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Yates County Cemetery Project
Part XI: Cemeteries of St. Michael's Parish, Penn Yan


St. Michael's Cemetery, Section A: Notes

Section A This is the oldest part of the "new" cemetery. The parish purchased 30 acres here in 1886 from the Wagener heirs, and even today much of it is still undeveloped. The most recent burials are to the left (west) of the entrance driveway off West Lake Road (NYS Rte. 54A), and Section A is to the right, fronting on the highway.

To it were moved some of the monuments and also some burials from the old cemetery on Cherry Street. The listing notes where burials are grouped together, whether in a single plot or on a single monument but in no way is this a reflection of actual lot ownership.

Additional names known only from the record were placed on this list if they could be associated with persons known to be buried in this section.


St. Michael's Cemetery, Section A: Burials

Andrews Honora Fitzgerald 1913 Mar 5 B1841 Mar 20 [in Ireland]; wife of William Andrews
Andrews William [1927 Feb 25] B1834 Jun 10
Arnold Lucy V. 1939 B1877; "Mother"
Bach Joseph F. m B1902 May 6
Bach Ruth A. 1974 Aug 26 B1896 Aug 4 [wife of Joseph F. Bach]
Barden Frances A. 1989 B1914 [Burns/Grady plot]
Barrett Catherine Moran # 1897 Aug 20 Died age 61 in Penn Yan, daughter of Patrick Moran
Barrett Kate 1866 Mar 5 Died age 1/7, daughter of Thomas & Catharine Barrett
Barrett Thomas # 1892 Oct 27 Died age 89 in Penn Yan; born in Ireland, son of Thomas & Kathleen Barrett
Barry James F. 1912 [Jun 25] B1854 [in Canandaigua] [Barry/Lahr plot]
Barry Margaret E. 1907 B1861 [wife of James F. Barry] [Barry/Lahr plot]
Beauchamp Arthur 1955 B1877 [Beauchamp monument]
Beauchamp Celia 1959 B1881 [wife of Arthur Beauchamp] [Beauchamp monument]
Beauchamp John A. 1926 [Sep 23] B1916 [son of Arthur & Cecilia Beauchamp] [Beauchamp monument]
Beauchamp Joseph A. # 1906 Aug 11 Died age 2/1/27 in Penn Yan, son of A. J. & Cecilia K. Shannon Beauchamp
Bell Anna Reagan # 1899 Jul 4 Died age 20 in Penn Yan; born in Penn Yan, daughter of Michael & Bridget Reagan
Bell Herbert E. 1940 [McCallum monument]
Bell Margaret E. 1945 [McCallum monument]
Bell Mary Ann 1903 [Dec 2] B1838, wife of Mathew Bell
Bell Mathew Sr. 1910 [Apr 26] B1836 [in Scotland]
Bell Mathew Jr. # 1905 Nov 2 Died in Jerusalem, son of Matthew Sr. & Mary A. Conway Bell
Benedict baby 1926 Apr 13 [Child of Alten & Josephine Manley Benedict] [same stone as Josephine Corey]
Birmingham John 1933 [Apr 16] B1856 [Birmingham plot]
Birmingham John Edward m [Birmingham plot]
Birmingham Julia 1948 B1859 [wife of John Birmingham] [Birmingham plot]
Birmingham Mary # 1890 Aug 21 Died age 75, born in Ireland
Bokma Bridget # 1921 Apr 20 Died age 58, born in Penn Yan
Bokma Henry I. 1907 [Jan 7] B1893
Bolan Catherine Hogan 1915 Sep 2 Died age 80, wife of William Bolan [born in Ireland]
Bolan William 1898 May 10 Died age 70 [born in Ireland]
Bolan William # 1927 Aug 29 Died age 55, husband of Ellen Tierney Bolan
Borgman Anna Cahill 1892 [Oct 2] B1860 [in Milo]; wife of William F. Borgman [Borgman monument]
Borgman Bernard [Barney] 1895 [Aug 20] B1830 [in Germany] [Borgman monument]
Borgman Bernard Jr. 1939 B1853 [Borgman monument]
Borgman Christina Raverkamp 1896 [Jan 15] B1826 [in Germany], wife of Bernard Borgman Sr. [Borgman monument]
Borgman Frank W. 1941 B1873 [Borgman monument]
Borgman Helene C. 1883 [Dec 25] B1881 [in Penn Yan], daughter of Bernard & Mary Borgman [Borgman monument]
Borgman Henry M. 1886 B1859 [Borgman monument]
Borgman Mary Freer 1920 May 9 B1855 [in Penn Yan, wife of Bernard Borgman Jr.] [Borgman monument]
Borgman Rose 1894 [Apr 10] B 1889 [in Ireland] [Borgman monument]
Borgman Stephen B. 1901 B1885 [Borgman monument]
Borgman William F. 1887 [Sep 25] B1860 [in Penn Yan] [Borgman monument]
Boss George H. 1953 B1879
Boss Helen H. 1958 B1876 [wife of George H. Boss]
Boyle Maggie 1899 Dec 22 [Died age 55 in Penn Yan, born in Ireland]
Brennan Bridget 1905 Mar 16 Died age 72, wife of Charles Brennan [Chas Brennan monument]
Brennan Charles 1872 Jan 16 Died age 47 [Chas Brennan monument]
Brennan Mary 1927 [Oct 15] B1860, wife of William H. Brennan [Wm Brennan plot]
Brennan William H. 1924 [Apr 24] B1855 [Wm Brennan plot]
Brewer Alonzo L. 1958 B1873 [Richd Welch monument]
Brewer Anna Welch 1951 B1873 [wife of Alonzo L. Brewer] [Richd Welch monument]
Brewer George P. 1912 [Jun 12] B1882 [in Starkey, died in Dundee]
Brewer Harry 1985 B1906 [son of Alonzo & Anna Brewer] [Richd Welch monument]
Brewer Mary M. [Agnes] 1914 [Dec 2] B1860 [Starkey]
Brodie ---- m "Father" [Brodie/Lynch plot]
Brodie [Ellen] [1887 Jan 1] [Died age 54, born in Ireland] "Mother" [Brodie/Lynch plot]
Brodie Margaret m [Brodie/Lynch plot]
Buck John V. m Vietnam War [flag only]
Buckley Anna C. 1972 B1885 [Buckley/Clary plot]
Buckley Henry J. 1942 Sep 20 [Buckley/Clary plot]
Burke Ellen 1928 [Feb 17] B1865
Burns Ann F. 1947 B1862 [Burns/Grady plot]
Burns Thomas S. 1923 [May 27] B1854 [Burns/Grady plot]
Burns Thomas S. Jr. 1946 B1890 [Burns/Grady plot]
[Butler?] Ann m m
Butler O. L. m Civil War: Co. E, 11th Pennsylvania Cavalry
Byrne Dennis F. 1868 Jul 2 Died age 13 [only] son of Patrick & Elizabeth Byrne [same stone as Mary E. Byrne; another stone in the Old Cemetery]
Byrne Ella M. 1931 [Sep 10] B1866 [wife of Frank T. Byrne] [Earles plot]
Byrne Frank T. 1948 B1860 [Earles plot]
Byrne Mary E. 1890 Apr 12 Died age 30 [born in Milo Center] daughter of Patrick & Elizabeth Byrne [same stone as Dennis F. Byrne]
Byrne Mary L. 1965 B1904
Byrne Patrick # 1907 Jan 6 Died age 72 in Penn Yan, son of Dennis Byrne
Carlin Patrick 1931 [Oct 7] B1857
Carlin Rose 1895 Mar 22 B1809 Feb 16 [same stone as Margaret C. Grady; Carlin plot]
Carroll ---- 1874 B1806 [Alice Carroll plot]
Carroll Alice 1902 [Alice Carroll plot]
Carroll Anna 1945 Jul 5 B1873 Jan 20 [plot with Carroll/Gorman monument]
Carroll Catharine [Elizabeth] [1921 Feb 18] [Died age 60, born in Penn Yan] ?Grandmother? [Edwd Grady monument]
Carroll Catherine 1932 [Jan 20] B1851, wife of John Carroll [Carroll/Gorman monument]
Carroll Ellen 1879 Jan 7 Died age 63, wife of Michael Carroll [Michael Carroll monument]
Carroll John 1886 Oct 25 Died age 50 [born in Ireland] [Carroll/Gorman monument]
Carroll John 1888 Jan 13 Died age 15, son of J. & C. Carroll [born in Branchport] [Carroll/Gorman monument]
Carroll Katherine 1924 [Apr 28] B1881, daughter of John & Catharine Carroll [Carroll/Gorman monument]
Carroll Margaret 1936 [Alice Carroll plot]
Carroll Mary Jane 1866 Jun 25 Died age 7/2 [Michael Carroll monument]
Carroll Michael 1895 [Dec 11] B1812 [in Ireland] [Michael Carroll monument]
Carroll Nellie 1947 [Alice Carroll plot]
Carroll Norah 1866 Aug 10 Died age 5/7 [Michael Carroll monument]
Cassin Catherine 1901 Jul 22, died age 66
Castelluzzo Anthony 1945 B1869 [Castelluzzo plot]
Castelluzzo Madeline L. 1985 B1920 [Castelluzzo plot]
Castelluzzo Vincentina 1933 [May 14] B1878 [wife of Anthony Castelluzzo] [Castelluzzo plot]
Caviston Catherine 1916 [Aug 25] B1830 [in Ireland] [Caviston plot]
Caviston Ellen Dougherty 1904 B1815 [Caviston plot]
Caviston F. Wilford 1970 B1888 [Caviston plot]
Caviston Ida B. 1952 B1875 [Caviston plot]
Caviston John C. 1921 [Nov 19] B1840 [in Ireland] [Caviston plot]
Caviston Margaret Earles 1897 [Apr 10] B1849 [Caviston plot]
Clark Daniel P. 1879 Mar 10 Died age 8 months 15 days, son of J. B. & M. A. Clark [Nangle plot]
Clark Franklin H. 1976 B1894; WWI: U.S. Army [adjacent to Wm N. Clark]
Clark Mary A. 1927 [Apr 5] B1851 [Nangle plot]
Clark William N. 1978 B1904; WWII: cpl., U.S. Army [adjacent to Franklin H. Clark]
Clark William P. 1936 B1867
Clary Bridget 1907 Oct 10 B1825 Jan 24, wife of Dennis Clary
Clary Dennis 1907 Sep 21 B1822 Mar 20
Clary Elizabeth Flynn 1948 B1863, wife of Martin Clary [Buckley/Clary plot]
Clary Martin 1913 B1853 [Buckley/Clary plot]
Cleary Margaret 1887 Dec 3 Died age 70, wife of William Cleary [born in Ireland]
Coggins Ellen 1917 [May 18] B1838 [in Ireland, wife of Martin Coggins] [Coggins/Dooley monument]
Coggins James 1889 Apr 1 Died age 89 [born in Ireland] [Coggins/Dooley monument]
Coggins Martin 1894 Mar 14 Died age 49 [Coggins/Dooley monument]
Coggins Mary 1864 Nov 9 Died age 56, wife of James Coggins [Coggins/Dooley monument]
Coggins Michael 1906 B1836 [Coggins/Dooley monument]
Cole Dewitt M[ichael] 1910 [Jul 9] B1894 [in Penn Yan; died age 17/8 in Penn Yan, son of Walter & Nora Gilligan Cole]
Cole Jane Louise 1971 B1891
[Coleman] Chattie 1968 May 21 B1S88 Aug 8 [adjacent to Coleman monument]
[Coleman] John E. 1950 Sep 22 B 1871 May 3 [adjacent to Coleman monument]
Coleman John B. 1888 May 28 Died age 61 [born in Ireland] [Coleman monument]
Coleman Margaret # 1930 May 7 Died age about 60, wife of Thomas Coleman
Coleman Mary 1902 Aug 3 Died age 70, wife of John B. Coleman [Coleman monument]
Coleman Thomas H. 1923 [Oct 30] B1866 [husband of Margaret Coleman] [Coleman monument]
Collins Jerrie 1888 [Oct 30] B1818 [in Ireland] [McElligott monument]
Collins John 1870 B1844 [McElligott monument]
Collins Margaret 1887 [Aug 3] B1824 [in Ireland] [McElligott monument]
Comford Frances L. 1986 B1907 [G. H. Owen plot]
[Cone?] ---- 1909 "Father" [adjacent to Cone monument]
[Cone?] ?-- 1923 "Mother" [adjacent to Cone monument]
Cone John 1881 Jul 6 B1878 Jan 3 [Cone monument]
Cone Julia 1913 [adjacent to Cone monument]
Cone Julia S. # 1921 Jul 5 Died age 49, born in Penn Yan
Cone Katherine 1933 [Dec 14] [Died age 60] [adjacent to Cone monument]
Cone Mary G. 1884 Dec 29 B1862 Jun 14 [in Himrod] [Cone monument]
Cone Michael 1888 Aug 19 B1872 Sep 20 [in Himrod] [Cone monument]
Cone Nora 1887 Dec 8 B1794 Mar 4 [in Ireland] [Cone monument]
Cone Nora 1925 [May 23] [Died age 64] [adjacent to Cone monument]
[Conley] Anna Russell 1911 [Dec 1] [Died age 26, born in Penn Yan] daughter of John & Kate [Hobbins] Russell
Connolly Bartley 1889 Sep 27 Died age 26/4, son of J[ohn] & M[ary] Connolly [born in Himrod] [Connolly monument]
Connolly John 1892 Jan 11 Died age 55 [born in Ireland] [Connolly monument]
Connolly Mary 1901 Aug 19 Died age 62, wife of John Connolly [Connolly monument]
Connelly Stephen 1891 Nov 17 Died age 20/7, son of J[ohn] & M[ary] Connolly [born in Himrod] [Connolly monument]
Corcoran Daniel E. 1952 B1876 [Wm Corcoran plot]
Corcoran John S. 1915 [Nov 30] B1913 [in Penn Yan] [Wm Corcoran plot]
Corcoran Kathryn 1924 [Mar 6] B1880 [wife of Daniel Corcoran [Wm Corcoran plot]
Corcoran Margaret Hogan 1898 Jun 30 Died age 51, wife of Michael Corcoran [born in Ireland] [Michael Corcoran monument]
Corcoran Marjorie B. 1967 B1883 [wife of William E. Corcoran] [Wm Corcoran plot]
Corcoran Mary 1906 [Mar 26] B1855 [Wm Corcoran plot]
Corcoran Mary Burns 1914 B1914 [Wm Corcoran plot]
Corcoran Mary E. 1913 Aug 26 Died age 32 [born in Penn Yan] [Michael Corcoran monument]
Corcoran Michael B. 1891 Dec 7 Died age 45/1/7 [born in Ireland] [Michael Corcoran monument]
Corcoran William 1912 B1878 [Wm Corcoran plot]
Corcoran William 1919 B1850 [Wm Corcoran plot]
Corcoran William E. 1934 B1879 [Wm Corcoran plot]
Corey Josephine Benedict 1989 B1902 [adjacent to Benedict baby]
Costello Ann Tierney 1888 B1834 wife of Timothy Costello
Costello Timothy 1904 [Mar 30] B1828
Costigan Elizabeth 1913 [Dec 15] B1835 [in Ireland], wife of Sylvester Costigan [Costigan plot]
Costigan James C. 1949 B1880 [same stone as Wm J. Costigan] [Costigan plot]
Costigan John C. 1955 Apr 30 B1875 Dec 22 [Costigan plot]
Costigan Sylvester 1906 [Sep 26] B1838 [Costigan plot]
Costigan William J. 1962 B1877 [same stone as James C. Costigan] [Costigan plot]
Craugh Margaret Long 1890 [Jan 13] B1838, wife of Patrick Craugh [born in Ireland]
Craugh Margaret S. Sweeney [1916 Jan 27] B1837 Aug 16 [in Ireland], wife of Michael Craugh [Michael Craugh monument]
Craugh Mary E. 1895 Nov 12 B1874 Jan 9 [Michael Craugh monument]
Craugh Michael [1910 Get 12] [Died age 69 in Penn Yan; born in Ireland son of John & Mary Brother Craugh] [Michael Craugh monument]
Craugh Patrick 1919 [Mar 13] B1835 [in Ireland]
Craugh William M. 1903 Dec 19 B1872 Nov 12 [Michael Craugh monument]
Culhane Catherine 1941 Jun 1 [Patrick Culhane plot]
Culhane Daniel 1936 Dec 12 [Patrick Culhane plot]
Culhane Earl J. 1987 Oct 31 B1905 May 22 [Patrick Culhane plot]
Culhane Eveline Lahr m B1904 Nov 9 [wife of Earl J. Culhane] [Patrick Culhane plot]
Culhane Joanna 1901 Sep 26 [Patrick Culhane plot]
Culhane Julia 1912 Sep 8 [Died age 84] [Patrick Culhane plot]
Culhane Mary 1934 May 30 [Patrick Culhane plot]
Culhane Mary Caviston 1953 B1872 [Caviston plot]
Culhane Mortimer 1947 Aug 18 [Patrick Culhane plot]
Culhane Patrick 1918 May 30 [Died age 90, born in Ireland] [Patrick Culhane plot]
Culhane Patrick J. 1919 Nov 12 [Died age 48, born in Penn Yan] [Patrick Culhane plot]
Culhane Sarah 1955 Apr 15 [Patrick Culhane plot]
Cunningham Emma J. [Loftus] 1896 Dec 28 B1862 Sep 20 [in Penn Yan], wife of J[ames] Cunningham [& daughter of Martin & Mary Loftus] [James Cunningham plot]
Cunningham Francis T. 1954 B1876 [John Cunningham plot]
Cunningham James 1947 B1865 [James Cunningham plot]
Cunningham John H. 1934 B1874 [John Cunningham plot]
Cunningham Mary 1904 Jul 19 B1839 Jan 12, wife of P. Cunningham [James Cunningham plot]
Cunningham Mary Craugh 1951 [Wife of Francis T. Cunningham] [John Cunningham plot]
Cunningham Nora m [Wife of John H. Cunningham] [John Cunningham plot]
Cunningham Patrick 1904 Jun 8 B1834 May 7 [James Cunningham plot]
Dailey Juliana Birmingham 1967 B1924 [Birmingham plot]
Damyomatis Felikas # 1967 B1883
Dedyne Josephine Algoet 1937 B1880
Delaire Frank m B1918 [Delaire monument]
Delaire James 1937 B1868 [Delaire monument]
Delaire Mary 1959 B1884 [Delaire monument]
Dolan James # 1901 Mar 2 Died age 57 in Penn Yan, son of Terrence & Mary Dolan
Dolan James E. 1932 Dec 6 [Died age 47] [Mary Dolan plot]
Dolan Katherine Traver 1922 Nov 26 [Wife of James E. Dolan] [Mary Dolan plot]
Dolan Mary 1898 May 19 [Died age 84, born in Ireland] [Mary Dolan plot]
Dolan Patrick 1922 Mar 7 [Mary Dolan plot]
Dooley Ellen Earley 1927 [Jan 4] B1859, wife of Patrick Dooley [Coggins/Dooley monument]
Dooley John # 1931 B1882 [son of Patrick Dooley] [Coggins/Dooley monument]
Dooley Patrick 1918 [Apr 14] B1844 [in Ireland] [Coggins/Dooley monument]
Dougherty Bridget 1864 [Sep 11] B1774 [in Ireland] [Caviston plot]
Dunn Kathleen A. 1962 Feb 5 B1894 Jan 30 [adjacent to Terence O'Donnell monument]
Dunn Thomas J. [1933 Oct 6] [Died age 51] [adjacent to Terence O'Donnell monument]
Dunnigan Elizabeth 1867 Mar 22 Died age 2/8 [Dunnigan/Gallagher monument]
Dunnigan Margaret 1894 May 21 Died age 60, wife of Patrick Dunnigan [born in Ireland] [Patrick Dunnigan monument]
Dunnigan Mary Ann 1884 Feb 5 Died age 18/11 [born in Milo], daughter of Patrick & Margaret Dunnigan [Patrick Dunnigan monument]
Dunnigan Patrick 1893 Mar 31 Died age 63 [born in Ireland, son of James & Sarah Dunnigan] [Patrick Dunnigan monument]
Dunnigan Sarah Jane 1868 Apr 23 Died age 6/1 [Dunnigan/Gallagher monument]
Earles Bridget Caviston 1916 [Jul 18] B1845 [Earles plot]
Earles Harry Caviston 1925 [Sep 12] B1865 [Earles plot]
Earles Lilly M. 1939 B1872 [Earles plot]
Eick John S. 1918 [Oct 6] B1887 [Herbert plot]
Eick Mahlon H. 1979 B1905; WWII: U.S. Army [Eick/Hoban plot]
Eick S. Elizabeth H. 1989 Feb 21 B1900 Sep 21 [wife of Mahlon H. Eick] [Eick/Hoban plot]
Fallen Bridget 1893 [Nov 7] Wife of John W. Fallon [born in Ireland] [Weed/Fallon monument]
Fallen Ella # 1931 Jun 22 Died age 67
F[allon] E[tta] A. [1930 Sep 24] [Died age 70] [footstone adjacent to Weed/Fallon monument]
Fallen John J. 1891 [Mar 3] [Died age 33, born in Penn Yan, son of John & Bridget Tuell Fallon] [Weed/Fallon monument]
Fallon John W. 1900 [Weed/Fallon monument]
Fee Thomas [1912 May 6] [Died age 65, born in Ireland] Civil War: Co. B, 97th NY
Fingar Cole Timothy 1977 Apr 22 B1948 Sep 17 [O. H. Perry plot]
Fingar Virginia Schwehm m B1922 Dec 20 [O. H. Perry plot]
Finger Charles H. 1924 [Jul 29] B1902; Troop D, NY State Police
Finnigan Nellie C. 1929 [Feb 25] B1863 [wife of John Finnigan]
Finocan Bridget 1894 Apr 20 [Died age 87, resident of Stanley, born in Ireland] [Thos Finocan monument]
Finocan Mary [Mamie] 1895 Aug 23 [Died age 27] daughter of Thomas & Mary [Susan Lynch] Finocan [Thos Finocan monument]
Finocan Susan [Lynch] 1901 Nov 19 [Died age 67 in Milo, daughter of John Lynch] wife of Thomas Finocan [Thos Finocan monument]
Finocan Thomas 1909 Apr 7 [Died age 75, born in Ireland] [Thos Finocan monument]
Fitzpatrick H. Marion 1951 B1869 [wife of John Fitzpatrick]
Fitzpatrick John 1925 [Jun 18] B1867
Flahive Agnes F. m [Adjacent to Thos Flahive monument]
Flahive James 1884 [Nov 7] B1873 [in Penn Yan] [Thos Flahive monument]
Flahive Johanna 1931 [Aug 11] B1846, wife of Thomas Flahive [Thos Flahive monument]
Flahive Katherine L. 1962 B1878 [Michael Flahive monument]
Flahive Mary 1876 B1871 [Thos Flahive monument]
Flahive Mary E. 1955 B1874 [Michael Flahive monument]
Flahive Michael 1913 [Sep 16] B1838 [in Ireland] [Michael Flahive monument]
Flahive Michael Joseph 1885 [Nov 30] B1878 [in Penn Yan] [Thos Flahive monument]
Flahive Nellie C. 1966 B1876 [Michael Flahive monument]
Flahive Nora 1920 [Apr 27] B1838 [in Ireland, wife of Michael Flahive] [Michael Flahive monument]
[Flahive?] Orda 1967 B1914 [adjacent to Thos Flahive monument]
Flahive Pauline M. Barton 1963 B1881, wife of Timothy P. Flahive [Thos Flahive monument]
Flahive Thomas 1910 [Dec 10] B1840 [in Ireland] [Thos Flahive monument]
Flahive Timothy P. 1924 [Jan 27] B1882 [son of Thomas & Johanna Flahive] [Thos Flahive monument]
Fleming Howard [Francis] H. 1927 [May 26] B1886
Fleming Philomena M. 1945 B1886 [wife of Howard H. Fleming]
Flynn Margaret m [Flynn monument]
Flynn Martin [V.] [1896 Aug 6] [Died age 4 months 4 days, born in Milo Center, son of Minnie Flynn] [Flynn monument]
Flynn Thomas m [Flynn monument]
Franz Eric Michael 1981 May 17 B1967 Feb 8 [W. S. Mahan plot]
Freer John 1886 Mar 3 B1857 Apr 19 [in Barrington] [Freer monument]
Freer Margaret 1900 B1829, wife of Stephen Freer [Freer monument]
Freer Stephen [Sr.] 1894 Jan 10 B1829 Apr 2 [in Ireland, son of John & Mary Freer] [Freer monument]
Freer Stephen Jr. 1884 Nov 12 B1863 Apr 6 [in Barrington, son of Stephen & Margaret Freer] [Freer monument]
Freer Walter 1889 Oct 14 B1861 Jul 4 [in Barrington] [Freer monument]
Fusaro infant 1917 Sep 7 Infant daughter of Michael & Michelina Fusaro
Fusaro Michelina C. 1917 Sep 10 B1900 Feb 17 [in Penn Yan] wife of Michael Fusaro
Galligher Bessie 1892 Dec 28 [Died age 60, born in Ireland] [James Galligher monument]
Galligher Bridget 1893 Oct 29 [Born in Penn Yan] [James Galligher monument]
Galligher James 1880 [May 30] B1804 [James Galligher monument]
Galligher Nora 1873 B1803, wife of James Galligher [James Galligher monument]
Garbus Anthony 1928 [Jun 13] B1848
Garbus Ellen A. 1906 Mar 23 B1848 Aug 15, wife of Anthony Garbus
Gavin Ames m [Gavin plot]
Gavin Bridget 1891 Oct 23 Died age 75, wife of Michael Gavin [born in Ireland]
Gavin Catherine # 1924 Mar 18 Died age 68
Gavin Frank M. [1927 Dec 31] [Died age 68] [Gavin plot]
Gavin Helen C. m [Gavin plot]
Gavin James # 1923 May 26 m
Gavin John [1888 Dec 31] [Died age 75, born in Ireland] "Father" [Gavin plot]
Gavin John Jr. m [Gavin plot]
Gavin Mary A. [1931 Mar 30] [Died age 75] [Gavin plot]
Gavin Michael 1889 Apr 30 Died age 77 [born in Ireland]
Gavin Nancy [Nanny] Hopkins [1898 Apr 2] [Died age 78, born in Ireland, wife of John Gavin] "Mother" [Gavin plot]
Gavin Winifred A. [1926 Mar 29] [Died age 73, sister of Helen & Mary Gavin] [Gavin plot]
Gilligan Charles H. # 1936 May 21 m
Gilligan John J. 1895 [Sep 18] B1878 [in Rushville]
Gilligan John W. 1903 B1849
Gilligan Mary A. 1927 [Aug 16] B1850, wife of John W. Gilligan
Gilligan Mary E. # 1941 B1873
Gilligan William J. 1925 [Apr 5] B1871 [husband of Mary Gilligan]
Goldrick Anna I. 1929 B1858 [Birmingham plot]
Gordon Ellen Russell 1918 Nov [3] [Died age 70, born in Penn Yan] [Daniel Russell monument]
Gordon L[ee] Whitney 1921 Dec [Daniel Russell monument]
Gorman Margaret Croke 1890 Aug 16 Died age 43, wife of Patrick Gorman [born England] [Carroll/Gorman monument]
Gorman Patrick O. 1901 Apr 12 Died age 56 [Carroll/Gorman monument]
Gould Margaret A. 1934 B1868 [Coleman monument]
Grady Edward 1876 [May 19] B1801 [Thos Grady monument]
Grady Edward 1884 [Jul 7] B1825 [in Ireland] [Edwd Grady monument]
Grady Edward [A.] 1911 [Jan 26] B1870 [in Branchport], son of John & Mary Grady [Thos Grady monument]
Grady Frances L. m [Wife of James Grady] [Burns/Grady plot]
Grady Genevieve C. 1968 B1891 [wife of William R. Grady]
Grady James H. 1936 B1886 [Burns/Grady plot]
Grady John 1904 [Feb 5] B1844 [Thos Grady monument]
Grady John T. 1956 B1872 [Costigan plot]
Grady Joseph C. 1918 [Sep 16] B1916 [in Penn Yan] [Burns/Grady plot]
Grady Madeleine 1978 B1903 [Michael Guider monument]
Grady Margaret C. 1922 [Jun 28] B1852 [wife of Thomas Grady] [same stone as Rose Carlin; Carlin plot]
Grady Mary 1907 B1817, wife of Edward Grady [Thos Grady monument]
Grady Mary 1910 [Mar 31] B1844 [in Ireland], wife of John Grady [Thos Grady monument]
Grady Sarah m Died age 2, daughter of Edward Grady [Edwd Grady monument]
Grady Sarah Carroll 1891 [Sep 20] B1829 [in Ireland], wife of Edward Grady [Edwd Grady monument]
Grady Thomas 1894 [Nov 17] B1800 [in Ireland], [Thos Grady monument]
Grady Thomas 1934 B1849 [Carlin plot]
Grady William R. 1963 B1885
Gruber Charles H. 1954 B1893
Gruber Jessie M. [Lynch] 1977 [Nov 27] B1894 [wife of Charles H. Gruber]
Guider Catherine Grady 1923 Dec 7 B1847 Dec 15, wife of Michael Guider [Michael Guider monument]
Guider John P. 1948 Jan 2 m
Guider Katherine J. 1964 Jan 21 [B1894 Jan 30] wife of John P. Guider
Guider Margaret A. 1949 B1870 [Michael Guider monument]
Guider Michael 1894 Dec 9 B1844 Sep 29 [in Ireland, son of John & Margaret Guider] [Michael Guider monument]
Guider Michael 1941 B1880 [Michael Guider monument]
Halloran Ann 1919 B1848 [plot with Halloran monument]
Halloran Dennis 1872 Mar 3 Died age 60 [Halloran monument]
Halloran Emmett 1959 B1880 [plot with Halloran monument]
Halloran Emmett, Rev. m B1926 [plot with Halloran monument]
Halloran John 1871 Dec 4 Died age 28/9/14, son of Dennis & Ann Halloran [Halloran monument]
Halloran Michael 1896 Aug 12 Died age 52 [in Ireland] [Halloran monument]
Halloran Sarah 1971 B1884 [plot with Halloran monument]
Halpin Ann 1901 B1836, wife of John Halpin [Halpin monument]
Halpin John 1904 B1891, son of James Halpin [Halpin monument]
Halpin John 1909 [Feb 9] B1829 [Halpin monument]
Hathaway Anna Stasia 1934 B1858, wife of Thomas F. Hathaway
Hathaway Thomas F. 1915 [Apr 19] B1861 [in Rock Stream]
Hayes John 1902 B1828
Hayes Julia 1909 B1833 [wife of John Hayes]
Hayes Lizzie A. 1899 B1862, wife of Michael L Hayes
Hayes Michael L. 1941 B1859
Herbert Edward G. 1896 [Feb 6] B1857 [resident of Dundee] [Herbert plot]
Herbert Jessie 1910 [Dec 16] B1826 [in Scotland] [Herbert plot]
Herbert Nora Roach 1938 B1858, wife of Patrick Herbert [Herbert plot]
Herbert Patrick C. 1911 B1859 [Herbert plot]
Hoban Doris J. 1979 B1899 [wife of James Leo Hoban] [Owen Hoban plot]
Hoban James Leo 1950 B1894 [Owen Hoban plot]
Hoban John 1894 [May 9] B1891 [in Penn Yan] [Owen Hoban plot]
Hoban John 1970 Jan 9 B1898 May 31; WWI: NY, sgt., 304th Brigade Tank Corps [Eick/Hoban plot]
Hoban John # 1912 Dec 19 Died age 83/6/29 in Penn Yan, son of Owen & Alice Plunkett Hoban
Hoban Kathryn # 1912 Dec 7 Died age 56/10/20 in Penn Yan, daughter of John & Mary Hughes Hoban
Hoban Marion 1983 B1898 [Eick/Hoban plot]
Hoban Mary O'Connor 1946 B1859 [Owen Hoban plot]
Hoban Michael # 1902 Sep 12 Died age 26 in Penn Yan, son of John & Mary Hoban
Hoban Owen 1934 B1858 [Owen Hoban plot]
Hoban William 1898 Feb 2 B1864 Jul 21 [son of John & Mary Hoban]
Hobbins Charles D. 1896 Dec 30 B1874 Jun 19 [in Starkey, son of Dennis & Ann Hobbins; died in Milo] [Hobbins/Russell monument]
[Hobbins] Dennis [1912 Apr 19] [Died age 83, born in Ireland] [adjacent to Hobbins/Russell monument]
Hobbins Elizabeth Hogan 1928 Nov 10 B1868 Apr 6, wife of Charles Hobbins [Hobbins/Russell monument]
Hobbins James L. 1896 Jul 3 B1862 Nov 16 [in Himrod] [Hobbins/Russell monument]
Hogan Margaret [Kane] 1906 [Mar 4] B1840 [in Ireland, daughter of Matthew & Margaret Kane] [Hogan plot]
Hogan Robert 1904 B1839 [Hogan plot]
Hopkins Harry B. 1915 Jul 10 Died age 27 [born in Penn Yan]
Houghtaling Claud 1904 B1904, son of Peter & Margaret Houghtaling [Andrew Whalen monument]
Houghtaling Leo B. 1901 B1901, son of Peter & Margaret Houghtaling [Andrew Whalen monument]
Hyland Catherine Ryan 1934 B1864 [wife of John Hyland] [Hyland plot]
Hyland Francis T. 1919 [Feb 28] B1868 [in Penn Yan] [Hyland plot]
Hyland John 1891 [Jul 29] B1828 [in Ireland] [Hyland plot]
Hyland John 1939 B1858 [Hyland plot]
Hyland Mary Caviston 1891 [Aug 22] B1838 [in Ireland, daughter of Thaddeus & Ellen Dougherty Caviston] wife of John Hyland [Hyland plot]
Hyland Mary Ursula 1964 B1890 [Hyland plot]
Jennings James 1898 Mar 18 B1860 Aug 4
Jensen Henry E., Sr. 1992 B1916
Jensen Mary K. O'Connor m B1908 [wife of Henry E. Jensen Sr.]
Johnston Nora O'Donnell 1894 Feb 19 B1858 May 28 [in Ireland, died in Auburn] daughter of Terence & Catherine O'Donnell, wife of Alfred J. Johnston [Terence O'Donnell monument]
Jones George W. 1937 B1860 [G. W. Jones monument]
Jones Harriet 1916 B1875 [G. W. Jones monument]
Jones Henry M. 1964 B1892 [G. W. Jones monument]
Kane Elizabeth H. 1971 B1896 [adjacent to Joanne Kane]
Kane Joanne 1946 B1926 [adjacent to Elizabeth Kane]
Kearney W. P. 1904 Apr 15 [Daniel Russell monument]
Kelley Catherine [Roach] [1902 Nov 2] [Died age 78] wife of D[avid] Kelley [daughter of Alexander & Nancy Roach]
Kelley David 1894 Sep 25 Died age 65 [in Ireland]
Kelly Anna B. 1932 [Jul 14] B1873 [C. A. Kelly plot]
Kelly Catharine 1945 B1857 [wife of James Kelly]
Kelly Charles A. 1955 B1873 [C. A. Kelly plot]
Kelly James 1936 B1849
Kelly John J. 1918 B1853
Kelly Josephine # 1924 Jan 21 Died age 24, daughter of Mrs. Margaret Kelly
Kelly Margaret 1940 Oct 12 Wife of John J. Kelly
Kelly Mary D. 1907 B1843 [C. A. Kelly plot]
Kennelly Catherine 1886 Jul 7 Died age 52, wife of Dennis Kennelly Jr. [born in Ireland] [Kennelly/McAdams monument]
Kennelly Dennis 1892 Apr 25 Died age 63 [born in Ireland] [Kennelly/McAdams monument]
Kennelly Mary 1871 Oct 5 Died age 75, wife of Dennis Kennelly Sr. [Kennelly/McAdams monument]
Kierst Adam M. 1929 [May 3] B1858 [Borgman monument]
Kierst Elizabeth B. 1955 B1856 [wife of Adam Kierst] [Borgman monument]
Kierst Helene M. 1977 B1914 [wife of Paul A. Kierst] [Borgman monument]
Kierst Henry F. 1986 B1908 [Borgman monument]
Kierst Ida R. 1988 B1906 [wife of Henry Kierst] [Borgman monument]
Kierst Paul A. 1979 B1906 [Borgman monument]
Kierst Peter H. 1968 B1884 [Borgman monument]
Kierst Sarah E. 1966 B1885 [wife of Peter H. Kierst] [Borgman monument]
Killigrew James # 1900 Dec 6 Died age 70 in Starkey, son of John Killigrew
Killigrew John 1940 B1861
Killigrew Kathrine 1948 B1865 [wife of John Killigrew]
Killigrew Maria Hobbins m [Wife of Patrick H. Killigrew]
Killigrew Patrick H. m m
Kimes Philip H. 1918 [Jul 22] B1863 [in Elmira]
Kinsella Katherine Dolan 1933 Jun 10 [Died age 48] [Mary Dolan plot]
Kirby Nora m Died age 84, wife of John Kirby [stone partially buried]
Kissan Catherine m Wife of Michael Kissan; "Mother" [stone partially buried; Michael Kissan plot]
Kissan John P. 1901 Feb 28 B1882 Jun 29 [Michael Kissan plot]
Kissan Michael 1917 [Dec 11] B1835 [in Ireland] "Father" [Michael Kissan plot]
Kissane Anne 1967 B1884 [wife of Michael J. Kissane] [John Kissane plot]
Kissane John 1930 [Feb 10] B1850 [John Kissane plot]
Kissane John W. 1949 B1879 [John Kissane plot]
Kissane Margaret Lynch 1914 B1852, wife of John Kissane [John Kissane plot]
Kissane Mary C. 1980 B1878 [Michael Kissan plot]
Kissane Michael H. m [stone partially buried; Michael Kissan plot]
Kissane Michael J. 1959 B1881 [John Kissane plot]
Lahr Clarence 1935 B1887 [Barny Lahr plot]
Lahr Helen B. 1960 B1886 [wife of Clarence Lahr] [Barny Lahr plot]
Lahr James F. 1935 B1893 [Barny Lahr plot]
Lamphier Ernest 1952 B1882
Lamphier Nellie 1924 [Oct 8] B1882 [wife of Ernest Lamphier]
Legg Mary C. 1959 B1874 [Patrick Mulvihill monument]
Leonard John E. m B1928 Jan 12
Loftus John 1933 m
Loftus Julia 1938 [Wife of John Loftus]
Loftus Martin W. 1897 Apr 16 Died age 11/9 days in Penn Yan, son of John & Julia Hallett Loftus
[Long?] Alex m [Adjacent to John Long monument]
Long Bartholomew # 1892 May 28 Died age 35, born in Penn Yan
Long Elizabeth [M. Kean] [1933 Feb 12] [Died age 69; 2nd] wife of John Long [John Long monument]
Long John 1908 Apr 7 D age 83 [John Long monument]
Long Katie O. 1888 May 14 Died age 28, daughter of John &. Mary Long [born in Penn Yan] [John Long monument]
Long Mary 1865 Dec 25 Died age 28, wife of John Long [John Long monument; another stone in the Old Cemetery]
Long Mary A. [1909 Nov 30] [Died age 50, born in Penn Yan] [John Long monument]
Luppino Antoinette 1919 B1917 [Luppino monument]
Luppino Giuseppe 1966 B1881 [Luppino monument]
Luppino Rosa 1954 B1878 [wife of Giuseppe Luppino] [Luppino monument]
Lynch ?- m ''Father" [Brodie/Lynch plot]
Lynch ?- m "Mother" [Brodie/Lynch plot]
Lynch Ellen 1882 May 17 Died age 82 [born Co. Kerry, in Ireland] [T. M. Lynch monument]
Lynch James A. 1909 [Jun 28] B1883 [adjacent to Mary K. Lynch]
Lynch John B. 1950 B1864
Lynch Karen Neilsen 1946 B1870 [wife of Timothy Lynch] "Mother"
Lynch Kathryn 1926 Feb 19 [Died age 53, wife of T. M. Lynch] [Hogan plot]
Lynch Mary K. 1954 B1864 [wife of John B. Lynch]
Lynch Maurice [1903 Sep 2] [Died age 36 in Penn Yan, son of Michael & Kate Lynch] [Brodie/Lynch plot]
Lynch Rose 1891 Feb 11 B1879 Oct 28 [in Dundee] [T. W. Lynch monument]
[Lynch] Susie [1900 Feb 21] [Died age 11, daughter of Timothy & Ellen Lynch] [footstone near T. W. Lynch monument]
Lynch T[imothy] W[halen] 1929 [Dec 7] B1875 [T. W. Lynch monument]
Lynch Timothy 1910 [Jan 15] B1861 [in Penn Yan]; "Father"
Lynch William B. 1895 Oct 24 B1873 Apr 12 [in Dundee] [T. W. Lynch monument]
Madigan John 1947 B1882 [Madigan/Stauffer plot]
Madigan Mary 1944 B1885 [Madigan/Stauffer plot]
Magee Henry 1945 B1884 [Michael Guider monument]
Magee Sarah 1968 B1890 [Michael Guider monument]
Mahan Florence A. 1988 B1913 [wife of William S. Mahan] [W. S. Mahan plot]
Mahan Martin 1912 [Oct 26] B1844 [in Ireland, son of Patrick & Catharine Tunney Mahan; died age 67/11] [Civil War]: U.S. Navy [same stone as Wm E. Mahan]
Mahan Patrick I., Sr. 1984 Sep 27 B1922 Jan 28; WWII & Korean War: master sgt., U.S. Army
Mahan Sarah Jane m B1920 [wife of Patrick J. Mahan Sr.]
Mahan William E. 1904 B1878, son of Martin Mahan [same stone]
Mahan William S. m B1913; WWII: 58th U.S. Navy Construction Battalion [W. S. Mahan plot]
Mahoney Johanna 1883 Feb 16 Died age 13, daughter of Thomas & Mary Mahoney [born in Starkey] [Mahoney monument]
Mahoney Mary R. 1916 Dec 20 Died age 77, wife of Thomas Mahoney [born in Ireland] [Mahoney monument]
Mahoney Michael M. 1922 [Feb 10] B1864 [Mahoney monument]
Mahoney Timothy 1896 Dec 16 Died age 76 [in Ireland] [Mahoney monument]
Mangan Cornelius 1914 B1842 [Cornelius Mangan monument]
Mangan Jane Carroll 1891 Dec 22 [Died age 44, wife of John Mangan]
Mangan John 1902 May 3 m
Mangan Mary 1906 B1834, wife of Cornelius Mangan [Cornelius Mangan monument]
Manley Edward J. 1975 Feb 24 B1909 Sep 10; [WWII]: U.S. Army
Markey Ann 1907 Sep 6 Died age 83, wife of Michael Markey [Markey monument]
Markey John 1881 Apr 3 Died age 22, son of Michael & Ann Markey [Markey monument]
Markey Joseph F. # 1904 Sep 17 Died age 43 in Penn Yan, son of Michael & Ann Flynn Markey
Markey Michael 1899 Feb 1 Died age 77 [Markey monument]
Maroney Edward [Eammon] [1903 Apr 5] [Son of Sean & Maire Mulrooney] [Maroney monument]
Maroney Hannah [Honor] [1931 Aug 24] [Died age 80, daughter of Sean & Maire Mulrooney] [Maroney monument]
Maroney Jenny [Jane] 1905 May 30 [Daughter of Sean & Maire Mulrooney] [Maroney monument]
Maroney John [Sean] [1879 Oct 16] [Died age 23, son of Sean & Maire Mulrooney] [Maroney monument]
Maroney Vivian m [Maroney monument]
[McAdams] Charles m [Plot with Kennelly/McAdams monument]
McAdams Kathleen A. 1982 B1888 [Kennelly/McAdams monument]
McAdams Mary Ryan 1936 B1862 [wife of Michael J. McAdams] [Kennelly/McAdams monument]
McAdams Michael J[ohn] 1893 Feb 3 Died age 33/4/16 [born in Himrod] [Kennelly/McAdams monument]
McCallum Archibald A. 1955 [McCallum monument]
McCallum Frank J. Kinsella 1946 [McCallum monument]
McCallum Susan J. 1945 [McCallum monument]
McCarrick Anna 1930 [May 2] B1888 [wife of Bartholomew McCarrick] [Birmingham plot]
McClure James F. 1941 Jan 27 [WWI]: cpl., 10th Field Signal Battalion N7
McClure Ruby D[enniston] 1986 B1890, wife of James McClure
McDonald Charles J. 1951 B1867 [John Kissane plot]
McDonald Elizabeth 1890 Aug 17 Died age 31, wife of Henry McDonald [born in Dundee] [same stone as Esther McDonald]
McDonald Esther 1890 Mar 13 Died age 8 months [born in Penn Yan]; daughter of Henry & Elizabeth McDonald [same stone as Elizabeth McDonald]
McDonald Margaret E. Quinn 1910 [Jan 5] B1864 [in Penn Yan], wife of George McDonald [adjacent to Robert & Pat Quinn]
McDonald Mary E. 1963 B1882 [John Kissane plot]
McDonald Thomas F. 1968 B1907 [John Kissane plot]
McDuff Bernard J. 1922 [Aug 2] B1917 [Coleman monument]
McElligott Ann [Sarah] 1891 [Dec 30] B1821 [in Ireland] [McElligott monument]
McElligott Delia C. m [Wife of John J. McElligott] [plot with Cone monument]
McElligott Elizabeth 1869 [Nov] B1845 [in Ireland] [McElligott monument]
McElligott Ellen 1923 [Oct 6] B1852 [wife of John McElligott] [McElligott monument]
McElligott John 1887 [Aug 1] B1850 [in Ireland] [McElligott monument]
McElligott John J. 1956 B1885 [plot with McElligott monument]
McEvoy John 1877 Apr 4 Died age 55 [McEvoy monument]
McEvoy Mary 1908 B1823 [McEvoy monument]
McGough Albert C. # m B1896
McGough Alice Malloney # 1956 B1894, wife of Albert C. McGough
McGough Anna Rose # m B1894
McGough John 1934 B1844; Civil War: 44th & 5th NY
McGough Julia 1889 [Apr 11] B1831 [in Ireland], wife of Patrick McGough Sr. [Patrick McGough monument]
McGough Mary 1902 B1854, wife of John McGough
McGough Patrick Jr. 1884 [May 23] B1850 [born in Milo] [Patrick McGough monument]
McGough Patrick Sr. 1881 [Feb 27] B1829 [died age 51/9] [Patrick McGough monument]
McGough Thomas 1906 B1863 [Patrick McGough monument]
McGovern Hugh [B.] 1922 May 25 [WWI]: NY, U.S. Army
McGovern Katie 1900 Jan 19 Died age 25/4 [McGovern monument]
McGovern Mary 1951 Jan 5 [McGovern monument]
McGovern Nora 1971 B1874 [McGovern monument]
McHale Margaret 1886 [May 21] [Died age 77, born in Ireland] "Mother"
McReynolds Bridget S. 1936 B1857 [wife of Dennis McReynolds]
McReynolds Dennis 1925 [Feb 26] B1846
McReynolds John # 1894 Sep 3 Died age 16 days in Penn Yan, son of Dennis & Bridget McReynolds
Meade Bridget [O'Connor] [1912 Dec 27] [Died age 80; born in Ireland, daughter of Charles & Mary Murphy O'Connor; died age 90/11] [Frank Meade plot]
Meade Frank [Francis] Sr. [1886 Jan 20] [Died age 63, born in Ireland] [Frank Mead plot]
Meade John J. [1886 Apr 2] [Died age 34/11/27, born in Penn Yan, son of Francis & Bridget O'Connor Meade]
Meehan Edward James 1935 B1870 [Meehan plot]
Meehan Ellen L. 1937 B1861 [wife of John Meehan] [Meehan plot]
Meehan John H. 1936 B1860 [Meehan plot]
Meehan Julia I. 1954 B1865 [wife of Edward James Meehan] [Meehan plot]
Meehan Maggie [Markey] 1882 Feb 19 Died age 26 [in Canandaigua, born in Penn Yan] wife of John Meehan [Markey monument]
Meehan Mary Dooley 1898 B1836 [wife of Michael Meehan] [Meehan plot]
Meehan Michael 1906 B1834 [Meehan plot]
Miller Maude 1934 B1887 [Andrew Whalen monument]
Mitchell Edward 1915 [Nov 16] B1891 [in Penn Yan] [Mitchell/Moran monument]
Mitchell Ella J. m [Same stone as James E. Mitchell]
Mitchell Ellen 1905 B1904 [Mitchell/Moran monument]
Mitchell Frank 1924 [Feb 26] B1861 [Mitchell/Moran monument]
Mitchell James E. 1919 [May 14] B1868 [in Ireland]
Mitchell Mary 1923 [Oct 10] B1865, wife of Frank Mitchell [Mitchell/Moran monument]
Moniot Eugene 1958 B1883 [Moniot monument]
Moniot Louise 1911 [Aug 26] B1907 [in Penn Yan] [Moniot monument]
Moniot Lucie 1947 B1883 [wife of Eugene Moniot] [Moniot monument]
Moran Ellen 1907 [Dec 13] B1824 [wife of John Moran] [Mitchell/Moran monument]
Moran John 1904 B1826 [Mitchell/Moran monument]
Moulton Jonathan F. 1978 Feb 10 B1923 Sep 23; WWII: U.S. Army
Mulrooney [Daniel] Donal [1876 Apr 4] [Died age 21], son of Sean & Maire Mulrooney [Maroney monument]
Mulrooney Maire Callaghan 1891 [Jan 15] B1826, wife of Sean Mulrooney [Maroney monument]
Mulrooney Sean 1900 [Jun 18] B1819; ?Andter Mon Clough Boley, Co. Sligo in Ireland? [Maroney monument]
Mulvihill Alice 1948 B1878 [John Mulvihill plot]
Mulvihill Alice 1980 B1884, wife of Thomas Mulvihill [Patrick Mulvihill monument]
Mulvihill Edward 1920 [Jan 27] B1891 [in Penn Yan] [adjacent to Mary C. Woodard]
Mulvihill John 1908 Dec 13 B1876 Oct 13 [Patrick Mulvihill monument]
Mulvihill John 1941 B1872 [John Mulvihill plot]
Mulvihill Luke 1932 [May 2] B1882 [John Mulvihill plot]
Mulvihill Mary 1904 B1852 [John Mulvihill plot]
Mulvihill Mary 1926 [Jul 5] B1852, wife of Patrick Mulvihill [Patrick Mulvihill monument]
Mulvihill Mary 1951 B1884 [John Mulvihill plot]
Mulvihill Patrick 1892 Apr 9 B1841 Mar 10 [in Ireland] [Patrick Mulvihill monument]
Mulvihill Phineas # 1888 Mar 13 Died age 3 months in Penn Yan, son of Patrick & Mary Mulvihill
Mulvihill Thomas 1946 B1879 [Patrick Mulvihill monument]
Murphy Martha Shannon 1978 B1888 [adjacent to Monica B. Prendergast]
Murphy Patrick Jr. 1893 Dec 10 Died age 50 [born in Ireland]
Murray Mary Ann [McEvoy] 1880 Oct 20 Died age 22/3/3, wife of Patrick Murray [McEvoy monument]
Nangle Catharine 1903 Aug 5 Died age 77, wife of Daniel Nangle; "Katie" [Nangle plot]
Nangle Daniel 1888 Sep 21 Died age 72 [born in Ireland] [Nangle plot]
[Nangle] Judith [1891 Nov 20] [Died age 8, born in Dundee] [Nangle plot]
O'Brien Anna 1960 B1879 [John O'Brien monument]
O'Brien Bridget 1922 [Mar 6] B1839 [John O'Brien monument]
O'Brien James 1910 [Mar 26] B1833 [in Ireland] [James O'Brien plot]
O'Brien James Jr. 1953 B1870 [James O'Brien plot]
O'Brien John 1909 B1821 [John O'Brien monument]
O'Brien John Jr. 1926 [Jul 1] B1867 [John O'Brien monument]
O'Brien Mary 1920 [Sep 24] B1840 [in Ireland] [James O'Brien plot]
O'Brien Mighiel 1953 B1873 [James O'Brien plot]
O'Brien Nora 1949 B1866 [James O'Brien plot]
O'Donnell Catherine Barry 1891 Dec 27 B1814 Nov 7 [in Ireland], wife of Terence O'Donnell [Terence O'Donnell monument]
O'Donnell Rose # 1913 Nov 1 Died age 60 in Penn Yan, daughter of Terrence & Catharine Barry O'Donnell
O'Donnell Terence 1895 Jun 4 B1808 Nov 8 [Terence O'Donnell monument]
O'Donnell Terence F. 1901 Mar 20 B1855 Jun 25, son of Terence & Catherine O'Donnell [Terence O'Donnell monument]
O'Keefe Anna 1890 Jun 27 Died age 4 [born in Penn Yan] daughter of Patrick & Lizzie O'Keefe [O'Keefe plot]
O'Keefe Cecilia 1960 B1890 [O'Keefe plot]
O'Keefe Elizabeth 1930 [Sep 3] B1863 [wife of Patrick O'Keefe] [O'Keefe plot]
O'Keefe Lillian Mary [1895 Aug 30] Died age 5 months 14 days [born in Penn Yan, daughter of Patrick & Lizzie M. Craugh O'Keefe] [O'Keefe plot]
O'Keefe Patrick 1932 [Oct 7] B1859 [O'Keefe plot]
O'Malley Ella 1950 B1874 [adjacent to Margaret O'Malley]
O'Malley Margaret 1924 [Feb 29] B1869 [adjacent to Ella O'Malley]
O'Malley Mary 1904 Aug 16 Died age 80/7 days, wife of Michael O'Malley
O'Neil John [1919 May 26] [Died age 79, born in Ireland] Civil War: Co. K, 5th NY Veteran Infantry
O'Neil Katie # 1892 Oct 2 Died age 17/10/8; born in Penn Yan, daughter of John & Mary O'Neil
O'Neil Mary Carr # 1906 Aug 7 Died age 67 in Penn Yan, daughter of Peter Carr
O'Neill Dorothy 1922 [Jul 24] B1919 [Borgman monument]
Owen George H. 1932 [Mar 19] B1885 [G. H. Owen plot]
Owen George H[ollenbeck] [1912 Aug 27] Died age 3 months, son of George & Maude [Moshier] Owen [born in Penn Yan] [G. H. Owen plot]
Owen Maude E. 1951 B1883 [wife of George H. Owen] [G. H. Owen plot]
Perry Eleanor Schwehm m B1920 Jun 29 [O. H. Perry plot]
Perry Howard O. H. 1985 Mar 10 B1909 Feb 1 [O. H. Perry plot]
Perry Joseph J. 1943 B1884 [Coggins/Dooley monument]
Perry Margaret Dooley 1951 B1889, wife of Joseph J. Perry [Coggins/Dooley monument]
Pettingill Ellen Frances Mahoney 1922 [Jan 30] B1862, wife of Sidney Pettingill [Mahoney monument]
Pettingill Olga Ellen 1925 [Feb 8] B1921 [born in Penn Yan daughter of Bryan & Olga Husel Pettingill] [adjacent to Mahoney monument]
Poorman Ira 1915 B1863 [Poorman plot]
Prendergast Anna G. 1949 B1872 [Jefferson Prendergast plot]
Prendergast Jefferson 1946 B1862 [Jefferson Prendergast plot]
Prendergast John W. 1985 B1903 [Jefferson Prendergast plot]
Prendergast Julia D. m B1903 [Jefferson Prendergast plot]
Prendergast Monica Beauchamp 1982 B1909 [adjacent to Martha S Murphy]
Purdy Frederick 1930 [Mar 30] B1874 [Husband of Margaret Purdy] [Birmingham plot]
Quetchenbach John 1949 B1879
Quetchenbach Mary 1938 B1873 [wife of John Quetchenbach]
Quinn Patrick 1919 [May 15] B1840 [in Ireland] [same stone as Robert Quinn]
Quinn Robert 1914 [Sep 28] B1873 [in Penn Yan] [same stone as Patrick Quinn]
Reagan Anna Frances 1898 B1879 [Thomas Reagan monument]
Reagan Bridget 1945 B1855, wife of Michael Reagan [Thomas Reagan monument]
Reagan Eugene Charles 1913 [Jul 6] B1888 [on Bluff Point] [Thomas Reagan monument]
Reagan J. Clarence 1900 B1888, son of John & Belle Reagan
Reagan Margaret [1888 Dec 19] [Died age 75, born in Ireland] [Thomas Reagan monument]
Reagan Michael 1919 [May 31] B1850 [in Ireland] [Thomas Reagan monument]
Reagan Thomas [1892 Apr 3] [Died age 75, born in Ireland] [Thomas Reagan monument]
Rector Winnifred 1912 [May 5] B1857 [in Ireland] [O H Perry plot]
Reynolds Charles M. 1963 Mar 2 B1922 Feb 27; WWII: NY, Army Air Force
Reynolds Constance M. 1967 Mar 30 B1922 Jun 21 [wife of Charles M. Reynolds]
Rice Martha A. [1923 Apr 29] B1833 [wife of Stephen J. Rice]
Rice Stephen J. 1896 [Oct 11] B1866 [in Dundee]
Rilling Luella F. 1956 B1883 [Rilling monument]
Rilling Mary S. Sullivan 1918 [Jun 27] B1856, wife of Philip Rilling [Rilling monument]
Rilling Philip J. [1930 Oct 8] B1854 [Rilling monument]
Rilling Phillip J. Jr. 1918 Nov 15 B1889 Feb 25 [in Penn Yan]; died in France; WWI: cpl., Co. D, 312th Ammunition Train [Rilling monument]
Roach Edward # 1901 Sep 6 m
Roach Ellen 1928 [Mar 6] B1844 [wife of Edward Roach]
Roach James 1864 B1860, son of Thomas & Maria Roach [Thos Roach monument]
Roach Maria 1890 [Jan 13] B1835 [in Ireland]; wife of Thomas Roach [Thos Roach monument]
Roach Nellie 1876 Oct 31 Died age 46, wife of Edward Roach [very worn]
Roach Patrick G. # 1916 Sep 8 B1859 in Dundee
Roach Thomas 1896 B1818 [Thos Roach monument]
Roche Barney 1935 B1865 [James Roche monument]
Roche Edward B. 1919 [Feb 22] B1835 [in Ireland]
Roche James P. 1905 B1823 [James Roche monument]
Roche Mary 1913 [Feb 9] B1830 [in Ireland]; wife of James P. Roche [James Roche monument]
Roche Mary 1953 B1872, wife of Barney Roche [James Roche monument]
Roche Mary Elizabeth 1913 B1901 [James Roche monument]
Roche Patrick 1928 [May 7] B1865 [James Roche monument]
Rogers Frank 1935 B1874 [adjacent to Daniel Russell monument]
Rogers Margaret Gordon 1925 Feb [11] [Died age 50, wife of Francis Rogers] [Daniel Russell monument]
Rogers Mary Meehan 1916 [Jun 30] B1863 [in Geneva, wife of Thomas Rogers] [Meehan plot]
Rowles Mary 1891 Aug 24 Died age 77 [born in Penn Yan] [Terence O'Donnell monument]
Rowles Mary A. # 1896 Jul 24 Died age 83 in Penn Yan
Russell Daniel 1877 Apr [Died age 102] born in Ireland [Daniel Russell monument; erected 1925 by Anne Russell Kearney]
Russell John 1896 Apr 24 B1834 May 12 [in Ireland] [Hobbins/Russell monument]
Russell Kate m Wife of John Russell [Hobbins/Russell monument]
Russell Mary 1877 [Nov 23] [Died age 79] wife of Daniel Russell [Daniel Russell monument]
Ryan Frances [Fanny] 1891 Jan 10 Died age 19/5/10 [born in Bellona] [Kennelly/McAdams monument]
Ryan Jerry 1868 Jan 11 Died age 10 months 8 days [Kennelly/McAdams monument]
Ryan Johnnie 1867 Mar 3 [Kennelly/McAdams monument]
Ryan Mary 1886 Oct 31 Died age 82 [born in Ireland] mother of Richard Ryan [Kennelly/McAdams monument]
Ryan Mary Kennelly 1913 [Nov 4] B1837 [in Ireland, wife of Richard Ryan] [Kennelly/McAdams monument]
Ryan Richard 1911 [Dec 27] B1832 [in Ireland] [Kennelly/McAdams monument]
Ryan Richard Jr. 1912 B1868 [Kennelly/McAdams monument]
Sackett Edward H. 1936 B1929 [adjacent to Margaret B. Sackett]
Sackett Margaret B. 1936 B1893 [adjacent to Edward Sackett]
Santulli Mary C. 1954 B1907, daughter of Anthony & V. Castelluzzo [Castelluzzo plot]
Schavi Josephine B. Mahan m B1910 [W. S. Mahan plot]
Schavi Oswald L. 1985 B1915 [W. S. Mahan plot]
Schwehm Daniel C. 1976 B1898 [O. H. Perry plot]
Schwehm Myrtle S. 1977 B1901 [O. H. Perry plot]
Sciore Concctta 1912 Apr 11 B1844 Oct 1 [in Italy] [adjacent to Samuel Sciore]
Sciorc Samuel 1906 Sep 18 B1906 Aug 12, son of Ettore & Mattie Sciore [adjacent to Concetta Sciore]
Shannon Catherine 1928 [Aug 12] B1848, wife of John Shannon [Shannon monument]
Shannon John 1930 [Oct 30] B1837 [Shannon monument]
Shannon John Jr. 1906 B1878 [Shannon monument]
Shay Edward 1913 B1907 [Herbert plot]
Sheppard Margaret D. 1954 B1889 [Wm Brennan plot]
Sheppard Mary Brennan 1915 Jan 4 Died age 57, wife of George Sheppard [Chas Brennan monument]
Shriver Arthur m [WWII]
Shriver James 1970 Apr 16 B1970 Apr 15 [adjacent to Arthur Shriver]
Spano Carmella Cutri 1964 B1897 [wife of Dominic Spano] [Spano plot]
Spano Dominic 1965 B1893 [Spano plot]
Stauffer Eleanor Carroll Madigan 1989 B1912 [Madigan/Stauffer plot]
Stauffer William E. m B1908 [Madigan/Stauffer plot]
Styrculla Albert M. 1938 B1892
Styrculla Andrew # 1933 Jan 16 Died age 4
Styrculla Irene # 1933 Jan 6 Died age 2
Styrculla Mary K. 1963 B1902 [wife of Albert M. Styrculla]
Sullivan Clara E. 1994 Jun 22 B1919 Jul 3 [wife of J. William Sullivan]
Sullivan Eugene J. 1980 B1918
Sullivan J. William m B1924 Jul 18
Sullivan Sarah # 1977 Mar 3 Died age 91
Surace James 1920 [Nov 23] B1890 [in Italy] [same stone as Joseph Surace]
Surace Joseph 1920 [Oct 22] B1917 [in Penn Yan], son of J. & L. Surace [same stone as James Surace]
Taylor Ella C. 1916 [May 28] [Died age 44, born in Himrod] [plot with Cone monument]
Terpolilli Harry 1959 B1887 [Terpolilli plot]
Terpolilli Joseph 1960 Jun 8 B1909 Mar 16; WWII: Infantry, Bronze Star Medal [Terpolilli plot]
Terpolilli Lucy 1947 B1885 [Terpolilli plot]
Terpolilli Paula 1913 [Nov 5] B1910 [Terpolilli plot]
Terry Mary E. 1955 Mar 18 B1885 Sep 3 [Poorman plot]
Thomas Vanrensselaer 1979 B1952
[Tierney] Ann [Hannah] [1902 Nov 2] [Died age 70 in Milo, wife of Patrick Tierney] [Peter Tierney plot]
Tierney Ellen Hogan 1911 Nov 28 B1841 Nov 28 [in Ireland], wife of Michael Tierney
Tierney Frances Kelly 1924 B1841 [wife of John Tierney] [John Tierney plot]
Tierney John 1914 [Jan 31] B1841 [in Ireland] [John Tierney plot]
Tierney John B. 1970 B1868 [John Tierney plot]
Tierney Lena H. 1968 B1880 [John Tierney plot]
Tierney Marie Augagnuer 1920 [Mar 20] B1872 [in France, wife of John B. Tierney] [John Tierney plot]
Tierney Michael 1903 Feb 27 B1838 Jan 28
[Tierney] Patrick J. m [Peter Tierney plot]
Tierney Peter 1911 [Sep 1] B1866 [in Ireland] [Peter Tierney plot]
[Tobin] Elizabeth m [Tobin plot]
[Tobin Ellen] [1865 May 4] [Died age 38, wife of Patrick Tobin] "Mother" [Tobin plot; another stone in the Old Cemetery]
[Tobin] Lawrence [1912 Jul 1] [Died age 40, born on Bluff Point] [Tobin plot]
[Tobin] May [1923 Mar 12] [Tobin plot]
Tobin Patrick 1888 Jul 10 Died age 70 [in Ireland]; "Father" [Tobin plot]
Townsend Bridget L. 1919 [Apr 9] B1841 [in Ireland] [J. M. Townsend monument]
Townsend Gideon H. 1898 [May 9] B1866 [in Penn Yan] [J. M. Townsend monument]
Townsend Gideon H. # 1899 Feb 2 Died age 8 months, born in Geneva
Townsend James A. m B1908
Townsend James M. 1888 [May 21] B1839 [in Penn Yan] [J. M. Townsend monument]
Townsend M. Eileen 1978 B1907 [wife of James A. Townsend]
Townsend Sarah E. 1917 [Mar 30] B1870 [in Penn Yan] [J. M. Townsend monument]
Tubbs Mary 1949 B1873
Tuttle Bert S. 1963 B1895
Tuttle Mary L. 1988 B1902 [wife of Bert S. Tuttle]
Vessa Agnese 1929 [Jan 9] B1891; "Mother" [Vessa plot]
Vessa Benjamin 1958 B1931 [Vessa plot]
Vessa Biagio 1934 B1889; "Father" [Vessa plot]
Vessa Charles # 1929 Jan 8 Died age 1 day, son of Agnes & Biagio Vessa
Vessa infant # 1923 Dec 22 Died age 1 hour, son of Benjamin Vessa
Vessa James m m
Walsh Agnes B. 1949 B1878
[Weed Ellen] [1924 Jul 28] [Died age 86] "Mother" [of Margaret & Mary Weed] [adjacent to Weed/Fallon monument]
[Weed?] Margaret m [Adjacent to Weed/Fallon monument]
[Weed?] Mary m [Adjacent to Weed/Fallon monument]
Welch Johanna 1902 Oct 4 B1845 Oct 8, wife of Richard Welch [Richard Welch monument]
Welch Richard 1911 Mar 11 B1834 May 6 [Civil War; born in Ireland] [Richard Welch monument]
Whalen Andrew 1897 Sep 24 B1829 Mar 4 [in Ireland] [Andrew Whalen monument]
Whalen Ann Riley 1882 Apr 2 B1824 Jan 7; wife of Andrew Whalen [Andrew Whalen monument]
Whalen Mary 1900 Sep 26 Died age 72, wife of William Whalen
Whalen Mary 1934 B1887 [Andrew Whalen monument]
Whalen William 1892 Dec 3 Died age 64
Wiser Cornelius 1911 B1863 [Cornelius Mangan monument]
Wiser Katherine C. 1921 [Mar 11] B1867 [in Penn Yan] wife of Cornelius Wiser [Cornelius Mangan monument]
Woodard Mary C. 1917 B1865 [adjacent to Edward Mulvihill]
Wren Fannie Spano 1938 B1920 [Spano plot]
Youst Andrew N. 1991 Nov 9 B1911 Dec 5; WWII: U.S. Army [Youst plot]
Youst Angelina M. m B1907 [wife of Andrew N. Youst [Youst plot]
Youst Angelo J. 1972 Dec 14 B1905 Aug 1; WWII: U.S. Army [Youst plot]
Youst Anthony 1948 B1868; "Father" [Youst plot]
Youst Anthony J. 1918 Jul 16 B1899 Aug 4 [died in France] WWI: NY, Medical Detail, 38th Infantry, 3rd Division [Youst plot]
Youst Lewis m B1863 Nov 5 [Youst plot]
Youst Mary m B1865 Dec 5, wife of Lewis Youst [Youst plot]
Youst Victoria 1931 [Jan 6] B1872; "Mother" [wife of Anthony Youst] [Youst plot]

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