[Court records]  [Ex parte cases]

Yates County NY

County Court Records

Ex Parte Cases 1871 - 1887

A 42-3/ Delos Abels/ 1884/ Sale of Realty, Orders, Reports, Petition
A 43-1/ Grace and Sarah M. Allington/ 1885/ Confirmation to Sell Realty
A 43-1/ Mary L., Anna L., Agnes R., and Helen C. Armstrong/ 1885/ Guardian Report, Disposition of Funds
B 31-2/ Charles S. Baker/ 1873/ Order Appointing District Attorney and Affadavit of District Attorney
B 31-2/ Syleanne Baley/ 1872/ Application for Damages
B 33-1/ Mary, George, and Julia Bullock/ 1874/ Order, Bond, Sale of Realty, and Final Confirmation
B 33-1/ Azor Barrett/ 1874/ Estate Order
B 33-1/ Florena Burnham/ 1874/ Guardian Bond, Sale of Lands
B 33-2/ Morgan, Henry W., Bertha J., and J.Wright Beach/ 1875/ Contract Performance, Petition and Contract Copy
B 34-1/ Austin P. Bush/ 1875-1876/ Orders, Contract, Disposition of Funds, Reports, Petitions
B 34-3/ George Bilsborrow/ 1875/ Appt of Executor and Guardian
B 35-1/ Florence G. Barnham/ 1877/ Order, Sale of Realty
B 35-1/ Florence G. Burnham/ 1876/ Order for Guardian, and Appointment of Guardian
B 35-2/ Peleg Briggs/ 1877/ Order, Payment to Creditors
B 35-2/ Baptist Church and Society of Dundee/ 1877/ Application to Sell Realty
B 35-2/ Town of Barrington Highways/ 1877/ Petition to Lay Out Highway
B 37-1/ Estella A. Baskin/ 1879/ Order of Confirmation
B 38-1/ Matilda Ballard/ 1880/ Order of Confirmation, Realty Sale
B 38-3/ First Baptist Church, Town of Italy/ 1880/ Sale of Realty Order
B 39-1/ Clara Bird/ 1881/ Return of Writ of Habeas Corpus
B 40-2/ Elizabeth M., Charles I., and Hattie B. Barnes/ 1882/ Report Agreement to Sell
B 40-5/ Elizabeth M. and Charles I. Barnes/ 1882/ Order of Confirmation
B 40-5/ Mary Edith and John J. Blanchard/ 1882/ Order, Sale of Surplus and Report of Referee
B 42-1/ Marshall E. Botsford/ 1884/ Order for Discharge
B 42-2/ May Bullock/ 1884/ Order
B 43-1/ Matilda D., Clarence T., and Delia Birkett/ 1885/ Appt of Guardian, Order of Reference, Petition
B 44-2/ Estella A. Baskin/ 1886/ Leave to Mortgage Property, Orders, Report
B 45-1/ Anna Barnes/ 1887/ Adoption
B 45-2/ Daniel L. Baskin/ 1887/ Petition to Manage his Affairs
B 45-3/ Clarence T.,  Delia and Claude D. Birkett/ 1887/ Order Confirming Final Report, Sale of Realty
B 45-4/ Henry Bradley/ 1887/ Order Discharging Debtor
B 45-2/ Eliza A. Baskin/ 1887/ Acceptance of Offer to Refer
C 31-2/ Elton Comstock/ 1873/ Apprenticeship Articles and Bond
C 31-5/ John J. Calkins/ 1872/ Petition Account, Order Discharging Prisoner, Notice of Judgement, Order
C 35-1/ Frances A. Cooper/ 1877/ Report, Sale of Estate
C 36-1/ Grace S. Chapman/ 1878/ Order to Sell Realty
C 36-1/ Harriet F. Crozier/ 1878/ Order of Adoption
C 36-2/ John W. , Hester, Emma, and Eunice A. Conklin/ 1878/ Order for Guardian
C 36-2/ James C. Covert against Nathaniel Squier/ 1878/ Orders of Reference
C 37-2/ Sanford L. Caple against Benjamin Marshall/ 1879/ Order of Appeal
C 37-2/ Mary C. Chase/ 1879/ Order, Sale of Intoxicating Liquors
C 40-4/ Hannah Conley against Peleg Gardner/ 1882/ Order for Discharge
C 41-2/ Harriet F. Armstrong and Harriet F. Crozier/ 1883/ Dispose of Realty and Appointment of Guardian
C 41-3/ Caroline F. Clarke/ 1883/ Adoption
D 31-1/ Mary Downing/ 1871-1872/ Guardian Appointment Order, Petition, and Appointment of Guardian
D 31-3/ Amy E. , Hattie, Luella, and Berdella J. Davis/ 1873/ Orders, Dispositions, Bond, Confirmation, Reports, Petition, Appt Guardian
D 34-1/ Annie Duffie/ 1875/ Order, Appt of Guardian, Petition
D 34-1/ Calvin Drake/ 1875/ Return of Appeal
D 34-2/ Catherine C. Dusenberry/ 1874-1875/ Orders, Inquisition, Notice, Lunacy Inquiry, Petition, Venue, Petition
D 36-1/ Lawrence Dailey/ 1878/ Stipulation
D 36-1/ George W. Dusenberry/ 1878/ Referee Report, Order to Appt Trustee, Order and Petition of Last Will
D 39-1/ Louisa Dunham/ 1881/ Appointment of Trustee
D 40-4/ George Dudley Dox/ 1882/ Order, Sale of Realty
E 31-4/ Mary R. Eaves/ 1872-1875/ Petition, Bond, Reports, Orders,
E 40-2/ Episcopal Church of Barrington/ 1882/ Order of Confirmation to Sell Real Estate
E 42-3/ John A. Enos/ 1884/ Order, Inquisition, Petition and Affidavit, Final Order
F 37-1/ Michael Farrell/ 1879/ Order
G 31-1/ Mary Ann Griswold/ 1873/ Habeus Corpus
G 34-2/ Nathaniel H. Green/ 1875/ Insolvent Debtor
G 34-3/ James H. Gamby/ 1875/ Petition, Appt of New Trustee, Report, Orders
G 38-3/ Mary F. Green/ 1880/ Order Appointing Trustee
G 40-2/ Ellen M. and Otis A. Gage/ 1882/ Order to Contract
G 41-1/ Homer B. Gage/ 1883/ Final Order of Confirmation
G 41-3/ Ellen M. and Otis A. Gage/ 1883/ Dispose of Real Property
G 42-2/ Ellen M. and Otis A. Gage/ 1883-1884/ Final Order of Confirmation and Guardian Reports
G 42-4/ Frank G. Gardner/ 1883-1884/ Guardian and Realty Reports and Orders
G 43-2/ Frank Gardner/ 1885/ Order of Confirmation, Sell Realty
G 43-2/ James H. Gamby/ 1885/ Order to Appoint Trustee
H 31-2/ DeForrest E., Eugene E. and Lucretia E. Hall/ 1872/ Order Appointing Guardian
H 33-1/ Charles W., Thomas and  Mary E. Hathaway/ 1874/ Order and Petition
H 35-1/ Nelson Horton/ 1876/ Leave to Sell Realty, Reports, Convey Contract, Certificate, Order of Referee
H 35-2/ Nellie A. and Fred C. Hawley/ 1877/ Sell Realty
H 35-2/ James Harris vs Peter S. Oliver/ 1876/ Exceptions to Referee Report
H 37-3/ Martin Hyland/ 1879/ Petition for Remittance of Fine and Order for Remittance of Fine
H 37-4/ William and Leroy Hobart/ 1879/ Appt of Guardian and Order of Confirmation
H 37-4/ Elmer S. and Lewis E. Holden/ 1879/ Final Order of Confirmation to Sell Realty
H 38-1/ Elmer D. and Lewis E. Holden/ 1880/ Order to Sell Realty
H 38-3/ Andrew Harpending/ 1880/ Petition to Revive Action
H 39-1/ William S. and Roy C. Hobart/ 1881/ Orders to Apply Money Upon Legacy
H 40-1/ George E. Hessey/ 1882/ Order Appointing Guardian
H 40-3/ Kate and Mart Holmes/ 1882-1884/ Orders, Reports
H 43-2/ Ferris P. Hurd/ 1885/ Referee Report, Final Report, Notice of Motion
H 43-2/ George Hobson/ 1885/ Order of Reference
H 43-2/ Thomas Harrison/ 1885/ Discharge Notice
H 43-3/ Andrew C. Harrick against Charles W. and Mary C. Fitzwater/ 1885/ Order and Petition
H 43-3/ Charles W. and Deborah L. Hadley and Katie A.W. Taylor/ 1885/ Petition
H 44-3/ William S. and Roy C. Hobart/ 1886/ Supplementary Order and Petition, Sale of Realty
J 31-4/ Alfa Ewbanks and Amanda Jones/ 1873/ Bond, Appt of Trustees, Petition
J 35-1/ New Arm of Highway, Jerusalem/ 1877/ Application
J 40-1/ Myrtie Eva Johns/ 1882/ Order to Convey, Sale of Realty
J 42-1/ Sarah A. Johnson/ 1884/ Guardian, Sale of Realty
J 43-3/ Sarah A., Jessie, Lottie, and Minta Johnson/ 1885/ Final Report, Disposition of Realty
K 35-1/ Allison Kidder/ 1876/ Certificate of Decree
K 36-2/ Henry W. Ketchum/ 1878/ Petition
K 36-5/ Henry W. Ketchum/ 1878/ Order
K 38-2/ William C. Knapp/ 1880/ Order Discharging Prisoner
K 39-2/ Jane Kipp/ 1881/ Order for Appointment of Trustee
K 41-3/ Eva L. Kenyon/ 1883/ Sale of Realty
K 43-4/ Lottie M. Kinyoun/ 1885/ Confirmation Order, Disposition of Realty
K 45-4/ Emma C. Ketchum/ 1887/ Appointment of Committee
L 35-2/ William Lynn/ 1876/ Petition
L 35-2/ Jane O. Lewis/ 1876/  Petition, Order
L 36-3/ D.W.  and John B. Lawrence/ 1878/ Order to Sell Realty
L 39-1/ Samuel U. and William Ludlow/ 1881/ Order of Confirmation
L 39-3/ Guertha and Lulu Lown/ 1881/ Report of Guardian and Order of Confirmation
L 45-4/ Charles M. Lee/ 1887/ Mortgage Realty
L 45-4/ George H. Lapham/ 1887/ Final Order of Confirmation
M 31-1/ First Methodist -Episcopal Church of Penn Yan/ 1873/ Petitions and Order to Sell Realty
M 31-2/ Emily A. Morgan/ 1872/ Application for Pension
M 32-3/ Town of Middlesex/ 1871/ Create and Issue Bonds
M 32-3/ Town of Milo/ 1871/  Create and Issue Bonds
M 34-3/ Town of Middlesex Highways/ 1875/ Order
M 37-1/ Peter Mills/ 1879/ Remission of a Fine
M 38-2/ Richard B. Mahar/ 1880/ Order Discharging Recognizance
M 39-2/ Alida McFarren/ 1881/ Final Order of Confirmation
M 40-3/ Methodist Episcopal Church and Society, Penn Yan/ 1882/ Petition
M 40-4/ First Methodist Episcopal Church of Barrington/ 1882/ Order, Appointment of Referee
M 41-1/ Solomon Mattison/ 1883/ Motion
M 41-3/ William Morris and Bess Eliza Gilbert/ 1883/ Real Estate, Order to Appoint Guardian
M 41-4/ Solomon Mattison/ 1883/ Performance by Wm M., Mary A.,& Fred S. Sayre &Affidavit to Oppose Motion
M 42-1/ Methodist Episcopal Church of Potter/ 1884/ Sell and Convey Realty
M 42-1/ Daisy N. Moon/ 1884/ Order of Adoption
M 42-1/ Methodist Episcopal Church of Dundee/ 1884/ Order to Sell Realty and Petition to Sell Realty
M 42-2/ Town of Middlesex/ 1884/ Appointments Bonding Commissioners
M 43-2/ First Methodist Episcopal Church of Dundee/ 1885/ Order to Sell
M 44-1/ William Morris and Bess Eliza Gilbert/ 1886/ Referee's and Confirmation Reports
M 44-1/ Paul Mildreth/ 1886/ Guardian, Sale of Realty, Appraisal and Order to Sell
M 44-1/ George F. Morgan/ 1886/ Order Discharging Prisoner
N 35-3/ George W. Nichols/ 1876/ Reassign Trust, Notice of Motion, Orders, Reports, Exceptions, Application
N 37-4/ John E. Neary/ 1879/ Order Remitting Fine
N 44-1/ Thomas Newman and Erwin L. Gates/ 1886/ Affidavit and Order
N 45-4/ Thomas Newman/ 1887/ Commence an Action
O 31-1/ Andrew Oliver, Judge/ 1872/ Affirming Court Session Terms
P 32-2/ Town of Potter/ 1871/ Bond Issue
P 35-1/ Branchport First Presbyterian Church/ 1877/ Petition, Sale of Realty
P 35-2/ Branchport Plank Road Company/ 1877/ Appeal from Order, Jerusalem Highways
P 36-2/ Application for Receiver of PY and Branchport Plank Road Company/ 1878/ Order of Reference, Petition and Notice
P 36-3/ Carlotta Perry/ 1878/ Final Order to Sell Realty
P 37-1/ Penn Yan and Branchport Plank Road Company/ 1879/ Receiver Application
P 38-3/ Lurissa Post/ 1880/ Change Name To:  Lurissa Huson
P 39-1/ Penn Yan Branchport Plank Road Company/ 1881/ Release from Receivership
P 39-2/ Town of Potter/ 1881/ Appointment of Commissioners
P 40-1/ First Presbyterian Congregation, Penn Yan/ 1882/ Report of Sale
P 42-1/ Town of Potter/ 1884/ Appointment of Commissioner
P39-2/ First Presbyterian Church of Penn Yan/ 1887/ Order to Sell Realty
R 31-1/ Sodus Bay and Corning Railroad/ 1873/ Resignation of Commissioner
R 31-2/ Geneva and Southwestern Railroad/ 1872/ Bond Issue
R 32-1/ Canandaigua and Bath Railroad Company/ 1873/ Bond Issues
R 32-2/ Geneva Southwestern Railway Company/ 1872/ Issue Stock
R 32-3/  Sodus Bay, Corning and New York Railway/ 1871/ Barrington-create and issue Bonds, Jerusalem-Petition, Italy-petition
R 33-2/ Judith Annette Reynolds and Selinda Adell Tyler/ 1874/ Orders, Petition, Reports, Disposition of Funds, Guardian Bond, Appt of Guardian
R 35-2/ John and Margaret Reinhart to D.B. Prosser/ 1876/ Report, Notice of Motion, Orders
R 35-2/ John and Margaret Reinhart to Darius A. Ogden/ 1876/ Monies from Realty Sale
R 35-3/ Syracuse Geneva Corning Railroad Company/ 1877/ Petitions, Orders, Notice of Motion
R 35-4/ Syracuse Geneva Railroad Company/ 1877/ Commissioners Report and Notice of Motion
R 36-2/ Whitman H. Reynolds against Nathaniel Squier/ 1878/ Order of Reference
R 39-3/ Henry Rose/ 1881/ Order Appointing Trustee and Order of Reference
R 45-1/ Tellaman M. Raplee and Isaiah Young/ 1887/ Motion
S 31-1/ St. Marks Church, Penn Yan/ 1872/ Order and Petition for Sale of  Realty
S 31-2/ Henry Sayre, Deceased/ 1872/ Estate Final Settlement
S 31-2/ George Snyder/ 1872/ Bill Payment
S 31-3/ William H, Mary A. and Frederick S. Sayre/ 1872-1873/ Appoint. For Contract, Order Appt Guardian, Bond , Petition, Notice, Application
S 33-2/ Henry Sayre/ 1874/ Certificate of Decree
S 33-3/ Sally Sayre/ 1874/ Bond, Petition for Appeal, Order confirm. Injunction, Inquisition, Petition
S 33-4/ Albert B. Sackett/ 1873/ Leave to Sell Realty, Affidavit, Petitions, Orders, Guardian bond
S 35-1/ St. Mark's Vestry of Penn Yan/ 1876/ Leave to Sell Realty, Sale Authorization
S 35-2/ Albert B. Sackett/ 1876/ Deed Execution, Guardian Order, Petition to Contract
S 36-3/ St. Mark's Church, Penn Yan/ 1878/ Order to Sell Realty
S 36-4/ Fred C. Semans/ 1878/ Final Order
S 36-4/ Barney Smith/ 1878/ Remit Fine, Order to Remit Fine
S 36-5/ Albert B. Sackett/ 1878/ Special Term Order and Report of Guardian
S 38-2/ Porter Simpson , and George F. Hallock/ 1880/ Order to Convey Sale of Realty
S 38-3/ St. Mark's Church/ 1880/ Order to Sell Realty
S 40-1/ Sally Sayre/ 1882/ Report of Sale and Referee Report
S 41-1/ James Simon/ 1883/ Trustee of Stephen Purdy
S 41-2/ Arline and Frankie Sutherland/ 1883/ Dispose of Real Property
S 43-4/ Fred Schmerham/ 1885/ Confirmation Order, Sell Realty
S 44-3/ William H. Stark/ 1886/ Order Discharging Prisoner
S 44-4/ St. Michael's Church of Penn Yan/ 1886/ Petition to Mortgage land, Order
S 45-1/ Job Sayre/ 1887/ Proposal Ammendments
S 45-2/ Job Sayre/ 1887j/ Case on Appeal
T 33-2/ George W. Tuttle/ 1874/ Sale of Realty
T 37-2/ Morgan D. Tracy against Lyman J. and Eliza A. Baskins/ !879/ Consent and Order
T 37-3/ John H. Tomian/ 1879/ Final Order of Confirmation
V 31-4/ William C. and Walter P. VanVechten/ 1873/ Motion Papers and Order
V 37-2/ Voak Rural Cemetery/ 1879/ Sale of Lands
W 31-2/ George W. Wolcott/ 1872/  Order
W 31-2/ George W. Wolcott against Flora Wolcott / 1873/ Order of Affirmation
W 31-5/ Fred M.  and George M. Wixson/ 1873/ Orders, Reports, Bond, Petition, Sale of Realty
W 31-5/ Abraham Wagoner/ 1872/ Decree, Payment of Money
W 33-4/ Ida Walford/ 1872-1874/ Order, Guardian Bond, Reports, Petition, Sale of Realty
W 34-3/ Horace E. Walker vs. William H. Kinney/ 1875/ Assignee of Debt, Order to bring prisoner to court, Petition
W 36-5/ Mary Willson/ 1878/ Final Order of Confirmation
W 38-4/ Frank G. Washburn/ 1880/ Order, Confirmation to Sell Realty
W 38-4/ Charles J., Eva and Homer West/ 1880/ Order, Confirmation to Sell Realty
W 40-3/ Hazard Wheeler/ 1882/ Discharge
W 43-3/ Francis Wood/ 1885/ Appointment of Guardian
W 44-3/ Daisey Warner/ 1886/ Confirmation to Sell Realty
W 44-4/ Frank Wood/ 1886/ Draw Monies from Treasurer
W 44-4/ Caroline C. Wolcott/ 1886/ Final Order, Sell Realty
W 45-3/ Willam C. and Walter G. White/ 1887/ Order of Confirmation
Y 33-1/ County Court/ 1874/ Session Times
Y 33-1/ Steam Yacht, Lilly/ 1874/ Attachments of tackle and furniture
Y 36-1/ Yates County Court/ 1878/ Session, Time and Place
Y 36-2/ Seal of the Court/ 1878/ Order
Y 37-3/ Yates County Treasurer/ 1879/ Report of Reference, Appt of Referees to Examine Accts., Report
Y 37-4/ Yates County Treasurer/ 1879/ Reports of Referees
Y 38-1/ Supreme Court/ 1880/ Adjournment of Special Term
Y 38-1/ County Treasurers/ 1880/ Reports of Referees
Y 39-1/ Yates County Court/ 1881/  Appointments
Y 39-2/ Supreme Court/ 1881/ Order to Report of Yates County Treasurer
Y 39-3/ Yates County Treasurer/ 1881/ Report of Referee
Y 40-4/ Supreme Court/ 1882/ Order, Report of County Treasurer
Y 40-5/ Yates County Treasurer/ 1882/ Report
Y 41-2/ Yates County Treasurer/ 1883/ Report of Referee
Y 41-3/ Yates County Treasurer/ 1883/ Trust Fund
Y 42-1/ County Court/ 1884/ Postponements
Y 42-1/ Supreme Court/ 1884/ Additional Stenographer
Y 44-1/ Supreme Court/ 1886/ Grand Jury Order for Court House Outhouse
Y 44-1/ County Court/ 1886/ Appointment of Terms