[Ontario Surrogate's Records] [Will Book 14]

Ontario County Books of Wills and Letters of Administration

Book 14 (1819-1823)

In the index list below, names marked with an X have been transcribed for this website; references are to book number and page number, thus: 14:36 means Book 14, page 36. Guardianships are marked with (gdn) after the name of the person receiving the guardian; and (Gdn) after the guardian's name. The town name is added when it is noted in the particular record.

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Probate of wills

Adams William of Bloomfield 14:27

Aldrich Benajah of Palmyra 14:236

Alford Oren of Geneseo 14:112

Alger John of Bloomfield 14:56

Averill Elisha of Farmington 14:14

Barber Lemuel of Naples 14:20

Batty William of Lyons 14:160

Beecher Hezekiah of Livonia 14:116

Bigelow Silas of Phelps 14:342

Brink John of Phelps 14:132

Brother Valentine of Seneca 14:80

Brown Daniel of Jerusalem 14:240 X

Brumbley Abel of Bloomfield 14:12

Cady Penuel of Naples 14:104

Casey John of Gorham 14:164

Chase Walter of Phelps 14:212

Church John of Livonia 14:2

Derr George of Gorham 14:244

Dillingham Thomas of Farmington 14:52

Dixson William 14:232

Dorman John of Milo 14:310 X

Durdoe John B. of Phelps 14:64

Durfee William of Williamson 14:5

Eaton Stephen of Perinton 14:24

Egleston Nathaniel of Bloomfield 14:192

Fish Zuriel of Farmington 14:176

Fisher Nathaniel of Bristol 14:156

Flint William 14:76

Freligh John of Seneca 14:302

Gardner Caleb of Seneca 14:60

Goodsell Daniel H. of Richmond 14:1

Granger Elisha of Phelps 14:294

Granger Gideon late of Washington, now of Canandaigua 14:362

Griswold Timothy of Italy 14:144 X

Hall John of Benton 14:31 X

Hall Joseph of Phelps 14:33

Harwood Oliver of Gorham 14:216

Hays John Trusdell of Bloomfield 14:1

Horton Barnabas of Palmyra 14:264

Hough Richard 14:16

Jackson Giles of Lyons 14:92

Jeffords Nathan of Rush 14:4

Kilbourn Rhoda of Bloomfield 14:196

Lambright Henry of Lyons 14:36

Latta Samuel of Seneca 14:270

Macomber James of Williamson 14:16

Marshall Mary of Gorham 14:1

McCormick James of Phelps 14:72

McKay Samuel of Benton 14:100 X

Newans Nehemiah of Canandaigua 14:120

Owen Terry of Milo 14:354 X

Parker Edward of Gorham 14:252

Parker Ephraim of Middlesex 14:200 X

Parker Phinehas 14:152

Payne John of Farmington 14:136

Peer Abraham of Phelps 14:334

Polhamus Daniel of Gorham 14:204

Prescott Joel of Phelps 14:2

Raymond Samuel of Benton 14:140 X

Ross Peleg of Canandaigua 14:96

Runyan Jacob of Livonia 14:10

Sanger Jonathan of Canandaigua 14:8

Seymour Zachariah of Canandaigua 14:32

Smith Jacob of Bloomfield 14:124

Terry Nathaniel of Palmyra 14:6

Tinkham Joseph of Palmyra 14:224

VanBuskirt Isaac of Sparta 14:84

Vandike Ruleph of Phelps 14:1

Wilder Asa of Bristol 14:172

Wilder Ephraim of Bristol 14:20

Wilkinson Jemima or the Universal Friend 14:44 X

Willard Urania of Victor 14:40

Young William of Sodus 14:32