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Yates County Surrogate Court Records 1823-1925

Names in Probate and Guardianship Packets

Packets 221-224

221A/1 Edwards Ella (GDN)
  Edwards Dennis W.
  Edwards Dennis W. Sr.
  Taylor Frances (Edwards)
  Edwards Frances
  Taylor Leon R.
221A/2 Taylor Frances (Edwards) (GDN)
  Edwards Frances (GDN)
  Edwards Dennis W.
  Edwards Dennis W. Sr.
  Edwards Ella
  Taylor Leon R.
221A/3 Hurford Helen A. (GDN)
  Hurford William
  Hurford Nellie A.
  Hurford Mildred A.
  Hurford Henry dec'd
  Ansley W.M.
221A/4 Hurford Mildred A. (GDN)
  Hurford William
  Hurford Helen A.
  Hurford Henry dec'd
  Hurford Nellie A.
  Ansley W.M.
221B/1 Holly Erastus R.*
  Holly Eliza A.
  Holly Edgar J.
  Holly Clinton Erastus
  Horn Estella M. (Holly)
  Holly Estella M.
221B/2 Shaw Lucinda*
  Shaw Allen E.
  Shaw James H.
  Shaw Jessie Georgia
  Covert Abram A.
  Covert Archie Eugene
  Gladding Carrie M.
  Gladding Nathan B.
  Gladding Charles A.
  Gladding Mary E.S. (Shaw) dec'd
  Shaw Mary E.S. dec'd
  Hazen Horatio N.
  Hazen Carrie M. (Shaw)
  Shaw Carrie M.
221B/3 Henderson Mary*
  Henderson William A.
  Henderson Matthew dec'd
  Harris Mary J. (Henderson)
  Henderson Mary J.
  Sherwood Margaret S. (Henderson)
  Henderson Margaret S.
221C/1 Hurford Henry*
  Hurford Nellie A.
  Hurford Helen A.
  Hurford Mildred A.
  Hurford James A. dec'd
221C/2 Davis Mary E. Beers*
  Beers Mary E.*
  Beers Oscar A.
  Spencer Jean M. (Beers)
  Beers Jean M.
  Long Mary E. (Beers)
  Beers Mary E.
221C/3 Ketchum Anna S. (Simpson)*
  Simpson Anna S.*
  Simpson Nathaniel
  Simpson Robert
  Bodine Frank
221C/4 Covel Waid B.*
  Covel Margaret
  Covel Florence
221D/1 O'Brien James*
  O'Brien Mary
  O'Brien James
  O'Brien Michael
  O'Brien Nora
221D/2 Lane Mary E.*
  Lane Fred R.
  Lane Greyson W.
  Burgess Minnie (Lane)
  Lane Minnie
221D/3 Orr Loren L. (GDN)
  Orr Elsie L.
  Northrup Lina B. (Orr)
  Orr Lina B.
221D/4 Orr Elsie L. (GDN)
  Orr Loren L.
  Northrup Lina B. (Orr)
  Orr Lina B.
221D/5 Hayes Blanche E. (GDN)
  Hayes George A.
  Groden Bertha (Hayes)
  Hayes Bertha
  Goodspeed James C.
221D/6 Connell Harry D. (GDN)
  Downs Annie
  Joslyn Mary
  Fitzpatrick William J.
  Connell James
221E/1 Grady Mary*
  Grady John T.
  Grady Katherine
  Grady Edward
  Townsend Mary (Grady)
  Grady Mary
221E/2 Hazard Emmett*
  Hazard James H.
  Hazard George
  Tuthill Harry
  Norris John
  Norris Sarah (Hazard) dec'd
  Hazard Sarah dec'd
221E/3 Orr Sarah A.*
  Orr Seward
  Orr Loren L.
  Orr Elsie L.
  Northrup Lina B. (Orr)
  Orr Lina B.
  Caple Pearl (Orr)
  Orr Pearl
221E/4 Sturdevant M. Alice (GDN)
  Dibble A.J.
  Dibble Ada D.
  Hill Mrs. ----
  Goodspeed James C.
  Sturdevant Harlan P. dec'd
221E/5 Wheeler Olive T.*
  Wheeler Olive May
  Wheeler Mildred Louise
  Wheeler Theodore Frederick
222A/1 Rozelle Jennie (Chisholm)*
  Chisholm Jennie*
  Chisholm Israel B.
  Rozelle James dec'd
222A/2 Snyder William*
  Snyder Hester A. dec'd
  Snyder Howard D.
222A/3 Sturdevant Harlan P.*
  Sturdevant M. Alice
222B/1 Wyman Whitford B.*
  Wyman George S.
  Wyman Burnett W.
  Wyman Frank
  Wyman Rachel H.
  Voorhees Sarah B. (Wyman)
  Wyman Sarah B.
  Lackner Mary R. (Wyman)
  Wyman Mary R.
222B/2 Guile Ransom*
  Guile Earl
  Guile Orren
  Wortman Nellie (Guile)
  Guile Nellie
  Denniston Ernest
  Kelly Jane (Guile)
  Guile Jane
222B/3 Adams Gordon (GDN)
  Adams Isaac M.
  Adams David D.
  Adams Alida E.
  Adams Edwin S.
  Adams Jane A. dec'd
222B/4 Adams Jennie (GDN)
  Adams Gordon
  Adams Isaac M.
  Adams David D.
  Adams Edward S.
  Adams Alida E.
  Adams Jane A. dec'd
222C/1 Dorsey Blanche A. (GDN)
  Dorsey Jeremiah
222C/2 Rose Robert L.*
  Rose Eleanor L.
  Rose Frances S.
  Rose Oswald J.C.
  Zimmerman Mary Elizabeth (Rose)
  Rose Mary Elizabeth
222C/3 Ansley Lawrence D. (GDN)
  Ansley Mina S.
  McKelvie Cora E. (Ansley)
  Ansley Cora E.
  Dorman Dudley dec'd
222D/1 Vosburgh Lyman*
  Vosburgh Charles F.
  Vosburgh Hazel A.
  Vosburgh Kendrick dec'd
  Vosburgh Helen M.
  Johnson Kendrick E.
  Johnson Norman
  Johnson ---- (Vosburgh) dec'd
  Vosburgh ---- dec'd
222D/2 Taylor David D.*
  Douglass Pearl
  Douglass Andrew H.
  Douglass Clarence
  Douglass Lena
  Douglass Katherine
  Douglass Wilson
  Douglass Jennie (Taylor) dec'd
  Taylor Jennie dec'd
  Wilson Della (Taylor)
  Taylor Della
222D/3 Sayre Nathan W.*
  Sayre Frank H.
  Sayre Angie Esther
  Weaver Ida L. (Sayre)
  Sayre Ida L.
222E/1 Morris Walter*
  Morris Frank W.
  Gelder Lovisa
  Gelder Belle (Morris)
  Morris Belle
222E/2 Pettingill Ellen*
  Pettingill Melvin
  Pettingill Sidney
  Pettingill Wilmer
  Pettingill Fred H.
  Haight Sarah F. (Pettingill)
  Pettingill Sarah F.
  Dense Melissa (Pettingill)
  Pettingill Melissa
  Gilbert Flora (Pettingill)
  Pettingill Flora
  Brewer Ella (Pettingill)
  Pettingill Ella
223A/1 Read Austin*
  Read Elizabeth G.
  Read Deforest E.
  Read C. Maud
  Thomburn Nevada Read (Lane)
  Lane Nevada Read
  Lane Nevada (Read)
  Read Nevada
223A/2 Raplee Mary E.*
  Raplee Louisa
  Raplee Joshua H.
  Raplee Clarence D.
  Raplee George T.
  Raplee Adelbert H.
223A/3 Rippey William E.*
  Rippey Chloe L.
  Denniston Albina Ette (Rippey)
  Rippey Albina Ette
223B/1 Wixson Margaret (Swarthout)*
  Swarthout Margaret*
  Disbrow Ogden
  Disbrow Hobart
  Disbrow Lyman
  Disbrow Amanda (Swarthout) dec'd
  Swarthout Amanda dec'd
  Merrill George
  Merrill Edna
  Merrill Morgan
  Merrill Charlotte (Swarthout) dec'd
  Swarthout Charlotte dec'd
  Horton Bert
  Price Lyda (Horton)
  Horton Lyda
  Wixon Myrtie (Horton)
  Horton Myrtie
  Swarthout George
  Swarthout Minor
  Swarthout Asa
  Swarthout Robert
  Swarthout Frank
  Lee Sarah (Swarthout)
  Swarthout Sarah
  Bridgman Cora (Merrill)
  Merrill Cora
  Norris Maggie (Merrill)
  Merrill Maggie
  Lee William
  Swarthout Birdsall dec'd
  Swarthout Lorenzo dec'd
  Swarthout Alonzo dec'd
  Horton Susan (Swarthout) dec'd
  Swarthout Susan dec'd
223B/2 Moore Catherine M.*
  Moore Harry C.
  Moore Ormind L.
  Moore Fred
223C/1 Stannard Mary A.*
223C/2 Miller Calvin (GDN)
  Miller Emma B.
  Miller Frank dec'd
  Miller Frederick
223C/3 Miller Frederick (GDN)
  Miller Emma B.
  Miller Calvin
  Miller Frank dec'd
223C/4 Sprague Lucy Jane*
  Sprague Delos E.
223D/1 Peckins Myron*
  Peckins Byron E.
  Lockwood Ione A. (Peckins)
  Peckins Ione A.
223D/2 Wheeler Jeannette E.*
  Wheeler Carlton
  Thayer Minerva (Wheeler)
  Wheeler Minerva
  Freeman Adelia (Wheeler)
  Wheeler Adelia
  Capell Catherine E. (Wheeler)
  Wheeler Catherine E.
223E/1 Murphy Thomas*
  Murphy Margaret
  Murphy Bernard
223E/2 Green Margaret M.*
  Green William N.
  Conklin Mary Ann
  Millard Ella T.
223E/3 Ward Willard C.*
  Ward Lizzie A.
  Ward Loren D.
  Rector Lizzie A. Ward