsy R. Tiffany Silvester Tiffany 172 do.      do.
Amos Stone & Wm. Hill John Roworth 173 Probate of will
Eli Lyon & J[abez] Hicks Pitts Hopkins 175 Letters of administration
Darius Comstock Thomas Jenks 177 acct settled
same same 178 order for sale of land
Henry E. Dennis George Dennis 179 acct settled
same same 180 order for sale of land
Abner Bunnel & J. Brocklebank Chester Bunnel 181 Letters of administration
William Burnet Daniel Shattuck 182 same        same
Abijah Williams William Williams 183 same        do.
Harriot Younger Chandler Younger 184 Letter administration
Benjamin Hovey Eli Ellis 185 Letters testamentary
Ambrose Beach Lawrence Noble 187 Letters administration
Froanny Allen Gideon Allen 188 Letters administration
Cate Turner Roswell Turner 189 admeasurement of dower
Phebe Harrison Hugh Harrison 190 Letters administration
Martha Sears & E[rastus] Hunt Jasper P. Sears 191 do.        do.
Henry Green & L[ucinda] Wilcox Daniel Wilcox 192 Settlement of account
Elisha Brown & A[bigail] Dean Parley Dean 192 Letter testamentary [& Will]
Southmayd Gurnsey & A[sahel] StoneNehemiah Clark195 do.        do.
Seth Francis William Francis 197 Will recorded
Israel Mead
199 do.     do.
Abner Bunnel & J[ohn] BrocklebankChester Bunnel201 Letter administration revoked & inventory
J. Brocklebank & J[osiah] RobinsonChester Bunnel202 Letters administration
Catharine Webber William Webber 203 admeasurement widows dower
Abraham Spear Lemuel Spear 204 account settled
Sophia & J[acob] & Francis SmithJacob Smith204 Probate of will
Martin Kendig [Jr] & J.L. LarzelereRichard Larzelere211 208 Settlement of Estate
Polly Briggs Seth Holcomb 213 account
Elijah Newman & P. Newman Asahel Newman 213 account Setled
Esther Quick Elias Quick 213 account Setled
Daniel Hedges Stephen Hedges 215 Letters of administration
Nancy Simmons John Simmons 216 do.      do.
J[ared C.] & J[eremiah] Selby Jeremiah Selby 217 do.      do.
Mariam Hazard Jonathan J. Hazard218 renunciation
Griffin B. Hazard Jonathan J. Hazard218 Letters of administration
Nancy Peters Abijah Peters 220 Probate of will
Tom & Cathrine Leman Samuel Faulkner 222 order for the sale of Land
Candace Case & R[oswell] Root Esq. Daniel Case 224 Letters administration
Sally Dun & [Joel Dunn & Nathan NeyAlexander Dunn225 do.      do.
E[benezer] & E[li] Benham Ebenezer Benham 225 do.      do.
Henry Jones John Blakly 226 do.      do.
Henriette Merrit Luke Merrit 227 do.      do.
Festus Goldsmith Thomas Goldsmith 228 do.      do.
Adolphus Huggins Zadoc Huggins 230 do.      do.
Isaac [& John]Vanfusen & [Ruel Blake]Levi Vanfusen231 do.      do.
Lemuel Morris Luman Miller 232 do.      do.
Eldad Gibbs John Clark 233 do.      do.
McCartney & McNair Gowan Wilkinson 234 Probate of will
John Reeves Henry Reeves 238 Letter of administration
Samuel Ewan Levi Ewan 239 do.      do.
M.J. Clark & A. Sheldon Reuben Thayer 240 order for the sale of Land
Jacob Lobdel & H. Scudder Jesse Scudder 242 do.      do.
Abijah Williams William Williams 245 do.      do.
Cornelus Treat & N. Wadsworth Nathan Wadsworth 247 Settlement of account
Eli Lyon & Jabez Hicks Pits Hopkins 247 Order for sale of Land
John Morgan Lewis Morgan 250 Letter of administration
Lemuel Munro Luman Miller 251 Settlement of said estate see p. 286
Eldad Gibbs John Clark 233 Letter of administration
Wm McCartney &
Wm. McNair
Gowen Wilkinson 234 Probate of will
John Reeves Henry Reeves 238 Letter of administration
Samuel Ewan Levi Ewan 239 same
Archibald Clark &
Abigail Thayer now Sheldon
Reuben Thayer240Order to sell land & account
Jacob Lobdell & Hannah Scudder Jesse Scudder 242 Order to sell land & inventory
Abijah Williams William Williams 245 Order to sell land &account
Cornelius Treet &
Rebecah Wadsworth
Nathan Wadsworth247 Account
Eli Lyon & Jabez Hicks Pitts Hopkins 247 Order to sell land
John Morgan Lewis Morgan 250 Letter of administration
Luman Miller
251 Account
Jonathan & Elizabeth Fletcher Isaac Lain 251 Settlement of estate
Festus Goldsmith Thomas Goldsmith 252 Order to sell land
David Cook Esq. Robert Montgomery 254 Letters administration
John Church & J[oel] Stone John Warner 256 do.      do.
Prissila Orm
257 Will recorded
Susannah Franklin [& Oliver Clark]Solomon Franklin258 Letters administration
Elijah Leland Joseph Bryan 260 do.      do.
Lois Stanly Norman Stanly 261 do.      do.
Elizabeth Lee Jonathan Lee 262 do.      do.
David B. & Issachar Frost Enos Frost 263 do.      do.
Warham Williams Davis Williams 264 Settlement of estate
Warham Williams Davis Williams 267 order to sell land
Humphrey Sherman
268 Will recorded
Lemuel & Elizabeth Banister Elias Dickinson 271 Order to sell land
Lemuel & Elizabeth Banister Elias Dickinson 272 settlement of estate
Eli & Ebenezer Benham Ebenezer Benham 273 do.       do.
Eli & Ebenezer Benham Ebenezer Benham 274 order to sell land
[Ira Lapham & John F. Packard] David Lapham 275 Will recorded
Abigail & Samuel Brockway Elisha Brockway 277 Letter of administration
Phebe Harrison Hugh Harrison 278 Settlement of estate
Betsy Van Dake Luke Vandake 278 Letters of administration
Reynolds Moon Benoni Moon 279 Letters of administration
Sally & George Hudson Henry Hudson 280 Letters of administration
Elizabeth Henry, Walter
Grieve & Polydore B. Wisner
John Henry281Probate of will
Azubah Abbot &
William Catlin
Joshua Abbot 283 Probate of will
Nathan Hicks Cyrus Hicks 284 Letter of administration
Wm. P. Ewin James Ewin 285 do.      do.

Abbott Joshua of Phelps 4:282

Adams Jonathan of Bloomfield 4:167

Allen Gideon 4:188 X

Antis William of Canandaigua 4:85

Badger Henry of Gorham 4:22

Baker John 4:160

Baker John of Farmington 4:100

Barker Samuel 4:16

Belknap Samuel of Honeoye 4:82

Benham Ebenezer of Gorham 4:225

Benham Ebenezer of Gorham 4:273

Bissell Levi of Canandaigua 4:103

Black John 4:10 X

Black John 4:92 X

Blakely John 4:226

Bradley Francis of Bloomfield 4:150

Brockway Elisha of Lima 4:277

Brockway Gamaliel 4:57

Bryan Joseph of Bloomfield 4:259

Buel Samuel of Snell 4:89 X

Bunnel Chester of Canandaigua 4:201

Bunnell Chester of Canandaigua 4:181

Campbell John L. 4:51

Campbell William of Geneva, formerly of Oxford, Chenango Co. 4:123

Case Daniel Esq of Canandaigua 4:224

Champion Elias 4:67

Clark John 4:233

Codding Fauner of Bristol 4:136

Cornwell Stephen of Bristol 4:25

Crum Abraham of Seneca 4:34

Culver Jonathan 4:5

Culver Jonathan of Bloomfield 4:3

Culver Mary 4:161

Day Abner of Livonia 4:119

Dean Parley 4:193 X

Deane Seth of Phelps 4:17

Dennis George 4:96

Dennis George of Connecticut 4:179

Dickinson Elias of Phelps 4:271

Drury Stephen of Honeoye 4:104

Dunn Alexander of Boyle 4:225

Ellis Eli of Lima 4:185

Ervin James 4:285

Ewan Levi of Bloomfield 4:239

Farr David 4:97

Farr David of Boyle 4:50

Faulkner Samuel 4:156

Faulkner Samuel of Geneseo 4:222

Finch Peter of Pittstown 4:59

Fox Daniel of Lima 4:122

Francis William of Bristol 4:197

Frank Solomon 4:258

Frost Enos of Lima 4:263

Gates William of Phelps 4:1

Gifford Harculas of Williamson 4:114

Goldsmith Thomas 4:252

Goldsmith Thomas of Palmyra 4:228

Griswold Elijah 4:44

Hall Ezra 4:73

Hall Jesse 4:93 X

Harris Arthur of Palmyra 4:155

Harrison Hugh 4:278

Harrison Hugh of Sparta 4:190

Hazard Jonathan J of Benton 4:218 X

Hedges Stephen of Boyle 4:214

Henry John of Geneva 4:281

Hickox Levi of Canandaigua 4:148

Hicks Cyrus of Canandaigua 4:284

Hiltibidal George of Snell 4:41 X

Hinds Robert of Palmyra 4:74

Holcomb Seth 4:162

Holcomb Seth 4:165

Holcomb Seth 4:212

Holcomb Seth of Canandaigua 4:121

Hopkins Ehud of Bloomfield 4:58

Hopkins Pitts of Bloomfield 4:175

Hopkins Pitts of Bloomfield 4:247

Horton Jacob 4:14

Hudson Henry of Livonia 4:180

Huggins Zadoc 4:230

Inman Israel of Seneca 4:145

J. Potter Nathaniel 4:68

Jenks Thomas of Palmyra 4:109

Jenks Thomas of Palmyra 4:177

Kibbe James of Naples 4:170

King Samuel of Sodus 4:129

Lain Isaac 4:251 X

Lapham David of Palmyra 4:275

Larzelere Richard of Seneca 4:208

Larzelere Richard of Seneca 4:90

Lee Jonathan of Naples 4:262

Loomis Benjamin 4:8

McLouth Laurence of Farmington 4:137

Meads Israel of Middletown 4:199

Merck Joseph of Middlesex 4:11 X

Merritt Luke of Bloomfield 4:227

Merry Ebenezer of Avon 4:78

Miller Luman 4:232

Miller Luman of Lima 4:251

Millspaugh Frederick of Middlesex 4:159

Montgomery Robert 4:254

Moon Benoni of Middlesex 4:279 X

Morey Silas Jr 4:63

Morgan Lewis 4:250

Moses Zebulon 4:61

Moses Zebulon of Lima 4:6

Munson Titus of Boyle 4:52

Naramore Nathaniel 4:69

Nehemiah Clark of Jerusalem 4:195 X

Newcomb Silas 4:112

Newhall John of Phelps 4:120

Newman Asahel 4:144

Newman Asahel 4:213

Newton Jeremiah P. of Avon 4:43

Nicholas Short of Seneca 4:147

Noble Enoch 4:21

Noble Laurence of Bloomfield 4:187

Olmstead Jedediah of Boyle 4:28

Orme Priscilla of Farmington 4:257

Park Benjamin of Bloomfield 4:66

Parmele Reuben of Bloomfield 4:127

Patterson Ezra of Seneca 4:158

Peck Mathew of Lima 4:47

Peters Abijah of Canandaigua 4:220

Phelps Oliver 4:135

Phelps Oliver 4:20

Phelps Oliver of Canandaigua 4:9

Pierpont Nathaniel of Livonia 4:140

Potter Arnold of Middlesex 4:106 X

Purdy James 4:72

Purdy James of Gorham 4:29

Quick Elias 4:213

Quick Elias of Phelps 4:116

Reeves Henry of Penfield 4:238

Reznor Hugh 4:5

Rice Charles of Seneca 4:54

Root Martin of Bloomfield 4:42

Roworth John of Boyle 4:173

Russel Daniel J. of Bloomfield 4:30

Safford Epaphras 4:7 X

Sampson Henry of Sodus 4:113

Savage Roger of Boyle 4:70

Scudder Jesse of Bloomfield 4:110

Scudder Jesse of Bloomfield 4:242

Sears Jasper P. of Bloomfield 4:191

Selby Jeremiah of Williamson 4:217

Shattuck Daniel of Phelps 4:182

Sherman Humphrey of Palmyra 4:268

Short Philip of Livonia 4:169

Simmons John of Bristol 4:216

Slawson William 4:15

Smith Humphrey of Palmyra 4:132

Smith Jacob of Bloomfield 4:204

Smith Jeremiah of Farmington 4:32

Spear Lemuel of Palmyra 4:204

Spear Lemuel of Palmyra 4:37

Spear Samuel 4:149

Spencer Nathan 4:163

Spencer Nathan 4:80

Sprague Azel of Bloomfield 4:99

Springer Richard of Williamson 4:117

Stafford Joshua 4:48

Stanley Norman 4:261

Stewart John H. of Bloomfield 4:88

Stewart John Harvey of Bloomfield 4:26

Stone Israel 4:64

Stone Israel 4:94

Straight Isaac of Boyle 4:83

Sullivan James of Massachusetts 4:31

Sutphin Aaron 4:8 X

Taft Asa of Charleston 4:65

Taylor Joseph of Bristol 4:101

Terry Parshall 4:143

Terry Parshall 4:98

Thayer Reuben 4:240

Tiffany Silvester of Canandaigua 4:172

Turner Roswell 4:189

Van Dake Luke of Penfield 4:278

Vanfusen Levi of Livonia 4:231

Vaughn James 4:111

Wadsworth Nathan of Bloomfield 4:247

Wadsworth Nathan of Boyle 4:40

Walker Abiather of Honeoye 4:34

Warner John of Livonia 4:256

Webber William of Lima 4:115

Webber William of Lima 4:203

White Jacob 4:46

Whitman Beza 4:79 X

Whitney Samuel 4:118

Whitney Samuel of Seneca 4:44

Wilcox Daniel 4:192 X

Wilder Clement of Bristol 4:33

Wiley Robert of Middletown 4:142

Wilkinson Gowan of Sparta 4:234

Williams Davis 4:265 X

Williams Davis of Naples 4:139 X

Williams William of Bloomfield 4:183

Williams William of Bloomfield 4:245

Witter Elijah 4:89

Woodruff Solomon of Livonia 4:154

Woodworth Abner 4:45 X

Younger Chandler of Canandaigua 4:184