[Ontario Surrogate's Records] [Will Book 15]

Ontario County Books of Wills and Letters of Administration

Book 15 (1819-1828)

In the index list below, names marked with an X have been transcribed for this website; references are to book number and page number, thus: 15:36 means Book 15, page 36. Guardianships are marked with (gdn) after the name of the person receiving the guardian; and (Gdn) after the guardian's name. The town name is added when it is noted in the particular record.

Table of contents pages 15:1-2 and continued after p 15:313

Letters of Administration for Intestates

Abbey William of Richmond 15:58

Acer William 15:35

Ackley Benjamin late a soldier 15:296

Aldrich David of Hopewell 15:309

Aldridge Daniel 15:168

Alexander Rufus of Canandaigua 15:112

Amsden Joel of Hopewell 15:268

Avery Nathan of Palmyra 15:107

Bailey Henry of Perrington 15:30

Baker Apollos of Hopewell 15:175

Baker Ira of Farmington 15:114

Baker Tamzen of Phelps 15:184

Baldwin Moses of Bloomfield 15:80

Ball Gideon of Seneca 15:288

Barnes Abel of Manchester 15:266

Barrett Eleazer of Bloomfield 15:151

Bartlet Samuel of Sodus 15:67

Batty Jonathan of Farmington 15:90

Beach Salmon of Bloomfield 15:9

Beckwith Andrew of Richmond 15:302

Belote John of Bloomfield 15:123

Benham Thaddeus of Hopewell 15:262

Benjamin Elijah of Phelps 15:210

Bennet Samuel of Perinton 15:15

Bennett Jedediah the first 15:100

Bissell Daniel of Richmond 15:215

Blount Joseph of Richmond 15:54

Bodman William of Hopewell 15:209

Booth Enos of Bristol 15:226

Borrows Samuel of Seneca 15:287

Boughton Abram of Victor 15:282

Brace Elisha of Victor 15:88

Bradbury Abraham of Farmington 15:157

Bray John of Bristol 15:231

Briggs James C. 15:153 X

Brinninstool John of Henrietta 15:23

Brister Aaron of Palmyra 15:102

Brockway George of Phelps 15:277

Brown Charles 15:34

Brown Ephraim D. of Benton 15:94 X

Brown George of Jerusalem 15:55 X

Brown John of Richmond 15:238

Brunson Loring H. of Bloomfield 15:293

Buchan William 15:162

Bunce David L. of Seneca 15:249

Burret Follet of Williamson 15:56

Bush Barzeleel of Bloomfield 15:132

Calkins Elisha A. 15:14

Campbell John 15:26 X

Canfield Dan of Bloomfield 15:40

Chamberlain David of Ontario 15:85

Champlin Charles 15:32

Chandler Daniel of Ontario 15:72

Chaney Enoch of Canandaigua 15:283

Chapin Oliver of Bloomfield 15:144

Chase Clark of Palmyra 15:118

Chatderdon Dutcher of Victor 15:192

Church Samuel T. of Middlesex 15:182 X

Clark Elijah of Naples 15:243

Clark George of Canandaigua 15:271

Clark Gideon of Farmington 15:255

Clark Gurdon of Bloomfield 15:246

Clary Samuel of Phelps 15:211

Cobb Freeman 15:126

Cogswell Joseph of Richmond 15:193

Cole Ezra of Benton 15:93 X

Cole Luther of Canandaigua 15:219

Cole Southworth of Canandaigua 15:232

Colwell Daniel of Seneca 15:196

Comstock Joseph 15:127

Conklin Samuel of Gorham 15:244

Cooper Jeremiah of Manchester 15:190

Corey Amos G. 15:134

Corson David of Groveland 15:63

Covel Onesimus of Naples 15:221

Covenhoven John of Victor 15:242

Crawford Joseph of Seneca 15:239

Crittenden Jonathan W. of Phelps 15:39

Crooks Eli late a soldier 15:12

Dains Jesse Jr of Milo 15:91 X

Davis Lory of Victor 15:300

Dayton David of Canandaigua 15:197

Decker John of Hopewell 15:278

Deitz Michael of Ontario 15:113

Dickinson Charles F. of Victor 15:208

Dillon John of Farmington 15:286

Dox Jacob of Seneca 15:313

Doyen Robert 15:161

Draper Philip N. of Manchester 15:305

Dryer Rufus of Victor 15:61

Dunbar Joshua of Seneca 15:259

Eddy Samuel of Williamson 15:131

Egleston Josiah of Bloomfield 15:174

Elmore John of Middlesex 15:169 X

Erwin Jane of Middlesex 15:159 X

F. Baker William of Phelps 15:311

F. Wirt William of Phelps 15:253

Fanning James 15:291 X

Farnham Samuel of Williamson 15:146

Farwell Joseph 15:129

Ferguson Richard of Middlesex 15:145 X

Ferris William of Phelps 15:70

Fish Jole of Palmyra 15:139

Fisher Samuel of Gorham 15:294

Fitch Braman of Brighton 15:74

Flemming Charles of Canandaigua 15:297

Flemming Thomas W. of Canandaigua 15:200

Ford Ambrose C. of Victor 15:187

Francis Reuben late a soldier 15:50

Franklin Jehiel of Lyons 15:81

Frary Eleazer of Richmond 15:173

Gaskill Asa of Victor 15:312

Gibbs Simeon of Avon 15:138

Gillet Abraham 15:41

Gillett Sarah of Gorham 15:117

Goodsell Daniel H. of Richmond 15:143

Goodwin Daniel of Michigan Territory 15:264

Gray Alfred of Victor 15:64

Green Elisha of Quakertown, Oakland Co., Michigan 15:256

Green Nathaniel of Bristol 15:178

Gregg George of Bristol 15:194

Haines Warnan of Penfield 15:49

Hall Amos of Bloomfield 15:307

Hall Baley of Canandaigua 15:245

Hall John of Phelps 15:202

Hall William of Penfield 15:36

Hammon Luther of Canandaigua 15:84

Hanford Jesse of Richmond 15:191

Harris Paul of Palmyra 15:31

Harris Seth 15:125

Hartsough Hugh of Gorham 15:298

Harvey Peter 15:99

Hayes Harold of Clinton, Vermillion Co., Indiana 15:234

Haywood Phineas of Livonia 15:37

Henion David J. of Gorham 15:148

Hickox Levi of Canandaigua 15:233

Hicks Gideon of Bristol 15:240

Hill David of Seneca 15:276

Hill Gideon of Welshfield, Geauga Co., Ohio 15:172

Hotchkiss Leman of Phelps 15:281

Hough John of Richmond 15:220

Huff Anthony of Richmond 15:241

Hulbert Simeon of Bloomfield 15:250

Hulse Elisha of Canandaigua 15:28

Huntley Ephraim R. 15:128

Hurd Jane of Canandaigua 15:43

Husted Isaac of Gorham 15:299

Hyde Timothy of Bloomfield 15:16

Ingraham Nathan D. of Canandaigua 15:204

Jackson Elias of Bristol 15:188

Jennings Samuel of Palmyra 15:121

Jessup Lewis 15:4

Jewell Ezra 15:119

Jinks George of Farmington 15:78

Jinks George of Farmington 15:86

Johnson William of Brighton 15:7

Jones William of Victor 15:227

Joraleman Tunius 15:160

Kellogg Horace of Phelps 15:59

Kerr William of Farmington 15:25

Keslar Susanna of Hopewell 15:254

King Amaziah of Manchester 15:304

Kinne Peabody of Naples 15:269

Knap Samuel of Canandaigua 15:236

Knowles Daniel of Richmond 15:203

Lawson Samuel of Bloomfield 15:230

Lawton Job of Richmond 15:224

Lee Robert W. of Victor 15:66

Lester John of Benton 15:135 X

Lincoln Otis of Canandaigua 15:223

Lusk Asahel of Victor 15:292

Macumber Jonathan 15:106

McCollough John of Seneca 15:274

McCrossen James of Richmond 15:48

Mead Truman of Richmond 15:149

Melton Amasa of Phelps 15:180

Merrill Ashur of Canandaigua 15:13

Merrill Nathaniel of Ontario 15:133

Miller Jonathan of Ontario 15:19

Mizner Sarah of Seneca 15:42

Moor Joel of Canandaigua 15:98

More Benjamin 15:105

Morrison Samuel of Penfield 15:79

Mory Benjamin of Perington 15:52

Mosely Henry of Brighton 15:60

Moss Barnabas 15:45

Murray William D. of Hopewell 15:280

Neer John B. of Penfield 15:18

Newans Nehemiah of Canandaigua 15:82

Nichols Mary J. of Bloomfield 15:185

Nicholson Daniel of Phelps 15:213

Niece Lyman 15:21

Norris Samuel of Canandaigua 15:237

Northrop Isaiah 15:20

Nottingham Aaron O. of Manchester 15:258

Oakley William of Naples 15:199

Oaks Thaddeus of Phelps 15:212

Oxtoby Robert 15:6 X

Park Sarah of Bloomfield 15:181

Parmele Alanson of Bloomfield 15:225

Payne Benjamin of Victor 15:228

Payne George of Victor 15:273

Payne Huntington 15:142

Peckins David of Jerusalem 15:101 X

Pemberton Chloe 15:22

Pepoon Silas of Stockbridge, Mass. 15:261

Perkins Phineas of Bristol 15:201

Perry John 15:17

Phelps Ambrose of Bristol 15:252

Phillips John of Richmond 15:270

Pitts Henry of Bristol 15:87

Pixley Asa of Manchester 15:272

Porter Samuel of Phelps, now Lyons in Wayne Co. 15:177

Potter Arnold of Jerusalem 15:205 X

Pottle Loring of Naples 15:251

Pratt Isaac of Livonia 15:10

Pratt Nathan of Gorham 15:222

Punteus John 15:154

Ramsey John of Canandaigua 15:104

Ray Daniel of Manchester, a U.S. pensioner 15:267

Raymond Ayres of Benton 15:111 X

Raymoure John 15:164

Rayner Charles of Sodus 15:110

Rice James of Seneca 15:179

Richardson Daniel of Livonia 15:77

Ringer Jacob of Seneca 15:214

Robinson Robert W. 15:137

Robinson Watson 15:141

Robson Matthew of Seneca 15:155

Rogers Russel P. 15:46

Roosa John W. of Lyons 15:76

Roxford Micah of Lima 15:62

Rumsey Daniel of Canandaigua 15:122

Ryan Lewis late a soldier 15:124

Sage Lyman of Bloomfield 15:29

Sanford Marvin of Livonia 15:38

Sartwell Oliver of Gorham 15:216

Scott James W. formerly of Ontario Co., late of Virginia 15:301

Scott Justin of Phelps 15:279

Seymour Orson 15:217

Shaff Joseph 15:152

Shaw Francis of the state of Alabama 15:189

Shaw Stephen of Brighton 15:47

Shearman Levi of Richmond 15:57

Shepard William of Canandaigua 15:183

Sherman Henry 15:96

Sinclair Isabella 15:97

Smith Ephraim of Gorham 15:284

Smith John of Hopewell 15:218

Smith Waterman of Farmington 15:69

Smith Welcome of Bloomfield 15:275

Spellman John of Phelps 15:68

Spelman John of Phelps 15:53

Spencer Aaron of Canandaigua 15:247

Spencer Abijah of Bristol 15:186

Sprague Susannah 15:163

Squires Richard of Seneca 15:207 X

Stanley Helen of Seneca 15:198

Stearns Royal of Gorham 15:306

Stevens William of Sparta 15:33

Stever David G. of Lyons 15:156

Stewart George D. of Gorham 15:289 X

Swift Asa R. of Palmyra 15:165

Taylor Jacob of Phelps 15:73

Taylor Othniel of Canandaigua 15:8

Thomas Asa of Palmyra 15:51

Thomas Oliver of Bristol 15:248

Thompson Haddasy of Livonia 15:5

Throop Samuel 15:24

Tibbets William of Lyons 15:65

Tiffany Zachariah of Canandaigua 15:103

Townsend Henry 15:130 X

Townsend Lawrence of Milo 15:109 X

Tubbs Roswell of Benton 15:83 X

Turner Bela of Palmyra 15:116

Turner John C. of Canandaigua 15:257

Van Houten Robert of Gorham 15:285

Vandercook Cornelius of Canandaigua 15:120

Vandusen Adams of Phelps 15:308

Vanduzen Ashley 15:171

Varnum John 15:167

Wade Milton of Henrietta 15:11

Ward Stephen of Canandaigua 15:229

Waring Charles 15:44

Warner Elihu 15:147

Warner Elihu 15:150

Warner Elisha of Canandaigua 15:263

Warren Eli F. of Canandaigua 15:310

Washburn Gaiel of Naples 15:136

Watkins Ward of Naples 15:303

Webb Charles of Bloomfield 15:92

Wells Ebenezer of Farmington 15:260

Westfall Abraham of Phelps 15:95

Whaley Joseph of Seneca 15:235

Wheeler Elijah K. of Bloomfield 15:290

Wheeler George of Milo 15:115 X

Whitaker Robert of Gorham 15:140

White Elihu 15:166

White Thomas of Seneca 15:27

Whitney Jonas of Hopewell 15:195

Wilcox Elnathan of Bloomfield 15:265

Wilder Jonas of Bristol 15:176

Willcox Roger of Perrington 15:75

Williams Sanford of Seneca 15:71

Wolcott Giles of Geneseo 15:3

Wood Jesse 15:170

Wood Jesse 15:206

Woolsey Richard of Perrington 15:89

Wright John of Phelps 15:108

Young John of Manchester 15:295