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Yates County Cemetery Project
Part IX: Hillside Cemetery in Dundee


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Hillside Cemetery, Section E, Part 2: Burials

Gardner Hulda L. 1944 B1872 [wife of William C. Gardner] [E:38 Hulda Gardner]
Gardner Jane A. 1926 B1844; "Mother" [died in Starkey] [E:51 Wade Vaughn]
Gardner William G. 1927 B1869 [E:38 Hulda Gardner]
Gary Earl G m B1937 [E:108 Earl Gary]
Gary Winnie B. m B1918 [E:108 Earl Gary]
Gascoigne Mary [Ann] 1923 [May 14] B1872, wife of Samuel Gascoigne [died in Geneva] [Gascoigne monument; E:52 Samuel Gascoigne]
Gascoigne Samuel D. 1964 [Sep 10] B1875 [in England, died at Elmira Heights] [Gascoigne monument; E:52 Samuel Gascoigne]
Gascoigne [Sarah] Elizabeth 1921 [Feb 15] B1872, wife of Samuel Gascoigne [died in Starkey] [Gascoigne monument; E:52 Samuel Gascoigne]
Gee Carrie Rivetta Barrett # 1953 Oct 10 [E:55 Carrie Barrett]
Gee Wallace # 1967 Jun 5 B1896 at Athens, Penn., died in Milo [E:55 Carrie Barrett]
Gibbs Lillie Missimer 1977 [Mar 26] B1890 [died at Portsmouth, Va.] [E:42 Bert A. Ovenshire]
Gibson C. Frank 1931 [Apr 12] B1859 [E:55 Carrie Barrett]
Gibson Mary A[lice] 1930 [Dec 13] B1858, wife of G. Frank Gibson [E:55 Carrie Barrett]
Giles Alta L. [Marie] 1970 [Jan 1] B1912 [died age 57 at Kailua, Hawaii] [E:82 Douglas Giles]
Giles baby 1943 [B1943] [E:82 Douglas Giles]
Giles B. Douglas m B1912 [E:82 Douglas Giles]
Glen Robert H. m B1921 [E:88 Robert & Rose Ann Glen]
Glen Rose Ann Areford m B1932 [E:88 Robert & Rose Ann Glen]
Goldsmith Basil W. 1935 [Nov 22] B1878 [E:83 Anna Cook]
Graham Georgia A. 1970 [Sep 10] B1892 [died age 77 at Bath] [E:11 Mrs. Silsbee Peck]
Gray Nathan # 1912 [E:75 Bigelow & Mott]
Gray Sarah # 1923 [E:75 Bigelow & Mott]
Green Thomas W[illiam] 1933 [Nov 8] B1917 [E:36 John H. Ferris]
Grimes Emma [Lucy] 1919 [Aug 26] B1858, wife of Orrin Grimes [died in Starkey] [E:1 Orrin Grimes]
Grimes Orrin 19[40 Jan 2] B1855 [E:1 Orrin Grimes]
Guerin Ella M. 1937 [Mar 16] B1889 [E:80 Micajah Guerin]
Guerin Micagah 1952 [May 16] B1889 [E:80 Micajah Guerin]
Gulick Addie C. Bailey 1918 [Dec 24] B1850, wife of Dwight Gulick [died in Dundee] [E:45 D. E. Gulick]
Gulick Dwight E[lisha] [1932 Aug 25] B1850 [E:45 D. E. Gulick]
Gulick Emma E. 1919 [Aug 11] B1849 [died at Elmira] [E:45 Emma L. Gulick]
Gulick George B. 1921 [Jul 29] B1872 [died in Penn Yan] [E:45 Emma L. Gulick]
Gulick Livonia A. # 1919 Oct 30 D age 90 in Dundee, mother of Dwight Gulick
Hall Elizabeth M. 1924 [Aug 27] B1843 [died in Cayuga Co.] [E:8 Royal Hall]
Hall Frank # 1939 Jan 21 D age 58
Hall Harvey Richard # 1919 Jul 18 D age 10 months 7 days in Barrington, son of William D. & Myrtle M. Rogers Hall
Hall Madalyn A. m B1911 [wife of Elmer A. Hall] [E:2 Herman Peterson]
Hall Royal A. 1923 [Feb 7] B1841; Civil War: sgt., Co. H, 96th NY [died at Dundee] [E:8 Royal Hall]
Hall William # 1947 Jun 14 [E:14 Wm Hall]
Hallenbeck Cora S. 1973 B1895 [wife of Leon C. Hallenbeck] [E:18 Leon Hollenbeck]
Hallenbeck George A. 1947 B1870 [E:18 Leon Hollenbeck]
Hallenbeck Leon C. 1972 B1894 [E:18 Leon Hollenbeck]
Hallenbeck Mary E[lizabeth] 1927 [Mar 6] B1866 [wife of George A. Hallenbeck; died in Barrington] [E:18 Leon Hollenbeck]
Hallenbeck Rhonda Lee # 1963 Dec 28 B1952, d age 11 in Penn Yan [E:18 Leon Hollenbeck]
Hamilton Edna S. 1978 [Sep 2] B1896 [died in Florida] [E:22 Harry Hamilton]
Hamilton Harry I. 1936 [Mar 1] B1876 [E:22 Harry Hamilton]
Hamilton Julia G. [Slack] 1931 [Dec 12] B1876 [wife of Harry Hamilton] [E:22 Harry Hamilton]
Hamilton Percy D. 1980 [Jun 18] B1898 [died in Florida] [E:22 Harry Hamilton]
Hamlin Charles Elmer [Clark] 1965 Dec 7 B1898 Aug 23 [at Baloson, Indiana, died in Tyrone] WWI: U.S. Army [E:96 Mable Canfield]
Hamlin Ernest # 1939 Jan 31 D age 64 [E:41 Ernest Hamlin]
Hamlin Gertrude 1924 [Apr 22] B1880 [died in Elmira] [E:41 Ernest Hamlin]
Hand Mattie Beam Peck # m [E:11 Mrs. Silsbee Peck]
Hanmer Lauren Rochester 1980 B1905 [Hanmer monument; E:14 L. R. Hamner]
Hanmer Lewis Rochester 1979 [Mar 11] B1879 [Oct 3][Hanmer monument; E:14 L. R. Hanmer]
Hanmer Mary Sproul 1971 [Nov 18] B1883 [wife of Lewis B. Hanmer & daughter of Levi B. & Helen H. Sproul] [Hanmer monument; E:14 L. R. Hanmer]
Hatcher Bessie M. 1982 B1906 [wife of John A. Hatcher] [E:72 John Hatcher]
Hatcher Inza 1930 [Oct 20] B1927, daughter of John & Bessie Hatcher [E:72 John Hatcher]
Hatcher John A. 1974 B1904 [E:72 John Hatcher]
Hathaway Edith Jean 1941 B1922 [E:83 Jesse Hathaway]
Hathaway Gerry 1988 Jan 8 B1951 Aug 16 [B:59 Clarence Hendricks]
Hathaway Grace A. 1945 B1889 [E:83 Jesse Hathaway]
Hathaway Jesse L. 1962 [Apr 12] B1894 [died at Rock Stream] [E:72 John Hatcher]
Hathaway John L. 1993 B1925; WWII: U.S. Army [E:59 Clarence Hendricks]
Havens Bertha C. 1988 B1900 [E:20 Harry Havens / Bertha Temple]
Havens Elbert # 1973 Dec 18 B1901, died in Barrington [E:12 Alvin & Fred Havens]
Havens Ella Margeson # 1939 Jun 19 D age 66 [E:3 James Margeson / Ella Havens]
Havens Elvin 1945 B1869 [E:12 Alvin & Fred Havens]
Havens Ethiel L. # 1896 Apr 1 D age 5 months 8 days in Dundee, child of Elvin & Mabel Havens [village record]
Havens Fred 1975 Apr 22 B1905 Jan 11; U.S. Army [B:12 Alvin & Fred Havens]
Havens Harry H. 1943 Nov 25 B1892 Sep 18 [WWI:] U.S. Marine Corps [E:20 Harry Havens / Bertha Temple]
Havens Mable 1917 [Sep 18] B1867, wife of Elvin Havens [died in Dundee] [E:12 Alvin & Fred Havens]
Hays Aaron 1968 B1900 [E:77 Aaron Hayes]
Hays Hazel M. 1972 [Apr 13] B1904 [died in Barrington; wife of Aaron Hays] [E:77 Aaron Hayes / Martin, Bush & Hayes]
Hendrick Albert H. 1926 [Feb 15] B1860 [died in Starkey] [B:59 Clarence Hendricks]
Hendrick Clarence C. 1973 [May 24] B1896 [died in Dundee] [E:59 Clarence Hendricks]
Hendrick Helen H. 19[90] B1900 [E:59 Clarence Hendricks]
Hendrick Mary Ann 1957 [Jan 23] B1867, wife of Albert Hendrick [died in Barrington] [E:59 Clarence Hendricks]
Hendrick Wallace # 1920 Jul 6 D in Wayne
Henyan Rose 1953 [May 21] B1877 [E:87 Ray Carey]
Hess Albert B. 1976 [Nov 8] B1905 [in Penn., died at Corning] [E:106 Albert Hess]
Hess Anna L. 1961 [Aug 18] B1909 [at Yonkers, died in Penn Yan] wife of Albert Hess [E:106 Albert Hess]
Hess Cora A. 1961 [Dec 26] B1879 [in Dundee, died in Jerusalem; wife of Hugh Hess] [E:75 Hugh A. Hess]
Hess Hugh A. 1942 B1874 [E:75 Hugh A. Hess]
Hess Laura D[elia] 1934 [Sep 6] B1909 [E:75 Hugh A. Hess]
Hicks John C. [1922 Dec 6] [Died in Dundee] Civil War: Co. H, 10th NY Cavalry [E:49 Mary J. Hicks]
Hicks Mary Jane # 1924 Oct 6 Died in Dundee [E:49 Mary J. Hicks]
Hill Charles H. 1972 [Oct 31] B1888 [in Illinois, died in Penn Yan] [E:61 Susan Hill]
Hill Emma [Lovina] 1917 [Feb 1] B1878, wife of Reuben Hill [died in Canandaigua] [E:12 R. B. Hill]
Hill Henry W[ilson] 1928 [Jan 18] B1858 [Sep 8, in Conn.] [E:61 Susan Hill]
Hill Herbert H[orton] 1972 [Sep 14] B1893 [in Illinois, brother of Charles H. Hill] [E:61 Susan Hill]
Hill John H[enry] 1944 Nov 2 B1924 Aug 8; WWII: NY, 381st infantry [E:61 Susan Hill]
Hill Mary H[ogue] 1982 [Mar 25] B1894 [in Michigan, died in Dundee; wife of Charles H. Hill] [E:61 Susan Hill]
Hill Reuben 1960 [Apr 22] B1872 [in Rushville, died in Rochester] [E:12 R. B. Hill]
Hill Robert Lucius 1943 Oct 9 B1919 Oct 9; WWII; [son of Chas & Mary Hill] [E:61 Susan Hill]
Hill Susan M. 1933 [Nov 8] B1865 [E:61 Susan Hill]
Hill Thelma Swing 1977 [Nov 16] B1896 [died in Penn Yan, wife of Herbert Hill] [J. J. Swing monument; E:60 Thelma Hill / John J. Swing]
Hilligus Adna Jr. 1981 B1917 [E:60 Floizel Hilligus]
Hilligus Adna M. 1966 [Dec 29] B1892 [Jun 1] [E:60 Floizel Hilligus]
Hilligus Floizel E. 1977 [Sep 18] B1897 [died in Dundee, wife of Adna Hilligus] [E:60 Floizel Hilligus]
Hilligus Marion S. 1980 [Nov 22] B1922 [died in Montour Falls] [B:60 Floizel Hilligus]
[Hilton] Ida M. [Brown] Leavenworth 1966 [Apr 21] B1878 [wife of William H. Leavenworth & daughter of George R. & Mary Louise Gibson Brown; died at Horseheads] [E:73 Ida M. Leavenworth]
Hines Jon C. 1968 [Jul 3] B1939 [died in Rochester] [E:94 Clifford Miller]
Hobart Adelbert J. [Sr.] 1915 [Jul 22] B1850 [died in Dundee] [E:33 Adelbert Hobart Jr. / Grace K. Murdock]
Hobart Nellie S. 1915 [Jul 14] B1862 [wife of Adelbert Hobart; died in Dundee] [E:33 Adelbert Hobart Jr. / Grace K. Murdock]
Horton Jack Ernest # 1937 Dec 2 D age 5 months [E:25 Clarence A. Bell]
Houck Alonzo 1930 [Feb 16] B1849 [E:58 Alonzo Houck]
Houck Bertha L. 1947 B1891 [wife of William M. Houck] [E:6 Chas Houck]
Houck Carrie E. 1955 [Oct 2] B1887 [wife of Harry A. Houck] [E:76 Harry Houck / Day estate]
Houck Charles 1925 [Oct 15] B1856 [died in Dundee] [E:6 Chas Houck]
Houck Cora L. # 1919 Oct 11 Died at Willard
Houck Edith A[manda] 1914 [Nov 27] B1875, wife of William Houck [died in Wayne] [E:6 Chas Houck]
Houck Emma 1940 B1859 [E:6 Chas Houck]
Houck Ethel M. 1984 B1895 [E:58 Alonzo Houck]
Houck Harry A. 1971 [Jan 31] B1887 [died in Tyrone] [E:76 Harry Houck / Day estate]
Houck Margaret Louise Dunn 1929 [Apr 1] B1859 [wife of Alonzo Houck] [E:58 Alonzo Houck]
Houck Merle [V.] 1920 [Jul 30] B1899 [died in Geneva] [E:6 Chas Houck]
Houck William M. 1946 [Jun 10] B1876 [Apr 26] [E:6 Chas Houck]
Howell Benjamin K. 1930 [Nov 29] B1896 [E:71 Helen Howell]
Howell Helen B. [Smith] 1981 B1899, wife of Benjamin K. Howell [E:71 Helen Howell]
Hubbard Mabelle J. Dencenberg 1927 [Nov 14] B1890 [died in Geneva] [E:61 Albert Dencenberg]
Hubbell Effie M. 1988 Jun 17 B1906 Sep 22 [Hubbell monument; E:105 Ralph Hubbell]
Hubbell infant 1945 Jan 10 [Hubbell monument; E:105 Ralph Hubbell]
Hubbell Ralph C. 1985 Sep 25 B1900 Aug 5 [Hubbell monument; E:105 Ralph Hubbell]
Hurd Catharine Bellis 1887 B1821, wife of Horatio G. Hurd [E:15 Edward Bellis]
Hurd Horatio G. 1904 B1827 [E:15 Edward Bellis]
Irwin Effie Woodard 1982 Jun 1 B1930 Mar 12 [E:51 Benj. Woodard]
Iselin Ann S. 1978 B1892 [E:34 Wm Sworts]
Iselin William 1993 B1900 [E:34 Wm Sworts]
Jackson Addie M. 1973 [Sep 6] B1891 [wife of Charles W. Jackson] [E:28 Wm Spears]
Jackson Charles W. 1929 [Feb 22] B1881 [E:28 Wm Spears]
Jacobs Eugene 1964 [Mar 4] B1890 [in Steuben Co., died in Wayne] [E:106 Maud Jacobs]
Jacobs Gladys M 1994 B1901 [wife of John A. Jacobs [E:101 Mrs. John Jacobs]
Jacobs John A. 1973 [Aug 13] B1885 [died in Penn Yan] [E:101 Mrs. John Jacobs]
Jacobs Maud 1972 [Aug 7] B1888 [wife of Eugene Jacobs] [E:106 Maud Jacobs]
Jacobs Vernon L. 1967 Jun 1 B1895 Apr 29; WWI: U.S. Army [E:106 Maud Jacobs]
Jansen Daniel O. 1929 [May 15] B1839 [E:7 Daniel O. Jensen]
Jensen Rozetta M. Dillistin 1935 [Sep 1] B1844, wife of Daniel O. Jansen [E:7 Daniel O. Jensen]
Jayne M. Elizabeth 1940 B1856; "Mother" [E:85 Benj. G. Sprague]
Jensen Andrew 1934 [Aug 20] B1865 [Jensen / Robison monument; E:63 Andrew Jenson / Hugh Robinson]
Jensen Sarah S. 1942 B1873 [Jensen / Robison monument; E:63 Andrew Jensen / Hugh Robinson]
Johnson Adrian R. 1951 Jul 27 B1931 May 19; Korean War: NY, cpl., 8th engineers, C battalion 1st Cavalry Division [E:91 Fannie Johnson]
Johnson Briggs S. 1976 [Feb 29] B1905 [in Penn., died in Penn Yan] [E:94 Briggs Johnson]
Johnson Carl R. 1986 B1921 [E:55 Clarence W. Johnson]
Johnson Clarence H. 1968 Aug 16 B1941 Oct 25 [E:92 Martin Johnson]
Johnson Clarence M. 1941 B1903 [E:91 Fannie Johnson]
Johnson Clarence W. 1952 B1869 [E:55 Clarence W. Johnson]
Johnson Clifford C. 1994 Jul 14 B1925 Jun 5; WWII: cpl., U.S. Army [E:91 Fannie Johnson]
Johnson Emily M. 1973 [Mar 31] B1920 [died in Penn Yan] [E:94 Briggs Johnson]
Johnson Emory Calvin 1945 Dec 11 B1945 Dec 6 [E:92 Martin Johnson]
Johnson Florence M. 1977 [Oct 31] B1913 [wife of John M. Johnson; died in Penn Yan] [E:93 Florence Johnson]
Johnson Francis E. 1977 Jul 9 B1928 Oct 26 [E:91 Fannie Johnson]
Johnson Helen B. m B1917 [wife of Martin V. Johnson] [E:92 Martin Johnson]
Johnson Irene Ruth 1936 Oct 23 B1936 Mar 8 [E:55 Clarence W. Johnson]
Johnson James Irwin 1945 Jun 1 B1945 Feb 3 [E:92 Martin Johnson]
Johnson John M. 1964 [Mar 3] B1907 [at Athens, Penn.] [E:93 Florence Johnson]
Johnson Martin V. 1987 B1910 [E:92 Martin Johnson]
Johnson Mollie L. 1954 B1880 [E:55 Clarence W. Johnson]
Johnson Ransom M. 1961 [Nov 22] B1937 [died in Milo] [E:91 Fannie Johnson]
Johnson Richard M. 1957 Mar 15 B1931 Nov 23 [in Barrington, died in Geneva; Korean War:] NY, U.S. Navy [E:93 Florence Johnson]
Johnson Starr B. 1948 Infant [E:91 Fannie Johnson]
Johnson William A. 1930 [Apr 18] B1914 [E:55 Clarence W. Johnson]
Jones Anna J. 1941 B1859 [wife of William A. Jones] [E:68 Lena Miller]
Jones Cecil Leroy # 1927 Oct 14 Died at Corning
Jones Donald # 1932 Jan 21 D age 1
Jones Elizabeth S. m B1923 [wife of Harold E. Jones] [E:22 Harry Hamilton]
Jones George W. 1918 [Jun 25] B1840; Civil War; 1st sgt., Co. I, 146th NY [died in Dundee] [E:011 Geo. W. Jones]
Jones Harold [J.] m B1917 [E:22 Harry Hamilton]
Jones Helen [J.] 1918 [Jun 23] B1837, wife of George W. Jones [died in Dundee] [E:011 Geo. W. Jones]
Jones Henry C. 1929 [Jun 8] B1899 [E:66 Nora Jones]
Jones James E. # 1925 Sep 20 D age 4/2/9 in Barrington, son of William A. & Esther A. Brace Jones
Jones Joseph H. # 1932 [Mar 31] D age 10 months [E:66 Joseph Jones]
Jones Nora # 1951 Dec 27 B1907, died age 44/6/22 [E:66 Nora Jones]
Jones Ruth A. 1929 Apr 23 D age 10 months [E:66 Joseph Jones]
Jones William A. 1932 [Jan 13] B1855 [E:68 Lena Miller]
Jones Willis G. # 1922 May 10 Died in Bath
Jordan Dorothy Bellis m B1914, wife of Guy S. Jordan; married 19 Oct 1940 [E:64 Arthur J. Bellis]
Jordan Guy S. 1980 [May 4] B1907 [in Penn., died in Barrington] [E:64 Arthur J. Bellis]
Jordan Maureen F. 1948 Nov 12 [Infant] [E:64 Arthur J. Bellis]
Karns Benjamin H[arvy] 1918 [Feb 19] B1845 [died in Reading] [E:33 Chas B. Karns]
Karns Charles B. 1956 B1882, son of Benjamin H. & Clara J. Karns [E:33 Chas B. Karns]
Karns Clara J. 1938 [Jan 25] B1851, wife of Benjamin Karns [E:33 Chas B. Karns]
Karns Mable E[stelle] 1967 [Jan 24] B1886, wife of Charles B. Karns [died age 80 in Canandaigua] [E:33 Chas B. Karns]
Kelley Leo Murlen 1944 B1879 [E:86 Ora Kelly]
Kelley Ora Gaines 1958 B1882 [at Salem, W.V., died in Dundee] [E:86 Ora Kelly]
Kelly Emory W. 1952 [Aug 13] B1878 [in Penn., died in Elmira] [Emory Kelly monument; E:40 Emory Kelly]
Kelly Isabelle [Tula] 1920 Mar 5 B1870 Feb 11 [died in Wayne] [B:26 Fred J. Mattason]
Kelly Leona # 1914 Apr 6 Daughter of Emory W. & Alma A. Kelly
Kelly Merrield F. 1924 [Oct 2] B1902 [died in Dundee] [E:40 Emory Kelly]
Kelly Olive K. Allen 1963 B1884 [Emory Kelly monument; E:40 Emory Kelly]
Kelly Stanley K. 1994 B1907 [Emory Kelly monument; E:40 Emory Kelly]
Kelly Susan # 1935 Oct 19 D age 79 [E:39 Vernon Swarthout]
Kenyon Arnot 1939 [Oct 27] B1858 [Arnot Kenyon monument; E:39 Arnot Kenyon]
Kenyon Charles [B.] 1925 [Jul 26] B1897 [died in Penn Yan] [Arnot Kenyon monument; E:39 Arnot Kenyon]
Kenyon Emma L. 1913 [Feb 24] B1865, wife of William Kenyon [E:8 L. Kenyon]
Kenyon Lee W. 1973 Nov 29 B1890 Jan 2; WWI: NY, U.S. Army [E:40 Lee W. Kenyon]
Kenyon Norma R. 1961 B1891 [wife of Lee W. Kenyon] [E:40 Lee W. Kenyon]
Kenyon Sarah 1943 B1867 [Arnot Kenyon monument; E:39 Arnot Kenyon]
Kenyon William [M.] 1932 [Mar 8] B1867 [E:8 L. Kenyon]
[Kester] Harry 1919 B1918 [E:14 Wm Hall]
Kester Hazel E[lizabeth] 1935 [Sep 5] B1909 [E:14 Wm Hall]
Ketcham Delmar J. 1944 B1858 [E:59 D. & J. Ketchum]
Ketcham Ida O. 1949 B1880 [E:59 D. & J. Ketchum]
Ketcham Martha C. 1932 [Jun 20] B1862 [wife of Delmar Ketcham] [E:59 D. & J. Ketchum]
Klock Grace F. 1970 [Feb 25] B1894 [wife of William H. Klock; died in Penn Yan] [E:66 Wm H. Klock]
Klock William H. 1969 [Mar 15] B1890 [in Illinois, died in Penn Yan] [E:66 Wm H. Klock]
Klopf Albert G. 1935 [Feb 16] B1929 [E:68 Gus Kloph]
Klopf Gustave H. 1967 Jan 16 B1895 Jul 4 [at Westfield, NY, died in Tyrone] WWI: NY, Co. I, 348th F. A. Battalion [E:68 Gus Kloph]
Klopf Mary E. 1973 [Oct 11] B1889 [died in Tyrone] [E:68 Gus Kloph]
Klopf Thurman P. 1929 B1923 [E:68 Gus Kloph]
Knapp Belle 1925 [Dec 11] B1862 [died at Sayre, Penn.] [E:26 Mourey & Knapp]
Knapp Herbert C. 1919 [Feb 3] B1896 [died at Sayre, Penn.] [E:26 Mourey & Knapp]
Knapton Diana Lee 1955 Sep 16 B1955 Jan 20 [E:28 W. H. Spears]
Kneebone Thomas Fox 1945 B1873; "Tommy" [E:99 Thos Kneebone]
Knowles Oliver 1939 [Oct 23] B1855 [E:41 Oliver Knowles]
Kuroczka Amy Rose 1963 [Feb 13] B1925 [in Rochester, died in  Romulus] [E:84 John & Rose Kuroczka]
Kuroczka John 1968 [Dec 10] B1896 [in Austria, died at Felton, Delaware] [E:84 John & Rose Kuroczka]
Kuroczka Rose 1973 [May 25] B1896 [in Poland, died in Delaware] [E:84 John & Rose Kuroczka]
Kuroczka Stephen T. 1962 [Nov 30] B1928 [in Rochester, died in Tyrone] [E:84 John & Rose Kuroczka]
Lackey Catherine [E.] [1927 Jul 19] B1872 [died in Rochester] [E:52 Allie Lackey]
[Lane?] Daisy 1972 B1876; "Sister Daisy" [E:90 Fred Lane]
Lane Fred F. 1957 [Dec 26] B1883 [in Starkey, died at Elmira] [E:90 Fred Lane]
Lane Susan A. 1946 B1888 [wife of Fred Lane] [E:90 Fred Lane]
Laraby Earl D. 1962 [Dec 8] B1886 [in Dundee, died in Lyons] [E:10 Earl Laraby]
[Laraby] Florence [W.] 1923 [Apr 14] B1867 [died in Reading] [E:10 Earl Laraby]
Laraby Mary N. [Campbell] 1928 [Dec 26] B1844, wife of William H. Laraby [E:10 Earl Laraby]
Laraby Matthew [Best] 1919 [Mar 13] B1917 [died in Reading] [E:10 Earl Laraby]
Laraby Rena B. 1942 B1888 [E:10 Earl Laraby]
Laraby William H. 1914 [Sep 18] B1840 [died in Dundee] [E:10 Earl Laraby]
Lare Albert H. 1962 [Oct 17] B1890 [in Jerusalem, died in Penn Yan] [E:72 Albert Lare]
Lare Charles A. 1963 [Jan 3] B1884 [in Pulteney, died in Penn Yan] [E:72 Albert Lare]
Lare Katherine [Stoddard] 1931 [Feb 3] B1863 [wife of Oscar Lare] [E:72 Albert Lare]
Lare Nellah F. 1975 B1896 [wife of Albert H. Lare] [E:72 Albert Lare]
Lare Oscar D. 1946 B1852 [E:72 Albert Lare]
Lare Sarah C. 1962 [Jul 13] B1870 [in Penn., died in Penn Yan; wife of Charles Lare] [E:72 Albert Lare]
Larsen Albert J. 1984 B1907 [E:101 Albert Larsen]
Larsen Lydia A. 19? B1914 [wife of Albert J. Larsen] [E:101 Albert Larsen]
Larsen Marie T 1950 B1886 [wife of Niels C. Larsen] [E:101 Albert Larsen]
Larsen Niels C[hris] 1951 [Jul 5] B1883 [at Storying, Denmark; died in Dundee] [E:101 Albert Larsen]
[Larsen] Sarah S. 1967 [Jul 22] B1880 [in England, wife of Theodore D. Larsen; died in Arizona] [E:65 Sarah Larsen]
Larsen T[heodore] D. [Magnus] 1927 [Aug 20] B1884 [May 9; died in Dundee] [E:65 Sarah Larsen]
Lazinsky Gertrude Ann K. 1943 B1923, wife of William Lazinsky [E:84 John & Rose Kuroczka]
Leavenworth Rosella May 1943 B1932 [E:84 Wm Wren]
Leavenworth William H[enry] 1935 [Aug 17] B1871 [E:73 Ida M. Leavenworth]
Lee Bradley 1944 B1928 [E:93 Florence Johnson]
[Lewis] Bessie [Elizabeth] C[arroll] 1973 [Aug 3] B1880 [in Penn., died in Montour Falls; wife of Fred J. Lewis] [E:25 Fred Lewis & Maria Carroll]
[Lewis] Fred J. 1975 [Jan 1] B1892 [Aug 2; WWI] [E:25 Fred Lewis & Maria Carroll]
Lissenden Arthur M. m B1908 [E:87 Geo. Coykendall]
Lissenden Myra E. 1993 B1905 [wife of Arthur M. Lissenden] [E:87 Geo. Coykendall]
Longwell Howard P. 1969 [Nov 16] B1919 [died in Penn Yan] [E:76 Harry Houck / Day estate]
Longwell Laura M. m B1920 [wife of Howard Longwell] [E:76 Harry Houck / Day estate]
Loomis Cora K. # 1930 Mar D age 51 [E:27 M. H. Loomis]
Loomis Dorcilla K. 1915 [Jul 16] B1865, wife of Samuel A. Loomis [died in Orange] [E:5 S. Loomis]
Loomis Samuel A. 1926 [Jan 30] B1857 [died in Dundee] [E:5 S. Loomis]
Lounsberry Anna 1939 B1885 [E:41 Oliver Knowles]
Lounsberry Jacob [R.] 1930 [Apr 25] B1851 [son of Phineas & Phebe Ashley Lounsberry] [E:41 Oliver Knowles]
Lounsberry Lydia Ann [Gardiner] # 1939 Feb 5 D age 83 [wife of Jacob R. Lounsberry] [E:41 Oliver Knowles]
Lovette Dorothy V. 1992 B1910 [wife of Malcolm Lovette] [E:100 Mrs. Malcolm Lovette]
Lovette Henry E. 1963 [Jun 23] B1876 [at Guilford, Conn., died in Dundee] [E:100 Mrs. Malcolm Lovette]
Lovette Joseph # 1979 Sep 7 B1900, died in Penn Yan [E:98 Joseph Lovette]
Lovette Malcolm H. 1951 [Jun 13] B1903 [at Winfield, NY, died in Dundee] [E:100 Mrs. Malcolm Lovette]
Lovette Maud M. 1963 [Feb 26] B1878 [at Guilford, Conn., died in Dundee; wife of Henry Lovette] [E:100 Mrs. Malcolm Lovette]
Lovette Violet I. 1957 [Aug 15] B1914 [at S. Canisteo, died in Elmira] [E:98 Joseph Lovette]
Lowman James V. 1924 [Sep 3] B1872 [died in Dundee] [E:18 Lyman & Nellie Townley]
Lowman Lula 1928 [Feb 5] B1874, wife of James V. Lowman [E:18 Lyman & Nellie Townley]
Lucus Vesta A[nn] 1961 B1884 [wife of William H. Lucus] [E:91 Vernon Lucas]
Lucus William Henry 1943 B1878 [E:91 Vernon Lucas]
Lyon Elizabeth Maloney 1940 B1888 [same stone as John C. Maloney; E:31 Dr. Fred Maloney]
M? J? A? m B1903 [adjacent to Anna Bassett; E:100 Donald Fox]
MacDowell Gladys R. 1980 [Jan 9] B1898 [E:64 Martin McDowell Jr.]
MacDowell Helen 1964 [Jun 12] B1883 [died in Dundee] [E:64 Martin McDowell Jr.]
MacDowell Martin 1930 [Feb 27] B1853 [E:64 Martin McDowell Jr.]
MacDowell Martin J. 1954 B1896 [E:64 Martin McDowell Jr.]
MacDowell Sarah [M.] 1937 [Mar 19] B1856, wife of Martin MacDowell [E:64 Martin McDowell Jr.]
MacDowell William R. 1926 Jul 1 B1926 May 19 [E:64 Martin McDowell Jr.]
MacDowell William Scott # 1963 B1926 [E:64 Martin McDowell Jr.]
Maloney Alberta K. 1942 B1876 [in Penn., wife of William P. Maloney] [E:31 Dr. Fred Maloney]
Maloney Della M[illard] 1961 [Feb 17] B1876 [in Penn., died in Dundee; wife of Dr. Frederick Maloney] [E:31 Dr. Fred Maloney]
Maloney Frederick F., Dr. 1948 B1875 [E:31 Dr. Fred Maloney]
Maloney John C[harles], Dr. 1915 [Aug 4] B1886 [died in Dundee] [same stone as Elizabeth M. Lyon; E:31 Dr. Fred Maloney]
Maloney John M., Dr. 1922 [Jan 24] B1845 [died in Dundee] [E:31 Dr. Fred Maloney]
Maloney Josephine H. 1925 [Jul 6] B1849 [wife of John M. Maloney; died in Dundee] [E:31 Dr. Fred Maloney]
Maloney William K. P. 1944 B1873 [E:31 Dr. Fred Maloney]
Margeson Adelia E. 1934 [Oct 9] B1849 [wife of Alvin C. Margeson] [Margeson / Rosso monument; E:3 Alvin Margeson / Michael Rossa]
Margeson Albert 1901 [May] B1894 [died age 6/10/22, son of Alvin & Mary Margeson] [E:3 Alvin Margeson / Michael Rosso]
Margeson Alvin C. 1932 [Oct 6] B1850 [Margeson / Rosso monument; E:3 Alvin Margeson / Michael Rossa]
Margeson Darlene # 1914 Oct 28 D age 1 month 16 days in Starkey [E:3 James Margeson / Ella Havens]
Margeson Lena E. 1917 [Nov 22] B1901, daughter of D. J. & E. E. Margeson [died in Dundee] [E:3 James Margeson / Ella Havens]
Marro Joseph 1947 B1870 [E:90 Maud Morrow]
Marro Magdalena 1960 B1871 [wife of Joseph Marro] [E:90 Maud Morrow]
Martin Anna E. # 1952 B1882 [E:77 Aaron Hayes / Martin, Bush & Hayes]
Martin Charles Edward # 1935 Apr 28 D age 53 [E:77 Aaron Hayes / Martin, Bush & Hayes]
Mattason Anna 1928 B1903 [E:24 Chas Mattason]
Mattason Charles # 1977 Jan 8 B1892 [E:24 Chas Mattason]
Mattason Charles 1936 [Aug 25] B1867 [E:24 Charles Mattason]
Mattason Floyd E. 1957 [Nov 25] B1905 [died age 53/4/26] [E:24 Chas Mattason]
Mattason Fred J. # 1923 Mar 8 D at Bath [E:26 Fred J. Mattason]
Mattason Harry A. 1959 Jun 12 B1891 Mar 7; WWI: NY, ptr/2, U.S. Navy [E:24 Chas Mattason]
Mattason Mary A. 1947 B1870 [wife of Charles Mattason] [E:24 Chas Mattason]
Mattason Sarah 1931 [Nov 9] B1897 [E:24 Chas Mattason]
Maurice Edna P. 1966 [May 22] B1882 [at Brockport, died at Mercy Hospital, Buffalo] [E:53 Edna P. Maurice]
Maurice Edwin K. 1925 [Jan 19] B1888 [died St. Petersburg, Florida] [E:53 Edna P. Maurice]
Maurice Elizabeth 1986 B1914 [E:52 Allie Lackey]
McChesney Lee Percy 1966 [Dec 12] B1897 [in Steuben Co., died in Montour Falls] [E:70 Mrs. Lee McChesney]
McChesney Velma Berry 1986 B1900 [wife of Lee Percy McChesney] [E:70 Mrs. Lee McChesney]
McCormick Janet # 1962 Oct 25 B1892 in Canada, died in Elmira [E:20 Shirley Switzer]
McCormick John R. 1913 [Feb 14] B1863 [E:8 Mrs. J. C. McCormick]
McFall Bonnie Sue # 1970 Jun 18 D age 2 days [E:100 Alta R. Campbell]
McFall Isabel E. 1950 B1930 [E:100 Alta R. Campbell]
McIntyre Fred L. 1940 [Apr 2] B1870 [Dec 24] [E:44 Fred McIntyre]
McIntyre Mary C. 1927 [Apr 6] B1852 [Feb 17, died in Tyrone] [E:44 Fred McIntyre]
McMillen Josephine Carey 1967 B1886 [E:6 Josephine Carey]
McNeil Emma J. 1918 [Dec 15] B1878 [died in Jerusalem] [E:4 Orville Beyea]
McNeil Grant 1948 B1872 [E:91 Herb & Mary Barnes]
Mead Basil L. Jr. 1944 B1933 [E:95 Basil Mead]
Mead Basil L. Sr. 1964 [Feb 22] B1914 [at Pontiac, Mich., died in Penn Yan] [E:95 Basil Mead]
Mead Ferris L. # 1922 Jan 16 D age 75 in Dundee, husband of Emma Cole Mead
Mead Virginia P. [1985] B1914 [E:95 Basil Mead]
Merrick Grace Templer # 1958 D at Bath [E:96 Ansel Templer]
Merritt Antha 1945 B1874 [E:7 Homer Merritt]
Merritt Harold J. 1938 [Dec 8] B1908, son of H. & A. Merritt [E:7 Homer Merritt]
Merritt Homer L. 1948 B1874 [E:7 Homer Merritt]
Merritt Howard M. 1923 [May 1] B1903, son of H. & A. Merritt [died in Barrington] [E:7 Homer Merritt]
Merritt Maud 1913 [Sep 15] B1911, daughter of H. & A. Merritt [died age 1/11/4, daughter of Homer & Antha Mills Merritt] [E:7 Homer Merritt]
Merritt Pierre G[lenn] 1916 [Feb 14] B1915, son of H. & A. Merritt [died in Barrington] [E:7 Homer Merritt]
Merwin Byron S. m Civil War: 20th NY Light Artillery [E:29 White & Chadwick]
Miles Bertha I. 1958 B1902 [adjacent to Bertha Miller; E:6 Chas Houck]
Miller Albert F. 1946 B1880 [E:68 Lena Miller]
Miller Bertha Irene # 1958 May 19 B1902 Nov 4 in Tyrone, died at Dundee [E:6 Chas Houck]
Miller Clifford L. 1993 B1906 [E:94 Clifford Miller]
Miller Cora B. 1947 B1874 [E:96 Geo. & Edna Wallenbeck]
Miller Daniel 1947 B1868 [E:96 Geo. & Edna Wallenbeck]
Miller Eddie E. III 1991 Sep 18 B1987 Feb 7 [E:88 Stewart & Bessie Woodard]
Miller Edward [C.] 1978 [Oct 27] B1894 [died in Elmira] [E:49 Walter H. & Edward Miller]
Miller Emma Hall 1917 [May 5] B1867 [died in Geneva] [E:8 Royal Hall]
Miller Evelyn M m B1911 [wife of Clifford L. Miller] [E:94 Clifford Miller]
Miller Frank 1947 [Jun 10] B1870 [Jul 30] [E:3 James Margeson / Ella Havens / Frank Miller]
Miller Harry S. 1932 [Sep 27] B1889 [E:44 Lillian Miller]
Miller H[enry] Clay 1920 [Dec 6] B1872 [died in Starkey] [E:25 Minnie Miller]
Miller John H. 1937 [Aug 6] B1852 [E:65 John Miller]
Miller Lena M. 1958 B1883 [E:68 Lena Miller]
Miller Leon # 1937 Dec 20 Infant [Miller lot]
Miller Lester L. 1947 B1902 [E:96 Geo. & Edna Wallenbeck]
Miller Lewis [Lute] 1925 [Dec 20] B1850 [died in Barrington] [E:44 Lillian Miller]
Miller Lillian Lacoste 1945 B1863 [E:44 Lillian Miller]
Miller Lydia A. 1926 [Jun 26] B1843, wife of William H. Miller [died in Dundee] [E:49 Walter H. & Edward Miller]
Miller Mary L. 1928 [Mar 19] B1855 [E:65 John Miller]
Miller Minnie McCarthy # 1937 Aug 8 B1868 May 10 [E:25 Minnie Miller]
Miller Myrtie 1983 B1899 [E:49 Walter H. & Edward Miller]
Miller William H. 1902 B1821; Civil War: Co. A, 89th NY [E:49 Walter H. & Edward Miller]
Miller William H. 1922 [May 1] B1841 [died in Dundee] [E:49 Walter H. & Edward Miller]
Minici Anna Larsen 1987 B1908 [E:65 Sarah Larsen]
Minici Joseph Peter 1989 B1905 [E:65 Sarah Larsen]
Moody Charles E. 1914 Jul 22 B1865 Sep 21 [died in Dundee] [E:9 Moody estate]
Moody Lizzie Washburn 1945 Mar 24 B1852 Apr 27, wife of Charles E. Moody [E:9 Moody estate]
Moon Edmund L. 1938 [May 13] B1852 [E:66 Walter B. Moon]
Moon Ida [May] E. 1929 [Mar 15] B1855 [wife of Edmund L. Moon] [E:66 Walter B. Moon]
Moon Lula L. 19? B1897 [wife of Walter E. Moon] [B:66 Walter E. Moon]
Moon Walter B. 1966 [Feb 7] B1898 [Machville, Penn., died at Cazenovia] [E:66 Walter B. Moon]
Moore Hattie [M.] 1985 B1892 [wife of Lloyd Moore] [E:19 Lloyd Moore]
Moore Lloyd 1971 [Aug 16] B1887 [died in Penn Yan] [E:19 Lloyd Moore]
Morgan Coral I. 1969 [Oct 29] B1887 [died in Penn Yan] [E:105 Coral Morgan]
Morgan Esther B[uckley] 1959 [Aug 21] B1886 [in Canisteo died in Dundee) [B:105 Coral Morgan]
Morgan Richard D. 1940 D age 8 months, son of Russell & Ruth Morgan [E:33 Edgar E. Norris]
Morgan Russell I. 1948 B1916 [E:105 Coral Morgan]
Morrow George 1965 [Mar 8] B1885 [at Wellsboro Penn., died in Penn Yan] [E:96 Geo. Morrow]
Morrow Lizzie O'Gram 1947 B1875, wife of George Morrow [E:96 Geo. Morrow]
Morrow Marjorie 1993 B1923 [wife of Stephen Morrow] [E:90 Maud Morrow]
Morrow Robert # 1955 Jan 13 B1875, died in Barrington [E:96 Geo. Morrow]
Morrow Stephen 1964 [Feb 7] B1907 [in Poland, died age 55/3/14 in Romulus] [E:90 Maud Morrow]
Morse Anna R. 1969 Apr 9 B1931 [died in Penn Yan] [E:93 Florence Johnson]
Morse C[atharine) Elizabeth 1938 [Jan 17] B1861 [same stone as Edna Travis; E:81 Edna Travis]
Morse Charles C. 1950 Mar 12 B1895 Nov 25; WWI: NY, cpl., 303rd Engineers 78th Division [E:92 Wm Morse]
Morse Estella A. 1956 [Mar 2] B1869 [in Barrington, died in Dundee; wife of William R. Morse] [E:92 Wm Morse]
Morse Eugene 1958 [Oct 17] B1884 [in Schuyler Co., died in Dundee] [T. H. Morse monument; E:77 Eugene Morse]
Morse Fred[erick] W. 1951 [Nov 24] B1885 [in Yates Co., died in Hall) [E:5 S. Loomis]
Morse George B. 1927 [Jul 11] B1881 [died in Corning] [E:9 Moody estate]
Morse John H. 1933 [Feb 7] B1854 [J. H. Morse monument; E:77 Eugene Morse]
Morse Lottie 1967 [Aug 5] B1887 [died in Dundee] [J. H. Morse monument; E:77 Eugene Morse]
Morse Mary H. 1940 B1855 [wife of John Morse] [J. H. Morse monument; E:77 Eugene Morse]
Morse Mildred Carle # 1973 Jul 25 B1910, died in Penn Yan [E:9 Moody estate]
Morse Myrta Moody 1974 [Feb 15] B1884, wife of George B. Morse [died in Wayne] [E:9 Moody estate]
Morse William R. 1957 [Apr 6] B1861 [in Yates Co., died in Dundee] [E:92 Wm Morse]
Mourey Fanny 1925 [Feb 27] B1884 [died in Sayre, Penn.] [E:26 Mourey & Knapp]
Mourey Jay 1959 [Nov 26] B1885 [in Yates Co., died in Reading] [E:26 Mourey & Knapp]
Mulloy Margaret # 1948 Mar 20 B1948 [E:96 Mable Canfield]
Nelson Charles H. m B1874 [Peterson monument; E:2 Chas Peterson]
Nelson Martha m B1886 [wife of Charles H. Nelson] [Peterson monument; E:2 Chas Peterson]
Netterberg Cora Mae Smith 19[60 Nov 28] B1877 [in Yates Co.], wife of George A. Netterberg [E:43 Cora Netterberg]
Netterberg George A. 1936 [Oct 12] B1869 [E:43 Cora Netterberg]
Netterberg Sven C. 1916 [Aug 15] B1916, son of G[eorge] A. & Cora M. Netterberg [died in Dundee] [Norris / Smith monument; E:7 Chas E. Smith]
[Nielson] Anna [Lucy] Mattason 1928 [Apr 12] B1903 [record says: "Charley Mattason's girl"] [E:24 Chas Mattason]
Nielson Neils K. 1949 B1870 [E:98 Neils K. Neilson]
Norris Alexander 1949 B1877 [funeral marker; E:36 Anna Norris]
Norris Alice S. 1983 B1903 [E:62 Charles & Margaret Norris]
Norris [Betsy] Anna 19[39 Aug 29] B1860 [wife of Sanford T. Norris] [8:36 Anna Norris]
Norris Charles D. 1961 [Oct 2] B1867 [died at Sayre, Penn.] [E:62 Chas & Margaret Norris]
Norris Edgar E[ugene] 1928 [Jun 28] B1858 [E:33 Edgar B. Norris]
Norris Ersula A. 1918 [Jun 8] B1856 [wife of Edgar F. Norris; died in Tyrone] [E:33 Edgar E. Norris]
Norris Helen M. 1995 B1915 [wife of Melvin Norris] [E:56 James & H. P. Brewer]
Norris John A. 1927 [May 28] B1857 [died in Dundee] [E:49 Mrs. John A. Norris]
Norris Joseph C. 1922 [Oct 10] B1827 [died in Starkey] [E:49 Mrs. John A. Norris]
Norris Laura P. Andrews 1917 Jun 27 B1855 Feb 6; wife of Henry B. Norris [died in Dundee] [E:29 W. A. Norris]
Norris Lena May # 1916 Jul 31 D age 21 in Dundee; wife of William Norris
Norris Margaret B. 1971 [Jun 6] B1877 [died at Sayre, Penn.] [E:62 Chas & Margaret Norris]
Norris Mary Louisa [Tuttle] 1913 [Nov 13] B1834, wife of William Henry Norris [died age 79/10 days in Barrington; daughter of Israel & Millie Chrisler Tuttle] [Norris / Smith monument; E:7 Chas E. Smith]
Norris Melvin N. m B1911 [F:56 James & H. P. Brewer]
Norris Minnie [J.] P. 1934 [Feb 18] B1869 [E:49 Mrs. John A. Norris]
Norris Myrtle J[ulia] Clawson 1927 [Aug 6] B1884, wife of William J. Norris [died in Starkey] [E:36 W. J. Norris]
Norris Sanford T. 1925 [Jul 7] B1850 [died in Wayne] [E:36 Anna Norris]
Norris Stanley B. 1992 B1902 [B:62 Charles & Margaret Norris]
Norris William Henry, [Dr.] 1888 B1828 [Norris / Smith monument; E:7 Chas E. Smith]
Norris William J. 1957 [Sep 17] B1878 [died age 79 yr 23 days] [E:36 W. J. Norris]
Northrup Emma M[aloney] 1945 B1871, wife of Richard V. Northrup [E:31 Dr. Fred Maloney]
Northrup John Richard # 1902 Apr 12 D age 3 months in Dundee, son of Richard V. & Emma Maloney Northrup [village record]
Northrup Richard V. 1916 [Jan 5] B1867 [died at Mt. Vernon, N.J.] [E:31 Dr. Fred Maloney]
Novak Agnes 1948 B1897 [wife of Andrew Novak] [E:59 A. Novak]
Novak Andrew 1967 Feb 4 B1885 [in Poland, died in Penn Yan] [B:59 A. Novak]
Novak Felicia 1936 [May 19] B1916 [wife of John Novak] [B:59 A. Novak]
Novak Jennie # 1923 May 24 D age 11 months 3 days, daughter of Andrew & Agata Salamandra Novak
Novak John 1928 [Aug 26] B1918 [died in Dundee] [E:59 A. Novak]
O'Neill Elizabeth 1945 Nov 25 B1864, wife of George O'Neill [E:55 Elizabeth O'Neil]
O'Neill George 1931 [Mar 25] B1854 [E:55 Elizabeth O'Neil]
Orr Erwin H. 1938 [Aug 11] B1874 [B:48 Henry, Sarah & Jennie Crans]
Orr Jennie M. 1961 [Jul 21] B1876 [died in Fairfax, Va.] [E:48 Henry, Sarah & Jennie Crans]
Osgood Rachel C. 1928 [Jan 18] B1842, wife of William H. Osgood [E:65 Wm H. Osgood]
Osgood William H. 1929 [Mar 1] B1844; Civil War: sgt., Co. K, 94th NY [E:65 Wm H. Osgood]
Osterout Pheba Hays # 1898 Jun 20 D age 72 in Dundee, wife of John C. Osterout, daughter of Charles Hays [village record]
Ovens Josie B. [K.] 1963 [Jan 30] B1872, wife of Thomas G. Ovens [E:87 Josie Ovens]
Ovens Thomas C. 1944 B1869 at Newtonville, Canada [E:87 Josie Ovens]
Ovenshire Bert A. 1932 [Feb 19] B1865 [E:42 Bert A. Ovenshire]
Ovenshire Fae R. 1968 B1891 [E:42 Bert A. Ovenshire]
Ovenshire Frank 1924 [Oct 26] B1843; "Father" [died in Starkey] [E:42 Bert A. Ovenshire]
Ovenshire Lillie Lamison 1934 [Nov 28] B1867 [E:42 Bert A. Ovenshire]
Ovenshire Mary J. Reed 1936 [Apr 1] B1845; "Mother" [E:42 Bert A. Ovenshire]

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