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Yates County Cemetery Project
Part XI: Cemeteries of St. Michael's Parish, Penn Yan

St Michael's Cemetery, Section D: Notes

Section D This section is uphill and north of Section A, within the loop of the driveway; and like the latter contains some reburials from the Old Cemetery on Cherry Street.

There are many large family plots in this section, and they are so indicated on the list, though these notes do not of course refer to actual lot ownership. They are included here only to show relationships.

Names were added from the parish's interment records and from early civil death records where it seemed appropriate.

St Michael's Cemetery, Section D: Burials

Aber Elizabeth S. 1985 B1893, wife of Floyd J. Aber
Aber Floyd J. 1966 B1890
Agan Daniel [T.] 1899 [Feb 23] B1863 [in Ireland, son of John & Sarah Agan] [Agan monument]
Agan Ellen C. 1951 B1870 [wife of James T. Agan] [Agan monument]
Agan infant # 1899 Jan 27 Died age 3 months in Penn Yan, child of Dan & Rosa Agan
Agan James T. 1944 B1867 [Agan monument]
Agan John 1891 [Feb 25] B1825 [in Ireland] [Agan monument]
Agan John M. 1884 [Jun 29] B1861 [son of John & Sarah Agan] [Agan monument]
Agan Katherine 1941 B1860 [wife of Daniel Agan] [Agan monument]
Agan Lillian E. 1953 B1863 [wife of William P. Agan] [Agan monument]
Agan Mary A. 1941 B1858 [wife of John M. Agan] [Agan monument]
Agan Sarah J[ames] 1887 [Nov 23] B1833 [wife of John Agan & daughter of William James] [Agan monument]
Agan William P. 1912 B1865 [Agan monument]
Amatelli Santina 1948 B1873
Arnold Darwin W. 1974 B1910 [Arnold/ Buckley plot]
Arnold Winifred m B1920 [wife of Darwin W. Arnold] [Arnold/ Buckley plot]
Barnes Ann P. 1971 B1894 [wife of George D. Barnes]
Barnes George D. 1960 B1885
Barone Joseph C. 1960 B1881
Barone Martha J. 1975 B1897 [wife of Joseph C. Barone]
Barrow William O. 1952 B1878
Barry Bernard V. # 1892 Aug 15 Died age 30/6 in Penn Yan; born in Penn Yan, son of Patrick & Bridget Barry
Barry Bridget # 1910 Feb 24 Died age 78, born in Ireland
Barry Bridget # 1910 Jan 28 Died in Penn Yan, daughter of John & ? Brady Barry
Barry Catherine McGrath 1948 B1860, wife of Patrick Barry [Barry monument]
Barry Helen E. 1984 B1894, daughter of Patrick & Catherine Barry [Barry monument]
Barry Patrick 1900 [Jun 4] B1860 [in Ireland, son of Patrick & Bridget Barry] [Barry monument]
Barry Patrick # 1892 Jun 11 Died age 76, born in Ireland son of Luke & Mary Barry
Bartholomew Allen P. m B1888 [Colmey/ Costello plot]
Bartholomew John Allen # 1917 Jan 31 Infant, born in Penn Yan
Bartholomew Nellie Costello 1962 B1889, wife of Allen P. Bartholomew [Colmey/Costello plot]
Bates Catharine 1930 [Jul 19] B1862 [wife of Lawrence A. Bates] [Bates monument]
Bates Helen C. 1931 [Jul 24] B1882 [Bates monument]
Bates Lawrence A. 1936 B1859 [Bates monument]
Bates Lawrence C. m B1909 [Bates monument]
Bates Mary E. m B1915 [Bates monument]
Bernhardi Sarah Gavin 1974 B1880 [Martin Gavin plot]
Blake Margaret [1904 Mar 25] [Died age 10 months 16 days in Milo, daughter of James & Mary O'Kain Blake] [O'Kain plot]
Blake Mary O'Kain m [O'Kain plot]
Bordwell ---- # 1913 Oct 19 Died age 65; born in Ireland, wife of Thomas Bordwell
Bordwell Thomas 1930 [Mar 21] B1848
Boyd David Paris 1964 B1885 [John Hoban plot]
Boyd Mary Hoban 1983 B1896 [wife of David P. Boyd] [John Hoban plot]
Brady Ella m [Adjacent to Joseph Brady]
Brady  Joseph 1940 Jul 15 [Adjacent to Ella Brady]
Brown Mary C. 1967 B1887
Brumagim Freeman M. 1936 B1892 [James Clary plot]
Brumagim James 1922 [Nov 16] B1917 [James Clary plot]
Brumagim Mayme C. 1952 B1891 [wife of Freeman M. Brumagim] [James Clary plot]
Buckley Eunice Kelly # 1952 B1873, daughter of Margaret Kelly
Buckley Frederick H. 1955 B1886 [Arnold/Buckley plot]
Buckley Frederick H. 1984 Aug 25 B1919 Oct 30; WWII & Korean War: sgt., U.S. Marine Corps [Arnold/ Buckley plot]
Buckley Joseph M. 1961 B1883 [Arnold/ Buckley plot]
Buckley Margaret S. 1967 B1891 [wife of Frederick H. Buckley] [Arnold/ Buckley plot]
Buckley Mary R. 1979 B1894 [wife of Joseph M. Buckley] [Arnold/ Buckley plot]
Buckley Michael 1927 B1841 [Arnold/Buckley plot]
Buckley Morris S. # 1956 B1875
Buckley Winifred Hogan 1918 B1846, wife of Michael Buckley [Arnold/ Buckley plot]
Butler Charles Frederic # 1887 Mar 27 Died age 6 in Penn Yan, son of Martin & Mary Manley Butler
Butler George, Dr. 1955 B1898 [McNiff plot]
Butler James H. # 1912 Sep 6 Died age 48/3/2 in Penn Yan; born in Penn Yan, son of Lewis D. & Margery Manley Butler
Butler Katharine McNiff 1989 B1903; mother of George Jr, John, Bob & Noelle Butler [McNiff plot]
Butler Margery Manley # 1910 Mar 30 Died age 61/4/2 in Penn Yan, daughter of James & Bridget Tunney Manley
Butler Mary Manley # 1900 Mar 15 Died age 54 in Penn Yan, daughter of James & Bridget Manley
Cahill Anna 1953 B1879; "Daughter" [Sanderson monument]
Cahill Bartholomew # 1902 Mar 10 Died age 91 in Penn Yan, son of Michael & Margaret Cahill
Cahill Bridget Martin 1932 [Feb 7] B1848, wife of John Cahill [John Cahill monument]
Cahill Dolores C. 1973 B1910 [wife of John J. Cahill] [plot with John Cahill monument]
Cahill Francis 1912 B1893 [John Cahill monument]
Cahill Ida M. Peril # 1902 Sep 11 Died age 43 in Penn Yan, daughter of William D. & Ida Peril
Cahill James 1933 B1871 [John Cahill monument]
Cahill John 1908 B1837 [John Cahill monument]
Cahill John 1915 B1875 [John Cahill monument]
Cahill John J. 1952 B1906 [plot with John Cahill monument]
Cahill Margaret 1914 B1858 [John Cahill monument]
Cahill Margaret [Maggie] J. 1894 [Jan 11] B1873 [in Ireland, daughter of John & Bridget Cahill] [John Cahill monument]
Cahill Mary 1948 B1876 [John Cahill monument]
Cahill William D. 1900 [Jun 10] B1880 [died age 19/2/12 in Milo, son of John & Bridget Martin Cahill] [John Cahill monument]
Campbell Anna 1963 B1881 [O'Kain plot]
Carlin Anna 1933 [Mar 7] B1852 [wife of Hugh Carlin]
Carlin Hugh 1884 Aug 27 B1854 [Ireland]
[Carmody] Catherine [1912 Jun 22] [Died age 11 months 25 days in Penn Yan, daughter of Thomas & Margaret Caviston Carmody] [plot with Carmody monument]
[Carmody] Helen [1903 Jul 16] [Died age 8 months in Penn Yan, daughter of Thomas & Margaret Caviston Carmody] [plot with Carmody monument]
Carmody John [B.] 1893 [Jan 1] B1857 May 7 [in Penn Yan] [Carmody monument]
[Carmody] Margaret [1898 Mar 11] [Died age 11 months in Penn Yan; born in Penn Yan, daughter of Thomas & Maggie Caviston Carmody] [plot with Carmody monument]
Carmody Margaret Caviston 1911 Jul 14 [Died age 39/6/2 in Penn Yan, daughter of John C. & Margaret Earles Caviston] wife of Thomas Carmody [Carmody monument]
Carmody Mary [Connors] 1894 Oct 19 Died age 72, wife of Thomas Carmody [& daughter of Michael & Mary Connors] [Carmody monument]
Carmody Thomas 1887 Mar 9 Died age 62 [in Ireland, son of Thomas Carmody] [Carmody monument]
Carmody Thomas 1922 Jun 22 [Carmody monument]
Carmody Thomas Jr 1940 Dec 30 [Carmody monument]
Carpenter Daniel 1926 B1860
Carpenter Robert Paul 1985 B1916 [Quenan plot]
Carpenter Sarah 1955 B1866 [wife of Daniel Carpenter]
Carroll Ellen 1930 [Feb 24] [Died age 72] [Carroll plot]
Carroll Genevieve S. 1958 Mar 14 B1906 May 10 [Carroll plot]
Carroll Jeremiah E. 1966 Aug 2 B1895 Oct 10; WWI: NY, saddler, Co. G, 303rd Ammo Train [Carroll plot]
Carroll John B. 1953 Nov 7 B1887 Jun 8; WWI: NY, 6th Recruiting Squad AS [Carroll plot]
Carroll Julia H. 1946 May 19 B1890 Jan 18 [Carroll plot]
Carroll Mary E. 1967 Jun 13 B1885 Feb 10 [Carrol] plot]
Carroll Thomas F. 1960 Sep 28 B1892 Jul 10: WWI: NY, sgt., Battery E, 307th Field Artillery [Carroll plot]
Carroll Thomas S. 1916 [Apr 19] B1843 [in Ireland] [Carroll plot]
Cassin Anthony 1902 B1826 [Cassin monument]
Cassin John A. 1944 B1872 [Cassin monument]
Cassin Mary W. 1929 B1837 [wife of Anthony Cassin] [Cassin monument]
Cassin Nellie F. 1948 B1870 [wife of John A. Cassin] [Cassin monument]
Cawley Bridget M. 1918 B1832 [wife of James Cawley] [Cawley plot]
Cawley James 1913 [Dec 10] B1833 [died age 80 in Milo, son of Mathew & Ann Barawn Cawley] [Cawley plot]
Cawley Thomas 1943 B1873 [Cawley plot]
Chester Barbara J. 1990 Aug 18 B1930 Oct 6
Chrzanowski Walter 1948 B1919
Cincotta Alice 1936 B1891, wife of Antonio Cincotta [Cincotta plot]
Cincotta Angelina # 1921 Feb 3 Died age 5 days, born in Penn Yan
Cincotta Antonio 1950 B1888 [Cincotta plot]
Cincotta infant # 1925 Oct 29 Son of Anthony & Alice Cincotta
Cincotta infant # 1917 Jul 16 Died age 1 day, born in Penn Yan
Cincotta Michael 1986 Apr 30 B1910 Oct 7; WWII: cm2, U.S. Navy [Cincotta plot]
Cipolla Dominick 1934 B1877 [Serefine plot]
Clancy John 1909 B1855
Clancy Margaret Scarlet 1917 B1860, wife of John Clancy
Clary Barbara 1939 B1860 [James Clary plot]
Clary Francis J. 1944 B1895; [WWI:] Penn., U.S. Army [James Clary plot]
Clary James 1931 B1860 [James Clary plot]
Clary William M. 1961 B1893 [James Clary plot]
Clifford Ada E. 1980 B1910 [adjacent to Bernard P. Clifford]
Clifford Bernard P. 1945 B1945 [adjacent to Ada E. Clifford]
Colmey Augustine J. 1961 B1890 [Colmey/ Costello plot]
Colmey Jane Costello 1973 B1893 [wife of Augustine J. Colmey] [Colmey/ Costello plot]
Colmey John III 1944 B1922, son of Augustine J. Colmey; [WWII:] U.S. Army Air Force, lost at sea [Colmey/Costello plot]
Corcoran J[ames] W. 1931 [Apr 2] B1873 [S. S. Corcoran plot]
Corcoran John [1906 Nov 10] m
Corcoran P. F. 1938 B1900 [S. S. Corcoran plot]
Corcoran S. S. 1938 B1870 [S. S. Corcoran plot]
Costello Ann A. m [Costello plot]
Costello Anna B. m [Costello plot]
Costello Charles E. 1918 [Apr 9] B1891 [in Penn Yan; WWI:] 35th Engineers, American Expeditionary Force; died in France [Colmey/ Costello plot]
Costello Gertrude Ryan 1973 B1885 [Colmey/Costello plot]
Costello James m [Costello plot]
Costello John F. 1946 B1885 [Colmey/ Costello plot]
Costello Mary J. Neenan 1943 B1864 [Colmey/ Costello plot]
Costello Patrick 1920 [Jun 24] B1855 [in Ireland] [Colmey/Costello plot]
Costello William B. m [Costello plot]
Cougevan Catherine Tarphy # 1913 Jul 10 Died age 60 in Penn Yan, wife of Patrick Cougevan & daughter of Martin & Mary Hines Tarphy
Cougevan James 1961 B1888 [Cougevan plot]
Cougevan Nellie 1937 B1888 [wife of James Cougevan] [Cougevan plot]
Cougevan Robert P. 1992 Dec 6 B1920 Mar 17; WWII: staff sgt., U.S. Army Air Corps [Cougevan plot]
Craugh Anna O'Keefe [1908 Feb 18] [Died age 42 in Penn Yan, daughter of Martin O'Keefe & wife of Martin J. Craugh] [Martin Craugh plot]
Craugh Anne Frye [1903 Apr 30] [Died age 67 in Penn Yan, daughter of Samuel & Elizabeth Pryor Frye] [Martin Craugh plot]
Craugh Catherine 1929 [Nov 20] [Died age 85] [John Craugh plot]
Craugh Harold J. 1939 B1898 [Richard Craugh plot]
Craugh John F. 1967 [John Craugh plot]
Craugh Margaret # 1911 Apr 27 Died age 9 months in Penn Yan, daughter of Martin J. & Catherine Walsh Craugh
Craugh Martin J. m [Martin Craugh plot]
Craugh Martin J. 1949 [John Craugh plot]
Craugh Mary Phalen 1926 B1865, wife of Richard Craugh [Richard Craugh plot]
Craugh Richard J. 1941 B1865 [Richard J. Craugh plot]
Crean Anna Greene 1972 B1894 [Greene plot]
Creary J. Edward 1924 B1879 [Creary monument]
Creary James R. 1941 Feb 27 [Creary monument]
Creary Jeremiah 1888 B1818 [Creary monument]
Creary Jeremiah R. 1905 B1850 [Creary monument]
Creary John 1891 B1883 [Creary monument]
Creary Kathleen Caviston 1921 B1877, wife of J. Edward Creary [Creary monument]
Creary Mable M. Schoeneman 1968 May 31 B1893 Oct 1, wife of James R. Creary; WWI: NY, 2nd lieutenant, Army Nurse Corps [Creary monument]
Creary Margaret Crady 1920 B1849, wife of Jeremiah R. Creary [Creary monument]
Creary Mary Dewan 1886 [Jun 2] B1806 [in Ireland] wife of Jeremiah Creary [Creary monument]
Creary Mary M. 1969 Oct 8 [Creary monument]
Creary William E. 1902 [Apr 8] B1885 [died age 16 in Penn Yan, son of Jerry & Margaret Creary] [Creary monument]
Crouch Kathryn P. m [Costello plot]
Cudworth Catherine Ribble m B1926 [Cunningham/ Ribble plot]
Cunningham Alice Rosetta Thomas 1991 B1904 [Cunningham/ Ribble plot]
Cunningham Bernard W. m [Same stone as Mary G. Cunningham]
Cunningham Charles Edward 1990 B1907 [Cunningham/ Ribble plot]
Cunningham Dennis 1942 B1864 [Cunningham/ Ribble plot]
Cunningham Elizabeth Rogers 1922 [Oct 6] B1870 [wife of Martin Cunningham] [Cunningham/ Ribble plot]
Cunningham Euretta Rogers 1932 [Mar 11] B1868 [Cunningham/ Ribble plot]
Cunningham Joseph H. 1963 B1879 [Patrick Cunningham plot]
Cunningham Martin 1932 [Dec 20] B1868 [Cunningham/ Ribble plot]
Cunningham Mary G. m [Same stone as Bernard W. Cunningham]
Cunningham Mary Markey 1941 B1865, wife of Patrick H. Cunningham [Patrick Cunningham plot]
Cunningham Michael # 1913 May 4 Died age 40/10 in Penn Yan, son of Patrick & Mary Ellen Gallagher Cunningham
Cunningham Patrick H. 1935 B1867 [Patrick Cunningham plot]
Cunningham Susan J. Rogers 1963 B1878, wife of Joseph H. Cunningham [Patrick Cunningham plot]
Delaney Elizabeth 1881 [Mar 13] B1809, grandmother of Rev. John, Rev. Charles E., Rev. Joseph T., Rev. William D. & Sr. Mary Charles Muckle [adjacent to Muckle monument]
Dempsey Ann Farrell 1910 Nov 10 B1853 Jun 17 [Penn Yan] [John Farrell plot]
Dempsey Daniel 1907 Jun 3 1849 Nov 25 [John Farrell plot]
[Dempsey?] Mary m [John Farrell plot]
Devaney James B. 1916 B1873 [Devaney plot]
Devaney Margaret Gavin 1924 B1874 [wife of James B. Devaney] [Devaney plot]
Dewan Cornelius 1889 Mar 1 Died age 70 [in Penn Yan; born in Ireland, son of John & Margaret Dewan] [Cornelius Dewan monument]
Dewan Ellen Dowlan 1907 B1817, wife of Michael Dewan [Dewan/ Donahue monument]
Dewan John 1880 [Feb 15] B1854 [Dewan/ Donahue monument]
Dewan Julia Shortell 1889 Jul 1 Died age 68, wife of Cornelius Dewan [Cornelius Dewan monument]
Dewan Katherine J. 1920 B1859 [Cornelius Dewan monument]
Dewan Margaret 1927 B1849 [Dewan/ Donahue monument]
Dewan Mary Ann 1936 B1858 [Cornelius Dewan monument]
Dewan Michael 1869 B1809 [Dewan/ Donahue monument]
Dombroski Vera L. 1990 Jan 7 B1923 Dec 3; WWII: U.S. Army, WAC
Dombrowski Joseph 1969 B1870
Dombrowski Stella 1946 B1885 [wife of Joseph Dombrowski]
[Dombroski?] Helen 1941 B1919
[Donahue?] Catherine 1959 B1878 [Donahue/ Osborn plot]
[Donahue] Catherine 1902 [Aug 14] B1902 [died age 2 months in Penn Yan, daughter of Humphrey & Catharine Osborne Donahue] [Donahue/Osborn plot]
[Donahue?] Charles 1952 B1900 [Donahue/ Osborn plot]
Donahue Edward 1937 B1850 [Dewan/ Donahue monument]
[Donahue] Elizabeth 1909 B1908 [Donahue/ Osborn plot]
Donahue Ellen Dewan 1910 B1852, wife of Edward Donohue [Dewan/Donahue monument]
[Donahue] Humphrey 1913 B1868 [Donahue/ Osborn plot]
[Donahue?] John H. 1939 B1906; [WWII:] Co. D, 3rd Engineers, U.S. Army [Donahue/ Osborn plot]
[Donahue?] Leo 1956 B1903 [Donahue/ Osborn plot]
Donahue M. Alice 1991 B1904 [Donahue/ Osborn plot]
Donahue Mary Ellen 1968 B1885 [Dewan/ Donahue monument]
[Donahue] Raymond [E.] 1929 [Nov 19] B1910  [Donahue/Osborn plot]
Donlon Dorothy Walsh 1966 B1932 [Richard Craugh plot]
Donohue Mary B. 1902 B1901 [Donahue/ Osborn plot]
Downs Ellen 1860 [Apr 7] [Died age 1] daughter of John & Catherine Cahill Downs [Downs monument]
Downs Johanna 1887 [Mar 23] [Died age 33/3/4 in Penn Yan; born in Penn Yan] daughter of John & Catherine Cahill Downs [Downs monument]
Downs John 1885 [Mar 28] [Died age 33] son of John & Catherine Cahill Downs [Downs monument]
Downs Margaret [Maggie] 1885 [Dec 16] [Died age 23, born in Penn Yan] daughter of John & Catherine Cahill Downs [Downs monument]
Downs Mary J[ennie] 1927 [Apr 2] [Died age 71] daughter of John & Catherine Cahill Downs [Downs monument]
Downs Michael 1924 Son of John & Catherine Cahill Downs [Downs monument]
Dugan Francis James # 1884 Feb 18 Died age 1/4/18 in Penn Yan, son of Thomas & Alice Dugan
Dugan Margaret Costello 1914 B1832 [wife of Thomas Dugan] [Dugan plot]
Dugan Mary 1940 B1862 [Dugan plot]
Dugan Thomas 1911 B1823 [Dugan plot]
Durnin Augustus T. 1925 B1863 [Durnin monument]
Durnin James A. 1935 B1900 [Durnin monument]
Durnin Nora Cone 1952 B1872, wife of Augustus T. Durnin [Durnin monument]
Eckel Charles J. 1990 B1897 [Patrick Cunningham plot]
Eckel Rose C. 1969 B1896, wife of Charles J. Eckel [Patrick Cunningham plot]
Erwin Alice E. Dowling 1902 Dec 24 B1874 Aug 5, wife of Frank C. Erwin
Farinelli Anne D. 1988 May 1 B1918 Jan 13, wife of Carl A. Farinelli Sr.; married 31 Jul 1937 [Farinelli plot]
Farinelli Beatrice 1960 B1887 [wife of Costanzo Farinelli] [Farinelli plot]
Farinelli Carl A. Sr. m B1915 Nov 30 [Farinelli plot]
Farinelli Costanzo 1928 B1883 [Farinelli plot]
Farinelli Lena Luppino m B1916 [wife of Marcello F. Farinelli] [Farinelli plot]
Farinelli Marcello F. 1955 B1914 [Farinelli plot]
Farnelli John 1934 B1924 [son of Costanzo & Beatrice Farinelli] [Farinelli plot]
Farnelli Marilyn F. m B1929 [Farinelli plot]
Farnelli Peter J. Sr. 1973 B1920 [Farinelli plot]
Farrell Anna 1910 B1861 [Anthony Farrell monument]
Farrell Anthony 1890 [Nov 4] B1813 [in Ireland] [Anthony Farrell monument]
Farrell Eliza 1891 [Jan 25] B1861 [born in Penn Yan, daughter of John & Bridget Dougherty Farrell] [John Farrell plot]
Farrell John 1887 [May 1] B1812 [John Farrell plot]
Farrell [Ellen] Nellie [Garvey] [1911 Nov 16] B1831 [in Ireland, daughter of Anthony Garvey &] wife of Anthony Farrell [Anthony Farrell monument]
Farrell [Viola] Agness 1902 [Oct 13] B1867 [died in Penn Yan] [Anthony Farrell monument]
Finger -? # 1914 Jul 31 Died age 35; born in Jerusalem, wife of William Finger
Finger Aletha E. 1941 B1895 [Finger plot]
Finger Earl B. 1941 B1917; [WWII:] cpl., Battery D, U.S. Army [Finger plot]
Finger Margaret # 1926 Jan 26 Died age 54, wife of Melvin Finger
Finger Melvin H. 1995 Mar 14 B1899 Sep 23; WWI: U.S. Army [Finger plot]
Finger William O. 1943 B1869 [Finger plot]
Finnegan Hannah Lynch m B1833, wife of Patrick Finnegan [Hannah Finnegan monument; Finnegan plot]
Finnegan Jessie Doty 1938 B1889, wife of William P. Finnegan [Maggie Finnegan monument; Finnegan plot]
Finnegan Maggie 1898 Feb 3 B1875 Jul 26 [in Penn., daughter of Patrick & Bridget Finnegan] [Maggie Finnegan monument; Finnegan plot]
Finnegan Mary Ann 1909 B1875 [Hannah Finnegan monument; Finnegan plot]
Finnegan Patrick m B1846 [Hannah Finnegan monument; Finnegan plot]
Finnegan William P. 1968 B1890 [Maggie Finnegan monument; Finnegan plot]
Flahive Elizabeth M. 1968 B1907 [Devaney plot]
Flahive Martin John 1949 Mar 6 B1911 Sep 19 WWII NY 1570th Service Unit [Martin Gavin plot]
Flynn Bernard 1960 Jun 8 B1907 Jul 23 WWII NY 390th Bomb Gp A AF [Patrick Flynn plot]
Flynn Francis Leroy 1959 B1891 [his own stone gives date of birth as 1892 May 26] WWI NY 40th Co 153d Depot Brigade [Michael Flynn monument]
Flynn Iola Brozitsky 1979 B1895 [wife of Leo G. Flynn]
Flynn Leo G. 1931 Apr 3 [WWI] NY 1st lieut 101st Inf 26th Div
Flynn Margaret E. Halpin 1940 B1868 wife of Patrick H. Flynn [Patrick Flynn plot]
Flynn Marie [W.] 1941 B1904 [Michael Flynn monument]
Flynn Marietta T[aylor] 1969 B1903 [wife of P. Henry Flynn] [Patrick Flynn plot]
Flynn Mary Jane 1956 B1868 [wife of Michael Flynn] [Michael Flynn monument]
Flynn Michael 1920 B1866 [Michael Flynn monument]
Flynn P. Henry 1992 B1903 [Patrick Flynn plot]
Flynn Patrick H. 1909 B1863 [Patrick Flynn plot]
Flynn W[illiam] Leo 1965 Jul 21 B1910 Apr 20; WWII: NY, sgt., 825th Engineers, Aviation Battalion [Michael Flynn monument]
Forristal Cornelia 1968 B1899 [wife of John P. Forristal]
Forristal John P. 19[78] B1897 [WWI]
Foshay Charles F. 1917 B1860
Fox Elizabeth M. 1954 Wife of Roscoe C. Fox
Fox Roscoe C. 1959 m
Froome Moscoe G. 1934 Apr 11 [WWI]; ordnance sgt., 116th Engineers, 41st Division
Galvin William F. 1949 Mar 6 B1864 May 16; Spanish-American War: NY, 9th Infantry
Garrison Ida E. 1948 B1878 [Garrison plot]
Garrison John H. 1902 [Jun 9] B1840 [son of Sam Garrison died in Penn Yan] [Civil War] [Garrison plot]
Garrison Mary 1932 [Aug 3] B1845 [Garrison plot]
Gavin Alice 1919 B1883 [Patrick Gavin monument]
Gavin Anna P. 1924 B1876 [Martin Gavin plot]
Gavin John 1925 B1881 [Patrick Gavin monument]
Gavin Katharine [Costello] 1912 [May 2] B1843, wife of Martin Gavin [& daughter of Patrick & Julia Howe Costello] [Martin Gavin plot]
Gavin Martin 1921 B1845 [Martin Gavin plot]
Gavin Martin J. 1929 [May 22] B1882 [Martin Gavin plot]
Gavin Mary 1913 B1854 [Patrick Gavin monument]
Gavin Patrick 1907 B1851 [Patrick Gavin monument]
Gigliello Carmine 1930 Jun 10 B1848 Dec 6 [Gigliello plot]
Gigliello Felice A. 1960 Dec 27 B1881 Dec 25 [Gigliello plot]
Gigliello Vincenza 1940 Dec 17 B1870 Sep 7 [Gigliello plot]
Giovannia Angelo 1935 B1867 [Giovannia/ Just plot]
Giovannia Rose 1953 B1867 [wife of Angelo Giovannia] [Giovannia/ Just plot]
Gleavy Mary Craugh m B1944 [John Craugh plot]
Grady Catherine 1921 B1860 [adjacent to Grady/ Moore monument]
Grady Catherine 1940 B1866 [wife of John Grady]
Grady John 1923 [Dec 7] B1860
Greene Albert Churchill # 1890 Oct 2 Died age 7/6 in Penn Yan, son of John & Mary McDonald Greene
Greene John 1927 B1862 [Greene plot]
Greene John J. 1918 B1885 [Greene plot]
Greene Mary A. 1914 B1864, wife of John Greene [Greene plot]
Haff Charles # m m
Haff Charles E. 1933 [Mar 20] B1873 [Haff/ Manley monument]
Haff Fannie # m m
Haff Jane M. 1924 B1858, wife of Charles E. Haff [Haff/Manley monument]
Hainer John 1943 B1877
Haley Bridget 1923 B1836, wife of Michael Haley [adjacent to J. F. Healy]
Healy James F. 1865 Jun 30 Died age 8/6/6, son of Michael & Hannah Healey
Hoban Anna M. 1969 B1891 [James Hoban plot]
Hoban Catherine 1929 B1855 [James Hoban plot]
Hoban Elizabeth Carr 1932 [Sep 4] B1860 [wife of John Hoban] [John Hoban plot]
Hoban Helen C. 1977 B1888 [James Hoban plot]
Hoban J. Frank 1938 B1889 [James Hoban plot]
Hoban James 1918 B1860 [James Hoban plot]
Hoban Jennie S. 1944 B1892 [wife of Patrick B. Hoban] [John Hoban plot]
Hoban John 1923 B1861 [John Hoban plot]
Hoban John B. 1924 B1883 [James Hoban plot]
Hoban Patrick B. 1935 B1893 [John Hoban plot]
Hyland Agnes 1943 B1877 [wife of David Hyland] [Hyland plot]
Hyland David 1942 B1874 [Hyland plot]
Hyland Eugene F. 1936 B1880 [Hyland plot]
Hyland John J. 1967 Oct 15 B1919 May 29; WWII: NY, master sgt., 1136th Engineers, Construction Group [son of David Hyland] [Hyland plot]
Ingraham Ina Gladwyn 1991 B1917
Jensen Harold A. 1921 Oct 17 B1921 Sep 1
Johnson Anna S. C. 1952 Mar 10 B1898 Jun 11
Johnston Kathleen Craugh m "Mother" [Martin Craugh plot]
Just Emma Hauge 1929 B1898 [Giovannia/ Just plot]
Just Joseph A. 1977 Sep 1 B1897 Jan 17; WWI: U.S. Army [Giovannia/Just plot]
Just Minnie L. 1981 Oct 22 B1899 Dec 28 [Giovannia/ Just plot]
Kane Christopher 1950 B1879 [adjacent to Maria Meyer]
Keefer Marie C. m B1914 [wife of William H. Keefer]
Keefcr William H. 1969 Mar 20 B1913 May 10; WWII: NY, 976th Field Artillery Battalion
Kellen Ethelyn L. 1987 B1908 [wife of Ralph F. Kellen] [Kellen plot]
Kellen Irene m B1903 [Kellen plot]
Kellen Loren A. 1980 B1901 [Kellen plot]
Kellen Ralph F. 1979 B1906 [Kellen plot]
Kelly Charles N. 1949 B1869 [Kelly/ Buckley plot]
Kelly Ellen 1868 B1867 [Kelly/ Buckley plot]
Kelly Margaret [Graham] 1927 [May 7] B1840 [Kelly/ Buckley plot]
Kelly Mary 1879 [Aug 16] B1870 [Kelly/Buckley plot]
Kowicz Barbara Bednar 1934 B1884; "Mother"
Kucmerowski Joanna 1992 B1896, wife of Thomas Kucmerowski
Kucmerowski Thomas 1959 B1885
Kucmerowski Thomas Jr. 1983 B1931; "Son"
Lamphier Betty m B1918 [wife of Kenneth E. Lamphier]
Lamphier Kenneth E. 1973 Mar 21 B1913 Oct 11; WWII: NY, Bronze Star medal, U.S. Army
Lavigne Margaret A. 1959 B1984 [Whitbeck plot]
Lee Ann Fay 1915 B1831, wife of Patrick Lee
Lee Patrick 1915 B1830
Legg Harold J. 1986 Dec 30 B1896 Jul 18; "Snuffy"
Legg Marie E. 1993 Jan 31 B1897 Aug 15 [wife of Harold J. Legg]
Limner Elizabeth E. 1931 [Oct 3] B1865 [Wetzel plot]
Loughlin John W. 1943 B1876 [Ryan plot]
Lynch Ann 1888 Apr 2 Died age 60 [born in Ireland]
Lynch Clarence [J.] 1940 B1899 [Edward Lynch monument]
Lynch Edward [Sr.] 1903 B1800 [Edward Lynch monument]
Lynch Edward Jr. 1923 B1851 [Edward Lynch monument]
Lynch Janet Reed 1976 B1897, wife of Ralph Lynch [Edward Lynch monument]
Lynch Margaret 1897 [Mar 28] B1821 [in Ireland] wife of Edward Lynch Sr. [Edward Lynch monument]
Lynch Ralph [E.] 1949 B1895 [Edward Lynch monument]
Lynch Sarah Phalen 1935 B1853, wife of Edward Lynch Jr. [Edward Lynch monument]
Lynch Stella Clary 1969 B1898, wife of Clarence J. Lynch [Edward Lynch monument]
Magee John 1922 B1838; Civil War: Co. E, 148th NY
Magee Mary A[nn] 1931 [Oct 4] B1851 [wife of John Magee]
Mahan Johanna 1926 B1851 [Wm F. Mahan plot]
Mahan Margaret F. 1956 B1891 [Wm F. Mahan plot]
Mahan Margaret P. 1948 B1887 [wife of Stephen C. Mahan]
Mahan Mary E. 1977 B1884 [Wm F. Mahan plot]
Mahan Stephen C. 1937 B1886
Mahan Thomas F. 1957 B1877 [Wm F Mahan plot]
Mahan Thomas F. Jr. 1979 B1912 [Wm F Mahan plot]
Mahan William F. 1930 B1847; Civil War: Co. A, 161st NY [Wm F Mahan plot]
Mahar Ada S. 1969 B1883 [wife of James A. Mahar] [Mahar plot]
Mahar Agnes 1944 B1868 [Mahar plot]
Mahar Anna Loftus 1910 Mar 28 B1845 May 10 [Mahar plot]
Mahar Clement John 1975 Dec 15 B1906 Nov 22 [WWII:] U.S. Navy [Mahar plot]
Mahar Constance E. 1962 Apr 25 B1903 Nov 26 [Mahar plot]
Mahar Donald R. 1981 Dec 18 B1905 Mar 10 [Mahar plot]
Mahar Elizabeth 1943 B1878 [Mahar plot]
Mahar Ellen 19? B1870 [Mahar plot]
Mahar James A. 1965 B1879 [Mahar plot]
Mahar John L. 1921 B1874 [Mahar plot]
Mahar M. Elizabeth 1983 Feb 10 B1904 May 10 [wife of Donald R. Mahar] [Mahar plot]
Mahar Margaret 1943 B1873 [Mahar plot]
Mahar Margaret G. 1926 B1845, wife of Richard B. Mahar [Mahar plot]
Mahar Margaret L. 1951 B1876 [Mahar plot]
Mahar Mary 1945 B1864 [Mahar plot]
Mahar Richard B. [1908 May 16] [Died age 66 in Penn Yan, son of William Mahar] [Civil War] [stone partially buried; Mahar plot]
Mahar Richard B. 1975 Feb 2 B1910 Fob 20 [Mahar plot]
Mahar Ruth E. 1969 B1909 [Mahar plot]
Maney Daisy m [Maney plot]
Maney Daniel m [Maney plot]
Maney Donald [1931 Jul 3] [Died age 18] [Maney plot]
Maney Katherine m [Maney plot]
Manley Bridget [Langan] 1891 [Jun 29] B1815 [in Ireland] wife of James Manley [& daughter of Patrick & Mary Langan] [Haff/ Manley monument]
Manley Ellen M. m Wife of P. Henry Manley
Manley Ethel R. [Lampson] 1966 B1896 [wife of William B. Manley] [Thos Manley plot]
Manley Francis # 1901 Jul 29 Died age 13 months in Penn Yan, son of Henry & Ellen Manley
Manley infant # 1898 Jul 15 Died age 7 months, child of Patrick H. & Ellen Manley
Manley Mary V. 1930 B1861 [wife of Thomas Manley] [Thos Manley plot]
Manley P. Henry m m
Manley Patrick # 1901 Apr 2 Died age 57 in Penn Yan, son of James & Sarah Manley
Manley Rose Viola # 1897 Aug 4 Died age 13 months in Penn Yan; born in Penn Yan, daughter of Henry & Ellen Manley
Manley Thomas 1929 [Dec 12] B1852 [Thos Manley plot]
Manley William B. 1976 B1899 [Thos Manley plot]
Marchant Anna 1964 B1877
Maroney infant # 1924 Jun 24 Died age 36 hours, son of Richard Maroney
Maroney Clement J. 1985 B1916; WWII: U.S. Army [Maroney plot]
Maroney Harriet C. 1964 B1888 [Maroney plot]
Maroney Richard D. 1946 B1879 [Maroney plot]
Martin John 1891 [Apr 28] B1809 [in Ireland] [John Cahill monument]
Marum Irene J. 1976 B1900 [Devaney plot]
McAdams Ann 1908 B1832, wife of John McAdams [McAdams plot]
McAdams Edward B. # 1916 B1857
McAdams Frank J. 1896 [Jan 7] B1861 [in Himrod, son of John & Anna McAdams] [McAdams plot]
McAdams Gerald E. 1918 B1897 [McAdams plot]
McAdams Henry 1888 May 24 Died age 74 [born in Ireland, son of Michael & Mary Cass McAdams] [McAdams plot]
McAdams Henry J. 1915 B1855 [McAdams plot]
McAdams infant 1894 [Jun 10] Son of Charles N. & Agnes McAdams [died in Penn Yan] [McAdams plot]
McAdams John 1903 [Aug 6] B1827 [McAdams plot]
McAdams Katherine # 1940 B1862, wife of Edward B. McAdams
McAdams Margaret C. 1948 B1862 [wife of Henry J. McAdams] [McAdams plot]
McAdams Mary A. 1897 [Oct 20] B1854 [in Ireland, daughter of John & Anna McAdams] [McAdams plot]
McBride Francis J. 1974 B1905
McBride Mary P. 1949 B1874 [wife of Francis J. McBride]
McCarthy Veronica O. 1981 B1897 [adjacent to William H. McCarthy]
McCarthy William Harold m [Adjacent to Veronica McCarthy]
McCormick Catherine m [Wife of Michael McCormick]
[McCormick] Mary [1912 Dec 14] [Died age 70 in Penn Yan, daughter of John & Julia Burke McCormick]
[McCormick] Michael [1912 Dec 12] [Died age 66/11/26 in Penn Yan, son of John & Julia Burke McCormick]
[McCormick] Nellie m m
McEvoy Elizabeth [Phalen] 1913 Feb 10 B1855 Jan 19, wife of William McEvoy [& daughter of John & Catherine Deegan Phalen] [John Phalen monument]
McEvoy Julia 1930 [May 8] B1859 [wife of Mathew McEvoy] [plot with John Phalen monument]
McEvoy Matthew 1932 [Apr 15] B1853 [plot with John Phalen monument]
McEvoy Timothy # m m
McEvoy William 1899 Nov 15 B1852 Mar 19 [in Ireland, son of John & Mary McEvoy] [John Phalen monument]
McGough Charles 1943 B1860 [McGough plot]
McGough Margaret 1937 B1862 [McGough plot]
[McGough] Thomas F. 1940 B1883 [McGough plot]
McGrath Mary A. Tierney 1914 B1832, wife of Timothy McGrath [Timothy McGrath monument]
McGrath Mary J. 1919 B1870 [Timothy McGrath monument]
McGrath Thomas [Jr.] 1909 Apr 12 B1865 Dec 22 [adjacent to Timothy McGrath Jr.]
McGrath Timothy 1915 B1830 [Timothy McGrath monument]
McGrath Timothy [Jr.] 1900 Sep 30 B1874 Mar 13 [adjacent to Thomas McGrath Jr.]
McGuinnis John P. 1955 Mar 29 B1901 Jun 28; WWII: NY, 1864th Service Unit
McKnight Jeannine A. 1984 B1925; "Mother"
McLaughlin Agnes R. 1971 B1882 [McLaughlin plot]
McLaughlin Jane L. m B1917 [wife of Leo F. McLaughlin] [McLaughlin plot]
McLaughlin Leo F. 1993 B1917 [McLaughlin plot]
McLaughlin Leo J. 1970 B1880 [McLaughlin plot]
McLaughlin Thomas L. 1923 Sep 3 B1911 Feb 23 [McLaughlin plot]
McLean Norah Murphy 1850 [Died age 74] [Patrick Murphy plot]
McManus Alice McGuinnis 1948 B1865, wife of John McManus [McManus plot]
McManus John 1905 B1864 [McManus plot]
McManus John B. 1918 Oct 31 [WWI:] NY, U.S. Army [McManus plot]
McNiff Anna T. 1955 B1870 [wife of Frank M. McNiff] [McNiff plot]
McNiff Catherine # 1930 Jan 2 Died age 78
McNiff [Ellen] Nellie [1883 Apr 23]  [Died age 27, born in Penn Yan] daughter of Patrick & Winifred McNiff [McNiff plot]
McNiff Frank M. 1927 B1860 [McNiff plot]
McNiff James m Son of Patrick & Winifred McNiff [McNiff plot]
McNiff John m Son of Patrick & Winifred McNiff [McNiff plot]
McNiff Lawrence m Son of Patrick & Winifred McNiff [McNiff plot]
McNiff Mary A. 1928 [McNiff plot]
McNiff Patrick [1883 Sep 27] [Died age 64, born in Ireland] [McNiff plot]
McNiff Winifred [1877 Apr 16] [Died age 56] wife of Patrick McNiff [McNiff plot]
McWilliams John E. 1942 B1892 [adjacent to Muckle monument]
McWilliams Mary F. 1960 B1888 [adjacent to Muckle monument]
Meilheimer Mary 1943 B1859 [Sisson plot]
Meyer Maria 1948 B1864 [adjacent to Christopher Kane]
Middleton Abbie 1959 B1871 [adjacent to Catherine Middleton]
Middleton Catherine 1924 B1839 [adjacent to Abbie Middleton]
Miles Catherine Phalen 1945 B1857
Mosher Alfred C. 1925 B1858
Mosher Elizabeth A. 1929 [Dec 14] B1861, wife of Alfred C. Mosher
Muckle Bridget 1922 B1832, wife of John H. Muckle
Muckle Charles Edward, Rev. 1962 B1885 [Muckle monument]
Muckle John H. 1871 Nov 18 Died age 44
Muckle Margaret Delaney 1928 B1851 [Muckle monument]
Muckle Thomas 1942 B1860 [Muckle monument]
Muckle William # 1927 Dec 4 Died age 58, brother of Thomas Muckle
Muckle William Daniel, Rev. 1959 B1891 [Muckle monument]
Murphy Agnes E. 1960 B1898 [wife of Edward P. Murphy] [John Murphy plot]
Murphy Daniel P. 1884 Mar 7 B1861 Jan 16 [in Benton] [Patrick Murphy plot]
Murphy Edward P. 1940 B1899 [John Murphy plot]
Murphy Elizabeth 1899 [Mar 5] B1834 [in Ireland] wife of Patrick C. Murphy [Patrick Murphy plot]
Murphy Elizabeth H. 1958 [Patrick Murphy plot]
Murphy Ellen Stapleton 1946 B1856, wife of John T. Murphy [John Murphy plot]
Murphy Evelyn Mason 1924 [May 4] B1893, wife of Edward P. Murphy [John Murphy plot]
Murphy Humphrey D. # m m
Murphy John T. 1944 B1856 [John Murphy plot]
[Murphy] Louise 1967 B1897 [McGough plot]
Murphy Marguerite Clary 1955 B1890 [wife of William H. Murphy] [James Clary plot]
Murphy Patrick C. 1906 B1821 [Patrick Murphy plot]
Murphy Theresa 1916 B1885 [McGough plot]
Murphy William H. 1959 B1894 [James Clary plot]
Murphy William S. 1940 [Patrick Murphy plot]
Murray Howard T. 1977 B1896
Murray Mary Jane 1960 B1896 [wife of Howard T. Murray]
Nelson Delores A. 1974 B1917
Newell Frank 1963 B1877 [Newell plot]
Newell Ruth [W.] 1974 B1886 [Newell plot]
Newell Thomas 1983 Dec 30 B1906 May 5 [Newell plot]
O'Hara Edward 1908 B1838; Civil War: U.S. Navy 1858-64
O'Hara Mary A. McCarney 1928 B1846, wife of Edward O'Hara
O'Kain Ambrose m [O'Kain plot]
O'Kain Arthur 1880 Oct 18 Died age 52 [born in Ireland] [O'Kain plot]
O'Kain Arthur 1926 B1862 [O'Kain plot]
O'Kane Anna [1914] [B1856] wife of John O'Kane [stone partially buried; O'Kain plot]
O'Kane Jane Laughlin # 1914 Feb 4 Died age 73; born in Ireland, daughter of Edward Laughlin & wife of Arthur O'Kane
O'Kane John 1932 [Jan 25] B1859 [O'Kain plot]
O'Kane Katherine # 1905 Feb 26 Died age 40/3/26 in Milo, daughter of Arthur & Jane Laughlin O'Kane [town record]
O'Kane Sarah # 1906 Jan 13 Died age 27 in Milo, daughter of Arthur & Jane Laughlin O'Kane [town record]
O'Keefe John 1928 B1849
O'Keefe Mary 1939 B1853 [wife of John O'Keefe]
O'Keefe Mary R. 1962 B1900 [Reilly plot]
O'Keefe Richard 1955 B1899 [Reilly plot]
O'Neill Helen Cougevan 1985 B1910 [Cougevan plot]
Osborn Charles M. 1909 B1871 [Donahue/ Osborn plot]
Osborn George E. 1918 [Dec 23] B1872 [in Penn Yan] [Donahue/Osborn plot]
Osborn Margaret 1922 [Sep 20] B1848 [Donahue/ Osborn plot]
Parshall Elmer 1973 B1915; "Putt" [Parshall monument; adjacent to Kucmerowski]
Parshall Loretta Kucmerowski m B1915 [wife of Elmer Parshall] [Parshall monument]
Parshall Penelope 1956 B1956 [Parshall monument]
Pascal Frank 1926 Aug 27 B1880 Aug 28
Paul Howard 1986 B1901
Peris Adolphus 1968 B1883 [Peris plot]
Peris Lettia 1974 B1899 [wife of Adolphus Peris] [Peris plot]
Peris Victor A. 1943 B1926 [son of Adolphus Peris] [Peris plot]
Phalen Bernard J. 1963 B1882 [Michael Phalen plot]
Phalen Catharine Deegan 1890 Jul 9 B1827 Apr 26 [in Ireland, daughter of John & Catharine Delaney Deegan &] wife of John Phalen [John Phalen monument]
Phalen John 1906 Mar 1 B1822 Jan 27 [John Phalen monument]
Phalen Margaret Mahar 1910 B1852, wife of Michael William Phalen [Michael Phalen plot]
Phalen Maude E. R. 1968 B1876 [Michael Phalen plot]
Phalen Michael William 1926 B1848 [Michael Phalen plot]
Phalen Mollie M. 1963 B1873 [Michael Phalen plot]
Phalen Timothy D. 1927 B1861 [John Phalen monument]
Pollotti Giovanni 1933 Jun 15 [Died age 42; WWI:] NY, 335th Field Artillery, 87th Division [adjacent to Pollotto]
Pollotto Annunciata # 1930 Apr 28 Died age 1 day
Pollotto John 1944 B1893
Pollotto Marie 1975 B1897 [wife of John Pollotto]
Powers Bridget E. m [Powers plot]
Powers Frances L. m [Powers plot]
Powers Frederick W. 1951 Aug 3 B1925 Sep 20; WWII: NY, U.S. Marine Corps
Powers John J. m [Powers plot]
Prendergast Edward 1935 B1861 [Prendergast plot]
Prendergast Elizabeth # 1896 Jun 5 D ac 9 days in Benton, daughter of Edward & Mary Prendergast
Prendergast John E. 1976 B1903 [Prendergast plot]
Prendergast Margaret E. 1982 B1912 [Prendergast plot]
Prendergast Mary E. 1944 B1908 [Prendergast plot]
Prendergast Mary M. 1961 B1865 [Prendergast plot]
Quenan Anna C. 1970 B1888 [Quenan plot]
Quenan Carl L. 1960 B1907 [Quenan plot]
Quenan Catharine F. 1963 [Quenan plot]
[Quenan] Clara E. 1977 B1899 [Quenan plot]
[Quenan] Edward T. 1935 B1865 [Quenan plot]
[Quenan] Edward T. Jr. 1984 B1903 [Quenan plot]
Quenan Frances M. 1924 B1906 [Quenan plot]
Quenan Francis E. 1964 B1877 [Quenan plot]
Quenan Harriett C. 1962 B1875 [Quenan plot]
[Quenan] Harriet E. 1981 B1897 [Quenan plot]
[Quenan] Helen S. 1958 B1869 [Quenan plot]
Quenan Helene 1984 B1920 [Quenan plot]
Quenan Herbert 1952 Dec 24 B1882 Feb 21; Spanish-American War: Co. A, 10th Infantry [Quenan plot]
Quenan James S. # 1946 B1901
Quenan Jeannette 1966 B1885 [Quenan plot]
Quenan John 1933 [Feb 22] "Father" [Quenan plot]
Quenan Leon F. 1943 B1903 [Quenan plot]
Quenan Louise E. 1986 B1914; WWII: WAAC [Quenan plot]
Quenan Mary F. 1950 B1856 [Quenan plot]
Quenan Mary S. 1934 "Mother" [Quenan plot]
Quenan Mayme L. 1953 [Quenan plot]
Quenan Thomas 1903 [Jan 4] B1878 [son of William & Mary Quenan; died in Penn Yan] [Quenan plot]
Quenan Thomas 1994 B1911 [Quenan plot]
Quenan William 1928 B1855 [Quenan plot]
Quinan Evelyn Mason # 1924 B1893, wife of Joseph Quinin
Quinan Joseph 1924 B1894
Quinn Ella 1940 B1866 [Quinn plot]
Quinn Josephine 1936 B1864, wife of Patrick P. Quinn [Quinn plot]
Quinn Patrick R. 1934 B1862 [Quinn plot]
Reagan Thomas 1958 Aug 5 B1880 Jul 25; WWI: NY, wagoner, Infantry
Reilly Francis 1922 B1861 [Reilly plot]
Reilly Mary 1946 B1862 [wife of Francis Reilly] [Reilly plot]
Ribble Blanche M. 1989 B1895 [Cunningham/ Ribble plot]
Ribble Ernest F. 1963 B1890 [Cunningham/ Ribble plot]
Ribble Robert C. 1925 B1925 [Cunningham/ Ribble plot]
Robinson Christina Magee 1918 B1891 [adjacent to Magees]
Roche Michael 1923 B1869 [adjacent to John Savage]
Rogers Ann Halpin 1925 B1886
Rogers Anna 1954 B1881 [Tierney monument]
Rogers Charles 1926 B1877 [Tierney monument]
Ryan Jeremiah 1916 B1839 [Ryan plot]
Ryan Jerry 1932 [Oct 26] B1869 [Ryan plot]
Ryan Mary Dillon 1914 B1848 [Ryan monument]
Sadusky John L. 19-- B1873
Sadusky Luecetta 1944 B1879 [wife of John L. Saduski]
Sanderson Mary [J. Hart] [1906 Nov 15] [Died age 51, daughter of William Hart] "Mother" [Sanderson monument]
Sanderson Mary V. [Maroney] 1953 B1881; "Daughter" [Maroney plot]
Sanderson Thomas [B.] [1903 Apr 20] "Father" [Sanderson monument]
Santullo Mary E. 1934 B1910 [Santullo plot]
Santullo Nicola 1965 B1884 [Santullo plot]
Santullo Rose 1965 B1884 [Santullo plot]
Savage John 1924 B1852 [adjacent to Michael Roche]
Schmidt Marlene E. m B1947 Oct 6 [wife of Stanley A. Schmidt]
Schmidt Stanley A. 1988 Aug 6 B1945 Nov 13; Vietnam War: staff sgt., U.S. Air Force
Serefine Alfred 1989 Jan 19 B1931 Jun 5; Korean War: U.S. Army [Serefine plot]
Serefine Alfred Sr. 1978 Jun 7 B1907 Aug 28; WWII: U.S. Army [Serefine plot]
Serefine Beulah R. 1932 [Aug 6] B1908 [Serefine plot]
Serefine Fannie Leonard 1968 Jun 27 B1902 Aug 3 [wife of John F. Screfine] [Serefine plot]
Serefine Filomena 1942 B1874, wife of Frank Serefine [Serefine plot]
Serefine Frances L. 1933 [Jan 22] B1932 [died age 6 months] same stone as Frank Serefine; Serefine plot]
Serefine Frank 1928 [May 26] B1860 [father of John & Nicholas Serefine] [Serefine plot]
Serefine Frank 1928 B1865 [Serefine plot]
Serefine John F. 1973 Jun 2 B1890 May 9 [Serefine plot]
Serefine Joseph A. 1983 Sep 2 B1909 Dec 24; WWII: U.S. Army [Serefine plot]
Serefine Louis B. 1978 B1905 [Serefine plot]
Serefine Martha A. m B1910 [wife of Joseph A. Serefine] [Serefine plot]
Serefine Mary # 1909 Jan 22 Died age 2½ in Penn Yan, daughter of Frank & Philomena Baren Serefine
Serefine Mary L. m B1922 [wife of Louis B. Serefine] [Serefine plot]
Serefine Nicholas 1990 Jun 10 B1895 Mar 28; WWII: U.S. Army [Serefine plot]
Shaut Agnes M. 1958 B1869 [wife of Charles A. Shaut]
Shaut Charles A. 1943 B1871
Simonin Arthur E. 1990 B1918 [James Clary plot]
Smith Lizzie Ray 1866 Jan 29 Died age 7/1/13 at the Benham House in Penn Yan, daughter of Ray & Ann Smith [very worn; adjacent to Ann Lynch]
Stanley Kenneth # 1978 Died age 77
Stevens Frederick # 1923 B1902
Streeter Dorothy L. [1931 Oct 15] [Died age 20 days]
Stryker [Geor]ge B. [1927 Sep 9] [Died age 72] [stone partially buried]
Stryker James # 1918 Oct 6 Died age 32, born in Penn Yan
Surace Catherine 1931 [Feb 10] B1851
Terpolilli Albert 1923 B1920 [Terpolilli plot]
Terpolilli Anthony 1994 B1914 [Terpolilli plot]
Terpolilli Mary 1980 B1893 [Terpolilli plot]
Terpolilli Nichola 1938 B1880 [Terpolilli plot]
Terpolilli Theresa M. 1963 B1907 [Terpolilli plot]
Thurman Margaret 1981 B1887 [Dewan/Donahue monument]
Tierney John 1959 B1875 [Tierney monument]
Tierney Mary 1927 B1862 [Tierney monument]
Tierney Michael 1931 [May 1] B1841 [Tierney monument]
Tierney Thomas 1957 B1877 [Tierney monument]
Tindall Catherine E. Cunningham 1970 B1893 [wife of Franklin C. Tindall] [Patrick Cunningham plot]
Tindall Franklin C. 1935 B1905 [Patrick Cunningham plot]
Tindall Jessie 1989 Nov 10 B1908 Dec 31 [Patrick Cunningham plot]
Tomion Loula Call 1968 B1885
Townsend Abbie 1958 B1869 [Townsend plot]
Townsend Anna 1961 B1877 [Townsend plot]
Townsend Charles 1953 B1879 [Townsend plot]
Townsend Francis B. 1924 B1882 [Townsend plot]
Townsend Francis B. 1975 Oct 21 B1906 Jun 27; [WWII:] U.S. Army [Townsend plot]
Townsend James A. 1936 B1875 [Townsend plot]
Townsend John C. 1981 B1916
Townsend Josephine 1946 B1872 [Townsend plot]
Townsend Mary E. 1934 B1876 [Townsend plot]
Townsend Polly m B1916 [wife of John C. Townsend]
[Trenchard?] Joseph A. 1951 B1949 [adjacent to Powers/Trenchard monument]
[Trenchard?] Joseph C. 1985 B1908 [adjacent to Powers/Trenchard monument]
Trenchard Jack L. 1978 Aug 4 B1907 Jan 1; WWII: U.S. Army
Tripole Eufemia 1925 Jan 8 B1924 Dec 28 [Tripole plot]
Tripole Frank 1981 B1916 [Tripole plot]
Tripole infant # 1930 Jul 15 Daughter of Anthony Tripole
Tripole James 1970 B1891 [Tripole plot]
Tripole Joseph J. 1984 Jan 1 B1922 Jun 9; WWII: sgt., U.S. Marine Corps [Tripole plot]
Tripole Mary 1989 B1898 [Tripole plot]
Tunney [Jane] Jennie J[osephine] 1903 [Apr 12] B1889 [daughter of Thomas & Mary Sheridan Tunney] [Tunney monument]
Tunney Mary A. 1922 B1844 [Tunney monument]
Tunney Thomas 1924 [Feb 26] B1834 [Tunney monument]
Wall Catherine D. 1949 B1893 [adjacent to William Wall Sr.]
Wall William J. Sr. 1983 Sep 12 B1924 Nov 6; WWII & Korean War: U.S. Army
Walrath Eliza 1927 B1858
Walsh Charlotte Craugh 1994 B1908 [Richard Craugh plot]
Walsh Edward M. 1960 Mar 22 B1901 Jun 25; WWI: NY, Co. B, 49th Infantry [Richard Craugh plot]
Walsh Richard E. 1937 B1936 [Richard Craugh plot]
Wetzel Adam # 1893 Aug 2 Died in Penn Yan, son of Nicholas & Elizabeth Wetzel
Wetzel Bridget F. 1918 B1837 [wife of Nicholas D. Wetzel] [Wetzel plot]
Wetzel Katharine L. m B1867 [Wetzel plot]
Wetzel Nicholas D. 1910 B1835 [Wetzel plot]
Whalen John M. 1931 B1852
Whitbeck George E. 1936 B1852 [Whitbeck plot]
Whitbeck Margaret B. 1934 B1864 [Whitbeck plot]
White Francis 1918 B1858 [White monument]
White Isabel 1904 [Oct 11] B1824 [White monument]
White John 1862 B1817 [White monument]
White John Jr. 1884 B1854 [White monument]
White Mary J. 1904 B1856 [White monument]
White Susan 1923 m
Wiegand Charles W. 1965 B1900
Wiegand Florainda R. 1969 B1908 [wife of Charles W. Wiegand]
Wilkins F. Richard 1988 B1925 [WWII]

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