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Ontario County Wills & Administrations

Book 11 (1817-1822)

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[Pearley Dean administrator of Pearley Dean deceased has made petition to sell real estate; the Surrogate has ordered everyone interested in the said estate to come before him on 22 July inst. to show cause why the said real estate should not be sold. A sum of $782 is needed to pay the debts of the said deceased. The Surrogate now orders Pearley Dean to sell so much of the real property of the said deceased now remaining unsold as will be sufficient to raise the said sum, Viz:]

that certain piece or parcell of Land situate in the town of Benton in the County of Ontario being the south part of lot No. Thirty-nine bounded on the north by George D. Stewarts land extending across said lot No. 39 and to extend far enough south so that the hereby described premises shall contain fifty three acres of land.—

In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal of Office at Canandaigua the 22nd day of July 1817. Stephen Phelps

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To Stephen Phelps Esqr Surrogate in and for the county of Ontario we the undersigned and admeasurers of the Dower of Susannah Crane Former Wife of Robert Chissom deceased in the South east quarter of Lot No. Thirty seven in Township No. Seven in the first range of Townships in the County of Ontario by leave to Report—

What we Benjamin Shaw, Abner Woodworth and Meredith Mallory agreeable to your order of the Twenty fifth day of June in the year of our Lord One Thousand Eight Hundred and Seventeen did on the sixteenth day of July instant severaly take and subscribe an Oath before William Shattuck Esqr one of the Justices of the peace in and for said county that we would faithfully and honestly execute the trust reposed in us as admeasurers of the Dower aforesaid of Susannah Crane and that we after taking and subscribing said Oath did proceed to admeasure the bounds and distances of which are as follows To wit:

Beginning at a stake standing near the center of said lot number Thirty seven thence East two degrees South fifty one rods and fifteen links to a Stake, thence South half a degree west one hundred and twenty four rods to the South line of said lot thence West fifty one rods and fifteen links, thence North to the place of beginning - containing forty acres of Land excepting and reserving one half acre which is encompassed within the bounds of aforesaid occupied by John L. Lewis and which was contracted and articled to said John L. Lewis by Abraham Wagener Esqr

The amount of our charges for laying off the said Dower is as follows—

For the services of the surveyor three days at $2.50 per day $7.50

the time which we spent in laying off said Dower

two days at 2 Dollars per day 20.00


In witness whereof we have hereunto set our hands and seals this twenty fourth day of July in the year of our Lord One thousand Eight hundred and Seventeen.

Benjamin Shaw

Abner Woodworth

Meredith Mallory

The above received and filed

for Record August 5th 1817

Stephen Phelps Surrogate

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[25 September 1817

The same three admeasurers lay off Susannah Crane’s dower in the northwest corner of lot 37:]

Begining on the North line of said Lot twentyfive Rods and one link from the Northeast corner of the Northwest quarter of said Lot, Thence South half a degree West thirty two Rods to a Stake and Stones Thence West two degrees North thirty five Rods to a Stake and stones, thence north half a degree East thirty two Rods to the North line of Said Lot Thence east two degrees South to the place of beginning Containing Seven acres of Land and the Buildings and appurtenances thereunto belonging.

Our charges for Setting off Said Dower are as follows Viz

To paid to George C. Shattuck for surveying $2.50

To each of us One day in Setting of sd Dower at 2.00 per day 6.00

In witness whereof we have hereunto Set our hands and seals this tenth day of October in the year of our Lord 1817

Benjn Shaw L.S.

A true Copy M Mallory L.S.

S. Phelps Surrogate Abner Woodworth L.S.

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The Estate of Buffom Harkness in account with the Representatives:

Cr. by amount of Inventory $772.77

Dr. to Sundry Expences and Money paid out

by Oliver Harwood Admr 105.93

Do. by Abehel Thomas Admr 141.36

Do. by Fanny Harkness Admr 103.33

to three tuns of hay fed to Stock 30.00

Notes uncollected

One against Isaac Floid 1.25; Giles Taylor 6.57 7.82

“ Saml Waterman 1.50; Judgment against Rhoads 4.00 5.50

by Mistake in Money Inventoried 21.25

Allowance to the widow 100.00; Surrogates fees 3.00 103.00


The above statement made & 254.58

approved April 17th 1818 widows third 84.86

Stephen Phelps Surrogate Due the Heirs 169.72

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Ontario County Ss:

We Thomas Hathaway, Morris F. Shepard and Elijah Spencer having been appointed by Stephen Phelps Esqr Surrogate of said County by an instrument in writing under the seal of his said Office bearing date the twentyseventh day of January One Thousand Eight Hundred and Eighteen to admeasure and sett off the Dower of Mary Botsford relict of Abel Botsford late of the town of Benton deceased.

Now know ye that we the said Thomas Hathaway, Morris F. Shepard and Elijah Spencer in pursuance of the said appointment do hereby admeasure and sett off to the said Mary as her right of Dower of, in and to all the lands lying in the said County of Ontario whereof the said Abel died seized the following pieces or parcels of Land (namely)

One piece of land beginning at a stake on the new preemption line thence North on said line one hundred and twenty rods, thence west thirty rods, thence south One Hundred and twenty rods, thence East thirty rods to the place of Beginning Containing Thirty acres of land.

Also one other peice of Land bounded Northerly by Reed and Wrightmans Location Westerly by the new preemption line and southwardly by a highway and Eastwardly by lands deeded to the said Abel by James Parker, Wm Potter and Thos Hathaway, reference being had to a deed executed by Wm Potter to said Abel of the last described piece of land, bearing date the seventh of February One Thousand Eight Hundred and three, excepting out of the last described tract one certain field on the east side thereof situate about the centre from North to South, on which field stands a log dwelling house and an orchard of apple trees, being in length Twentyeight rods from north to south and twenty rods east and West, which leaves in said tract according to estimation Fifty three acres and one half acre of land.

Also one other tract of Land lying north and adjoining the last described tract, bounded westwardly by the new premtion line being twenty four rods north and south and fortyfour rods east and west.—estimated to contain Six and one half acres of Land, all which three several tracts of land situate on the south west part of the farm on which the said Abel resided at the time of his decease lying and being in the town of Benton, we do admeasure and sett off to the said Mary as her full Dower.—

In testimony whereof we have hereunto set our hands and affixed our seals at Benton this 1st day of April A.D. 1818.—

Thomas Hathaway

M.F. Shepard

Elijah Spencer

The following as the amount of the fees due the subscribers for the above services—

To Elijah Spencer for three days services $6.00

“ Morris F. Shepard for two do. do. 4.00

“ Thomas Hathaway for two do. do. 4.00

“ Justices fees for swearing .37 ½

$14.37 ½

Elijah Spencer

Morris F. Shepard

Thomas Hathaway

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The estate of Asa Gillet decd in Account with Henry Roff Jr Admr and Nabby Gillet Admx:

Cr. By amount of Inventory $357.00

Dr. To paid Silas Chapin 296.00

“ “ John Fisher 18.30 – paid Benjn Bridges 14.00 32.30

“ “ Wm Fisher 16.00 -- “ David Fisher 3.45 19.45

“ “ Wm Pratt 3.00 – Jas Schofield 2.00 5.00

“ “ George Green 5.40 – Wm Green appraiser 1.50 6.90

“ “ John Collins 25.00

“ time and expences Settling the Estate by

Nabby Gillet Administratrix 15.00

“ Money paid by her for taxes charged on the estate 11.00

“ “ “ David Fisher 3.00

“ Time and expences by Henry Roff Jr Admr 52.83

To Time and expences to Canandaigua settling

with Surrogate 4.00

“ demands unsettled against the estate

to Silas Chapin 57.69; to Benjn Bridges 7.00 64.69

“ George Green 10.00; Wm Fisher 4.00 14.00

“ John Fisher 2.00; Doct. Niles 3.50 5.50

to cash paid Surrogate for settling recording &c. 2.50

“ expences attending sale of Real Estate 25.00

“ Allowance made to the widow 50.00

“ Bond and Mortgage executed to Asahel Stone

Jr for $1800.00 – Interest from the

twenty eighth day of January 1817 1989.00


Amount of Inventory 357.00


The above account Exhibited accompanied with proper Vouchers and allowed July 11th 1818

Stephen Phelps Surrogate

Page 144

The Estate of William Potter in Account with Charles W. Henry – Administrator:


Mar 21 To Cash $5; (23) do. $5; Apl 22 certificate of guardianship 20/ 12.57

Jul 2 To Cash 10.75; Aug 2 cash 4/ ; (22) Cash 12.-- 23.25

Aug 26 To cash 8/ ; Sept 8 cash $12; do. 5 yds factory Cloth & making

pantaloons 20/ ; Sept 14 cash 4/ - 29th 24/ 20.00

Oct 28 To cash 24/ ; Nov 2 cash 9/ ; Dec 5 Cash 18/ 22.12 ½

Dec 22 To cash 31/ ; (25th) cash 5/ 4.50


Jany 2 to paid Bennet Bodmakas bill $25.-- 25.00

25 to amt of Underhill & Seymours bill 77.20

Feby 1 to 3 hdkfs at Camerons & Co store 2.75 81.15

to paid McNutt Taylors Bill 10.12

Mar 20 to Paid Chesebro for Hat $8; Royce Taylor 4.50 12.50

to Cash $14; Apl 8th 2 ½ yds cloth 20/ per yd $6.25 20.25

Apl 12 to Cash $6; (17) do. $2; paid Mrs Guernsey 12/ 9.50

May 17 to cash to pay Abel Brigs $10.00; [ ] cash 4/ 10.50

“ to paid Norton & Cole $7.28; paid Gould sailer $22 30.28

“ to a pair of shoes 16/ ; cash 8/; May 18th cash 16/ 5.00

July 12 to Thomas Beals for sundries 14.15

to paid Brigs for his a/c 3 Bushels of Wheat 3.00

18 to Cash to go to Bloomfield 5.00

24 to paid Jesse Gilbert 5 Bushels of Wheat 5.00

Aug 28 To a bar. of cider to Abel Brigs for his a/c 5.00

July 25 to paid Mr. Nut Taylors Bill $21.50 a pair of shoes 16/ 22.50

Sep 8 to cash 8/ ; (19th) paid Helms store $4 5.00

to cash at Penyan training 1.75

27 to paid for a cutter $33.50; a saddle & plated irons 22.25 55.75

to amt of Sundries as per [ ] Book $12; cash 20/ 15.52

Nov 29 to amt of do. as per do. $9; a hdkf 10/ 10.25

to paid Lett Washley bill of sadlery 5.00

to Chesebro for Hat $10; a pocket Book 4/ 16.50

to a pair of shoes 16/ ; Dec. 10 an order on cole of P.Y. 24/ 5.00

Dec 16 to Bennet Bill for Boots 13.75 13.75

18 to Cost of a great Coat 17.25

to paid his expences at Geneva 1.50

23 to a Marells Vest 4.00

1815 dec 25 to cash $4.50 (Jany) to Spencer Boot Maker 5.75 10.25

1816 to cost of a Surtoot coat pantaloons pd at Helms store 29.75

Feby 26 to cash 16/ ; cash Sent by Jas. Springstead to Jas. Gant $5 7.00

28 to cash 24/ ; March 2 to paid Underhill & Seymour 7.75 10.75

to paid his Watch Say 8/ ; cash 26/ 4.00

June 6 to paid for 1 doz Gilt Buttons 44 ct; cash at Bath 8/ 1.44

12 to cash $20; to paid his bill at Bath 3.87 23.87

Augt 10 to paid Chesebro for a hat for Pero as per Williams order 4.00

16 to a pair of Plated Stirrup irons & an elegant harness $45 49.50

to postage 21/ ; (Sept 2) Maynards bill Painting cutter 5.50

Oct to a pair of pistols 15.50 15.50

16 to amt of Sundries at Camerons store 45.89

1817 to Nortons & Davis 1.56; to Bennet for Boots $11 12.56

Jany 13 to Martin Peersons Note 10.25 10.25

to 228 sheep at 24/ per head } $714

to 15 do @ 8/ & hay on the farm } 15 729.00

to a Sorel mare 100.00

to paid Samuel Rounds for a Horse 62.00

28 to pd Hart & Allen for a Horse Blanket 1.25

March to Iron Kettles @ 40/ -- $10; 20th a gold Watch chain & seal $22 32.00

to Bushel of Salt 10/ ; to 30 Whiskey bls. $30 31.25

May 20 to a pinshead or Yoke 8.00

to Israel Arnold Note $41 40/100; J. Smith do. $40 81.40

to 2 ½ yds of grey cloth 24/ 7-50 to Sillmans bill 94 cts 8.44

June to pd Bemis for printing handbills for Arabia 2.00

to cash 11/ to prouts for currey corn &c 4/6 1.94

To 9 lbs of salt beef @8/ 75 cts to 12 lbs of pork @1/6 $2.25 3.00

Sept 20 To Abel Briggs note 56.75

To a pair of gloves 12/ to Hardy note $10 11.51

Nov To Baxter Hobarts note 21.00

To paid Rouse Card for a yoke of cattle 60.00

To Samuel Colts bill for Sundries 7.75

Dec 10th To a pair of suspenders 5/ cash 5.00 5.75

To fat Hog $8 To 190 lbs of Beef @21 cts per lb $8.55 16.55


Jany 1 to 15 lbs of Tallow 15 cts $2.25; 5 lbs of candles @21 10/ 2.50

To cash pd R.M. Williams $5; cash $4 9.00

19th To a pair of shoes for Perry at Hart & Co store tobacco 2.62 ½

To pd R.M. Williams $5; cash $6.50 11.50

To cash $20; March 9 to D. Terry for ½ doz Tumblers 20.50

May to amt of Whalees note $6.50 an ox chain 24/ 9.50

To a plow $8; 11 lbs of loaf Sugar 2/9d 2.75

1 gallon wine 3.00

1 lb of Tea 1.75

Sundrys 1.-- 9.50

To an Order on L. Hobart 20.00

To Amt of Board from 1 Apl 1814 to 1 Nov 1816}

Two years and a half @ 4/ per Week is 136 Weeks} 227.50

To 70 Sap Buckets @ 2/ 17.50

To 2 years Rent of the Potter farm @ $250 per annum

To Arnold Potters 1/3 of said Rent $116.66

To C.W. Henry 1/3 of said rent 116.66



To 1/3 amt of estate expences 576.52

To 1/3 repairs of Potter House and farm 157.08

To 1/3 of My bond to State of Connect. & Int. $45.01

9.90 555.00

To 1/3 amt pd New Howards of N.P. Cona to W. Potter 330.00

To Cash Brandy of A. Potter 38.00

Augt 22 To 1 barrel of Salt 2.50

Letters of Administration & filing papers 2.87

To pd J. Brown & Israel Arnold for taking an inventory 6.00

To pd J. Beders Note $6 I. Arnolds a/c 45.52 56.75

Sept 22 to B.W. Hazerd bal. due him on Settlement 29.00

Nov. 19 To balance on a note due S. Guernsey 9.78

Nov 19 To pd Steward & Hazards a/c 25.00

Debt to G.D. & S. Stewart 67.28

to Sereny Watch Maker 2.25

to pd a Hired Girl 2.42

Mrs J. Brown $5 Sharrel for coffin $11 16.00

to P. Ruepent Shoe Maker 9.25

To paid John Rider on account of his Note

against William 55.00


Cr. By W. Potters 1/3 Amt of Rent of the Potter Farm

for 3 Years Viz from Apl 1814 to Apl 1817 $250 250.00


Int on the foregoing accounts 276.68


Surrogates fees settling & recording 4.00


Amt of Inventory 1819.21


The above Account Exhibited and Allowed March 11, 1819

S. Phelps Surrogate

Page 157

In obedience to your order of the 28th of April 1818 directing us to admeasure and sett of the dower of Fanny Harkness the Widow of Buffom Harkness deceased one third part of all the real estate he died seized of in the Town of Middlesex & County of Ontario in conformity thereto we have set of the dower in manner following:

1st Beginning at the North East corner of Lot No. 10 in the 5 range of Farms in said Town and thence running south twenty three chains and Ninety eight Links then west ten chains and twenty five Links to a stake thence north twenty three chains and Ninety eight links then East ten chains and twenty five links to the place of beginning containing twenty four Acres two Roods and twelve perches—then

2nd beginning at the Southeast corner of Lot no. 11 in the 5 range and running west Six chains to a stake then north five chains to a stake then east six chains to the middle of the Highway then south five chains to the place of beginning containing three acres—also

3rd one other piece beginning at the southwest corner of the Farm of the said Harkness decd and running thence South along the line of Land now in possession of Seldon Williams two chains and eighty links thence north two chains & eighty links then West seven chains and fourteen links to the place of beginning containing two Acres, containing in the whole twenty nine acres two roods and 11 perches together with all and Singular the hereditaments and appertenances Thereunto belonging or in any wise appertaining—

In Testimony whereof we have hereunto set our hands this 1st day of May in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and eighteen—1818—

David Southerland (seal)

Stephen Phelps esq

Surrogate of Ontario County Recorded May 26th 1818 and a Map of

the survey of Dower of Fanny Harkness

aforesaid on file in this office

Stephen Phelps Surrogate

Page 167

The Estate of Simeon Gilbert in account with Jesse Gilbert and Lucinda Rowley Executrix of the estate of Simeon Gilbert Deceased

Cr. by Amount of Inventory 798.80

Received on a bond against Jesse Gilbert 200.00


Dr. paid Buffom Harkness 1.25

Oliver Harwood 1.50

James Lewis 1.25

Jason Angell 37.50

Isaac Chatfield 1.24

William Green 2.75

Lindsey Warfield 1.09

Samuel Miller 5.06

John Hobert 10. 67

Buffom Harkness 18.75

on note to Isaac Wells 123.80

Surrogate for Letter and filing the Inventory 2.87 ½

Time and expences allowed the Administrator

for Settling the Estate 50.00

four Deeds to Record and two to be

Acknowledged 4.75

Allowance to the Widow 50.00

Surrogates fees Settling and Recording 2.00

314.48 ½


Widows third 228.10 ½

Due the Heirs 456.22

The above Account exhibited Accompanied with proper Vouchers and Allowed this 1st day of June 1819

Stephen Phelps

Page 187

The Estate of Stephen Haight dec’d in account with Stephen Purdy acting Admr:

Cr. By amount of Inventory $756.69

“ Amt of property sold over the appraisal 104.54


Dr. To paid Benjn Kendig $5.—Geo. McCain 6.52 11.52

Jas. Parker 2.45—Jas Armstrong 5.06 7.51

Amos Wilmot 5.40—Joshua Way 15.15 ½ 20.55 ½

Saml McCain 17.12 ½ -- Peter Youngs 5.75 22.87 ½

Colt & Bailey 10.25—Meredith Mallory 10.56 20.75

Benjn I. Dey 1.75—Joshua Lee 18.08 20.43

Vostbinder & jones 10.81—Briant Raymon 2.56 13.37

Robert M. Boyd 31.74—Joel Dorman 5. 36.74

Wm Hughsten 23.27—John B. Lewis 3.55 26.82

Wm Hughsten 5.76—Thos Lee 19.52 25.28

Jabez French for direct tax 2.06

Avery Smith 9.25

Sundry expences settling the estate, funeral

expences &c. 44.14


Note against Elisha Brown & Elisha Wadsworth

uncollected 39.87 ½

do. “ Nehemiah Higbee & Elisha Barnes do. 17.50

the above notes given for property sold at auction

1 Cow killed for use of the family 12.00

4 Shoats used in the family 5.00

16 Bushels Wheat used in do. 18.75

12 tons of hay 60.00

3 days spent in settling the estate 6.00

pd Surrogate for Citation, settling, Recording &c 5.00


Amt of Inventory 861.23


The above account exhibited & allowed June 15th 1818

Stephen Phelps Surrogate

Page 194

Whereas Stephen Phelps Surrogate of said County did on the 25th day of January last past, issue a commission appointing us George D. Stewart, Elijah Spencer and Abraham Wagener commissioners to admeasure and set off to Mary Andrus widow of the late Joshua Andrus deceased her right of dower to lot Number twenty three in Township No. Eight in the first range of township in the said County –

Now know ye that we the said George D. Stewart, Elijah Spencer & Abraham Wagener agreeable to the said appointment and in pursuance of the statute in that case made and provided, have admeasured and set off to the said Mary Andrews as her right of dower all the lands within the following bounds, namely:

beginning at the Northeast corner of the said lot, running west along the north line of said lot 49 chains & 75 links to a stake, thence south 28 chains and 25 links to the highway, thence north seventy degrees east along the north side of the said highway to the east line of said lot to a stake standing on the south side of said highway, thence north on the east line of said lot 9 chains and 16 links to the place of beginning containing Ninety three acres and five rods of land according to a survey made by Alfred Brown (excepting therefrom the schoolhouse lot containing about one eighth part of an acre situate on the east side of said lot.—

In testimony whereof we have hereunto set our hands this 15th day of April 1820.—

Charges for settling of said Geo. D. Stewart

right of dower -- $3.—each Elijah Spencer

making $9.00 Abrm Wagener

Page 248

The estate of Jedediah Holmes in account with John Briggs Administrator:

Cr. By amount of Inventory $328.36

Dr. To pd. Beds & clothing for Elisha Luthers Rect 76.75

To pd. Mary Holmes for recpt 196.00

John Briggs acct for attendance & writing will 5.00

pd. Surrogate time & Expences with witnesses 12.00

taking Inventory appraisers fees & returning &c 10.00

time Expence Settling & taking Care of farm &c 40.00


The above account Exhibited & allowed this 23rd day of July 1821

Ira Selby Surrogate

The Administrator exhibited an account of debts due from the estate which he says he has paid to the amount of $151.13

To paid Surrogate for settling & recording 1.00

time & expence to Canandaigua 1.50

Page 262

The Estate of Joseph Maynard in account with Joseph Maynard administrator & Deborah Maynard:

Cr. by amount of inventory 2175.08

Dr. to paid Moses Putney for Recpt 16.00

“ “ “ Moses Putney Do. 47.29

“ “ “ Henry Green Do. $2. Selden Williams Do. $2 4.00

“ “ “ Aaron Putney $5.75 Do. the same $4.50 9.75

“ “ “ A. Burnett $10.85 Asahel Morse both Recpts $10 20.85

“ “ “ Rouse Perry Recpt $4.50 Enoch Bordwell Do. 1.50 6.00

“ “ “ Buffom Harkness for Recpt 10.00

“ “ “ Leanard Torrey Do. 2.83

“ “ “ P. Woodworth Do. 24.82

“ “ “ John Maynard by note taken up 180.99

“ “ “ John Maynard for Recpt 5.56

“ “ “ John Maynard for Recpt on Note 51.04

“ “ “ John Maynard for Recpt on Note 228.26

“ “ “ Paul Rice on Note taken up 6.37

“ “ “ Reuben Green Order taken up 2.13

“ “ “ Joseph Maynard on Note taken up 115.22

“ “ “ Joseph Maynard on Note taken up 111.28

“ “ “ Joseph Maynard preciate Amt up to Sept 1815 99.23

“ “ “ paid Surrogate for Letter of Administration 2.50

“ “ “ time & Expence to Canandaguay with Bail &c 6.00

“ “ “ paid Doct. Harkness 7.40

“ “ “ E. French for cuting grain 1.00

“ “ “ time & Expences allowed the administrators

in settling the estate 16.64

allowance to widow 40.00

time & Expences to settle with Surrogate 1.50

paid Surrogate for Recording & Settling 2.00


Inventory brought over $2175.08


In the hands of the administrators $1154.44

The above accounts Exhibited accompanied with proper Vouchers & allowed November 5th 1821

Ira Selby Surrogate

Page 271

The Estate of George Brown Deceased in Account with Sarah Brown Administratrix:

By amount of inventory $5586.24

Dr. to paid Surrogate for Letter 2.50

“ “ Expences in taking out Letter &c 5.00

“ “ paid appraisers 2.00

“ “ paid for Swearing appraisers .25

“ “ United States bonds to J.C. Spencer for Recpt 136.28

“ “ James Bogart for recpt 20.00

“ “ H.H. Bogart for recpt 20.00

“ “ Amount due on Bond & Mortgage to

John Bedoe 24th September 1821 7001.08


Page 272

The Estate of George Wheeler in account with the Administratrix:

Cr. By amount of Inventory $307.85

Clothing of Deceased not included

Dr. to paid Surrogate for Letter &c 2.50

Paid Babcock & Buel for appraising 2.00

time & Expences to Canandaigua with Bail 4.00

time and expences Returning Inventory 2.00

Allowed administratrix time & expence settling 5.00

paid John Powell by Note taken up 2.70

Eleanor Wheeler by Note taken up 52.30

Amasa Holden for Recpt 10.00

paid Andrew Oliver for Recpt 11.89

paid S.S. Elsworth on account 38.00

paid Ephraim Wheeler by Note taken up & Recpt 193.65

allowance to the Widow 50.00


allowed for time & Expence settling

with Surrogate 2.00

paid Surrogate for Settling & Rendering 1.00