[Court records]  [Ex parte cases]

Yates County NY

County Court Records

Ex Parte Cases 1887 - 1900

A 47-1/ George B. Arnold/ 1888/ Leave to Sell Realty, Order Sanctioning Mortgage
A 53-1/ Fred Argyle/ 1894/ Absconding Husband
A 54-1/ Carlton I. Arnold/ 1887/ Inquisition of Supposed Lunatic, Confirmation, Petition
A 55-1/ Maude S. Aspinwall/ 1895/ Clerk Filing Bond
A 56-1/ Harriet F. Armstrong/ 1896/ Agreement to Sell, Guardian to Contract, Sale of Realty
A 56-1/ Lulu May Avery/ 1896/ Order to Adoption
B 46-2/ Mabel A. Baskin/ 1887/ Order to Sell Property
B 46-2/ Daniel J. Baskin/ 1887/ Order Confirming Inquisition
B 47-1/ Delos A. Bellis against Susan M. Beebe/ 1888/ Petitions to Action and Order
B 47-1/ Estella and Mabel A. Baskin/ 1888/ Leave to Sell Property, Order, Petition, and Report of Guardian
B 48-3/ Celellie E., Tyle, and Benjamin Bell/ 1889/ Order Appointing Guardian
B 49-1/ Claude D. and Clarence T. Birkett/ 1891/ Confirmation to Sell Realty
B 49-1/ Darius E. Baley/ 1891/ Order
B 49-2/ Bessie Buck/ 1891/ Order of Confirmation of Sale
B 50-1/ Nancy Brown/ 1891/ Evidence taken before judge, Order of Confirmation
B 52-2/ Clara E. Boutelle/ 1893/ Adoption, Consent and Order
B 52-2/ Charles L. Bingham/ 1893/ Sell Mortgage Order
B 55-1/ William Brown/ 1895/ Exam of Incompetent, Disposition
B 56-1/ Elizabeth H. Bush/ 1896/ Sale of Realty, Agreement, Guard. of Contract, Rpts, Orders, Petition, Bond
B 57-1/ Isadore Beekman/ 1897/ Order Denying Motion, Decision
B 57-1/ Leroy J. Bellis/ 1897/ Order, Benefit of Creditors, Account, Decree, Proof of Service
B 57-3/ Yates County Bank/ 1897/ Leave to Sell Personal Property
B 57-4/ Yates County National Bank/ 1897/ Sell and Convey Realty, Orders, Petition, Compromises to Claim
B 58-2/ G. Anson Beam/ 1898/ Leave to Sell Doubtful Claims and Debts
B 58-3/ John J. Blanchard/ 1898/ Order to Pay
B 58-3/ Anson G. Beam/ 1898/ Sell Doubtful Debts and Claims, Order of Notice to Creditors
B 58-3/ Chemung Canal Bank against Charles B. Parsons/ 1898/ Exam before Debtor Referee
B 58-5/ Yates County National Bank/ 1898/ Leaves to Compromise Claims and to Sell and Convey Realty
B 59-1/ Cecil G. Baxtor/ 1899/ Discharge from Imprisonment
B 59-2/ David L. Becker/ 1899/ Alfred W. and Lawson T. Becker named Executor of Will
B 59-3/ Yates County National Bank/ 1899/ Compromise of Notes by Charles V. and Jane C. Bush
B 59-3/ Yates County National Bank/ 1899/ Compromise of Certain Claims
B 59-3/ Yates County National Bank/ 1899/ Authority to Sell certain Realty in InghamCounty, Michigan
B 59-3/ Yates County Bank/ 1899/ Authority to Sell Certain Assets
B 59-3/ Yates County National Bank/ 1899/ Authority to sell certain Realty in Penn Yan
B 59-3/ Yates County Bank/ 1899/ Compromise of Notes by E.F. Case
B 60-1/ First National Bank/ 1900/ Auth. to Sell  Realty, Assets, & Judge. belong. To Bank,  Petitions, Orders
B 60-1/ First National Bank of Penn Yan against James H. Gamby/ 1900/ Report, Notice of Motion, Petition for Discharge, Orders, Receiver Bond
B 60-2/ Ethel L. Benedict/ 1900/ Sale of Realty
B 60-2/ First National Bank of Penn Yan (Yates Co. Bank)/ 1900/ Authority to compromise claims & sell Realty in Ingram Co. Michigan
B 60-2/ George Bramer/ 1900/ Adoption Order and Consent
B 60-3/ Mary Luther Boyd/ 1900/ Petitions to Sell Lands
B 60-3/ Abigail L. Benton/ 1900/ Julia Ida Benton named Administrator
B 60-3/ Mary Elizabeth Banks/ 1900/ Jacob H. Shepherd named Administrator
B 60-3/ Ella B. Bruen against George L. Thayer/ 1900/ Referee of Judgement Debtor and Referee's Report
B 60-4/ Marion Rebecca Baxley/ 1900/ Adoption
B 60-6/ First National Bank of Penn Yan/ 1900/ Funds Deposited to Yates County Treasurer
C 47-2/ William M. Crosby/ 1888/ Guardian Petition, Order, and Referee's Report
C 49-1/ Agnes and Lucy Craugh/ 1890/ Order of Confirmation
C 51-1/ Michael Cunningham/ 1892/ Appointment of Guardian
C 52-1/ Central Association/ 1893/ Sale of Realty, Report of Referee, Orders, Petition, Waiver, Affidavit
C 52-2/ Crooked Lake Navigation Company/ 1893/ Dissolving Corporation, Order, Petition
C 53-1/ William Catlin/ 1894/ Alter highway in Town of Benton, Testimony
C 55-1/ Amanda Crego/ 1895/ Order, Discharge from Imprisonment
C 55-2/ Central New York Grape Growers Union/ 1895/ Order Dissolving Corporation, Order to Show Cause & Bond of Receiver
C 55-5/ Christian Church of Barrington and Starkey/ 1895/ Change name to Christian Church of Eddytown, Order for name change
C 56-3/ Central New York Grape Growers Union/ 1896/ Dissolution
C 57-1/ William H. Cole/ 1897/ Writs of Habeas Corpus, Complaint,
C 58-1/ Eva Chase/ 1898/ Dispose of Real Property, Orders of Confirmation and Conveyance
C 58-1/ Andrew B. Chase/ 1898/ Last Will and Testament
C 58-1/ Eliza and Eva Chase/ 1898/ Sale of Infant's Realty,  Guardian Bond, Appoint. Of Referee,  Report
C 58-1/ Susan Elizabeth Cooper/ 1898/ Petition, Order, Bond
C 58-5/ Certain Persons and Corporations/ 1898/ Leave to Compromise Claim
C 59-1/ William S. Coates/ 1899/ Order Directing Mortgage Discharge and Appt. and Order for Discharge
C 59-1/ Henry Caddall vs Hugh McGovern/ 1899/ Contract for Purchase of Realty
C 59-2/ New York State Christian Association/ 1899/ Leave to Sell Realty, Petition
C 60-3/ Thomas W. Campbell/ 1900/ Order Discharging Mortgage
C 60-4/ Nancy M. Crawford/ 1900/ Wilson W. Quackenbush named Executor
D 48-2/ George Dewitt/ 1889/ Appt of Guardian
D 49-2/ Julia A. Davis/ 1891/ Discharges of Mortgage
D 49-2/ George DeWitt/ 1889/ Order Appointing Guardian
D 50-1/ Julia A. Davis/ 1891/ Discharge of Mortgage
D 51-1/ James Floyd Darby/ 1892/ Dispose of Realty
D 51-3/ James Floyd Darby and Franc W. Snedaker/ 1892/ Orders,  Dispositions, Appoint. Of Guard., Agreement, Contract, Petition
D 55-1/ Frank C. Donley/ 1895/ Layout of Hwy, Proof of Service, Order & Oath of Appointed Commissioner
D 55-3/ William D. Dwelle/ 1895/ Orders, Inventories and Schedules
D 58-5/ Chloe M. Durry/ 1898/ Leave to Compromise Claims
D 59-1/ Sarah A. Dunning/ 1899/ Charles D. Stone named executor of Will
D 60-3/ Norman L. Drake/ 1900/ Appointment of Examiner in Lunacy
E 46-2/ Francis M. Evans/ 1887/ Claim Estate of Francis A. Evans
E 47-2/ Melinda, Mary and Ella Egleston/ 1888/ Partition of Realty
E 50-1/ Mary F. Emerson against Sarah Hoover/ 1891/ Agreement
E 52-2/ Mary F. Emerson/ 1893/ Copy of Decree
E 55-1/ Luman A. Earle/ 1895/ Order Appointing Justice, Filing Undertaking
E 55-5/ Clara B. Enos/ 1895/ Dispose of Realty, Guardian Report
E 59-1/ Jesse Earl/ 1899/ Appt. of Commissioner, Bond, Order to Appt and Order of Confirmation
E 59-2/ Clara B. Enos/ 1899/ Disposition of Real Property, Bond, Leave to Mortgage Realty
E 60-3/ Jesse Earl/ 1900/ Annual Account
F 55-4/ Pearl Frink/ 1895/ Adoption Order and Agreement
F 58-1/ Charles F. Forshey/ 1898/ Report of Referee
F 58-2/ Nathan Farr/ 1899/ Adoption
F 58-2/ Berdie Ruth Foster/ 1898/ Order of Adoption
F 58-3/ Glenn Hunt Foster/ 1898/ Adoption
F 60-4/ Samuel Fullagar/ 1900/ Order to Discharge Mortgage
G 48-3/ Anna A. Gleason/ 1889/ Orders of Adoption
G 51-2/ Lewis M. Gage/ 1892/ Order for Pension Claim
G 53-2/ Elbridge J. Gano/ 1894/ Layout of Hwy-Twn of Starkey, Certificate & Notice, Findings of Commission
G 53-3/ Edgar S. and Jessie G. Gardner/ 1894/ Orders, Dispositions, Appointment, Agreement, Report
G 59-2/ Penn Yan Gas and Light Company/ 1899/ Order Appointing Trustee
G 59-2/ Nahum Grimes/ 1899/ Walter H. Knapp named Executor of Will
G 60-4/ Thomas S. Gillett/ 1900/ Marion F. and William P. Gillett named Executors
G 60-4/ Simon Gage/ 1899/ Charles Gage named Executor
H 50-1/ Warren S. Huey/ 1891/ Adoption
H 51-1/ Peter O. and Annie E. Hanford/ 1892/ Petition
H 51-1/ Elizabeth Hawes/ 1892/ Notice of Motion-laying of highway, Order
H 51-2/ Florence L. Hobart against Enos Meritt/ 1892/ Agreements
H 54-3/ Mary C. & Mary E. Hanford vs J. Thayer, J. Smith Jr., & Castner A. Townsend/ 1894/ Altering Hanford Road in Jerusalem
H 55-2/ David Hays/ 1895/ Lunacy Bond
H 55-2/ Duane Havencamp/ 1895/ Charge of Grand Larceny
H 55-5/ Edward I. Hurley/ 1895/ Orders
H 55-5/ David Hughes/ 1897/ Bond for Incompetent Person
H 56-2/ Martin Holmes/ 1896/ Motion to Dismiss Appeal
H 56-2/ David F. Hays/ 1896/ Committee
H 57-2/ Mary J. Hawley/ 1897/ Subpoena, Orders, Appt ., Bond, Inquisition, Inquiry into Lunacy, Precept
H 57-3/ William J. Habberfield/ 1897/ Debtor Discharge from Imprisonment, Order Discharging Debtor
H 57-3/ David Hughes/ 1897/ Orders, Disbursements, Notice, Bond to Committ
H 58-1/ Mary J. Hawley/ 1898/ Inventory Account
H 58-2/ Fred C. Havens/ 1898/ Dispose of Realty, Agreement, Guardian Bond, Contract, Report, Order
H 58-2/ Emma Harford/ 1898/ Order of Confirmation, Bond, Sale of Property
H 58-3/ Fred C. Havens/ 1898/ Order to Appoint Referee, Dispose of Real Property
H 58-5/ C.C. Hicks/ 1898/ Leave to Compromise Claims
H 58-5/ C.C.  & L.M. Hicks and T.E. Coleman/ 1898/ Leave to Compromise Claims
H 59-1/ Harrison Howell vs James, Lida, and Fred Russell/ 1899/ Case referred to William D. Dwelle
H 59-2/ David F. Hays/ 1899/ Committee of the Person and Property
H 59-2/ Jane C. Hewitt/ 1899/ Henry H. Hewitt named Executor of Will
H 59-2/ Sarah R. Hadsell/ 1899/ A.V. Hadsell named Executor of Will
H 60-4/ Oliver C. Harrington/ 1900/ Parmelia H. Harrington as Administrator
H 60-4/ Thomas Hines/  1900/ Claim against Estate
I 55-2/ Proceedings of Commissioners/ 1895/ Laying out of a new road in Italy
I 56-3/ Alfred, Clara S., Archie J., and Edward J. Ingram/ 1896/ Order Appointing Guardian
J 54-2/ Highway Commissioner, Town of Jerusalem/ 1894/ Alter Hanford Road
J 55-5/ Herbert A. Jones/ 1895/ Order
J 55-5/ Timothy Jayne/ 1896/  Appointment of new committee
J 56-3/ John F. Jayne/ 1896/ Inventory
J 58-5/ Town of Jerusalem/ 1898/ Leave to Sell Realty
J 59-5/ Herbert A. Jones/ 1899/ Petition for Certificate
K 48-1/ George W. Kingsley/ 1891/ Assignment of Creditors
K 49-2/ George W. Kingsley/ 1890/ Citation of Dundee National Bank
K 52-3/ Emily Kennedy/ 1893/ Petition, Order, Contract, Confirmation, Report, Sale of Lands
K 56-3/ John H. Knapp/ 1896/ Order of Citation
K 58-3/ Silas Kinne/ 1898/ Sale of Bell Mortgage, Order Authorizing Sale
K 59-4/ Marsena V. Knapp/ 1899/ Marsena A. Knapp named Executor of Estate
L 46-2/ Philo A., George E., Edward T., Henrietta M., Carrie F., and Jennie M. Lee/ 1887/ Leave to Mortgage Realty
L 56-2/ James M. Jr., Grace L., Lown and Harriett F. Armstrong/ 1896/ Report, Order, Bond, Disposition of Process, Guardian's  Contract 
L 56-2/ Fred Lockwood/ 1896/ Notice to Creditor, Writ of Habeas Corpus, Petition, Order Direct. Service
L 57-3/ Lake Keuka Navigation Company/ 1897/ Change Place of Business
L 57-3/ Lake Keuka Sanitarium Company/ 1897/ Dissolution of Corporation
L 58-3/ Smith M. Longwell/ 1898/ Order
L 59-2/ Joseph I. Lord/ 1899/ Joseph P. and Joseph P. Lord named Executors
L 59-3/ Eliza B. Lord/ 1899/ George P. Lord named Executor of Will
L 59-4/ Truman P. Lown/ 1899/ Orders, Disposition of Realty, Agreement, Sale, Rpts  of Guardian & Referee
L 59-4/ George H. Lapham/ 1899/ Leave & Order  to Advertise for Claims, Cert. Of Inability for Judge to Act
L 59-5/ Bessie C. Lapham/ 1899/ Guardianship, Guardian Oath and Bond
L 60-4/ Edmund D. Lawrence/ 1900/ Lydia R. Lawrence named Executrix
L 60-4/ Reading B. Lefferts/ 1900/ Mortgage Changes to Yates Treasurer
L 60-4/ Elizabeth Logan/ 1900/ Jennie Logan and George A. Parmele named Administrators
L 60-4/ Harlum S. Lewis/ 1900/ Sale of Realty
L 60-5/ Glen H. Loomis/ 1900/ Confirmation of Realty Sale and Referee Report
L 60-6/ Harlum S. Lewis/ 1900/ Guardian Bond, Disposition of Realty, Order
L 60-6/ Edward S. Lamphier/ 1900/ Order for Discharge and Notice of Motion
M 48-2/ Ella, Sarah, and Margaret May/ 1889/ Order of Confirmation
M 48-3/ Scott W. McConnell/ 1889/ Confirmation to Sell Realty and Final Order of Confirmation
M 48-3/ Henrietta J. Monell/ 1889/ Appointment of Trustee
M 49-2/ Sarah, Ella and Margaret May/ 1891/ Dispose of Realty
M 50-1/ Leon C. and Florence May Murdock/ 1891/ Report, Disposition of Funds
M 51-2/ Town of Middlesex/ 1892/ Application and Order Appointing RR Commissioner, Allen Loomis
M 51-3/ Lloyd Matison/ 1892/ Agreements and Orders
M 52-2/ Mabel Miller/ 1893/ Adoption, Consent and Order
M 52-3/ Anna E.,  Etta V. and Katherina Moran/ 1893/ Orders, Sale of Realty, Bond, Agreement, Report, Guardian Contract
M 53-1/ First Society of Methodist Episcopal Church/ 1894/ Petition and Order for Sale of Realty
M 53-5/ Hiram Maxfield and Frank Donley/ 1894/ Layout of Hwy & Assess Damages, Notice, Orders, Petition, Bond, etc.
M 55-2/ Mrs. John MacKine/ 1895/ Adoption
M 55-2/ Michael H. McGovern against Penn Yan Trustees/ 1895/ Service Bill for Smallpox patients, Notice of Motion
M 55-4/ Jerome F. Morgan/ 1895/ Order and Notice
M 55-5/ Sophia Murphy/ 1895/ Order Directing Service of Citation
M 56-3/ Florence A. McAlpine and Henrietta F. Armstrong/ 1896/ Guardian Bond and Sale of Realty
M 56-3/ Charles Morgan/ 1896/ Petition, Order
M 57-4/ Charles N. McAdams/ 1897/ Order of Reference, Agreement, Report, Confirmations of Reports
M 57-4/ Scott McConnell/ 1897/ Petition, Order
M 58-4/ Town of Milo against Yates County Board of Supervisors/ 1898/ Monroe County Supreme Court papers
M 58-5/ James Meade/ 1898/ Leave to Compromise Claims
M 58-5/ George F. Mengel/ 1898/ Leave to Compromise Claim (2)
M 58-5/ Hannah and Andrew C. Miller/ 1898/ Compromise Claims
M 59-3/ Lydia, Robert A. and Florence E. Mace/ 1899/ Disposition of Realty and Order Appointing Referee
M 59-4/ Floyd J. Margeson/ 1899/ Guardian Bond
N 46-2/ Thomas Newman against John Gillette/ 1887/ Order Amending Order of Dec. 6, 1886
N 50-1/ Supreme Court of New York/ 1891/ Ajournment of Special Term
N 56-2/ Henry S. Nichols/ 1896/ Order Canceling Bond
N 56-4/ Henry S. Nichols/ 1896/ Appointment of Crier for Courts of Record
O 56-4/ Marion G. Ovenshire/ 1896/ Appointment of Guardian
O 58-5/ Original Order/ 1898/ Leave to Compromise Claims
P 49-2/ Guy Pierce/ 1891/ Order - Sale of Realty
P 49-3/ Maud and Huldah Plaisted/ 1890/ Partition of Realty
P 51-3/ Alida E. and Mary T. Pembroke/ 1892/ Final Order of Confirmation
P 52-4/ Penn Yan Wheel Company/ 1893/ Petition for Dissolution, Order for Dissolution
P 56-2/ Presbytery of Chemung/ 1896/ Sell Realty
P 57-1/ Kinne and Kendall Potter/ 1897/ Order for Benefit of Creditors, Accounting
P 57-3/ Elvira M. Price/ 1897/ Petition and Notice for Pharmacist License, Order to Issue License
P 58-5/ Pultney/ 1898/ Leave to Compromise Claim and Convey Realty
P 59-4/ Elizabeth Poyneer/ 1899/ Sophia E. Paris and Helen F. Philbrook Estate Testamentary
R 46-2/ Henry W. Robbins/ 1887/ Appt of Guardian, Guardian and Referee's Reports
R 46-2/ Henry W. Robbins/ 1887/ Orders of Confirmation and Contract for Sale of Realty
R 48-3/ John W. and Richard Rowland/ 1889/ Sale of Real Property
R 49-3/ John W. and Richard Rowland/ 1890/ Sale of Realty
R 49-3/ George N. Robinson/ 1889/ Orders to produce prisoner, discharge, and assign trustee, Notice of Application
R 51-2/ Middlesex Valley Railroad Company/ 1892/ Orders & Leaves to Cross Highways in Italy and Middlesex
R 52-4/ Ernest B. and Mary Lena Reed/ 1893/ Reports, Disposition of Realty, Confirmation, Appt of Guardian
R 56-3/ Taxable Inhabitants of Rushville/ 1896/ Establishment of a Free Public Library
R 56-4/ Thomas Rutledge/ 1896/ Oath, Orders, Bond, Appoint. Inquisition, Alleged Incompetent Person
R 58-4/ Anna E., Leon H., Marie G. and Margaret Rowley/ 1898/ Orders, Sale of Realty, Reports, Land Contract
R 58-5/ Mary A. Raymond/ 1898/ Leave to Compromise Claim
R 59-4/ Sarah S. Rhodes/ 1899/ Emma Bennett Named Executor of Estate
R 59-5/ Philip Roof/ 1899/ Judicial Settlement
R 60-3/ William Robson/ 1900/ James A. Robson named Executor
R 60-6/ Nora L. Ryan/ 1900/ Stenographer Appointment to Grand Jury
S 46-1/ Job and Elizabeth Sayre/ 1887/ Judical Accounting
S 47-1/ Directors of Seneca Lake Grape and Wine Company/ 1888/ Order to Show Cause
S 48-2/ Job Sayre/ 1889/ Reargument of Wm Sayre Estate, Affidavits and Notice of Motion
S 48-3/ St. Mark's Church/ 1889/ Corporation to Mortgage Lands
S 48-3/ Harry G. Stafford/ 1889/ Bankruptcy
S 49-4/ Job Sayre/ 1890/ Affidavits and Notice of Motion, Judical Accounting
S 49-4/ William K. Simmons/ 1889/ Order of Confirmation
S 51-4/ Job Sayre/ 1892/ Order Settling Appeals without Costs
S 51-4/ Grace E. Stone/ 1892/ Final Order of Confirmation;
S 51-4/ Starkey Commissioner of Highways/ 1892/ Order Appointing Commissioner to Assess Damages
S 52-4/ William H. Squires/ 1893/ Appointment of Guardian and Order to Appoint Guardian
S 53-1/ St. Mark's Church/ 1894/ Order and Sale of Realty
S 53-2/ George S. Sheppard/ 1894/ Receiver for First National Bank
S 53-4/ Grace A. Savage/ 1894/ Order of Confirmation
S 55-2/ Starkey Seminary/ 1895/ Order to Sell Lands
S 55-4/ Lewis M. Shannon/ 1897/ Assignment, Debtor for Discharge, Orders, Petition
S 56-1/ Morgan Smith/ 1896/ Account, Objections, Testimony
S 56-4/ Harriet B. Scofield/ 1896/ Petition for Guardian
S 57-4/ Harrison Shannon/ 1897/ Consent, Orders, Proof of Will,  Issues to be Tried, Appeal Costs
S 58-3/ David S. Syr/ 1898/ Order
S 58-4/ James Simons/ 1894/ Appointment of Executor
S 58-5/ Morris F. and Sara H. Sheppard/ 1898/ Leave to Compromise Claim
S 58-5/ Morris F. and Sara H. Sheppard/ 1898/ Leave to Compromise Claims
S 59-5/ Hezza Jane Segar/ 1899/ Order for a commission as Incompetent Person
S 60-3/ Rebecca Sturdevant/ 1900/ Marlan P. Sturdevant named Executor of Will
T 55-4/ Frank S. Tower and Maude Aspinwall/ 1895/ Order of Confirmation
T 56-3/ Independent Order of Good Templars/ 1896/ Order to Sell Realty, Evidence
V 49-4/ Edith Vinal/ 1890/ Adoption Agreement
V 50-2/ Carrie L., and Ada D. Voak/ 1891/ Guardian Order of Confirmation
V 52-4/ John Van Deventer/ 1893/ Discharge of Mortgage and Order of Reference
V 53-4/ Bert Van Tuyl/ 1894/ Orders, Dispos. Of Prop. Guardian Report, Referee Report
V 55-5/ Bert Van Tuyl/ 1895/ Sale of Lands
V 56-4/ Josiah Van Vranken/ 1896/ Receiver for Yates County National Bank
V 57-3/ John VanDeventor/ 1896/ Mortgage and Order
V 60-6/ Maud Ethel VanAmburgh/ 1900/ Adoption Order
W 47-2/ Estella V. Welsh/ 1888/ Motion for Name Change, Order Authorizing Name Change: (Judd)
W 47-2/ Murwin Webster/ 1888/ Sell Realty, Referee Order
W 47-2/ Milo M. Wiley/ 1888/ Leave to Mortgage Realty, Report of Guardian, Order to Mortgage
W 50-2/ Harry S., Walter P. Winters and Myrtie Johns/ 1891/ Order to Sell Realty
W 50-2/ John, Peter, and Hattie Westerfield/ 1891/ Order to Sell Realty
W 51-4/ Richard Wood/ 1892/ Order of Payment
W 51-4/ Emmitt Wood/ 1892/ Order of Payment
W 51-4/ Emmitt and Richard Wood/ 1892/ Obtain Money from Yates County Treasurer
W 52-4/ James West/ 1893/ Insolvent Debtor
W 53-2/ Herbert Wright/ 1894/ Dispose of Realty
W 53-3/ Herbert E. Wright/ 1894/ Dispos. of Realty, Confirmation, Reports, Contract, Appoint. Of Guardian
W 53-3/ Berlin H. Wright/ 1894/ Alter hwy, Twn of Jerusalem
W 53-4/ Glen E. Wells/ 1894/ Adoption Order
W 57-3/ C. Wallace Cracker Company/ 1897/ Mortgage Property
W 59-5/ Spencer R. Ward/ 1899/ Petition, Orders, Reports
W 59-5/ Virginia Woodard/ 1899/ Adoption, Consent, and Order
W 60-6/ Jane Wolverton/ 1900/ Lavurna Humiston named Administrator of Estate
W 60-6/ Harry  J. and Ina Wolfe/ 1900/ Bond, Disposition of Realty, Order Confirming Sale
W 60-6/ Nelson A. Wetmore/ 1900/ Edwin H., J. Riley, and Arthur R. Wetmore named Executors
Y 49-1/ Yates County Treasurer/ 1890/ General Term Order-Trust Funds, Adjourned Term & Special Term Orders
Y 51-2/ Yates County Supreme Court/ 1892/ Trust Funds
Y 51-3/ Supreme Court/ 1892/ Constructing Stone Walk in Court House Park
Y 53-1/ Yates Oyer and Terminer/ 1894/ Altering Repairing and Building of Court House
Y 58-2/ Yates Grand Jury/ 1898/ Order to Pay Jurors' Mileage
Y 59-5/ Supreme Court/ 1899/ Indictments found and filed
Y 60-4/ Supreme Court/ 1900/ Order Removing Indictments to Yates County Court