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    The project includes all known and purported burials in the County's active, abandoned and "lost" cemeteries: nearly 40,000 individuals listed in five individually indexed volumes, plus a master index to all in the sixth volume.

    Each cemetery is shown with a map and notes on its history, condition and access, followed by a list of persons buried there. Information on individual burials includes names and dates from all remaining gravestones, plus maiden names and other genealogical information when known. Sources used include a complete and accurate reading of all remaining grave markers, local histories, town and village records, census mortality schedules, earlier gravestone readings and other available records. This is the first accurate and complete listing of all the county's cemetery burials, eight years in the making.

    Volume One contains more than 8500 names from 35 cemeteries in the towns of Benton, Milo and Torrey, plus an index.

    Volume Two contains more than 9700 names from 28 cemeteries in the towns of Italy, Middlesex, Potter and the village of Rushville, plus an index.

    Volume Three contains more than 7100 names from 29 cemeteries in the towns of Barrington and Starkey, and in the village of Dundee, including the village's large Hillside Cemetery. Each municipality is indexed separately, as is Hillside.

    Volume Four contains more than 4400 names from 21 cemeteries in the town of Jerusalem, plus both cemeteries of St. Michael's Roman Catholic parish. The town is indexed, as is St. Michael's. The latter contains the names of nearly all 19th-century Irish immigrants to the area.

    Volume Five contains more than 9700 names from the oldest sections of Lakeview Cemetery in Penn Yan.

    Volume Six contains a master index to all five cemetery volumes, about 40,000 names.

Each published volume is 8 1/2 by 11 inches, unbound, 250 - 300 pages.

You may reserve a copy of one or more volumes by email; your reservation request must contain your name and postal address.

Submit your reservation. Please put "Book reservation" in the subject line. Your request will be acknowledged by return email, along with instructions on how to pay for your book.