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Yates County Cemetery Project
Part IX: Hillside Cemetery in Dundee


Rapalee Family Plot: Notes

Rapalee family plot This is the original cemetery here, a family plot on the Clinton Rapalee farm, where the young son of Clinton and Lucinda Rapalee was laid to rest in 1862. A few years later the family decided to establish a cemetery to serve the growing village and environs, and maintained it as such until in 1908 when the Hillside Cemetery Association was organized. The village of Dundee took over some 20 years later and owns and maintains it today; however, the family plot is not technically part of Hillside, and members of the family still keep it up and reserve the right to be buried here.

The plot is located at the top of the hill to the north of the main cemetery, across the driveway above Section A.


Rapalee Family Plot: Burials

Caldwell Ida O'Brien 1932 B1898
Murphy William J. 1958 B1958; twin
O'Brien Edward 1932 B1895
O'Brien Elizabeth Dell 1935 [Jan 6] B1869, wife of Thomas O?Brien
O'Brien John J. 1988 B1896; WWI: U.S. Navy
O'Brien Mae E. 1988 B1893
O'Brien Thomas 1925 [Feb 10] B1856 [died at Niagara Falls]
O'Brien William J. 1914 Oct 31 B1909 Jun 9; son of Thomas & Elizabeth O?Brien [died in Geneva]
Olin James Douglas 1963 May 31 B1928 Jan 17; WWII: NY, s2, U.S. Naval Reserve
Ovesia Kathleen R. 1983 Feb 16 B1905 Feb 14; WWII: U.S. Army
Ovesia Milian V. 1973 Dec 24 B1919 Jul 27; sgt., U.S. Army
Perry Caroline R. 1986 [Jun] B1892 [wife of Raymond Arnold Perry]
Perry Raymond A[rnold] 1978 [Aug 23] B1895 [died in Elmira]
Rapalee Almy Elizabeth 1893 Jan 29 Died age 8 months 5 days, daughter of Elmer & Mary E. Rapalee
Rapalee Amy Eliza 1892 Oct 1 Died age 4 months 7 days, daughter of Elmer & Mary E. Rapalee
Rapalee Charlotte 1968 [Aug 31] B1898 [wife of Ray W. Rapalee]
Rapalee Clinton 1953 [May 6] B1879 [died age 73/10/5]
Rapalee Clinton D. 1890 May 13 B1827 Jan 18
Rapalee Daniel P. 1942 B1882
Rapalee Daniel P. 1862 Dec 13 B1852 Nov 11 [son of Clinton & Lucinda Rapalee]
Rapalee David F. 1983 Jan 22 B1948 Mar 17
Rapalee Elizabeth m B1917 [wife of Leland Rapalee]
Rapalee Elmer D. 1933 [Sep] B1854
Rapalee Elmer Weldon 1946 B1886
Rapalee Evelyn J. m B1915 [wife of Kenneth D. Rapalee]
Rapalee Flora R. 1972 [May 2] B1885 [died in Montour Falls, wife of Myron Rapalee]
Rapalee Frances Shirley m B1917 [wife of Lawrence Rapalee]
Rapalee Glenn R. m B1911 [G. R. Rapalee monument]
Rapalee Grace B. 1941 B1887 [wife of Daniel P. Rapalee]
Rapalee Harvey McKinley 1959 May 27 B1896 Nov 11; WWII: NY, Army
Rapalee Hettie H[amilton] 1952 [Mar 7] B1872 [died age 79/6/26, wife of John C. Rapalee]
Rapalee James G. m B1938 [G. R. Rapalee monument]
Rapalee John C. 1911 [Nov 24] B1862
Rapalee Kenneth D. 1976 [Oct 12] B1909 [also recorded in B:26 Joshua Raplee]
Rapalee Kermit J. 1971 [Apr 24] B1903
Rapalee Lawrence 1978 [Dec 7] B1918
Rapalee Leland 1962 B1912
Rapalee Lucinda Snyder 1919 May 19 B1827 Jul 3, wife of Clinton Rapalee
Rapalee Mary E. Wheeler 1929 B1855 [wife of Elmer D. Rapalee]
Rapalee Myron G. 1971 [Dec 27] B1888 [died in Montour Falls]
Rapalee Nora B. 1973 [Sep 7] B1880 [wife of Clinton Rapalee]
Rapalee Pearl G. 1984 Feb 5 B1897 Jul 15 [wife of Harvey McKinley Rapalee]
Rapalee Ray W. 1977 Jan 31 B1895 [died in Dundee] [also recorded in B:50 Madison Raplee]
Rapalee Robert J. 1992 May 8 B1926 Jul 11; WWII: s1, U.S. Navy
Rapalee Roberta Ruth 1983 [May 29] B1912 [wife of Glenn R. Rapalee] [G. R. Rapalee monument]
Rapalee Ruby Estella 1958 B1888 [wife of Elmer W. Rapalee]
Shears Henry 1900 B1836; Civil War: Co. A, 26th U.S. Colored Infantry
Stott Charles E. 1982 Nov 16 B1931 Jan 7; Korean War: t/ sgt., U.S. Marine Corps
Strayline Charmaine Harrop 1994 B1920 [wife of Laurence Strayline] [Strayline monument]
Strayline Jeffrey H. m B1957 [Strayline monument]
Strayline Laurence S. 1994 B1917 [Strayline monument]
Wick Carolyn J. 1988 Jul 24 B1961 Apr 13; ak3, U.S. Navy
Winters Dorothy M. 1992 [Feb 7] B1914

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