[Ontario Surrogate's Records] [Will Book 16]

Ontario County Books of Wills and Letters of Administration

Book 16 (1823-1829)

In the index list below, names marked with an X have been transcribed for this website; references are to book number and page number, thus: 13:36 means Book 13, page 36. Guardianships are marked with (gdn) after the name of the person receiving the guardian; and (Gdn) after the guardian's name. The town name is added when it is noted in the particular record.



Abbey William, Anna, Sally & Aaron of Richmond (gdn) 16:2

Adams Benjamin (Gdn) 16:71

Adams Caroline Antoinette of Hopewell 16:96

Alger John D. & Hiram B. of Bloomfield (gdn) 16:66

Allen Nathaniel Esq. (Gdn) 16:32

Allen Timothy (Gdn) 16:129

Ashley Noah Esq. (Gdn) 16:43

Atwater David C. & Martha of Seneca (gdn) 16:88

Baker Bayze W. (Gdn) 16:77

Baker Ebenezer (Gdn) 16:8

Baker Elisha of Richmond (gdn) 16:8

Baker Malissa & James of Bloomfield (gdn) 16:77

Baldwin Charles H. of Bloomfield (gdn) 16:39

Barber Celista (Gdn) 16:120

Barber David of Naples (gdn) 16:118

Barber Nathan of Naples (gdn) 16:119

Barber Olive, Zacheus, Sally, Cordelia, Salina & Polly of Naples (gdn) 16:120

Barden George (Gdn) 16:89

Barden Levi (Gdn) 16:87

Barden Loyd (Gdn) 16:88

Barden Richard & Polly of Seneca (gdn) 16:87

Barden Sylvanus Perry of Seneca (gdn) 16:89

Bayly Richard M. (Gdn) 16:131

Beach Chauncey Jr. (Gdn) 16:5

Beach Parthena W. & Nancy S. of Bloomfield (gdn) 16:38

Beach Sabra A. of Bloomfield (gdn) 16:67

Belote John (Gdn) 16:15

Benham Eunice of Hopewell (gdn) 16:107

Benham Lydia of Hopewell (gdn) 16:106

Benjamin Orson Esq. (Gdn) 16:44

Birdseye Betsy of Hopewell (gdn) 16:20

Blair James of Victor (Gdn) 16:94

Blount Maranda, Samuel Jones, Mary Ann & Joseph Herrick of Richmond (gdn) 16:43

Bolton William Robert of Middlesex (gdn) 16:36 X

Bonesteel Philip P. (Gdn) 16:96

Booth Harriett (Gdn) 16:105

Booth Samuel S., Euphemia, John E., Alicia & Louisa of Bristol (gdn) 16:105

Brace Elisha & Russell of Phelps (gdn) 16:7

Bradley George A. of Macedon (gdn) 16:15

Brink Cornelius M. (Gdn)

Brink Levi W. of Phelps (gdn) 16:37

Brink Reuben (Gdn) 16:37

Bronson Mary & Ellen of Bloomfield (gdn) 16:95

Bronson Sabra & Horace of Bloomfield (gdn) 16:94

Buell Jonathan (Gdn) 16:95

Burgess Benjamin 16:2nd (Gdn) 16:93

Burgess Luther of Phelps (gdn) 16:93

Bushnell William (Gdn) 16:78

Bushnell William (Gdn) 16:79

Cady Hiram of Gorham (gdn) 16:97

Carter Miles (Gdn) 16:17

Case James W. of Hopewell (gdn) 16:91

Case Joanna (Gdn) 16:91

Case Joanna (Gdn) 16:92

Case John of Hopewell (gdn) 16:92

Case Joshua of Hopewell (Gdn) 16:74

Case Pliny & Mary E. of Canandaigua (gdn) 16:29

Case William & Daniel of Canandaigua (gdn) 16:28

Chapin Heman (Gdn) 16:67

Chapin Silas (Gdn) 16:68

Chapman John (Gdn) 16:69

Chapman William of Phelps (gdn) 16:69

Cheney Almira Esther, Darwin, William, Evalina & Louisa of Canandaigua (gdn) 16:130

Clark Cornelia Ann Rutgers & Eliza of Seneca (gdn) 16:103

Clark John A. (Gdn) 16:103

Clark Laura of Farmington (gdn) 16:82

Clark Lorenzo (Gdn) 16:119

Clark Milton of Farmington (gdn) 16:81

Clark Polly (Gdn) 16:82

Clark Susan Lawson of Seneca (gdn) 16:104

Cobb Job (Gdn) 16:2

Corson Jane of Hopewell (gdn) 16:12

Cost Elias (Gdn) 16:117

Crawford Henderson, John, Betsy & Joseph of Seneca (gdn) 16:51

Crittenden Fortescue Warrington & Oscar Fitzland of Seneca (gdn) 16:73

Crosby Sarah of Hopewell (gdn) 16:64

Daman Erastus of Canandaigua (gdn) 16:111

Damon Orin (Gdn) 16:111

Denniston Edward (Gdn) 16:31

Dickinson Aral P. of Victor (gdn) 16:78

Dickinson George of Victor (gdn) 16:79

Dillon Richard C. (Gdn) 16:106

Dryer Selecta & George W. of Victor (gdn) 16:18

Dryer William C. of Victor (gdn) 16:17

Dunkel Catharine & Jacob of Hopewell (gdn) 16:74

Dunkel George of Hopewell (gdn) 16:75

Dunkel Marietta & Charles of Hopewell (gdn) 16:76

Emmons Hannah of Bloomfield (gdn) 16:44

Fisher Ann of Seneca (gdn) 16:117

Fisher John (Gdn) 16:30

Fisk Jane of Manchester (gdn) 16:70

Fox Charlotte Maria of Bloomfield (gdn) 16:41

Fox Hezekiah of Bloomfield (gdn) 16:40

Gates Melancton (Gdn) 16:84

Gibbs Leman (Gdn) 16:114

Gilbert Norman M. & Albert (gdn) 16:58

Gilbert Henry H. of Lima (gdn) 16:57

Gilbert Orrin (Gdn) 16:58

Gillet Amasa (Gdn) 16:123

Goodrich Abner of Richmond (Gdn) 16:60

Goundry George (Gdn) 16:90

Gregg Benjamin B., Mary, Abba Adaline, Caroline Jane & John of Bristol (gdn) 16:27

Gregg Eliza G. of Bristol (gdn) 16:26

Hall Abraham B. (Gdn) 16:73

Hamlin William B. (Gdn) 16:40

Hamlin William B. (Gdn) 16:41

Hannay Jackson of Hopewell (Gdn) 16:64

Harland James (Gdn) 16:70

Hart Joel S. (Gdn) 16:20

Harvey Frances, Henry, Polly & Lydia of Richmond (gdn) 16:114

Harwood Fear & Calista of Gorham (gdn) 16:4

Haynes Alanson, Asa, Sally & Nancy of Farmington (gdn) 16:48

Hays Nancy of Victor (gdn) 16:80

Heslop Margaret R. of Seneca (gdn) 16:90

Hill Clarissa of Victor (Gdn) 16:55

Hill Nancy & Fenta of Manchester (gdn) 16:56

Hill Sarah Ann, Polly, Judson R., John & Augustus of Victor (gdn) 16:55

Hogal Bethier Ann of Seneca (gdn) 16:65

Homan Daniel (Gdn) 16:115

Hudson Jonathan of Seneca (gdn) 16:68

Hurd Curtis (Gdn) 16:1

Husted Mary, Mariah & Isaac of Gorham (gdn) 16:101

Huston James (Gdn) 16:98

Jackson Uri, Elias, William & Philetus of Bristol (gdn) 16:6

Jenkins John (Gdn) 16:13

Jenkins John (Gdn) 16:14

Johnson William, Lovina, Daniel & Phoebe of Bloomfield (gdn) 16:45

Jones Sally of Canandaigua (gdn) 16:71

Kellogg Henry of Manchester (Gdn) 16:56

King Moses (Gdn) 16:38

Knowles Sally Ann, Daniel, Phoebe & Henry of Richmond (gdn) 16:60

Lamereaux William (Gdn) 16:36

Lapham John of Farmington (Gdn) 16:16

Latta Isaac S. (Gdn) 16:65

Lee Lucretia Phelps, William Adams, Stephen Benjamin & Zacheriah Seymour of Bristol (gdn) 16:127

Lee Oliver S. (Gdn) 16:127

Lee Oliver S. (Gdn) 16:128

Lee Ralsamon & George of Bristol (gdn) 16:128

Lloyd John (Gdn) 16:85

Loomis Chester (Gdn) 16:101

Lorinde Alanson (Gdn) 16:35

Lucas Zebina (Gdn) 16:130

Lyon Oliver of Naples (gdn) 16:46

Lyon Simeon of Naples (Gdn) 16:46

Lyon Thomas A. of Victor (gdn) 16:63

Marsh Cordelia of Bloomfield (gdn) 16:54

Marsh Harry of Bloomfield (Gdn) 16:54

Marsh Harvey of Bloomfield (Gdn) 16:53

Masters John of Phelps (gdn) 16:115

McCabe John of Seneca (gdn) 16:99

McDonald Donald (Gdn) 16:57

McNeil David (Gdn) 16:121

Merry Cornelius C. of Seneca (gdn) 16:121

Moore Joel & Sarah of Canandaigua (gdn) 16:123

Morse Lemuel (Gdn) 16:97

Munson Luman of Canandaigua (gdn) 16:47

Nicholas Robert C. (Gdn) 16:104

Nichols William of Seneca (gdn) 16:88

Nicholson Bathsheba of Phelps (gdn) 16:31

Nicholson Bathsheba of Phelps (gdn) 16:86

Nicholson Daniel, James R. & Ann of Phelps (gdn) 16:83

Nicholson John (Gdn) 16:83

Nicholson John (Gdn) 16:86

Nicholson William & Edward of Seneca (gdn) 16:98

Noble Bostwick (Gdn) 16:122

Noble Lusian, Silas, Mary Ann & Lawrence of Bloomfield (gdn) 16:53

Noble Orson J. of Bloomfield (gdn) 16:5

Noyes Hannah Ann & Mary Jane of Manchester (gdn) 16:116

Noyes Milton (Gdn) 16:116

Orcutt Archibald (Gdn) 16:66

Page Levi Allen of Seneca (gdn) 16:125

Page Mary Ann & Harriett of Seneca (gdn) 16:126

Page Prudence (Gdn) 16:125

Page Prudence (Gdn) 16:126

Pain Louiza & Rufus of Victor (gdn) 16:109

Parish Elisha (Gdn) 16:21

Parmele Aaron B., Reuben A. & Nelson of Bloomfield (gdn) 16:85

Parmele John J. & Harmon of Bloomfield (gdn) 16:33

Parmele Nelson of Bloomfield (gdn) 16:34

Parmele William E. & Bela of Bloomfield (gdn) 16:84

Parmele Willoby, Graham A. & Aurilla of Bloomfield (gdn) 16:35

Patterson Peter of Phelps (gdn) 16:9

Peck Abner (Gdn) 16:108

Phillips Emily Esther of Canandaigua (gdn) 16:49

Phillips Joshua (Gdn) 16:6

Phillips Rhoda (Gdn) 16:49

Pierce Otis (Gdn) 16:118

Pierce Reuben 1st (Gdn)39

Plimpton Aaron of Milo (Gdn) X

Pool John (Gdn) 16:52

Pratt Ansel N. & Ashley of Gorham (gdn) 16:42

Prindle Ebenezer (Gdn) 16:107

Rawson Joseph of Victor (Gdn) 16:63

Rawson Samuel Esq. (Gdn) 16:109

Rawson Samuel Esq. (Gdn) 16:18

Reed Nathan (Gdn) 16:4

Reznor John (Gdn) 16:12

Reznor Susannah C. of Hopewell (gdn) 16:10

Richards William of Bloomfield (gdn) 16:61

Root Roswell (Gdn) 16:29

Rowley John Jr. (Gdn) 16:47

Scudder Joel (Gdn) 16:80

Scudder Marvin (Gdn) 16:7

Shepard Alice (Gdn) 16:113

Shepard Moses P. & Rufus O. of Bloomfield (gdn) 16:113

Sherman Betsy of Milo (gdn) 16:3 X

Simmons Benjamin (Gdn) 16:26

Simmons Benjamin (Gdn) 16:27

Smith David of Gorham (gdn) 16:1

Smith Juliett, Elizabeth, William, Susan, Charles & Jarvis L. of Seneca (gdn) 16:122

Spalding Frederick A. (Gdn) 16:23

Spalding Frederick A. (Gdn) 16:24

Spalding Oliver & Thomas M. of Gorham (gdn) 16:23

Spalding Ormand (Gdn) 16:22

Spalding Volney of Gorham (gdn) 16:24

Spalding William L. of Gorham (gdn) 16:22

Stafford Alvin of Victor (gdn) 16:129

Stanley Asa (Gdn) 16:100

Stanley John of Canandaigua (gdn) 16:100

Stewart Thomas of Richmond (gdn) 16:32

Stout Cornelius A. (Gdn) 16:25

Stout Johnson of Canandaigua (gdn) 16:25

Strong Henry P. (Gdn) 16:112

Strong Julia of Phelps (gdn) 16:112

Sweney John (Gdn) 16:99

Swift Cassius of Seneca (gdn) 16:131

Thompson John (Gdn) 16:51

Thompson Josiah (Gdn) 16:48

Tillotson Morehouse (Gdn) 16:28

Treat Henry H. (Gdn) 16:42

Wait Marvin of Hopewell (gdn) 16:108

Walker Henry T. (Gdn) 16:124

Walker Mercy G. & Lydia D. of Bristol (gdn) 16:124

Warner Mathew (Gdn) 16:61

Wells Betsy of Manchester (gdn) 16:72

Wells Joseph (Gdn) 16:81

Wells Sally (Gdn) 16:72

Wells Wealthy & Adelia of Manchester (gdn) 16:70

Westfall Albert (gdn) 16:59

Wheaton Cyrus (Gdn) 16:34

Whitacre Hannah, Isabella & Mercy of Hopewell (gdn) 16:11

Whitacre Margaret of Hopewell (gdn) 16:14

Whitacre Mary (Gdn) 16:10

Whitacre Mary (Gdn) 16:11

Whitacre Mary of Hopewell (gdn) 16:13

White Agnes (Gdn) 16:19

White Harmon E. of Canandaigua (gdn) 16:30

White Jane Storns, Thomas, John & James of Seneca (gdn) 16:19

White Orrella B., Charlotta L., Freeborn G., Mary & Sally B. of Pittsford (gdn) 16:16

Whiting John F. (Gdn) 16:59

Wilcox Lyman (Gdn) 16:33

Wilder George L. of Bristol (gdn) 16:21

Wilder Ira (Gdn) 16:110

Wilder Welles of Canandaigua (gdn) 16:110

Winslow Stephen (Gdn) 16:45

Wood Aminta W. (gdn) 16:62

Wood Benjamin Sr. (Gdn) 16:62

Woodruff Erastus of Bloomfield (gdn) 16:52

Wormley John of Hopewell (Gdn) 16:75

Wormley John of Hopewell (Gdn) 16:76