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Yates County's Boys in Blue

Yates County's "Boys in Blue" 1861-1865: Who they were and what they did, compiled by Robert H Graham about 1926, is by far the most extensive compilation of the service records during the Civil War of Yates County residents. It is unfortunately long out of print, and original copies are quite rare. It has been however posted by Cornell University in a series of works scanned and reduced to digital image format. The Cornell project is called The Making of America, is located at http://moa.cit.cornell.edu/MOA/MOA-JOURNALS2.html and contains an image of each of the book's 200-plus pages, as well as of many other works on American history.

Up to now there has never been a formal every-name index created for Boys in Blue. The book is organized by the year of enlistment of the various regiments, and the pages at the end detail other interesting information on the draft, prisoners of war, substitutes and so on. More than 2000 names are included, with information on residence, age at enlistment, extent and details of service and discharge. It was an honest and effective effort at listing every single Yates County man who served during the Civil War.

Following is a complete table of contents. At the bottom of the page is a table with links to the various parts of the name index, which has been broken into alphabetical sections.

Topic Page number
1861 4
33rd NY Infantry 4
12th NY Infantry 20
3rd NY Infantry 20
23rd NY Infantry 21
18th NY Infantry 22
35th NY Infantry 22
28th NY Infantry 22
34th NY Infantry 23
38th NY Infantry 23
67th NY Infantry 24
26th NY Infantry 24
89th NY Infantry 25
1st DC Infantry 25
50th NY Eng 25
8th NY Cavalry 34
108th PA Infantry/11th PA Cavalry 37
85th NY Infantry 39
76th NY Infantry 43
1st USSS 46
86th NY Infantry 48
13th NY Infantry 49
10th NY Cavalry 49
98th NY Infantry 50
101st NY Infantry 50
77th NY Infantry 51
3rd NY Artillery 51
102nd NY Infantry 53
1862 55
105th NY Infantry 56
14th US Infantry 57
103rd NY Infantry 57
5th NY Infantry 58
107th NY Infantry 58
126th NY Infantry 58
148th NY Infantry 78
44th NY Infantry 93
4th NY Artillery 101
141st NY Infantry 103
161st NY Infantry 103
163rd NY Infantry 104
26th NY Independent Battery 105
2nd US Cavalry 105
1863 106
100th NY Infantry 107
157th NY Infantry 109
8th US Colored Troops 109
97th NY Infantry 109
147th NY Infantry 110
146th NY Infantry 111
64th NY Infantry 111
52nd NY Infantry 112
4th NY Cavalry 112
104th NY Infantry 112
10th NY Infantry 113
16th NY Cavalry 113
15th NY Cavalry 113
1st NY Veteran Cavalry 114
20th NY Cavalry 115
22nd NY Cavalry 117
3rd Brigade Band 119
14th NY Artillery 119
13th NY Artillery 125
21st NY Cavalry 125
5th Mass Colored Cavalry 126
16th NY Artillery 126
1st NY Independent Battery 127
26th US Colored Troops 127
2nd NY Cavalry 128
1st NY Mounted Rifles 128
24th NY Cavalry 128
2nd NY Veteran Cavalry 129
6th NY Artillery 129
1864 130
2nd NY Mounted Rifles 132
8th NY Artillery 133
63rd NY Infantry 134
5th NY Artillery 134
94th NY Infantry 135
179th NY Infantry 135
1st N Carolina Cavalry 139
37th US Colored Troops 139
15th NY Eng 140
80th NY Infantry 144
188th NY Infantry 144
111th NY Infantry 151
112th NY Infantry 151
20th US Colored Troops 151
120th NY Infantry 152
16th US Infantry 152
124th NY Infantry 152
54th NY Infantry 152
1st NY Artillery 152
10th NY Artillery 153
189th NY Infantry 153
154th NY Infantry 153
20th NY Independent Battery 153
142nd NY Infantry 153
12th Cavalry 154
9th Artillery 154
1st Dragoons 154
9th NY Cavalry 155
150th NY Infantry 155
29th US Colored Troops 155
2nd DC Infantry 155
5th US Cavalry 155
81st NY Infantry 155
Norfolk Post Band 156
1865 157
24th US Infantry 158
91st NY Infantry 158
40th NY Infantry 158
25th US Colored Troops 159
38th US Colored Troops 159
93rd NY Infantry 159
194th NY Infantry 159
131st NY Infantry 163
133rd NY Infantry 163
149th NY Infantry 163
114th US Colored Troops 164
US Veteran Volunteer Infantry 164
47th NY Infantry 165
48th NY Infantry 165
10th US Infantry 166
140th NY Infantry 166
4th US Colored Troops 166
96th NY Infantry 166
65th NY Infantry 167
91st NY Veteran Infantry 167
44th Independent Co. 167
193rd NY Infantry 167
12th US Infantry 167
10th US Colored Troops 167
169th NY Infantry 167
Miscellaneous 168
US Navy 168
Out of State Enlistments 169
Unassigned Men 170
Representative Recruits 170
Bounty Jumpers 170
Co H, 58th NGSNY 174
Light Artillery NGSNY 175
Invalid Corps 175
Nurses 175
Veteran Re-enlistments 176
Men who died as POWs 177
How many men? 178
Information, old and new 179
The Draft Board 181
1863 Draft: Principals & Substitutes 193
1864 Substitutes Voluntarily Furnished 194
1865 Substitutes Voluntarily Furnished 195
Expense 203


Name Index to Yates County's Boys in Blue