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Yates County NY

County Court Records

Ex Parte Cases 1853 - 1871

A 16-1/ Adelia Adams/ 1859/ Guardian Bond
A 23-1/ Albert Ansley/ 1866/ Guardian Appointment Order, Petition, Bond
A 25-1/ William C. Andrews/ 1867/ Bond, Sale of Lands
B 11-1/ William R. Baskin against Johnson Miller/ 1854/ Order
B 11-1/ John Buxton/ 1854/ Petition
B 11-1/ Hannah Briggs/ 1854/ Final Settlement
B 11-1/ Fanny Blair/ 1854/ Guardian Order and Report
B 12-1/ Martha S. Beach and Mary Louise Chandler/ 1855/ Real Estate
B 12-1/ John Buxton/ 1855/ Petitions, Guardian
B 13-3/ Joshua Beard/ 1856/ Application
B 13-3/ Maria Baldwin/ 1856/ Petition
B 14-1/ Theodore Brundage/ 1857/ Petition
B 14-1/ Edward S. Butler/ 1857/ Petition
B 16-1/ Thomas Bennett/ 1859/ Order of Commission
B 17-1/ Baptist Church Society of Dundee/ 1860/ Sale of Real Estate
B 21-2/ Asahel S. and Martha I. Botsford/ 1864/ Reports, Guardian, Petition, Receipt,Contract, Bond, Conveyance
B 22-1/ Ella and Hoyt F. Bennet and Alice Millspaugh/ 1865-1866/ Orders, Reports, Bond,Conveyance, Guardian, Petition, Confirmation
B 22-2/ Bray and George B. Beardsley/ 1865/ Sell Real Estate
B 23-1/ William Baskin/ 1866/ Proof of Last Will and Testament
B 23-1/ Baptist Church, Town of Potter/ 1866/ Order
B 23-2/ Mary Augusta Barnes/ 1866/ Guardianship Petition, Order for Guardian Appointment, Bond
B 23-3/ Phoenix National Bank of Hartford/ 1866/ Order, Petition
B 24-1/ Baptist Church of Potter/ 1866/ Petition
B 24-1/ Harriet Bullock, William, Luella and Leroy Baker/ 1872/ Bond, Sale of Land,Orders, Orders appointing guardian and conveyance
B 24-1/ Charles F. Barnes/ 1866/ Petition, Bond, Order to Appoint Guardian
B 25-5/ Warsaw Baptist Church/ 1867/ Petition and Order to Sell Real Estate
B 26-2/ Yates County Bank, Alexander S. Diven, Receiver/ 1863/ Exceptions, Notice of Appeal, Report of Receiver, Order
B 26-3/ Folsum E. Baker, Jr/ 1863-1864/ Contract, Orders, Reports, Bond, Appointment of Guardian
B 27-1/ Elizabeth Brewer/ 1868/ Sale of R.E., Order to Appt Guardian, Reports, Bond,Sale of Land
B 27-1/ George and Bray Beardsley/ 1865/ Bond, Sale of Lands
B 27-2/ Damon I. Bordwell/ 1868/ Contract, Order, Sale of R.E., Petition, Reports, Bond
B 27-2/ Town of Jerusalem Baptist Society/ 1868/ Order, Right of Way, Sale of Right of Way
B 27-3/ Benton District #11 against Hiram Scofield/ 1868/ Site of School House,Petition, Objection
B 29-1/ Baptist Church of Dundee/ 1870/ Petition to Sell Land
B 29-1/ Martha S. Beach and Mary Louisa Chandler/ 1855/ Sale of Real Estate
B 30-1/ Town of Barrington/ 1871/ Bond, Damages , Appt of Comm. To Appraise Damage,Petitions, Bond
B 30-2/ Milla E. Brackett/ 1871/ Contracts, Orders, Report, Petition, Bond, Sale of Realty
C 11-2/ Edwin Carney/ 1854/ Bond and Report
C 12-1/ Almira Clark/ 1855/ Petitions
C 12-2/ Amanda M. Clark and Elizabeth M. Hollenbeck/ 1855/ Petition
C 13-1/ George J. Cook/ 1856/ Sales of Lands
C 14-1/ Esekiel Clark/ 1853-1857/ Petitions
C 14-1/ Simeon Cole against Uretta Louisa Man/ 1857/ Petition, Support and Maintenance
C 14-3/ Wm Taylor, Lyman Munger, Geo. Cooley, Trustees of 1st Free Congreg. Church/1857/ Order
C 15-1/  Levi Casterlline/ 1858/ Guardian Bond, Guardian Order
C 15-1/ Ezekiel Clark/ 1858/ Report, Petition, Order of Reference, Order
C 15-2/ Susan A. Covert/ 1858/ Petition
C 16-1/ Lucy Chamberlain/ 1859/ Petition
C 18-1/ Harrison W. Clark/ 1861/ Bond, Sale of Lands
C 20-1/ George W. Colgrove/ 1864/ Order to Pay
C 23-2/ Sylvester and Phebe Ann Clark/ 1866/ Bond, Sale of Lands, Referee Report,
C 24-2/ William L. Conley/ 1866/ Contract, Order, Guardian Change
C 24-2/ Sylvester and Phoebe Ann Clark/ 1866/ Orders, Bond, Contract, App't of Special Guardian, Sale of Land
C 25-1/ John R. and Elva Clark/ 1867/ Report, Appt, Bonds, Orders, Proceeds of R.E. and Order to contract
C 25-1/ Arlissa M. Clark/ 1867/ Reports, Contracts, Bond, Application, Confirmation for Conveyance
C 25-2/ John C. Clark/ 1867/ Proceeds of Real Estate, Referee Report
C 26-5/ Spencer, Elizabeth, Eva, and Hannah Chapman/ 1863/  Order of Reference
C 26-5/ Spencer and Elizabeth Chapman/ 1863/ Petition, Sale of Real Estate, Guardian Report
C 27-1/ William A Clark/ 1868/ Bond, Sale of Lands
C 28-1/ John, Emma, and Mary Clark/ 1863-1869/ Contract, Reports, Orders, Agreement,Petition
C 28-1/ Anna D. Clark/ 1869-1870/ Order of Reference, Goods, Chattels and Audits
C 29-1/ Ann Clark/ 1879/ Application and Notice
C 29-1/ Frank D. and Clara L. Cuddeback/ 1870/ Orders, Petition, Reports, Bond,Disposition of Funds,Appt of Guardian
C 30-2/ Sylvester, Phoebe Ann and George Clark/ 1871/ Sale of Realty
D 14-1/ Alexander S. Diven/ 1858-1888/ Application, Order, Report, Order to Sell
D 17-1/ Peter Dinehart/ 1860-1864/ Sales of Real Estate
D 19-1/ Alexander Diven/ 1861/ Affidavit
D 20-3/ Ellen M. Durham/ 1864/ Final Order Confirmation
D 21-3/ Peter J. Dinehart/ 1861-1864/ Land Sale, Contract Order, Conveyance
D 22-1/ James Daley/ 1865/ Purchase of Real Estate, Appt. of Special Guardian, Bond
D 22-2/ William H. Decker/ 1865/ Agreement
D 23-2/ James Daley/ 1865/ Purchase of Real Estate
D 26-1/ Mary J. Davis/ 1863/ Guardian Appointment
D 26-4/ Thomas R. Davis/ 1863/ Order and Petition
D 30-2/ Elizabeth, Sarah, James and Thomas Dunnigan/ 1871/ Reports, Orders, Bond,Petition
E 12-2/ Thomas Emery and John Smith/ 1855/ Petition
E 13-2/ Cynthia A. and Angeline A. Ellsworth/ 1856-1857/ Petitions, Real Estate Sale
E 16-1/ John Ellsworth/ 1859/ Applications
E 17-1/ Joseph Elmenderf/ 1860/ Sale of Lands, Bond
F 11-2/ Catherine Farnelly/ 1854/ Appointment, Petition
F 12-2/ Nicholas Ferris/ 1855/ Order for Real Estate Sale
F 17-1/ Martin Freeland/ 1860/ Petition
F 24-1/ Phoebe Francisco against Michael Francisco/ 1866/ Order Reference
F 24-3/ Aumath, John, Augusta and Emma Foster/ 1867/ Sale of R.E., Reports, Orders,Appt  of Guardian, Amending Order
F 26-1/ Charlotte J. Furman/ 1863/ Petition to Accept Pay
F 26-4/ William Foster/ 1863/ Report, Sale of Land
F 27-2/ Frank M.  And Charles W. Fletcher/ 1868/ Bond, Sale of Lands
G 11-2/ George Groves/ 1854/ Order
G 12-2/ John and Sarah Gardner/ 1855/ Order
G 12-2/ John Gardner/ 1855/ Order
G 17-2/ Hannah Graham/ 1859-1860/ Orders, Disposition of Funds, Petition, Affidavit,Leave to Sell Real Estate
G 20-1/ Ella E. Green/ 1864/ Bond
G 23-2/ Mary Griswold, Erasmus and Byron Swarthout/ 1866/ Bond, Sale of Lands
G 23-3/ Jeremiah S. and Flora S. Gillette against Elizabeth Spence/ 1866/ Petition
G 25-2/ Julia C. Garner/ 1867/ Bond, Sale of Lands, Reports, Leave to Sell R.E. Orders
G 29-2/ Carrie Green/ 1871/ Orders, Reports, Bond, Appt of Guardian, Sale of Realty
H 11-2/ Benjamin L. Hoyt/ 1854/ Order
H 11-2/ Sara Ann Huson/ 1854/ Report
H 11-3/ Abraham V. Harpending/ 1854/ Petitions
H 11-4/ Mary E. Hudson/ 1854/ Petition
H 12-2/ Caroline Harkness/ 1855/ Petitions
H 14-3/ Margaretta S. and Henry Holcomb/ 1857/ Order Guardian, Guardian Bond, Petition,Contract Orders, Report
H 15-2/ Mary A. and Margaret E. Hammond/ 1858/ Guardian Bond
H 16-1/ James Huntington/ 1859/ Affidavit to Application
H 16-1/ Hannah, William H. and William C. Harpending/ 1858-1859/ Petition, Orders of Reference and Conference, Guardian Bond, Report, Order
H 18-1/  Luther Harris/ 1862/ Vacant Premises
H 20-4/ Thomas and Elizabeth Hope/ 1864/ Reports, Petition, Conveyance, Contract Order,Bond, Petition
H 20-4/ Charles L. Hathaway/ 1864/ Confirmation, Referee Report, Commission, Affidavit,Bond, Commission Order
H 21-3/ Edwin J. Hermans/ 1864/ Bond
H 22-2/ Horace Howe/ 1865/ Affidavit, Referee Report, Order, Petition
H 23-3/ Augustus Hotaling/ 1866/ Sale of Real Estate
H 24-2/ Bryan F. Hobart/ 1866/ Petition Contract, Order
H 24-2/ Bryan F. Hobart and William L. Conley/ 1866/ Petition
H 25-3/ Olive F. Hamlin, Sophia Eva Smith/ 1867/ Petition, Orders, Reports, Bond, Sale of Lands
H 27-2/ Charles House/ 1868/ Reports, Appt of Guardian, Orders, Bond, Sale of Lands,Contract of Sale
H 28-2/ Elizabeth and Rositta Hibbard/ 1869/ Contract Order, Guardian Report, Appt of Guardian, Bond, Petition, Referee
H 28-2/ James and William Hunter/ 1869/ Disposition of Funds, Reports, Petition,Orders, Guardian Bond, Appt of Guardian
H 29-1/ John A . Haight/ 1870/ Certificate of Deceased
H 29-2/ Charles W., Thomas and Mary Hathaway/ 1867-1870/ Bond, Sale of Lands, Order of Confirmation
H 30-3/ Calvin Huson, deceased/ 1871/ Return of Appeal
I 28-3/ Frank Ingles/ 1869/ Bond, Sale of Lands
J 12-2/ Silas E. Jones/ 1855/ Order
J 21-3/ John W. Jaycox against Franklin Mitchel/ 1864/ Affidavit
J 29-2/ Mary, Lucy, and Jane Johnson/ 1870/ Order of Confirmation and Conveyance
J 30-3/ Eliza and Carrie Johnson/ 1871/ Order Specific Performance, Notice of Motion
K 22-3/ Sarah A. Kenyon/ 1865/ Order, Petition
K 22-3/ Virginia S. and George B. Kinney/ 1865/ Orders of Conveyance and Reference,Sale of Real Estate
K 25-2/ Mary M. King/ 1867/ Petition to Sell R.E., Reports, Orders, Confirmation and Conveyance, Appt
K 25-3/ Virginia S. and George B. Kinney/ 1865-1867/ Orders, Reports, Appt of Special Guardian, Petition, Bond, Conveyance
K 26-2/ Virginia S. and George B. Kinney/ 1865/ Petition to Sell Real Estate, Referee Report
K 27-3/ Mary Ketterer/ 1868/ Petition, Appt of Guardian, Reports, Order, Bond,Disposition of Funds
K 28-3/ Samuel Keeler/ 1869/ Petition
K 29-3/ Lucretia Keefer/ 1848/ Order to Appoint Commission
L 11-2/ Isabella Lee/ 1854/ Petition
L 11-3/ Clark Lamoreau and Lee J. Clark/ 1854/ Sales of Real Estate
L 13-1/ Isabella Lee/ 1854/ Mortgage Satisfaction and Petition
L 14-1/ George C. Leddick/ 1887/ Petition
L 15-2/ George C. Liddick/ 1857-1858/ Orders, Reports
L 16-2/ Isaac Lane/ 1859/ Sale of Real Estate, Guardian  Orders and reports, and Contract Order
L 18-2/ Samuel and Joseph Lockwood/ 1860-1861/ Petitions, Contract Order, Sale of Real Estate, Sale Report
L 18-2/ David Lockwood/ 1863/ Distribution
L 20-3/ Georgiana Lee/ 1864/ Reports, Order
L 21-1/ Clark Lee/ 1864/ Confirmation, Sale of R.E., Reports, Bond, Guardian Appt.,Order, Petition
L 21-3/ Frank Lane/ 1863-1864/ Bond, Sale of Lands, Final Order
L 21-3/ Georgiana Lee/ 1864/ Bond
L 26-5/ D.B. Lindsey and Joel B. Foote/ 1863/ Will and Petition
L 29-3/ Elwin R. , David R., and Charles W. Long/ 1870-1871/ Orders, Reports, Petition,Bond, Sale of Lands
L 30-1/ Melatiah Lawrence, John C. Scheetz and Ebenezer B. Jones/ 1871/ Appoint. Of Commissioners to Yates County Judge
M 11-1/ Quintan McAdam/ 1854/ Order
M 12-3/ Samuel McKane/ 1855/ Order Guardian, Report, Petition for Sale
M 12-3/ Homer Marriner/ 1855/ Articles of Agreement
M 13-3/ Rachel Malin/ 1856/ Estate Settlement
M 15-1/ M.E. Church of Dundee/ 1858/ Sale of Lands Order
M 16-3/ Sarah McAllaster/ 1859/ Sales of Real Estate
M 17-4/ Caroline McWilliams/ 1860/ Order
M 20-1/ Isabel Sillis McLoud/ 1864/ Bond, Referee Report, Sale of Real Estate
M 23-3/ Frank A. and Ebenezer J. March/ 1866/ Bond, Order, Petition
M 25-4/ Martha Mathews/ 1867/ Petition, Reports, Orders
M 25-5/ Hattie I. Millspaugh/ 1866-1867/ Petitions, Orders, Reports, Bond,
M 30-2/ Jerusalem Methodist Episcopal Church/ 1871/ App. To Sell Realty
M 30-3/ Centenary Methodist Episcopal Church of Jerusalem/ 1871/ Application of Trustees
M 30-4/ Flora McMillan/ 1871-1872/ Reports, Orders, Petition, Guardian Bond,Disposition of Funds
N 28-1/ John A., Warren H. and Stella A. Norman/ 1869/ Guardian Petition
O 11-2/ Patrick O'Brien against Amos Houghtaling/ 1854/ Collection
O 28-3/ Cassius Osborn/ 1869/ Bond, Petition, Reports, Order, Confirm. & Convey.,Disposition of Funds
O 29-4/ Marium and Ira Owen/ 1870/ Orders, Petititon, Bond, Guardian Report, Order to Contract
P 11-2/ Delight Perry/ 1854/ Inventory
P 12-3/ George W., Theron H., Edwin H. and Sarah Page/ 1855/ Guardianship
P 12-3/ Delight and Polly Perry/ 1855/ Inventory
P 12-4/ Jane S. and William Powell/ 1852-1855/ Sales of Real Estate
P 13-1/ Delight and Polly Perry/ 1856/ Annual Inventory
P 13-2/ George W., Theron H., Edwin H., and Sarah Page/ 1856/ Guardian Bond
P 14-2/ Delight and Polly Perry/ 1857/ Annual Inventory
P 14-2/ William R. and Charles N. Perry/ 1856-1857/ Petitions, Order, Report
P 14-3/ David B. Prosser against Yates County Bank/ 1857/ Order
P 15-2/ George W. Page/ 1858/ Inventories and Bond
P 16-2/ George W. Page/ 1859/ Guardian
P 16-2/ Oliver H. Perry/ 1859/ Guardian Bond
P 17-2/ Dean Franklin Pierce/ 1860/ Sale of Lands
P 17-2/ George W. Page/ 1860/ Inventory and Account
P 18-1/ Laura Jane Pitcher/ 1862/ Petition, Bond, Appt. of Guardian, Referee Report,Contract Order, Confirmation
P 25-4/ Presbyterian Church of West Town/ 1867/ Orders, Petition, Reports, Confirmation
P 28-1/ Henry S. Pulver/ 1869/ Order for Action
R 14-4/ Achsa J. Randolph/ 1857/ Guardian Bond, Sale of Real Estate, Contract Orders,Reports
R 14-4/ John Rohde/ 1857/ Guardian Bond, Sales of Real Estate, Report, Contract Order
R 21-3/ Jefferson T. Raplee/ 1864/ Affidavit, Order
R 26-1/ Grace L. Richie/ 1863/ Contract
R 26-3/ Franklin B. and Frances C. Richie/ 1863/ Orders, Petitions, Reports, Bond
R 27-3/ George A. , Andrew G. and Olive R. Rippey/ 1869-1870/ Petition, Reports,Affidavit, Bond, Sale of Realty, Appt of Guardian
R 28-3/ Emma W. Reed/ 1869/ Petition, Report, Order, Contract, Bond for Sale of Lands,Confirm & Convey
R 28-4/ George A., Andrew G. and Olive G. Rippey/ 1869/ Orders for Contract andAppointing a guardian
R 29-3/ Andrew G., Olive G., and George A. Rippey/ 1870/ Final Order of Confirmation
S 10-6/ Myron P. Stiles/ 1853-1854/ Sales of Real Estate, Report, Purchase of Real Estate, Order
S 11-4/ Clark Smith/ 1854/ Bond
S 12-3/ John, George W., Nancy A., and Heman C. Swarthout/ 1855/ Report
S 12-5/ Mary Shearman/ 1855/ Petition, Orders, Bond, Report
S 12-5/ Clark Smith/ 1855/ Report
S 13-3/ George F. Swarthout/ 1856/ Order
S 13-3/ Charles H. Sickles/ 1856/ Petition
S 15-2/ Henry B. Stiles/ 1870/ Reports, Petition, Orders, Bond
S 16-2/ Vincent Slaughter/ 1859/ Proving the Will
S 16-3/ Renselaer Schemerhorn/ 1859/ Sales of Real Estate
S 16-4/ Richard and Joseph Strong/ 1859/ Sales of Land
S 17-3/ Pamelia Sutherland to A.V. Masten/ 1859/ Agreement
S 17-3/ Anna P. Stevens and Frankie Sutherland/ 1860/ Sales of Real Estate
S 17-3/ Danthus C. Secor/ 1860/ Petition, Order Guardian, Affidavit, Inventory, Bond
S 17-4/ Sarah H., William D. and Ruth C. Trimmer/ 1860/ Bond, Sale of Lands
S 17-4/ Job S.  and Anna Stevens against Frankie Sutherland/ 1860/ Petition
S 20-2/ William Smith/ 1864-1865/ Sale of R.E., Conveyance, Reports, Order, Bond
S 20-2/ John G. Simmons Jr./ 1864-1865/ Petition, Order, Appointment of Guardian
S 20-2/ Lucy A. Swarthout, Jennie E., and Hattie T. Barden/ 1864/ Bond, Sales of Real Estate
S 21-1/ Anna P. Stevens/ 1861-1864/ Conveyance, Contract, Order, Sales of R.E., Order Appointing Guardian
S 22-3/ William and John H. Stark/ 1865/ Order, Petitions for Real Estate, Referee Report
S 23-3/ Job T. Smith/ 1866/ Petition, Order
S 23-4/ Lydia Sackett/ 1866/ Bond, Sale of R.E.,, Guardian Appt., Reports, Contract,Conveyance
S 23-4/ Andrew and Eliza Stone/ 1866/ Petition, Orders, Report
S 23-4/ Jane Silvernail/ 1866/ Special Guardian, Orders, Reports, Petition, Bond,Conveyance
S 25-5/ St. Marks Church of Penn Yan/ 1867/ Order Leave to Sell
S 26-1/ Oliver Stark against Joseph C. Baley/ 1863/ Cause can't be heard
S 26-1/ Charles and Elsa Sackett/ 1863-1864/ Petition, Reports, Order, Bond,Confirmation and Conveyance
S 26-2/ Wheeler G. Sayre/ 1867/ Bond, Orders, Petition, Referee Report
S 27-4/ Mary Struble/ 1868/ Commission of Lunacy, Petition
S 28-4/ Elizabeth Snyder/ 1869/ Bond, Appointment of Guardians
S 28-5/ Alice and Hester Ann Shoemaker/ 1869/ Confirmation and Conveyance
S 28-5/ Sena, Asa, Minerva, and Mary A. Sackett/ 1869/ Petition
S 28-6/ Andrew Swarthout/ 1869-1870/ Petitions, Order Confirming Inquisition, Bond
S 29-3/ Henry B. Stiles/ 1870/ Order of Confirmation
S 29-4/ Augustus C. Stryker/ 1870/ Appointment of Guardian, Petition for Sale
S 29-4/ Riley Spence/ 1870/ Appointment of Next Friend
S 29-4/ Frank Seeley/ 1870/ Guardian Bond
S 30-4/ Helen A. Shearman/ 1871/ Contract and Petition to Sell Realty, Bond,  Reports,Orders
S 30-4/ Lewis Supplee/ 1871/ Order for Commission, Petition and Affidavits
T 16-2/ Joshua Titus/ 1859/ Report of Sale, Petition
T 21-2/ Cora Belle Tefft/ 1864/ Report, Orders, Guardian Appt. Petition
T 27-4/ William W., Judith A. and Salinda A. Tyler/ 1868/ Order Appt Guardian, Reports,Orders, Petition, Bond, Sale of Realty
T 27-5/ Jennetta, Charles S. and Fred Tuell/ 1868-1872/ Reports, Orders, Bond,Petitions, Agreement, Appt of Guardian
T 28-4/ Samuel H. , Hiram M. and Katie Torrey/ 1869-1870/ Orders, Release of Realty,Appt(s) of Guardian, Report, Petition
T 29-4/ Jennetta, Charles and Fred Tuell/ 1870/ Bond, Sale of Lands,
U 26-1/ Universalist Society of Branchport/ 1863/ Order and Petition
V 14-2/ Annette and Mary Elizabeth Vrooman/ 1857/ Petition, Sale of Real Estate
V 18-2/ Charles E. Vanderlip/ 1861/ Bond, Sale of R.E., Referee Report, Contract Order,Order to Convey
V 20-1/ Mary Vincent/ 1864/ Report
V 21-3/ Mary Vincent/ 1864/ Conveyance, Petition, Land Sale
V 22-4/ John W. VanArsdall and Amy Cook/ 1865/ Petitions, Referee Order, Order
V 26-1/ Richard Vosbinder against Luell Amasa Estate/ 1863/ Order Appointing Referee,Reference Agreement
V 26-1/ Mary Vincent/ 1863/ Bond, Sale of Real Estate, Referee Report
V 27-4/ John W. VanArsdall/ 1868/ Referee Report, Order for Payment
V 28-5/ John W. Van Orsdall/ 1869/ Report, Order
W 15-2/ George A., Henrietta, and Helen A. West/ 1858/ Guardian Bond
W 16-4/ Alonzo Wilcox/ 1859/ Sale of Real Estate
W 17-4/ Mary E. Watson/ 1860/ Petition, Reports, Bond, Contract and Final Confirmation Orders
W 18-2/ George C. Wheeler/ 1861/ Sale of Real Estate, Bond
W 23-3/ Mary E. Winans/ 1866/ Bond
W 23-3/ Catherine E. Winans/ 1866/ Order
W 24-3/ Charles J. Watson/ 1866/ Final Order Confirmation, Bond
W 27-4/ Foster and Conklin Whitbeck/ 1868-1869/ Bond, Sale of Lands, Reports, Contract Order, Appt of Guardian, Petition
W 27-5/ Henry N. Wagener/ 1868/ Order, Petition
W 27-5/ Solomon Windnagle/ 1868/ Bond, Sale of Lands
W 28-5/ Aaron B. Waite/ 1869/ Order, Sale of Realty
W 28-6/ Henry N. Wagener/ 1869/ Report of Referee and Order
Y 29-1/ Yates County Court/ 1870/ Order, Term of Court