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1892 Census Index
County of Yates

Following are four pdf files, each containing part of a county-wide index to the 1892 New York State Census. The reference numbers following each name are either (a) the page number within the town; or (b) the election district/page number for each town. Which reference is used depends on the size of the town.

The census itself contains only the names of all members of the household, and whether or not each is a citizen; households are listed in groups, but there is no dwelling or household number to tell where each household begins and ends. On the other hand, it documents persons' presence in the town in a period when other county-wide records are scarce, and since there is no 1890 census surviving for Yates County, this makes a decent substitute.

Copies can be made by emailing the Historian's Office and requesting those you want. The cost is $1 a page plus postage.

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