[Court records]  [Ex parte cases]

Yates County NY

County Court Records

Ex parte Cases 1910 - 1921

A 71-2/ Glendice Winifred Atkinson/ 1910/ Adoption Order, Consent and Agreement
A 75-1/ Allen W. and Fredrika C. Ayres/ 1913/ Orders, Agreement, Reports, Bond,Petition
A 78-2/ Myrtle V. Alexander vs Howard Alexander/ 1916/ Order Appointing Guardian
A 78-2/ Milan H. Ayres/ 1916/ Order Amending Judgement of Forfeiture
A 81-1/ Gertrude Andrews I/ 1919/ Sale of Realty Confirmation, Guardian Bond
B 71-1/ Howard J. Bailey/ 1910/ Sale of Lands, Bond, Orders, Contract, Report
B 71-2/ Beatrice Ethel Banner/ 1910/ Adoption consents and order
B 73-2/ William S. Booth/ 1910/ Discharge of Mortgage
B 73-4/ Anna S. Backus/ 1910/ Estate Redemption Tax Receipt
B 73-4/ Charles V.L. Bell/ 1910/ Bond, Sale of Lands, Petition for Sale of Lands
B 73-4/ Albert T. Beardslee/ 1911/ Discharge of Mortgage
B 73-4/ Robert Beardslee/ 1904/ Assignment of Mortgage
B 73-4/ William Gorden Brown/ 1910/ Consents and Order
B 74-1/ Lottie Berriman/ 1912-1920/ Sales of Realty, Bond, Disposition of Realty,
B 74-1/ Jeremiah S. Burtch/ 1911/ Discharges of Mortgage
B 74-2/ Free Will Baptist Church of Potter/ 1912/ Petition, Order and Affidavit for Declaring Church Extinct
B 74-2/ Farmers and Merchants Bank/ 1912/ Adjudication of Bankruptcy, Order Approving Trustee Bond
B 74-2/ Edith Bell/ 1912/ Guardian Appointment
B 74-2/ Sarah Ann Bell/ 1912/ Appointment of new Estate Trustee
B 74-2/ George Bell/ 1912/ Trustees for Estate
B 76-1/ First Baptist Church of Penn Yan/ 1914/ Petition to Mortgage Property, Order Granting Lease to Mortgage
B 76-1/ Lottie Green Brown and Esther Elliot Leach/ 1914/ Decree, Probate of Heirship
B 76-2/ Isola J. Swarthout and Anna F. Burns/ 1914/ Land Contract
B 77-1/ Sarah Ann Bell/ 1915/ Will Trusteeship Bond
B 77-1/ Eugene Horton, Lena Butler, and Olive Brown against William N. Wise/ 1915/Order to Discharge Horton from  Custody, Order to Show Cause
B 77-1/ George Bell/ 1915/ Notices of Motion & Adjustment, Costs, Report, Petition Notice Motion
B 78-1/ Bannon against Getman and Samples/ 1916/ Order Appointing Guardian, Proof of Service
B 78-1/ Florence Bergo/ 1916/ Agreement, Consent and Order
B 78-3/ Helene S. Bell/ 1916/ Petition, Discharge of Ancient Mortgage, Order to Show Cause
B 78-3/ Sarah Ann Bell/ 1916/ Referee Report
B 79-4/ Leland B. Earnest and Dewitt T. Beekman against Lyman W. & Joseph S. Bailey/1917/ Examination
B 79-4/ Sarah Ann Bell/ 1917/ Appointment of Trustee
B 80-4/ Madeline, Jennie M. and William A. Bolan/ 1919/ Guardian Rpt of Contract,Petition and Consent, Orders, Rpts Bond, Convey
B 82-2/ Louise Brown/ 1921/ Discharge of Mortgage
C 71-2/ Loren Z. Carpenter vs the People/ 1910/ Additional Pay for Jurors
C 73-3/ Edna Mills Clawson/ 1911/ Guardian Bond
C 74-4/ Emma Elizabeth Colf/ 1912/ Adoption Petition
C 76-1/ Edna Mills Clawson/ 1914/ Petition, Disposition of Funds, Report, Agreement,Orders
C 77-1/ Margaret Louise Corcoran/ 1915/ Order of Adoption
C 78-1/ Terms of Court Appointment/ 1917/ Order
C 78-1/ Roy J. and Leon D. Chambers/ 1916/ Petition, Orders, Bonds, Reports
C 78-2/ Harry D. Connell/ 1916/ Bond, Petition, Reports, Orders
C 79-2/ Harry D. Connell/ 1917/ Guardian Bond, Final Order of Confirmation
C 79-4/ Leon D. Chambers/ 1917/ Petition and Order for Reduced Price
C 79-4/ Ernest H. Chapman/ 1917/ Cancellation of Certain Judgements, Order
C 80-1/ Commercial Iron Works Company/ 1918/ Petition For Voluntary Dissolution
C 80-2/ Patrick J. Culhane against Mary E. Tomes/ 1919/ Referee Report
C 80-2/ Vivian Grace Chapman/ 1919/ Adoption
C 81-1/ Helen, Arline, Daniel E. and Jennie V. Caswell/ 1919/ Adoption
C 81-2/ William H. Cummings/ 1920/ Appointment of Guardian
C 81-2/ Smith M. and Elizabeth Cole/ 1921/ Discharge of Mortgage
C 81-2/ Isaac Crosby/ 1920/ Order & Discharge of Mortgage, Petition
C 82-2/ Edna Mills Clawson/ 1921/ Payment of Money from Court, Petition
D 71-2/ Andrew H., Clarence, Lena, Catherine, and Wilson Douglass/ 1910/ Guardian Bond-Sale of Realty
D 71-2/ Drawing of Additional Jurors/ 1910/ County Clerk to Draw 36 Jurors
D 72-1/ Frank C. Donley/ 1910/ Decision of Commissioners on Italy Town Highway
D 72-3/ Andrew H., Clarence, Lena, Catherine and Wilson Douglas/ 1910/ Petition,Report, Disposition, Guardian Report, Orders
D 74-1/ Caroline Durry/ 1911-1912/ Discharge of Mortgage, Order to Show Cause,Petition, Bond Approval
D 74-2/ Dundee Brass Manufacturing Company/ 1911/ Bond
D 75-2/ Dundee Brass Company/ 1913/ Decree and Order Distribution, Howard L. Woodruff,Assignee
D 76-2/ Mary Ann Dunn/ 1914/ Decree, Probate of Heirship
D 80-2/ Mabel Ruby Denniston/ 1917/ Adoption
D 82-3/ Exton and  Stanley Rood, Leita and Grace Dyer/ 1921/ Petition, Guardian Bond,Orders, Printed Notice
E 77-1/ Olgia Eves/ 1915/ Order Allowing Adoption, Consent and Agreement
F 73-1/ Herbert G. Fitch/ 1911/ Adjudication of Bankruptcy, Order Approving Trustee Bond
F 74-2/ Jonas W. Fenno/ 1912/ Warrant by Amos. L. Wadley to search premises for Liquor
F 74-4/ Jonas W. Fenno/ 1912/ Search Warrant for Liquors, Judgement of Forfeiture,Rept of Destruction of Liquor
F 75-1/ Adaline C. French/ 1913/ Discharge of Mortgage
F 77-2/ Harry D. and Dorothy Fox/ 1915/ Bond, Orders, Authority, Contract, Report,Petition
F 79-2/ Charlotte Fisher/ 1917/ Support Proceedings
F 79-3/ Roger B., Chester H., Homer M., and Herbert B. Fullagar/ 1917/ Petition,Orders, Bond, Report, Agreement, Disposition of Funds
G 71-2/ Helen Gebhardt/ 1910/ Order of Adoption
G 71-2/ Horace C. Guthrie/ 1910/ Adjudication of Bankruptcy
G 73-2/ Charles A. and Vincent J. Gilligan/ 1910/ Orders, Appt of Guardian, Petition,Consents, Affidavits, Bond
G 75-1/ Lina, Elmer and Pearl Gorton/ 1913/ Consent and Order appointing Guardian,Guardian Bond
G 76-2/ Helen Goodrich/ 1914/ Order for Appointment of Guardian
G 79-3/ Geneva Basket Company/ 1917/ Order Directing the Sale of Realty, Voluntary Dissolution of a Company
G 80-1/ Geneva Basket Company/ 1918/ Voluntary Dissolution of Company
H 71-1/ Mary B. Hallock vs Emily Conklin/ 1910/ Judgment debtor vs creditor, Testimony,Motion on Costs, Decision on Motion
H 72-2/ Branch Hayes/ 1910/ Order Appt Guardian & Referee, Dispose of Realty, Petition to Dispose of Real Estate
H 72-3/ Leon A. Howland/ 1910/ Petition, Orders, Disposition, Agreement
H 73-1/ Linda Hathaway/ 1909/ Discharge of Mortgage, Order for Discharge
H 73-3/ Frank C. Haight/ 1910-1911/ Layout of Town of Jerusalem Highway, Decision, Bond
H 74-2/ Ernest H., Frances M., Clarence E., and Florence M. Hall/ 1911/ Petition,Orders to Appoint Guardian and Referee, Bond
H 74-3/ Blanche E. Hayes/ 1911/ Orders,  Referee's Report and Evidence, Article of Agreement
H 74-3/ Helen and Alice Hayes/ 1910/ Petition for Guardian
H 75-1/ Elizabeth Hill/ 1913/ Adoption, Consent and Agreement
H 77-2/ Leon M. Henderson/ 1915/ Rpts, Orders, Agreement, Confirmation, Disposition of Funds, Petition, Bond
H 80-4/ Beverly Hanover/ 1918/ Adoption
H 81-2/ Frances VanGorden Hammond against James Fairbanks/ 1920/ Summons and Complaint
H 82-1/ Samuel Heynegar/ 1921/ Order for Adoption, Petition, Consent
I 73-3/ Democratic Nomination, Town of Italy/ 1911/ Order Correcting Certificate,Affidavit
I 73-4/ Frank C. Donley, Layout Highway, Town of Italy/ 1910/ Order
J 72-2/ Nelson Jones/ 1910/ Order to Execute Deed, Referee Report, Application to Sell Realty
J 73-1/ Frank Jenkins/ 1911/ Bankrupt-Trustee Bond, Adjudication of Bankruptcy
J 75-2/ Alfred Jensen/ 1913/ Order to Show Cause, Discharge  of Ancient Mortgages,Order to Discharge
J 76-2/ Kathleen A. Johnston/ 1914/ Adoption Order, Adoption Agreement
J 77-3/ John H. Johnson/ 1915/ Order Approving Acc't & Discharg. Trustee, Petition for acc't and releases
J 78-3/ Frances and Alfred B. Jensen/ 1916/ Petition, Order Appointing Guardian, Sp.Bond, Orders, Report
J 80-3/ Herman B. Jones/ 1919/ Order Appointing Referee
J 80-3/ Edward Alvin Jetty/ 1919/ Adoption Agreement, Order of Adoption
J 80-4/ Carlton S. Jolley/ 1918/ Certified Copy Bond
J 81-3/ Frank Colcock Jones/ 1920/ Dispose of Realty
K 73-2/ Edmund Kelley/ 1910/ Order of Adoption, Petition, Consents, Agreement
K 73-2/ Frank R. Knapp/ 1910/ Adjudication of Bankruptcy
K 73-2/ Edna Kelley/ 1910/ Adoption Order, Petition
K 78-4/ Sarah L. Kenyon/ 1916/ Confirmation, Guardian Bond, Petition, Consents, Order of Adoption
K 80-1/ Ester May Krug/ 1918/ Adoption by Charles and Emma Longcor
L 82-1/ Edith Lappin/ 1921/ Adoption
M 71-2/ Charles C. Morse/ 1910/ Appointment of Guardian
M 71-2/ Methodist Episcopal Church/ 1910/ Order, Petition to Sell Realty
M 71-3/ Valentine W. Murray/ 1910/ Adoption Consents and Order
M 72-2/ Edna Mills/ 1910/ Order of Adoption
M 73-1/ Methodist Episcopal Church/ 1911/ Petition to Sell Old Ladies Home, Order to Sell Property
M 73-4/ Evangeline Moore/ 1910/ Adoption
M 74-3/ Jennie McMaster/ 1911/ Proposed Contract to Sell Realty, Report of Reference,Order Confirming Sal
M 75-1/ First Methodist Episcopal Church of Penn Yan/ 1913/ Petition to Sell Realty,Order granting permission to sell realty
M 75-2/ Clara McDonough/ 1913/ Adoption and Confirmation, Consent and Agreement
M 75-2/ David Miller/ 1913/ Lake Trout Protection by NY Conservation Commission
M 76-1/ Charles N. McAdams/ 1914/ Bond, Referee, Petition, Orders, Contracts,Conveyance (Parcel 2)
M 76-2/ Joseph McCarthy/ 1914/ Order, Appt of Committee for Incompetent Person
M 77-1/ First Free Methodist Church of Penn Yan/ 1915/ Order to Convey Realty, Order for Leave to Sell Realty
M 78-4/ Marietta Mendazza/ 1916/ Consents and Petition, Allowing and Confirming Adoptions
M 79-1/ James E. Moon/ 1917/ Order to Discharge Mortgage, Order to Show Cause
M 79-3/ Methodist Episcopal Church of Potter, NY/ 1917/ Order Authorizing Sale of Realty, Petition
M 79-4/ Methodist Episcopal Church of Italy Valley/ 1917/ Order Permitting Realty Sale
M 80-1/ First Methodist Society of Benton/ 1918/ Sale of Realty
M 80-2/ Mathhew McEvoy vs Harry O. Bennett/ 1919/ Order Denying Motion
M 80-4/ First Society of the Methodist Episcopal Church in Penn Yan/ 1919/ Leave to Sell Realty, Order
M 81-3/ James E. Mitchell/ 1920/ Probate of Will
M 82-2/ Mabel M.  And Flora Ruth Matteson/ 1921/ Sale of Realty, Petition,, Agreement to Sell, Referee Oath  & Report, Order
N 72-2/ State of New York Comptroller/ 1910/ Leave to Transfer Court Moneys to State Treasurer, Order, Petition
N 73-2/ Department of Highways, State of New York/ 1910/ Statement of State and Highway Miles
N 81-2/ Harriet Frances and Ralph Nichols/ 1920/ Sell Realty, Consent of Guardian,Guardian Bond
O 74-3/ Rachel A. Orr/ 1912/ Orders Discharging Committee and Restoring Property
O 76-2/ Elsie L. Orr/ 1914/ Confirmation, Orders, Disposition of Funds, Agreement,Report, Bond, Petition
O 82-2/ Eugene William O'Brien/ 1921/ Adoption, Order of Adoption
P 72-1/ Fred S. Plaisted/ 1910/ Adjudicated Bankruptcy
P 73-1/ Francis Asbury Palmer Fund/ 1910/ Petition to Sell One Acre of Land, Order to Sell Realty
P 73-1/ Penn Yan Flexible Conduit Company/ 1911/ Change of Name to Flexible Conduit Company, Petition, Cert. & Affidavits
P 74-3/ First Presbyterian Congregation of Penn Yan/ 1911/ Leave to Sell Property (2)
P 74-3/ Maud B. Preveaux/ 1912/ Order Appointing Guardian
P 75-2/ Maud B. Preveaux/ 1913/ Appointment of Guardian
P 75-2/ Bessie W. Payne/ 1913/ Adoption
P 76-2/ Francis Asbury Palmer Fund/ 1914/ Petition to Sell Land
P 76-3/ Seymour I. Purdy against Harry and Jennie Rynders/ 1914/ Testimony on Horse Sale, Petition and Decision
P 77-3/ Eloise S. Pearce/ 1915/ Bond, Orders, Petition, Report, Agreement
P 78-2/ Thomas M. Pearce and W. N. Coe/ 1916/ Order, Affidavits, Receiver's Bond
P 79-2/ First Presbyterian Congregation of Penn Yan/ 1917/ Leave to Sell Realty,Petition
P 79-2/ Pearce and Coe/ 1917/ John E. Watkins as Receiver Settling Account, Petition,Account & Affidavit
P 80-1/ Pearce and Coe/ 1918/ Order and Affidavit
P 80-3/ Jane E. and Graham Parson II/ 1918/ Reports, Orders, Bond, Agreement, Petition,Disposition of Funds, Conveyance
P 80-3/ Hannah Poyneer/ 1918/ Order for Support Payments, Order To Show Cause
P 81-2/ Memorial Presbyterian Church of Bellona/ 1920/ Leave to Mortgage Realty
P 82-1/ Third Presbyterian Church Society of Starkey/ 1921/ Authority to Sell Realty
P 82-1/ Penn Yan Cider Company/ 1921/ Appointment of Trustee, Petition Bankruptcy
P 82-1/ Hazel D. and Arthur J. Porter/ 1921/ Petition, Order Appt. Referee,Confirmation, Sale of Realty, Guard. Bond
R 72-2/ David and Sarah  M. Russell/ 1910/ Order Directing Discharge of Mortgage
R 72-4/ Frank, Grover, and Earl Robertson/ 1910/ Petition
R 73-1/ Eva Bell Root/ 1910/ Order of Adoption
R 77-3/ Charles H. Remer/ 1916/ Cancellation of Mortgage
R 77-4/ Marietta Remer vs John S. Remer/ 1915/ Petition, Notice of Motion, Proof of Service, Distribution of Trust Moneys
R 78-1/ Railroad Commissions Appointment, Town of Middlesex/ 1916/ Undertaking
R 78-2/ Charles H. Remer/ 1916/ Discharge of Mortgage, Order for Cancellation, Orders to Show Cause
R 80-3/ Enos O. Robinson/ 1917/ Discharge of Mortgage, Proof of Service, Final Order
R 82-3/ Earl D. Russell/ 1921/ Guardian Bond, Sale of Realty
S 71-2/ George H. Simmons vs the People/ 1910/ Robert F. Thompson named Trial Judge
S 71-2/ Edna Sands/ 1910/ Order for Adoption
S 72-1/ Alice M. Sturdevant/ 1910/ Petition, Orders, Bond, Contract, Report
S 72-3/ St. Mary's Church of Rushville/ 1910/ Order to Sell Realty
S 73-1/ Sackett C. and Lucille M. Swarthout/ 1910/ Order for Yates County Treasurer to Pay Monies
S 74-4/ Byron Spence/ 1911/ Bond, Sale of Realty, Petition,
S 74-4/ Alice Sturdevant/ 1912/ Discharge of Guardian, Orders, Petition, Reports
S 75-2/ Samuel Joseph Sanderson/ 1913/ Leave to Sell Realty, Discharge of Guardian and Cancel Bond
S 75-3/ James Lewis Stever/ 1913/ Reports, Orders, Contract,  Petition,  Bond, Disposition of Realty
S 76-3/ Katherine M., John F., Oliver H., Helen I, Harriett E. Agnes L. Swarthout/1914/ Disposition of Funds, Orders, Report, Agreement, Petition, Confirm, Convey
S 77-3/ John W. Strowbridge/ 1915/ Bankruptcy, Order app't. Trustee, Adjudication of Bankruptcy
S 78-1/ Nick Serefine/ 1916/ Order Appointing Guardian, Petition and Consent
S 78-3/ Helen Sutherland/ 1916/ Order Discharging Mortgage, Order to Show Cause
S 79-1/ Edward Albert,  Kenneth Clarence  and Henry Wilson Sisson/ 1917/ Petition and Proceedings, Order Appointing Guardian, Guardian Bond
S 79-1/ James Lewis Stever/ 1917/ Conveyance of Real Property
S 79-2/ John Francis Swarthout/ 1917/ Application for payment of money from Co.Treasurer, Petition
S 80-1/ Edward Albert, Kenneth Clarence, and Henry Wilson Sisson/ 1918/ Order for Distribution, Final Report of Guardian
S 80-4/ Harold Smith/ 1919/ Order of Adoption
S 81-1/ Vivian Speer/ 1919/ Order App't. Spec. Guardian, Bond, Disposition of Realty,
S 81-2/ Mildred Arlene Stryker/ 1920/ Adoption, Confirmation
S 81-2/ St. Michael's Church of Penn Yan/ 1920/ Leave to Sell Realty (2)
S 82-1/ St. Michael's Church of Penn Yan/ 1921/ Order, Petition to Sell Realty
S 82-2/ Katherine M., John F., Oliver H., Helen I., and Harriet E. Swarthout/ 1921/Payment of Money out of Court, Petition
T 71-3/ Eva B., Jennie H. and Frances A. Taylor/ 1910/ Reports, Bond Agreement,Petition, Orders
T 71-3/ Samuel E. Taylor/ 1910/ Discharge of Mortgage, Order
T 72-2/ Grace Travis/ 1910/ Adoption Order
T 72-3/  Catherine Taylor/ 1910/ Order to Discharge Mortgage, Petition to Discharge Mortgage
T 74-1/ Lillian May Decker Travis/ 1912/ Order Appointing Guardian
T 74-3/ Margaret, Irene, Lund and John Bennett Treadwell/ 1912/ Referee Report, Orders Confirming Sale and Report,Bond,Petition
T 74-4/ John K. Turner/ 1911/ Order Discharging Mortgage, Original Order
T 75-2/ Eva B., Jennie H. and Frances A. Taylor/ 1913/ Rpt & Obj. & Except. to Guardian Rpt,Orders to Show Cause
T 75-3/ John F. and Daniel P. Thayer/ 1913/ Petition, Bond, Report, Disposition of Funds, Agreement, Orders
T 76-4/ Elizabeth G. Taylor/ 1914/ Exemplification of Record
T 76-4/ John and Daniel Thayer/ 1914/ Realty Sale Confirmation
T 80-3/ Charles Trenchard vs. Louis Lionadis and Company/ 1917/ Order to Vacate and Set Aside
T 81-3/ Bickford, Mildred, Gerold, Olive, Phyllis and Harold Taylor/ 1920/ Guardian Bond, Sale of Realty, Petition, Order Appointing Guardian
U 74-4/ Charles C. Underwood/ 1912/ Discharge of Mortgage
V 80-1/ Maurice DeForest VanLiew/ 1918/ Adoption
W 71-3/ William W. and Orren Warner/ 1910/ Petition for Sale of Land, Bond
W 74-1/ Loren D. Ward/ 1912/ Petition, Sale of Realty, Bond Guardian, Referee Report,Orders, Agreement
W 74-4/ Lillian Wightman and Leslie Walker/ 1912/ Adoption
W 75-2/ Loren D. Ward/ 1913/ Sale of Realty, Order of Confirmation
W 75-3/ Howard, Victor, Lynn, Leon, Harold, Vernon, Beulah, Nellie & Walter Wood/ 1913/ Sale of Realty, Petition, Consent, Orders, Report, Bond
W 76-4/ Franklin P. Williams/ 1914/ Order for Appointment of Guardian
W 76-4/ Donald A. Wright/ 1914/ Orders, Report, Agreement, Bond, Petition for Sale of Realty
W 77-3/ Donald A. Wright/ 1915/ Affidavit, Bond, Sale of Realty
W 77-4/ Allen H. Wagener/ 1915/ Discharge of Mortgage
W 77-4/ Richard W. Willoughby/ 1915/ Adoption Order, Consent and Agreement
W 79-1/ Donald A. Wright/ 1917/ Order to Sell Realty, Petition to Sell Realty
W 80-1/ Herman D. Wheeler/ 1917/ Petition, Consents, Agreement, Order Confirming Adoption
W 81-1/ Harold Long Weinstein/ 1919/ Name Change to Harold Long Winston
W 82-3/ Grace West/ 1921/ Adoption, Petition, Agreement
W 82-3/ Clarence H. West/ 1921/ Adoption, Petition and Agreement
W 82-3/ Henry D. Watson/ 1921/ Discharge of Ancient Mortgage, Petition, Clerk Certificate
Y 75-1/ Yates County Agricultural Society/ 1913/ Petitions to Mortgage Realty
Y 77-4/ Thomas Reynolds, Chairman, Yates Democratic Committee/ 1915/ Proof of Service-Torrey- Barrington- Middlesex,Orders,  Petitions
Y 79-4/ Yates County Real Estate and Adjustment Company/ 1917/ Application for Dissolution of Company, Order Dismissing Petition
Y 80-4/ Yates County Agricultural Society/ 1918/ Leave to Mortgage Realty, Order Granting Leave