[Ontario Surrogate's Records] [Will Book 17]

Ontario County Books of Wills and Letters of Administration

Book 17 (1822-1823)

In the index list below, names marked with an X have been transcribed for this website; references are to book number and page number, thus: 17:36 means Book 17, page 36. Guardianships are marked with (gdn) after the name of the person receiving the guardian; and (Gdn) after the guardian's name. The town name is added when it is noted in the particular record.


Abbey William of Richmond 17:23

Acre William 17:1

Allison Joseph 17:12

Chadwick Brooks 17:5

Cobb Freeman 17:6

Crittenden Aaron 17:4

Harwood Oliver 17:27 X

Irwin Jane 17:16 X

Jackson Giles 17:17

McCrossen James 17:8

Payne Hunting 17:10

Raymond Ayres 17:2 X

Raymond Samuel 17:7 X

Sanford Marvin 17:11

Taylor Jacob 17:22

Thompson Hadasa 17:3

Tinney William of Naples 17:25

Williams S. 17:13