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Yates County Cemetery Project
Part IX: Hillside Cemetery in Dundee

Hillside Cemetery Section E: Notes

Section E This is the largest and newest of the sections read for this list. It was first developed as a new section by the association in the late 1920s, and any earlier burials were presumably removed there.

Section E lies west of section A, beyond the row of maples and the driveway. Some of it is north of the upper drive, with lot numbers beginning with a zero: 01 up through 012. The rest of the section is in blocks of two rows, beginning with lot 1 in the southeast corner, with lot 2 adjacent on the west. Odd-numbered lots 1 to 35 and even-numbered lots 3 to 36 run uphill from the road in block 1. Block 2 is west of that, with lots 37 to 71 and lots 38 to 72; block 3 contains lots 73 to 107 and lots 74 to 108; block 4 contains lots 111 to 143 and 112 to 144; and block 5 contains lots 149 to 179 and 150 to 180. Parts or all of some numbered lots have been reserved for the roadway.The map on the left is not drawn to scale; section E is by far the largest listed here.

Once again its should be noted that this list should be construed as a gravestone reading, enhanced by information gleaned from other sources. It is in no way an official record of the cemetery, and any information about lot ownership and location of specific graves must be sought from the village clerk.


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Hillside Cemetery Section E, Part 1: Burials

Allen Charles 1993 Jan 22 B1950 Jan 18 [E:59 John Doe]
Andrews Florence E. m B1879 [adjacent to William M. Andrews; E:84 Wm & Florence Andrews]
Andrews Henry Cranmer, Rev. 1932 [Sep 24] B1849 [E:58 Henry C. Andrews]
Andrews Louisa C. 1944 B1883 [E:28 W. H. Spears]
Andrews Lydia Lora Oltz 1925 [Feb 2] B1844; wife of Rev Henry C. Andrews [died in Dundee] [E:58 Henry C Andrews]
Andrews Sarah 1871 Apr 28 Died age -7 wife of Delos Andrews [E:15 Edward Bellis]
Andrews William M. 1959 [May 2] B1870 [in Wheeler, died in Penn Yan] [E:84: Wm & Florence Andrews]
Andrews Otto J. # 1918 Dec 8 D ae 39/2/24 in Starkey, son of William & Catharine Silliman Andrews [town record]
Areford Rose Ann Kelley 1989 B1903 [E:86 Ora Kelly]
Armstrong Charles [W.] 1925 [Nov 27] B1848 [died in Dundee] [E:39 Mrs. Chas Armstrong]
Armstrong Clyde 1960 Oct 13 B1904 [in Rochester, died there]; WWI: NY, sk2 U.S. Naval Reserve [stone partially buried] [E:39: Mrs. Chas Armstrong]
Armstrong Hannah 1948 B1866 [wife of Charles Armstrong] [E:39 Mrs. Chas Armstrong]
Armstrong infant # 1902 Nov 9 D ae 4 days in Penn Yan, child of Charles & Hannah Armstrong [E:39 Mrs. Chas Armstrong]
Artley Warren 1946 B1870 [E:80 Hugh Bassage]
Avery Bert 1945 [Apr 15] B1870 [E:103 Bert Avery]
Avery Frederick D. 1969 Jan 19 B1919 Dec 17; WWII: NY, Co. B, 323d Engineer Corps Battalion [E:103: Bert Avery]
Avery Myrtle 1976 [Jan 25] B1890 [wife of Bert Avery] [E:103 Bert Avery]
Axtell Alma C. 1994 B1908 [wife of Earle J. Axtell] [E:10 R.H. & Alma Axtell]
Axtell Earle J. 1973 [Oct 12] B1904 [E:10: R.H. & Alma Axtell]
[Axtell] Harry L. 1915 [Jan 20] B1893 [died in Barrington] [E:10 R.H. & Alma Axtell]
Axtell Richard H. 1935 [Oct 31] B1865 [E:10 R.H. & Alma Axtell]
Axtell Rose A. 1931 [May 13] B1868 [E:10 R.H. & Alma Axtell]
Ayers Betty J. 1955 B1930 [E:100 Leslie Weller]
Bailey Bradley Lee # 1944 B1928 [E:93: Florence Johnson]
Bailey Claude 1964 [Oct 16] B1880 [in Steuben Co., died in Tyrone] [E:98 Bailey Bros]
Bailey Floyd # 1950 Jan 26 [E:98 Bailey Bros]
Bailey Mary J 1956 [Jun 21] B1893 [in Steuben Co., died in Wayne] [E:93 Florence Johnson]
Bailey Mary J. # 1968 B1910 [E:93 Florence Johnson]
Bailey Phyllis [P.] Newton 1929 [Sep 8] B1894 [recorded as "from Cleveland, Ohio"] [E:20 Shirley Switzer]
Bailey Vincent # 1972 Dec 31 B1894 [B:98 Bailey Bros]
Bailey Vern 1955 Oct 17 B1890 Jun 30 [in Schuyler Co., died in Tyrone]; WWI: NY, Co. E, 309th MF [E:98 Bailey Bros]
Baldwin Ellen 1929 [Apr 3] B1845, wife of Henry Baldwin [E:010 Clarence Barnes]
Baldwin Henry J. 1926 [May 22] B1851 [died in Barrington] [E:010 Clarence Eames]
Bamford Kenneth D. 1921 [Aug 15] B1889 [died in East Bloomfield] [E:54 John R. Bamford]
Bamford Laura 1923 [Apr 17] B1891 [died in Bath] [E:54 John R. Bamford]
Barnes Herbert T. 1946 B1865 [E:91 Herb & Mary Barnes]
Barnes Mary A. 1958 [Apr 1] B1874 [at Clifton Springs, died in Penn Yan, age 83/93 [E:91 Herb & Mary Barnes]
Bartholomew Lulu E. Jones 1949 B1887, wife of Ralph M. Bartholomew [E:38 Lulu Bartholomew]
Bartholomew Ralph M. 1925 [Dec 7] B1886 [died in Rochester] [E:38 Lulu Bartholomew]
Bassage Elizabeth 1940 [Mar 4] B1939 [died age 4 months] [E:80 Hugh Bassage]
Bassage Florence [H.] 1986 [Jun 15] B1894 [wife of Hugh Bassage] [E:80 Hugh Bassage]
Bassage Hugh [Haight] 1966 [Oct 14] B1892 [B:80 Hugh Bassage]
Bassage June L. 1993 B1923 [wife of Paul Bassage] [E:80 Hugh Bassage]
Bassage Paul W. m B1921 [B:80 Hugh Bassage]
Bassett Anna K. 1988 Aug 15 B1916 Jan 15 [E:100 Donald Fox]
Baxter Jennifer Anne # m [E:22 Harry Hamilton]
Baxter Judith Anne Jones # m [E:22 Harry Hamilton]
Baxter Susan Elizabeth # 1971 Dec 13 B1971 Dec 13 [E:22 Harry Hamilton]
[Beach] Nina [Beam] 1916 [Dec 14] B1883 [died in Syracuse] [E:11 Mrs Silsbee Peck]
Beam Charles # 1963 Dec 14 B1899, died in Corning [E:11 Mrs. Silsbee Peck]
Beam Elizabeth Haff # 1937 Jan 19 D ae 68 [E:11 Mrs. Silsbee Peck]
Beam George # 1930 Jun 12 D ae 69 [E:11 Mrs. Silsbee Peck]
Beckwith Ronald # 1979 Jul 13 B1918, died age 61 in Montour Falls [E75 Ronald & Lydia Beckwith]
Bell Clarence A. 1993 B1900 [E:25 Clarence A. Bell]
Bell Ethel L. 1976 [Dec 17] B1898 [in Ohio, died age 79; wife of Clarence A. Bell] [E:25 Clarence A. Bell]
Bell Frank P. 1922 [Jan 7] B1874 [died in Dundee] [E:25 Clarence A. Bell]
Bell Phebe 1955 [Feb 20] B1878, wife of Frank P. Bell [E:25 Clarence A. Bell]
Bellis Ada M[ay] 1965 [May 4] B1887 [wife of Arthur J. Bellis] [E:64 Arthur J. Bellis]
Bellis Amanda M[inerva] 1900 B1850, wife of Clark Bellis [Chas Bellis monument; E:15 Edward Bellis]
Bellis Amanda 1937 [Nov 30] B1863 [wife of Omer Bellis] [B:64 Arthur J. Bellis]
Bellis Arthur J. 1956 [Apr 2] B1888 [died in Medea, Ohio] [E:64 Arthur J. Bellis]
Bellis Beatrice E. m B1921 [wife of Charles S. Bellis] [E:76 Harry Houck]
Bellis Catherine # 1887 B1827 [E:15 Edward Bellis]
Bellis Charles 1897 B1819 [Chas Bellis monument; E:15 Edward Bellis]
Bellis Charles Spencer 1981 [Aug 13] B1916 [E:76 Harry Houck]
Bellis Clark 1901 B1850 [Chas Bellis monument; E:15 Edward Bellis]
Bellis Delphene 1912 B1831, wife of Charles Bellis [Chas Bellis monument; E:15 Edward Bellis]
Bellis Edward 1930 [Dec 8] B1855 [Chas Bellis monument; E:15 Edward Bellis]
Bellis Emma 1852 Aug ? D ae 5 months 27 days, daughter of -?- & -?- Bellis [worn] [E:15 Edward Bellis]
Bellis Joseph 1871 Aug 15 B1794, died age 77/4 days; War of 1812: Pennsylvania Militia [E:15 Edward Bellis]
Bellis Josie Horton Glover 1931 [Apr 19] B1856 [wife of Edward Bellis] [E:15 Edward Bellis]
Bellis Lela 1875 Jan 24 D age 2 months ? days; daughter of Clark & Amanda Bellis [stone partially buried] [E:15 Edward Bellis]
Bellis Omer 1927 [Jul 23] B1855 [died in Barrington] [E:64 Arthur J. Bellis]
Bellis Sarah 1844 Jan 11 D age 46/4/3, wife of Joseph Bellis [E:15 Edward Bellis]
Bennett Matilda Frank 1935 [Jan 23] B1860; "Mother" [E:09 Herbert C. Frank]
Berry F[rank] Alton 1984 B1895 [E:70 Mrs. Lee McChesney]
Berry James # 1930 Apr 11 D age 69 [E:70 Mrs. Lee McChesney]
Berry Mary R. 1966 [Sep 16] B1899 [E:70 Mrs. Lee McChesney]
Best Kenneth m B1906 [E:3 James Margeson / Ella Havens]
Best Mary Ann 1932 [May 18] B1846 [E:62 Chase & Margaret Norris]
Best Mathew 1924 [Feb 11] B1846 [died in Starkey] [E:62 Chase & Margaret Norris]
Best Myrtle 1942 B1907 [wife of Kenneth Best] [E:3 James Margeson / Ella Havens]
Beyea Elizabeth [Shannon] 1951 [Nov 1] B1875 [at Crystal Springs, died in Lyons] wife of Orville Beyea [E:4 Orville Beyea]
Beyea Elizabeth F. 1971 [Jul 18] B1879 [died in Romulus] [E:73 Vern Beyea]
Beyea Hobart M. 1973 [Jul 1] B1897 [E:4 Orville Beyea]
Beyea Lucy I. 1968 [Oct 1] B1904 [died in Rochester] wife of Hobart Beyea [E:4 Orville Beyea]
Beyea Mabel E. 1924 [Jun 5] B1897, wife of Hobart Beyea [died in Dundee] [E:4 Orville Beyea]
Beyea Orville R. 1931 [Feb 27] B1875 [Sep 19] [E:4 Orville Beyea]
Beyea Raymond 1982 B1911 [same stone as Vern Beyea] [E:73 Vern Beyea]
Beyea Vern 1976 [Jul 12] B1886 [died in Romulus] [E:73 Vern Beyea]
Bigelow Clayton J. 1933 [May 19] B1861 [E:75 Bigelow & Mott]
Bigelow Emma L. # 1926 Mar 9 Wife of Eugene Bigelow; died in Dundee
Bigelow Fred J. 1946 B1864 [J.D. Bigelow monument; E:4 John D. & Fred Jr. Bigelow]
Bigelow Hester # 1925 Jul 26 Died in Rochester
Bigelow Jennie M. 1941 B1868 [wife of Clayton J. Bigelow] [E:75 Bigelow & Mott]
Bigelow John D. 1917 [Aug 9] B1841 [died in Dundee] [J. D. Bigelow monument; E:4 John D. & Fred Jr. Bigelow]
Bigelow Sarah J. Swarts 1937 [Jun 28] B1843, wife of John D. Bigelow [J. D. Bigelow monument; E:4 John D. & Fred Jr. Bigelow]
Bills Ethel [M.] Hill 1983 B1903 [E:12 R. B. Hill]
Boll Mary Ann # 1987 Jul 14 D age 51 [E:95 Lester Eyrick]
Boorom Edward # 1972 Dec 28 B1914 in Tyrone [E:158 Edward & Helen Boorum]
Booth [A]della C. 1958 [Aug 28] B1899 [in Milo, died in Waterloo]; "Sister" [E:39 Lucy V. Shannon]
Bowers Marie E. Chaffee 1963 [Oct 29] B1899 [died in Montour Falls] [same stone as Anna Chaffee] [E:89 Marie Bowers]
Boyce Clifford # 1930 Dec 9 D age 61 [E:57 Clifford Boyce]
Boyce Ella Bailey # 1945 Nov [E:57 Clifford Boyce]
Boyce Herbert # 1989 [Jun 26] D age 84 [E:57 Clifford Boyce]
Brantner Alice P. 1954 [Oct 27] B1883 [at Bradford, Penn.] [wife of George M. Brantner] [E:104 George Brantner]
Brantner Earl H. 1988 Oct 31 B1920 Nov 7 [E:106 Ruby Brantner]
Brantner Ruby m B1934 Jul 21 [wife of Earl H. Brantner] [E:106 Ruby Brantner]
Brantner George M. 1961 [Jul 29] B1887 [at Bradford, Penn.] [E:104 George Brantner]
Branum George W. 1968 B1901 [E:89 John W. Strobridge]
Brewer Helen C. 1937 [Nov 17] B1918 [wife of James Brewer Jr.] [E:56 James & H. P. Brewer]
Brewer Helen F. 1992 B1897 [wife of James H. Brewer] [E:56 James & H. P. Brewer]
Brewer Horatio P. 1953 B1867 [E:56 James & H. P. Brewer]
Brewer James H. Jr. 1992 Jan 2 B1918 Dec17; WWII: cpl., U.S. Army Air Corps [E:56 James & H. P. Brewer]
Brewer James H. [Sr.] 1982 [Mar 17] B1897 [E:56 James & H. P. Brewer]
Brewer Sarah A[nn Hartwell] 1932 [Oct 28] B1853 [Jun 13 in Milo, wife of Horatio Brewer] [E:56 James & H. P. Brewer]
Briggs Edward 1949 B1867 [E:86 Edward Briggs]
Briggs Leila 1944 B1872 [E:86 Edward Briggs]
Brink Freeman 1960 [Apr 28] B1895 [died in Montour Falls] [E:77 Freeman Brink]
Brink Robinie G[lenn] 1934 [Apr 8] B1899 [E:77 Freeman Brink]
Brown George R[iley] 1937 [Feb 21 B1851 [E:73 Ida M. Leavenworth]
Brown Mary L[ouise Gibson] 1932 B1856 [wife of George R. Brown & daughter of John and Helene Mandigo Gibson; buried 1933 Jan 3] [E:73 Ida M. Leavenworth]
Brunskill Mary 1931 [Aug 12] B1838; "Grandmother" [E:60 Sadie Townley]
Bryant Frank B. 1944 B1877 [E:85 Margaret Bryant]
Bryant Margaret Z. 1961 [Dec 21] B1881 [in Elmira, died in Fayette] [E:85 Margaret Bryant]
Bryant Walter # 1953 Dec 1 B1910, died in Nevada [E:85 Margaret Bryant]
Buckle Fannie B. 1988 Jun 4 B1903 Mar 18 [E:07 Dorothy Crans]
Buckle Ray[mond] W. 1987 Aug 8 B1897 Sep 5 [E:07 Dorothy Crans]
Buhl Charles [Isaac] 1918 Jul 3 B1916 Jun 25 [died in Dundee] [E:010 W. H. Buhl]
Burton Charles H. 1979 [Dec 16] B1908 [E:105 Chas H. Burton]
Burton Gertrude B. [Clark] 1944 [Dec 16] B1904 [Oct 5, wife of Charles Burton] [E:105 Chas H. Burton]
Bush Charles H. 1952 [Mar 21] B1897 [in Wallace, died in Dundee] [same stone as Gladys Dunton] [E:77 Aaron Hayes / Martin Bush]
Butler George [1930 Nov 29] [D age 75] [E:52 George Butler]
Butler Minnie M. 1942 B1865 [wife of George Butler] [E:52 Geo. Butler]
Calhoun Helen H. 1980 B1912 [E:94 Harry G. Slack]
Campbell Alta P. m B1905 [wife of Burres R. Campbell] [E:100 Burris Campbell]
Campbell Burres R. 1993 B1904 [adjacent to Isabel McFall] [E:100 Burris Campbell]
Canfield Anna # 1948 Apr 28 [E:16 Canfield & Riley]
Canfield Elizabeth J[ane] 1963 [Sep 28] B1884 [died age 78/11/23; wife of Nathaniel M. Canfield] [E:16 Canfield & Riley]
Canfield Elmer V. 1952 B1915 [E:98 Mabel Canfield]
Canfield Elsie June 1956 [Jul 27] B1946 [in Penn Yan] [E:98 Mable Canfield]
Canfield Fred[erick] 1948 B1859 [E:16 Canfield & Riley]
Canfield Lynn M. 1974 Apr 16 B1914 Feb 3 [died at Williamsport, Penn.] [E:16 Canfield & Riley]
Canfield Mabel R[owena Havens] 1966 [Jan 15] B1920 [May 16] [E:96 Mable Canfield]
Canfield Mary Crawford 1921 [Dec 9] B1859 [May 25], wife of Fred Canfield [died in Schuyler Co.] [E:16 Canfield & Riley]
Canfield Nathaniel M. 1927 [Jan 25] B1889 [E:16 Canfield & Riley]
Capozzi Alice V 1992 [May 23] B1930 [E:16 J C Potter]
Carey Henry 1916 [Mar 30] B1843; Civil War: Co. L, 14th NY Heavy Artillery [died in Dundee] [E:6 Josephine Carey]
Carey Inez Putnam 1949 B1882 [E:21 Arthur Putnam]
Carey John 1945 B1875 [E:21 Arthur Putnam]
Carey Maria F Philp 1933 [Apr 13] B1847, wife of Henry Carey [E:6 Josephine Carey]
Carey Mary Helen # 1937 Oct 2 D age 55 [E:71 Leon C. Fenno]
Carey Mina Bella 1954 [Dec 27] B1897 [died in Montour Falls, wife of Ray B. Carey] [E:87 Ray Carey]
Carey Ray B. 1969 Jan 29 B1897 Mar 31 [in Odessa, died in Bath]; WWI: NY, s2, U.S. NRF [E:87 Ray Carey]
Carle Mildred M. 1973 B1910, mother of Leslie G. & Gary E. Fleet [E:9 Moody estate]
Carpenter Agnes B. 1995 B1894 [wife of L. B. Carpenter] [E:78 L. B. & Agnes Carpenter]
Carpenter baby 1943 Jul 12 Infant son of Bion & Edith Carpenter [E:78 L. B. & Agnes Carpenter]
[Carpenter Catherine] 1932 [May 21] B1864; "Mother" [E:17 Mrs. Ed Carpenter]
Carpenter Ethel M. 1918 B1897 [E:17 Mrs. Ed Carpenter]
Carpenter G[erald] Wesley 1951 B1918 [E:78 L. B. & Agnes Carpenter]
Carpenter Joanna M. [1994 Apr 29] B1921 [wife of G. Wesley Carpenter] [E:78 L. B. & Agnes Carpenter]
Carpenter Lauren B. 1935 [Oct 23] B1917 [B:78 L. B. & Agnes Carpenter / Frank Ellison]
Carpenter L[ivingston] B. 1963 [Nov 7] B1892 [E:78 L. B. & Agnes Carpenter / Frank Ellison]
Carpenter Mary E. m B1910 [wife of Robert E. Carpenter] [E:104 R. E. Carpenter]
Carpenter Robert E. 1994 B1908 [E:104 R. E. Carpenter]
Carr Asbury Jackson 1923 [Jun 2] B1906 [died in Barrington] [E:53 B. J. Carr]
Carr Bert Jay 1950 May 20 B1889 Apr 13 [E:53 B. J. Carr]
Carr Clayton J. 1932 May 18 [B1904]; Ohio, pvt. 1st class OM Corps [E:53 B. J. Carr]
Carr Cora M. 1963 Apr 27 B1878 Nov 26 [E:53 B. J. Carr]
Carroll Charles H[ackman] 1920 [Jan 31] B1839 [died in Dundee] [E:25 Fred Lewis & Maria Carroll]
Carroll Maria H. 1922 [May 20] B1852 [died in Starkey] [E:25 Fred Lewis & Maria Carroll]
Case Georgia N. 1950 B1907 [E:49 William Case]
Case Nelson # m Infant [E:49 William Case]
Chadwick Charles D. 1957 [Nov 29] B1888 [in Lakemont, died in Penn Yan] [E:29 White & Chadwick]
Chadwick Frances W. 1979 B1892 [wife of Charles D. Chadwick] [E:29 White & Chadwick]
Chaffee Anna P. Covert 1939 [Dec 3] B1866 [same stone as Marie Bowers; E:89 Marie Bowers]
Chambers Alfred W. m B1875 [adjacent to Mabel Canfield; E:96 Mable Canfield]
Champlin Carrie B. # 1964 Aug 12 B1880, wife of Charles Champlin [E:30 Stewart Decamp]
Champlin Charles # 1955 Feb 24 B1887 in Penn Yan, died there [E:30 Stewart Decamp]
Childs Effie Missimer 1959 [Sep 3] B1883 [E:42 Bert A. Ovenshire]
Childs William H. 1929 [Jun 8] B1877 [E:42 Bert A. Ovenshire]
Childs William H. 1967 B1920 [E:42 Bert A. Ovenshire]
Christler Fannie B. # 1928 Oct 29 D age 58
Clark Aleda K. [May] 1907 B1883, wife of William R. Clark [E:63 Rachel Crosby]
Clark Clarence M. 1933 [Jan 11] B1861 [E:103 Lois R. Clark]
Clark Hattie B. 1969 [Dec 11] B1877 [died in Elmira] [E:81 Hattie / Mildred Clark]
Clark Imogene S[usan] 1970 [Nov 19] B1891 [in Iowa, died in Penn Yan] [E:94 Harry C. Slack]
Clark Ira L. 1983 Nov 8 B1901 Jul 14 [E:88 Myron C. Clark]
Clark John A. 1938 [Sep 28] B1875 [E:81 Hattie / Mildred Clark]
Clark Lois C. R. 1956 [Dec 27] B1869 [in Barrington, died in Penn Yan] [E:103 Lois R. Clark]
Clark Martha I. m B1912 [wife of Myron C. Clark] E:88 Myron C. Clark]
Clark Mary Jane 1946 B1931 [E:88 Myron G. Clark]
Clark Myron C. 1971 [Feb 20] B1903 [E:88 Myron G. Clark]
Clark Rachel 1951 B1864, wife of S. Clark [E:63 Rachel Crosby]
Clark Stephen P[eterson] 1909 Jun 29 B1855 Dec 31 [reburied at Dundee 23 August 1928] [E:63 Rachel Crosby]
Clark Stephen D. 1946 B1885 [E:63 Rachel Crosby]
Clark William R. 1943 B1882 [E:63 Rachel Crosby]
Clawson Myrtle J. # 1927 B1884 [E:36 W. J. Norris]
Cockram Mary # 1933 Jan 16 D age 84
Cogsdill Charles J. 1989 B1917; WWII: U.S. Army [E:18 Harriet Dilliston]
Cogsdill Doris F. m B1918 [wife of Charles J. Cogsdill] [E:18 Harriet Dilliston]
Cole Arthur K. m B1923 [E:102 Mrs. Arthur Parmelee]
Coleman Eva V. m B1908 [wife of John E. Coleman] [E:97 John E. Coleman]
Coleman George Howard 1950 B1874 [E:23 Wm F. Sage]
Coleman John E. 1960 [Jun 21] B1908 [died age 51/7/1] [E:97 John B. Coleman]
Coleman Mary B. 1942 [Infant] [E:97 John B. Coleman]
Coleman May Clitson 1944 B1885 [wife of George Coleman] [E:23 Wm F. Sage]
Collum Jean L. 1973 [Aug 1] B1933 [E:010 Maude Updyke]
Colvin Mary Ann 1927 [Nov 14] B1835 [died in Schuyler Co.] [E:36 Anna Norris]
Conley Helen M[aria] 1919 [Apr 12] B1852, wife of William H. Conley [died in Dundee] [E:14 Wm H. Conley]
Conley William H. [1926 May 26] B1845 [died in Elmira] [E:14 Wm H. Conley]
Conover Dorothy Black 1942 B1917 [E:78 Eliza Conover]
Conover Eliza L. 1959 B1876 [wife of William A. Conover] [E:78 Eliza Conover]
Conover William A. 1951 [Oct 18] B1874 [in Corning] [E:78 Eliza Conover]
Conover William Alonzo 1944 Jun 13 B1907 Apr 26 U.S. Naval Reserve [E:78 Eliza Conover]
Cook Anna B. 1952 [Nov 12] B1871 in Himrod, died in Dundee [E:83 Anna Cook]
Cook Elizabeth M. # 1986 Apr 20 B1915 [E:52 Mrs. Hildred Cook]
Cook Mildred C. # 1975 Jun 11 B1914 [E:52 Mrs. Hildred Cook]
Cooley Ruth C. Warren 1974 B1896 [E:43 Geo. B. Warren]
Cooley Walter 1929 [Mar 18] B1892 [E:43 Geo. B. Warren]
Coons Della # m [E:43 John Coolbaugh]
Coons Erwin # 1949 B1940 [E:43 John Coolbaugh]
Coons George # 1933 Aug 31 D age 81 [E:43 John Coolbaugh]
Coons Hazel Covert # 1932 Feb 6 B1899 [E:29 Willis A. Coons]
Coons infant # 1940 Jul 30 [E:43 John Coolbaugh]
Coons Lester F. 1916 Dec 28 D ae 5 weeks [in Barrington] [E:29 Willis A. Coons]
Coons Mildred C. 1922 B1900, daughter of George & Della Coon [E:43 John Coolbaugh]
Coons Verna M. 1957 [Aug 28] B 10 Jul 1902 at White Mills, Penn., died in Penn Yan, wife of Willis Coons] [E:29 Willis A. Coons]
Coons Willis A. 1956 [Apr 8] B1892 [E:29 Willis A. Coons]
Cornell Cercilious 1970 [Nov 23] B1916 [died in Penn Yan] [E:4 John D. & Fred Jr. Bigelow]
Cornell Charles Ellsworth # 1943 Jul 8 [E:99 Chas Cornell]
Cornell Claud D. 1952 [Oct 25] B1890 [in Barrington, died in Bath] [E:4 John D. & Fred Jr. Bigelow]
Cornell Edna B. 1948 B1880 [wife of Frank Cornell] [E:79 Eva Tuttle]
Cornell Frank T. 1946 B1875 [E:79 Eva Tuttle]
[Cornish?] baby m [E:107 Mrs. Milton Cornish]
Cornish Cora May 1981 [Nov 24] B1900 [E:107 Mrs. Milton Cornish]
Cornish Emma A. 1943 B1869 [E:72 John Hatcher]
Cornish L. Milton 1943 [Dec 23] B1901 [E:107 Mrs. Milton Cornish]
Corradini Everett W. 1987 B1916 [E:65 Sarah Larsen]
Corradini Pauline S. 1993 B1911 [E:65 Sarah Larsen]
Correll Mildred 1975 B1913 [E:52 Allie Lackey]
Cournan ? # 1928 Mar Wife of James Cournan, died in Watkins
Coykendall Daisy Jane # 1972 B1876 [E:90 Fred Lane]
Coykendall Ella Mae 1936 Dec 25 B1871, died age 65 [Decamp monument and own stone; E:30 Stewart Decamp]
Coykendall Frank J. 1944 B1876 [E:17 Frank Coykendall]
Coykendall George W. 1963 [Oct 1] B1880 [E:87 Geo. Coykendall]
Coykendall Harry 1957 [Sep 9] B1870 [died age 87/1/4] [E:30 Stewart Decamp]
Coykendall Lela A. G. 1919 [Nov 12] B1878 [died at Bayonne, N.J.] [E:17 Frank Coykendall]
Coykendall Leon H. 1976 B1905 [E:17 Frank Coykendall]
Coykendall Margaret M. 1945 [Sep 26] B1880 [E:87 Geo. Coykendall]
Coykendall Ruth M. 1918 [Jan 25] B1899 [died at Hudson, N.J.] [E:17 Frank Coykendall]
Coykendall Ruth M. 1966 B1909 [E:17 Frank Coykendall]
Coykendall Susie Miller 1927 [Apr 12] B1843 [died in Starkey] [E:30 Stewart Decamp]
Crans Annie B[essie Sizer] 1928 [Mar 24] B1862 [wife of Mott Crans] [E:65 Mott Crans]
Crans Elsie M. 1966 [May 5] B1881 [at N. Washington, Penn., died in Dundee] [E:48 Henry, Sarah & Jennie Crans]
[Crans] Floyd M. 1920 [Mar 3] B1878 [died in Barrington] [E:48 Henry, Sarah & Jennie Crans]
Crans Francis M. 1989 B1913 [E:48 Henry, Sarah & Jennie Crans]
Crans Henry L. 1951 B1880 [E:48 Henry, Sarah & Jennie Crans]
Crans Laura m B1913 [wife of Francis Crans] [E:48 Henry, Sarah & Jennie Crans]
Crans Mott 1928 [Jun 1] B1860 [E:65 Mott Crans]
[Crans] Romain B. 1920 [Mar 18] B1850 [died in Barrington] [E:48 Henry, Sarah & Jennie Crans]
[Crans] Sarah A. 1928 [Jan 14] B1848 [E:48 Henry, Sarah & Jennie Crans]
Cronk Byron S. 1968 [Jul 10] B1905 [died in Penn Yan] [E:7 Georgiana Cronk]
Cronk Georgianna H. 1953 [Jun 22] B1868 [in Milo, died in Dundee] [E:7 Georgiana Cronk]
Cronk Thelma A. 1994 B1908 [E:7 Georgiana Cronk]
Cronk William D. 1947 B1873 [E:7 Georgiana Cronk]
Crookston Erwin H. 1950 [Nov 10] B1876 [E:43 Cora Netterberg]
Crookston Mabel June [Smith] 1932 [Mar 8] B1879 [Jun 7], wife of Erwin H. Crookston [E:43 Cora Netterberg]
Crosby James 1924 [Nov 1] B1845 [died in Schuyler Co.] [E:58 Ray Crosby]
Crosby Maria Clark 1934 [Jul 6] B1847, wife of James Crosby [E:58 Ray Crosby]
Crosby Mary L. 1967 [Dec 25] B1881 [in Steuben Co., died in Urbana; wife of Roland Crosby] [E:58 Ray Crosby]
Crosby Roland W. 1957 B1877; "Ray" [died age 79/9/23] [E:58 Ray Crosby]
Crosby Stella E[rnily] 1961 [Jul 27] B1871 [died age 89/8/22] [E:58 Ray Crosby]
Curran Edwin J. 1962 [Jan 4] B1887 [E:56 Edwin Curran]
Curran Irving C[laude] 1949 [Sep 26] B1912 [Jan 30] [E:101 Helen Curran]
Curran John H[enry] 1934 Jan 21 Infant [E:56 Henry & Mary Curran]
Curran Laura C. 1977 B1890 [wife of Edwin J. Curran] [E:56 Edwin Curran]
Curran Mary [A.] Evans 1958 [Mar 23] B1866 [in Culpeper, Va., died age 91/3/16, wife of William Henry Curran] [E:56 Henry & Mary Curran]
Curran Pearl [R.] 1922 [Mar 15] B1891 [died in Dundee] [B:56 Edwin J. Curran]
Curran William Henry 1928 [Mar 21] B1866 [8:56 Henry & Mary Curran]
Curry Amaryllis 1931 Mar 8 B1931 Jan 9; infant daughter of Fred & Leah Curry [E:36 Leah Curry]
Dailey Matteson 1955 [Mar 22] B1874 [in Tioga, Penn., died in Steuben Co.] [E:50 Matheson Dailey]
Dailey Maud Caton 1977 [Mar 9] B1881 [wife of Matteson Dailey] [E:50 Matheson Dailey]
Dates Henry C. # m [E:36 Henry C. Dates]
Davenport Nellie C. # 1938 Aug 10 D age 72 [E:8 Mrs. J. C. McCormick]
Davis Audrey May 1930 Oct 19 B1930 Jul 18, daughter of Mahlon & Ruth Davis [E:68 Ruth Noak Davis]
Davis Darius M. # 1906 Nov 18 D age 75/13 days in Dundee, son of John & ? Mudge Davis [village record]
Davis Mahlon D. 1970 Jun 23 B1906 Sep 23 [died in Urbana] [E:68 Ruth Noak Davis]
Davis Mary E. 1986 B1903 [wife of Orlando Davis] [E:92 Orlando Davis]
Davis Orlando M. 1957 [Jul 27] B1894 [died in Elmira] [E:92 Orlando Davis]
Davis Ruth W. m B1914 Mar 27 [wife of Mahlon Davis] [E:68 Ruth Noak Davis]
Davis Sarah Jane # 1915 Mar 27 B1846, wife of Darius M. Davis; died in Dundee [E:47 Fred Finch]
Davis Stella # 1926 Mar 31 Wife of Mahlon Davis Sr., died in Elmira
Day Clarence M. 1960 [Dec 31] B1881 [at Great Rapids, Penn., died in Wayne] [E:76 Harry Houck / Day estate]
Day Georgana M. 1976 [Jul 11] B1909 [wife of Lloyd Day] [E:76 Harry Houck / Day estate]
Day Lela Mae 1934 B1879 [B:76 Harry Houck / Day estate]
Day Lloyd C. 1991 B1914 [E:76 Harry Houck]
Day Louise B. 1941 B1871 [B:76 Harry Houck / Day estate]
Dean Alice L. 1947 B1861, wife of Owen Dean [E:35 Genevieve M. Dean]
Dean Elizabeth B. 1965 [Jun 20] B1874 [at Canton, Penn., died in Dundee] [E:35 Genevieve M. Dean]
Dean Genevieve M. 1964 [Mar 10] B1871 [at Canton, Penn., died in Dundee] [E:35 Genevieve M. Dean]
Dean John N. 1952 [May 24] B1878 [died age 77/7 days in Rushville] [E:35 Genevieve M. Dean]
Dean Laura W. 1961 [May 28] B1880 [in Tyrone, died in Penn Yan; wife of John Dean] [E:35 Genevieve M. Dean]
Dean M[arie] Louise 1922 [May 3] B1838 [wife of Micajah Dean; died in Dundee] [E:35 Genevieve M. Dean]
Dean Micajah C. 1921 [Mar 7] B1828 [died in Dundee] [E:35 Genevieve M. Dean]
Dean Owen M. 1938 B1860 [E:35 Genevieve M. Dean]
Decamp Marie 1912 Nov 14 D age 73 [wife of Stewart Decamp] [Decamp monument; E:30 Stewart Decamp]
Decamp Stewart 1912 Nov 14 D age 74 [Decamp monument; E:30 Stewart Decamp]
Decker Sarah Reed 1952 B1877 [same stone as William H. Reed; E:54 Sarah Reed]
Degroodt Courtland 19[55] B1881 [E:98 Cortland Degroot]
Deidrick Effie L. 1943 B1882 [wife of Ernest Deidrick] [E:97 Ernest Diedrick]
Deidrick Ernest J. 1949 [Jul 14] B1884 [E:97 Ernest Diedrick]
Dencenburg Albert H. 1946 B1857 [E:61 Albert Dencenberg]
Dencenburg Charles A. 1947 B1875 [E:46 Chas E. Dencenberg]
Dencenburg Charles E. 1937 [Aug 26] B1855 [E:46 Chas E. Dencenberg]
Dencenburg Eunice A. Lynch 1926 [Mar 17] B1857, wife of Charles E. Dencenburg [died in Barrington] [E:46 Chas E. Dencenberg]
Dencenburg Harvey B. m B1919 [E:46 Chas E. Dencenberg]
Dencenburg Jeanette M. Davenport 1944 B1870 [E:61 Albert Dencenberg]
Dencenburg Lena E. Hamilton m B1921, wife of Harvey B. Dencenburg [E:46 Chas E. Dencenberg]
Dencenburg Margaret L. McIntyre 1966 B1892 [E:46 Chas B. Dencenberg]
Dening Bertha Fultz 1974 B1974 [adjacent to Ira Fultz; E:95 Bertha L. Fultz]
Denison Helen 1984 [May 15] [B1910 Sep 16] [daughter of Wm H. & Jessie Townsend Denison] [E:012 Wm H. Denison]
Denison Jessie Townsend # 1917 Mar 26 D age 39/6/27 in Barrington, daughter of Andrew & Jane McIntyre Townsend [& 1st wife of William H Denison]
Denison Clara [Belle Starr] # 1973 May 28 [D age 90 in Dundee, born at Elkland, Penn.] [& 2nd wife of Wm H. Denison] [E:012 William H. Denison]
Denison William [Henry] 1966 [Nov 17] B1875 [Sep 5], [son of Oliver & Laura Booth Denison] [E:012 Wm H. Denison]
Dewitt Charles # 1947 Apr 9 B1892 [E:84 Chas Dewitt]
Dewitt Rosella Leavenworth # 1943 B1932 [E:84 Chas Dewitt]
Dibble Frances M. 1979 [Aug 16] B1908 [E:44 Lavina Dibble]
Dibble Glenn E. 1976 [Mar 17] B1896 [E:44 Glenn Dibble]
Dibble Hiram L. 1926 [Feb 2] B1863 [died in Barrington] [E:44 Lavina Dibble]
Dibble Irene F. 1971 [Mar 14] B1897 [wife of Glenn Dibble] [E:44 Glenn Dibble]
Dibble Kenneth H. 1971 [Sep 16] B1904 [E:44 Lavina Dibble]
Dibble Lavina 1954 [Sep 2] B1868 [died age 86/1/4] [E:44 Lavina Dibble]
Dibble Mary M. 1955 B1886 [wife of William D. Dibble] [E:83 William D. Dibble]
Dibble William D. 1943 B1879 [E:83 Wm D. Dibble]
Dilliston Elbert E. 1925 [May 4] B1851 [died in Geneva] [E:18 Harriet Dilliston]
Dilliston Harriet H. 1954 [Mar 8] B1859 [at Lawrenceburg, Penn., died in Dundee] [E:18 Harriet Dilliston]
Dillon Virginia Mae 1989 Jul 3 B1934 Jan 27 [E:93 Florence Johnson]
Disbrow Benjamin P., Rev. 1990 B1911 [E:47 E. G. Disbrow]
Disbrow Edna M. 1991 B1897 [E:79 Hobart O. Disbrow]
Disbrow Evelyn Mary 1920 Mar 27 B1915 Jul 4 [E:47 E. G. Disbrow]
Disbrow Genevieve L. 1959 [Jan 22] B1880 [Lyman Disbrow monument; E:79 Genevieve Disbrow]
Disbrow Gordon 1985 B1897 [E:79 Hobart O. Disbrow]
Disbrow Hobart O. 1942 B1871 [E:79 Hobart C. Disbrow]
Disbrow Lena D. 1963 [Mar 2] B1912, wife of Rev. Benjamin P. Disbrow [E:47 E. G. Disbrow]
Disbrow Leo G. 1992 Nov 20 B1924 Jun 10 [E:79 Hobart O. Disbrow]
Disbrow Lyman S. 1945 B1875 [Lyman Disbrow monument; E:79 Genevieve Disbrow]
Disbrow Mattie A. 1950 B1873 [wife of Hobart Disbrow] [E:79 Hobart C. Disbrow]
Disbrow Samuel T. 1990 Mar 11 B1949 Jan 10 [E:47 E. G. Disbrow]
Dlugosh Ignacy 1951 B1889 [E:87 Josephine Dlugosh]
Dlugosh Josephine 1987 B1898 [E:87 Josephine Dlugosh]
Doe Sarah # 1993 Feb 10 B1952 Feb 15 [E:59 John Doe]
Drake Fannie L. 1958 B1878 [Lyman Disbrow monument; E:79 Genevieve Disbrow]
Draus infant # 1931 May 1 [E:36]
Draus Ludwig 1933 [Feb 19] B1892 [E:71 Helen Howell]
Dreer Ruth C. 1963 [Feb 7] B1913 [died at Sayre, Penn.] [E:29 White & Chadwick]
Dreer Vernon H. 1991 B1909 [E:29 White & Chadwick]
Duffy Bernard J. 1928 [Dec 13] [D age 39; WWI:] 70th? Infantry, 9th division [worn and broken stone; E:13 Mrs. C. E. Duffy]
Duffy Carrie K[irstine] 1923 [Dec 25] B1901, wife of Harry M. Duffy [died in Penn Yan] [Edward Duffy  monument; E:13 Mrs. C. E. Duffy]
Duffy Edward 1917 [Feb 16] B1857 [died in Starkey] [Edward Duffy monument; E:13 Mrs. C. E. Duffy]
Duffy Harry M. m B1895 [Edward Duffy monument; E:13 Mrs. C. E. Duffy]
Duffy Katherine Nangle [1928 Jul 13] B1867, wife of Edward Duffy [Edward Duffy monument; E:13 Mrs. C. E. Duffy]
Dunton Gladys M. 1994 B1903 [same stone as Charles H. Bush; E:77 Aaron Hayes / Martin Bush]
Earnest Ophelia Look 1930 [Jun 29] B1867, wife of Quincy A. Earnest [E:57 Quincy Ernest]
Earnest Quincy A. 1934 [Nov 15] B1856 [E:57 Quincy Ernest]
Ector Robert J. 1996 B1935 [E:105?]
Ellis Augusta [Reed] 1939 [Dec 31] B1845 [E:62 Mary Ann Reed]
Ellison Flora 1940 B1865 [E:7 Daniel O. Jensen]
Ellison Frank 19? B1862 [E:7 Daniel O. Jensen]
Ellison Mary # 1955 Aug 12 B1887 in Penn., died in Dundee [E:83 Wm D. Dibble]
Evans Edwin L 1931 B1863 [E:55 Minnie S. Evans]
Evans Mary V. [P.] 1926 [Jul 9] B1839 [died in Dundee] [E:56 James & H. P. Brewer]
Evans Minnie S. 1953 [Mar 28] B1867 [at Reading Center, died in Bath] [E:55 Minnie S. Evans]
Eyrich Lester L. 1958 Sep 23 Born 10 May 1896 [in Penn., died in Bath] WWI: Penn., sgt. Quartermaster Corps [E:95 Lester Eyrich]
Eyrich Phyllip 1945 B1944 [E:95 Lester Eyrich]
Eyrich Phyllis 1945 B1944 [E:95 Lester Eyrich]
Fenno Cora J. [Kniffin] 1928 [Dec 8] B1868 [Jun 22] [L. M. Fenno monument; E:71 Lewis & Leon Fenno]
Fenno Leon C. 1979 [Nov 29] B1887 [died age 91 in Penn Yan] WWI: U.S. Army [L. M. Fenno monument and his own stone; E:71 Lewis & Leon Fenno]
Fenno Lewis M. 1928 [Dec 1] B1860 [Oct 16] [L. M. Fenno monument; E:71 Lewis & Leon Fenno]
Ferris John H. 1926 [Oct 21] B1880 [died in Dundee] [E:36 John Ferris]
Ferris Louisa A. # 1934 [May 15] B1853 [E:36 John Ferris]
Fleet Bessie S. 1975 [Nov 15] B1892 [died in Penn Yan] [E:75 Bessie Fleet]
Fleet Emerson B. 1972 B1886 [E:75 Bessie Fleet]
Fleet John W. 1975 [Aug 8] B1884 [died age 95 at Hornell] [E:99 John Fleet]
Fleet Leora L. 1943 B1871 [wife of John W. Fleet] [E:99 John Fleet]
Fleet Melvin E. m B1911; WWII: sgt., HQ Co., 1st battalion, 391st infantry, 98th division [E:75 Bessie Fleet]
Fleming Dolores Marie # 1989 Nov 9 [E:30 Mr. & Mrs. Harold Reeks]
Florance Ernest P. 1966 [Mar 21] B1895 [died age 70/11] [E:18 Harriet Dillistin]
Florance Laura E. [D.] 1986 B1897 [E:18 Harriet Dillistin]
Fountain Byron H. 1937 [Jun 14] B1852 [E:70 Mrs. Lee McChesney]
Fountain Lida T. 1963 B1876 [E:70 Mrs. Lee McChesney]
Frank Herbert C. 1963 [May 11] B1882 [in Dundee, died at Utica] [E:08 Herbert C. Frank]
Frank James W. # 1919 Feb 4 D age 83 in Jerusalem
Frank Tracy 1926 Apr 9 [B1889, died in Dundee; WWI:] NY, 154th Brigade [E:08 Herbert C. Frank]
[Fultz?] ?- m "Mother" [E:47 Mrs. Jennie Fultz]
Fultz Fred 1916 [Dec 31] B1875 [died in Dundee] [E:47 Mrs. Jennie Fultz]
Fultz Ira James 1944 B1893 [E:95 Bertha L. Fultz]

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