Lakeview Cemetery, Penn Yan


The Free Ground

in two parts

Purchase One

in four parts Map of Purchase 1

Purchase Two

in three parts
Map of Purchase 2

Purchase Three East

Part 1 of 4

Map of Purchase 3

Purchase Three West

in three parts
Sections 3 & 4 Section 2

Unknown location within Lakeview


Index to all sections of Lakeview now online (the Free Ground and Purchases 1, 2, and 3 East and West, about 20,000 names). The three-letter codes shown in the table are used in the index to denote which burials are in each section. In this index, the name from each gravestone is in regular type; the names of all others are in italics.

There is also a general index to all other county burials so far on line (about 63,000 names); I have not yet added St. Michael's (nearly 4000 names) to it, but thought I should post the lists as soon as I got them formatted. Lakeview and St. Michael's two cemeteries are indexed separately, and a combined general index for all of them is now in progress. At some point Purchase 4 will be added, but not in the near future.

The icons in each cell will take you to a map of the appropriate section. Purchase 3W has two icons because there are two maps, one of the main part (Sections 3 and 4) and the other of the northwest part (Section 2), which comprises mostly single graves.