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St John's Evangelical Lutheran Church

Potter, Yates County NY
Baptisms 1880-1888

1881 continued by W.C.L. Lauer, pastor

310. Hey, Albert Philip
        born 17 May 1881
        baptised 13 June 1881 at parents' house
        father Michael Hey
        mother Magdalena born Burg
        sponsors Martin Weber and Salomea Fenner


311. Schweickhard, Alfred Philip
        born 7 July 1880
        baptised 10 July 1881
        father Benj. Schweickhard
        mother Jesta Strauss
        sponsors L. Werlv, H. Lazarus, Margaret Werly, Magd. Thiele

312. Martz, Magdalena
        born May 29, 1880; baptised July 10, 1881
        father Michael Martz
        mother Eva Schweickhard
        sponsors Ph. Nageldinger, Jac. Schmitt, Mag. Thiele, Elizabeth Lazarus

313. Kindelberger, Charles Louis, son of Fred. Kindelberger, and his wife Emma born
        Werly, born Jan. 28th 1881, bapt. July 17th 1881. Sponsors: Louis Werly, Fred. Oswald, Mrs. Salome Ketterer, Caroline Oswald.

314. Reifstick, Mamie, daughter of Philip Reifstick and wife Emma J. Tomion, was born
        Sept. 24th 1870, bapt. Sept. 14th 1881. The parents were sponsors.

315. Reifstick, Stella, daughter of Philip Reifstick and wife Elizabeth Tomion, born
        July 27th 1879, bapt. Sept. 11th 1881. Parents were sponsors.

316. Tomion, Samuel, son of Nathan Tomion and wife Salome Bergstresser, born May 21st, 1871 bapt.
Sept. 11th 1881. The mother was sponsor.

317. Tomion, John Andrew, son of Nathan Tomion and wife Salome Bergstresser, was
born June 2nd 1873, bapt. Sept. 11th 1881. The mother was sponsor.

318. Oswald, George Benjamin, son of Philip Oswald and wife Caroline Adam, was born June 22nd 1881,
Oct. 16th 1881.  Sponsors:  Louis Oswald, Fred'ck Adam, Salome Frey, Cathrine Oswald.
                                                     W.C.L. Lauer

319. Oswald, Frank Edward, son of Frederick Oswald and his wife Cathrine Bergstresser, was born
Feb. 11th 188l in Potter, Yates Co., N.Y. and baptised Nov 13th 1881 in the church. Sponsors:  Henry
Seidel, Benjaimn Schweickhard, Caroline Oswald, Hannah Bergstresser.
                                                                  W.C.L. Lauer

320. Schweickhard, Adora Christina, daughter of John B. Schweickhard and his wife Amelia Hertel,
was born July 28th, 1881 in Potter, Yates Co., and baptised Dec. 11th 1881 at the house of John B.
Schweickhard.  Sponsors were:  John Hertel, Mrs. Hannah Bergstresser, Mrs. Salome Schweickhard.
                                                W.C.L. Lauer


321. Koehler, Franklin Ira, son of Frederick Koehler and his wife Louisa Hermann, was born June
24th 1881 in Potter, Yates Co., N.Y. and baptised Dec. 25th 1881 at the home of the parents in
Potter, N.Y. Sponsors were: Albert Lazarus, Jacob Koehler, Caroline Faulstick, Salome Smith.

322. Oswald, David Allen, son of Louis Oswald and his wife Mary Ann Ketterer, was born Sept. 2nd
1881 in Potter, Yates Co., N.Y.  baptised Jan. 12th 1882 at the home of the parents.  The parents
were sponsors.
                                                    W.C.L.    Lauer

323. Hertel, Alma May, daughter of John N. Hertel and his wife Cathrine Bly, was born    November
16th 1880 and baptised on the 5th of March 1882, at the parsonage. The parents were
sponsors.   W.C.L. Lauer.

324. Werly, Lavinia, daughter of Michael Werly and his deceased wife Hattie Mclntire was born July
6th 1867 and baptised March 8th 1882 at the parsonage. Witnesses were her school companions viz:
Caroline Heyne (?).       W.C.L.L.

325. Ellen Isabelle Raymond, illegitimate daughter of Louisa Herrmann, now Koehler, was born May
28th 1866, bapt. March 8th 1882.  Witnesses were same as above.  W.C.L.L.

326. Zimmerman, Karl Heinrich, son of August Zimmerman and his wife Maria Buchert, of Geneva, N.Y.,
was born Sept. 25th 1878, baptised January 20th 1882.  The sponsors were the parents and Louis Frey.

327. Lazarus, Calvin Augustus, son of Albert Lazarus and his wife Alice, born a Kohler, was born May 10th 1882 in Benton N.Y. baptised July 9th 1882. Sponsors: Geo. Kohler, Fred. Seidel, Kate Oswald, Salome Seidel.

328. Seidel, Mabe1 May, daughter of Henry Seidel and wife Christine Lazarus, was born March 14th 1882 in Potter N.Y. baptised May 14th 1882. Sponsors:  William Seidel and Hattie Seidel.

329. Lauer, Grace Agnes, daughter of W.C.L. Lauer and wife M.C. Schneider, was born June 12th, 1882 in Potter, N.Y. baptised July 23rd 1882. Sponsors C.H. Lauer, C. Schneider.

330. Wettling Grace Agnes, daughter of Geo. Wettling and wife Caroline born Lazarus, was born July 15th 1882 in Potter N.Y. baptised October 22d. 1882. Sponsors: Louis Schnepf, Wm. Seidel, Hellen Ketterer, Hattie Seidel.

331. Walter, Lenora, daughter of Alonzo Walter and wife Hellen Lazarus, was born May 24th 1876,
baptised December 24th 1882.  Sponsors: Cathrine Lazarus and Hellen Walter.

332. Walter, Daniel, son of Alonzo Walter and wife Hellen Lazarus, was born Oct. 18th 1880.
baptised Dec. 24th 1882.  Spons. Cathrine Lazarus and Hellen Walter.


333. Werly, Hattie, daughter of Michael Werly and wife Hattie McIntire deceased, was born April
26th 1869, baptised March 17th 1883. witnesses School Scholars.

334. Reifstick, William C. son of Frederick Reifstick and wife Sarah Campbell, was born December
19th 1882 in Gorham, N.Y. baptised May 20th 1883.  Sponsors Frederick Oswald and Magdalena

335. Frey Melissa daughter of Eugene O. Frey and wife Susan Werly was born December 9th 1882 in
Potter N.Y. baptised June 24th 1883 Spons. Michael Werly and the parents.

336. Faulstich Laura Elizabeth, daughter of Philip Faulstich and wife Caroline Ketterer, was born
November 8th l882 in Benton, N.Y. baptised June 24th 1883.  Sponsors Geo. Ketterer sen. Geo. Kohler,
Salome Ketterer, Mrs. Mary A. Kohler.

337. Albert Laurenski Christensen, son of Christian Christensen and wife Mina Jourgens, was born
May 16th 1883 in Benton, N.Y. bapt. August 5th 1883.  Sponsors: Fred. Larson, Fred Nurgaard, Julia
Johania Nurgard.

338. Albert Heinrich Kindelberger, son of Friedrich Kindelberger and his wife Emma C. Werly, was
born 25 April 1883 in Gorham, N.Y.. baptised 2 September 1883.  Sponsors: Albert H. Kohler, Louis
Kindelberger, Alice Lazarus, Julia Werly.

339. Llewellen J. Oswald, son of Louis Oswald and his wife Mary A. Ketterer, was born 11 April 1883
and baptised 27 September 1883.  Sponsors: the parents.

340. Mary Ellen Oswald, daughter of Louis Oswald and his wife Maria A. Ketterer, was born 11 April
1883 and baptised 27 September 1883.  Sponsors: the parents.

341. Anna Rosa Nageldinger, daughter of Philip Nageldinger and his wife Catharina born Adam, was
born 26 July 1883 in Benton and baptised 30 September 1883.  Sponsors: Ph. Kindelberger, Barbara
Oswald, Friedrich Kuntz and Angelina Wayand.

342. Julius Rosells Hey, son of Martin Hey and his wife Louisa born Wayand, was born 16 April 1883
and baptised 30 September 1883. The parents were Sponsors.

343.Clara May Kohler, daughter of Friedrich Kohler and his wife Louisa born Hermann, was born 16
March 1883 in Potter and baptised 14 October 1883.  Sponsors: Michael Hermann, Daniel Kohler,
Lizzie Sattler, Alice Bergstresser.

344. William S. Adam, son of Friedrich Adam and his wife Caroline born Stape, was born 15 August
1883 and baptised 18 November 1883.  Sponsors: Henry Stape, Conrad Becker, Carolina Oswald, M.C.

345. Ernest Andrew Oswald, son of Friedrich Oswald and his wife Catharina born Bergstresser, was
born 26 July 1883 and baptised 16 March 1884.  Sponsors: William Oswald, Alice Bergstresser.

346. Bender, ----- Aurelia, daughter of H.C. Bender and his wife Emma born Kohler, was born 1 November 1883 and baptised 23 March 1884. Sponsors: Carolina Bender, Eliza Kohler, F. Seidel.

347. Bergstresser, Albert Augustus, son of H.P. Bergstresser and his wife Margaretha, was born 3 August 1883 and baptised 23 March 1884. Sponsors: Alb. Lazarus, Wm. Oswald, Carol. Tomion, Carol. Oswald.

348. Schweikhard, Bertha Salome, daughter of John. B. Schweikhard and his wife Emilie born Hertel, was born 7 December 1883 and baptised 30 March 1884. Sponsors: W.H. Hertel, Geo. Bergstresser, Maria Lazarus, Julie Werly.

349. Seidel, Rebecca Naomi, daughter of Heinrich Seidel and his wife Christina born Lazarus, was born 13 March 1884 and baptised 20 April 1884. Sponsors: Alfred Seidel, Elenora Wettling, Carrie Seidel.

350. Finger, Sarah Elizabeth, daughter of Wm. Finger and wife Emma S born a Ketterer, was born the 20 March 1884. baptised October 20, 1884. Sponsors: Mrs E. Ketterer and the mother.

351. Werly Henry Louis, son of Phil. Werly and wife Sarah born a Goodsell, born November 1st, 1884, bapt. December 7th 1884. Sponsors: Mart. Fenner, John Werly, Alice Lazarus, Emma Lazarus.

352. Kohler, Alma Barbara Ann, daughter of Albert H. Kohler and wife Marianna Hermann, born February 26th 1884 bapt. May 25 1884. Sponsors: the parents.

353. Hermann Dora Angeline, daughter of Philip Hermann and wife Caroline Wayand, born January 25, 1885. in Potter, N.Y. baptised March 8th 1885. Sponsers: Martin Fenner, Michael Hermann, Susan Wayand, Carrie Hey.

354. Charles Alvin, son of George D. and Mary Ann Lazarus, born April 6th 1885 in Potter, N.Y.
Baptised June 28th 1885.  Sponsors: Daniel Lazarus, Salome Frey.
                                           A.J. Heissler, pastor.

[Baptismal Register]

355. Henriette Stella, daughter of Ludwig Oswald and Maria born Ketterer, born 11 Mai 1885.
The parents were sponsors.

356. Karl Ludwig, son of Philipp Nageldinger and Katharina born Adam, born 17 June 1885.
Sponsors: Friedrich Adam and Karolina born Staep.

357.Cora E ----, daughter of Louis Schnepp and Louise born Wild   , born 20 April 1885.
Sponsors: Jacob and Louise J. Wild and Mary Becker.

358. Georg Wilhelm, son of Jakob Schmidt and K---- born Schweickhardt, born 29 March 1885.
Sponsors: Philipp and Katharina Oswald and Georg Bohle.

                                                Baptised 18 October 1885 by pastor L. N_______

[two pages of German text follow]

[Baptismal Register]

359. Baptised 1 November 1885 ---- -----
father: William H. Hertel
mother: Julia F. Hertel born Werley
Child born June 29, 1885
Baptised ---- ---- ----- ----- ------ George Marion Hertel
                Sponsors: George Bergstresser, Michael Berge (?), Emma Kindelberger, Amelia
                                        pastor H. Thd. Duensing

360. Baptised -------------------- 21 January 1886
father: George Herrmann
mother: Mary Hermann, born Wayand
Child born 20 September 1885
Baptised ---- ---- ----- ----- with the name Clarence Herrmann.
Sponsors: parents and pastor Duensing
                        pastor H. Thd. Duensing
                        presented with $2 for the holy act

361. [Baptismal Register]  19 March1886
father: Phillip L. Werly
mother: Sarah Werly born Goodsell
child: Maud May born 19 January 1886
baptised: [German text] 19 March 1886 with the name Maud May Werly
sponsors: Henry Seidel jr, Hattie Seidel, Potter, N.Y.
                                            pastor H.Thd. Duensing
                                                      presented with $2.00 for the Holy act

362. Baptised ------ 22 July 1886
Bertha Irene Bergstresser born 22 July 1885
daughter of Henry and Margret Bergstresser born Hermann
(50 cts.)              [German text]

[an illegible entry follows]

363. Baptism at the parsonage
3d Sunday in Advent, December 12 1886.
Father's name: Philip H. Faulstich
Mother' s name: Caroline F. born Ketterer
Child born: 7th of July 1886
Name: Berta Irena
Sponsors:  Henry Ketterer and Elizabeth Herrmann, also Mrs. Faulstich
  $1.00 (?)                                 H.Thi. Duensing, Pastor

                               A.D. 1887

[illegible entries follow]

364. ------------ 3rd July ----------------- Georg and Marie Lazarus born Frey born 9th May 1887
named Clarence Ernest, Sponsors: Mr. Frey, Mr. Fred. Oswalds, Mrs. Daniel Lazaaus, Mrs.
Schweikhardt born Hertel. Pastor H. Thd. Duensing

365. October 16 1887
Paul Amandus Oswald, son of Fredrick Oswald and Catharina born Bergstresser., son born 22 January,
1887, -- ------- ---------- , Henry and Caroline ------- ----------.
                                                        H.Thd. Duensing, Pastor

366. November 6th, -------- 22d ---- ---- Bessey Elizabeth Eleanora Werley, daughter of Philip
Werley and Sarah born Geatsedel born 9th October 1887 -------- --- ----------- --------------.
Sponsors:  ---------- and Laura Seidel born Werley --- Fenner. ---- ---- in Benton
                                    Pastor H. Thd. Duensing

367. ---------------- and ----------- 4 Dec. 1887 ----------- 2nd Sunday in Advent. Helene
Bohle, daughter of Georg Bohle and Caroline Jane born Peck: daughter was born ------ April 1886.
Sponsors: Jacob Kindelburger and Frau Catharina Griswald , Frau Phil Oswald.
                                                                Pastor H. Thd. Deunsing

368. ---------- and ------------- 4 Decb. 1887., Emma Magdalena Schmidt daughter of Jacob Schmidt
and Catharina born Schweickhardt. Daughter born 5th June 1887. Sponsors: -------
                                                                Pastor H. Thd. Duensing

369. parents: George and Mary Herrmann, Benton
child born: 8th February 1888
child baptised: 20th May 1888
------ ------- --------- Potter, Yates Co., N.Y.  H. Th. Duensing, pastor
name: Sarah Louisa Hermann
the parents were sponsors

370. parents: Henry and Jane Seidel, born Lazarus
child born: 2 May 1888
baptised: 27 May, Sunday, 1888
Name: Amos Cornelius
sponsors: Henry Seidel and Laura Seidel, brother and sister
May God bless and protect this child to their greatest joy and comfort in their -------  ----------.

371. parents: Philip and Catharina Nageldinger, born Adam
child born: 7 February 1888
baptised: Sunday morning 10 June 1888
name: Gustav Adolph
sponsors: the parents
Church of the Lutheran Elsasser Congregation H.Th. Duensing, pastor
Potter, Yates Co., N.Y.    July 26, 1888

Baptismal Register
372. 1880, 8 February. Florenze Emilie, born 21 December 1879
parents: Heinrich Seidel and his wife Christina born Lazarus
sponsors: Ludwig Seidel of Penn Yan and Mis Emily (of Potter twp) Lazarus
                        ------------ -------------- Pastor J. L. Raw, of Greenwood, Mi[ss?]

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