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Yates County Cemetery Project
Part XI: Cemeteries of St. Michael's Parish, Penn Yan

St Michael's Cemetery, Single Graves: Notes

Single graves This is a small section to the east of Section D's southeast corner. It contains some reburials from the Old Cemetery.

The name of the section would seem to indicate that there are no large plots here, though some family groups are buried adjacent to one another.

As in the other sections, names were added from the parish interment records, as well as from early civil death records where it seemed appropriate.


St Michael's Cemetery, Single Graves: Burials

Ayers Herbert


Burdick Kenneth J. 1967 Dec 25 B1941 Mar 8
Burke Arthur M. 1966 Mar 18 B1916 May 29 WWII NY 1323d Svc Comd Unit
Butler Harry 1964 May 18 B1905 May 30
Butler Martin V. [1917 Jun 14] [D ae 68] Civil War Co 1148th NY
Cahill Anna 1888 Jan 27 D ae 90 [b Ireland] w/o Michael Cahill
Clemence Rosa 1924 [Feb 23] B1841 [mother of Mrs. Gansert]
Conley Anna McGuinness 1895 Feb 27 B1858 Jan 23 [Yatas Co] w/o Isaac J. Conley [Patrick McGuinness plot]
Connell Alice [D.] 1913 [Oct 23] B1858 [d ae 54/10 PY d/o Philip & Alice Cohall Connell] [far NE corner of cemetery]
D'Amico Nicole 1909 Apr 3 B1904 Apr 23
Davis Revere S. 1932 [Nov 26] B1910
Delguidice Andrew 1930 [Aug 18] B1919
Depew Marie K. [Burke] 1968 B1915 [w/o Melburne Depew] [adj Moscaritos]
Depew Melburne C. 1971 B1916 [adj Moscaritos]
Dewey Alice Butler 1966 Aug 16 B1897 Jul 28
Doyle John [1899 Jan 11] [D old age b Ireland] Civil War Co D 6th NY Cav
Faustine Joseph 1956 B1870
Fitzgerald Josephine 1962 B1886 [adj Harrises]
Gavin Thomas m m
Gigliello Maria Rosa 1911 Apr 6 [D ae 20 days PY d/o Felice & Vincenza Nici Gigliello]
Harris Julie Ann 1963 May 7 [Adj Michael S. Harris]
Harris Michael Scott 1960 Dec 29 [Adj Julie A Harris]
McCarty Cornelius 1896 [Nov 19] B1825 [Ireland]
McCarty Mary 1892 [Mar 2] B1827 [Ireland] w/o Cornelius McCarty
McGuinness Alice 1917 [Oct 13] B1831 [PY] [Patrick McGuinness plot]
McGuinness James 1932 [Nov 21] B1861 [Patrick McGuinness plot]
McGuinness James # 1888 Jun 17 D ae 3 months Benton s/o James & Kate McGuinness [town record]
McGuinness Jennie 19-- B1867 [Patrick McGuinness plot]
McGuinness Patrick 1898 [Oct 2] B1832 [Ireland] [Patrick McGuinness plot]
Moonin Michael 1901 Feb 18 D ae 85
Moran Leo 1954 Jun 8 B1891 Jan 19 WWI NY US Army
Moscarito Andrew J. 1978 B1907 [adj Depews]
Moscarito Anna Mae [Burke] 1968 B1917 [w/o Andrew J. Moscarito]
Mullins Joan M. 1981 Jul 11 B1937 Apr 1
Nasco Salvatore 1912 Dec 15 D ae 49 [b Italy]
Nasco Stefane # 1905 Mar 8 D ae 11 months ch/o Salvatore & Geusippa Brelkanter Nasco
Oswell Joseph 1941 B1868
Pigott Thomas E. 1955 Apr 4 B1887 May 16 WWI NY US Army
Pusey Lea 1916 May 19 B1863 Jul 4 [Philadelphia]
Schumann Ellen W. 1927 B1860 "Mother"
Sisson Anna B. 1964 B1898 [w/o Clinton P. Sisson] [Sisson plot]
Sisson Clinton [Jr.] 1957 Nov 2 B1931 Jul 10 Korean War NY US Army [Sisson plot]
Sisson Clinton P. 1953 B1899 [Sisson plot]
Versage Dominico 1912 [Jan 20] B1876 [Italy]
Versage Rosa m W/o Dominico Versage
Visalli Barbara Jean B1954 Feb 9 [stone partially buried]
Whalen Thomas 1888 Jun 3 D ae 50 [Ireland]
Whalen William [1889 Oct 4] [D ae 63 b Ireland] Civil War Co F 50th NY Engineers

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