[Ontario Surrogate's Records] [Will Book 12]

Ontario County Books of Wills and Letters of Administration

Book 12 (1817-1819)

In the index list below, names marked with an X have been transcribed for this website; references are to book number and page number, thus: 12:36 means Book 12, page 12:36. Guardianships are marked with (gdn) after the name of the person receiving the guardian; and (Gdn) after the guardian's name. The town name is added when it is noted in the particular record.

Table of contents pages 1-32

Letters of Administration of Wills page 12:33-192

Guardianships page 193-383

Letters of Administration of Intestates pp397-520

Smith John of Groveland 12:33

Converse James 12:37

Lane Samuel of Mendon 12:41

Hoyt Ebenezer of Lima 12:45

Gilman Phillip of Sparta 12:49

Burchard Phineas of Lima 12:53

Matthews Henry of Pittsford 12:57

Clark Caleb of Middlesex 12:61 X

Miller John of Seneca 12:69

Webster John of Farmington 12:73

Bradley Ezekiel of Saratoga 12:77

Parrott George of Pittsford 12:81

Dougherty William of Penfield 12:85

Turner Peter of Victor 12:89

Brainard Eli of Avon 12:93

Paul William of Bloomfield 12:97

Rood Horace of Pittsford 12:101

Willson Dorcas of Phelps 12:105

Judson Ephraim of Milton, Saratoga Co. 12:109

Hartman John of Sodus 12:113

Miller Jonathan of Ontario 12:117

Wood John of Canandaigua 12:121

Roy John of Phelps 12:125

Whitney Isaac of Middlesex 12:129 X

Hannay William of Farmington 12:133

Beach Benoni of Bristol 12:137

Wagener Jacob of Jerusalem 12:141 X

Chase William of Phelps 12:145

Ferry Charles of Middlesex 12:149 X

McQuillin Edward of Groveland 12:153

Clanford Susannah of Milo 12:157 X

Wheeler Benjamin D. of Bloomfield 12:161

Blackmon Adonijah of Ontario 12:165

Carpenter Amos of Ontario 12:169

Hoag Levi of Palmyra 12:173

Bassford Moses of Pittsford 12:177

McNeal Robert of Geneseo 12:181

Chase Christopher of Ontario 12:185

Parker William of Boyle 12:189

Lee Lemuel (Gdn) 12:193

Hurlbut John of Palmyra (gdn) 12:193

Lyon Jonathan (Gdn) 12:194

Lyon Betsy, Josiah H., Philo, Hiram & Patty of Richmond (gdn) 12:194

Sweeney Archabald (Gdn) 12:195

Sweeney John & William of Seneca (gdn) 12:195

Crane Horatio (Gdn) 12:196 X

Chissom George, Hannah & Ephraim of Benton (gdn) 12:196 X

Critenden Noah (Gdn) 12:197

Shattuck Phidella, William, Daniel & Elizabeth of Phelps (gdn) 12:197

Smith Jedediah (Gdn) 12:198

Arnold Edy of Ontario (gdn) 12:198

Harkness Fanny (Gdn) 12:199 X

Harkness Hyram, Learned B., James & Minerva of Middlesex (gdn) 12:199 X

Bernham Ebenezer (Gdn) 12:200

Bernham Eli of Gorham (gdn) 12:200

Loofborough Nathan (Gdn) 12:201

Dobbin Joab, Jacob, Hillman, Charles & Samuel (gdn) 12:201

Hoofcot Nabby (Gdn) 12:202

Hoofcot Sylvester, Silas, Irena, Vesta & Rachel of Palmyra (gdn) 12:202

Courtis Eben (Gdn) 12:203

Fairchild Daniel L., Henry P., John, William B. & David of Bloomfield (gdn) 12:203

Hall Amos (Gdn) 12:204

Fairchild Frederick S., Sophia M., Martia, Sally M. & Mary of Bloomfield (gdn) 12:204

Rice Ezra (Gdn) 12:205 X

Barden Olive Jr of Seneca (gdn) 12:205 X

Sprague Anna (Gdn) 12:206

Sprague Rollin & Theodore of Bloomfield (gdn) 12:206

Pitts Gideon (Gdn) 12:207

Pitts Otis, Deborah R., William & Samuel P. of Livonia (gdn) 12:207

West Rebecca (Gdn) 12:208

West Elizabeth, Iam W. & Emily J. of Lima (gdn) 12:208

Hoyt Jacob Jun (Gdn) 12:209

Tyler Nancy, Roxey, George, James & Sally (gdn) 12:209

Farlee Samuel (Gdn) 12:210

Farlee Sally of Sweden (gdn) 12:210

Hatfield & Mason (Gdn) 12:211 X

Gilbert Elias (Gdn) 12:211

Gilbert Asahel of Middlesex (gdn) 12:211 X

Beach Alvah (Gdn) 12:212

Boots Bathiah of Bristol (gdn) 12:212

Collins John Jr (Gdn) 12:213

Collins Huldah, William, Naum, Freeman F. & John B. of Mendon (gdn) 12:213

Finley Reuben (Gdn) 12:214

Aldrich Emaline of Ontario (gdn) 12:214

Johns Evan (Gdn) 12:215

Chapman Maria of Ontario (gdn) 12:215

Rogers Thomas 2nd (Gdn) 12:216

Nowland John of Palmyra (gdn) 12:216

Matthews Patience (Gdn) 12:217

Matthews John, Martha Betsy, Maria, Lucy & Sally of Pittsford (gdn) 12:217

Galusha Daniel (Gdn) 12:218

Holt Daniel Putman, Elijah Hale & Phylancy of Sodus (gdn) 12:218

Roff Henry Jr (Gdn) 12:219 X

Gillet Abraham of Italy (gdn) 12:219 X

Buckley Robert (Gdn) 12:220 X

Buckley Abel, John, Samuel, Hezekiah & Mary Ann of Benton (gdn) 12:220 X

Bostwick Sarah (Gdn) 12:221 X

Botsford Lazarus of Benton (gdn) 12:221 X

Purdy Patrick B. (Gdn) 12:222

Purdy Margaret of Gorham (gdn) 12:222

Reed Ebenezer (Gdn) 12:223

Bradley Ebenezer, George A. & Susannah of Palmyra (gdn) 12:223

Bradley George late a soldier, father of Bradley children 12:223

Phelps Joseph (Gdn) 12:224

Clark Alexander & Anna of Canandaigua (gdn) 12:224

Hender Arial (Gdn) 12:225

Sears Jasper P. & Israel of Bloomfield (gdn) 12:225

Peck Clark (Gdn) 12:226

Sears Orra S. & Richard of Bloomfield (gdn) 12:226

Bemis James D. (Gdn) 12:227

Ward Samuel C., Eliza, Henry D. & Elmira (gdn) 12:227

Ward David, father of Ward children 12:227

Codding Burt (Gdn) 12:228

Burt Hannah, Daniel, Betsy, Benjamin, Calvin C., George W. & William F. of Bristol (gdn) 12:228

Younglove Timothy (Gdn) 12:229

Younglove John P. of Canandaigua (gdn) 12:229

Wright Samuel (Gdn) 12:230

Sanford Oliver of Mendon (gdn) 12:230

Dunham Silas (Gdn) 12:231

Noble Polly & James of Pittsford (gdn) 12:231

Phillips Daniel (Gdn) 12:232

Noble Semantha, Edward T. & Lucy E. (gdn) 12:232

Burnet William (Gdn) 12:233

Patten John, Julian, Sidney, Alexander, Charles & Harriet of Lyons (gdn) 12:233

Rowley Dorothy Case & John (Gdn) 12:234

Case Charlotte, Orren & Eliza of Canandaigua (gdn) 12:234

Prescott Imly (Gdn) 12:235

Precott Philander of Phelps (gdn) 12:235

Lyon Judith (Gdn) 12:236

Lyon Ransom B., Luther, Mareny, William & Mariet of Lima (gdn) 12:236

Hopkins Victor N. (Gdn) 12:237

Paul Phillip of Bloomfield (gdn) 12:237

Beckwith James White & Nathaniel N. (Gdn) 12:238

Swift Alexander Hamilton, Elizabeth N. & John L. of Palmyra (gdn) 12:238

Miller Samuel (Gdn) 12:239

Sabin Elmira of Gorham (gdn) 12:239

Hickox George (Gdn) 12:240

Stout Owen Howell of Canandaigua (gdn) 12:240

Moses Benjamin (Gdn) 12:241

Gamber Daniel & Sarah of Gorham (gdn) 12:241

Culbertson Samuel (Gdn) 12:242

Culbertson Thomas E. of Groveland (gdn) 12:242

Mallory Samuel (Gdn) 12:243

Nichols Edwin, Ellen M., William, John & Almyra B. of Bristol (gdn) 12:243

Boughton Enos (Gdn) 12:244

Ketchum Henry F., Seymour B. & William N. of Victor (gdn) 12:244

Gerrald Phebe (Gdn) 12:245

Gerrald Phebe Jr., Joanna, Edward & Sally of Williamson (gdn) 12:245

Hopkins Stephen (Gdn) 12:246

Benjamin Hyram, Elisha, John & Sally of Victor (gdn) 12:246

Clark Samuel (Gdn) 12:247

Clark Maria of Naples (gdn) 12:247

Ryan Levi (Gdn) 12:248

Ryan Conner of Farmington (gdn) 12:248

Canavan John S. (Gdn) 12:249

Sanford John & Huldah of Mendon (gdn) 12:249

Durfee George (Gdn) 12:251

Durfee Hannah O. of Palmyra (gdn) 12:251

Hull Isaac (Gdn) 12:252

Hull Calestia of Palmyra (gdn) 12:252

Minor Dorcas (Gdn) 12:253

Baker Darius of Gorham (gdn) 12:253

Selby Ira (Gdn) 12:254

Cockran Cornelius & Hannah of Ontario (gdn) 12:254

Cockran William R. late a soldier, father of Cockran children 12:254

Wheeler Benjamin D. & Sarah (Gdn) 12:255

Wheeler Isaac Morris of Bloomfield (gdn) 12:255

Clark Gardner (Gdn) 12:256

Clark William of Livonia (gdn) 12:256

Doud Alfred & Polly (Gdn) 12:257

Dunn Azina M. of Pittsford (gdn) 12:257

Dunn Annum late a soldier, father of Azina Dunn 12:257

Locey Abraham (Gdn) 12:258 XX

Locey Lamyra & Sarah of Benton (gdn) 12:258 X

Locey Ezra late a soldier, father of Locey children 12:258 X

Lyon Betsy (Gdn) 12:259

Lyon Patty of Richmond (gdn) 12:259

Wheeler Sarah & John N. (Gdn) 12:260

Wheeler Isaac Morris of Bloomfield (gdn) 12:260

Wheeler John H. (Gdn) 12:261

Wheeler Benjamin T. & Simeon R. of Bloomfield (gdn) 12:261

Spencer John C. (Gdn) 12:262

Smith Edward A. of Canandaigua (gdn) 12:262

Aldrich Hosea (Gdn) 12:263

Hall Henrietta C., Caroline B., Emily A., Sarah Ann E. & William E.G. of Bloomfield (gdn) 12:263

Anderson James (Gdn) 12:264

Seeney Maria Ann, Julian, Theodore & Adaline of Canandaigua (gdn) 12:264

Seeney King late a soldier, father of Seeney children 12:264

Hathaway Otis (Gdn) 12:265

Woolman Huram of Palmyra (gdn) 12:265

Havens Jerusha (Gdn) 12:266

Havens Anna, James & Sarah of Ontario (gdn) 12:266

Westfall Cornelius (Gdn) 12:267

Westfall Samuel & Benjamin of Phelps (gdn) 12:267

Freligh John (Gdn) 12:268

Hogal Bathiah Ann of Seneca (gdn) 12:268

Hogal Barnabas late a soldier, father of Bethiah Ann 12:268

Finch Solomon (Gdn) 12:271 X

Raplee James of Milo (gdn) 12:271 X

Ashley Noah (Gdn) 12:272

Kenedy Peter & George W. of Richmond (gdn) 12:272

Cutler Abel (Gdn) 12:269

Rowley Hezekiah, Diana, Amy & David of Lima (gdn) 12:269

Raplee Thomas (Gdn) 12:270 X

Raplee Robert of Milo (gdn) 12:270 X

Miller Jacob Jr (Gdn) 12:273

Gardner Elihu & Palmira of Brighton (gdn) 12:273

Gardner Peter late a soldier, father of Gardner children 12:273

Durfee Edward (Gdn) 12:274

Bryant George, Solomon, Sarah, Samuel, Lydia & Mary (gdn) 12:274

Bryant Hezekiah late a soldier, father of Bryant children 12:274

Morse Joseph (Gdn) 12:275

Wait Lyman B., Norman, Clark & Ama (gdn) 12:275

Wait William C. late a soldier, father of Wait children 12:275

Whedon Calvin (Gdn) 12:276

Bellamy George, Nancy & Sally of Lima (gdn) 12:276

Bellamy John late a soldier, father of Bellamy children 12:276

Cameron Charles (Gdn) 12:277

Gates Hyram of Canandaigua (gdn) 12:277

Smedley James (Gdn) 12:278

Grimes Abigail, James, Sophia, Submitta, Maria & Samuel of Canandaigua (gdn) 12:278

Grimes James late a soldier, father of Grimes children 12:278

Critenden Dorcas (Gdn) 12:279 XX

Crafts Dorcas of Gorham (gdn) 12:279 XX

Crafts Edward late a soldier, father of Dorcas 12:279 XX

Reeves James (Gdn) 12:280

Conwell Sophia of Lyons (gdn) 12:280

Hedges Nathaniel W. (Gdn) 12:281 X

Hedges Josiah of Milo (gdn) 12:281 X

Hedges Nathaniel W. (Gdn) 12:282 X

Hedges Amanda & Charlotte of Milo (gdn) 12:282 X

Case Oliver (Gdn) 12:283

Case William, Almira, Nelson & Charley of Lima (gdn) 12:283

Hilton David Jr (Gdn) 12:284

Newman Ezra, Alva, Oliver & Justin S. of Lima (gdn) 12:284

Baldwin Thomas P. Baldwin & Eleanor (Gdn) 12:285

Cuyler George W. & William Howe of Palmyra (gdn) 12:285

Baldwin Thomas C. & Eleanor (Gdn) 12:286

Cuyler William Howe of Palmyra (gdn) 12:286

Shepard David (Gdn) 12:287

Davis John of Phelps (gdn) 12:287

Minor Benjamin (Gdn) 12:288

Esgett John P. & Daniel of Penfield (gdn) 12:288

Shearman Durfee (Gdn) 12:289

Shearman David of Palmyra (gdn) 12:289

Hall Amos (Gdn) 12:290

Morey Tainor N. of Bloomfield (gdn) 12:290

Warner Marcy (Gdn) 12:291

Warner Dennis, Morgan Lewis & Charles of Phelps (gdn) 12:291

Edwards Jane (Gdn) 12:292

Miller George of Phelps (gdn) 12:292

West Ira (Gdn) 12:293

Stone Minerva, Theodore & Mary of Brighton (gdn) 12:293

Stone Isaac late a soldier, father of Stone children 12:293

Whitaker Jonathan (Gdn) 12:294 X

Cushman Melinda & Joshua of Benton (gdn) 12:294 X

Vanetten David (Gdn) 12:295

Vanetten Peter, Daniel, James & Hannah of Phelps (gdn) 12:295

Hamilton Anna (Gdn) 12:296

Hamilton William H. of Lima (gdn) 12:296

Durfee Stephen (Gdn) 12:297

Turner Orsamus of Palmyra (gdn) 12:297

Durfee Pardon (Gdn) 12:298

Durfee Charles, Job & William of Williamson (gdn) 12:298

Hatfield Mason (Gdn) 12:299 X

Gilbert Elias (Gdn) 12:299 X

Gilbert Mason of Middlesex (gdn) 12:299 X

Reed John (Gdn) 12:300

Prescot Sophia of Phelps (gdn) 12:300

Lockwood Henry (Gdn) 12:301

Lockwood Josiah of Rush (gdn) 12:301

White Asahel (Gdn) 12:302

Rouse Ranslear, Orin & John of Farmington (gdn) 12:302

Rouse Elizabeth (Gdn) 12:303

Rouse Daniel of Farmington (gdn) 12:303

Gates Gideon (Gdn) 12:304

Sibley William, Elisha, Polly & Lucinda of Richmond (gdn) 12:304

Lyon Jared (Gdn) 12:305

Willson Marinda, Caroline & Matilda of Bloomfield (gdn) 12:305

Willson James late a soldier, father of Willson children 12:305

Brooks Bildad (Gdn) 12:306

Brooks John, Joseph & Sally of Phelps (gdn) 12:306

Rood Daniel (Gdn) 12:307

Bradford Daniel, Lucy, Marian, Baxter & Patty (gdn) 12:307

Hathaway Thomas (Gdn) 12:308 X

Botsford Lazarus of Milo (gdn) 12:308 X

Powell Calvin (Gdn) 12:309

Thompson Ambrose Lewis of Livonia (gdn) 12:309

Brinninstool Michael (Gdn) 12:310

Hitchcock Electa, Alvin, Lyman & Bathuel of Henrietta (gdn) 12:310

Hitchcock Bathuel late a soldier, father of Hitchcock children 12:310

Dodge Fanny (Gdn) 12:311

Dodge Orin of Gorham (gdn) 12:311

Prentice Henry (Gdn) 12:312

Prentice Shubel of Seneca (gdn) 12:312

Ruggles Lemuel Warner (Gdn) 12:313

Westfall Cornelius of Phelps (gdn) 12:313

House Frederick (Gdn) 12:314

House Isaac A. of Livonia (gdn) 12:314

Pemberton Galon (Gdn) 12:315

Pemberton Orson, Leanard & Rachel of Richmond (gdn) 12:315

Pixley Asa (Gdn) 12:316

Powers Remus Vernum of Farmington (gdn) 12:316

Hatch John (Gdn) 12:317

Bissell Ebenezer (gdn) 12:317

Fay William (Gdn) 12:318

Orton Thomas of Geneseo (gdn) 12:318

Short Philip (Gdn) 12:319

Walker Semantha & Samuel of Livonia (gdn) 12:319

Finton James (Gdn) 12:320

Hulse Lester, Finton, Elijah & Rebeccah of Canandaigua (gdn) 12:320

Peck Clark (Gdn) 12:321

Peck minor heirs of John S. late of Bloomfield (gdn) 12:321

Morris John (Gdn) 12:322

Holt John Wesley of Gorham (gdn) 12:322

Frost Issachar (Gdn) 12:323

Lyon Hiram of Richmond (gdn) 12:323

Chipman Lemuel (Gdn) 12:324

Powers Samuel Smith of Richmond (gdn) 12:324

Saunders Ithamer (Gdn) 12:325

Albro Joseph of Canandaigua (gdn) 12:325

Hathaway Abiel (Gdn) 12:326

Wheeler Hannah R., Deborah & Celia B. of Bloomfield (gdn) 12:326

Kelsey Alexander (Gdn) 12:327

McNall Eliza of Henrietta (gdn) 12:327

Sibley James (Gdn) 12:328

Sibley Polly & Lucinda formerly of Richmond now of Indiana (gdn) 12:328

Sibley James (Gdn) 12:329

Sibley Elisha formerly of Richmond now of Canandaigua (gdn) 12:329

Westfall Cornelius (Gdn) 12:330

Westfall Albert of Phelps (gdn) 12:330

Van Fossen John (Gdn) 12:331

Van Fossen Thomas of Livonia (gdn) 12:331

Marsh Marcius (Gdn) 12:332

Smith Nancy L. of Bristol (gdn) 12:332

Burnett William (Gdn) 12:333

Westfall Albert of Phelps (gdn) 12:333

Case Henry (Gdn) 12:334

Waring John H., George & Mary of Brighton (gdn) 12:334

Turnbull Nichol (Gdn) 12:335 X

Turnbull Nichol Jr of Benton (gdn) 12:335 X

Wall John William of Benton (gdn) 12:335 X

Collins Aaron C. (Gdn) 12:336

Lee Amelia C. of Victor (gdn) 12:336

George Joseph (Gdn) 12:337

Christy John of Livonia (gdn) 12:337

Gooding Charles (Gdn) 12:338

Wood Andrew (Gdn) 12:338

Wheeler Isaac M. of Bristol (gdn) 12:338

Wheeler Cyrus S., father of Isaac M. 12:338

Wood James (Gdn) 12:339

Hurd Solomon of Gorham (gdn) 12:339

Pease Valentine (Gdn) 12:340

Baldwin Daniel of Phelps (gdn) 12:340

Prescott Imley (Gdn) 12:341

Precott Sophia of Phelps (gdn) 12:341

Carr David (Gdn) 12:342

Peeler Eliza of Palmyra (gdn) 12:342

Boots Samuel (Gdn) 12:343

Beasom Peter, Joshua & Samuel of Gorham (gdn) 12:343

Boots Samuel (Gdn) 12:344

Beasom Rebecca & Daniel of Gorham (gdn) 12:344

Freligh Henry (Gdn) 12:345

Hazal Bethiah Ann of Seneca (gdn) 12:345

Ham Robert (Gdn) 12:346

Hopkins Henry of Bloomfield (gdn) 12:346

Buck Addison N. (Gdn) 12:347

Hacket George, Oliver & Gavin Robinson of Farmington (gdn) 12:347

Beach Ambrose (Gdn) 12:348

Wheeler Zilpha of Bloomfield (gdn) 12:348

Culver Mary (Gdn) 12:349

Reeves Rufus & Eunice K. of Palmyra (gdn) 12:349

Tubbs Sally (Gdn) 12:350 X

Tubbs Alvira of Benton (gdn) 12:350 X

Sisson George (Gdn) 12:351 X

Botsford Lazarus of Milo (gdn) 12:351 X

Gates John C. (Gdn) 12:352

Prescott Phidealia of Phelps (gdn) 12:352

Howell Isaac (Gdn) 12:353

Goldsmith Benjamin D. (gdn) 12:353

Collins John Esqr (Gdn) 12:354

Shethar James S. of Seneca (gdn) 12:354

Blackmer Levi (Gdn) 12:355

Lyon Philo of Richmond (gdn) 12:355

Harwood Ebenezer Jr. (Gdn) 12:356

Morse Margaret, Joseph, Silas & Sally (gdn) 12:356

Stanley Asa (Gdn) 12:357

Whitaker William H. of Canandaigua (gdn) 12:357

Gillis Enos (Gdn) 12:358

Hart Joseph of Canandaigua (gdn) 12:358

Pennell Abraham (Gdn) 12:359

Pennell Noah of Richmond (gdn) 12:359

Way Joshua (Gdn) 12:360 X

Townsend Reliance, George N., Mary Jane & Olive of Milo (gdn) 12:360 X

Simson George (Gdn) 12:361

White William, Margaret & Agness of Seneca 12:361

Dorman Joel (Gdn) 12:362 X

Townsend John L. & Sabra of Milo 12:362 X

Tifft Amasa S. (Gdn) 12:363

Seidmore Betsy of Naples 12:363

Loomis Nathan (Gdn) 12:364 X

Loomis Nathaniel of Middlesex 12:364 X

Austin Moses (Gdn) 12:365

Austin Pollard of Phelps 12:365

Woodworth Abner (Gdn) 12:366 X

Dean Danford of Benton 12:366 X

Patchen Jared (Gdn) 12:367 X

Johnson Henry of Benton 12:367 X

Wood Mary late Mary Numan (Gdn) 12:368 X

Numan Benjamin of Benton 12:368 X

Low Andrew G. (Gdn) 12:369

Low John C. of Palmyra 12:369

Huston James (Gdn) 12:370

Huston Alexander of Seneca 12:370

Wells Joseph Jr (Gdn) 12:371

Perry Truman D. of Farmington 12:371

Robinson James (Gdn) 12:372

Miller Eliel of Phelps 12:372

Jennings Margaret (Gdn) 12:373

Jennings James Marvin & Samuel Corwin of Palmyra 12:373

Hoxter Samuel (Gdn) 12:374

Bush Peter of Hopewell 12:374

Beach Chauncey Jr (Gdn) 12:375

Beach Harriet & Elizabeth of Bloomfield 12:375

Watkins Nathan (Gdn) 12:376

Clark Addison of Naples 12:376

Hartsough Hugh (Gdn) 12:377

Polhaimus Daniel of Gorham 12:377

Hawley Jonathan (Gdn) 12:378

Sprague Rollin & Theodore of Bloomfield 12:378

Chapin Andrew (Gdn) 12:379

Jewell Henry, Augustus P., Ezra, Mary C. & Graham H. of Lyons 12:379

Bancroft Thomas (Gdn) 12:380

Carr David of Ontario 12:380

Hamlin Elijah (Gdn) 12:381

Porter Mary 12:381

Willcox Lyman (Gdn) 12:382

Willcox Alexander & Caroline of Bloomfield 12:382

Newman Elijah (Gdn) 12:383

Crittenden Aaron, Eliza, Phidelia, Caroline & Hiram of Gorham 12:383

Wilkin William 12:397

Frost Jonathan 12:398

Stewart Ebenezer 12:399

White Zenas Jr 12:400

Morley Timothy 12:401

Lyon Oliver 12:402

Hannay William Jr 12:403

Goff Enoch 12:404

Rowse Nicholas 12:405

Cooley John 12:406

Toms Robert 12:407

Courtis Sylvester 12:408

Blackley Thomas 12:409

Johnson John 12:410

Hickox Asa Jr 12:411

Peck Luther of London, Great Britain 12:412

Arnold Jesse late a soldier 12:413

Ketchum Jared of Victor 12:414

Barden Ezekiel 12:415 X

Hatch George 12:416

Noble Ezekiel 12:417

Smith William 12:418 X

Herrick Elijah 12:419

Frost Henry 12:420

Sines Peter of Lima 12:421

Lockwood Peter of Livonia 12:422

McNair David of Sparta 12:423

York Robert of Lyons 12:424

Pitts Samuel of Livonia 12:425

Sage James of Bloomfield 12:426

West Joseph late a soldier 12:427

Andler William 12:428

Botsford Abel of Benton 12:429 X

Cleaveland Ephraim of Naples 12:430 X

Collins William of Mendon 12:431

Cleaveland Franklin 12:432 X

Short Daniel of Richmond 12:433

Gillet Asa 12:434 X

Dungan Samuel of Canandaigua 12:435

Davis Isaac of Canandaigua 12:436

Gamber William of Gorham 12:437

Rossiter Stephen 12:438

Barden Thomas of Seneca 12:439 X

Hart Jonathan of Canandaigua 12:440

Aldrich Edward of Brighton 12:441

Green Josiah Jr late a soldier 12:442

Boutton Robert of Italy 12:443 X

Holden Guy J.A. of Williamson 12:444

Morehouse Charles late a soldier 12:445

Martin Isaac 12:446

Case Lyman of Canandaigua 12:447

Partridge Dwight of Phelps 12:448

Case Sweet W. late a soldier 12:449

Curtiss Isaac of Gorham 12:450

VanBuskert Isaac of Sparta 12:451

Marsh Azel late a soldier 12:452

Warren Samuel B. of Canandaigua 12:453

Baker Samuel A. of Penfield 12:454

Havens Walter of Palmyra 12:455

Hulsey Elisha 12:456

Prescott John Reed 12:457

Grover Joseph Jr of Richmond 12:458

Stewart Timothy of Benton 12:459 X

Gibbs Remembrance of Livonia 12:460

McCartny John of Phelps 12:461

Palmer Sylvenus of Rush 12:462

Cockran William R. late a soldier 12:463

Wheeler Cyrus S. of Bloomfield 12:464

Oldfield Abraham 12:467 X

Morse Daniel of Gorham 12:468

Potter William 12:469 X

Crittenden Aaron of Gorham 12:470

Newman Ezekiel 12:471 X

Shove Isaac P. 12:472

Reniff Chester late a soldier 12:473

Avery Elisha of Lyons 12:474

Havens Joseph of Ontario 12:475

Husband Jesse late a soldier 12:476

Wheeler Cyrus S. of Bloomfield 12:477

McFarlin John late a soldier 12:478

Hannum Timothy of Ontario 12:479

Hall Joanna of Bloomfield 12:480

Seeney King late a soldier 12:481

Cornwell William 12:482 X

Cowles Chauncey late a soldier 12:483

Aldrich Nathan of Farmington 12:484

Lowell John 12:485

Clark William 12:486

Hedges Daniel 12:487 X

Purdy James of Gorham 12:488

Hubbard Joseph C. of Geneseo 12:490

Barnes Silas 12:491

Cushman Consider of Benton 12:492 X

Kenedy Thomas late a soldier 12:493

Beaty Alexander of Livonia 12:494

Bryant Hezekiah late a soldier 12:495

Neys John 12:496

Hamilton James 12:497

Culver Moses of Palmyra 12:498

Frary Benjamin late a soldier 12:499

Jerome Timothy of Rush 12:500

Bellamy John late a soldier 12:501

Corey Joseph of Benton 12:502 X

Parkhurst Lemuel of Palmyra 12:503

Grimes James late a soldier 12:504

Whaley John P. of Avon 12:505

Clark Caleb of Canandaigua 12:506 X

Burnham Benjamin late a soldier 12:507

Banister Theodore of Phelps 12:508

Linsley Samuel 12:509

Parmele Bela of Bloomfield 12:510

Phelps Luman of Milo 12:511 X

Porter William of Palmyra 12:512

Low George of Victor 12:513

Wells Crumwell of Farmington 12:514

Cross Joseph 12:515

Smith Elisha of Bloomfield 12:516

Babcock Benjamin 12:517

Rainey John of Brighton 12:518

Reynolds Whitman 12:519 X

Prescott Joel 12:520