[Ontario Surrogate's Records] [Will Book 2]

Ontario County Books of Wills and Letters of Administration

Book 2 (1802-1808)

Administrations pp1-245, 475

Orders to sell real estate pp247-279

Probate of wills pp281-452

Guardianships pp453-473, 477-481

In list below, names marked with an X have been transcribed for this website; references are to book number and page number, thus: 2:36 means Book 1, page 36. Guardianships are marked with (gdn) after the name of the person receiving the guardian; and (Gdn) after the guardian's name. The town name is added when it is noted in the particular record.

Abbey Aaron of Middletown 2:99 X

Adams Oliver of Bloomfield 2:381

Alger John of Bloomfield 2:293

Allison Joseph 2:409

Althiser John of Jerusalem 2:31 X

Baker Asa of Northampton 2:247

Baker Ebenezer of Sodus 2:209

Bates Bennet of Palmyra (Gdn) 2:469

Beach Jacob of Bloomfield 2:199

Beard Isaiah of Palmyra 2:475

Beaumont James of Vernon 2:141 X

Benjamin Calvin of Charleston 2:27

Benton David of Pittstown 2:77

Bigelow Ezra of Geneseo 2:353

Birdsey Joseph of Easton 2:157

Bishop Bani of Geneseo 2:219

Bishop Bani of Geneseo, her father 2:465

Bishop Eliza of Geneseo (gdn) 2:465

Blodget Alma, Sabra & Caroline of Northfield (gdn) 2:461

Blodget Giles Esq of Northfield 2:213

Blodget Giles of Northfield, their father 2:461

Botsford Benajah of Jerusalem 2:357 X

Boyd David of Phelps 2:73

Boyd Sewall of Pitts Town 2:197

Boyd Suel of Pitts Town 2:221

Brace Joel of Charleston 2:179

Bradford Eliphalet of Phelps 2:223

Brandage Joseph of Gorham (Gdn) 2:453

Briggs Abigail of Canandaigua 2:201

Briggs Abigail of Canandaigua 2:207

Briggs Peleg of Jerusalem 2:433 X

Brown Benjamin of Jerusalem 2:303 X

Brundage Caleb 2:59

Buckley Job of Easton 2:161

Bush Henry of Bloomfield 2:105

Canfield Benjamin of Easton 2:295

Carliss William of Bloomfield 2:127

Charles George of Seneca 2:45

Comstock Darius of Palmyra (Gdn) 2:479

Comstock Nathan of Palmyra (Gdn) 2:481

Cone Ozias of Easton 2:151

Cook Thomas of the garrison at Niagara 2:19

Coon Timothy of Northfield 2:95

Culver Caleb of Seneca 2:43

Culver Ruth, Sybil, Clarissa & Caleb of Seneca (gdn) 2:467

Cumins Philip of Sodus 2:93

Curtis Ebenezer Esq of Bloomfield 2:13

Curtiss William of Charleston 2:373

Dains John of Canandaigua 2:29

Daniels Salmon of Pittstown 2:1

Davis David of Charleston 2:377

Davison Paul of Charleston 2:129

Dean Jacob J 2:79 X

Decker William of Farmington 2:405

Dickenson Cotton of Phelps 2:113

Dickinson Elias of Phelps 2:437

Dole James of Pittstown 2:21

Doty Shadrack of Northfield 2:155

Dunham Cornelius 2:23

Dunton William of Middletown 2:169 X

Dunton William of Middletown 2:277 X

Dutton William of Geneseo 2:53

Ellsworth Joseph of Hartford 2:107

Engle William of Easton 2:331

Farquarson Daniel of Southampton 2:89

Faulkner Samuel of Geneseo 2:139

Ferguson William 2:445

Field Nathaniel of Conway, Hampshire Co., Mass. 2:365

Finch Samuel of Easton 2:385

Fish James D. of Canandaigua 2:265

Follet Frederic of Easton 2:87

Forbes Phinehas of Bristol 2:257

Forbes Phinehas of Bristol 2:75

Francis Seth H. of Phelps 2:143

Francis Seth H. of Phelps 2:271

Galloway Alexander of Seneca (gdn) 2:463

Galloway Samuel (Gdn) 2:463

Gannet Jonathan of Palmyra 2:315

Gates William of Seneca 2:137

Gaylord Chauncey of Lincoln 2:237

Gilbert Salmon of Bloomfield 2:183

Glover Perrin (Gdn) 2:461

Gooding William of Bristol 2:57

Green Comfort, William, Eunice & Esek of Ontario (gdn) 2:457

Green Mrs. Alice (Gdn) 2:457

Gregory Ralph of Seneca 2:281

Griswold Elijah of Bloomfield 2:189

Hall Ezra of Geneseo 2:193

Hall Jesse of Augusta 2:225 X

Hall William of Augusta 2:217 X

Hall William of Augusta 2:429 XX

Hardy Eli of Bloomfield 2:263

Hardy Eli of Bloomfield 2:71

Hartford Peter of Northfield 2:25

Hawley John B. of Bloomfield 2:115

Hay Nathaniel of Charleston 2:11

Hayden Jonathan of Palmyra 2:171

Hayden William, Polly, Amanda, Norman & Minerva of Palmyra (gdn) 2:469

Herendeen Nathan of Farmington 2:449

Hills Moses of Seneca 2:81

Hix Aaron of Bristol 2:285

Hobart William of Augusta 2:249 X

Holcomb Enos of Bloomfield 2:307

Hopkins John of Phelps 2:165

Hopson Lyman of Williamson 2:229

Hovey Solon of Charleston 2:85

Humphrey Willard of Charleston 2:83

Hun Zadock of Canandaigua 2:17

Inman Eber of Phelps (gdn) 2:473

Jackson Daniel of Bristol 2:369

Jackson Uri of Bristol 2:61

James Barden of Seneca 2:147 X

Johnson Asa of Hartford 2:251

Kent Elijah of Northampton 2:41

Keyes Benjamin of Bloomfield 2:39

King William of Bloomfield 2:5

Kingsley David of Genesee Co. 2:65

Kitteridge John of Easton 2:103

Kitteridge John of Easton, now Lincoln 2:269

Kitteridge John of Easton, now Lincoln 2:273

Lake John of Canandaigua 2:69

Lawrence Joseph W. (Gdn) 2:465

Lawson Gavin Esq of Geneva 2:131

Lee James of Easton 2:135

Leland James of Easton 2:327

Leland James of Phelps 2:417

Low Edward of Middletown 2:175 X

Luse Benjamin of Sodus 2:177

Marvin Jasper of Bloomfield 2:253

Mather Dan of Canandaigua 2:323

Mather Timothy of Charleston 2:149

McMaster John of Seneca 2:185

Miller Samuel of Bloomfield 2:3

Mills Samuel of Sparta 2:191

Morlin William of Fishing Creek, Northumberland Co., Pa. 2:299

Morrison Jacob of Naples (Gdn) 2:455

Morrison John of Boyle (gdn) 2:455

Moseley Elijah of Canandaigua 2:235

Nelson John of Pittstown 2:181

Newman Asel of Easton 2:145

Nicholson Daniel of Phelps 2:423

Noble Enoch of Geneseo 2:243

Northrup Joel of Northfield 2:401

Norton Abijah of Easton 2:153

Norton Nathaniel Esq of Bloomfield 2:211

Oaks Samuel of Phelps 2:241

Oat Bernard of Hartford 2:361

Oldfield George of Vernon 2:389 X

Olds Marquis De La Fayette of Canandaigua (gdn) 2:453

Parish Samuel of Bristol 2:51

Park John of Sodus 2:159

Phelps David Boyd 2:255

Phelps Jared of Palmyra 2:173

Pickens James of Northfield 2:63

Porter Noah of Palmyra (Gdn) 2:477

Pritchard Anthony Jr of Seneca 2:261

Pritchard Antony Jr of Chester Co., Pa. 2:109

Pullen Nicholas of Phelps 2:421

Rall John of Charleston 2:167

Ray Isaac of Northfield 2:9

Ray William of Northfield 2:7

Raymond Nathan of Phelps 2:233

Richards Samuel of Canandaigua 2:117

Richardson Isaac of Palmyra, his father 2:477

Richardson Isaac of Palmyra, his father 2:481

Richardson Isabelle, Margaret & David of Palmyra (gdn) 2:479

Richardson Israel of Palmyra (gdn) 2:481

Richardson Joseph of Palmyra (gdn) 2:477

Richardson Paul of Northfield 2:15

Risdon Onesimus Jr of Pitts Town (gdn) 2:459

Risdon Onesimus Jr of Pitts Town 2:215

Risdon Onesimus of Pittstown, his father 2:459

Robbins Charles of Canandaigua 2:121

Robinson James of Palmyra 2:393

Sabin Asa of Jerusalem 2:279 X

Sabin Asa of Jerusalem 2:35 X

Sanford Malachi of Northfield 2:91

Savage Roger of Northfield 2:163

Sears Alden of Bristol 2:349

Sill Jonathan of Geneseo 2:195

Simons Jeremiah of Bloomfield 2:133

Smith Abraham of Easton 2:67

Smith William 2:413

Speelman David of Vernon 2:205 X

Spencer James Jr of Jerusalem 2:47 X

Spencer Thomas of Bristol 2:311

Squier Jesse of No. 9 in the district of Seneca 2:397 X

Squires Seba of Seneca (Gdn) 2:467

Storey Daniel of Middletown 2:101 X

Strunk Henry of Northampton 2:123

Thayer Reuben of Charleston 2:125

Thayer Reuben of Charleston 2:267

Turner Lewis of Palmyra 2:187

VanWormer John of Augusta 2:203 X

Vaughan Roderick B. late of Batavia, Genesee Co. 2:49

Vaughan Roderick B. of Batavia, Genesee Co. 2:259

Vaughn (Le Vaughn) James of Bloomfield 2:97

Walker Bradford, Molly, Elizabeth & Sarah of Bloomfield (gdn) 2:471

Walker Mrs Chloe (Gdn) 2:471

Walker Perez of Bloomfield 2:231

Walker Perez of Bloomfield 2:275

Wall of William Vernon 2:111 X

Walsworth James of Hartford 2:55

Warner Deacon Jesse of Phelps (Gdn) 2:473

Warner William of Pittstown (Gdn) 2:459

Watkins William 2:337

Weld Isaac of Sodus 2:289

Weller Elijah of Bloomfield 2:37

Westfall John D, died in Phelps, formerly of Nayusaystate 2:33

Whitney Fisher of Middletown 2:119 X

Wilcox Daniel of Gorham 2:245

Willets John of Farmington 2:239

Wilson John Jr of Pitts Town 2:227

Witter Elijah of Seneca 2:441

Wyman Jonas of Augusta 2:319 X

Wynn Jonathan 2:341

Wynn Samuel of Geneseo 2:345